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Luke 9:62 : “No man, having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God”.

Revelation 2:25 : “But that which ye have already, hold fast till I come”.

Welcome.  As these 2 verses imply, although so many of us prepared for our Lord’s “probable” return during the Epic Closing of His special Blood Moons and that it did not happen, we just gotta keep going.  Like Paul said we’ve got to run the race and put up a good fight to the end.  We’ve got to believe that the knowledge we’ve ascertained from their warnings and omens was not futile.  And in His next test for us now is to believe in His current flow of judgement and vengeance in this final Jubilee year of humanity as we know it, Isaiah 61:2 and Genesis 6:3.

All one has to do is LOOK LEFT, Paris attacks and refugee mayhem.  LOOK RIGHT, on the cusp of Psalms 83 and Ezek. 38 specifically verse 7, with the Israeli/Palestinian unceasing carnage and Russia’s mighty aggression, respectively.  Let alone our narcistic White House, leaderless, yet lawless and absolutely oblivious to the Signs of the Times so explicitly said in Matthew 16:2,3 on the Pharasies knowing the weather but not the signs and Luke 21:28 : “When these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up….”.

One place not to look at is the stock market, like a cuckoo bird, up 233 points, the very day after the most horrific day of terror on earth since 9/11.  Oh, how true is Isaiah 5:20 : “Evil is good and good is evil”.

The thicker and murkier this soup that this world gets into deliberately biffing Almighty God, the more His word resonates with Bible prophecy and becomes purer.  Oh, how true is 2 Chor. 4:4 : “The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…”.  So, keeping in perspective that our omniscious God is in full control,  LET’S GO!!!


Talk about Bible prophecy exploding in front of our eyes.  I keep saying that phrase, “in front of our eyes”.  Why? Because it is true, that’s why. Just look :

1.  Egypt became the first and only Islamic country EVER to vote side by side with Israel at the UN since Israel was born in 1948.  (Subject regarding who’s to blame on the Israeli and knife wielding Palestinians).

2.  Saudi Arabia’s high Prince says : “I’ll side with Israel against Palestine uprising or Iran”.

3.  EU approves Israeli Settlements “product guidelines”. Now makes it easy for European consumers to boycott Israeli products.  This has great potential to crush the Israeli economy as EU is Israel’s #1 exporter. Israel absolutely infuriated, calls EU action : “utterly descriminative”.

4.   Now 83 Palestinians and 13 Israeli are dead as 3rd Intifada/Psalms 83 War looms.

5.  When Bibi met Obama last week at the White House, not much news we are told about.  However, 38 American and Jewish organizations picketed outside “against” Bibi.

6.  Spanish pilot with 300 passengers as they approach Tel-Aviv says :”We are entering Palestinian air space”.

7.  Israeli contractors meet in Tel-Aviv with Gov’t. regarding the “New” Temple.  They say the 3rd Temple can be built for it’s first service in 30 to 60 days.  Just “WOW”!!

8.  If the UN ushers in the current Western Wall resolution before them to become an Islamic heritage site, I can confidently and prudently make a bold prediction that this will break the camel’s back and usher in Psalms 83 War lickety split.

9.  Isaiah 60:22 : “A little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation : I the Lord will hasten it in His time”.  Well, time to hasten, as Israel has but 0.018% of the world’s land mass and 0.08% of it’s population.   So OK, deal with THAT, you nations of the world.  We Are There.

10.  Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Schlomo Amar : “The time has come for God to reveal the Messiah”.  And then there’s sedated Gov’t. of Sweden who blames Israel for the Paris attacks.  Absolutely Berzerk!!

11.  President Abbas and #2 Palestinian leader Saeb Ereket make rounds this week with Arab neighbors to  decide if they should abolish the 1993 Oslo Accords, the 7-year agreement that includes Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State.

12. a)  Just as the 1949 Blood Moons “BEGAT” the UN’s acceptance of Israel as a nation, after a 1-year Arab War.  b)  Just as the 1967 Blood Moons and Six Day War “BEGAT” the capital of Israel, Holy Jerusalem, back to Israel.  c)  Just as the recent Blood Moons will soon “BEGAT” the Third Temple and the “BREAKING”  of the West Bank and Gaza and Israel’s border neighbors of Psalms 83 with Gog War on it’s tail, possibly even in the same month for the latter two wars.  I believe the probability of these events will be in this Jubilee year.  What else could these last Blood Moons “BEGAT”?  “God does not lie” Titus 1:2.  God doesn’t do Psalms 19:1 for show and tell either : “The Heavens display the Glory of God”.

13.  Ooops, I forgot someone, our cold, tone-deaf delusional leader, the American Pharoah of Exodus 7:3,4 who as of today, has yet to take back his claim that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel as was demanded of him by Congress, that’s 154 days and counting.  This notorious act tells me the worst is yet to come for America as he has caused the Genesis curse to be alive and well in dealing and dancing with the devil himself in this “acceptable year of the Lord”, this 120th Jubilee year.

May we Pray and WATCH and Wait.  Psalms 122:6 : “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”.  Friend’s, God’s time clock on where and when you and I are going, the hottest hot spot on the planet, is ticking.


A.  Oh MAMA, there goes that man again : Friends, these are words directly out of our President’s mouth on Paris :

1.  “The strategy we are putting foreword is “ultimately” the right strategy”.  This is Islamobamaphobia, prickless pin prick air attacks.

2.  “We will continue with our Anti-ISIL strategy”.  Don’t say “L” in ISIL, it’s anti-Israel.

3.  “My strategy will not change, this strategy is working”.

4. a)  “I’m asking for strategic patience”.  Yeah, stretch it out just enough for the Anti-Christ to assume.

4.  b)  STRATEGY, STRATEGY, STRATEGY, nothing but STRATEGY, Right!!

5.  “My vision is still clear on taking in refugees”.

6.  It is our moral obligation to help all refugees”.  Yeah, and he calls Christians “potential domestic terrorists”.

7. a) The Paris attacks should not stop us from accepting Syrian refugees”.   Now, that is a vicious remark.

7. b)  REFUGEES, REFUGEES, REFUGEES, nothing but REFUGEES, Right!!

8.  “The terror in Paris was a “MINOR SETBACK”.  You just say that over an open microphone on a French soccer field, KAPOW!!

9.  And what a tremendous leader in our White House when just 9 hours before Paris : “Our goal was to “contain”ISIL” and we have “contained them”.  What naivety, KABOOM!!

10.  “ISIL is the face of evil”.  Quick Mr. Obama, look in the mirror.

11.  “There is no specific march by ISIL across the terrain”.  You blew it again with your feckless approach.

12.  He calls Republicans : “a potent recruiting tool for ISIL”.

13.  “I don’t take action to make America look tough”.

14.  “America is not there to win wars”.  Friends, I can say absolutely nothing to this enabler of evil with such divisive rhetoric to support Death to America.  Sooo, party on Obama, just like it was 1929.

15.  “We’ll do everything that it takes”.  Well, friends, he’s done NOTHING what it takes and that’s my take.

16.  And dear Hillary : “We are not at war with Islam”.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton, she lies again.

17.  Cronie Ben Rhodes : “We have robust vetting procedures and investigative tactics”.  Yes cronie Ben, but the refugees come with NOTHINGGGG!

18.  Another cronie attesting to Obama’s “speed vetting” of refugees and pushing them hard to set up more screening outposts : “We want to be in place where we can push out really ambitious goals to exceed 10,000″.  Friends, I just don’t make this stuff up.

B.  Rational experts/politician’s remarks on Obama’s Turkey speech :

1.  Charles Krauthamer : “What an absolute astonishing performance, he was passive, detached, irritable, flat…and he calls the Act of War a SETBACK”.

2.  Senator Diane Feinstein : “ISIS is not contained, ISIS is growing”.  And she’s a Democrat.

3.   John McCain : “There’s a total lack of confidence in his leadership….a level of dissatisfaction I’ve never seen before in today’s military”.

4.  Ted Cruz : “Obama doesn’t wish to defend America”.

5.  Billy Graham : “Prepare for persecution in America”.

6.  Son, Franklin : “ISLAM is not a peaceful religion contrary to what Pres. Obama claims”.

7.  Even Chuck Todd, NBC : “His tone was defensive, he didn’t channel what Americans are feeling right now”.  And NBC loves Obama.


1.  First and foremost, I’d accept 100% of Muslim children, seniors, and women refugees.  My passion runs high for their horrific struggles.  But common sense, which must over rule stigmatism here, tells me this is a UNIQUE and possibly DEADLY issue for all Americans for Muslim men to come in.  Sorry.

2.  With that said, most frequently asked question in Turkey was basically : How do you respond to your failing strategy on ISIS?

3.  Did you see his Turkey speech on Paris?  He was insanely biased to Muslims, explicitly absurd, arrogant, abusive, frustrated, studdered several Uh, Uh, Uh’s, his logic was like jello when he doubled-down, good thing, in essence, that speech was in Turkey, he could babble and gobble and gobble and he did.

4.  As always, he failed to define ISIS.  If he can’t say Radical Islam, then how can he fight it?  Why can’t he get that not all Muslims are Radical Islamists, but Radical Islamists are all Muslims, 22 for 22 in major terror attacks in world since 9/11, all Muslims.  DING DING.

5.  And to say ISIS is “contained”, from him, what is ISIS when they are unleashed.

6.  And he has the gall to ask Putin to join “his” coalition force of 65 nations to fight ISIS.  Yes, Alice in Wonderland, Pitbull vs poodle.

7.  Friends, he’s not upholding his oath of office to secure America, he’s upholding his narcistic oath to tear down America with evil.  So out of WHACK!

8.  He’s doing very well in producing his deceptive goal of Matthew 12:25 : “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”.


1. a)  Obama slipped a mickey on us again over the weekend by freeing 5 GITMO butchers.  Out of respect, you’d think he’d have waited after Paris horror.  Friends, his cold and evil actions are demonic.

1. b)  And ninnee Susan Rice : “We will die trying to close GITMO”.  Well……

2.  Just in, 33 States now oppose even 1 Syrian refugee, unless absolutely “clean”.  Let’s WATCH.

4.  FBI has stopped last 900 of 900 possible terror attacks on U.S. soil.  But, what about #901?

5.  MSNBC calls Dr. Ben Carson a “soft negro”.

6.  Only 63% of Americans are “absolutely certain” of God.  49% of young only.

7.  On Bibi’s recent visit to D.C., Obama tells him to his face : “The Iran Deal is a narrow issue”.  Hold back Bibi, there’ll be your time soon, God says so.

8.   How ridiculous is this moronic UN? As the whole world is looking East at Paris from New York, Ban-Ki-moon goes West to meet with North Korea.  Whackadoodle!!

9.  FYI France carried out more attacks in 1 day Nov. 15th than Obama in almost 2 years since calling ISIS a JV team.  Now that’s strategy in reverse.

10.  World Bank calls on all nations of the world to formulate and implement an efficient and inexpensive way to ID and track all humans on the planet by 2030. Must be a 1-way system with the same universal equipment and compatible data bases Hmm!! sure sounds like 1-World-Order of Rev. 13:16-19.

11.  Secretive Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Obama is sooo “hooked” on released to all of Congress.  Friends, it’s all on paper and it’s very scary. Google it. Senator Sessions : “This is absolute Global Governance under the President.  A parallel image of the Climate Change Trojan Horse where America will be “hooked”.  Yes, God’s Jubilee is here, filled with His Judgement and vengeance as per Lev. 26:15,16.  Friends, we are truly on the Edge of Time.  WATCH!!

ASIA   RUSSIA :  Where the mighty bear, Putin, growls and the wimpy chimp, Obama, runs for the politically correct hills.  Russia is putting on a serious display of firepower that is absolutely shocking the military world.

1.  Iraq asks Russia for the 3rd time for airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq like they’re doing in Syria.  Third time’s the charm, Russia will coordinate this in with Syrian bombings.  Not once, no not once did Iraq ask for U.S. help here.  Thanks for blackening the blood of 5,000 American soldiers who died there, but for what Mr. Obama, you…..

2.  Russia’s MIGHTY MACHINE has now scared off over 3,000 ISIS fighters, some unfortunately to greener pastures via the refugee routes into Europe.

3.  Despite the news media lack of coverage, the Ukraine War still goes on, over 6,200 dead. Matthew 24:7 : “Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom”.  This is “ONE” of 57 current world external/internal national conflicts in this messy world.

4.  After 7 long years, Russia is now in the process of delivering “the dreadful-to-Israel”.  S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.

5.  Russia this week has deployed missiles in Syria that could take down a jet in Tel-Aviv.

6.  French Pres. Hollande directly speaks to Putin for help in his war with ISIS.  Putin’s response, an EMPHATIC ; “Yes, we will help you immediately”.  Is this a des jeax vous all over again.  Yes it is, nobody wants America’s help.  Why : Obama, Obama, Obama, the cut and run Muslim deceiver of Christians.  Friends, you got this guy figured out I pray,  Dear Lord why can’t he be impeached or….   WATCH PUTIN, WATCH RUSSIA.  They are truly the world’s #1 Game-Changers today.  Everybody wants his help, Middle East, Europe, North Africa with Libya, Egypt, South America with Columbia, Venezuela.  That’s about 2 billion people that’s all.  Hmmm!! Ezek. 38 and possibly more.

CHINA :  Putin asks, Putin gets.  China now sends troops to join Russia to fight ISIS.  Sends vessels to Syria coast.

SYRIA : Of all the desecration of humanity going on there, with Syrian rebels and ISIS and all the muck Assad is in Syria claims the oil Israel discovered on the Golan Heights is Syria’s.  Gee’s oh moe, this despotic regime has lost its moral compass of reality.  How absolutely insane for this ugly greedy call at a time like this from these JACKALS who are at least speeding up the prophetic time clock of Damascus’ demise in Isaiah 17:1 which will happen in the 8 hour time span of verse 14.  We Watch, We Wait, We Pray.


1.  Look at ISIS these last 2 weeks : a) They bomb Russian airplane, 224 die.  b)   They blow up Beirut, Lebanon buildings, 43 dead.  c)  The Genesis 16:12 reprehensible butchers massacre 129 in Paris.  d)  They’re infiltrating the EU via the refugee option like 60.  e)  They threaten a 100% guaranteed attack on D.C. and New York.  f) They produce their 1st video ever threatening to soon attack on Israel and titled it “And Then They Will Be Vanquished”.  g)  ISIS now has a 24/7 help desk for assistance. h)  And lastly Bernie Sanders attributes ISIS birth to Climate Change.  UGGHHH!!  What a peaceful loving feeling of a statement is that?

ASIA :  Oh say it ain’t so : Now Japan courts acknowledge gay marriage.  The Japanese used to have such approvable morals, and ethics.  Oh well,  friends, these are all facts, all reported by reputable News Media.  Mark 13:37 : “And what I say to you, I say to all, WATCH”.  Yes, may we Watch the Glory of God as He proclaims His acceptable year and His year of vengeance in this Final Jubilee year.


1.  Friends, any Watchman of Bible prophecy in these last days has an obligation to God Almighty to continue revealing actual statements of world leaders past and present that are not in step with Him.  It is the right thing to do.  With that said, scrutinize for yourself another succinctly expressed quote of Pope Francis : “Some think they can have a personal direct relationship with Jesus Christ outside of the Communion and meditation of the Church, such temptations are dangerous and harmful”.  Great fit for Rev. 13:11 : “He had two horns like a lamb and spake as a dragon”.

2.  FYI., Pope did say “We are now in WWIII”, in regards to Paris attacks.  Wiser Commander in Chief than we have.

3.  Vatican leak : Vatican owned properties are operating as brothels and massage parlors for Priests.  Can’t be “lukewarm” with God or He will spit you right out of His mouth, as in Rev. 3:16.


1.  Friends, we are entering yet another game-changing “very DARK WORLD” of foreboding atrocious prophetic events.  This massive, relentless, unstoppable invasion from the “Muslim Exodus” that is absolutely a metasticizing scourge in Europe has now shown it’s true colors.  Friday’s Paris’ bloodshed was fully displayed by the ugly tentacles of Radical Muslim’s acts to fulfill their duty to satan himself.

2.  Must always remember, that of the 875,000 Muslim refugees now in the EU this year, are 70% young  bearded unmarried males, age 20-35.  Why don’t they stay back to defend their parents and siblings etc.?  Ging-Gong wake up Europe, they have a mission, and that is to convert you or kill you.

3.  As of 48 hours before attacks, EU expected 3 million more refugees in 2016.

4.  What in the world to do as Europe’s unemployment rate = 12.5% and for ages 25-35 it’s 26%.

5.  EU officials and Doctors : “Thousands upon thousands will die from freezing soon….!!

6.  Now Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden refuses 100% of refugees.

7.  As I write this, Germany via Angela Merkel, is still taking in 1,000,000 of them and Saudi Arabia is flipping the bill for building 200 Mosques there.  Now that’s a business deal Donald Trump would have not thought of.

8.  For crying a green river, not 1 single Arab Gulf State is taking in 1 single refugee onto their soil.  Why? I’ll tell you why : The Muslim creed is perfecting it’s practice of “Al  Hijra” before our very sleepy droopy eyes.  These words mean the taking over of a non-Muslim country via infiltration, proliferation, and subversion…”to convert or die”.   Can you see it, so clear.  What an awesome example of God’s current vengeance on this planet in this final of all His Jubilee Years of Genesis 6:3.  That being 120 Jubilees x 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years, as in today friends.

9.  As France President has sounded it’s clarion call “this time it’s WAR”, so too must Germany.  Just look at EU President Tusk : “The clock is ticking, we have to act fast now, we are under pressure, we must hurry”.

10.  And if this don’t get your “goat” on Angela Merkel where protests are exploding throughout Germany and for first time ever an entire unified Eastern Europe stance against her, she says “AFTER” the Paris Attacks : “We believe in the right of every person to seek happiness and enjoy it in the respect and tolerance for others…we will manage it”.  Dear Lord, what planet is she on?  How absurd, she’s “come undone”.

11.  Friends, this “Trojan Horse” may well be the perfect storm brewing in France today where France will ask for the invocation of Article 5 of NATO Charter for NATO to participate in this war which specifically says “An attack on one is an attack on all”.  May we Watch God’s Glory unfold with this looming sword of Damocles.  Could this possibly be the epic opening door for the all problem-solving Anti-Christ to emerge from all this apocolyptic-like mayhem which has over 400 million EU citizens in the Helter Skelter Zone of fear.

12.  80,000 fans forced to leave Germany/Netherlands soccer game, due to credible bomb evidence.

13.  Wild gun fire kills three more terrorists in Paris today, Nov. 18.  More Helter Skelter for people.


1.  In 30 days since Oct. 13, there’s been 620 “minor” earthquakes in the East San Francisco Bay area of magnitudes 2.0 to 3.6.  This 1 month period exceeds the old record in the entire year of 2003 of 120, a ratio of “62:1″.  Hmmm!!  God is rumbling.

2.  Oklahoma is the entire planet’s #1 earthquake zone, not in magnitude, but in frequency with over 800 this year.

3. a)  Unprecedented violent shaking going on along the Pacific Ocean’s perimeter “Ring of Fire” horseshoe where 75% of earth’s earthquakes and 90% of volcanoes occur, 39 volcanic eruptions in September, never ever so many recordings in 1 year.  b)  Scientists can only say : “For what ever reason, our planet seems to be waking up…”.  UGGHH!!  They just don’t get it.  My word, it’s God talking to us in an “upset mode” these days in this Final Jubilee.

4.  Extremely rare cyclone hits ISIS infected Yemen, by Saudi Arabia.  Has 20 inches of rain in 1 day and averages only 2 inches of rain per year.  That country is all “WET”.

5.  Actress Jennifer Lawrence, of Hunger Games and highest paid actress in the world says : “People holding their Crucifixes, which may as well be PITCHFORKS”.  Someday, she’ll bow down to the Lord and discuss that hideous remark with Him as per Isaiah 45:23.

6.  Westminster, Colorado, a high on dopiness school teacher brings in “tarot cards” to class and tells kids this is how to “cleanse, and rid the room of evil spirits”.  Break my brain, what poisons are being infested into children in lieu of Jesus Christ’s way of cleansing not just a classroom but their eternal life.

7.  Obama is “OUT” magazine’s cover boy, man of the year- a gay gay thing.

8.  Bye Bye Ken.  Well this gay abiding secular nation has done it again.  This Christmas, stores will be stocked with a “Mochino” Barbie. Who’s commercials for Christmas will be sponsored by a young boy.   Oh how far have we’ve sunk?

9.  Experts predict 100% of Christians will vanish from Middle East, excluding Israel by 2025.  Only 1% left in Iraq.

10.  Lastly, the One-World-Order final paper signing for implementation of 1-1-2016 is still scheduled to take place in where else but Paris, France, on Nov. 30th.  Coincidence, Shomincidence, Right!!  He’s SHOUTING, He’s SHAKING, He’s QUAKING.  Time is so so short, and this world is blindly MELTING.

CONCLUSION :  So there you have it.  In perspective now,  how did we get here:

1.  Well, the Blood Moon warnings are gone.  They were no fluke on what God portended.

2.  The Lord’s Jubilee is here from Sept. 23, 2015 to Oct. 12, 2016, Yom Kippur.

3.  Using Israel as the world’s “template” of 3,500 years ago with Moses, we too have disobeyed God in Lev. 25, specifically verses 21,22.

4.  As a result, we must endure Lev. 26:14-39. specifically note the word “terror” in verse 16, only place this word is mentioned in the Bible and think of today.

5.  Please click on right side of this website “Home Page” on my Facebook, Nov. 20th, for a most descriptive account where we are sadly headed for.  This will help you to judge for yourself as we have terribly failed our last vestige of hope in this late hour the last 3 years leading up to this Jubilee year.  What a web of a curse we have woven.  I feel we will all be absolutely shocked to see what the Lord has prepared for the nations, AND THEY ARE NOT “MANSIONS”. Come quickly Lord Jesus we are waiting for you.  May God Bless You Very Much for Accepting Him.  Paul Grevas








My Bags Are Still Packed For When He Shouts And Shakes Nov. 4, 2015

Welcome.  Will this year be prophetically filled with our Almighty God’s SHOUT, SHAKE and QUAKE?  The Blood moons were ladened with omens.  Now they are GONE, and the Jubilee Judgements have come.  It would take a drunk alien from another planet to not acknowledge so many Trojan Horses that were birthed 24 hours after the 4th Biblical Blood Moon (see charts).  Simply,  1) the extreme spike in the Israeli stabbings.  2) The unbelievable massive Russian aggression in the Middle East.  3)  The Climate Change Agenda 2030 was shipped off to Paris for final tweaking and voting after completed Sept. 28th. to initiate the New World Order.  4)  The unprecedented gigantic spike of Muslim refugee migration into Europe hit the world stage.  So much more in this following article.

First, please click on my Oct. 20th Facebook on this Home Page to read about the most remarkable prophetic reason the Rapture, Global Financial Meltdown, etc. did not materialize this past Shemitah year.  So simple, 7 Shemitahs of 7 years each make just “1” Jubilee, as is this one, the last one.  Article is all about Leviticus 23.  How the heck did I miss that with my charts as to something “BIG” happening.  Oh well, the BIG BOYS like Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz, etc. missed it too.  You read, you verify, then you judge for yourself as to how close we are to the Edge of Time, this time around.  Then you’ll know.

So, with that said, let’s put all this into a better perspective of What’s Going On and What Do We Do Now???  SO LET’S GO :


Deut. 20:4 : “For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you to fight for you against your enemies, to save you”.  Take that, Palestinians, Obama, United Nothing.  Yes, God will soon save all of Israel, but look at the rough patch of weeds the Jewish Nation is struggling thru today :

1)  Yes, 70 Palestinian knife wielding terrorists have been killed but so have 11 innocent Jews been stabbed to death.

2)  Jerusalem mayor Barkat tells citizens to “pack heat” and : Carry loaded guns wherever you go…this is a 180 degree turn from Pres. Obama’s call for more guns, not less, will make Jerusalem safer”.

3)  Israeli security working 24/7 building barriers to protect Jewish Settlements on the inside and double ditto around Palestinian Settlements of chaos on the outside.

4)  Wall Street Journal has proof “U.S. moved carriers into the region to prevent Israeli air power from striking Iran’s nukes”.  Also, U.S. has been spying on Israel since 2012. Also, how will Obama deceive Bibi when they talk in D.C. Nov. 9th.  Will most probably be a blackmail by Obama to threaten Bibi on voting for the UN Resolution to divide Israel into 2 states if Bibi doesn’t halt current violence and Jewish Settlement building.  Remember this was delayed at UN last month, surely for these slippery snakes to blackmail Israel at the perfect time.  By the violence, may this be the perfect time?

5.  And the delusional duo of JK squared :  Kerry : “The massive Settlement increase has caused a growing frustration of Palestinians who see no end in sight”.  And Obama ninnee spokesman John Kirby : “We’ve seen reports of security activity that indicates excessive use of force of Israelis on Palestinians”. Oh yeah, as they stab an 80 year old woman with a bag of groceries last week.  What a preposterous statement.  GHISHH!!

6.  Jews have been expelled from 80 countries in the last 1700 years, no nation even comes close.

7.  The late Rabbi Haim Shvili predicted 75 years ago that Russia would start the Gog War in Ezek. 38 by first coming to Syria and then onto Israel.  Friends, just 24 hours after the 4th Blood Moon Sept. 28th, Russia moved massively into Syria.  Do you see the Bible explode before our very eyes TODAY!!

8.  Bibi : “We will forever live by the sword and we will indefinitely control all Palestinian territory”.  Kudos to Bibi, he should say this, as God gave them this land.  Genesis 15:18 : “…unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates”.  Case closed “Pals”.

9.  UNESCO, cultural arm of UN, has finally approved Palestinian Resolution to list Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs as “Islamic Holy Sites”.  Friends, remember Maude in the Golden Girls sitcom always said : “God’ll get you for this”.  Their BASIS : Jesus had more in common with Palestinians than with Jews.  Just watch Jewish firestorm explode on this whitewashing of 4,000 years of Jewish heritage.

10.  And never forget, Muslims can pray 24/7 on the Temple Mount, Jews only on specific times and of course, 100% ban of Jews praying there as they can only pray on the Western Wall as you know.  Bibi has his Special Envoy to reverse this but has been rebuked by the UN ‘s propensity to perpetually bash Israel.  They claim Israel ceased paying membership fees for UNESCO, so there.  Goodness gracious, give me a break.

11.  In closing, never forget the most prolific Bible prophecy fulfillment going on as I write this article since Israel became a nation in 1948.  And that is Gog, Putin, the old cuss, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and their demonic buckaroos are all scheming and have their ugly tentacles looming about Israel.  Not for Israel, not for their holy sites, not for their land, not for their religion.  Friends, for their newly found world’s largest oil reserves, the very explicit Ezek. 38:4 : “HOOK IN THE JAW” sitting under the Golan Heights, smack on the Israel/Syria border, smack on 70 miles from Damascus and Isaiah 17:1.  Friends,  WATCH this Trojan Horse SHOUT and SHAKE the world.


1.  Sec. Ban-ki Moon of UN is all about Palestine : “I know your hopes for peace are dashed, you are angry at the continued occupation and settlement expansion…”.  Well feed this man a little pablum with sugar water.  Boo-Hoo-Ban-ki, you’re inciting them.

2.  Their social media is plastered with videos showing how to best stab Jews and to make sure they die, to dip their knives in deadly poison to assure a kill.

3.   UN issues wire that the escalation of violence is due to “illegal” settlement expansion and restrictions imposed by Israel from accessing the Mosque.  Oh take my breath away!!

4.  Is it possible the “BIG LIE” is actually the Palestinian’s world cry that the “land” is theirs and the whole world when they hear it OVER & OVER & OVER, believes it.  2 Thes. 2:11 : “And for this cause God shall send them a strong DELUSION that they should BELIEVE A LIE”.  Thank you great God Almighty for this most fascinating and compelling verse so clear for this generation to witness your glory here.

5.  I knew this was coming : Top sheiks and clerics lead rallies of thousands in Jordan to annul their 1994 Peace treaty with Jordan.

6.  Crazy cooky parents get their newborn baby.  That’s good.  They name him “The Knife of Jerusalem”.  Now, that’s BAD.

7.   Palestinian authorities rename a popular street after a terrorist boy who stabbed 2 Jews.  BAD,BAD again.  Wish I could provide you much more.  Close with Psalms 37:13 : “The Lord shall laugh  at him for he seeth that his day is coming”.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

U.S.A.  :

Oh yes friends, “there goes that man again”.  This time this great American divider has really come undone.

1.  Oh woe, oh woe is America, the once MIGHTY greatest nation on earth.  And now so laden with so many pimples.

2.  How awesome our Bible is to show us the ‘true colors” of our White House leader.  I think of what Obama is so capably doing to desecrate our nation and I think of 2 Tim. 3:13 : “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving …”.  and also 2 Chor. 4:4 : “In whom the God of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not …”.

Just look at our delusional leader’s acts this past week :

3.  He is so ultra clumsy in his Foreign Policy he tells us “dummies” we will have 50 more boots on the ground in Syria, but they will not be boots on the ground”.  Friends, we are in a combat scene now and he blows it off by not calling our involvement “mission creep” when it’s nothing but “”mission creep”.  Oh that ‘creep”!!  What are “ye” smoking??

4.  He’s cut the Army to 1940 size levels, and the Navy to 1915 levels.

5.  Our 2009 budget = $10.6 trillion and in 7 years of Obamacachingobama ($$$) new budget he and our Benedict Arnold Republicans signed will be $20 trillion in March 2017.  He’ll have unfettered free access to billions and as per Senator Rand Paul : “We will now be giving Obama a free pass to borrow as much as he wants in his last year.  No limits whatsoever”.  Hmmm, cool, spend it wisely, as on another $43 million gas station in Afghanistan that was shown on Fox News.

6.  New Speaker Paul Ryan, on immigration : “It would be a ridiculous notion to pursue legislation on immigration because Obama cannot be trusted”.

7.  Senator Lindsay Graham : “Obama is a totally incompetent Commander-in-Chief “.  Friends, Obama is an evil man, I dislike him very much.

8.  Obama to release an unprecedented 6,000 drug criminals this month onto the streets “for a second chance”.

9.  More, just like he biffed and cheated Bibi in Israel’s election, Obama double ditto’s on Canadian election to dump world’s lone major leader who likes Israel, Prime Minister Steve Harper, as he sends Democratic Party liberals to Canada to guide Harper’s rival.  Well, Obama won, Harper lost, new P.M. Trudeau is a liberal progressive not friendly with Israel.

10.  One of Obama’s many parts in the New World Order which begins New Years Day is the launching of his “Strong Cities Network” of both globalized “AND” U.S. National local police departments to incarcerate people like you and me.  He two days earlier launched his “Domestic Terrorism Council”.  As in possible future military militia.  Did you see either of these 2 launches on the liberal media which by the way is 91% of all U.S. media. No, you didn’t, nor I.  Friends, it’s all the deception of this Trojan Horse under the guise of Climate Change of a One World Gov’t., piece by piece.  Wow, what a great tool satan has given Obama with the media to get his work done.

11.  With Obama’s approval, the United Nothing UN reveals it’s 1st One World Order agenda to the world : The establishment of a Global Supreme Court that will be the “sole ruler”on Climate Justice, Climate Finance, and Climate Debt.  In essence, this will make America a 3rd world country as our Constitution will be null and void in their eyes, all national Congress or Parliaments or Governments will be bypassed and have diddly squat to vote on or discuss national concerns that this “Supreme”, Supreme Court will have rulings on.  By-By Corporate America.  Bottom line, rich developed countries will backslide to normalcy, as 3rd world nations rise.  All are one, all equal, so perfect for the Anti-Christ to “pre-set” his table.  For crying in a bucket, no wonder our Congress works only 111 days next year which includes a 2 month “French-style” vacation July to September, absolutely unprecedented.  Hmmm!!  Do they already know maybe their services will be muted Jan. 1st?

Friends, all this going on under the radar.  We should be WATCHING every single nugget of info coming out of the White House to enable us to sense soon that Jesus Christ will call us home and release us from this 1 world satanic order and this evil White House.  Remember, the shroud, the shroud of dark scaffold to this very day encompasses our Capital in D.C. It is a Harbinger of steel and iron that was created during the Blood Moons.  Surely appears this Jubilee year of God’s judgement on corporate America will be absolutely horrific, as well as, it’s God-fearing Christian connection, people like you and me.

Come quickly Lord Jesus and protect our minds from going into the twilight zone of the devil’s maniacal minions that are dancing with the devil all around this country of ours these last 7 years. Lastly, regarding today, Nov. “4th”, our “44th” President who so loves the Iran Deal from Hell sure does coincide to the “444” days U.S. hostages became prisoners of Iran.  Coincidence, Shmoincidence, God is telling us Obama is very scary.


1.  Not much in this Climate Change pitchman for the New World Order which begins Jan. 1, 2016.  Only an internal financial mismanagement scandal in early development stage and Cardinals are talking of their frustration of Pope’s excessive liberal reforms.

2.  With that said, never forget his most prolific quote from his very lips on Jesus Christ : a)  “We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.  b)  “Some think they can have a personal direct relationship with Jesus Christ outside of the communion and meditation of the church.  Such temptations are dangerous and harmful”.  Friends, what planet is he living on?  Jesus Christ is total victory, not a failure, over sin and the cross was the means to accomplish this.  Pope Francis, please read 1 Chor. 1:18 before you bow down to God Almighty : “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God”.   And to put the church ahead of Jesus in his pecking order to Heaven, Well, !!! All about Rev. 13:11, the little 2-horned lamb that speaks like a dragon.  We gotta WATCH! his every move until we’re outta here.  Oh, what a contrarian the Pope’s words are to the divine holiness of our Lord and Savior if he really means this.


1.  The EU is all about nothing BUT, the “Muslim refugee machine”.  It is non-stop, it is 24/7.  It is almost 700,000 refugees this year so far.  10,000 into Germany per day this week.  It is 218,000 in October alone, what a spike!!  It is 32,000,000 on their way from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, and on and on, all fleeing persecution, poverty, and evil death.  Just like in the Bible, just like in the Holocaust, just like in the Crusades, just like in the Dark Ages, just like NOW!!  Before our unbelieving eyes just as in Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now, and that which IS TO BE hath already been”.  It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Lovers of Jesus like you and me are next on satan’s diabolical agenda as he knows he “has but a short time left”.

2.  ISIS sends assassins into EU UN refugee camps to kidnap and or kill Muslim Christians.

3.  Several Muslim gangs break into German schools, churches, trash and pilfer laptops, cash, sacred church instruments (Cologne and Berlin included).

4.  Others march thru city streets, protests and parades, some carrying black flags of ISIS and some claiming the land of Europe for Allah ( Hannover, Frankfurt).

5.  Oh Angela Merkel, what a web you have woven with open borders that you now weave, as the true colors of these Muslims practice is to deceive.  They are not only coming, they are here, with much baggage.

6.  Even Doctors throughout Germany are absolutely at a breaking point handling injured, raped, birthing Muslim refugees as they refuse to be treated by “female” doctors.

7.  You know, Angela Merkel who I’ve admired for so many years until this quote from her, as I’ve now lost all credibility in her sanity.  She says : “If we don’t manage Climate Change, then there will be many many refugee movements like this around the world”.  Oh for crying a green river, I do believe she has lost it.

8.  EU officials meeting in Berlin : “The migrant crisis is pushing Germany towards civil war and is already on the edge of anarchy or becoming a banana republic without any government”.

9.  And if this isn’t the EU Army under the Anti- Christ coming very soon to a theater near you  :  The EU leaders have put a plan together and will vote on the proposal shortly : An EU Army of 1,551,000 troops with a budget of $210 billion and 6,000 fighting aircraft.  Friends, this stuff is real, cannot be made up.  This is the Anti-Christ’s Army of Armaggedon that will trample Jerusalem in the midpoint of the Great Trib, the one that will conquer the King of the South in Daniel 11, the one that will fight the 200 million man army of Rev. 16:12 and even Jesus on His return in Rev. 19.  Hello, wake up, WE ARE THERE.  Please tell your loved ones that “1 plus 1= 2″.  The Blood Moon omens are gone, the Jubilee judgements are here staring right at us.  I know you who read this cares, but does the world care, NAHHH!

10.  Switching gears : United Kingdom becomes 1st nation on earth to legalize the creation of a baby from DNA of “THREE” parents outside the womb.  Do I hear FOUR, or FIVE, or how about 10 distinct DNA  parent portions, that’s a round number.  And how about Jeremiah 1:15 : “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before though camest forth out of the womb “.  Oh yea, we’re there trickling on the Edge of Time.


RUSSIA.  The Russian bear growls.

1.  Putin tells Bibi very sternly that he will not tolerate any Israeli air strikes in Syria.

2.  Putin tells U.S. and the West : “I want to remind you that Russia is a leading nuclear power.  It is best not to mess with us”.  OOOKAY, that’s good enough for me.

3.  Iraq ruling Gov’t. overwhelmingly approves Putin air strikes on ISIS and wants U.S. to get out of Iraq.  Putin, Iraq’s new love.

4.  Putin’s approval rating = 91% – “an historical maximum”.  Eat your chops out Obama.

5.  Oh say it ain’t so Mr. Obama.  Last 3 days Russia takes out 96 ISIS military sites, U.S. carries out zero, NATTA, Squat.  Who’s the Boss??  Look left Obama, Putin is running circles around you.

6.  Russia drafts 150,000 troops to go to the Middle East.

7.  Russia now has air traffic control towers, aircraft runways, helicopter pads, S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, several SAMs (surface to air missiles).  For what??  How about for Ezek. 38 and the Gog War, ISIS and Syrian rebels are just smoke for this ravenous Russian beast of a Trojan Horse with hooks in it’s jaws being lured by the riches of new discoveries of Israeli oil.  What prophetic timing for this specific generation to witness His Glory unfold BEFORE our VERY EYES.  You gotta read EZEK 38, written 2,800 years ago.  IT’S HERE TODAY!!!!

8. Finally, Putin selected most powerful man in the world, 3rd year in a row.


Like Hillary, they lied again.  Associated Press death toll for Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca was 2,177.  Not like the 1,399 Saudis claimed before that, and the 769 claimed before that and the 400 before that.


1.  ISIS is getting clobbered, yet still forging ahead to Damascus, then Rome, then Jerusalem on their 2014-2019 five year plan.  This time, they’ve penetrated into Central Syria, never before, conquer Mahin, now 25 miles away on the road to Damascus.  Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

2.  Also, today ISIS claims full responsibility for downing plane over Sinai from Egypt to Russia.  If this is so, this is a great game changer for world security.


1.  China financial global meltdown is the Real Deal, not 1 gimmick is working to bolster economy.  World will surely follow.

2.  China tells U.S. : “A minor incident could spark a war in the South China Sea if the U.S. doesn’t stop it’s provocative actions”.

Friends, do you see it?  Russia is bullying the U.S. (very easy for a pit-bull vs.a poodle of course), China too.  this must happen to crush the U.S. so the New World Order can proceed unfettered.  And Obama helping too of course.


Earthquakes :

1.  NASA Jet Propulsion Lab predicts a catastrophic earthquake to hit Los Angeles area in the next 3 years (99.9% probability of 5.0 or greater).

2.  San Francisco area gets torpedoed with swarm of 443 quakes since Oct. 13.  Largest 3.6 magnitude.

El Nino :

1.  Britain is warned by world scientists to brace for the worst, fiercest, coldest, winter of El Nino in their history.  Potential for most catastrophic and deadly one ever that will also affect weather patterns world wide.

2.  NASA and NOAH studying it daily by the hour.  Climax will be approx. Dec. 25th of epic cold, water turbulence.  Is wider and longer than any previous one.  Phenomenon to last 18 months to end of 2016.

3.  Commodity prices like sugar, rice, cocoa, beef, milk will skyrocket from worldwide shortages.

Volcanoes :

1.  Most potentially destructive volcano people wise, in North America is rearing back to life from the dead.  Called Mt. Popa, outside Mexico City and 25,000,000 people.  Past week has started to spawn huge ash clouds to sky.

Drought and Ice :

1.  Rain forest of Amazon River, largest in world, is driest on record, deemed irreversible now as we know it.

2.  Dramatic gigantic crack has formed in the foothills of Wyoming, 2100 feet long by 150 feet wide.  Scientist baffled.

3.  What Global Warming?  Antarctica ice has increased by 135 billion tons/yr. in 2015, biggest EVER.  (And Obama says Global Warming is the world’s greatest fear).  YIKES, yes he’s lost it.


1.  A dead comet the size of a battleship flew between earth and moon Halloween night.  Looked like a replica of a human skull face.  Very ominous. Google it.

2.  Says asteroid, or “WHATEVER IT IS” will hit earth Nov. 13th as scientists cannot detect if it’s a debris piece or what, technically.  Called WT1190F.  Let’s watch.

Hurricane Patricia :

Strongest hurricane ever recorded in world history, 235 mph at times, no other hurricane has hit land with such a 1) high wind velocity, or 2) gone so far inland. Caused torrential floods in Texas, Louisiana you saw on TV.

Other :

1.  Vassar College Professors, Administrators shown on video shredding copies of U.S. Constitution as they deemed it was too much pain for their students.

2.  Satanic Temple groups invited to high school football game in Bremerton, Wash. to counter Christian football coach and players praying on the field after games.  I don’t know or care to follow up what came of their acts, next to the team praying to God, evil I’m sure.  It’s America today.

3.  New word in America : “THROUPLES”, means marriage of 1 and or 2 men to 1 and or 2 or 3 or 4 women.  Sounds like hi-tech polygamy with a dose of Sodom and Gomorrah.  How can we POSSIBLE not be in the end of days friends?


Friends what else do you want?  All of the above are FACTS,FACTS, FACTS.  Open, frank, and honest.  The stage is set, the actors are in place.  The world’s little Anti-Christs and haters of Israel will not escape God’s prophetic word as it is INFALLIBLE, it is INERRANT, it is EXCELLENT and it is MIGHTY FINE for us who seek Him.  In essence, He does not lie, as in Titus 1:2 : “God, that cannot lie”.

Do you get all this stuff?   Do you see how all this is adding up in His time table of prophetic events such as the Psalms 83 War and Gog War in Ezek. 38.  Such as Zech. 12:2,3,9 with the world’s hated of Israel and yet the entire world which is 99.903% non Jewish cannot penetrate Jerusalem and His Chosen People. Such as the dreadful One World Order coming on New Year’s Day so prevalent in Revelation.  His Blood Moon Signs and omens are now Jubilee judgements.  He’s going to get His deed back from earth on the property He owns including the Deed to Jerusalem, to the 3rd and Final Holy Temple.  He will also give to us who love Him His deed of our “inheritance” in the foretold mystery of Jesus Christ as per Eph. 3:4,6.  Yes, we are homeward bound ; may we anxiously and prayerfully WAIT and WATCH for Him daily for His imminent return, and I so earnestly mean “imminent”.  Again, just look around what’s happened this year and coming next year.  Can’t you just see it?  The world is falling apart like Humpty Dumpty and Bible Prophecy is coming together like glue.  Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of our Lord and the day of vengeance of our God”.  Well, here we are.  Come Lord Jesus, we are waiting for you.

May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas