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Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, March 23, 2015

Pie Chart Countdown 66%
Greetings, very comforting to share prophetic events with you again.  As you may well know from this past weeks’ absolutely historic and prophetic events unveiled in the Heavens and Israel and our wholly infected anti-Jewish White House are nothing less than miraculously astonishing under the direction of our Most Almighty God.  No wonder the Heavenly and earthly warnings of this Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moon (BBMs) WINDOW (which is, so sorry for this ominous number, 65.6% completed today) have precipitated the long awaited anticipated anxiety and eventual separation over the last 70 years between Israel and America.  Thanks to our Israel hating White House, the “true colors” of our nation’s leaders have prophetically unfolded and dramatically speed- balled America’s economic and moral capitulation, cracks open the imminent Psalms 83 and Gog wars and sets the stage for our Lord’s return.  You just can’t miss the astronomical statistical probability of the plethora of Heavenly events that arrived March 20th in the Israel section below.  You will surely know how close we are on the Lord’s time clock this year, in His 120th Jubilee.  SO LET’S GO:


1.  First and foremost,  Obama LOVES America – his America, of endorsing the most deceptive, stab in the back, secretive and lecherous agenda against both America and Israel.  The devil’s finger prints are everywhere in the White House for their stance on BIBI’s against all odds come from behind truly divine, election victory.

2.  How dare he say that “We will need to assess our options regarding the 2- State- Solution”.  Friends, rumors abound all over D.C. that this man now is contemplating abandoning the Peace Process and shifting it to the UN Security Council who is licking their chops to force the 2-State-Solution onto Israel and that the U.S. will not veto this decision, the first ever from a U.S. President since Israel’s birth in 1948.  Friends, past Presidents have  grown in office defending Israel and this Anti-Jewish man has regressed backwards in such a way as to not be trusted and relied on with our strongest ally in the other 1/2 of the world.  His petulance and pettiness over Bibi’s win has shown his stance ostensibly on Israel and thereby reserving our nation to judgement.  (Deut. 30:7 : “And God will put all these curses upon thine enemies that hate thee… “).

3.  Friends, make no mistake Bibi won with the glorious hand of God and Obama knows he lost.And he had no victory champagne that was waiting to be uncorked in the oval office with his ninnees.  Obama’s wrath now comes in waves from here on out, similar to satan’s in Revelation 12 at the Tribulation midpoint against first and foremost the Jewish nation.  Thanks Obama, you just tried your best to dupe Israel and us. Mr. President.  Did you ever read Matthew 12:25 : “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolution”.   No, of course not, you’re a Muslim obsessed or indirectly obsessed to witness the destruction of Israel.  Boy, does God ever have a sharp microscope on your every move.

4.  Obama’s quest is to control Israel to appease Muslims.  He does it well.   Cooky Mary Harpf, his spokeswoman : “… the 2 State Solution is in the best interest for Israel, 2 states, side by side, living in peace and security…” (We’ve heard that 888 times before, ala 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh “). Good buddy Susan Rice is told to appoint Israel critic and Hamas defender, Bob Malley as Obama’s new Mid East coordinator.  Has James Clapper, Nat’l Security Chief, take Iran and Hamas, both who yearn for annihilation of Israel into the sea, off of America’s National Terrorist list.  How insane, quit Paul.  Josh Earnest : “Elections have consequences” Jane Psaki : “We’ll value our approach on how to obtain a 2 state solution”.  Who give these knot heads the right to dictate what happens to Israel, absolutely remarkable.

5.  Obama has called Mohammad Morsi, Iran’s Rouhani, Saudi’s King within hours for congratulations on their election wins since 2012.  Calls Bibi 2 days later, and he was not gracious at all from reports.  They argued about, what else, the Peace Process Bibi said “will never happen under the current conditions in the Middle East”.  Yet worldwide media takes it totally out of context.  Speaking of, David Muir, ABC, said 100% exactly 0, nothing, natta, on Bib’s win.  What a blind guy he and ABC portrayed.

6.  Friends, next time President Obama speaks with his loose deceptive lips, PLEASE LISTEN, if they move, even a “smigeon” he’s LYING, switch the channel.

7.   After 4 love letters to the Iran Ayatollah and chastising a man of God, Senator Tom Cotton, and his 47 Senator signature letter challenging the “DEAL”, and all the above, and as per Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  And as I write this over the Fox News wire, 381 House of Reps., that’s 81 %, sternly advise  this leader of ours to not go through with the Iran nuke DEAL.  You gotta know, WE ARE THERE on the Edge of Time. The BBMs, they are our omens, and our White House is the great facilitator.

8.  Remember last year when the Federal regulators had the banks of America document any and all transaction withdrawals from Americans over $10,000.  Now, that same regulation has been changed to $5,000 for tracking purposes.  So much for that intrusion of privacy, but I guess it’s necessary to help out the anti-Christ, who ever he may be??


1.  Friends, Israel is the tipping point in these BBMs that will determine our Lord’s coming.  How prophetic Bibi’s speech when he said “Israel will stand alone” (Zach. 12:2,3 spot on).  This incredible, fantastic come from behind election win by Bibi  foreshadows a most prophetic event that will ramp up  our Lord’s return and that is  the prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks, specifically Daniel 9:25-27.  One must be an absolute alien from Pluto, our farthest planet, to not acknowledge the climactic Heavenly events of the March 20th Total Solar Eclipse and it’s entourage that occurred 2 days later. Friends, Almighty God has Israels back of protection forever and forever.

2.  Just look at these incomprehensible Heavenly events of March 20th displayed by our Creator to show his shear displeasure of how the world reacted to Bibi’s win.  (Our Lord placed this man to lead Israel at this time when the entire set of world leaders, except for good man Steve Harper of Canada, has turned their backs on the chosen people of God).  (Jeremiah 11:4 : “…so shall ye be my people and I will be your God”) :

a)  On March 20th, get this, 1) a Total Solar Eclipse, 2) exactly above the North Pole, 3) directed only over Europe, Mid East, and ISRAEL,  4) that night the largest Supermoon of the year, 5) which was also a new moon, 6) beginning the Lord’s Biblical New Year, Nisan 1, 7) a spring vernal equinox, 8) the exact midpoint of the 7th Shemitah year, 9) which is also in the 7th Shemitah cycle, 10) the “climax” occurring between  “11:58 A.M. and 12:18 P.M.  exactly, exactly, as Amos 8:9 said, 11) exactly at the midpoint of the March 17th election and the March 23rd double-headed dragon beginning of the Iran nuclear talks and also the “restart” of the Hadron Super Collider that will smash into the earth and prove the Big Bang theory to this secular Apostate world, 12) on the exact day of the UN’s International Day of Happiness (oh for cripes sake), 13) on the exact day the Russian troops are at maximum deployment ON THE NORTH POLE , on the day (March 19th also), 14) the world hears that Obama considers America’s abandoning  of the Peace talks and let the UN Security Council present, consummate and vote on the 1967 border Resolution 242 (covenant from hell in Isaiah 28:15) irregardless of Israels sovereignty, security, protests. And all this in this current and final BBM.  Well, I quit there.  All of the above is listed on the internet, just Google it.  However, nobody has put the statistical probability of all these phenomena components into a mixer or blender and cranked out the results.  Took several days to compute, (email me for each events probability above) and talk about defying all the laws of statistical probability as only our Awesome Almighty God can (Isaiah 45:7 : “I form the light and create the darkness.  I make peace, and create evil.  I the Lord do all these things”).   How fitting He creates and times these events about the 2 most prophetic events of this generation (Bibi’s win and the nutty nuke “DEAL”. The  calculation on March 20th is : 1.28 CHANCES in 1 x 10 to the 37 power (yep, 37 zeros, basically infinity), for all these events to occur simultaneously on March 20th.  Thank you dear Lord. I believe our Lord fashioned this sequence of events to tell us that time is so so short. I envision the Lord’s immense pleasure and His Glory in sending all this stuff that’s been sitting in an envelope from a long long time ago.

b)  Following are the number of prophetic Heavenly SIGNS on Lord’s Special Days that have appeared and will appear this decade (Genesis 1:14) year by year :  2010, there were zero, 2011 zero, 2012 zero,  2013 (Hanakah fell on Thanksgiving, a harbinger to America, never again to happen  for 75,000 years).  2014 Three (2 Blood Moons, 7th year of 7 Shemitah cycles begins).  2015  Brace yourselves, can you only imagine, ” 19″ of them (email me for all details).  2016 One, end of 120th Jubilee.  2017-2020 zeros all the way.  That’s where I quit and remember no BBMs till 2581-2582 A.D.  Oucheewowaa!!!  Friends, is this trend a mega prophetic to the Lord’s countdown for His Return or what???

c)  Dear Lord thank you for this prophetic sign : The Temple Institute of Jerusalem has now completed the Holy Altar for burnt offerings for the coming Third Temple and is ready for use immediately (WND reported this March 16th).


1.  Pope announces 2015 to be a “Special Jubilee Year” for peace and tolerance beginning March 15th.  This is only 27th ever over a span of 1700 years for the Church.  You just can’t announce a copycat pagan holiday as this every 63 years as these average out to be.  God’s Jubilees are exact, sacred and His ultimate timeline markers for planet earth where Levit. 25:10,13 : “Liberty is proclaimed in all the land and it’s inhabitants, ….ye shall return every man unto his possession”.  Friends,  if you ONLY had time to see how this “the ACCEPTABLE year of the Lord” (Isaiah 61:2), ie. the Jubilee fits in to His prophetic and time table in this current BBM WINDOW we are locked in by Him. The 120th Jubilee begins this Sept. 24th, Atonement Day, you don’t even need little people like me, or the biggest guys like John Hagee, Mark Biltz, Perry Stone, Jonathan Cahn if you would just PLEASE Google Lord’s Jubilees, and the Holy Spirit in you will guide you to the conclusion THAT THIS JUBILEE IS THE BIG ONE for world events to be unshackled and it’s possessions returned to the Lord,  (a must read=Luke 4:18-21 =guaranteed to give you the chills that we are on the Edge of Time, WOW!!).

2.  Very next day, Pope says : “I have a feeling my pontificate will be brief…  It is a vague feeling I have that the Lord chose me for a short mission…that I may be killed…”.  Two things here : ISIS wildmen of Genesis 16:12 vow to soon conquer Islam’s 4th Holiest City. Rome, where they are now less than 200 miles away in Tunisia where they just slaughtered 22 Tunisians and tourists this past week.


1.  Putin declares the right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea and Black Sea.

2.  Putin, after coming out of 11 days of not being seen or heard of from the world, just like that, on first day of return deploys 200,000 Russian troops with tanks, aircraft, missiles for extreme military drills in 12 different strategic areas: 38,000 to the North Pole (just prior to a Heavenly Total Solar Eclipse “directly” over the North Pole). How truly prophetic this is for Gog.

3.  Same for Crimea

4.  Same for Kalingrad which sits next to the 3 Baltic countries borders.

5.  And 9 regions across the Eastern half of Russia.  Yet, the world is helpless watching this as only God knows what this may foreshadow.

6.  Putin threatens to “bomb” all of Denmark’s Naval ships if they join NATO military, or even participate in their exercises.


1.  Michelle (?) Obama celebrates Persian New Year, Novritz, at the”White House” with many Muslims present (as the world burns and the demonic Iran nuclear DEAL is lurking which has captivated her hubby’s infatuation to complete).

2.  On March 20th, our President calls Iranian people on trans national TV : “to seize an historic opportunity, (ie. the nuke DEAL),  to pursue a brighter future…”.

3.  24 hours later, our nukey neighbors, just as Kerry claims “substantial progress to a DEAL” in Switzerland,  Ayatollah Khomani retorts to the world “Death to America”.  Dear Lord, this is an insane comedy with these 3 guys.  Who’s “not”on first?  How absolutely ridiculous their diabolical agendas are.

4.  Today, March 23, Yemen has total civil war unleashed, it’s kill or be killed on the streets as Iranian Shiite militia enter the country on rampage after country reaches tipping point with 137 people slaughtered,  350 injured.  (Remember our president called Yemen a model country for a Middle East democracy.  totally in looney-tune land).

5.  All remaining U.S. and British military run for their lives out of the country, leaving millions of dollars of equipment left behind (sound familiar).  Now Iran can breed and breed and breed to gobble up bordering Saudi Arabia who’s now scared beyond death.  Thanks Obie, another country where America bites the dust under this White House.


1.  Bye bye American dollar.  What a clarion call this is for the economic demise of America:  Despite endless efforts which have ended in futility in March to stop the French, Germans, the UK, Spain, and Italy, 5 largest economies in the EU from joining China, Russia, and 19 other countries in a new China spearheaded Infrastructure Development Bank, boom, they biff America, and they all join.  Friends, this is BIG BIG to the Dollar’s collapse in the coming months.

2.  After Israeli elections EU says “will now aggressively increase it’s involvement in procuring the evasive 2 state solution…”.

3.  20,000 Germans line the streets in Frankfurt anti-austerity riots.  Double ditto in Greece and Belgium.  All three involve violent clashes.

4.  Brazil, same thing in Rio de Janiero, they only had a “million”.


1.  Italy clobbered by 100.8″ of snow – in 18 hours March 12th, an ALL TIME world, as in W-O-R-L-D record.  By the way, 3 days later Pope sends verification letter to the UN where he will address the UN General Assembly -and the world- regarding a) World Peace with tolerance and b) Ready for this–call for unprecedented need for Global Climate Change on Sept. 25th, exactly 24 hours into the Lord’s most Special Holy Days of Atonement and 72 hours before the 4th BBM Supermoon Heavenly omen directly over Jerusalem on Tabernacles, Sept. 28th.  Oh yes, meets this President of ours in D.C. in the interim.  Only our Omnipotent Lord knows this prophetic puzzle piece gathering, (Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done”).

2.  March 12th, Mexico City, close to equator, had “snow”, schools, gov’t. buildings closed, city of 21 billion in panic mode, cars helter skelter.  I live in Montana, it was 62 and I was in cut-offs raking leaves with sun tan oil on.  And then there’s Boston’s all time snow breaking records and New York with a big snow storm, 2 days after Bibi wins election against all odds.

3.  Another first in world history : Island Vanatuha north of Australia, hit by 6.5 earthquake day Bibi visits America, March 3rd, days later, volcano erupts there, March 15th cyclone category 5 hits, 90% of 250,000 homeless, casualties pending.  WOW, Vanatuha, friends remember Matthew 24: 7 : “…and earthquakes in “DIVERSE” places”.  Now that is a diverse place for these events smack in midst of Bibi’s speech and Jewish elections and the Unprecedented Heavenly SIGNS of March 20th this past weekend.  Oh, come quickly Lord Jesus.

4.  Day of Jewish election, thousands of snow geese fall out of the sky in Idaho – ALL AT ONCE.

5.  Another prophetic sign you just gotta Google : March 3rd, Chile’s largest volcano spews ash, (Villarrica).  It settled down and guess what: on March 20th, renewed activity spitting lava in the sky hits again.  Remember those 2 dates above (it’s all about Israel).  Friends, COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE, this is the Lord screaming at us just like Moses did with Pharoah in Egypt when he said : “Let my people go”.  (God is sooo watching His people in this most intriguing time in the world).

6.  The Hadron Super Collider is re-started this week in Switzerland.  How timely, exactly same time as the demonic Iran DEAL gets consummated as both sides say appear will happen as of this past weekend.  I mention this bezerk collider “thing” that shoots electrons towards the middle of the earth to prove the Big Bang Theory and defy God.  Well, how about Acts 20:29,30 : “…after my departing shall grievous wolves enter…speaking things to draw away disciples…”.

7.  Another omen that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is soon on his way HERE:  How about Big Ben the cow born 1 day before Rosh Hashana, Lord’s Feast of trumpets, last Sept. with the Lord’s number “7” on his head. (A must see picture).

8.  Presbyterian church leaders of America vote to accept gay marriage – well why not, most all others have, what took so long?

9.  Dead Sea in Israel now has 3,000 sinkholes on the banks and multiplying exponentially, sealed off from tourists in many spots, no solution yet as the body of water dries up (remember cities of Sodom & Gomorrah buried here).  1980’s the 1st sinkhole spotted, 1990-2000 there were 40.  And, here we are, another omen.

10.  You just can’t retrofit or make any of this above stuff up, it’s all timed perfectly by our Heavenly Father for this generation and to Pray and Watch his Glory unfold.

11.  So, so so much more, but must end on this one.  Bibi made a clarion call 3 times in the last 40 days about the Jewish people around the world to “Come Home Now, we’re waiting for you”, exactly Isaiah 11:11 : “the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people…”).  Well look at this :  In 1950 there were 3,509,000 Jews in Europe and Russia.  In the  1980s and 1990s, there were 10,186,000 Jews there.  In 2013, a meager 1,386,000, only 13% left.  Oh what an awesome God you are.  Praise you Lord with all your Glory to show these things for those of us who want to see you and know you.  (Ezek. 34:13).


Really, really, really, how can one defy what the Lord is showing us above. I would not be surprised if our Creator looked down from Heaven and shed a tear after seeing the hatred the world showed to the Jewish nation after the election and their devious plans on what they intend to do about it in support of the Palestinians regarding THE LAND that HE betrothed to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  You just don’t fabricate the above Heavenly SIGNS that are in the Heavens and the earthly signs that are on TV and Obama’s internet (so far).

Friends, the elevator goes UP or DOWN, please choose wisely. Please Pray for Iran demonic nuke DEAL orchestrated by Obama to FAIL.  Also, April 1, International Criminal Court wants Bibi and for Israel to be held accountable for war crimes.  Remember :   1 Thes. 5:6 : “Therefore let us not sleep,but let us WATCH and be sober”.  May God Bless you in love and wisdom.  Paul Grevas




Quick Reminder on Two Extremely Prophetic Events This Week, 3-15-15

1.  Please pray for Bibi to win Jewish election on Tues. March 17th as results will be profoundly prophetic for the world.

2.  Our Creator’s omen on March 20th is warning us of judgement to the nations that have defied Israel.   The Total Solar Eclipse coming this Friday  will only be seen over Europe, and you guessed it, Jerusalem and all of Israel (and the Middle East).  Just look at all the entourage of Heavenly SIGNS our Almighty God will have accompanying the long legs of this eclipse : a) On that exact day will arrive a Supermoon-new moon.  b) That day, March 20th is Nisan 1, the beginning of the Lord’s Biblical New Year (January 1 New Year for us).  c) It will arrive exactly above the North Pole (no it’s not Santa Claus); never has a Solar Eclipse done that before sitting atop the earth (NASA).  d) That exact day will be the spring equinox.  e) Just as the prophetic election is 3 days prior, 3 days after this eclipse, March 23rd is the demonic Iran DEAL.  f) Next week satan has world “secular” scientists restarting Hadron Super Collider to “refresh” the world that the Big Bang theory is alive and well (Oh, how our Lord  can divinely time these things all in a handbag under this eclipse).  g)  Also, the exact midpoint of this 7th of 7 Shemitahs just happens to be on March 20th.  h)  Also, March 20th happens to be the United Nations International Day of Happiness, Oh dear God.   i) Best for last, you just gotta read Amos 8:9, as I purposefully left the words out of this scripture so you can see for yourself–FYI this prophetic eclipse hits Jerusalem at 12:18 p.m., which means 6:18 a.m. EST. or New York time.

Please do not let this untimely but most necessary insert here tonight impede you from viewing the previous post on March 9.  You just gotta to see it to know where we are at in this most prophetic month of March.  May God Bless and please watch my post next week on what the Glory of God shows of the above signs when they are all grouped about the Solar Eclipse, The statistics defy all realms of probability and why not IT’S GOD and there is none like Him.

Blood Moon WINDOW End Times Prophetic Events, March 9, 2015

Pie Chart Countdown 63%
So good to be with you to share this past week’s most prophetic events that are so perfectly timed from our Creator within these Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs).  They are now, and this shall give us some cold chills,  63.0% completed.  And 5 days after a masterfully revealing speech on Iran to the world and 10 days away from a divine Heavenly set of SIGNS that only He could orchestrate (You just gotta see below why our Magnificent Lord is sending an Unprecedented Total Solar Eclipse and Supermoon on March 20th so you can absolutely verify that we are on The Edge of Time.  Also, in 25 days, here comes volley #3 from Heaven, the 3rd BBM on Passover, April 4th.  So, may we grab on tight, throw coincidences out the window, as God does not do coincidences (Proverbs 30:5 : “Ever word of God is pure…”) and let’s Watch the world brace for impact.  Let’s Go:


1.  Before we get to why Bibi’s speech was absolutely prophetic, just look at these events which align with these BBMs so perfectly.  (Google them all) :  a)  Nobody in Congress can verify another time an American President failed to either greet or call a foreign leader at the White House.  b)  Dumb dodo Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah jackels, gives a message after Bibi made the 3rd prophetic call for all the Jews in the world to “come home”, says : “If all the Jews gather in Jerusalem, it’ll save us time from gathering them up ourselves around the world”.  What luantics in Lebanon and goons in Gaza, oh how reprehensible they are.  c)  Anti-Israeli Divestment push is strongest ever in America colleges.  As anti-semetism is geatest since the 1930s and with 55% of U.S. Jewish college students on campus subjected to harassment, it’s YOGI BERRA’s “des jeax vous all over again”.  d)  Top Israeli diplomatic source : “Bibi has already written off Obama in his last 2 year, our relationship  is not just icy friends it’s BROKEN:.  3)  Franklin Graham : “Anti-Israel Muslims are influencing and giving advice against Netanyahu”.  f)  And the best for last : on 1st day of Purim, March 4, Israel’s Jewish Court makes historical ruling that Israel’s police on Temple Mount “MUST”  allow all Jews to pray and read their Bible, unfettered.  WOW!!! Friends, you just gotta know He’s coming back soon with this ruling.

2. a) Now, the Book of Esther speech in the Bible.  Thank you Bibi for letting us know what a real, powerful, righteous and caring leader for his country he truly is.  We in America are very envious of that, as ours are stuck in muck.  One is just busy with “dignitaries from overseas”, one is in bed with Iran shooting every devious shot to get a deal done and a “weird” one (Biden) is in Uruguay wining and dining with their newly elected President–What, Uruguay, where is Uruguay, who are these so important Uruguayns- Come On???  How can our Lord, the “King of Kings” not have “called” Bibi, the “King” of Israel not have timed this any more “perfecter”.  b)  Just look at the prophetic works that rang around the world on March 3rd speech : “This DEAL paves the path to a nuclear bomb”.  “This DEAL assures our way to a nuclear countdown”.  “This DEAL guarantees an accelerated short breakout time for a bomb”.  “The enemy of your enemy is your “ENEMY” (he sure caught me leaning on that last word.  “Instead of joining nations, Iran is GOBBLING up nations”.  “…you can just Google what the Iranians are doing now…”.  And most important prophetically-I literally  cried on this one–“If Israel has to stand alone, Israel WILL stand”.  (Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.  How fitting in the BBM WINDOW.  Oh boy, how pragmatic, prescient and methodical this man of God can captivate his audiences with simple, yet powerful words.  I don’t know how much longer, 6 months, 1 year, 1 and 1/2 years, a short time anyway, in this terminal generation (Matthew fig tree 24:34) -that you and I will be here on this earth as it is today.  But this speech qualifies for the history books up there with John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you…” or Reagan’s : “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.  I say this because the world was watching Bibi.  c)  I can’t wait to share this one with you regarding the Book of Esther in the Bible where God’s providence and protection of the Jewish people is exemplified,  FYI, the beautiful Queen Esther, wife of the Persian King (try to symbolize him with the unknowning world’s knowledge of Iran) who withheld her Jewish identity until the last moment (please symbolize with Bibi’s 11th hour speech) to warn the King of the plot against him and the destruction of the Jewish people by his Persian Potentate leader, Haman (ie. Iran today).  Friends, this speech was deliberately set up by Almighty God to be delivered at this specific time on Feast of Purim, 3 weeks prior to the Nuclear Deal signing at this particular place in the Halls of Congress where our arrogant President, in his own office,was forced to watch the Israeli leader DARE to walk in the exact footsteps and podium of where he has done so 6 times prior in his State of the Union speech.  Oh how HURT and SAD he must have felt to see this happen from closed doors, probably from where he talked to the Fruit Loops bathtub lady on You Tube or took his selfie stick photos last month.  (Sorry, I’d never have said this if he cared at least 1 “serious smigen” for Israel).  He does not care for Israel.  Why did he even give the go ahead to strike down Israeli jets over Iraqi air space as the Israeli military was planning  to fly to Iran and bomb their nuclear sites last year.  (Plans eventually thwarted by Bibi after 4 days of high-level talks with generals to best not go forward).   Friends, one  more time, this speech was vintage Yogi Berra “Des jeax vous” Holocaust early stages  all over again.  What a way to close this segment on the Iran/Israeli controversial speech but with Jeremiah 25:31,32 : “A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth; for the Lord hath a controversy with the nations, …..he will give them that are wicked to the sword…Thus saith the Lord : behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation and a great whirlwind shall be raised up for the coasts of the earth”.   Are we ready to say come quickly Lord Jesus.


1.  In military drills, Iranian cruise missiles completely destroy 2 life-size replicas of U.S. aircraft carriers in Straits of Hormuz.

2.  Even after Bib’s world-wide jaw dropping speech, even after our “51 cards in the deck” Sec. of State Kerry cozies up with Iran nuclear talks in Geneva, the very next day Iranian  newspapers ramp it up with this diabolical headline :  “We REVOW to annihilate the Nation of Israel”.  Oh you wicked wildmen offspring of Ishmael, to have your wicked thoughts all put in a blender.  You’ve totally come undone in your allegiance to satan.

3.  As only God could parlay the following event with Bibi’s speech : World news media learns March 4th, Holy Day of Purim, that IAEA United Nations inspectors, via nuclear spies for the West on ground in Iran, reveal the discovery of a newly created nuclear plant, Iran’s 8th, never before noticed, 60 miles north of Tehran called LAVIAN 3.

4.  Also, revealed to the world on the 2nd Holy Day of Purim : Ayatollah Khameini is hospitalized with Stage 4 prostrate cancer that has spread through out all of his body, 1 to 2 years to live.  Well…well he better repent his aggregious sins to the Lord about his perpetual call on exterminating the Jewish people whom he called “cancerous pigs”.

5.  Kerry’s counterpart in Geneva, Javed Zarif, on March 5, after talks adjourn “favorably” : “The Netanyahu regime should be annihilated”.  What a purely dumbly timed statement from a dumbly buckaroo.

Dear Great God of Heaven how absolutely astonishing the above 5 signs are for those who are watching for “His glorious return and our blessed hope” in Titus 2:13  No wonder this stuff and the speech converged on this Holy Day of Purim in the BBM WINDOW.  I swear, I swear, the bulk of the people on this earth cannot and will not “see” this as an end time prophetic event (1 Thess. 5:4 : “But ye brethren are not in darkness that that day should over take you as a thief”.    Just as Bibi says “no” deal is better than “a” deal, these BBMs are “THE REAL DEAL”.


The multi-diverse(??)Pope Francis becomes 1st Pope in world history to discuss Climate Change to a doomed world if we don’t act now.  He’s prepared a 60 page document for presentation to influence the world at the UN this September.  Contents are for all nations to pitch in together to avoid world starvation and burning up.  For the Pope to say this is “eerily” out of the scope of his job description.  (Hi Boston).  As knowledgeable as he is, he must have overlooked what our Creator said in Genesis 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night SHALL NOT CEASE”.  This scripture, so powerful in totally defying “global warming” the most formidable world leaders component in forming world government.


1.  “Secular” NASA has calculated and is now watching an asteroid that is precisely on course to hit earth on Sept. 24, 2015.  We must WATCH because this date is our Lord’s Holy Feast of Atonement, His most special and Holy day of the year.  By the way, it’s also the beginning of possibly the world’s, as we know it, final Jubilee of the Lord.

2.  No “Total” Solar Eclipse has ever appeared on Nisan 1, the 1st day of the Jewish (and God’s) Biblical New Year, in ANY of the 7 previous BBMs.  It will arrive over mainland Europe on March 20th.   And more, that exact night will appear a Supermoon new moon, again, absolutely unprecedented, both on Nisan 1.  Must not forget that this day is the exact midpoint of the Jewish elections on March 17th and the anticipated consummation of the satanically inspired Iran nuclear deal with anti-semetic Obama’s wicked blessings, March 23-24.  Do we want more of our Lord’s omens at this most critical week in   world history?  Well how about this prolifically divine date, March 20th, next week is the “exact midpoint” of the current 7th Shemitah year and no less, of the 7th Shemitah cycle.  And how about those pair of “7” sevens, could it just possibly be the “…seven weeks….”mentioned in Daniel 9:25, only our Magnificent Lord knows-absolutely WOW!!! This may refer to the previous Jubilee when on June 7, 1967, Jerusalem was returned back into the hands of Israel.  Oh my, oh my, (You know how this Statistician, (me) was so inspired to graph the current BBM midpoint–see Lord’s Perfect Sign graph 8A–as it totally “symmetrifies” the unprecedented array of our Creator’s Heavenly SIGNS of Genesis 1:14 :(“…let them be for signs and for seasons”) and Joel 2:31 : “The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood “BEFORE” the great and terrible day of the Lord”.  (Do you remember the odds against all these BBMs happening as they did on the Lord’s Special Holy Days, well this number defies all statistical probability : 1 chance in 10 to the 139th power (see 2014-2105 Unprecedented BBM category).  Friends, it’s God, Isaiah 44:6 : “…I am the first and I am the last, and beside me there is no God”.  It’s all God talking to us, and all His glory.  And this one clinches His glory of His warning of judgement we can now see coming in waves : 2 Corinthians 13:1 : “…in the mouth of two or three witnesses (how about, the sun, the moon, and you and me, that’s 4) shall every word be established”.

3.  To beat that, 3 sets of 3 supermoons each, within the BBMs (albeit the 9th one after the 8th supermoon which is the fourth and final BBM appearing over Jerusalem Sept. 28th, will arrive in Oct.

4.  King Abdullah of Jordan on Middle East today : “This is WWIII by any other means”.

5.  Russia’s KGB Putin (the wounded bear of Gog) backed “Murder Incorporated” may be back in style as Putin’s main rival, Nemtsov is assassinated.  Who done it?


A) 1. The speech of the decade on the Feast of Purim by Bibi absolutely shellacked Obama and his minions.

2.  Even Nancy (prime time) Pelosi cried after the speech, cried with the words : “This speech was an insult to the intelligence of America”.  And for blind Kerry to say : “For Iran to capitulate,that is not the  plan”.  Friends, Obama is “stupifying” us on Iran.  His concessions and acts are insane to make this deal work, reports say.  He says only 2 words about Bibi’s speech : “NOTHING NEW”.  Well, mister, you just put America under judgement with those “exact” 2 words in Ecclesiastics 1:9 : “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done : and there is no new thing under the sun”.  You see, mister, Iran (Elam or Persia) has always perpetually tried to destroy the Lord’s “chosen people” (Jeremiah 32:38 : “And they shall be my people and I will be their God”), way back  from Ishmael in Genesis 16:12 to Jeremiah 49:34-39 to Ezek. 38:5 to the 1979 American hostage crisis to today, March 9th.  We can interpret these scriptures forward thousands of years to today and ask ourselves, “Is there really something new in this Iran Deal”?  No there is NOT.  To show the significant difference when Obama said “Nothing New”, which brought the Sword of Damocles for judgement that will now speed up in America versus the same two words spoken by the Lord who never lies, look at these two diverse comparisons:  The ill conceived DEAL concocted by our leader and the diabolic Iran regime was purposely orchestrated to perpetuate and provide unabated secrecy in negotiations to get the bomb to destroy the Jewish state in a nuclear fire and sweep them out to the Mediterranean Sea once and for all.  This way Islam would establish their Caliphate throne and impose sharia law and live happily ever after.  Where as our Magnificent Creator, with all His glory , has His own DEAL which He created before time even began for this exact day (Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times, the things that are not yet done…”).  Therefore, His word that Iran (Persia, Elam ) will ALWAYS, and this is the key now, ALWAYS fail and in the last days of which we are in now,the 2 edged sword from the King of Kings in Revelation 19, will sweep them into the eternal fires of hell for cursing His chosen people if they do not repent.  How easy therefore, it is to choose God’s “NOTHING NEW” over Obama’s “NOTHING NEW”.

B) 1.  I’ve reported, you verify and you decide where America now stands in judgement to God.

2.  The overiding theme of this segment is our arrogant, Israel hating President is a LIAR on the Iran nuclear deal.  Unlike Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify”, with Obama it’s “DO NOT TRUST, DO NOT VERIFY”.  Obama’s deal is a “bad” deal as per several military generals and reputable news sources.

3.  How can this Muslim man really not be trying to destroy the United States of America the way he’s ramrodding over us, the “Irrelavant Majority”, with his Fundamental transformation of what used to be the greatest country on earth.

3.  He blatantly calls ISI”S” the word ISI”L” to purposely single out Israel as the letter L  stands for Levant, the Middle East territory that “includes” Israel, just to jibe more hatred from her neighbors.

4.  He’ll scalp anyone defying his agenda on Israel and Iran nukes, just look at Democratic powerful Senator Menendez, you know the story.  Over 30 high-level and 70 mid level Muslim Brotherhood go freely in and out of the White House side doors daily.  Scheme city thriving with this fanatical creed.  Friends, these guys are the Mothership of Radical Islam in the White House today.

5.  It’s shocking to see how he aborts 2 of the 3 branches of gov’t. to do his “will” on relentless lawlessness of executive orders ( I quit counting, can’t keep up) and lie after lie with what he says is “the most transparent Presidency in history”, YEAH, with not a smigen of corruption in his perpetual ill-fated scandals.

6.  He has Treasury pay $3 billion of Obamacare debt to Insurance Company requests for helping him, totally, 100% un-beknowest to Congress.

7.  Keystone fails for 7th time.

8.  “Obamanet” passes in FCC rulings on controlling the Internet, and we have nothing to say about free speech in near future on the net that debases him. (Courts will ultimately decide, Yeah, right!!!).  And Congress didn’t even get their 30 day chance for review as per Constitution-what Constitution any more.

9.  Egypt, Jordan, Saudis now forming their own 1-mega military in the Middle East -“to hell with the USA” they say, they can’t be trusted.

10.  Iran and Iraq in bed together fighting ISIS in Tikrit, Saddam’s hometown and ask absolutely 0% help from USA. White House has to learn of Tikrit assault when you and I did,  through news media.

11.  He takes away 12 million acres of Alaska for his cronies Enviros.  He’s pushing hard on Global Warming “to unite the world in a common cause”.  Then there’s Boston in 81/2 feet of snow, 6,000 broken records for cold and snow in Eastern USA, and, oh, by the way there’s now snow in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya.  You think he’d know that, if he was born there.

12.  Maybe there’s hope, Obama has a new spiritual leader, Jim Wallis, a social activist who champions communism and tells America to stop watching Glenn Beck, and Fox News.  Friends, all this man does is say : FEED ME, FEED ME, I want you and yours under my thumb.

13.  His statement, “We are a war with Islam is an ugly lie”.  Let’s not even answer that one, like talking to a dead post, yes post.

14.  Finally, as Jeremiah 11:11, where Israel strayed away from, God and America is now, : “Thus saith the Lord.  Behold, I will bring evil upon them….I will not hearken unto them”.



1.  Did you know just 4 days ago, on the 2nd day of Purim, Holy Day of the Lord, our leaderless leader had 666 days left in office.  Oh, how I pray for Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and may another take his office”.

2.  Perpetual White House scandals never cease.  This time, it is Grandma “Hypocrihillary” who gets the action for keeping all her Sec. of State Gov’t. emails of world affairs in her nice and tidy home for 4 years on her personal email  That takes guts, albeit arrogant and foolish.  And to have that “Clintonian” gall to bash the Bush Admin. for doing the exact exact same thing in 2006 (Fox news replay).  Oh well, they are the Clintons, they don’t care they are above the law and us.

3.  Nebraska becomes state #40 to accept gay marriage.


1.  World history”s first ever three-way same sex marriage performed in Thailand, (all guys).

2.  Physicians can now, like the song from Crystal Gayle says “Don’t it turn my brown eyes blue”.

3.  Worse, new show on ABC, The Fosters has 2 teenage gay boys in love and kissing each other on prime time.

4.  Worst, UK Physicians claim they can transplant a human head in 2 years (Drudge Report).


1.a)  New word in the financial world is called “QUADRILLION”, as in the 250,000,000,000,000,000, DEBT the world owes from fiat monopoly money, derivatives, infinite credit, etc., you name it you got it all on credit for the world to devour.  No wonder the 7th of seven Shemitahs ends this Sept. 13, 2105, Feast of Trumpets, can we say sound the alarm for Wall Street on 9/11, the Friday before.  b)  FYI, the trigger will be the about face of interest rates that are just chomping at the bit to begin rising, capitulating the world bond markets, then the banks, then stocks, then pensions, …then the “man of sin” to the rescue.  c)  I also do not expect (for whatever it’s worth) that the Stock Market will never again reach an all time high as it has recently, nor will the Nasdaq ever reach 5,000 again during these BBMs, in this 7th or 7 Shemitahs.


Please Google the above for your verification or email me to substantiate.  That’s how I got it.  You can too.  We put it all together and we get what :  One messy world of mayhem, deception, (word mentioned 4 x in Matthew 24), and, as in the days of Noah, boozing it up on St. Patrick’s day with not a care in the world.  May we pray and watch how our Omnipotent Lord displays the conclusion of His brilliant tapestry of prophetic events in the current BBMs, that’s why they are here and, WE ARE THERE.

Remember the March 17th Jewish elections will surely tip the world into chaos no matter who wins.  If Bibi wins, the 3rd Intifada begins because of the dead end the Palestinians see after Bibi’s speech and what he said March 8 : “I will not seed any territory or make concessions or withdrawals in the current crisis in the Middle East”.  Well, that takes care of that in a hurry.  If liberal Harzog wins, the Peace Treaty may as well be signed before the cock crows the next morning.

With that said, can you just see it, or just feel it lately with the plethora of the latest prophetic events. I know I do.  Please tell your loved ones we either GO UP or DOWN for Eternity depending if we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  May God Bless.

Mark 13:37 : “And what I say to you, I say to all, WATCH”.