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Blood Moon WINDOW End Time Prophetic Events, July 21, 2014

May you please review graph 8A, Lord’s Perfect Sign shown under the main web page of Blood Moons (scroll down 3/4 of the way please).  Our Lord has made the 2014-15 Blood Moons celestially perfect in it’s symmetry.  May you use this graph to tell family, friends, and even nay- sayers  to even DARE contest it’s exactness.  This is 100% the Lord’s graph.  (I get 0% credit).  It cannot be altered, it’s set in concrete, it is the shield and armor and protection  that will give you much confidence that we truly are at the end of our Lord’s time clock.  By pretending to be our own gods, changing morals and values at every whim against our CREATOR, has displeased him very much.  (Hebrews 13:8 ” Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever”).

OK, !!  As Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah says, :” What in the world is going on?”, he is spot on.  Just when we thought last week the ISIS explosion, the border crisis, and Mr. Obama’s perpetual scandals couldn’t get much worse, look at what happened on week #13 of this 76 week Blood Moon WINDOW.  It is now only 19% complete and it ends on 9/29/15 with the 4th Blood Moon, a Super moon that will be the only one of the 4 to shine over Jerusalem.  We must never forget our magnificent Lord has us and this world locked up inside the palm of HIS almighty hand, and about ready to “pluck out” many of us if we do not hear HIS voice and follow HIM (John 10:27-28).  May our hearts lead us by way of Jesus to persevere through the coming  onslaught of prophetic events HE’s currently unleashing.  Just look at what’s happening:


1.  Mr. Obama calls P.M. Netanyahu  2 days “after” France, Germany, U.K., and Brazil leaders called.  He pledges his support from the constant barrage of rockets to coincide with his allies to facilitate a cease fire.  He also discourages a long ground invasion, (speaking of tone deaf).

2.  Bibi’s comments and goals:  “The world best quit about fantacizing for a Two State Solution.  It never was and never will be a solution. We will never stand for this movie of rockets reigning in on Israel  again.  3-million Jews run to bomb shelters daily and they have only 1 minute.  We drop leaflets and send warning flares. We’re defending our people with bomb shelters and these ruthless brutes are deliberately defending their missiles  in schools and homes by hiding them behind women and children.  A sustainable quietness is our only exit strategy.  A de-militarized process is now needed, ”  (this is a total game changer now from the 2009, 2012 wars).

3.  Main goal today is to demolish Hamas’ weapons lifeline of tunnels.  (Surely this is a clearly legitimate act, yet the U.N. and int’l community talks war crimes).

4.  Israeli soldiers have seen Hamas soldiers “popping” their heads out of these tunnels (kind of like a gopher popping his head out).  They get out, with hand cuffs and tranquilizers in their packs hoping to kidnap Israelis.  (Genesis 16:12:”He will be a wild man”).  It’s like an alien sci-fi film.

5.  Hamas loads up bomb laden suicide donkeys to approach Israeli soldiers.  (You can’t make this stuff up).

6.  A Bible prophecy friend mentioned that the 8 year coma ex-P.M. Arial Sharon was in from 2006 until he passed away this Jan. was most prophetic.  Issiah 29:1,3,10 are only verses in entire Bible that mentions “Arial”.  Verse 10 perfectly explains a coma very similar to Sharon’s after he evicted all Jews from Gaza for “Peace”-WOW and that was 2800 years ago.  What an awesome Lord to” reveal his secrets” in 2014 (Amos 3:7).

7.  Also, Adolf Hilter’s book, Mein Kampf  means “my struggles”.  Well guess what, Jihad also means “my struggles”.  De jeaux vous all over again and here we are at the cusp of the prophetic Psalm 83 War.  Really how close are we?  This blood Moon WINDOW is our Lord’s warning for sure, It’s perfect, it’s unprecedented and no more Blood Moons for 600 years.

8.  Europe  (mostly Germany and France) are having daily mass protests against Israel but “for” the Palestinians in Gaza.

9.  The U.N. says the Israeli strikes are humanely illegal because they hit “innocent” houses.  What about the deadly missiles in the Gaza kitchens?

10.  Death toll on 7-21-14 is 548 Palestinians and 27 Israelis.  This conflict is for the survival of Israel.  Through the Lord, they will triumph as per Zeph.2:4:'” Gaza shall be forsaken…”.  Again, Psalm 83 War in WINDOW.

11.  On July 11, Israel was tangled in a 4 on 1 conflict with Lebanon (2 rockets fired), Gaza, Sinai (rockets into South Israel) and West Bank (riots over Gaza turned deadly).  Oh my, that’s 4 of 6 countries in Psalm 83 War.


1.  These barbaric fanatics continue to mightily blitz through the Middle East gaining size and egregious control daily.

2.  Their Caliph, Baghdadi now enters into each newly conquered city riding on a white horse and waves a sword obfuscating rhetoric of capturing Jerusalem and Mecca.  (kind of like a Disney movie or more realistically like Rev. 6:2 of the rider on a white horse who went forth conquering…). (National pastor Paul Begley verified this stint in his weekly sermon 7/16.

3.  ISIS tells Christians to convert, pay excessive higher taxes, or die by the sword.  We’ve heard this song before in the dark ages from the Crusaders, the English, the French , and the Spanish Inquisition (Blood Moon #5).


1.  The Russian Bear, Vladimer Putin (Prime GOG candidate) seems unstoppable for Ukraine power grab.  He has 2 feckless adversaries in Mr. empty threat Obama who calls for dialogue and a further investigation of the plane shoot down with his European allies who appear silent, cloudy, loopy, doopy, frozen to speak out,whatever against the Bear. (Like a preview of Ezek. 38:13: “…art thou come to take a spoil…” ).

2.  48 wars currently going on in the world today.  Latest, Tunisia and Algeria, 13 dead on 7/18 and Egypt and Libya, 21 dead on 7/20.  (Matt.24:6:”And ye shall hears of wars and rumors of war”).

3.  Chess Champion (and inventor) Iran wins again, delays nuclear talks until Nov 20th.  Coerces U.S. and other G-5 leaders into unfreezing $2.8 billion of Iranian assets.  So sad, the deception going on today.  Fitting scripture, Issiah 5:20:”…good is evil and evil is good…”.

4.  A 250 ‘ x 250′ bottomless pit continues to baffle world scientists who can’t find the bottom.  Location is Yamal Peninsula in Siberia.  Yamal means “the end of the earth”  Again our Creator is literally screaming at us.


1.  Although Gaza and Russia are the headlines, Mr.Obama’s scandals are alive and well and continue reducing and degrading our country.  SO SO sad, this hurts bad.  (This border crisis has legs to potentially divide our country as protests spread unabated, 300 cities this past weekend).

2.  Teflon Obama appears unculpable to everything about him.  Uses words “I , me, my,” 192 times on vowing to use unilateral action in July 12th speech.

3.  Gaza war and world’s largest crime scene in Ukraine and he’s, zoned out fund raising in N.Y. and enjoying barbecue in Delaware on exact same day.

4.  72% of Muslims and 54% of atheists approve of him.  Obama tells nation on 7/15 that if you could choose any time period to live on the earth now is the time. That the world today is less violent than ever.  And his spokesman says  “world is more tranquil today”.  (How can they say this deception?)

5.  Senator Harry Reid  says “the border is secure” on 7/16.  (Oh Harry Harry , please go back to sleep).

6.  Only North Korea, Vietnam, China, and 4 others have higher abortion rates than the U.S.

7.  California’s drought is now worst in State’s history

8.  500,000 carp wash up on Kentucky riverbanks.

9.  Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Florida now at risk for accepting gay marriages.  Dear Lord, what has happened to America? She is like a wounded whale on the beach being speared daily with absolutely no help.  (Duet. 28:15,45 precisely and accurately enumerate America’s fall.

10.  Going to quit from now on demeaning our President for most all the detrimental things happening to America.  He’s non stop, he wins, I lose, you know his story.

Please note important upcoming dates:  1.  July 28, Ramadan ends and it’s the first of Av, Israel’s ugliest month for atrocities to the Jewish people.  2.  August 4th, begins the 9th of Av at sundown.  Israel’s ugliest day of ugliest month.  Also,  Obama’s birthday on that exact day (Oh Boy!).  3.  Aug. 15th Dept. of Homeland Security totally runs out of money for the  border crisis. (Watch for National protests to increase and be more intense).

Are these 2 events warnings from our Lord or coincidences?  1. Israel became a country in 1948 and Jerusalem was recaptured in 1967.  Now, 1948+67=2015, year of the 4th Blood Moon, a Super moon over Jerusalem.  Also, 19+48=67.  Surely these # additions are another reminder that HE’s screaming at us.  (Coincidence, Schmoincidence). 2.  Does ISIS kind of look like 1 5 1 5, the mid-point of the Current Blood Moons.  Also, does Egypt’s President SISI spelled backwards spells ISIS.  (Thanks to my Bonney Lake friend for this sign. Again, our Lord is speaking boldly).

Well, that’s about enough for anyone to digest.  Our Lord is closing the curtains of this world as we know it.  Surely judgement is near. May we continually Pray and Watch as our Lord tells us.  These events are just as Noah’s, just as Lot’s in Sodom and Gomorah, and most of the world still doesn’t get it.  It’s up to us to guide their hearts to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.   Luke 21:28 :”And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.” May God Bless You.


Blood Moon WINDOW End Time Prophetic Events, July 10, 2014

Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moon Window


Can you only imagine how much the last 2 weeks of world tumult that has catapulted Bible Prophecy into such a rapid pace.  Now, in week 12 (and 64 weeks to go in the Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW), we are “divinely” locked in by Almighty God with all this non-stop mayhem happening around us.  Seems nonsensical but these Heavenly SIGNS are surely screaming at us for sure.  Following is just a smidgeon of world events (but 1st please view Graph 8A, called Lord’s Perfect Sign, in the 2014-15 Blood Moon Category to let you know that the Lord made the synchronization and symmetry of this Graph of Heavenly Signs to “wake us up” that BIG BIG things are happening in the world, even as you read this):

ISRAEL.  Since 3 Israeli teenage abductions and eventual murder last month, :

  1.  Hamas has launched 560 rockets into Israel in the last 3 days.  ALL have either been blown up in the sky by Israel’s Iron Dome Defense or they’ve hit empty grounds.  Israel has only 3 injuries, minor building damage
  2. Hamas has launched almost 16,000 missiles “blindly” with no directional guidance since 2001.
  3. 92 Palestinians have died, over 600 injured.
  4. Israel has struck 780 targets out of 780 launches.
  5.  Israel either calls or fires warning shots to warn Gaza that a strike is coming to minimize loss of life, no country on earth is this understanding.  Actually Hamas forces mothers & children to stay to be human shields, how feckless degenerates Hamas military is.
  6.  Issiah 54:17 :  “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”
  7.  Mr. Obama calls Palestinian President offering sympathys  for revenge killing of Palestinian boy burned alive by Jewish teens (this is 100% absolutely hideous and wrong, wrong, wrong).  Yet, he offers not 1 single condolence to Prime Minister Netanyahu one on one.  What trash.
  8.   Israel has never ever seen Gaza rockets fly over Jerusalem (8 of them) and Tel Aviv (6).  Very scary.  3 million Jews have fled to bomb shelters yesterday and today with only 15-45 seconds warning to run for their life.  One Gaza rocket landed in city of Hideron, 20 miles north of Tel Aviv which is 50 miles from border.
  9. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s quotes to media last two days:                                                                                                        a.  He tells his generals to “take the gloves off”.                                                                                                                                b.  “We will go very far this time and stop them once and for all”-WOW, that’s FINALITY for Gaza                                        (Zephaniah 2:4 = “…for Gaza shall be forsaken…”.
  10.  c.   “This is the beginning of bigger things to come” d.  “These strikes will not stop, even if it takes a year.”
  11. Defense Minister:  “We will not stop, it will be a long term operation, it will expand…We don’t need a time out  like in basketball”.
  12. Hamas: “If Israel strikes us, the gates of HELL will open.”
  13. First, Israel called up 1,500 reservists last week, 3 days ago 40,000 are now at the border.
  14. First time ever, neither side is talking cease fire at this stage–this is very serious.
  15. At this writing, it is eerily silent, like a “quiet before the storm”, possibly of a ground invasion that we will wake up to in tomorrow morning’s news. Remember, this is a divine event of God.
  16. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar (hello, Beau Bergdahl Gitmo prisoner swappees), Arab League, filecomplaint with UN against Israel atrocities.
  17. International Community tells Israel to strike back only “proportionally” –Oh my, give God’speople a break.
  18.  Friends, pinch yourself in the cheek, this IS it .  This is the Real Deal.  This is the Psalm 83 war, Gaza is 1st, Syria and Lebanon and the West Bank will be next.  We must wake up.  Please read Psalm 83, it’s unfolding perfectly before our eyes because our Lord is perfect, he does not lie  (Titus 1:2) and HIS Heavenly SIGNS  are HIS proof.  No more scenarios, or salient  characteristics of Israel’s border neighbors (who are now numbered) or the timing of this war. WE ARE THERE.  Israel will prevail, God tells us so (Zachariah 12:6 = “…Judah shall devour all the people round about on the right hand and on the left).

ISIS (now called IS for Islamic State):

  1. There is absolutely NO evil adventurism with this group.  They are focused, they do not negotiate, they are barbaric, murderous, torturers, crucifiers, (8 Muslims) of Christians “and” even their Muslim brothers if they do not submit.
  2. They’ve killed  2,417 Muslims  and Christians in month of June.
  3. They control 1/3 of Iraq and over 1/3 of Syria.
  4. They have unlimited funding  from the Arab League, they also have a budget.
  5. They are intelligent, organized, and they utilize Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of  media  for their propaganda and marketing for recruits (t-shirts, hoodies, passports, etc).
  6. They have established a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq and their self- announced Caliph is demonic & ruthless who has called for Holy global Jihad and for all Muslims to flock to him  ( Baghdadi). After U.S. prison release in Iraq he said “See you in New York “.
  7.  They control Syria’s and Iraq’s largest oil fields and Iraq’s chemical weapons that America  could never find for 10 years—unbelievable!!!
  8. They freely drive U.S. Humvees, Jeeps, tanks, helicopters,and have multiple U.S. missiles we left behind.
  9.  They control Mozul, Iraq’s 2nd largest city, where they also sledgehammered to dust Jonah’s Tomb (remember the book of Jonah and the whale–now it’s all desecrated).
  10. Their present goal is to establish the Middle East Caliphate in the Mid East and North Africa, by 2020.  Oh yes, Jerusalem is included–our Lord says good luck IS!!!
  11. Again, this is Bible prophecy of the End Times exploding before our eyes.  Do you see that we don’t have to date set or predict which prophetic event is next leading to the Great Trib.  This “tapestry” is being vividly laid out so simply by our Creator.  (Remember  the 4 Blood Moons  WINDOW we are in).  HE’s literally screaming at us, as we are 17.4% into this WINDOW  which ends Sept. 28, 2015–may we watch HIS Glory and Power unfold.



  1. EU selects Claude Juncker  head of EU Commission, most powerful position in Europe.  He’s   a Socialist in love with one sovereign power, that is the U.S. of Europe.  Also, “Italy” takes   over the EU Presidency for the first time ever along side Juncker.  Italy also vows to have this U.S. of Europe up and running by Dec. 31, 2014, (Rev.13:1=”…and I saw a beast rise up  out of the sea…” and Rev.17:9″the seven heads are seven mountains  which the woman sits”.

1.      Pope Francis continues quest for the “Unity Call” of worldwide churches with another  weekly set of visitors (mega church pastors Ken Copeland and James Robeson, Orthodox Church delegation, etc.).   Pope also “ex-communicates” the Italian Mafia from Church.

2.      Vatican continues celebrating Mass on a weekly basis in the Upper Room of Last Supper.  (no Jews or Rabbis are allowed entry–how astonishing is this??).


  1. What can one say?  Every new scandal Mr. Obama gets America into can only be  diminished by the next one that crops up.  The latest scandals are, border children and  eviction of U.S. CIA chief from Germany who arrested 2 Americans spying on Germany.
  2. Why is all this happening?  Well, the Lord knows.  Although Mr. Obama may be inept and  lacking leadership, judgement has come to America because he has betrayed Israel several  times, (Genesis 12:3),  he highly approves of the gay agenda (Romans 1:26,27) and you know how he feels about contraception and right to life priorities. Also his deceptive and slippery tongue has created a sense of lawlessness (Matthew 24:11 and 2 Timothy 3:3)
  3. Mr Obama goes to Colorado, fundraises, laughs, plays pool, and then traipses through  Texas, fundraises, campaigns, eats $16,000 per plate dinner, yet side steps a visit to ravaged, parentless border children who eat crackers (CNN). Well, maybe that’s why the movie “America” is so popular about Mr. Obama’s obsession to”reduce” America. Ultimately, our Lord’s brilliant timing of sending HIS Blood Moons is an absolutely      awesome fit to enable those who want to know that we are truly in the last days.
  4. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China = 42% of world population) are behind  closed doors preparing the dedollarization of the world’s reserve currency, the dollar. America’s friends don’t respect us, America’s enemies don’t fear us.
  5.  Please do not believe the red hot Stock Market.  Without getting into detail on phony  Federal Reserve Quantitative easing, So So important to know that the Interest spread  between high risk “junk” bonds and the low risk U.S. Treasury bills has converge to an all   time low.  This is RED RED flag, stock market capitulation is imminent .
  6. As per the website, Mr Obama tells all U.S. soldiers in the Middle  East to cease for thirty days all coffee, alcohol, smoking,and reading the Bible.  Also they   must kneel down and pray to Allah during this Holy month of Ramadan.  Unbelievable!!!
  7.  Marijuana is 100% legal in Washington, despite documented excessive crime in Colorado
  8. Oklahoma has 220 earthquakes YTD .  Why?? Because satan has infiltrated Oklahoma  City:  A 7 foot satanic statue called Baphomet will be installed on the Capitol grounds rightnext to a 6 foot statue of the Ten Commandments.  Statue will also be able to enable children to sit on his lap like Santa Claus.  Also, another satanic group is hosting a sataniccelebration mass in Sept. at the Civic Center ($15.00 per person–how horrific).
  9. The first Annual Gay Olympics to be held in Cleveland in August.
  10. Burger King showing approval of gays, introduces their “Proud whopper”.
  11. Episcopal, and in last week Presbyterian, Pentacostal Church Int’l , World Vision Charity, and the United Church of Christ have all now openly defy our Almighty God.  Praise the  Lord that HE is closing this world with this Unprecedented Blood Moon WINDOW.

Now that’s about enough stuff.  Let’s connect these highly flammable and pernicious dots above.  Very simple :  WE ARE THERE.  This Blood Moon WINDOW tells us so.  Remember there will be no more Biblical Blood Moons  for 600 years, (NASA), that means no signals from the Lord for that long.  Do we see that these Heavenly SIGNS are it?  May we Pray and Watch and choose wisely to be righteous with HIM.  May God Bless. (Rev. 3:3 and Luke 21:28).       I relay these articles to you because it is our duty to spread the Lord’s word and also Ezekial 33:3.