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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, November 20, 2014

Thanks again for visiting.  Exactly , exactly as we discussed last time, this MESSY MUCKED UP WORLD is catapulting to a place far far from our Creator, God Almighty.  Just wait for all the shock we will WATCH between now and Christmas from Obama to a Holy War Intifada in Israel.  It’s all coming at breakneck speed during this Biblical Blood Moon (BBM) WINDOW which is now 41% completed to Sept. 28, 2015.  PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP!!! This very instant as you read here please acknowledge Genesis 1:14 that these BBMs are “SIGNS”, they are Heavenly warnings from our omnipotent Lord in Heaven.  A warning is a warning is a warning, although ominous, how simple that word is.  He’s screaming at us to wake up to follow Him and break our “Real World addiction” of “As in the days of Noah” where they couldn’t break that addiction, and then it began to rain and rain and rain.  If you haven’t seen Graph 8A,  LORD’S PERFECT SIGN, one must, He’s never shown this set of perfect symmetrical and to the exact day such a Heavenly array of SIGNS surrounding His Holy Days in the History of this World.  This graph is now worldwide (220 Google sites).  Please tell your family and friends.  Folks, We Are There, on the Edge of Time.  You who read this know precisely.  Just read the following article and dare anybody to dispute these World Events are “Just a COINCIDENCE” and all will be fine and dandy soon.  NO, NO, it won’t this Time.  This set of BBMs tells us so. .  Let’s Go.


ISRAEL:  1.  There have now been 7 savage brutal attacks of Jewish people in the East Jerusalem area in the last 30 days beginning with a Palestinian car Intifada murder of a 3 month old baby to the Nov. 18th meat cleaver and butcher knife attacks in a synagogue in Jerusalem in broad daylight by 2 Palestinian “butchers” that murdered 5 people, (3 were Rabbis), injured 8.  This latest murdering appears to offer not even a slight glimmer of hope in the near future as the trend horrifically is worsening.  Only blood, sweat, tears and war are now hovering.

2.   Israel shops and Israeli Defense Force storage facilities are all sold out of their inventories of guns and knives that Israeli citizens are stocking up on.

3.    Last week, European media daily covered the urging of the EU Foreign Policy Chief Mogherini for a 2-state capital in Jerusalem as tensions and attacks soared .  Bibi countered; “European unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State at this time is wholly irresponsible”.

4.    Other Bibi statements lately : “We vow to settle the score with all terrorists” (not just burning down the terrorists homes they are presently doing).  Also said : Tuesday’s (Nov 18)”These murderous attacks are the direct result of incitement led by Abbas, the Palestinians and Hamas and was irresponsibly ignored by the International Community…. We vow a heavy hand coming for these murders”.  (John 15:8, Jesus said: “If the world hates you, know that it hated me before you”.  Remember, all 7 previous BBMs in world history followed this exact pattern of terror, war, persecution and all 7 of 7 ended with victory and joy for Israel.

5.      Palestinians say:  a) Pres. Abbas accuses Israel of  leading the region into a religious war because of the increased frequency of Jews coming to the temple Mount and calls them ” a herd of cattle” as they go there to pray.   b)  Abbas praises, then re-encourages the Palestinians to continue their “Car Intifada,”and Day of Rage by striking down any Jews on the Temple Mount.  Shortly after that incitement,500 of them clashed with Israeli police. He must be devil possessed to say this and at the same time trying to negotiate a Peace Process.  c)  After word got out to the world on the butcher murders, the Abbas Government called it a “blessed operation” and down South, Hamas celebrates the killings with parades and candy hand outs to the little kids.  d)  Speaking of, today, 120 children and teenagers riot in east Jerusalem yelling:  “Intifada  starts today” and “We’ll keep fighting to the end”.  As per Jerusalem Post, some kids as young as 10 yelling, throwing rocks and playing with matches burning tires.  And for people to say in this world that things are getting better???

6.      Concluding on Israel:  The Jews will surely prevail through all this Muslim mess created by their Palestinian neighbors trying to carve up the covenanted land the Lord gave Abraham 3,700 years ago (Genesis 15:18).  Remember, they are God’s people and satan despises that, that’s why we see what we see today in these BBMs (Deuteronomy 7:6 : “For thou art a Holy people unto the Lord thy God who has chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above “ALL” the people that are upon the face of the earth”).  Friends, how can you possibly ever, ever lose your credibility when you talk to your friends about Israel with this scripture to back you in these End Times.  I’ve put this scripture on our refrigerator, it’s awesome and so fully explains this BBM WINDOW that the entire International Community has “bagged” Israel.  Remember, God Does Not Lie (Numbers 23:19 : “God is not a man that he should lie”).  WOW, that must make us feel pretty good and confident, does it not?

RUSSIA:  1.  Russia signs deal with Iran to build 2 more Nuclear powered plants in last weeks’ Asian summit in China beginning next year.  (Ezek. 38:5, where Persia is modern day Eastern 2/3 of Iran).

2.  Russia also signs yet another multi-billion dollar pipeline with China.

3.   Please do not forget the Ukraine fighting as the American media sure has with 4,100 now dead.  Kiev, Ukraine capital, says 32 tanks, approx. 1,000 Russian soldiers, and several rockets, and missiles crossed border into E. Ukraine, Nov. 8th.

4.   Ukraine now moving troops to the east staging area to counter the Russian insurgency.  Oh boy, what does this sound like??

5.     Gorbachev, ex-Russian leader says: “The world is on the brink of a new Cold War”.

6.     Russian military bombers fly over the Gulf of Mexico and the Carribean and Australia is monitoring heavily armed warships moving along their North Coast Line.

7.     Russia threatens France with grave consequences if France fails to deliver promised warships by Dec. 1st.

IRAN:  1.  Please remember the demonic conclusion of talks on a Nuclear Iran decision with U.S. and the other G-5 members on Nov. 24th.  This as the diabolic regime brags that it’s Uranium stockpile has grown 8% in last 2 months.  For cripes sakes Mr. Obama, this is exactly a 180 degree tilt of the Nuke talks later this week, and you’re still going forward, (who are you Obama???)

2.     Ayotollah Kamani, in the middle of the Nuke talk consummation this week, calls for the annihilation of the “barbaric wolflike, infanticidal”  regime of Israel.  What a NUT, does he not know some day he must bow down to God and repeat this,  WOW, what a NUT.

ISIS:  1.  The “wildmen” of Genesis 16:12 keep going.  They now have a strong Southern base for a front as both Libya’s and Egypt’s top militant Islamic groups pledge their support and allegiance to ISIS.  (Could this be the King of the South being born this past week as in Daniel 11:40, with Israel sandwiched in between and the Anti-Christ also?) Again, we are in the BBM WINDOW that this world can not escape out of and that is locked in, in our Lord’s hand, because we have forgotten  Him.  (Praise the Lord we who believe in Him to escape all this confluence of junk coming at us all at once (Romans 10:13) : “For whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved,” and Rev. 3:10 : “…I will keep thee from the wrath which shall come upon the world…”).  Please tell others, there is still time for Salvation.

2.    Caliphate leader Baghdadi calls for attacks on the rulers of Saudi Arabia, his future home of Mecca and Medina.  Saudi Arabia is stone-cold sober now of ISIS, unifying an Arabian army with the 5 gulf states, Kuwait, etc.

3.     ISIS now prints their own coins and currency, hot off the presses.

4.     810 ISIS wildmen have now died, but number of foreign fighters has skyrocketed to 15,000 and 2,000 are European.

5.     ISIS beheads 3rd American.

EUROPE:  1.  France now recognizes Palestinian State (after UK, Poland, Kosovo, Hungary, and Sweden) and Spain expected to do the same.

2.    An EU proposal lists an unspecified actions list against Israel and is distributed to all 28 EU countries for approval if Israel continues building Settlements around Jerusalem, (very scary, EU, for Zachariah 12:9 :”…I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.)  Friends, can you just see it?   This scripture written 2,500 years ago, well, again, Here We Are, in today’s news.  One item leaked to Israel in this proposal is for the EU to build a “wall” dissecting Jerusalem, East for Palestinians, West for Jews, and open to whole world for Temple Mount.  (The EU is not aware of Zachariah 2:8 : “He that touches you (Jerusalem), touches the apple of God’s eye”).  Again, Bible prophecy exploding in front of our eyes, if only the “blind” can see.

3.     What a dichotomy of the Lord judging  the EU’s stance on Israel (Genesis 12:3) that the following is:  421 million “good birds like robins and sparrows” have mysteriously died in last 30 years and UK and Netherlands are destroying millions of poultry to fight an onset of bird flu, today, Nov. 19,2014.  WOW!!! EU Parliament to select the President of Europe Nov. 20.  This could mean so much prophetically who he is. Could he be…

POPE:  1. Pope Francis quotes Nov. 12th: “We should recognize the positive aspects of homosexual unions and cohabitation and also believe that gays have gifts to offer the church…”.

2.       Nov. 19th, while world is mesmerized in all the world chaos going on, Pope Francis and America’s Pastor Rick Warren spearheading meeting with the representation of all the major religions of the world (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim. Judeo, Christian, etc.) at the Vatican to discuss HUMANUM, the world drive for interfaith gatherings to support and strengthen in unison the struggle of anti-faith norms towards Marriage and Families, including gays.  Friends, when I read this, first words I thought of the word I’ve never ever heard of before, HUMANUM, was HUMAN NUMBERS.  Yeah, 7 billion insignificant humans, all together in tolerating everything and also the 1-World-Religion all over Chapter 13 in Revelation.  Do you feel the same on this as I do?  Oh my!

3.       Its get better, much much better with this:  Nov. 17th, Pope Francis announces visit to U.S. in Philly, United Nations (United Nothing) and, yes, yes Mr. Obama in D.C.  “GET THIS” :  His trip, you can Google it, is scheduled  SEPT 22-27, 2015.  Does that sound familiar?  Well, how about, his first day here is Eve of the DAY OF ATONEMENT of the Lord, the day of the beginning of the 120th Jubilee, and final one if one analyzes Genesis 6:3 :”…his days shall be 120 years”.  Could this calculation of 120 Jubilees x 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years = Genesis 2:2 : “…and he rested on the 7th day from all His work…”, referring to the 7th day as the 1,000 year millineum where God rests and rules.  2 Peter 3:8 will surely, surely verify this.  Absolutely WOW!!! Well guess what, Oh, how awesome our magnificent God is in speaking to us during these BBMs.  On Pope’s last day here, it is the Eve of the Feast of Tabernacles, that night is the 4th BBM, the “Supermoon” directly shining over Israel.  What about that??  No man or woman can make this stuff up.  What a “prophetic itinerary” this is for the travel agent who orchestrated this via the Lord.  This is something BIG, as two of the three largest figures in the world (Putin also) are together at the same time during this 4th BBM.  Make of it what you will.  To me this is truly a Heavenly SIGN of Graph 8A, LORD’S PERFECT SIGN. Praise, praise the Lord that those who can see, see this as a prophetic warning of something BIG, so we may tell others.  By the way, this visit with the UN and Obama also includes a visit to the “WORLD”Meeting of Families, a global Catholic event to support families (sound familiar from above).  Again, shades of the 1-World Order being subtly organized for Revelation 13, 17, and 18.

UNITED STATES:  A.  In the event you get bored on deluge of internet remarks about our deceptive Mr. Obama, here are some must read other prophetic events this week:

1.  I’m a life-long Montanan, a beautiful land of blue skies, rivers, and green forest that is as of today now tarnished as our state became the #34 and counting for gay marriage supremacy in all 50 states.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

2.  Some guy named Stanton from Florida Marlins got a $325 Million baseball contract yesterday.  Nothing against him, only this country has gone ga-ga on money.

3.  Athiests trying to revoke God Bless America song in schools across America.  Well, it’s getting to be God “Less” America or Godd “ess” America now.

4.   Ferguson, Missouri is about to go apocolyptic racially this week.

5.  Federal Oceanographers detect radio active contaminant Cesium 134 along Northern California Coastline from Japan’s 2010 Fukushima nuclear explosion.

6.  Good old Dr. Huckstable on the Bill Cosby show, our All-American Pie, has allegedly 13 counts of past sexual encounters after drugging women to sleep.  How despicable if that’s true.

B.  And what do they say about deceptive MR. Obama these last 2 weeks:

1.   An extreme narcicist innately driven to take dreadful and drastic measures to do what he has to do to make himself relevant and center of attention after the election shellacking.

2.   A Holy Hell of his tsunami of Executive orders is coming.

3.   A U.S. think tank : “Obama administration says “all hands on deck” to obtain an Iran Nuclear Arms Agreement Nov. 24th.

4.    Romney calls Obama dictatorial to Israel and continues to diminish America.

5.     Obama a lame duck but all he does is quack, quack, quack while secretly destroying America morally, economically, militarily and culturally.

6.      He’s more dangerous now than ever as he has nothing more to lose politically.  This is very scary, seriously.

7.      Obama’s complete election denial is a result of:  He’s demon- possessed  or he’s mentally ill.  (Again, other media reports, not my words).

8.      Dr. Ben Carson, a very good man, on National Review:  “I believe America is headed towards anarchy…  He will order martial law prior to the 2016 elections if his Exec. Order decrees are allowed to keep going…”.  WOW!!!

9.      Ex-Sec. of Defense Gates and Panetta agree and say Obama is “Micromanaging” the U.S. military.  No wonder terrorists acts have increased five-fold from 3,500 in 2000 to 11,200 in 2012 to a whopping 18,000 in 2013.

10.     Friends, he’s taking tweezers to fight ISIS when he needs a sledge hammer as he and his robot lawyer cronies are deliberately cherry picking ISIS targets, probably while eating pizza and watching a movie.

11.      American public repudiates his policies and in the blink of an eye he repudiates the American people with waves of Exec. Orders, 24 hours after a “let’s kiss and make up” dinner with Republicans.

12.      He always tries to make “nice” with our enemies.  A great asset he has is he’s a great Quarterback, always calling audibles to trick (deceive) the Defense (Americans).  He quotes himself  that he’s President of the U.S. , not Emperor of the U.S.

13.  You know all about Mr. Guber and Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s sudden “amnesia” about remembering who the heart of the heart of developing Obamacare was as even Ex-Asst. Treasury Secretary Rattner said on Fox News, that it was Guber.  You also know how he denied knowing anything about Guber scandal until “only a few moments before he arrived in Australia Nov. 17th, after scandal about “stupidity of the American voter” statement erupted 4 days earlier.

14.    Friends, deceptive Obama is  treating the U.S.A. as a banana republic as he and his lawyers can ” indict” a ham sandwich or a newborn baby at their own discretion.

15.     And you know all about the Exec. Order Amnesty for Illegals he’ll talk about tomorrow night on National TV and sign into “law” in Sin City, Las Vegas Friday, despite all previous videos of saying the exact opposite that he’d never go around Congress. Lies, lies, lies deceptive lies, just like Matthew 24:11 : “and many false prophets shall rise and deceive many”.   WHEW!!! Friends satan has been given the green light who in turn has given Obama the green light TO TAKE DOWN AMERICA.  May we Pray for salvation and unfortunately be forced to Watch our beautiful country implode before our very eyes.  IT IS WRITTEN inside the warnings of these Biblical Blood Moons.  May God Bless and forever Luke 21:28 .


Blood Moons WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, November 6, 2014

PIE_CHART_Countdown_39Thanks again for visiting this site.  Much prophetic evil has hit this messy world the past 10 days, none more, however, than our White House and the International community’s demoralizing and debunking of Israel and mostly not reported by the major news media.  What follows is how astonishingly this prophetically blind world is isolating God’s Chosen People (Jeremiah 32:38 : “….they shall be My people and I will be their God”).  I could have picked any of the thousands of scriptures of how God loves Israel.  I literally and honestly just opened my Bible and just like that Jer. 32:38 was there, that’s exactly a work of the Holy Spirit.

The Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) are now 39% completed to Sept. 28th, 2015.  They are spot on in their omens and warnings, that Almighty God is speaking loud and clear to Wake Us Up and follow His ways and not to “harm” Israel, but most of the world is not hearkening His call.   As you’ll see, the 3rd Intifada is simmering to a white-hot state from several directions.  So let’s see what’s going on:

ISRAEL:  First, the Palestinians:  1.  President Abbas calls the UN Security Council for emergency meeting on the East Jerusalem settlement construction of 1060 Jewish homes.  He calls this a Declaration of War.

2.  Abbas calls on all Palestinians to stop Jews from ascending the Temple Mount saying : “The Temple Mount is our ala-Asqa and they have no right to enter it”.  He calls this also a Declaration of War.

3.  After that he calls for a Day of Rage after a Jewish Rabbi (Glick) ascended the Temple Mount and opined to Jewish bystanders to begin construction of the 3rd Temple.  Do you see the hideous trend for Abbas who wants to make Peace with Israel.

4.  His words have reverberated well:  a)  In the last 2 weeks a Palestinian deliberately ran over a 3-month old baby and a Jewish mother. Oct. 23rd, exact day of a Solar Eclipse.  b)  Another Palestinian shot that Jewish Rabbi on the chest putting him in critical condition.  c)  Another Palestinian drove his car over several Jews, killing 1 and injuring nine.  d)  Another Palestinian yesterday, Nov. 5th drove his car onto a railroad platform running over 3 Israeli soldiers  (IDF) and injuring 13 people.  Do you see this horrific trend building inch by inch?

5.  Abbas sends sympathy letter to baby killing terrorist’s parents telling them their son that he’s already a glorious martyr in Heaven for his heroics.  Of course, White House says diddly squat on the condemnation.

6.  For 2 consecutive weeks now, Palestinians are relentlessly provoking IDF with broken bottles and molatave cocktails.

7.  With all this, Abbas notifies UN (United Nothing) that he will agree to delay for 2 months (Dec. 23) the Palestinian plan to seek a UNSC  resolution calling for a 3 year phased Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders so that good ole’ Sec. Kerry can have 60 days to resurrect the Peace Process that died on April 29th (exact day of another Solar Eclipse).  Leak sources say the Palestinians 2 major “No ifs ands or buts” demands other than the pre 1967 borders are:  to cease all settlement development and evacuate many Jewish residents from East Jerusalem and West Bank.  In your dreams Abbas.  He must get to know what God spoke in Isaiah 28:14-18 where God said “…this covenant with death and agreement with hell shall not stand…”.  May we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalms 122:6).

JORDAN:  1. King Abdullah threatens to revoke the 1994 Israel/Jordan Peace Treaty if Israel continues breaking the status quo.

2. The Temple Mount was closed Oct. 30th for one day to all Muslims and everyone to avert more relentless violence.   The King also said : “We will resist unilateral policies in Jerusalem who has been watered by the blood of our martyrs…”.  He called the recent Gaza War “vile” and will work with the UN to advance the Palestinian cause.  No Jordanian Leader  has ever said this since 1967.

3.  And guess what, Jordan closed down their embassy in Tel Aviv  yesterday and returned their Ambassador home.  Friends this severing of relations with Israel  most surely stokes the fires for the imminent Psalms 83 War with lightening speed.  (Isaiah 16, and Amos 1:11,13 and 2:1, all speak of the Lord’s judgement on Ammon, Moab,and the tents of Edom, which is present day Jordan, in these final days).

4. Also,  King Abdullah equated Israel to ISIS.  That about says it all on future relations between the 2 countries.

5.  Also, more on Israel’s border neighbors from Psalms 83:  a)  Hezbollah rants that it can “NOW” strike any and every square inch of land inside Israel’s borders.

6.  Finally, the Arab League issues a RED LINE to Israel that if they TOUCH Jerusalem, that it will lead to untold consequences.  WOW!!! Kind of opposite to what our Lord says in Zachariah 2:8 : “…He that TOUCHES you touches the apple of God’s eye”.  All these guys violating Israel today are someday soon during these BBMs going to understand Isaiah 45:23 : “…that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear”.  Can’t you just see how close we are???

BIBI NETANYAHU:  1.  Despite the world’s vehement and intensifying outcry against Israel , Bibi said: “…These territories (ie. the new settlements being constructed) will remain in Jerusalem’s borders in ANY DEAL”.   Well, there goes the Peace Process as both side’s demands are extremely opposite.

2.  He also said:  ” Abbas’s sympathy letter to the terrorist’s parents proves the Palestinian leader is no partner for peace”.

3.  Bibi orders 1,000 additional IDF troops into Jerusalem as tensions have never been so severe since the last Intifada.

UNITED NATIONS: Obama’s and others’ chastizing actions against Israel:  1. UN Security Council is investigating Israel’s cruelty on latest Gaza War to see if Israel imposed “proportionality” to fit the crimes Gaza bestowed on Israel.  This is in order to prosecute the Jewish leaders in positions of command for their crimes.  How insane this is. Look  at ISIS wildmen and butcher Assad of Syria who’s slaughtered and poisoned 210,000 Syrians and UN does zero on them.

2.  An unnamed White House official reports that Bibi was a “chickensh-t who was scared to launch wars”.  Of course, ambivalent Obama himself said absolutely nothing for apology.

3.  Donald Trump : ” Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel”.

4.  Israel’s Cabinet says US/Israel relations are at a “CRISIS LEVEL” under Obama…”it’s a dangerous course he has chosen”.

5.  Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon is prevented from meeting with Biden and or Sec. Kerry face to face to discuss “grave concerns”.  What the heck is it with this Administration’s defiance.

6.  Another White House aide boasts that Bibi’s hands are now tied on Iran Nuclear Agreement on Nov. 24th and there’s nothing he can do about it any more.

7.  And yet another Whitehouser said the Jewish settlements are incompatible and inconsistent for peace.  What absolute spoiled baby brats these Obama cronies are, lambasting God’s Chosen People in this fashion.  How absurd and remember, it comes from their “conditioning” at the top.

8.  Hillary accuses Israel of a “brutal occupation”.  well, she might as well, everybody else in DC does it.  Friends the confluence all at once of all these deplorable acts are yet more omens of our Lord’s BBMs that we are “there” and explains why America is imploding in a free fall as per Genesis 12:3:  “… I’ll curse those who curse thee”.

RUSSIA, UKRAINE, IRAN :  1.  NATO says Russia is undergoing simulated airstrikes around Northern Europe and along the West Coastlines of UK, France, Spain, & Portugal.  No one can or cannot say if these military maneuvers are a prelude to something BIG – like War.

2.  Ukraine conflict rages on, 3,800 have died, no end in sight.

3.  The dreadful Nov. 24th deadline Nuclear talks with Iran approaches.  US is “in bed” with Iran as reliable internet sources say Obama has already “caved -in” so that Iran’s nuclear ambitions can continue unabated.  Israel is absolutely furious over Obama’s decision to be cozy on Iran’s side.  A big-mouth Obama aide, Ben Rhodes, a White House Security Advisor leaked this : “We are seeking ways to strike a deal with Iran that bypasses Congress”.  Someday soon, he’ll meet God and try to explain this one.

EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, and KUWAIT :  1.  Are forming “1” mega military to protect the Arab world from Iran, ISIS, etc.

2.  Egypt’s strongest anti-Egyptian Radical Islamic group swears allegiance to ISIS.  This may will develop the South front for ISIS as mentioned in Daniel 11:40.

ISIS :  1. These wildmen of Genesis 16:12 and Habakkuk 1:6-10 (how spot on this prophetic scripture is from 2800 years ago defining ISIS today) continue their horrific horror of savage demons.  In 2 days last weekend they slaughtered 322 Iraqi Sunni tribesmen and women and children, yes young children standing in front of firing squads, probably thinking it was a “game”, so innocent.  Some of the 50 women, some dead, some alive, were dumped down a well.  How wicked, satan is in his home court of Iraq, home of the Garden of Eden south of Baghdad (in Genesis 2:10, 14 and 3:6) to the 4 deadly demons that come out of the Euphrates River to slay 1/3 of mankind (Rev 9: 14,15).

2.  ISIS obtains for free $200 million worth of heavy U.S. equipment from a Syrian rebel group which the US gave these weapons to because they were “reliable & carefully vetted” to fight ISIS.  Brick wall again Mr. Obama, as America keeps imploding under you.  Surely, the Genesis 12:3 curse is alive and well here.

3.  Fox News reveals 80 former GITMO detainees are now on the front lines fighting for ISIS.  Double ditto Mr. Obama on Genesis 12:3.

EUROPE :  1.  The EU threatens to boot the UK out of the EU Dec. 1st if the UK refuses to pay a $1.7 Billion tax.  UK says it will refuse to pay.

2.  Two days ago, Nov. 4th, the European Central Bank (ECB) effectively begins supervision of “ALL” EU banks in the 28 nation block.  Two things here;  a) This is the greatest economic move in the EU since it’s creation and the creation of the euro.  b)  What a humongous step forward for the birthing of the one-world government and currency as ALL EU banks have now absolutely “zero” say in their own banking operations.  So likewise as dominoes go, for the EU’s 650 million people, where their deposits and withdrawals will be controlled by the ECB.  Friends, European sovereignty just died Nov. 4th and ABC, CBS, NBC said squat.  Again, all under the BBM WINDOW we are in.

3.   EU is now in a full blown Recession as of Oct. 2014.

POPE FRANCIS :  Again, I want to like Pope Francis for what he does for the deprived and poor, BUT!!! He has repeatedly made statements contrary to our Almighty God’s Word.  (On gays and lesbians : “Who am I to judge”.  On athiests :  “…even the athiests who DO GOOD WILL MEET THERE ” (in Heaven), Pope has also authorized “Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran”.  And this past week he has publicly embraced the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution.  His exact words : “When we read about creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do EVERYTHING, but that is not so.  The Big Bang which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the Divine Creator, but rather requires it.  Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.” What absolutely unbelievable rhetoric demeaning Almighty God who created creation Gen. 1:26 :”And God said, let us make man in our image…” and Isaiah 47: 7-12 : “… I have made the earth and created man upon it…”  Friends, also please read 2 Timothy 4: 3: “For the time will come  when they will not endure sound doctrine…”   And most profoundly Revelation 22:18,19 the next to last scriptures in the Bible,( and for a reason) says: “… If any man shall  ADD or TAKE AWAY the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part of the book of life…”.  WOW, that’s scary.  Friends, put this all together and you can see the call for an all-inclusive tolerance towards a 1-world religion in these final days is alive and well.  And why not, BIG BIG world changing events happen within the BBM WINDOWS as documented world history tells us so from the previous 7 BBMs. Want proof of the Pope’s comments, Google Pope embraces evolution and big bang .

EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES :   1.  Three volcanoes all spewing ash & or lava in “1 DAY” Oct. 31st, Halloween, satan’s day. (Hawaii, Costa Rica and Iceland).

2.  Oklahoma, home to America’s largest statue of satan and 1st open public satanic mass had 130 (albeit minor) earthquakes in October.  Oklahoma had 222 in all of 2013 and 253 recorded in first 3 months of 2014 as per US Geologic Survey published by Reuters.  Matthew 24:7 for sure, just look at that trend increase in frequency.  Also, Yellowstone Park had 98 last month.

3.  Tail of giant comet Siding Spring explodes on Mars, causing the biggest creator hole ever on the “red” planet.  Only God knows if this has a significance to Rev. 12:3 about the “red” dragon unleashed.  Again all the above could be preludes to BIG events in the BBMs.

AMERICA : In short, “toxic” Mr. Obama, on National TV Nov 5th after the Republican Wave election win played the unapologetic  innocent observer on the Senate Democratic all-out implosion, totally staying blameless.  He said; “I don’t read these election tea leaves”.  What a nuclear explosion about face remark!!!  Friends, he outright lies again and again.  Fox News showed him during the 2012 elections where he said that elections are serious, important and they have consequences.  He’s a deceptively disingenuous unhappy man who wants to be relevant and at the center of the universe.  Just wait and see Obama’s  Executive Orders barrage come into play now, especially Nov. 24th with Iran and immigration amnesty by year end.

IN CONCLUSION :  Friends, the entire world is bashing Israel just as God said in these final days.  They are “blindly” seeking the ultimate confrontation with tiny Israel, just as the Bible prophecises.  Well, Jan. 5, 2015, in 2 months we will be at the Midpoint of the Lord’s prophetic BBMs.  Can you only imagine this world in the next 60 days, let alone when the teeter-totter swings into fast- mode Jan. 5th.  Come quickly Lord Jesus and may we never loose our bearings of where we are : Luke 21: 28.  We are there on the Edge of Time.

May God Bless.