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Blood Moons WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Sept. 13, 2014

PIE_CHART_Countdown_29As always, May God Bless you for viewing this past week’s prophetic events within our Lord’s Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW which is now 29% completed.  Can’t you just feel something supernatural is either taking or about to take place on this planet this month.  With all the Lord’s Fall Feasts beginning next week, the 7th year of the 7th, 7 year Shemitah cycle of the Lord begins in 10 days.  The simmering United Nations  (United Nothing) General Assembly to convene  in 12 days in New York with white-hot topics Israel and ISIS the top two issues on their agenda (Obama, will for the first time, be presiding over the UN Security Council, how timely this is).  The 2nd Blood Moon is in 31/2 weeks on Oct. 8th, and the Unprecedented 3rd consecutive Supermoon  just occurred within a Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad.  The 3rd appalling ISIS beheading for the world to see in 3 weeks, Ebola unstoppable, the most serious start ever of the Entero virus in the U.S.  WHOA!! What is going on?  Well, let’s just see how the Lord’s Perfect Sign, graph 8A in the category 20014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons plays out.


1.  We must remember the current set of Biblical Blood Moons, this the 8th, in world history, is all about Israel.  The previous 7 have all begun with scattering of the Jews, war, and persecution.  All 7 ended with victory and joy for Israel. And this will not be any different this time around.  God tells us so in Isaiah 46:17,21 :” Israel shall be saved in the Lord with an ever lasting salvation…who hath declared this from ancient times…there is no God else beside me.”

2.  Although the abrupt open cease fire with Hamas is eerily quiet the exact opposite will soon manifest into total chaos, this time including the 2 million Palestinians in the West Bank pending the UN decision on the 2-State Solution.

3.  P.M. Netanyahu’s approval of the recent Gaza War has plummeted from 81% to 39% since the cease fire.

4.  Exactly 100% of the Wants of Hamas regarding de-militarization, border crossings, imports/export freedom, prisoner releases, has been exactly 100% refused by Israel.  Negotiations, however, continue right up until the UN General Assembly meets.

5.  For the first time since April, Hamas leader Meschal and Palestinian President Abbas are on the same page for agreeing on delivering a Peace solution based on the 1967 borders, and taking East Jerusalem as there Capital.  The Palestinians during the summer have been and are in serious talks with the UN to make this a reality.  As I write this today, the UN has plans to “force” some type of a resolution for a 2-State Solution, based on the historical negotiated common denominators of the past 24 years.  Through the United Nations Security Council they will “impose” their plan on both Israel and the Palestinians.  WOW, this is very BIG. Friends, if this be so, can you only imagine what this implies prophetically and what wheels this will set in motion.  How the timeline will be more  clear for the Rapture, Psalms 83 War, Damascus War, Gog & Magog War, etc. to forcibly fall into place.  May we all get up to speed on these prophetic events which many of us have been “chicken scratching on the napkin” a certain part of our lives as to their timing and order.  Well, I tell you, for Jeremiah 30:7 (“Jacob’s trouble”), Zephaniah 1:15 (“that day is a day of wrath”), and Daniel 9:27 (“and he shall confirm the covenant for 1 week”), to commence in New York in 12 days…, OH MY.  WE MUST WATCH THIS, it’s everything!!!  And how about this for a clincher:  The “President” of the UN Security Council for the month of Sept. UN meeting will be the United States.  There’s more :  Usual protocal is for the “President country’s” UN speaker to present the agenda for his/her country.  In this case it would be Samantha Powers for the US.  However, this time she has been superceded by Mr. Obama who will take charge of making the declaration of intent for whatever major world issue “he” deems necessary.  Then the full UN Security Council can then pursue under his leadership the solution to the stated issue(s).  Friends, we must Watch everyday the last week in Sept. what Mr. Obama bring forward regarding the Nation of Israel and her borders.


1.  Presently in cease fire with Ukraine at this writing.  However, they’ve now amassed 20,000 troops along the border.

2.  Russia has cut off 100% of Poland’s natural gas and heating needs for the winter.

3.  Putin’s 3 biggest statements this past week:  a) “It’s best for nobody to mess with us”, b) “I can take Kiev in 2 weeks”, (Ukraine’s Capital), c)  After US and Europe implemented 3rd round of sanctions, tough ones this time on Russia’s banks and energy sectors, he says: “We will now decide what we are going to do”.

APOSTACY and OTHER: (You can Google any of the following “anti-christ-like” events of the past week.  No wonder He wrote 1 John 2:16: “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life…” ).

1.  On the Lord’s Prayer, as we all know it starts out Our “Father” who art in Heaven… Well, in Venezuela, it is now law as all citizens must begin reciting the Lord’s Prayer with Our “CHAVEZ” who art in Heaven…, surely to idolize Hugo Chavez, the recently deceased anti-Christian President, else face retribution.

2.  Although she’s a bright, beautiful, and charismatic, Victoria Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen, in front of over 20,000 church members in Texas, says : “I believe God exists to make us happy…worship is about fulfillment, rather than his Glory…do good for your own self and not for God”.  Is this blasphemous or what?

3.  Pope Francis, who I want to like for some of the work he’s done for the poor, says : “Christians who don’t feel that the Virgin Mary is His mother, is an orphan.”  Friends, Mary was a wonderful blessed woman but, was 100% human, sinful flesh like everyone else in the history of the world.  Jesus Christ was Pure, Holy, and Divine and only on earth was Mary his mother.

4.  This is extremely perplexing:  Why does Pope Francis and the Catholic church invoke lucifer in the beginning of their mass singing a love song to the devil: “Oh lucifer, who will never be defeated…Jesus Christ is the Son of lucifer”.  I was extremely reluctant to post this and I am very sorry to have offended anyone.  It is what it is, check for yourself.  Also, it is right to never capitalize the letter “l” for lucifer or the letter “s” for satan, why give him this.

5.  Pope Francis and ex President of Israel Simon Perez discuss the “United Nations of Religions” to become part of the world’s future.  The Pope told Perez that he will think about this most ominous event.

6.  California begins it’s 4th year of severe drought this month, no end in sight (Rev. 6:5, the black horse is coming).

7.  Ebola has over 2,400 deaths in a least 6 countries.  Doctor’s Without Borders say it is presently unstoppable for now as it is constantly mutating.  How we must watch this.

8.  May we watch the Fed. Meeting in the middle of next week as their decision on interest rates and the “D-word” (deflation) has received much chatter on the internet.  And the frothy trend of the stratospheric Stock Market is so so overdue to capitulate.


1.  Well, what does one say, in the middle of preparing this article what do I see on Fox news but the 3rd beheading of a foreign aid worker a Brit this time, by the savage wildmen of ISIS.  How despicable and appalling, words cannot describe.

2.  These wildmen (Genesis 16:12) now have 31,500 killers, they daily threaten America and Europe to unnerve us.  Praise The Lord, nothing happened on this 9/11.

3.  They are no longer a flashing red light, for a few weeks or a few months, as some terrorists are and then disappear.  ISIS’s threat must be a constant, steady bright red light hence forward in America.

4.  Never in your or my life has there ever been a self-proclaimed “CALIPH” for several centuries.  This Baghdadi guy has surely made a most prolific and bold statement that will be in our children’s history books soon.

5.  Speaking of being on the same wave length seems impossible in Washington these days. However, when Sec. of Defense Hagel and Generals Petraeous, McInearny, Dempsey, and many many more all say the same thing about  the ISIS  threat to America and that it will take several years to eradicate bears our utmost attention from here on out, more than Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, all the way back to WW2.  (Please remember ISIS came to the world stage just 2 weeks after the 1st Blood Moon of Passover this past April).


1.  He again calls Islamic radicals “isolated extremists”.  (How he truly loves to protect Islam).

2.  He says the Islamic State of ISIS is “not” Islamic

3.  He says the Islamic State is “not” a State.  (Kind of like the old 70’s song: “Dream, Dream, Dream”.)

4.  Remember when he talked on foreign policy earlier this summer and said : “Don’t do stupid stuff” and “Let’s get out of here “, referring  to Iraq and Afghanistan.

5.  Remember when he talked of this “JV team” that “We can shrink ISIL’s effectiveness to be a manageable problem.”

6.  Whenever he says “Let’s make this perfectly clear…”, well, we better run for the hills because here comes the LIES in bucketfuls for America.  Example : How can Mr. Obama possibly believe the Iraqi army which also fled for the hills and the splintered keystone cop like Syrian rebels, at least half of whom have to persevere in their continual fight against Assad and his Syrian army, in their wildest dreams take on these wildmen.

7.  He also said America is safer today for a second time this summer.  (What happy talk).

8.  He’s also called concerned, conservative American citizens like you and me “hillbillies” because of our elevated concern of ISIS on the homeland.

9.  Don’t forget Sec. Kerry who said that the war with ISIS is not a war but a counter-terrorist operation.  Who the heck cares about playing with language during a war.  A war is a war is a war.  Besides, his intellectual terminology sounds like a medical procedure.

10.  Kerry also said : “Genesis commands America to protect Muslims from Global Warming”.  You cannot make this stuff up.

11.  Friends we must remember it’s deeds and actions not words that produce results.  Words can be overwhelmed with narcissism and huberism.  They can be subject to deception (Matthew 24:4,5,11,24 mention the word deception in this one chapter).  Words can be poll driven and not mission driven.  They can be ambivalent.  They can be changed into “mulligans”, a do-over for a later date to save face, (remember the phrase “if you like your Dr. you can keep him”).  Do we know any of our current leaders who exemplify these shadowy characteristics? I do and you can too if you log on to: The Drudge Report finds something devilish in Obama’s appearance Wed. night, Sept. 10th speech.  FYI, Note the 2 black horns in the curtain backdrop of his speech on the podium.

In closing, please note the 6th Biblical Blood Moons in 1949 were all about Israel becoming a Nation for the first time in almost 2,000 years (Isaiah 66:8).  The 7th Biblical Blood Moons in 1967 were all about Jerusalem being re-captured by the Jewish Nation.  Our current 8th Biblical Blood Moons will be our Lord’s closing act of this terminal generation with Jerusalem being the center timepiece.  Can’t you feel the general feeling of pent-up anxiety, not of worry, but of unsettling excitement as the confluence of current world events are converging in such an accelerating fashion into something BIG that is about to happen that will literally shake and shock the planet.  I sure do and I say so because of the great confidence I have in the Lord’s Heavenly SIGNS that are occurring in the absolute sweet spot of our awesome Lord’s Holy Feasts.  Just like that, in 10 days on Sept. 23rd is the Feast of Trumpets and the beginning of the 7th year of the 7th cycle of Shemitah years as so eloquently portrayed in Jonathan Cahn’s latest book “Mystery of the Shemitah” released this past week.  The crucial UN meetings in 12 days on Sept. 25th. regarding Israel.  The 2nd Blood Moon on Oct. 8th on the Feast of Tabernacles.  May we Pray and Watch as these prophetic events unfold in this privileged generation for us to witness.  And may we be ready, be ready, be ready, as He’s coming back sooner than we may think.  May God Bless.