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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, 7/6/15

Greetings to you all.  What can I say, the Biblical Blood Moon Window (BBMs) has now hit the 84% mark to completion.  The prophetic earthly events these perfectly symmetric Heavenly Signs will spawn in the midnight hour, that being by September 28th when our Creator’s Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure strikes down, are still pending.  However, much did happen this past week, specifically on June 26th, a day that will live in infamy.

1)  Gay marriage wins,  2)  Pope and Vatican officially sign agreement to recognize the State of Palestine, 3)  the Star of Bethlehem sequel of the Jupiter and Venus union shows vividly in the night sky appearing 2,000 years later this past week,  4)  Greece closes all it’s banks and stock markets,  5)  China’s stock market drops 8% that day, worst since 1992,  6)  ISIS celebrates their one year anniversary.  If this is deemed a coincidence by those who are “not” watching for our Lord’s return, I say Coincidence Schomincidence.  These are all specifically timed prophetic events to this exact day by our Master in Heaven to show this mindless planet His course of judgement that He is laying out for this BBM completion.  (Please see Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Category on why He means business).

Hence forward, each new article will provide Heavenly divine SIGNS that display the Glory of God (Psalms 19:1) which tie to those last days that we truly are living in.  Here’s the first of many :  Did you know that the most prophetic verses in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 9:22-27, where Gabriel speaks to Daniel of the final days took place in 532 BC?  Did you know the # of days from the 1st BBM last April 4 to the 4th final one this Sept. 28th is exactly 532 days?  Did you know that the final Star of David Planetary Alignment, the war star, on June 23, 2013 to the BBM prophetic midpoint this past June 5th was 532 days?  Something to ponder.  SO LET’S GO :


1.  WOW!!! Well, dear God Almighty they finally did it.  Within hours of our remarkably delusional Supreme Court decision accepting gay marriage, the Jerusalem Post reports that the Vatican with full support of Pope Francis, officially signs their Agreement from Hell with the Palestinians to recognize the State of Palestine.  In this is a mandate for the eviction of Jews from 50% of Jerusalem, which previously failed to be implemented in 2000.  Do not think for one instant our Great God didn’t have a hand in this bang bang dreadful double duo time line.  Oh yes, He did, He perfectly timed these 2 events and others mentioned above on June 26, also the 9th of Tammuz, the exact day the Babylonians broke the walls of Jerusalem that spawned the 70 year Jewish captivity in 606 BC.

2.  With that said, the die is cast, the chips have fallen, the Pope has picked his poison (sounds like Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers).  Pope Francis is the first Pope “EVER” to sign such a document where Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said ; “All attempts by the Palestinians and “others” (ie Vatican) to undermine our historic rights to Jerusalem and Israel “will be met with fierce opposition from us”.  Well said, good woman.

3.  June 5th Israel closes the Golan Heights border as events get white-hot in South Syria.  This week IDF close all border crossing to Egypt and Gaza after ISIS surprises and kills 106 Egyptian soldiers and police patrolling  the Sinai as the Northern Sinai Peninsula South of the border with Israel  is now engulfed with all-out-war.  And note, ISIS’ goal is to capture Jerusalem for their Caliphate.

4.  Now, add 2 more rocket attacks into Israel this past week by ISIS supporters, no harm.  However, this now = 7 attacks on Southern border in 4 weeks.

5.  After June 30th Iran Deal from Hell is postponed to July 7th, IDF is done waiting, appoints special team to plan Iranian strike on the country’s nuclear reactor targets.

6.  Today is day “22” our anti-semetic White House leader has failed to publicly recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after Congress demanded this statement from him June 15th.  I’m tracking this prophetic time clock to gauge Obama’s true colors on Israel.   Gen. 12:3.

7.   Obama’s devisive rhetoric on pushing his agenda that Israel is an “occupier” continues with meetings with UNS Council, J-Group, other groups and that 50% of Jerusalem is illegitimate and illegal. His under the radar jibs and jabs and cockroach bites against Israel under the news media’s radar is  absolutely remarkable.

8.  This is exactly why judgement is coming in this BBM omen: The UN’s UNESCO now officially authenticates Jesus’ Baptism as being on the Jordan side of Jordan River and not Israeli side.  Well, why not, this bunch of ninnies!!


1.  Foot loose and fancy free, God we don’t need you in D.C.  Friends, it is the Sign of the End Times on June 26th with the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage completing a 3 game sweep for Obama last week (Obama trade wins, Obamacare subsidy wins).  So go celebrate, Mr. Obama in what you call “your White House” as per your LBGT speech last week and have set it aglow with 6 colors of the rainbow (God has 7 mind you).  You knew you’d win, you pushed for it, you cheated for it, you had 2 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices not recuse themselves even though 2 performed gay marriages in the  past.  Oh well, a win is a win is a win for your blasted Administration.

2.  Sorry for being blunt, but did you know you’re going straight to Hell if you don’t rebuke and repent on this gay marriage thing. And so many others no time to mention here.

3.  WOW, how America’s Constitution has been rendered meaningless.  How our intellectually deficient and unscrupulous White House has changed America in 61/2 years into a Socialist America.  And along with the Supreme Court, has redefined marriage and has made this country a lawless land like in the days of Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickock and “rope-a-dope” news media corraling  by Cowgirl Hillary Clinton  of the old West “where it’s OK, anything goes”.

4.  Gay marriage is a threat to our democracy.  It defies the word of God right out of the box in Genesis     1: 27,28 : “….male and female created He them.  So God created man in His “OWN” image… be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth…”.

5.  FYI, from Rosh Hashana 9-25-14 to gay gay marriage 6-26-15 is 9 months, the final birth pangs of a woman in travail about to give birth.  Well, God is watching : Jerem. 50:6 : “My people have been lost sheep, their shepherds have caused them to go astray…”.

6.  Friends, look at others who’ve scolded Obama’s actions this past week on condoning this defiant, disgusting, dangerous and decadent decision : a)  Jimmy Carter : “I think he is the worst foreign policy President, b) CDC : “Obama is the worst President in the history of the USA.  He’s an amateur and a Marxist”.

7.  Franklin Graham : “I will not be forced to marry gays….God gave us marriage period and He doesn’t change His mind.  I’m not going to do it…God’s decisions were not made to be changed by any man-made courts…The rainbow White House was outrageous, a slap in the face to millions of Americans…God gave the rainbow sign to Noah after the flood, it’s an image forever associated with His judgement”.

8.  Onward, White House tells Pentagon to “cleanse itself” and releases all military Chaplains who refuse to support gay marriage.

9.  White House security kicks out Conservative media Free Beacon reporter on Iran Deal talks as they feared he would reveal some of the dark dirty secrets on the negotiations Obama didn’t want revealed.

10.  Obama promises Americans that the Greek and eminant Puerto Rico defaults by saying : “We shouldn’t be alarmed by what’s happening over in Greece and Puerto Rico”.  Whew, thanks Mr. Community Developer on knowing such hi-stakes economics and that we don’t have a smidgeon to worry about in this 7th year of 7 Shemitah cycles.  Add Germany, France, and UK have to now eat “$160 Billion of Greece’s $250 Billion debt and Puerto Rico becoming the largest “Municipal Bond” failure for a country in world history .  Gee, I was getting a little worried there.

11,  2 million member Episcopal Church is first denomination to accept gay marriage decision for all its churches in America.

12.  Many Americans, especially Texans, very concerned for Jade Helm military invasion July 15 into 8 states next week.  They fear that since Obama was raised a communist and mentored radical liberals and terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood, etc.), that he wants to establish Martial Law in order to cancel the 2016 elections and extend his stay as President.

13.  What’s with all those hot-shot-anti God visitors lately to the White House : the Dali Lama (last year), communist Raul Castro Cuba delegation, the special LGBT dinner people, and next week Obama hosts the head of Vietnam’s Communist Party.  No wonder our nation’s Capitol  has been “imprisoned” all year in scaffolding.  Now that’s quite an omen too in these BBMs.

14.  Friends, our Lord has a tear in His eye this past week on America’s decision on the sanctity of marriage failing in America.  Oh woe is this country that is now metastacised in such a confluence of judgemental events.  Ezek. 7:3 : “Now is the end come upon thee, and I will send my anger upon thee and will judge thee according to thy ways and will recompense upon thee all thine ABOMINATIONS”.  You know that last word rings a sinister bell, doesn’t it?  Dear Lord, there are those of us whose eyes adore You and Your Heavenly Glory despite the masses that willingly love and live without Your everlasting love.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


1.  Just as predicted 3 months ago, “Greece is the Word” is now a reality.  They’ve finally went and done it.   By a whoppingly one sided referendum vote of 61% Greece said No to the EU, No to the Euro and NO to austerity.  Their a proud and stubborn people that have unfortunately “lived deliciously” as in Rev. 18:7.  But now this Greek drama is in unchartered waters.  Banks and stock market is still closed in Greece for one week now.

2.  This tragedy appears destined to be the Pandora’s Box (also Greek) that will open the floodgates for a global financial “contagion”.  How prophetically fitting is this for closure of the 7th year of the 7th Shemitah cycle in the next 66 days from today, 9/11, the Friday before the Feast of Trumpets, Elul 29, where vicious financial downturns have never failed.

3.  This tidal wave will be irreversible and unstoppable, especially for the almighty dollar which will be too expensive for the purchases by foreign countries to buy American goods.  Then the dollar crashes, bond market, even now starved for cash, will implode and contagion will be in full vogue, especially by Oct. 20th, 2015, when the IMF will announce a World Reserve Currency, alternative to the expensive dollar, which will wipe out the American Financial system.  Just Google : “First Look – U.S. Dollar Substitute To Go Public Oct. 20th”.  Again it’s like a Greek tragedy, only satan is directing this one.

4.  Do you get it, the 1-World Currency Oct. 20th, the 1-World Religion and the 1-World Government under the guise of Climate Change in September when the Pope addresses the World at the UN, D.C., and Philly.  Hard to accept all this now, Right!

5.  Friends, this “Grexit” is no coincidence created by the Lord and because of the world’s apostacy against our Lord, the devil is now in “financial charge”.  Actually, so you know what Lord God will be doing on this birthing madness of the 1-World currency Greece has unknowingly initiated?  How about Psalms 2:4 : “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision”.  In a couple months we’re going to be like little worms on the sidewalk after a heavy rain, just looking up at God  and saying : “We’ll get out of this, we always have before, we don’t need you God…”.  And then SQUASH, worm is smashed to pieces like a bug.  He will walk right over us with His judgements because we failed Him.

6.  At this moment, right now as I write this, Greece is waiting for the EU to come crawling to renegotiate with Greece.  Although Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollaude are meeting today, they will NOT BUDGE.

7.  Then Greece must print its own currency, a very tough slog.  Hyperinflation will hit like a bat out of heck, just like Germany after WWI where a wheel barrow was needed to buy a loaf of bread as inflation literally skyrocketed every 30 minutes.  And like Zimbabwe in 2001.  Very ugly indeed.  It’s as the Lord says in Eccl. 3:15, it’s des jeax vous all over again.  Only difference, this is the biggest one in this most prophetic year of 2015, these BBMs tell us so.

8.  And if this is so, the banks will open via a Cyprus 2011-12 “bail-in” where all the Greek citizens’ deposits in savings and checking accounts become the “bank’s money” just like that to function and Greek depositors, POOF get squat.  Remember Eccl. 3:15 above, it will come to America too.  How can it not when the dollar will be destroyed by the World Fed, ie. the IMF in 3 months.

9.  FYI, did you know the new Euro currencies for 5, 10, 20 dollar bills, etc. are a currency smack out of Rev. 17:5?  The currency face has a naked Harlot riding a golden beast.  Just get your hands on a 5 dollar Euro currency bill or simply Google : “New Euro notes to show tragic princess” article in the EU, dated 9/11/2012.  Again, what a date-perfect fit in 2012 for the “Grexit” in 2015 that will soon gobble up the once-almighty dollar.  Again only our omnipotent God could time this so with these final final and perfectly orchestrated 40 Solar and Lunar eclipses symmetrically about their midpoint, timed again for this decade for this generation to witness His Glory.  Oh Yeah, WE ARE THERE.


1.  Did not know that it was Pope Francis that enticed Obama to meet and shake hands with the real communist Castro, Cuba’s President just to see what would happen.  You know the rest of that story.

2.  Just a friendly reminder to closely observe what he says and does in next 2 and1/2 months until he arrives in DC, New York, UN, and Philly in a most Holy prophetic time sandwiching Yom Kippur and Tabernacles Sept. 23-28.  He will address World Family and Religious Unity and Climate Change togetherness and I am very curious how he will go about explaining the need for a world vote to elect a world-wide Gov’t. and subsequent leader of it, according to his encyclical he released last week to the world. Hmmm, sounds scary and most prophetic to have a 1-World Gov’t. leader.

3.  And just 11 days later on 6-26-2015 Vatican signs a treaty recognizing the State of Palestine.

4.  Don’t forget St. Malachi’s prophecy in 1139 AD on the vision he purportedly received from God that the 112th Pope would be the last Pope and this 112th Pope would be the False Prophet.  Although not scriptural, his vision absolutely nailed the names and characteristics over the centuries of all previous  111 Popes.  By the way Pope Francis is the 266th Pope in world history and was selected on 3-13-13.

5.  This Pope has surely missed the boat on who should dwell between the Great Sea, ie the  Mediterranean, and the River Euphrates in the “land” that God gave to the Jewish people 4,000 years ago (Gen. 15:18 exactly).

6.  Also, don’t forget some of his chilling statements that Jesus would absolutely forbid.  a)  “If Martians land on earth, I would be happy to Baptism them”,  b)  “Atheists who do good are redeemed, not just Catholics”, c) “The big bang theory does NOT contradict the role of God as divine Creator” , d)  If someone is gay and has good will. then who am I to judge.”,  e)  “God is not a divine being or a magician”.

7.  I’m WATCHING him speak as he surely seems to always be helping the poor.  Oh yeah, Rev. 13:11, “He had two horns like a lamb and spoke as a dragon”.


1.  ISIS lone wolf slaughters 38 people on a Tunisian beach.

2.  Now controls 54% of Syria as Caliphate celebrates 1 year anniversary and has forced its 11 & 12 year old to militarily execute 25 of Assad’s Syrian soldiers in front of a celebratory crowd of followers.  The kids did it.  ISIS, the Gen. 16:12 wildmen have now slaughtered 3,074 Muslims and Christians.

3.  They assassinate Egypt’s top State Prosecutor.

4.  Next, they slaughter another 106 Egyptian soldiers and police along the Sinai border with ISRAEL and shoots 2 futile rockets into South Israel.

5.  They then vow to conquer Gaza, yes Gaza, and the Palestinians, whom ISIS says are too “soft” and then Jerusalem.  Oh boy!!!  Friends, can you just see plain as day why these BBM warnings are here?  Right!!!


1.  Turkey will now purchase all its energy needs from new bed-fellow Iran at a discounted price.  These are 2 of 3 most powerful nations in the Gog coalition after Russia (Ezek. 38:2,5,6) ie. Meshech=Moscow, Tubal, and Togarmah=Turkey and Persia=evil loving Iran who’s in bed with Obama’s Nuclear Deal from Hell who’s in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s in bed with their 12th Iman, the Mahdi who’s gonna save the world.  Well how about that train chain?

2.  Turkey now, with the largest military in the Middle East after Iran sends shock waves around Middle East and  EU borders by saying it will now invade Syria to defeat Assad, this is a first ever.


1.  Afghanistan reaches an all-time diabolic milestone : $1 trillion with a “T” in opium sales-and our military is still in there.  Dear Lord.

2.  Syria, President Assad is about to be toppled and he’s going out yelling Geronimo on his and Damascus’s death spiral (Isaiah 17:1, 14).  So what’s he done : Has secretly produced batches of deadly chlorine chemical weapons to be used as last ditch effort to save his own neck and annihilate the Jewish people on a day the winds are blowing from East to West to carry the chlorine poison.  This leaks out after Syrian rebels on the verge of taking back Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.


1. Obama blocks attempts by Saudis and their Arab Alliance to a) fly heavy weapons to the Kurds to help fight ISIS and b) Obama orders American Generals to prevent the Saudis, etc. who identified targets of ISIS, to shoot down targets and kill them.  Well guess what, they’re so peeved at our Commander the “CHEF”, the Arab military breaks off military relations with the White House and the new young and ambitious King of Saudi Arabia takes the red-eye, flies to Moscow, meets with his new love, Putin and promises billions to Russia in exchange for nuclear weapons and expertise.  Friends, here we go, to the Edge of Time with lightening speed, nuclear megeddon as explained perfectly in 2 Peter 3:10.


Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will surely see “the writing on this wall” of  Dan. 5:25 for China’s financial Armageddon which now appears to be here.

1.  China stock market is down “29%” the past 3 weeks, that’d be a whopping 5,200 Dow point equivalent.  That’s insanely epic proportions in such a short time span.  And 8% alone on 6-26 US gay marriage win day, yes a harbinger in these BBM omens.

2.  China drops interest rates for a fourth time to no avail.

3.  China Gov’t. forces brokerage company’s to buy large-company stocks.

4.  China ceases all IPO offerings until things settle down.  Oh yes, they’ll settle down Sept. 11th, at the end of the 7th Shemitah year of 7 cycles.  Friends, as China goes, world economy will go” like 60″, like whoosh!!! Let’s WATCH God’s Glory unveiling here.  Can you just see it after all this Asia stuff.  Not bragging here, but I tell, I see it so clearly shaping up for total world chaos by the 4th BBM.



1.  USGS scientists reveal the huge San Andraus fault outside LA is leaking volatile Helium 3, meaning a much more and devastating powerful earthquake is coming and sooner than their “most liberal” previous projection of “THE BIG ONE”.

2.  USGS now also changes worst catastrophic potential US volcano to be Mt. Rainier, and not Yellowstone.  Presently 41 volcanoes are erupting around the world, most around the Ring of Fire where Mt. Rainier just happens to be.  Exactly Joel 2:30 : “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, BLOOD and FIRE and PILLARS of SMOKE, (as in volcano)”.

3.  Europe is on fire, July 5th, London=103 degrees, Paris=104 degrees, Germany=105 degrees all time July records since measurements taken in 1881.

4.  America’s largest water reservoir, Lake Meade, dips to another all time low on 6-25.

5.  36 earthquakes in Greenland this year to date, 7 x more than any other year ever, now that’s an earthquake in a “diverse” place.  Right smack in Matthew 24:7.

6.  And drought, you know how our Creator is dealing with California’s 94% extreme drought.  Well now it’s spreading to Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada.  And now its severe to exceptional from “entire” Carribbeans to Puerto Rico and Argentina to Brazil.

7.  Airports and businesses shut down in world’s largest city, Cairo, Egypt, after an earthquake and a “super” sand storm-both hit on the same day, 1st ever.

8.  And finally, God willing, we were all able to witness the re-appearing of the Christmas Star, the Star of Bethlehem in the night sky where King planet Jupiter conjugates with Queen planet Venus.  The emanating rays of light about this “Star” were absolutely exhilirating.


1.  Miley Cyrus in interview with Fox News on her 2 qualifications for having sex : a) that her “partner” is of legal age and, b) does not involve an animal.

2. Well, Miss Miley, Google : “Tom Delay : Justice Dept. wants to legalize 12 perversions”.  This includes beastiality and pedophilia that our truly satanic Gov’t. wants to legalize.  Friends, 3 things : Miley may change her mind, sell license plates to States to promote the letters “S & G Now” for Sodom and Gomorrah is here to stay and may the US courts and Miley read Levit. 18:23 : “….neither shall a woman stand before a beast to lie down there to, it is confusion”.  Beloved friends, where are we headed in God’s judgement and what black omens abound us with these BBMs and remember no more for 567 years in 2582 AD (NASA).

3.  Well MAMA, there goes that man again in our White-rainbow-House.  I used to love RAINBOWS and wanted to reach out and touch them or run to the mountain they appeared to be next to when I was young.  How defiled this despicable Obama approved 6-colored rainbow totally embarassing the White House, our house, to amplify his gay agenda decision by our Supremely filthy court who’ve redefined God’s law and Jesus’ word in Matt. 19: 4-6.   Well 2 things, 1) Guys and gays, there’s one “Court” that has yet to rule on this issue, that’s God’s Court and  2) Our God’s rainbow has 7 colors, perfection, our rainbow Pres. that night reflected “6” colors, exact # of sinful man.

May God have mercy on those soles that don’t know what they are doing.  WOW, does this ever fit : Isaiah : 3:9 : “….they declare their sin as Sodom,  they hide it not.  Woe unto their sole, for they have rewarded evil unto themselves”.  As in gay pride day, as in parades, as in sexual equality, as in you’re going to be left out of Heaven if you do not repent this sin and confess Lord Jesus as our Righteous Savior.

Please repent and cease this gay life, time is so so short for His return.  By the way, I  honestly do not believe our White house has ever been “lit up” before in colors Red, White, and Blue.  Yes, we’ve come a long way in 6 and 1/2 years, a long way DOWN, RIGHT!!!

4.  Oklahoma State Gov’t. orders take down of 6′ concrete Ten Commandments Statue at the Capitol, yet allows 7″ statue of Lucifer to stay.  No wonder our Almighty God is judging Oklahoma with more earthquakes than any other of the 50 States in America.


There you have it, can’t make this stuff up.  Let’s kiss this ungodly world good bye for the last time. Let’s follow John 14:6 and look up, there’s someone waiting for us.  Can’t you just “feel it” in your heart and bones lately that something amazing is on our horizon in the next few months.  I can.  The 4th of July fireworks we all saw over the weekend are but an itty-bitty microcosm of how these prophetic events are going to explode.  The sheer virtue of the speed and magnitude of such a colossal barrage of these foreboding events. all in confluence together is sooo mind blowing.  Luke 21:28 forever and May God Bless you, every one of you.


Blood Moons WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, November 6, 2014

PIE_CHART_Countdown_39Thanks again for visiting this site.  Much prophetic evil has hit this messy world the past 10 days, none more, however, than our White House and the International community’s demoralizing and debunking of Israel and mostly not reported by the major news media.  What follows is how astonishingly this prophetically blind world is isolating God’s Chosen People (Jeremiah 32:38 : “….they shall be My people and I will be their God”).  I could have picked any of the thousands of scriptures of how God loves Israel.  I literally and honestly just opened my Bible and just like that Jer. 32:38 was there, that’s exactly a work of the Holy Spirit.

The Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) are now 39% completed to Sept. 28th, 2015.  They are spot on in their omens and warnings, that Almighty God is speaking loud and clear to Wake Us Up and follow His ways and not to “harm” Israel, but most of the world is not hearkening His call.   As you’ll see, the 3rd Intifada is simmering to a white-hot state from several directions.  So let’s see what’s going on:

ISRAEL:  First, the Palestinians:  1.  President Abbas calls the UN Security Council for emergency meeting on the East Jerusalem settlement construction of 1060 Jewish homes.  He calls this a Declaration of War.

2.  Abbas calls on all Palestinians to stop Jews from ascending the Temple Mount saying : “The Temple Mount is our ala-Asqa and they have no right to enter it”.  He calls this also a Declaration of War.

3.  After that he calls for a Day of Rage after a Jewish Rabbi (Glick) ascended the Temple Mount and opined to Jewish bystanders to begin construction of the 3rd Temple.  Do you see the hideous trend for Abbas who wants to make Peace with Israel.

4.  His words have reverberated well:  a)  In the last 2 weeks a Palestinian deliberately ran over a 3-month old baby and a Jewish mother. Oct. 23rd, exact day of a Solar Eclipse.  b)  Another Palestinian shot that Jewish Rabbi on the chest putting him in critical condition.  c)  Another Palestinian drove his car over several Jews, killing 1 and injuring nine.  d)  Another Palestinian yesterday, Nov. 5th drove his car onto a railroad platform running over 3 Israeli soldiers  (IDF) and injuring 13 people.  Do you see this horrific trend building inch by inch?

5.  Abbas sends sympathy letter to baby killing terrorist’s parents telling them their son that he’s already a glorious martyr in Heaven for his heroics.  Of course, White House says diddly squat on the condemnation.

6.  For 2 consecutive weeks now, Palestinians are relentlessly provoking IDF with broken bottles and molatave cocktails.

7.  With all this, Abbas notifies UN (United Nothing) that he will agree to delay for 2 months (Dec. 23) the Palestinian plan to seek a UNSC  resolution calling for a 3 year phased Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders so that good ole’ Sec. Kerry can have 60 days to resurrect the Peace Process that died on April 29th (exact day of another Solar Eclipse).  Leak sources say the Palestinians 2 major “No ifs ands or buts” demands other than the pre 1967 borders are:  to cease all settlement development and evacuate many Jewish residents from East Jerusalem and West Bank.  In your dreams Abbas.  He must get to know what God spoke in Isaiah 28:14-18 where God said “…this covenant with death and agreement with hell shall not stand…”.  May we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalms 122:6).

JORDAN:  1. King Abdullah threatens to revoke the 1994 Israel/Jordan Peace Treaty if Israel continues breaking the status quo.

2. The Temple Mount was closed Oct. 30th for one day to all Muslims and everyone to avert more relentless violence.   The King also said : “We will resist unilateral policies in Jerusalem who has been watered by the blood of our martyrs…”.  He called the recent Gaza War “vile” and will work with the UN to advance the Palestinian cause.  No Jordanian Leader  has ever said this since 1967.

3.  And guess what, Jordan closed down their embassy in Tel Aviv  yesterday and returned their Ambassador home.  Friends this severing of relations with Israel  most surely stokes the fires for the imminent Psalms 83 War with lightening speed.  (Isaiah 16, and Amos 1:11,13 and 2:1, all speak of the Lord’s judgement on Ammon, Moab,and the tents of Edom, which is present day Jordan, in these final days).

4. Also,  King Abdullah equated Israel to ISIS.  That about says it all on future relations between the 2 countries.

5.  Also, more on Israel’s border neighbors from Psalms 83:  a)  Hezbollah rants that it can “NOW” strike any and every square inch of land inside Israel’s borders.

6.  Finally, the Arab League issues a RED LINE to Israel that if they TOUCH Jerusalem, that it will lead to untold consequences.  WOW!!! Kind of opposite to what our Lord says in Zachariah 2:8 : “…He that TOUCHES you touches the apple of God’s eye”.  All these guys violating Israel today are someday soon during these BBMs going to understand Isaiah 45:23 : “…that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear”.  Can’t you just see how close we are???

BIBI NETANYAHU:  1.  Despite the world’s vehement and intensifying outcry against Israel , Bibi said: “…These territories (ie. the new settlements being constructed) will remain in Jerusalem’s borders in ANY DEAL”.   Well, there goes the Peace Process as both side’s demands are extremely opposite.

2.  He also said:  ” Abbas’s sympathy letter to the terrorist’s parents proves the Palestinian leader is no partner for peace”.

3.  Bibi orders 1,000 additional IDF troops into Jerusalem as tensions have never been so severe since the last Intifada.

UNITED NATIONS: Obama’s and others’ chastizing actions against Israel:  1. UN Security Council is investigating Israel’s cruelty on latest Gaza War to see if Israel imposed “proportionality” to fit the crimes Gaza bestowed on Israel.  This is in order to prosecute the Jewish leaders in positions of command for their crimes.  How insane this is. Look  at ISIS wildmen and butcher Assad of Syria who’s slaughtered and poisoned 210,000 Syrians and UN does zero on them.

2.  An unnamed White House official reports that Bibi was a “chickensh-t who was scared to launch wars”.  Of course, ambivalent Obama himself said absolutely nothing for apology.

3.  Donald Trump : ” Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel”.

4.  Israel’s Cabinet says US/Israel relations are at a “CRISIS LEVEL” under Obama…”it’s a dangerous course he has chosen”.

5.  Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon is prevented from meeting with Biden and or Sec. Kerry face to face to discuss “grave concerns”.  What the heck is it with this Administration’s defiance.

6.  Another White House aide boasts that Bibi’s hands are now tied on Iran Nuclear Agreement on Nov. 24th and there’s nothing he can do about it any more.

7.  And yet another Whitehouser said the Jewish settlements are incompatible and inconsistent for peace.  What absolute spoiled baby brats these Obama cronies are, lambasting God’s Chosen People in this fashion.  How absurd and remember, it comes from their “conditioning” at the top.

8.  Hillary accuses Israel of a “brutal occupation”.  well, she might as well, everybody else in DC does it.  Friends the confluence all at once of all these deplorable acts are yet more omens of our Lord’s BBMs that we are “there” and explains why America is imploding in a free fall as per Genesis 12:3:  “… I’ll curse those who curse thee”.

RUSSIA, UKRAINE, IRAN :  1.  NATO says Russia is undergoing simulated airstrikes around Northern Europe and along the West Coastlines of UK, France, Spain, & Portugal.  No one can or cannot say if these military maneuvers are a prelude to something BIG – like War.

2.  Ukraine conflict rages on, 3,800 have died, no end in sight.

3.  The dreadful Nov. 24th deadline Nuclear talks with Iran approaches.  US is “in bed” with Iran as reliable internet sources say Obama has already “caved -in” so that Iran’s nuclear ambitions can continue unabated.  Israel is absolutely furious over Obama’s decision to be cozy on Iran’s side.  A big-mouth Obama aide, Ben Rhodes, a White House Security Advisor leaked this : “We are seeking ways to strike a deal with Iran that bypasses Congress”.  Someday soon, he’ll meet God and try to explain this one.

EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, and KUWAIT :  1.  Are forming “1” mega military to protect the Arab world from Iran, ISIS, etc.

2.  Egypt’s strongest anti-Egyptian Radical Islamic group swears allegiance to ISIS.  This may will develop the South front for ISIS as mentioned in Daniel 11:40.

ISIS :  1. These wildmen of Genesis 16:12 and Habakkuk 1:6-10 (how spot on this prophetic scripture is from 2800 years ago defining ISIS today) continue their horrific horror of savage demons.  In 2 days last weekend they slaughtered 322 Iraqi Sunni tribesmen and women and children, yes young children standing in front of firing squads, probably thinking it was a “game”, so innocent.  Some of the 50 women, some dead, some alive, were dumped down a well.  How wicked, satan is in his home court of Iraq, home of the Garden of Eden south of Baghdad (in Genesis 2:10, 14 and 3:6) to the 4 deadly demons that come out of the Euphrates River to slay 1/3 of mankind (Rev 9: 14,15).

2.  ISIS obtains for free $200 million worth of heavy U.S. equipment from a Syrian rebel group which the US gave these weapons to because they were “reliable & carefully vetted” to fight ISIS.  Brick wall again Mr. Obama, as America keeps imploding under you.  Surely, the Genesis 12:3 curse is alive and well here.

3.  Fox News reveals 80 former GITMO detainees are now on the front lines fighting for ISIS.  Double ditto Mr. Obama on Genesis 12:3.

EUROPE :  1.  The EU threatens to boot the UK out of the EU Dec. 1st if the UK refuses to pay a $1.7 Billion tax.  UK says it will refuse to pay.

2.  Two days ago, Nov. 4th, the European Central Bank (ECB) effectively begins supervision of “ALL” EU banks in the 28 nation block.  Two things here;  a) This is the greatest economic move in the EU since it’s creation and the creation of the euro.  b)  What a humongous step forward for the birthing of the one-world government and currency as ALL EU banks have now absolutely “zero” say in their own banking operations.  So likewise as dominoes go, for the EU’s 650 million people, where their deposits and withdrawals will be controlled by the ECB.  Friends, European sovereignty just died Nov. 4th and ABC, CBS, NBC said squat.  Again, all under the BBM WINDOW we are in.

3.   EU is now in a full blown Recession as of Oct. 2014.

POPE FRANCIS :  Again, I want to like Pope Francis for what he does for the deprived and poor, BUT!!! He has repeatedly made statements contrary to our Almighty God’s Word.  (On gays and lesbians : “Who am I to judge”.  On athiests :  “…even the athiests who DO GOOD WILL MEET THERE ” (in Heaven), Pope has also authorized “Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran”.  And this past week he has publicly embraced the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution.  His exact words : “When we read about creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do EVERYTHING, but that is not so.  The Big Bang which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the Divine Creator, but rather requires it.  Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.” What absolutely unbelievable rhetoric demeaning Almighty God who created creation Gen. 1:26 :”And God said, let us make man in our image…” and Isaiah 47: 7-12 : “… I have made the earth and created man upon it…”  Friends, also please read 2 Timothy 4: 3: “For the time will come  when they will not endure sound doctrine…”   And most profoundly Revelation 22:18,19 the next to last scriptures in the Bible,( and for a reason) says: “… If any man shall  ADD or TAKE AWAY the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part of the book of life…”.  WOW, that’s scary.  Friends, put this all together and you can see the call for an all-inclusive tolerance towards a 1-world religion in these final days is alive and well.  And why not, BIG BIG world changing events happen within the BBM WINDOWS as documented world history tells us so from the previous 7 BBMs. Want proof of the Pope’s comments, Google Pope embraces evolution and big bang .

EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES :   1.  Three volcanoes all spewing ash & or lava in “1 DAY” Oct. 31st, Halloween, satan’s day. (Hawaii, Costa Rica and Iceland).

2.  Oklahoma, home to America’s largest statue of satan and 1st open public satanic mass had 130 (albeit minor) earthquakes in October.  Oklahoma had 222 in all of 2013 and 253 recorded in first 3 months of 2014 as per US Geologic Survey published by Reuters.  Matthew 24:7 for sure, just look at that trend increase in frequency.  Also, Yellowstone Park had 98 last month.

3.  Tail of giant comet Siding Spring explodes on Mars, causing the biggest creator hole ever on the “red” planet.  Only God knows if this has a significance to Rev. 12:3 about the “red” dragon unleashed.  Again all the above could be preludes to BIG events in the BBMs.

AMERICA : In short, “toxic” Mr. Obama, on National TV Nov 5th after the Republican Wave election win played the unapologetic  innocent observer on the Senate Democratic all-out implosion, totally staying blameless.  He said; “I don’t read these election tea leaves”.  What a nuclear explosion about face remark!!!  Friends, he outright lies again and again.  Fox News showed him during the 2012 elections where he said that elections are serious, important and they have consequences.  He’s a deceptively disingenuous unhappy man who wants to be relevant and at the center of the universe.  Just wait and see Obama’s  Executive Orders barrage come into play now, especially Nov. 24th with Iran and immigration amnesty by year end.

IN CONCLUSION :  Friends, the entire world is bashing Israel just as God said in these final days.  They are “blindly” seeking the ultimate confrontation with tiny Israel, just as the Bible prophecises.  Well, Jan. 5, 2015, in 2 months we will be at the Midpoint of the Lord’s prophetic BBMs.  Can you only imagine this world in the next 60 days, let alone when the teeter-totter swings into fast- mode Jan. 5th.  Come quickly Lord Jesus and may we never loose our bearings of where we are : Luke 21: 28.  We are there on the Edge of Time.

May God Bless.



Blood Moons Coming – Unstoppable, Phenomenal, and Unprecedented

“And I will show wonders in the Heavens….., The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood BEFORE the great and terrible Day of the Lord come.” (Joel 2:30,31)

As this scripture reads, the focus on this article is to bring an acute awareness that our Almighty God has prepared an unprecedented arsenal of “Divine” Heavenly SIGNS presently being unleashed upon the world, specifically this year and next, (2014-2015). These SIGNS will spawn as Mighty and Supernatural earthly events as ever has been seen. Our recorded history tells us so.

Why Is This Coming Blood Moon TETRAD So Rare?
Can you imagine in our lifetime of EVER seeing 4 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses in one sequence, called a TETRAD, and 4 Solar Eclipses occurring in a span of 17 ½ months? That’s 1 eclipse every 65 days. That is RARE.

NASA, the National Aeronautical Space Administration which is comprised of the most brilliant physicists and astronomers in the world, has precisely and accurately documented on their websites every Lunar and Solar Eclipse from 3,000 BC to 3,000 AD. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth and blots out the sun’s rays from striking the moon directly, thereby giving it a “blood red” color, also called a BLOOD MOON. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, thereby darkening the sun.

These coming BLOOD MOONS begin April 15, 2014 and end Sept. 28,2015.
NASA also tells us that the “fullest” view of this first BLOOD MOON will be seen across North and South America, Australia, and Pacifica at exactly 3:47 AM Eastern Standard Time the night of April 15,2014. This date will be easy to remember, it’s IRS tax day.

Now, even more RARE is the fact that the coming BLOOD MOONS will be occurring exactly to the day on 2 of the most special Holy Holidays (Feasts) of the Lord as described in Leviticus 23:2. Those being 2 consecutive Feasts of Passover and 2 consecutive Feasts of Tabernacles. The Feast of Passover marks the day when the Lord supernaturally enables the Exodus from Egypt of all the enslaved Jewish people and their leader Moses, some 3,500 years ago. The Feast of Tabernacles welcomes the Glory of God’s protection and the coming of his presence to all Jews and Gentiles alike.

Here’s the kicker. This amazing phenomenon of “BIBLICAL” BLOOD MOONS has occurred only 7 previous times in world history since 3000 BC.

So Let’s Put This Into PERSPECTIVE
First, our Lord and Creator has planned from the very beginning to use SIGNS in the Heaven as “harbingers” to GRAB our ATTENTION that something BIG and MIGHTY is about to happen.

In Genesis 1:14, God says “Let there be light in the Heavens to divide the day from the night and let them be for “SIGNS and for SEASONS.”

The Hebrew word for SIGN is “owth,” meaning a signal, a warning, an omen is coming. The Hebrew word for SEASON is “moade” meaning a divinely appointed time, a holy convocation (Leviticus 23:4).

Second, the historical trends for these BLOOD MOONS each begin with tears, tragedy, sadness, darkness, and death for the Jewish people and they all end in victory and joy. Regarding Solar Eclipses, history has revealed judgement on the nations who attempt to harm Israel. (Genesis 12:3).

Third, now this is absolutely fascinating: The probability of successfully predicting 4 consecutive BLOOD MOONS to fall on these 2 Holy Days beginning with Jesus’s Crucifixion and Resurrection to the 2014-2015 BLOOD MOONS is INDESCRI BABLE: 1 chance in 1.85 x 10 to the 139th power. Yes, that is 139 consecutive zeroes. Our national debt of $17 trillion has but 12 “little” zeroes.

This calculation TOTALLY excludes the inclusion of any probabilities associated with Solar Eclipses falling on the Lord’s Holy Days, let alone their corresponding climactic world events they cause. This number defys the null hypothesis of all statistical probability. And why not, for who can challenge the power and glory of Almighty God?? Visualizing this number must surely get all our attention of how profound these coming SIGNS upon the earth are. WOW!!!

Now we look forward to witnessing not only these BLOOD MOONS but also a display of several additional fascinating complementary SIGNS more than any other “BIBLICAL” TETRAD has ever had, some that have recently happened. This “Cosmic Countdown” is unprecedented. Please compare each TETRAD graph below this article to the coming 2014-2015 TETRAD graphs.

My friends, our Lord is using this most special SIGN series to prepare this world to enter into a new zone, a new paradigm that just may possibly begin the End of the Age as we know it. (I cannot stress enough the Lord’s word “BEFORE” at the beginning of this article from Joel 2:31). So why else would this prolific SIGN be upon us today? Can it be that this world has willfully turned away from our Creator. May He be at that “critical point” where He’s looking down on us through His window in Heaven with a “tear” in his eye, (look at the world today).

The historical precedence of events from the past 7 TETRADS is an already unequivocally established benchmark for the past 2,000 years since the times of Jesus, and those BLOOD MOONS surrounding his death were most spectacular.

So What Future Worldly Events Does This Sign Foreshadow?
Well, first brace yourselves for this: NASA says there will be no more “BIBLICAL” TETRADS for almost another 600 years, in the year 2582-83 AD, (please look it up on NASA websites). And it will not have a Super BLOOD MOON or Star of David Planetary Alignment. Can you only imagine our world limping along for another 600 years as we know the world today.

In general the seeds under this umbrella are rampant today:

  1. Nuclear proliferation and threats
  2. Financial chaos derived from Gov’t printing presses issuing free money
  3. Unexplained animal, bird, and fish deaths and extinctions
  4. Extreme weather patterns, excessive tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes
  5. Deception, Immorality, Lawlessness, Loss of Family Values abound
  6. Insecurity (NSA global spying)
  7. Apostacy, and on and on and on

Are these not all prevalent today and in a BIG way. With the torrid pace of technology doubling every two and one half years (Daniel 12:4), is it no wonder that all these earthly signs are developing at warp speed in concert together.

Specifically, the prophecized major earthly events that are already primed to unfold are:

  1. The Psalm 83 War where Israel’s hostile border neighbors are completely decimated by Israel’s Defense Forces (Ezekial 37:10 and Issiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”). Can Iran, who says they will destroy Israel, hear this?? This war highlights today’s daily news headliner, Damascus, Syria, the world’s longest, largest, “continuing” city which will become a “ruinous heap….in one evening” ( Issiah 17:1,14). By the way, Israel has a population of 5.5 million and is the size of New Jersey. Israel’s border neighbors are the size of ½ of the continental United States with a population of 170 million. ( Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank).
  2. The Gog/Megog war where oil-hungry Russia, Iran, and Turkey are “lured” like a fish on the hook to come upon oil-rich Israel (Ezekial 38:4). There 5/6 of their mighty military is supernaturally destroyed by God Almighty (Ezekial 39:2).
  3. Maybe the consummation of the currently ongoing Peace Process Treaty talks between Israel and the Palestinians will set the stage for all the other “dominoes” to fall. This process is wholly brokered by the United States and has been ongoing since July 29, 2013. It is scheduled to end April 29, 2014, the exact day of a Solar Eclipse (NASA). Also, all sides have agreed to stay involved for the duration and this has NEVER EVER happened before, ( Daniel 9:27). WOW, that’s right smack into the sweet spot of the BLOOD MOONS. I get that. This Treaty, if signed, will wrecklessly violate God’s eternal covenant with Abraham because Israel’s land will be divided up (Genesis 12:3 and 15:18). This peace process is scheduled to last EXACTLY 9 months. This is precisely the duration time of a pregnancy where a mother’s birth pangs increase in frequency and intensity and are eventually “UNSTOPPABLE”. I mention this because, and most fittingly, there is a Bible Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 : “When they say Peace and Safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as travail upon a woman with child”. (Also, Revelation 12:2). Very intriguing.
  4. Or maybe it’s the “loose cannon” in North Korea, maybe the Rapture, maybe the One World Order as we are so globally integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones galore. Or just maybe it’s the End of the Age beginning with the 7-year Tribulation Period and culminating in the 2nd Coming of Jesus.

Don’t Believe Me, Believe Your Bible
Nobody knows (surely not I ) which event will be triggered first. What we do know is that the Sun and the Moon are the Lord’s “Faithful and Silent Witnesses” ( Psalms 89:37). They will warn us first that this world is rapidly racing to the “Edge of Time”. I strongly reiterate the word “BEFORE” in the scripture from Joel 2:31 at the beginning of this article. I hereby caution, I am NOT a Date-setter, nor into Astrology or Numerology or the “Fame “ business, nor any of that stuff. PLEASE do not believe me, believe your Bible, then verify and judge for yourself your findings. 1 John 4:1 says “….try the spirits whether they are from God because many false prophets are gone our into the world”. I am just a Bible believing career Statistician whose Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ. This article merely attempts to reveal recognizable, confirmed and documented historical facts from NASA and Bible Scriptures of imminent prophetic events that are very well correlated with the coming BLOOD MOONS. That simple. Only Almighty God knows for sure. Glory to God. He does not lie (Proverbs 30:5, Titus 1:2). This BLOOD MOON phenomenon is also not a COINCIDENCE as God does not do COINCIDENCES. His plan from the beginning has always been like a “Ring of Steel”, totally set and unalterable.

We Are Truly A Privileged Generation
You, nor I, nor our parents nor our grandparents,… nor Adam & Eve, yes Adam & Eve, have ever seen or will ever see again such a magnificent PERFECTLY SYNCHRONIZED and ORDERLY ALIGNMENT of Heavenly SIGNS. This Cosmic Countdown so divinely fashioned by our Creator most assuredly tells us that He is literally screaming at us that we are approaching the “EDGE of Time”, as he appears to no longer be “FIRST” in today’s world. Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:34 : “Verily I say unto you. This generation shall not pass till all things be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not…”
(Please see graphs below to see how magnificently that our Creator has correlated the time span between the 6th, 7th and coming Tetrad to the specific year of 1948, Israel’s re-birth, and to the specific year of 1967, Jerusalem’s return as the Capitol of Israel). What an awesome GOD!!!

Challenging times are now here as these BLOOD MOONS are upon us. However, they will culminate in a beautiful ending, our Lord tells us so. He’s Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, compassionate and in full control. Billions of people will witness these phenomenal SIGNS around the world, specifically the Western Hemisphere as per NASA. WOW, how privileged is that???

As In The Days Of Noah
Yet there are some who will witness these SIGNS and say they are pretty, romantic, no big deal. Others will say they are scare tactics revved up by Bible prophecy junkies. Others will simply say, “I’m not interested, I’ll go watch TV.
Well this is precisely the attitude people had in the days of Noah, and then it began to rain, and rain, and rain… (Luke 17:27).

What Must We Do Now?
In closing, this is a pivotal moment. We must ask ourselves what must we do now? Well, can we please be a little bit brave, put away our complacency and wake up.
Matthew 16:2,3: ”…When it is evening ye say it will be fair weather for the sky is red…O ye hypocrites ye can discern the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”

We Must:

  1. Get our life and our loved one’s spiritual house in order with Jesus. John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”
  2. Put our efforts into reaching others’ souls to seek Jesus.
  3. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY (Psalms 55:17).
  4. WATCH, WATCH, WATCH, what cargo these BLOOD MOONS will deliver. Luke 21:28: “And when these things begin to come to Pass, look up lift up your head, for your redemption draweth nigh.” The imminent return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is upon us. This Cosmic SIGN tells us so. Something BIG is going to happen it couldn’t be more explicit. Glory to Almighty God (Issiah 46:9: “…there is none like me”). He is coming back sooner than we may think. After all, how could Almighty God and “secular” NASA both independently be on the same page at the same time for all these thousands of years. Is this not sufficient enough proof necessary to validate that something BIG is about to happen knowing there are no more Biblical BLOOD MOONS for another 600 years. Friends, this is the REAL DEAL and I now do get that.

Special thanks to Mark Biltz for discovering the BIBLICAL TETRADS in 2008. May God Bless you. (Ezekial 33:3:”…when he seeth the sword come upon the land…warn the people”).

Other related BLOOD MOON Scriptures: Joel 2:10, 3:15, Amos 8:9,10, Issiah
13:10,24:23, Zephaniah 1:14,15, Psalms 19:1-4, 84:11,89:35-37,103:19,104:19,
Matthew 24:29, Luke 21:11,25, Mark 13:24,Collosians 2:16,17,Revelation 6:12,
21:23-25, 22:16.

Author: Paul Grevas
e-mail address: pgrevas46@optimum (dot) net

All graph’s date sources are from NASA. Click on graphs to enlarge.

Graph 8A Crucifixion



Blood Moon Graph - Fall of Holy Roman Empire

Blood Moon Graph - 2nd Defeat of Muslim Empire



Blood Moon Graph - Return of Jerusalem to Israel




The following images are 8 of 24 photos of the 13th and final Star of David Planetary Alignment. The 5 Planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the Moon line up in a perfect array of 2 interlocking triangles that form a Star that looks like a “cross” thru the heart of the Moon. These photos are a developing progressive phenomenon of our Lord’s Cosmic Countdown of Heavenly Signs for the coming Blood Moons. (Photos are approximately 30 minutes apart, beginning around 10 P.M. July 22,2013 and ending at 2:00 A.M., MST outside Helena, Montana.) He is truly coming back sooner than we may think.

Star of David


Star of David 2