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Oct. 25, 2014 SPECIAL REPORT: Coincidence Shmoincidence This Is GOD Speaking

This is a Special Report strictly pertaining to additional Heavenly statistical verification of how intrinsically important Graph 8A Lord’s Perfect Sign is in how our Almighty Creator is speaking to us loud and clear during this current Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW we are in (BBMs).  These dates and symmetrical days are shockingly precise and accurate as only God can produce.  Please verify for yourselves via Google entering  NASA Eclipse dates, etc. as I did several times over.  Conclusion:  GOD is so awesome to show us these warnings of how close we are to judgement and the Edge of Time as we know it.

So Let’s go:

1.  First, more Heavenly SIGNS:

a.)  The last Lunar eclipse (ie Blood Moon) BEFORE the current BBMs was October 18, 2013, exactly 443 days PRIOR to the current “BBMs MIDPOINT, Jan. 5th, 2015″, (see Lord’s Perfect Sign graph).  Well, guess what, the first Lunar eclipse AFTER these BBMs is March 23, 2016 exactly 443 days AFTER that MIDPOINT.

b).  The last Solar eclipse which just happened a few days ago on Oct. 23,2014 is exactly 75 days PRIOR to the BBM MIDPOINT.  The first Solar eclipse AFTER the MIDPOINT will be on March 20, 2015, Nisan 1, the 1st day of the Religious Jewish New Year on the Jewish calendar again, exactly 75 days AFTER.  What an awesome God we have for Him to show us this infinitely, improbable Heavenly Sign in the BBMs.

c).  More, the previous Solar eclipse PRIOR to the one this past week was this past April 29th, 2014, which was exactly 252 days Prior to the MIDPOINT.  That was the EXACT day the 9 month Peace Process between Israel and the Palestinians fizzled which was deceptively brokered by our Administration (Genesis 12:3).  BOOM BOOM again, that Solar eclipse’s  counterpart (ie the 2nd one after the BBM MIDPOINT) also arrives exactly 252 days later on September 13, 2015, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets and the last day of the Shemitah year (Levit. 25: 1-4) YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. GOD IS SCREAMING, SCREAMING at us friends, like never before as none of the previous 7 BBM Tetrads (nor the next 1, in almost 600 years in the year  2582 A.D.) displays the Glory of God’s perfection in such “supernatural fashion”-and warning to us that He’s coming sooner than we may think.

d).   Did you know that the Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 in approximately 5 months occurs at 11:50 A.M. (10 minutes before “noon”) Jerusalem time. (NASA)  Why is this significant?  Well, just read Amos 8:9.  This is absolutely astonishing.  Again, another Heavenly SIGN from our Lord (Joel 2: 30,31).  And on and on and on.  How much more Heavenly SIGNS (Genesis 1:14) do we need until we “HEAR” Him as to why these BBMs are unique and are “HERE”.

e).  Much More:  Did you know the Human gestation period until the newborn baby comes out of the precious mother and into the world is 266 days.  Well, guess what, look at the LPS graph and note the number of exact days from the 1st BBM this past April 15th to the BBM MIDPOINT is also 266 days.  Exactly the same, 266 days, from the MIDPOINT to the day of the 4th and final BBM, the SuperMoon that shines directly over Jerusalem (and the only 1 of the 4 that does, and only for the last hour before sunrise).  Make of it what you will.  I so believe this is prophetic and someday soon we’ll all know for sure when we discuss it on a balcony in Heaven looking down as the 7 year Great Tribulation is unfolding on earth beneath us.

f).  And Much More:  I have absolutely nothing against any members of the Roman Catholic Church, (Doctrine yes, however), as I have many Catholic friends and I honestly want to believe that Pope Francis is righteous, BUT, FYI, and I report this only because I am a Statistician and that’s what a Statistician does is gather data and observes and quantifies numbers so people can assess them and formulate their own conclusions.  With that said, short and simple, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  We must closely “Watch” to see if he is either harmed, or whatever (???) to see if he is the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in the BBM WINDOW.  He may and he may not be, we WATCH  & PRAY.


2.  There’s more,more, and yet more.  But, for brevity sake, I mention only 2 Prophetic events:

a).  On Ebola, the Liberian from Africa, Mr. Duncan, came to America-Dallas, Texas- and became the first confirmed case of Ebola on American soil to die. He was diagnosed with Ebola  on Sept. 25th, the EXACT day of Rosh Hashana, the 1st day of the Shemitah year, the Feast of Trumpets.  He died on Oct. 8th, the exact day of the 2nd Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles.  Kapow, what kind of prophetic Harbinger is that for America!!!

b).  For the First time ever on the EXACT same day, Oct. 17th, last week, 2 major hurricanes closely “sandwiched” America from the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  (Hurricane Ana brushed Hawaii and Hurricane Gonzalo crushed Bermuda, respectively).  Although much property damage, no devastating loss of human life.  However, how can this also not be a Harbinger warning against America in these BBMs?  Specifically, since Sec. of State Kerry’s dastardly remarks in Cairo, Egypt the very next day on Oct. 18th, on the world stage, meeting on Gaza’s Reconstruction with many world leaders present, will for sure not be forgotten by our Lord.  Kerry explicitly bashed Israel for being the cause of the rise of ISIS and other global jihad.  How despicable.  Again Genesis 12:3 is loud and clear.  (I’ll expand on this in the next regular writing next week).

3.  Friends, all the above are pure, true, documented prophetic events (1 John 4:1).  You decide.  as a lover of our omnipotent and omnipresent Creator and as per Ezek. 33: 3 : “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people.”  Honestly, the “sword”, the “trumpet” and the “warn” words in this scripture are these Unprecedented 4 Blood Moons.  Look at the LPS graph!!! All the Heavenly SIGNS are perfectly synchronized about these Blood moons as none ever have shown from the previous 7 Biblical Tetrads or the one in 2582 (NASA).

4.  In conclusion, COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE on all the above.  This is all about the Glory of God, it’s His Story and our “History” to acknowledge that He’s speaking to us.

5.  I pray I can put all the above prolific and timely Heavenly SIGNS from our Lord in a simple graphical illustration in tandem with the LPS graph.  You just gotta tell your family and friends, especially one’s that are wavering and not ready yet to accept the Lord about this.  How can they possibly dispute this once they verify the dates by NASA no less?

6.  P.S.  Please Google bpearthwatch for a possibly unbelievable prophetic event that happened four days ago as the tail of a giant comet crashed into Mars, the red planet.  This deserves some good investigation for sure to follow up on as surely I will.

May God Bless Always,  Paul the Statistician







Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Oct. 15, 2014

Countdown 36%Thanks again for visiting the website.  Just as He always never fails, our Creator showed His power and great glory this past week on Oct. 8th (Tabernacles) and verified by NASA as he unveiled his 2nd of 4 prophetic Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) in the wee hours of the morning.  Hope you saw it.  If you didn’t, like me where the cloud cover off and on prevented full continuous viewing, you and I both know that this precious Heavenly SIGN was fully observed in our hearts and minds as to what it implies prophetically that He is SAD & DISAPPOINTED that this reeling world has failed Him and that His judgement (just as it was with Israel, the time clock of the world) is now upon the Gentiles, exactly as Ezek. 7: 3-9 : “Now is the end come upon thee and I will send my anger upon thee and judge thee according to thy ways…Now I will shortly pour out my fury upon thee…neither will I have pity…”.  WOW!!! well here we are, we can’t hide anywhere as He has us locked in His BBM WINDOW which is now 34.5% completed to next Sept. 28th when the climatic 4th SUPER MOON BLOOD MOON hits.  It’s like reading this scripture of 2800 years ago in this morning’s newspaper.  Friends, I keep saying : “WE ARE THERE” on the “Edge of Time”.  So let’s just GO and look at the last 12 days of prophetic events BBM #2 spawned.

EBOLA:  Very sad to report on what an ugly, suffering way to die, but incumbent to do so.  4,661 dead, Oct. 15th and now death rate = 70%, only 53% in August.  CDC says if not stopped NOW, as in N-O-W, it will become airborne.  Remember, EBOLA went viral this spring on world news media.   How dare we say this was just a COINCIDENCE in timing with the 1st BBM in April.  We must begin to start to just hate that word anymore as a catch-all excuse word by most everybody when it is compared to the BBMs.  Our magnificent Creator took His time to “timely” link all this stuff messing up the world today.  Oh, how He is speaking to us loud & clear to Grab our Attention that we’ve failed Him in what we do daily without Him  God just doesn’t do COINCIDENCES:  Isaiah 46: 10 : “My counsel shall stand…”.  CDC says there will be 1,500,000 by February.  Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Ivory Coast also have confirmed cases now, Ivory Coast, one of the world’s top chocolate producers, has closed all its borders and is ramping down its production of what we love : M&Ms, Snickers, and Butterfingers.  Worse, “manifested” airlines are petrified economically, airline stocks of all are down greater than 20%.  Dallas is a city on edge with 2 nurses now confirmed with it.  If this spreads catastrophic financial destruction is on the war path, nobody anywhere has reputable devastation estimates, it could shut down the world. Remember the Pale Horse in Rev. 6:8 linkage to Genesis 1:14 of “…let them be for SIGNS and for SEASONS.  (Please, please catch this sight next week, you will absolutely be shocked on the statistics I’ve found on Ebola that are spot on with Graph 8A, THE LORD’S PERFECT SIGN.  I’m still shaking, but too much stuff to write here & I don’t want you to leave me).

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH:  The Roman Catholic Church and Pope Francis now more open to gays, lesbians, and transexuals than ever.  Reason: ” We are in the 21st Century, world morals have changed”….much more.  Point is, they’ve sinned a greater sin:  Rev. 22:18,19 says “Anyone who adds or takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…”.  Say no more, this is what it is.

WALL STREET:  What an awesome God we have.  Isaiah 44:6 : “…Besides me there is no other God…”  In Levit. 25: 1-4 and precisely duplicated in Jonathan Cahn’s book “Mystery of the Shemitah”, ALL FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS WILL BE WIPED CLEAN on Elul 29, of next year’s Feast of Trumpets.  (Please view next week for absolute shocker #2 to add to the Lord’s Perfect Sign graph).  Friends, oil is low, Germany is weak, China is weak, and the phony dollar is king.  As I write this, I’ve had to change today’s market losses 6 different times so that I could calculate the volatile point drop and % drop.  Since the Shemitah year started, Sept. 24th, the market opening of 17,280 on Sept. 22, the sky dive has lost 1138 points for a 6.6% loss, yes, that’s the good old 6.6 # again.  You can do the math yourself, close today = 16,142.  This Shemitah is going to be so so extremely powerful against the financial markets because as bad as the 2001 crash was, still, $ billions of phony Fed money debt spilled over into the 2008 financial crash, And not only for 2001, the spillover of debt in 2008 merged with that of 2001.  Hope you’re with me, now the 2015 spillover debt which will be the greatest in world’s history in the past 7 years (the final Shemitah year included) will be added to the 2001 and 2008 debt spillover…!!! Well, can you see the writing on the wall? (Daniel 5:5 ), It’s Katie bar the door in the biggest way.  
AMERICA:  1.  Homeland Security says Chinese & Russian cyber hackers will trigger major world banking crisis by making a large bank “disappear”  (kind of like Malaysian Fight 370 maybe).
2.  Susan Rice lies (ala Benghazi) as she says Turkey will allow us to use their air bases against ISIS.  That same day, Turkey denies that claim totally.  (What’s with her or her Imperial boss?)
3.  I’m a Statistician, but if you flunked Algebra, you can do the math on US airstrikes on ISIS to see how faint & pinpricking they are :  In Kosovo, US had 10,500 airstrikes in 1st month.  In Iraq, US had 17,000 airstrikes in 3 days.  With ISIS Obama has his generals strike 456 times in 2 months.
4.  So far, as per Rep. Duncan Hunter,Cal., 10 ISIS apprehended at the Texas border.
5.  US Supreme Court rejects appeal by 1 man 1 wife marriage lawyers thus effectively opening the Sodom & Gomorrah  flood gates to provide a clear path for all 50 states; we all knew it was coming, just look at the satanic trend since Massachusetts in 2002.  And on same day, Oct. 6th Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Utah and Virginia all went gay on marriage.  And Nevada followed suit, 24 hours later on the day prior to the 2nd BBM.  
Friends, can’t you just see it as satan knows his time is short and he’s looking around to see who he can chew up ( 1 Peter 5:8).  He surely knows what this Blood Moon is for and who sent it.  Can you see that this is why he’s ramping up everything that his deceptive mind is telling him to get all of us that waiver or refuse Jesus Christ.  And by the way,  big tough bearlike Alaska cracked and turned gay also on Monday.  It’s so so clear.  Let’s remember Sodom & Gomorrah in Genesis 19:24, they went POOF, real quick because they were gays and lesbians.  Well, here we are again recreating our bodies to our liking, different from that of what our Creator created for us.  You betcha, these BBMs tell us much that God is looking at us and shedding a tear out of His Heavenly window on where we are today.
6.  A new National ad by Target shows 2 lesbians preparing their new baby’s room for it’s arrival with so many pretty colors.
7.  Since Obama’s hot shot National TV speech (remember all his talks are full of deception as per Matthew 24) only days before he went to the UN (United Nothing) he attempted to convey to the American public his strategy plan he was politically forced to produce ( and only because of ISIS beheading of Americans).  He bragged his coalition of 50 plus countries was growing strong and more powerful and that the Iraqi “run for the hills” soldiers and the Syrian “we gotta fight Assad first” rebels were sufficient to supply the Boots on the Ground for ISIS to be degraded and then destroyed.  Today not only do all 50 nations not have boots on the ground, notta, zero, and not even 1 soldier from Turkey where big city Kobani is smack on their border but only the US is carrying “small like a peanut” daily faint, pinprick airstrike of 5 or 6 a day hitting a truck here, a tank there, or a humvee hidden behind a tree, then they go home.
Only the Kurds in Kobani are fighting ISIS for their own survival not to be eliminated from the human race.  Our leaderless leader of the world is so successfully failing as he puts his tail between his legs and runs calling these lofty 1-sided failures  “setbacks”.  No wonder America is imploding and in a state of “MUCK”.  What’s the use??  We must acknowledge our Lord has him there to lead America to doom for a reason as you’ll see in the Israel segment on what he said at the UN meetings in New York and why the BBMs are timed perfectly to appear now.
CHINA:  1.  China becomes world’s largest economy over taking the US on Oct. 9th (International Monetary Fund) just 24 hours after the BBM hits America warning of coming judgement.
2.  HongKong has approx. 100,000 protestors against China rule for 8 consecutive days.  This will NOT go away as the HongKong people have waited 25 years to get this courage.
RUSSIA:  Ukraine fighting still continuing, over 3,100 have died in 2014.  Russia deploying hundreds of tactical nuclear arms in Crimea and along Ukraine border just as Obama & NATO  are discussing how much they can REDUCE of theirs.  (Remember Isaiah 5:5 : “good is evil, evil is good dark is light, light is dark…”.  I say spot on almost 3,000 years later today).
INDIA:  India and Pakistan are on the verge of war with each other as India puts it’s Naval Fleet on “High Alert” following Pakistan’s Naval ship attack on India.  (These “rumors of wars” as per Matthew 24:7 are a BIG deal as these 2 nuclear behemoths are 1.4 billion of the world’s  7 billion people, that’s 20% and that’s BIG.
ISIS:  You know much on them.  Caliphate is growing, they are the modern wildmen of Genesis 16:12 and fully explained to a gnat’s eye in Habbakuk 1:5-12.  They also celebrated their youngest Islamic martyr this week, a 10 year old boy, not even old enough for Little League or Small Fry Football.  They call him “Baghdadi’s Puppy”.
FINALLY, ISRAEL:  Yes Israel, God’s prophetic time clock, as Israel goes (as is treated in Genesis 12:3), so goes the world.  The BBMs here today are primarily and firsthand foremost here to warn us ALL of the messy carnage and ensuing judgement, coming in “phases” beginning to envelop our world.  Israel will suffer also, but only initially, as they did in all 7 previous BBMs.  She will end up with victory and joy after the 4th one, the SUPER MOON BLOOD MOON on Sept. 28, 2015 when the WINDOW closes.  God does not disappoint.  Just look at how our “leaderless leader” and the world have treated and “biffed” Israel during and after the UN (United Nothing) meeting 2 weeks ago.  
1.  Approx. 70% fo UN delegates were willfully absent from the General Assembly room when Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke.  Only applause he received,(as per FOX & CNN) were from pro-Israeli advocates sitting in the upper balcony.  What a shame.  (Bibi talked mostly of Iranian nukes more than Gaza or ISIS).
2.  Obama met with Bibi privately, both scorned each other : Obama criticized Bibi on his intent to build 2,610 homes INSIDE JEWISH “RESIDENTIAL AREAS” that are INSIDE JEWISH PART OF JERUSALEM KNOWING FULL WELL THAT IF HE- IN HIS DECEPTIVE WAY- WORDS IT CORRECTLY,  the “cloudy-eyed” world would instantly focus on key words “settlement occupations on more Palestinians homelands”.  Friends, we must never trust Obama (the word Deception, 4 times said by Christ in Matthew 24).  He is the most eloquently deceptive speaking leader on the planet superbly fashioned by satan who knows he has but a short time to screw up the world and yes, surely he knows fully this BBM story.
3.  As usual, word leaked out,  all 27 nation EU members chastised Israel for their development plans, most assuredly as per Obama’s intent. 
4.  Going further, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia now recognize Palestinian State.  So sad, illicit data rich and knowledge poor.
5.  There’s more, then the prelates (leaders) of the Arab Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Lutheran churches in the EU call for Jerusalem to be the Capital of Palestine.  This insanity is what Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:9 :”…and ye shall be hated by all nations…”.  Friends, the Palestinians knew this was coming when President Abbas met with France’s Hollande for 2 weeks in Paris in Sept. to produce their plan to the 15 member UN Security Council where Obama was it’s President for the month of September and to be presented by Jordan.  The decision will come in November, they say.  It’s main features are the 1967 borders, fixing the Palestinian refugee problem, East Jerusalem going to Palestinians (how sick to write this one) and for all Israeli troops to be totally gone by Nov. 2016.  Here we go again, 1 caveat, this time this stuff is going on inside the BBM WINDOW.
6.  Other statements : Press Sec. “puppet” Josh Earnest said, “These settlement developments will only draw international condemnation from the international community and distance Israel from even it’s closest allies and poison the atmosphere in the Arab world” He’s referring to US of course in the White House’s polluted and contrived talking points  
7.  State Dept. “puppet” spokeswomen Jan Psaki: ” This development calls into question Israeli’s commitment to a peaceful settlement with Palestinians .”  For crying into a green river, again, how wonderfully satan has prophetically stirred up “MUCK”  to isolate Israel from so many angles.
8.  In conclusion, friends, believing what comes out of Obama’s mouth is like pretending that you can nail a serving of Jello onto the wall with a hammer.  It just won’t stick, unless we be blind.  Precisely why these Heavenly SIGNS are here in such a timely fashion.  WE ARE THERE in the Edge of Time, God is telling us so.  Praise the Lord we are that pivotal generation to witness these prophetic Heavenly SIGNS and worldly events, linked together in perfect harmony.  They are inseparable and here to stay and nobody can pluck out these SIGNS out of His Hand.  This is  similar to John 10:29 with us and Jesus.  
May we PRAY and WATCH to be counted worthy to confess and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ when He comes sooner than we may think.  (Luke 21:36)  May God Bless you and forever Luke 21:28 : ” And when these things BEGIN…”.
Please please view next week where I’ll provide more prophetic statistics weekly on how profound they tie in with Graph 8A, the Lord’s Perfect Sign.  You just gotta see these numerical revelations within these BBMs, and tell your people.  It’s all from God.  They will absolutely shock you after you’ve verified them ( 1 John 4:1).  These statistical revelations will take you only 1 or 2 minutes to read, unlike the above every other week posts. 

Prophetic Biblical Blood Moon #2 Appears Tonight


Please, if you can WAKE  UP TONIGHT!!!  God will be speaking about a BIG TIME warning to the world tonight by way of His 2nd prophetic Biblical Blood Moon (BBM) Total Lunar Eclipse.  It will start to turn yellow to orange at 1:17 A.M. Pacific Time and reach it’s maximum deep blood red color at 3:55 A.M. Pacific Time.

This will be #2 of 4 consecutive BBM’s that fall Exactly on His Holy Days.  Tonight’s will be His Holy Day of Tabernacles where we are to get down on our knees and thank our Awesome Lord for giving us life and thank Him for blessing us for everything we have.  May we Glorify Him for WHO HE IS as there is none like Him.  Isaiah 40:18 :”To whom then will ye liken God?  Or what likeness will ye compare unto Him?”

Tonight’s BBM is no Coincidence that it falls on this special Holy Day of the Lord as the other 3 also do.  God does not do Coincidences as tonight’s Blood Moon is exclusively a warning to the world of coming judgement from His prophetic plan that we are on the Edge of Time.  Please never forget Luke 21:28 : “and when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up and lift up your head for your redemption draweth  nigh.” Friends we are there May God Bless.

Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, Sept. 30, 2014

Thanks again for viewing the latest coverage on the Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) which is now 32% completed in our Lord’s prophetic plan of fulfillment for the warnings of judgement that these Heavenly SIGNS imply.  Look at the news in the messy world today.  The time clock is so close to midnight.


Just like that, the 2nd BBM is upon us.  It will appear in the early early morning of Wed. Oct. 8th.  Specifically, (all times “Pacific” Standard Time):  1.  At 1:17 a.m., Oct. 8th, the BEGINNING of the total Lunar Eclipse (BM) will start with a yellow to orange color.  2.  At 3:27 a.m., the BEGINNING of the BM will continue changing (orange to red)  3.  At 3:55 a.m.. the moon will reach it’s “MAXIMUM” deep red-blood color.  4.  Then it recedes accordingly in a synchronized fashion the next 21/2 hours.   Please note that although America’s East Coast residents will see most of the earlier phases of this 2nd Blood Moon (maximum “Blood Red” by 6:55 a.m. may be daylight “Eastern” Standard Time), the nation of Israel will not see it at all. as they did not see the 1st one at all.  Nor will they see the 3rd one at all next April 4th (Passover). However, as you’ll see below regarding the 4th one, the Lord’s glory will show with great power over Jerusalem on Sept. 28, 2015 (Tabernacles).  What an amazing God on how he “times” his Heavenly SIGNS to Climax at the very end.

Although this present BBM Tetrad we are in is not only astonishing and phenomenal, but is absolutely Unprecedented in human history (NASA).  Yet the list of the world’s disbelievers is quite impressive unfortunately.  Just look at these daunting cosmic celestial events that have recently appeared, are appearing. and will shortly appear around our Creator’s main character, the 2014-15 BBM Tetrad, only the 8th in the history of the world (NASA).  And no more for almost 600 years in the year 2581-2.  As you read these Heavenly SIGNS, so important to keep in mind that HE is literally screaming at us, most most probably for the LAST TIME that judgement is rearing it’s ugly head and it’s ugly tentacles for most most probably the last time on earth as we know it.  Bold statement you ask?  Dear friends, how bold is THIS plethora of cosmic events:  1.  All 4 BBMs fall on 2 of the Lord’s most special Holy Days of Passover and Tabernacles in 2 consecutive years.  2.  The first and fourth BMs are exactly to the day equidistant  from the Tetrad “midpoint” of the 4 BMs which is on Jan. 5, 2015.  (266 days each way as seen on Graph 8A, LORD’S PERFECT SIGN (LPS) near bottom of 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moon Category on the web home page).  3.   Double-Ditto respectively for BMs #2 and #3 (90 days each way from midpoint). *See LPS graph   4.   The array of 4 consecutive partial Solar Eclipses (in 2011) BEFORE the 4 BMs are exactly synchronized to the exact number of days to the Tetrad midpoint as are their complementary 4 consecutive partial Solar Eclipses (in 2018) AFTER the Tetrad midpoint.  This has never ever happened in any of the previous 7 BBMs. (See LPS graph).  5.  Exact same results when comparing the 3 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses in 2010-11 BEFORE the Tetrad midpoint to the 3 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses in 2018-19 AFTER the midpoint.  Yes, exactly to the day as never before again. (SeeLPS graph).   6.  The 13th and final Star of David Planetary Alignment where planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are perfectly aligned directly behind the moon, occurred last year on July 22, 2013.  High point here, this will never happen again (NASA). This photo (a bit under the LPS graph is spot on with Psalms 89:35-37 and Revelation 22:16.  It actually looks like a cross thru the heart of the moon.  Yeah, kind of like the Star of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago.  Oh Boy!!   7.  This duration of the 13 Stars of David cycle – last one remember -commenced on Aug. 8, 1990 and ended on July 22, 2013, for a total of 8,383 days.  Why is the 8,383 days significant?  Hint, read Psalms “83” that reads of the final conflict between Israel and her border neighbors.  Just like today with ISIS, Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia just waiting for the right moment to pounce on Israel.  Well the timing of the BBM warnings couldn’t be more paramount.  8.  No Hybrid Solar Eclipse (ragged, rugged looking eclipse) has EVER occurred so close to the beginning of any of the world’s 7 previous BBMs as this one did on Nov. 3, 2013, WHEW!!  9.  There has never ever been 3 consecutive Total Solar Eclipses on the 1st of AV preceding a BBM Tetrad as occurred on Aug. 1, 2008, July 28, 2009 and July 11, 2010. (Month of AV has been the most destructive month of the Jewish calendar for the Nation of Israel where both First and Second Temples were totally destroyed, so much more in future writings).  10.  Yes, if that’s not sufficient proof of how Almighty our God is, there’s more.  This past Nov. 28, 2013, both Hannakah and Thanksgiving were celebrated on the exact same day.  NASA says this will never happen again for another 79,000 years.  (That takes care of that).  Also, on that same day, you may recall the comet ISON, the largest comet ever discovered by the Hubbell telescope, circled the sun and shortly thereafter exploded into dust.  11.  Two significant cosmic events happened in Feb. 15, 2013:  a.)  The first asteroid ever recorded in world history flew by between the earth and the moon.  And NASA said it just came out of nowhere, they were so shocked.  b.)  The first meteor ever recorded to physically injure people (1,200 Russians) landed just outside Chernobyl, yes Chernobyl, home of the worst nuclear disaster ever.  Could  maybe this thing be a coincidence?  No again, God does not do coincidences. but He will do a “Super Chernobyl” soon in Zachariah 14:12.  Just think, that meteor, surely a Heavenly SIGN could have landed in a million and three places, but our Creator chose Chernobyl, and if we are wise, we surely do know why.  12.  And much more, on March 20, 2015, eve of the Jewish New Year, Nisan 1, a Total Solar Eclipse will appear, again, a first ever occurrence of this holiday inside a BBM WINDOW.  13.  On Sept. 13, 2015, on the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) will appear a Partial Lunar Eclipse.  Yep, you guessed it, another 1st in a BBM WINDOW.  14.  On March 9, 2016, there will again appear another Total Solar Eclipse.  15.  And not to forget the first ever of 3 consecutive supermoons which averaged 20% larger and 44% brighter happened this summer on July 12, August 10, & Sept. 9, 2014.  (One truly wonders how much more vindication is needed to open this world’s apostate eyes to seek Him).   16.  And now, the Grand Daddy of them all, the coming 4th BBM on Sept. 28, 2015 will appear directly as a bulls eye over the “heart” of Jerusalem, but ONLY for the last hour before sunrise (NASA).  How prophetic is that??  Zero for the first 3 appearances and then KAPOW!!! He shows this magnificent SIGN at the very very end.  Does this not mean something BIG for His “chosen people” (Jeremiah 31:1), Even the CLIMAX has a CLIMAX , just 12 months from now.  Can you only imagine the scintilating, goose-bump feeling of being there that night on the Feast of Tabernacles Yom Kippur where in Leviticus 23:34-36, where the Lord’s people gather in individual tents to celebrate the rejoicing and coming of God’s Presence.  To see this beautiful sight,…well, what else can one say or think about this divine prophecy.  Could this be the night of Romans 11:25 where the fullness of the Gentiles comes in and Israel’s eyes say Yes to Jesus, as THEIR Messiah, finally.

17.  To cap all these Heavenly SIGNS off, to garner our Lord’s attention to believe in Him, how better to do it with the Beginning of the 7th Shemitah year and this one being the 7th year of a 7 year cycle, on the Feast of Trumpets Sept. 13, 2015.  (FYI, to the day of the Jewish calendar, 7 years ago the Stock Market dropped 777  points of the last day of the 7th year Shemitah in 2008, that being Elul 29th.  Likewise, on Elul 29th, 2001 on that same last day of that Shemitah year, the Market dropped 7.0% right after 9/11. Sevens everywhere, the Lord is talking boldly.

18.  Now, to cap the cap, so to speak, Sept. 23, 2015, on the Lord’s special Holy Day of At0nement, Yom Kippur, will begin the first day of the next 50 year Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10-14) which will also be the 120th Jubilee as per Genesis: 5:3 where the Lord says that “Man’s days shall be 120 years”.  This scripture deserves some astute scrutiny because if it is interpreted as 120 Jubilees, then 120 X 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years.  Hmmmm,  how prophetic is That with Genesis 2:2 where God “rested” on the 7th day, (that is starting at 6,000 years as a day is a 1,000 years in the Bible and we’ll hit it next Sept. 23rd.  Could you see how close we are to the Edge of Time?

I will say this, I’ve been a Statistician for 41 years but because of Acts 1:7 where our Lord said “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons”, I am afraid to ever date set.  With that said, He clearly enables us who seek Him to discern the SIGNS which are popping everywhere in front of our eyeballs today, Sept. 30, 2014.  So it is wise to believe that something BIG will happen on that special Holy Day next Sept. 28, 2015.  When the BBM WINDOW curtain closes for the last time.  And then, ………only God knows why so much stuff is packaged in on this day.

In conclusion, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Our Creator has orchestrated such a masterpiece in such an orderly and Heavenly fashion with these BBMs to open our eyes to Him and for Him to obtain ever lasting Salvation with Him.  I swear, one has to be willingly and personally self blinded by satan (no capital “S”), to not acknowledge all these SIGNS as spoken in Joel 2:30,31 and about 3 dozen other Heavenly SIGN scriptures.  Just look at the bobbleheads popping up out of the water today like ISIS, (Habakuk 1: 6-11), Russian aggression (Ezek 38 & 39), America receding and it’s deceptive leadership has come undone, (Matthew 24:11), Ebola virus hit Dallas, Texas, today (Matthew 24:7), so many albeit minor earthquakes and volcanoes erupting at a never seen before higher frequency and how about latest volcano 3 days ago that killed 50 in Japan.  And first and foremost, as Obama said at the United Nothing (UN) that Israel/Palestinian “present situation is unsustainable”.  As of this writing we don’t know what is presently being discussed under the radar behind the UN Security Council walls under it’s deceptive president of the UNSC for Sept. Mr. Obama.  Surely we’ll see soon as the recent Gaza war just doesn’t vaporize into thin air on negotiations/repercussions after 2150 Palestinians and 72 Israelis died.

May we PRAY and WATCH, as we are 12 months from being “there”, where ever “there” is from our Lord.  Never forget Luke 21:28 : ” When these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up lift up your head, your redemption draweth nigh”.  May God Bless.