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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Aug. 30,2014

Again, May God Bless you for viewing this site in hopes you’ll be up to date on the last week’s Prophetic World Events. Oh, how they are converging with a vengeance all at once within our Lord’s Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW which is now 26% completed to Sept. 28, 2015.  And why not, our Magnificent Creator had pre-destined them (Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done…”).  And what better tool to convey them in this fashion than the current 4 Blood Moons each occurring on his Holy Days of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014-2015.  These Heavenly SIGNS friends are so REAL – just look at the world in a maze of chaos today.  And remember, these SIGNS in conjunction with the Lord’s Last Jubilee coming 9/23/2015 on this earth (this is #120 and multiply by 50 for length of each cycle = 6,000 years = Genesis 2:2 : “And he rested on the 7th day…”).

Please see Graph 8A, Lord’s Perfect Sign, in the 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moon category.  Very Very critical to see this graph.  Actually, I absolutely don’t know who, as God is my witness, but this Graph got right smack into World News Daily and is located right under picture of Billy Graham and his and John Hagee’s views of the end of days with these Blood Moons (please click on Facebook on this Home page and you’ll see it).  So grateful and thankful for that to be captured in the world’s largest newspaper.  Our Lord wants the world to know that He’s trying to grab our attention with these Blood Moons, and he means business, more than any of the 7 previous Biblical Blood Moons in World History.  With that, let’s go:

RUSSIA:  Are the Blood Moons shining ever so bright in Russia this week.  Pitbull Vladimir Putin has surely highlighted the word “DECEPTION” that is used 4 times in 335 words in Matthew 24: 4-24.  (Hmmm, 4 times, the word “deceive”, must be very important for the Lord to mention it so much).

1.  He meets with Ukraine President, shakes hands, on world stage, they discuss how to procure a more peaceful relationship.  2.  Well, Defacto Dictator Vladde surely does not disappoint, within 36 hours he forcefully invades Ukraine with 2 columns of Russian convoys, 1,000 soldiers, tanks, missiles, captures 2 strategic cities with access to world’s major  waterways. kills 12 Ukrainian soldiers.  That’s all in 1 day.  Well, what can one say. Game On.  3.  Ukrainian President says : “Russian boots are on the ground…Russian forces have invaded Ukraine “.  Friends, this  naked aggression is a full-scale invasion of epic proportions, considering Europe could be next, this invasion is sufficient enough to catapult the world into WW 111.  (Let’s watch and see what happens in NATO next week).

4.  For crying in a bucket, what does Mr. Obama say : “This is an incursion (no guts to call it an invasion)… Russia is responsible  for all the Ukrainian violence…this is unacceptable…We will mobilize the International Community but we won’t take any military action…”.  “Oh my” He uses the path of least resistance everywhere to get out of everything.  He’s totally checked out and even more delusional on Russia now than ever before.  His mind is living on a Utopian – like planet far far away.  I truly believe he doesn’t know how to begin to deal with the invasion, only finger pointing and only hoping for the propensity of this situation to spiral down and disappear.  5.  Not just him, German Angela Markel doing nothing more than exploring 3rd round of sanctions  (Angie, #1 and #2 both failed).  6.  U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Powers : “Russia has to stop lying and come forward”.  Well. Sammy, spot on, they’ve come forward – to Ukraine.  Friends, this is a most compelling response from world leaders in relation to Ezek. 38:13 :”…Art thou come to take a spoil…”.  WOW !! Isn’t our awesome Lord absolutely magnificent to show us this scripture from 2,700 years ago so alive today in this final generation, remember these Blood Moons tell us so that BIG BIG events will explode in this WINDOW.  Here we are.  (And what about Europe’s 33% dependence on Russia’s gas this winter, don’t disturb the big Russian bear I guess).  Also, watch out Russia’s encroachment of the 3 Baltic Countries and or Belarus to follow the swallow- up of Ukraine.

7.  Vladde appears to be the greatest candidate for being called Gog in world history, simply because we are running out of time, and just look at the characteristics of this man.

ISRAEL/GAZA:  Very short, very simple this week.  1.  Open ended cease fire begins, after 49 days of war.  Detailed talks begin in Sept. 2.  Both sides claim victory ( ostrich head in the sand Qudos for Hamas).  3.  Palestinian deaths = 2,151 and Israeli deaths = 70.  4.  All tunnels leading into Israel have been destroyed as well as 82% of Hamas’s 9,200 rockets (1,700 left).  5.  Anti-Semitism   keeps accelerating, no let up in sight, (in U.K., several thousand chant :”Hitler was Right”.  6.  With Hamas’s bloody tentacles now stripped to the core, could this be Zephaniah 2:4 “For Gaza shall be forsaken”.  We  must carefully watch the negotiations to see if the next chapter of Psalms 83 war begins.  7.  Snarky Iran is now sending covert suicide weapons to the West Bank Palestinians in hopes of instigating the 3rd Intifada  now that Gaza has been clipped.  8.  With all these ravenous radical Islamic wolves surrounding Israel, may we continue and please pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalms 122:6 )   God will surely favorably remember  you for this when you see Him in Heaven soon.  9.  I surely believe the future is becoming the present so fast that we are beginning to short circuit as never before.

ISIS:  As you know, there are no more adjectives that one can use to describe this demonic terrorist state.  And it IS a “state”  now as there are no more geographical borders between Iraq and Syria they’re erased, gone, poof, change the history books and maps.  With that said, much time will be saved if these guys will henceforward here to be called in one all inclusive blanket name, “the Genesis 16 Wildmen”.  I wanted to see where else I could find prophetic scripture regarding ISIS of today.  The Bible is thick, over 1,000 pages, a daunting task, you just don’t look up ISIS in the Concordance.  What I have to tell you is very true and astonishing of how our Almighty God works when we ask him for wisdom (Jeremiah 33:3 :”call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things…”).  This may have happened to you already.  Not knowing where in the world to look, I opened the Bible and KAPOW!!, there is was, in possibly the least read book of all the Bible’s Prophets.  I opened to Chapter 1 of Habakuk, which I rarely ever skim or read and with absolutely no color-highlighting of any of it’s scriptures in it’s 11/2 pages, the least of the least prophets.  Well guess what, I’ve green highlighted the daylights out of Habakuk 1:4-11.  It’s des jeaux vous all over again as I read of the Chaldean (Iraq and Syria) of verse 6.  And verse 8 says : “They are swifter than leopards and they are more fierce than the evening wolves… they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat.”  Now fast forward 2,700 years to Mr. Obama’s statement on ISIS being a Junior varsity team, well, the world sees that these Wildmen are a most verocious “super” varsity team today.  Thanks and Praise to the Lord for showing these scriptures today in our generation which has surely never ever been brought up in this correlation for discussion ever before.  Truly He does not disappoint.  (I’m not a pastor or a prophet just a simple Statistician examining Bible prophecy and how it correlates to the mess in the world today I tell you, the correlation is awesome and it sure feels comforting to know these Blood Moons are our benchmark.  It’s like the Lord is opening up eyes everywhere in the final days and when you get followers and believers of Jesus Christ speaking and agreeing on the same things all at the same time, WOW, we are truly on the Edge of Time (Joel 2:28-29 : ” …I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh ; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…in those days will I pour out my spirit”).

Do you not agree that Iraq-Syria are the most demonic places on the earth today for Satan to promote his thing with these Wildmen (who by the way, on CNN Aug. 29th, showed them giving multi colored popsicles to little children to get on their good side, Oh how devious Satan is)?  Just look at this:  1.  God created Adam in the Garden of Eden in Iraq in Genesis 2:8, the birth of sin.  2.  God created the Euphrates River in Iraq in Genesis 2:14, the most evil river in the world as we’ll see.  3.  The  Tower of Babel was built in Shinar also called Chaldea (remember ISIS above in Habakuk) in Genesis 11:2 just south of modern day suicide/terror infested Baghdad.  4.  The Babylonians (Iraq again) destroyed the first Jewish Temple and carried the Jews back to Babylon  in captivity for 70 years under the wicked King Nebuchadnezeer who put Daniel in the lions den and his 3 friends in the fiery furnace.  5.  Babylon is mentioned as a pit for sorceries and astrologers and star gazers in Isaiah 47:9-13.  6. Jeremiah spends 2 full chapters (50-51)  explaining how Babylon, 70 miles south of Baghdad, is a dwelling place for dragons and astonishment and hissing in 51:37.  7.  The 6th Angel of the 6th Trumpet in Rev. 9:14 “Loosen the 4 angels (demonic) from the Euphrates River to slay 1/3rd of all mankind.  WOW!!  there goes 2 billion people.  8.  The 6th angel of the 6th bowl in Rev. 16:12 had the Euphrates River dry up to pave the way for the 200 million army from the East ( China), for Armageddon. 9.   And there was the captain of Satan himself, called Saddam Hussein…  10.  And then 2 Iraq wars and now the Wildmen of ISIS on TV screens nightly, and you know that story.  Devilosity is alive and well today  in Iraq and Syria, where by the way 200,000 Syrians have been massacred in the last 3 years.  Surely the true home of the Bottomless Pit of Rev. 9:11 is the current home now of these Wildmen.  How fitting this is to be exploding before our very eyes at such speed in these Blood Moons.  What an awesome God.

Our magnificent Lord has perfectly timed and deliberately enabled Satan to install these Caliphate – driven Wildmen to shake up the world in such a lightening fashion.  The gates of Hell are now open.  As per Prime Minister Cameron of the U.K. says that they are an”extremely severe and imminent threat  to the U.K”. — that means day to day – WOW!! Yet, ambivalent Mr. Obama said one day before on Aug. 28th “Let’s not put the cart before the horse.  We don’t have a strategy yet”.  And just like last week’s beheading of an American by ISIS, he rushes off to a fundraiser in Rhode Island.  Oh my gosh, by gosh, for crying in a 2nd bucket what does it take for him to “GET IT”.  And to wear a beautifully tailored white/gold camel suit during his speech just when all the blood is shedding of innocent human lives from the Wildmen is just pitiful.  It’s like going to a funeral in cut offs and a tank top.  No remorse, no respect, no class, no nothing except his personal turtle paced agenda.  Yet his Press Secretary says that “The President is on course with ISIL”.  You betcha, the “GOLF” course.

In closing, from opposite ends, the 2 most powerful leaders in the world are all about their personal selves and egos. One is all talk and no action and the other is all action and no talk.  WATCH their every move in Sept., these Blood Moons are telling us so.  Also, please remember 1.  the 3rd consecutive Super Moon on Sept. 8th (+ or – one day) in the present Biblical Blood Moons is another Unprecedented event in the Lord’s Perfect Sign (see graph 8A).  2.  This Sept. 11, 12 days from now, something big may shake the world, only God knows.  3.  Look for the beginning of the capitulation of the U.S. stock market, as the trend is there with over kill.  4.  All in all, this Sept. will be white-hot for prophetic events in this Blood Moon WINDOW, specifically for Israel as the 2014 Fall Feasts of Holy Days of the Lord begin Sept. 23rd.

Friends, He’s truly coming back sooner than we may think.  May God Bless and forever Luke 21:28 as the SIGNS are everywhere.


Realignment due to computer glitch of last section titled AMERICA on post 1 hour ago

May you please read the previous post of 1 hour ago as this particular post, section titled AMERICA  is specifically the corrected realignment of the last section titled AMERICA in the previous post due to a computer glitch.

AMERICA:  You are surely aware of the implosion of America before our very eyes, specifically since Mr.Obama has taken over.  Targeting one specific statement that he made on June 11, 2014 is totally sufficient to consolidate America’s implosion.  Here it is:  “The world is less violent than it’s ever been.”  (“REALLY”, What about ISIS, Russia, Gaza, Syria, Libya, our own border and on, and on, and on).  He also said “It is healthier than it’s ever been” (Eboli has 1,175 deaths and no end is in sight).  Also said, “It is more tolerant than it’s ever been” (got that right but for exactly the wrong reason as this tolerance is necessary to accommodate the coming One World Gov’t).  I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that our Lord purposely planted Mr. Obama on the world stage specifically at this time as an omen within this Blood Moon WINDOW to facilitate the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I pray we can all see this vividly unfolding today.  How can we not be on the Edge of Time?  Surely, Isaiah 5:20: ” …good is evil and evil is good…” is prevalent everywhere.  If you want further proof, please Google :  world trade center tree has died.  It’s all about Jonathan Cahn’s 7th Harbinger in his book “The Harbinger” whereby judgement has come to America just as it did to Israel because they did not repent.  (The Tree of Hope, ie. the 7th Harbinger, planted next to the World Trade Center has “withered and died”).  Also, by reading Isaiah 9:10,11, Ezek. 17:10, Jeremiah 11:16, Isaiah 2:12-13, and Zachariah 11:2 you will never ever forget what you’ve read, ever, of where we are in America today under God.  Friends, WE ARE THERE, this Blood Moon WINDOW tells us so.

Blood Moon Window End Time Prophetic Events, Aug. 15, 2014

PIE_CHART_Countdown_24May God Bless you for viewing this site on the BIG EVENTS happening the past 10 days inside the prophetic Blood Moon WINDOW we are currently locked in by our Creator, (it is now 23% completed and will end Sept. 28th 2015 the Unprecedented 4th Blood Moon, a Super moon over the heart of Jerusalem, but for only the last hour).  What a phenomenon that will be.  (Please see Graph 8A,” Lord’s Perfect Sign” in the 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moon Category to fully understand how most important and perfectly arrayed these Heavenly SIGNS from our Lord are).  What a privileged generation we are to witness the power and glory of Almighty God, (and most assuredly, the final generation as Matthew 24:34 says).  So let’s go:

ISRAEL/GAZA:  1.  The current 5-day cease fire extension ends Aug. 18.  2. An  agreement is all but impossible as Hamas demands:  a) ALL land, air, and sea blockades to be lifted,  b)  ALL border crossings dismantled,  c)  Hamas keeps ALL their weapons,  d)  ALL Hamas prisoners released.  3.  This fanatical creed has launched 3,000 rockets, 3,500 are destroyed since July 8 and 2,500 remain.  Doing the math, they’ll exhaust their rocket supply by Sept. 1.  That is good, but THIS IS BAD:  200,000 rockets face Israel from Hezbollah, Syria, and Iraq (Psalms 83 War participants ) and Russia, Iran, and Turkey (the 3 main Gog War players in Ezek. 38).  At $62,000 per Iron Dome anti missile destroyer, the law of diminishing returns of Israel’s supply is most concerning especially when Israel’s border enemies will soon be in collusion for a multi-front missile attack is imminent (Psalms 83: 3,4)  that sounds like an OH-OH moment for any country’s survival.   Not to worry however, Almighty God will unleash Isaiah 54:17: (No weapon formed against thee shall prosper).   4.  Hamas allegedly shoots “indiscriminantly” into Israel.   Then why does Hamas pre-calculate  coordinates to hit Israeli targets and their rockets continually fail?  Hamas military has stated, I quote, “Their God is more powerful than our God”.  Another example, 10 days ago and incoming rocket into Tel Aviv was missed by not 1, not 2, but 3 consecutive Iron Dome anti missiles. The Israeli operators panicked, B-lined a call to Tel Aviv authorities to get people into shelters ASAP.  And just like that, an East wind carried the Hamas rocket into the Mediterranian Sea.  The operator stood up and shouted  “There is a God”.  5.  Bibi says: ” We go through extraordinary lengths to prevent death and they go through extraordinary lengths to assure death”.  Fact of the matter is, Hamas WANTS their civilians to die for media fodder for the world to sympathize.  6.  Mr. Obama gives a National TV talk on growing U.S. ties with Africa, and the media and world anxiously awaited to hear about ISIS, Russia, and the Gaza war.  Diddly, nothing, not one single word he said on Israel, not one only until the last reporter asked  question on Israel.  7.  Hamas kills 40 of its own tunnel diggers to hush them up from revealing secrets in the event Israel captures them.  What animals they are and a U.N. assistant Secretary General demands the U.S. to supply Hamas with their own Iron Dome!!!  8.  U. N. begins probe Aug 13 for war crimes against Israel and Bibi to present to the world court.  What hounds they are as God will judge them soon.  9.  Month of July  Mr. Obama halted all hell fire missile shipments that Israel desperately needed to destroy tunnels.  (How this man’s true colors show regarding Israel, it’s so prevalent, so many more deceptive moves, no time now to discuss).  10.  Anti-Semitism  is alive and well :  a)  Turkey President Edrogen ( turkey, you bet) says : “Israel will drown in the blood it is shedding…They kill women so they don’t have babies, they kill children so they don’t grow up”.  He also compares Bibi to Hitler.  This was said in front of 300,000 in Istanbul election win speech.  b)  Nearly 100,000 Jews in Germany, and they have ceased displaying their flags, stopped wearing Jewish jewelry and Star of David apparel out and about and have taken down their Mezuzas.  The Jewish council there gets over 200 phone calls daily asking if they (Jews) should start packing up their suitcases and leave Germany, fearing seeds of a 2nd Holocaust brewing.  11.  FYI, nothing happened on the 9th of AV,  I wondered why, and then it hit.  Could it possibly be that God has just “shifted” from Hosea 1:9 : “You are not my people and I will not be your God” to Hosea 1:10: “…yet it shall come to pass that where it was said unto them you are not my people, there it shall be said unto them,  Ye are the sons of the living God”.   Fact of the matter is, if that be so, can you only imagine the mighty paradigm shift on the earth that is at hand?  Please note that the centuries of “scattering and judgement” of the Jews ended in 1948 (5th Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad, by the way).  Their “gathering”  is now in full bloom (Ezekiel 36:24: “And Ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers and Ye shall be my people and I will be your God).  That means the Gentiles (that’d be us) are at the cusp of the culmination of Romans 11:25 : “…that blindness in part has happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in”.  Do you get it?  This is manifestly important.  WE ARE THERE, the last days are here, in our generation.  The sleeping giant at the center of the world (Jerusalem) has awakened under Almighty God’s full protection from here on.  It appears that Israel’s Iron Dome is being escalated to be called the DIVINE GOLD CHROME Iron Dome.  Just as Mark Biltz who discovered the Biblical Blood Moons in 2008, said that the current Blood Moons will turn the Jews from sorrow, sadness, and death into victory and joy, just as all the previous ones did in world history. (And this time most profoundly).  Just look around at this messy world today, it’s all chaos and it’s all happening under the umbrella of our Creator’s Heavenly SIGNS (Genesis 1:14) that are warning us of judgement for the rest of the world.  Note, there are 180 million Muslims whose borders physically touch the borders of Israel’s 6 million Jews.  Yet, please notice despite all this world’s chaos, specifically round about Israel, the Lord’s hand is protecting his chosen people against all odds (Psalms 33:12 : “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord: and the people whom HE hath chosen for HIS own inheritance”. )

ISIS:  What in the world can anyone say about this hedonistic and demonic DEATH CULT?  You’ve seen it all this week, 50,000 Yazidi Christians running for their lives up a mountain with nothing but the clothes on their back and accepting starvation rather than face being buried alive, beheaded, crucified up, crucified down, for not converting to ISIS or ISIL.   The   in ISIL stands for LEVANT, defined as the countries  of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel, which they perceive to be their Caliphate State.  These 2 legged animals are real BAD, yet Mr. Obama has called them a “Junior Varsity” terror group.  DING, wrong again Mr. Obama.  1.  These ravenous wolves that go to and fro with the speed of a leopard have displaced 1.8 million people, they have $2 billion in the bank, they’ve taken over 13 more cities this week, a 2nd dam (Haditha), 7 more oil fields, 2 refineries, and they even have help wanted ads in the newspapers looking for good qualified auto mechanics to work on their American military vehicles and tanks.  2.  Their Caliph,  Al Baghdadi who was jailed in 2004 and released in 2009 under Obama has said 3 chilling statements to America:  a) “I’ll see you in New York”  b)  “Soon the Islamic flag will fly over the White House”  c)  “President Obama, we are coming for you”  (I won’t say anything on this one).  3.  Charles Krauthamer, a most brilliant commentator, researched the barbarism of ISIS and found they are worst than the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge of the Cambodian Killing Fields. He equated their brutality to the epic era of Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan.  ISIS is a cancer that must be killed by the world militaries and it must be done yesterday.  Yet most world leaders, including our humanitary crisis uncaring golfer at Martha’s Vineyard have absolutely no strategic plan to do so.  Even Pope Francis has spoken to the world to support air strikes AND military intervention before it’s too late.  4.  This past Sunday I was wondering where to look for a prophecy on ISIS, and how it’d fit into the Blood Moon WINDOW.  For those of you who have prayed for wisdom  from the Lord to assist is finding certain scriptures, you may relate to this:   I opened the Bible, just like that, I was looking at Habakkuk chapter 1, KAPOW!! There it was, and I never ever color code or even read scriptures in Habakkuk.  Please read Hab. 1: 4-11, it is exactly spot on in our Lord’s reference to ISIS as “Chaldeans (modern Iraq) as a bitter and hasty people that is terrible and dreadful and swifter than the leopards and more fierce than the evening wolves…and come for violence and scoff at kings and heap dust on them and imputing his power unto his god (Caliphate).  This is des jeax vous all over again when judgement on Judah came and carried them back to Babylon.  Here we go again. What an awesome God to tell this.

AMERICA: Time?  Surely, Isaiah 5:20: “…good is evil and evil is good…”  is prevalent everywhere.  If you want further proof, all you have to do is Google: worl You are surely aware of the implosion of America before our very eyes, specifically since Mr. Obama has taken over.  Targeting 1 specific statement he made on June 11, 2014 is totally sufficient to consolidate why America is imploding:  “The world is less violent than it’s ever been, ( “REALLY”, ISIS, Russia, Gaza, Libya, Syria, and on and on and on).  It is healthier than it’s ever been (Eboli = 1,175 deaths and no end in sight).  It is more tolerant than it’s ever been (of course it is, but for exactly the wrong reason as this is to accommodate the coming 1 world gov’t).   I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that our Lord has purposefully planted Mr. Obama to be on the stage at this time within this Blood Moon WINDOW to facilitate the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I pray we can all see this unfolding today.  How can we not be at the Edge of d trade center tree has died.  It’s all about Jonathan Cahn’s 7th Harbinger in his book The Harbinger whereby judgement has come to America as it was on Israel because they did not repent.  (The Tree of Hope planted next to the World Trade Center has “withered and died”).  Also, by reading Isaiah9:10,11, Ezek. 17:10, Jeremiah 11:16, Isaiah 2:12-13, and Zach. 11:2, you will never ever forget what you read, ever.  Friends, WE ARE THERE, this Blood Moons WINDOW tells us so.          



Blood Moon WINDOW End Time Prophetic Events, Aug. 2, 2014

Countdown 22%

Thanks for clicking on.  Hope you had a chance to read why so many major prophetic events evolved  during the previous 7 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrads.  Additionally, please view graph 8A , our Lord’s Perfect Sign that is divinely perfect and symmetric for the current Blood Moons (see 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons category on the main web page.)  This graph verifies absolutely that HE is literally out to grab our attention as never before within this Blood Moon WINDOW we are locked in as it is now 22% completed ( 4th Blood Moon, a “Supermoon” ends Sept. 28th, 2015.  Note there are no more Biblical Blood Moons for 600 years (NASA) and therefore no Heavenly SIGNS  as per Genesis 1:14 from our Creator, so scary.  That is precisely why this tetrad is so profound and has been set up for such a climactic ending, that only our Almighty Creator knows.  The countdown is on, we are there, so lets go:  Just when we think this world’s in a pretty bad mess these last few months, well it just a got a whole lot worse this week.  And oh, how prophetic this puzzle is adding up.


1.  Hamas, whose charter says that it must annihilate the State of Israel, has declared the current war as the “War to end all Wars”.  Psalm 83:4:  “Come let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.

2.  They have broken 7 out of 7 Cease Fires ( 4 Humanitarian).  You’ve seen all the horrible carnage of loss of helpless innocent civilian life of Gaza people.

3.  They drag civilians by force, even the old and the young helpless children back into their homes to be used as sacrificial human shields just to pile up the death count to attract worldwide sympathy from the Int”l Community.  This demonic creed has perfected their propaganda with a total disregard for human life as if like stepping on an ant.  This is their game and they are quite happy about how it is currently playing out.

4.  Qatar is fully bankrolling these brutes with weapons help from Iran and other support from Turkey (latter 2 will regrettably for them see Israel again in the Ezekial 38 Gog and Megog War, just prior to the Great Tribulation.

5.  How about the anti-semitism  gaining momentum worldwide, it’s making Israel look like a pariah state:  a.)  over 100,000 Palestinians in West Bank are protesting daily, 6 deaths, and the chant is growing in calling for an uprising for a Holy war (ie. the 3rd Intifada).  b.)  Nearly all of Europe is displaying rhetoric not seen in generations:  1.) over 6,000 French Jews have left and are leaving France in 2014.  Never in the history of the State of Israel has there been as large a Jewish Community in the free world that has sent this large a proportion of Jews  back to Israel. 2.)  WOW, Brazil, Bolivia, Chili, Peru, and Ecuador have closed their embassies in Israel,  again another first. 3.)  3,000 protesters march in Times Square, New York shouting anti Jewish remarks.  4.) All over Wash. D.C. , thousands protesting starting at Lafayette Square, then 4 stops and finally the White House today, several speakers, several chanting Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is committing genocide.  5.)  Protesters vandalize and graffiti  a synagogue  in Miami,  6.) Students in Chicago show Jewish students pictures of ovens and tell them “Get in” (like Holocaust).  7.)  Outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta protesters mass after a bias report favoring Israel, and on, and on, and on.  Sounds like Zachariah 12:3: “…though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it”.

6.  And why not, for all these things to happen now in this WINDOW.  Such a good fit  for the Psalm 83 War to take place.  Please note no where in the Bible are there 2 chapters that are practically identical word for word as in Psalms 60:7-12 and Psalms 108: 8-13.  A Biblical Scholar / friend told me that the Lord did this to EMPHASISE the importance of the 2 chapters.  By the way, it’s all about the present war in Gaza and their Psalm 83 neighbors.


1.  Despite Mr. Obama’s leaked transcript of phone call to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu by demanding him “twice” to  immediately cease all hostilities. Bibi stands firm.  Bibi is backed by 95% of Israeli citizens to continue the war..  Bibi’s comments: a.) “Hamas wants to pile up civilian casualties in hopes of instigating an uprising ” b.)  “We will destroy the tunnels and de-militarize Gaza with or without a cease fire.” c.)  “We will continue and expand our operation until our goals are achieved to get a sustained quietness.”  d.)  “We will accept no more rocket fire and we will employ all our means no matter how long it takes.”  e.)  “We will continue to act full scale to severely harm these terrorists.”  f.) ” This war will get more protracted, we are only in the 1st phase of de-militarizing Gaza.”  g.)  “Cease fires don’t work because when Israel ceases Hamas fires.”  h.)  “You need a complete de-militarization or simply nothing will work, we’ll be right back at it.”  i.)  “Our only obligation is the security of the people of Israel.”  j.) “This mission will continue for a long time to come, there will be a new phase coming soon.”  k.)  “All options are on the table if Gaza needs to be conquered” (this was his answer to a reporters question on National TV shown through out the world).  l.)  Israeli Defense Minister says “A re-occupation of Gaza will take 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 years.” Surely the Lord has put this noble and wise man Netanyahu in his time table of these Blood Moons to fulfill the end time  Bible prophecy that is exploding before our very eyes.

3.  With that said, here’s what the U.N. (United Nothing) says:  a.)  Sec. General Ban Ki Moon says “We are now at the breaking point.”  b.)  Senator Lindsay Graham says “U.N. is most distant and anti-semetic they’ve ever been”.  c.)  Navi Pillay, under Sec. General, accuses Israel and Bibi of war crimes and wants Int’l criminal action to start.  She also chastized the U.S. for sending Israel $1.1 billion for more Iron Dome weaponry and she demands the U.S. send an Iron Dome Defense System to Gaza also.  Did you hear that??  That is absolutely insane.  This is 1 DUMB DODO request. Her statements were  said on Megan Kelly, Fox News, Aug. 1.

Comparable Statistics for Gaza wars:  

1.   Current Protective Edge Gaza War  has 1660 Palestinians and 64 Israelis that died, also in 26th day.

2.  1987-1991 = 1st Intifada Holy War = 1161 Palestinians and 61 Israelis

3.  2000-2006 = 2nd Intifada Holy War = 2900 Palestinians and 1050 Israelis

4.  Dec.2008-Jan.2009 = Pillar of Defense = 1166 Palestinians and 13 Israelis, lasted 22 days

5.  2012 = Operation Returning Echo = 571 Palestinians and 25 Israelis, lasted 5 days

6.  Total, total, Hamas has fired 16,800 rockets indescrimantly into Israel from 2005 to today (2950 current). Cry a green river this is absolutely outrageous.  Who on the planet could be so long suffering and bear this barrage this long?   Well guess what, Israel is God’s chosen people, they can.  Isaiah 54:17 (No weapon formed against thee shall prosper).

7.  Friends, our Almighty God says in Titus 1:2 :” …God cannot lie…” please read the following scriptures specifically pertaining Gaza’s fate in the latter days, that would be today : Zephaniah 2:4 “Gaza shall be forsaken”, Isaiah 11:14 “For they (Israel) shall fly upon the shoulders of the Phillistines (Gaza) toward the west and they shall spoil them on the east”, also Jeremiah 25:20,27 and 47:4,5, Ezekiel 25:15-17, Joel 3:4, and Amos 1:6-8.  WOW, if that isn’t spot on today, the Bible cannot be true.  What an amazing God we have to show us these Blood Moons.

Conclusion:  For Hamas, this reprehensible war is all about Political Gain.   For Israel, it’s about their very survival as a nation.


1.  China has now completed an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that can hit L.A. or New York.  On  July 25th, a river there turned blood red with no explanation (Rapture July 25th).  This is 4th river in 4 countries.

2.  Putin is skunking Obama 6-0 (Syria, Nuclear Iran talk delay, Crimea, plane shoot down, Eastern Ukraine proliferation, and Putin has violated 1987 Cruise Missile Treaty).  And all Obama does is say : Now stop that, (all talk and no action Jackson).

3.  U.S.:  Obama at a Ramadan dinner July 29th says “Muslims have built the very fabric of our nation”, (Rapture July 29th).  Catholic League demands Obama say something about Christians and Jewish beheadings in the Mid East. They ask : “Pres. Obama, do Christian/Jewish lives mean so little to you? Don’t they matter to you?


1.  Aug. 4th =Eve of 9th of Av ugliest day in Jewish history.  Also, Obama’s birthday–WOW!!

2.  July 28-Aug. 27 = Month of Av, ugliest month in Jewish history.

3.  Aug. 31 =  Dept. Homeland Security budget for border patrol runs dry

4.  Aug. 10th = Brightest of 3 consecutive rare Super full moons this year will be 18% larger, 39% brighter.

5.  August = Watch for Obama’s executive order hemorrhage on Immigration as Congress on vacation.

6.  August = Watch U.S.Stock Market contagion that may precipitate from weak Europe & Argentina default.

7.  August = Watch for pending uprooting and desolation of Ashdod & Askelon, 2 Jewish cities near Gaza border as said in Zephaniah 2:4. Can you only imagine Bible prophecy coming alive when this happens?  What a validation.

8.  August = Watch for marked increase in worldwide protests of Israel as rhetoric reaches a critical point.

9.  August = California drought is historic, relentless, unstoppable.

10.  Incurable Eboli  disease claims 729 lives, let’s watch this. (For 1st time, forever, it reaches West Hemisphere.

Friends, the confluence of all the above events occurring at once within this Blood Moon WINDOW is no coincidence.  They were preordained to happen since creation by our Creator (Isaiah 46:10 : “He declares the end from the beginning”).  He’s coming sooner than we may think.  May God Bless