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Welcome everybody.  The calm quiet lull that has appeared this week feels rather subdued, yet eerie.  And it should because under this calm, quietness is our Lord’s step by step buildup of prophetically ominous events of His coming wrath to America, to Europe, to the world.  Just like a deadly cancer metastisizing in one’s body.  It’s growing ugly, yet the person doesn’t really feel all that bad–YET!  The Lord’s Holy Day of Purim has come and gone and we’re still here.  No Planet X carnage, no Planet X period.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, how about the most prophetic event of splitting Israel right down the tubes.  And how about the true colors of our feckless President where terror strikes Belgium and the world is in shock mode and he treats the Muslim terror bombings as merely background noise, driving down America again.  And how about the Russian head fake by Vladimir Putin on removing his troops from Syria, thus ending the speculation of the GOG/MAGOG WAR–NOT.  And how about today is the 6 month point of our Lord’s Final Jubilee Year, His 120th, in world history (please see my LORD’S PERFECT SIGN EPIC CLOSURE CHARTS, they surely verify we are in the Times of the End).  It’s like a beautiful white swan swimming so gracefully and care free in the water. Life is so so good.  Yet underneath, her legs are frantically paddling helter-skelter for directions.  SOOO LET’S GO :


1.  Just 24 hours after the Holy Day of Purim, an Israeli Rabbi, Ari Abramowitz, urgently tells all of America’s Jews to move to Israel, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy about the ingathering of the exiles so as to not get caught into the sledgehammer of another Anti-Semetic violence scene on American soil.  We must remember, in Germany, Poland, etc. they didn’t get it, they didn’t believe it.  Rabbi says : “To our fellow Jews in America, you are in more danger than any Jews are anywhere else in the world for the simple reason that you DON’T FEEL HOW MUCH DANGER YOU ARE TRULY IN”.  WOW!!  I surely get that.  Remember Purim, remember Hitler, remember what the Obama Administration is portending today in the following report hot off the presses on the Day of Purim :

2.   Obama, UN, Europe, and Russia, yes Russia, believe it or not where you never know what happens behind closed doors when the enemy of your enemy is your friend.  These great deceivers who run this evil world have their people, at this writing, behind secret doors, preparing the new plan to revive the moribund Israel/Palestinian Peace Process.  Only deliberate leaks : Israel will be divided, Jerusalem will be split into TWO CAPITALS, with East Jerusalem, where Jesus lived and died, going to new State of Palestine.  Work on this “LATEST” Peace Plan to be completed by September.  We know sooner than later this will happen, but what struck me on this and gave me the chills up and down my spine was the UN top dog’s name in this along with Obama and Putin.  His name is “N-I-C-O-L-A-I” Mladenov from Eastern Europe.  Well, do you remember the UN leader’s name in the movie LEFT BEHIND. It was, are you ready?-N-I-C-O-L-A-I Carpathia from Eastern Europe.  Coincidence, Shmoincidence, I don’t know, but God does.

3.  Softee Palestinian sympathizer Simon Perez, ex-President of Israel, is in Paris to help Pope Francis to help form the coming One-World-Religion.  He says : “The only way terrorism can be defeated is by ‘UNITING’ the world and all of her religions”.  Hmmm!! Shame, shame Mr. Perez.  And never forget, Brussels is a direct derivative of Purim.  Let’s WATCH.

U.S.A. :

OBAMA.  What an insane evil head and unemotional heart, insensitive man this is :

1.  That DADGUM leader of ours continues to fiddle and tango the night away as Rome burns to H-E-L-L

2.  World leaders are meeting left and right, north and south, and he’s enjoying another family vacation taking in a sightseeing trip of the Padegonias in Argentina after a glitzy dinner and dancing the TANGO and the night away as Brussels burns, clubfooted dancer that he is by the way.

3.  Cannot believe the insensitivity of how his evil demurrent mind and emotionless heart has reacted as Brussels scrapes off the walls of blood and mops it up.  And to only spend “51” seconds telling the world offering his “condolences”.  I tell you, I’m so sick of that word he just repeatedly uses with no action as a follow up.

4.  Oh well, he did go golfing 5 minutes after he got the horrific phone call that ISIS’s first beheading was an American, James Foley.  Should we expect anything more?

5.  Listen to this series of his absolutely ludicrous remarks on Brussels, this Tango Pango man said this week :

6.  On Brussels : “The entire world must unite”, then quickly goes to Cuban baseball game.

7.  On Trump and Cruz’s patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods : “It’s important to avoid measures that might ‘stigmatize’ Muslims and targeting their enormous contribution to our country and our way of life”.  Yeah, you could sarcastically say that again.  Right!

8.   This one’s absurd, says : “More people die in swimming pools than terror”.

9.  Not to be outdone : “It’s un-American for Muslims to feel Ghettoized”.  Shame, shame terrible shame on this less than man, man.

10.  And how about : “We just don’t go back (to D.C.) and say something was blown up when it was blown up”.  Obama, you just DON’T GET IT.

11.  Snarky snarky man, talk about his “real” dirty dancing.  Friends, he just has a  51 card deck upstairs, he’s just a TANGO man, in the mood, his mood.


1. Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, a good decent man if you recall, says : “Obama CHOSE to create the crisis between Israel and the U.S.  No wonder, the U.S. has been morally wounded and internationally spiraling down out of control these past seven years”.  No wonder Oren quit last year and no wonder God said in Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and let another take his office”.  Yes, only 197 days left, unless he …. .

2.  Good ol’ Rudy Guiliani : “Hillary Clinton is a founding member of ISIS”.

3.  Speaking of Hillary, she says : “Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods is counter productive and racial profiling”.  Numb numb numb Hillary.

4.  Several U.S. Congressmen led by Lee Zeldon,  Rep. of New York, speaks to Israeli newswires : “The Iran agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on … not only is this not a Treaty, it’s not even an Executive Agreement…Sec. Kerry calls it a ‘partial commitment’ and has admitted that IT HAS NEVER BEEN SIGNED”.  UH, unbelievable, we and Israel are hoodwinked again.  Oh that liar Obama and marshmallow  Kerry.  My take : these 2 grand deceivers swindled America out of $150 billion and lifted Iranian sanctions to speed up the demise of Israel.  Google it, I would not kid you on this.  I’d have to quit reporting.  But, what does this Statistician know who reads the Bible daily and gleans prophetic current, factual, events that correlate to the scriptures in that most beautiful Book of our Lord.


1.   Just 24 hours after high-riding Obama leaves Communist Cuba, Castro imprisons hundreds of protesters chastising both Castro and especially Obama for not pushing for more freedom.

2.    Even so, Obama, without Congressional approval, takes Cuba off the U.S. terror list of nations (North Korea, Iran, etc. bad boys).  Conservative Judicial Watch, a tremendous legal check and balance organization on Obama’s Constitution desecration, claims Obama did absolutely SQUAT on releasing U.S. political prisoners.  Some have been held since 1960, some have even died in Cuban jails.  I’ve said it before, someday this “less than a man” Obama will be forced to bow down at the home of Jesus and confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.  Oh woe is he.


1.  Texas Border Patrol Agents testimony in Congress reveal they’re catching Obama consistantly low-balling the # of illegals.  Agent Brandon Judd : “The Obama Admin. fails to give Americans key indicators such as the # of arrests…”.

2.  Obama reiterates his Muslim refugee promise to America in Argentina this past week on bringing in 100,000 of them.  Hmmm, must have hit his head doing the Tango there and got amnesia as he keeps driving this spike in ever harder for what’s coning to America, especially to say this after Brussels.  Friends, I close with this :  What an arrogant man who despises American’s way of life, Christians, Israel.  It is what it is.  It’s not a mockery.


1.  After Brussels, Pope condemns all who refuse Muslim migrants to enter their countries.  Says : “Migrants meet rejections from those who could offer them welcome and assistance”.  More like welcome and assassinations and terror atrocities unfortunately in this day and age.  So so sad for a few Muslim butchers to taint the 1.3 million refugees.  I honestly feel the Pope’s compassionate view, however, 1 bad apple ….. .

2.  Another Pope remark this week, this time on accepting gays : “We are in the 21st Century now, the world’s morals have changed”.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  God is the same “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” and his word is absolutely pure.  Psalms 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure”, and Rev. 22:8 : “….if any man shall add unto these things shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”.  Remember, with Jesus, we always have another day tomorrow forever and forever.

3.  97 year old Billy Graham rebukes Pope’s message as Billy says : “Jesus’s time on earth before His Resurrection was anything ‘BUT’ a failure …only Jesus’s enemies would have seen His time on earth as unsuccessful”.  Yet last Sept. in New York, Pope had all the twisted gall to say ; “Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.  Sorry Pope, you are sooo wrong.  Jesus was raised from the cross, he will NEVER EVER die again.  Friends, that’s not failure, that’s being successful.


1.  And why not in this evil world where just 24 hours before the Lord’s Holy Day of the Eve of Purim, 3 suicide terror bombs by Muslim Islamic Radicals kill 35 and injure 350, some now in Intensive Care, some in comas, and counting.  Not only did ISIS “wildmen” of Genesis 16:12 take joyful credit, but they said this is only the iceberg tip as 400 more cells to take down and rule Europe are “ready to go”.  Genesis 16:10,11 : “And the angel of the Lord said unto her (Hagar) I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.  Behold, thou art with child, and shall bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael”.

2.  “Merkel be damned” is the popular EU wide message on the Muslim migrant infestation after Brussels bombs as she’s promoted the “open the floodgates” for them to “Come On Down”.  And remember when some of the more radical Muslims are caught raping or groping women they “ALL” have now learned to say : “I am here as a guest of Angela Merkel”.  Geeze Louise.  Go fry a freckled fish.

3.   Remember the Carpenter’s song in the 1970s, “We’ve Only Just Begun”.  Well the Brussels bomb raids uncovered a plethora of evidence of a European wide Islamic Jihadist cell specializing in nuclear terror.  Why : Belgium’s Nuclear Plant was the imminent next target where those Muslim coyotes murdered a Nuclear Plant Security Guard and stole his security pass.  Oh yeah, these 400 terror cells can surely sing : “We’ve Only Just Begun”.  Friends, you know, like me, aren’t you just tired gone wild over our lead-headed President and world-wide leaders, specifically the EU ones who repeatedly almost in tandem say : “Our hearts and prayers and condolences go out to the survivors and their families of these terrorist acts”.   Well pack sand, ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TWO.  May some leader step up and bomb the crazies in ISIS capital of Racca and their demented evil Caliph Al-Baghdadi.  And may this new leader swat any Muslim fly on the spur of the moment anywhere in the world the moment they pop their evil head up.  Maybe this leader will be the Anti-Christ.  As surely nothing is working today.  No wonder the End of Days in this Final Jubilee of our Lord is upon us.


1.  Despite Vladimir Putin’s call to pull out Russian troops from Syria, thus putting an end to the potentially imminent God/Magog War. Whoa, well the party just isn’t over yet. Why?

2.  First, Putin lies, as former Israel Intelligence Chief Yadlin says : “The main part of the Russian Army remains in Syria…The fighting in Syria to Israel, is still our greatest threat, greater than the Iran Nuclear Threat”.  Call me a dumb sucker, but point blank, for the last 2 years I believe 100% of every word coming out the mouths of “every” Israeli Military leader as I believe it’s the word of God in them.

3.  To bolster Yadlins remarks, I’ve researched the following truths, despite the dishonest rhetoric by Putin on the pulling out of Russian troops :  a)  Thousands of Russian troops and military advisers have been “Left Behind”.  b)  Aircraft and fire bombers will be left behind in the Syrian airbase Russia built, within striking distance of Israel.  c)  That airbase is still 100% operational.  d)  Putin could parachute in or fly in more troops into Syria “in a matter of hours” were his exact words.  e)  Putin could move thousands of ground troops from neighboring Armenia who has given Putin carte blanche from their nation in exchange for protection, and  f)  The Naval Base in Tartus is still 100% intact, totally “war-ready”.  Sooo, absolutely zippo, zero, has changed for the Gog War fires to erupt in a single DAY.  You could say the hook in Russia’s jaw, is alive and well in Ezek. 38:4 : “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth with all thine army…”.


1.  Day after they did Brussels, ISIS video depicts the blowing up of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, video goes viral.  North Korea follows up with depicting a nuclear strike on D.C.  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE when death threats for nations can be seen worldwide instantly.  No wonder the Lord told Daniel 12:4 : “O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”. KAPOW, that’s the internet speed of today, the Time of the End.  Do we get it and may we pray our eyes and ears don’t get “drunkenly” waxed shut with Hillary and Trump and Trump and Hillary filling our brains daily on the news.

2.  ISIS does what they say, surely more than Obama does : This past “Easter Sunday” of the pagan world, if you will, ISIS demons crucify a Christian Priest on a cross.

3.  And 2 days ago, Taliban Jihad backers slaughter 75, mostly Christian women and children at a fair as mothers watched their kids enjoying life on the bumper cars.  Cruel, cruel world today.  Friends, “let your heart not be troubled” these mothers and children are the souls of Rev. 6:9 : “…..And I saw under the alter the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held”.


Although no 7.0 or greater magnitude earthquakes and only one gigantic volcano eruption in Alaska that has suffocated Anchorage, closed airport from spewing ash, there are 4 prophetic events right out of the Book of 2 Timothy 3:1-3 : “In the last days perilous times shall come.  Men shall be lovers of their own selves…blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.  Without natural affection…”.  The 4 events  are :

1)  What more proof does one need that evil abortions are favorable to satan than this : On America’s Easter Sunday, the satanic Temple’s nationwide campaigns and protests to promote abortions and Planned Parenthood took great seed in Detroit with a rally of these devilish supporters, all dressed in black, including black faces.  I’m a grown man and the cover photo scared the daylights out of me.

2)  Poll of 1300 teachers across America reveals children as young as “7” are sexting in school to share sexual messages, nude pictures and videos of themselves even doing you know what.  Absolutely insane.  How can these children stop clicking?  Remember at that age we loved Hula-Hoops, tether ball, hopscotch in grade school.

3)  Georgia Governor whatever his pro-gay name is, vetoes a “religious freedom bill”.  This bill would have allowed faith based businesses who love the Lord to refuse  service to gays and transgenders.  Under threat of pulling out of the State of Georgia by gay-loving Disney, Coke, several others, now these little faith based businesses are forced to serve gays or shut down.   Again, God’s pure words : Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment (right Bruce, Caytlin, whatever) : for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  More gay concerning scriptures of the Lord : Levit. 18:22, and 20:13, I Chor. 6:9, Romans 1:24-28, Mark 10:7-9.  Like why else would God say this??  DUH!!

4.  Best, or should I say worst, for last.  The Temple of Baal where in ancient Syria, child sacrifices and bi-sexual orgies were common place on the alter, well, a replica is now being constructed in Times Square, New York City, and also Trafalgar Square, the Times Square, of London.  Tell me we are not in the End of Days when our kids can see something like this on vacation and say Daddy, what’s that?


So there it is.  Another week of prophetic puzzle pieces coming together under our Master’s 6,000 year plan for mankind.  Hope you tell family and friends about this site and other God believing websites that we are on THE EDGE OF TIME.  NO time to wait and don’t dare be ashamed to tell others of Jesus, remember, only satan himself makes you ashamed.  And tell them the only thing worse than “NOT” having Jesus is “NEVER” having Him.  I’m a grandpa and I feel I’ve lived a long time.  Yet my life would only be 6 and 1/2%  spent in the 1,000 year millinium.  And then eternity after that.  WOW, choose Jesus.  After all : Luke 21:28 : “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass—” STOP right there, they ARE coming to pass, TODAY.  Look around this mucky world, nothing’s working.  He’s coming sooner than later.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

FYI.  Please see my weekly Facebook report this Thursday, every Thursday, on :  A Christian WILL Never Lose His Salvation EVER NEVER.

Sources :  Breaking Israel News, Jewish Press, Rapture Ready .com, Blaze, Reuters, World News Daily.





ALERT, ALERT :  Please note :

* MARCH  23, a Penumbral (partial) Lunar Eclipse on Purim Eve.  Begins 5:39 A.M., EDT.    *MARCH 24 is Feast of Purim in the Book of Esther.   *MARCH 26 may or may not be the flyby of Planet X, Nibiru that may or may not cause great devastating meteors and rocks hitting the earth.    * IN God’s eyes, MARCH 25 is NOT GOOD FRIDAY.  In God’s eyes GOOD FRIDAY is April 22, that’s Nisan 14 on Jewish calendar, Passover Eve.   * PLEASE, PLEASE, you just gotta see my Facebook Page March 23 or March 24th. It will be there all week on how absolutely prophetic the recent Holy Day of Purim has been, summary wise  (Just click right middle  of this Home Page for Facebook).

Welcome Everybody.  You and me , we who love and seek our beautiful and wonderful Savior Jesus, we know perfectly well why Muslim radical terror struck anti-Jewish Brussels and why our feckless anti-Jewish leader spent “51” seconds talking about it on TV during his ongoing love fest of that Cuban Communist nation so that he doesn’t miss the beautiful green grass and Cuban baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Hope he has his “shady” sunglasses on, his score card, and peanuts and a beer and participate in the “wave” to enjoy the game with.  Just at a time he should be making a bee-line back to D.C. to discuss U.S. and EU Security alert measures and how prophetic to have this happen on the day before the Eve of Lord’s Holy Feast of Purim and a Lunar Eclipse on March 23.  Friends, God is talking very loud, wouldn’t you say?  You know Purim, in the Book of Esther,which stands for Pur, which in Iranian means “casting lots” and Obama, for 2 years in a row now do not sit well with each other.  Remember last year on Purim, Bibi came to Congress in D.C. and delivered a riveting speech against Obama and  the Iran Nuke Deal From Hell.  And this year on Purim, Obama is loving it up with a most Communist nation of Cuba.  Add it up, Purim, Obama loves Iran, Obama loves Cuba, all in tandem with this Holy date where Esther, Queen of Persia, saves the Jews from annihilation. Friends, this part Obama is partaking in Bible prophecy, adds up to a spit in the eye of God from our delusional leader.  So much more; SO, LET’S GO :


1.  Reminder, PLEASE click on my Facebook to read the recap of how absolutely remarkable the last 2 Holy Days of Purim have spawned the judgements going on today.  Very much a good prophetic education.

2.  So so sad, most Israelis, starting to crack, believe a divided capital of Jerusalem is already a foregone conclusion.  “Not a matter of if but when, only a matter of time that Obama may or may not know”, says Jerusalem Post.

3.  Arutz Sheva headline this past week : “Can the UN legally impose a ‘solution’ on Israel”.  As in Hitler’s “final solution”.  As in Bush and double demo duo of Clinton and Obama’s “Two-State Solution”.  Friends, you can see anyway you slice it, America’s hands are stained with that diabolic word “Solution”.  LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE, THEY ‘ARE’ THE SOLUTION!

4.  More, Hitler killed 6,000,000 Jews, could it be Obama and or UN nations could attempt this.  As Times of Israel : “A fresh peace push that the U.S. may back for a Palestinian State”.

5.  Friends, it’s like Daniel 5:5 says that the “handwriting is on the wall” to destroy Israel’s boundaries, capital, the nation itself.  Do we get it, it’s under our noses and above our “As in the Days of Noah” lips-TODAY.

6.  More, both U.S. and UN, such a deadly politically prophetic combo, both accuse Israel of stealing its own land by Israel’s own declaration to build a new Settlement on 587 acres in J-U-D-E-A.  That is just miles south of Jericho and close to the Dead Sea.  As in Abraham, as in Patriarchs, as in Jesus.  Thick thick thick skulls so full of mush to think Israel doesn’t own this land.

7.  And of course God’s curse of Gen. 12:3 just hit Brussels who double ditto’d the U.S. and UN’s dreadful comments.  Happy note, the final 200 Jews from war-torn Yemen make a miraculous midnight run flight of aliya back to Israel.  One of many scriptures on this “regathering” is Isaiah 43 : 5,6 : “Fear not, for I am with thee; I will bring my seed from the east and gather thee from the west, from the north I will give up, and the south, keep not back : bring my sons from a far and my daughters from the ends of the earth”.

8.  Knife-stabbing Intifada spreads as very first Hamas stabber from Gaza is killed.  Now Hamas appears to be invading West Bank.  Now 198 Palestinians dead and 30 Jews.

9.  To thwart the construction of the Hamas border tunnels, a Rabbi Shriki prays daily at the Gaza border where Hamas builds their demented tunnels.  He’s been doing this for 2 months and in last 2 months, 9 tunnels have collapsed 17 Hamas jackals have died.  Merging these prayers with Israel’s Underground Iron Dome which finds, shakes, and destroys these tunnels, WOW, what an awesome recipe to fulfill the Glory of God for His chosen people.

10.  Very disturbing however, Poll finds 56% of Palestinians support an armed Intifada Holy War against Israel to overtake the present knife stab Intifada.  Also, 60% oppose the recognition of Israel and 64% want their President Abbas to resign, too old, too in-effective.

11.  This Wednesday night, Eve of Purim.  Pur is Persian, in Iranian for casting of lots-what despot Iranian leader Haman did in Persia in the Book of Esther in his hope to destroy all the Jewish people and schemed on which day to do it, so had his henchmen cast lots.  And the lots came up snake-eyes on the 13th day of Adar to be Jewish death day.  And friends this Adar in 2016 is the 2nd Adar of the Jewish calendar this year, THE 13th MONTH no less.  I tell you how important this Holy Date of Purim is, the 13th & 14th day of the 13th month, yeah, Ve’Adar 13, starts Wednesday night, March 23 this week.  This is absolutely unique : Nowhere in the entire Bible of our Lord is there a single single day mentioned more than this one in a S-I-N-G-L-E Chapter than Esther does in Chapter 9 : ELEVEN times, verify it.  I report all this stuff, I don’t make it up, you judge it : Chapter 9 : 1, 17, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, twice 29, 31, 32.  Friends this is absolutely incredible.  May we WATCH God’s Glory this week, as surely Obama in Communist Cuba, and the Brussels terror may be harbingers for Purim.

12.  For the first time in 2,000 years, a special ceremony was held in Jerusalem like was held during the 2nd Temple days to celebrate the month of Adar, the month of Purim.  One caveat, no animal sacrifices, yet was a dry run for the Real Deal they say is imminent.

13.  The Special Torah Scroll written for the Messiah started 3 months ago, is now completed and Rabbis are perfectly positioned and waiting to present it to Him at David’s Tomb on Mount Zion.  The Rabbis believe that by writing Torah Scroll which  now “INCLUDES ALL ISRAEL” (not just Judah and Samaria as 2 thousand years ago) and keeping it on Mt. Zion that it will fill the requirements to usher in the Messiah.  WOW, that is beautiful and a great place to end on God’s Chosen people.  Hosea 2:23 : “And I will sow her into me in the earth; and I will have mercy upon her, and I will say to them which were not my people, Thou art my people; and they shall say, Thou art my God”.  I, Paul the Statistician also say “Come quickly Lord Jesus, we are waiting for you”.  And friends, soon He will say Rev. 22:20 : “Surely, I come quickly, Amen”.


1.  Oh mama, there goes that man again.  This time to Communist Cuba in the most embarrassing trip an American President could EVER take.

2.  Like who does he think he is, riding in to Cuba on a Palm Sunday imitating Jesus who rode in on a donkey foal on Palm Sunday, 2,000 years ago.  You know, that couldn’t be further from the truth if that was his evil thought.  And spend just a mere “51” seconds on a most tepid response to the Brussels attacks and then hustle to a Cuban baseball game is just absurd.  He just doesn’t take terror threats seriously.  Kind of like Nero fiddling away as Rome burns, analogous as to what Obama does best during most difficult times.  Shame on him.

3.  Bottom line on Cuba, he just propped up the single dictatorship power there.

4.  Obama, begrudgingly, regretfully signed required papers that ISIS created Genocide of exterminating innocent Christians just moments before the “Cinderella” midnight hour struck 12 o’clock so to speak, on the last possible day, March 17.  Oh, how he loves to drag and mentally torture Christians to the bitter end before he’s forced to cave by Congressional law.  Sick, sick, man is deviously sick.

5.  His marshmallow Kerry also who will someday bow down before God, made the most teeniest, tiniest statement calling it Genocide.  You know these 2 hombres actions were but a 5% solution, not a 100% solution for an American statement so badly needed for Christians so badly being slaughtered and threatened in the Middle East.  Oh well, 304 days and counting for the hombres, God willing.  Unless Obama has tricks for the Nov. 4 Presidential election…..

6.  U.S. National Border Control Council : “Obama Administration is trying to demoralize Border Patrol Agents and dismantle U.S. immigration”.  All Southern Border Patrol Agents are told : “If you catch them, then release them”.  Oh for crying out loud!

7.  Worse : Obama Administration reveals new Immigration Policy for Muslims entering the U.S., just as our “Muslim leader”, those 2 words sure hurt, high tails it to Cuba.  They are : Issuance of 680,000 Muslim green cards for the next 5 years.  Go Trump, Go Cruz, Go anybody else who doesn’t lie.

8.  Just in, on Fox News, this knot head President of ours had all the gall to say that “terror wins if I was absent from the baseball game”.


1.  Franklin Graham : “Vote in November even if you have to choose between two heathen candidates”.  WOW!!

2.  If Mitch McConnell, Senate leader EVER “caves in” on selecting Justice Scalia replacement, if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is assassinated, Heaven forbid, if the Republican National Convention changes the rules on the Republican Nominee, if Hillary, or Obama, God forbid , is our next President, judgement on America in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord is coming in liberal buckets to usher in the One-World-Order.  Guaranteed. We prayerfully WATCH.


1.  Peabody Coal, nations #1 coal producer, threatens bankruptcy this spring.  This follows #2 Arch Coal who went bankrupt 2 months ago.  Thanks Obama you coal killing….!

2.  World Central Banks sold a record $225 billion in U.S. Treasury debt in 2015.  This is the most ever. December, 2015 was $48 billion, Jan. 2016 was $57 billion, 2nd most ever (1978).  Two things here : a)   Country’s are in a desperate need to raise cash and b)  there is nothing more on earth for the “almighty dollar” to lose confidence in to crash the dollar, and America, boom boom with it.

3.  Canada, for 1st time in 30 years is in debt, $23 billion in the red, under Muslim President Trudeau.

4.  Brazil is sinking fast into pre-Depression, that is worse than Recession of 2008-09, but not quite in Depression mode.  Gov’t. officials, sponsors, in dire straits wondering if they are able to pull off the Summer Olympics.  Yes, WE ARE THERE.


Absolutely chaos in Brussels, Belgium, the Washington D.C. capital of the EU.  You’ve seen it 34 dead, 250 injured and counting with demented radical Muslims blowing up airport ticket lines and subway.  All schools closed, all flights cancelled, all trains, buses, cars at standstill, stand in  place alerts throughout the city.

And I thought nothing, not even the devastating financial growth gloom and doom and now full Deflation in EU could top the unstoppable Muslim migrant migraine swallowing up the EU and it’s culture.  Then again the Brussels terror hits. It’s God in action fully executing His word on Brussels tragedy today from Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”, for Brussels’ chastizing Israel.

Look what came out  of Brussels evil month March 17th, 4 days ago : “A seizure of land by Israel on the West Bank for Jewish Settlements raises questions about it’s commitment to a 2-State Solution and undermines the viability of a Palestinian State”.  Touche’ and case closed, God’s curse is alive and well, and wouldn’t you know it, 24 hours before the Eve of Purim in the Book of Esther and also 24 hours before the March 23rd Penumbral (partial) Lunar Eclipse. How prophetic.  Oh, the timing, God is so so Great and we who seek Him can surely see this, Right!


1.  Pope expands his ever expanding social media reach by joining Instagram to enhance his most deceptive goal of the coming One-World-Religion.  Now has a “trifecta” of social media to lure his flock as he’s already into Facebook and Twitter, a real mover, a real shaker.  Hello Revelation 13, as Pope is such a prime candidate to fulfill the false prophet role : “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”.

Until he repents on what he says, I keep reporting weekly a previous “spake as a dragon” speak he spoke which our Lord surely despises anyone who touches Israel badly, even thru his mouth.  Pope last year said of Palestinian Pres. Abbas who thrives on the recent martyrdom and his love for the Palestinian wildmen knife stabbings of Jews : “President Abbas is like an Angel of Light”.  Now, that’s bad, that’s anti-Israel, that’s anti-God.



1.  Russia remember is Gog in Ezek. 38, tells U.S. to stop meddling in provoking Syrian rebels to attacking Syrian Gov’t. forces in “little scrimmages” to see what they can get away with under the ceasefire.  U.S. says nothing in response, little Obama mice.

2.  This fragile ceasefire may crumble by this weekend as the Syrian Gov’t. refuses to discuss their demonic President Assad on his “exit”.  This was the main purpose “tool” for ending the War in these Geneva Peace Talks.  A must WATCH on how the Gog War goes forward.

3.  And to beat all, Putin just said: “We can build up forces in Syria in a few hours if necessary”.  I truly believe the imminent Gog War after this statement is alive and well.


The insane wildmen of Genesis 16:12 : “He will be a wildman…” are now dipping their bullets in deadly chemical weapons laced with mustard gas and seren gas.  Wicked vultures is what these humans are.  They also just took credit for the Brussels terror acts.  What else is new.


My third report in 4 weeks on this: third suicide bombing in just over 1 month, 4 dead, 3 of which were Jews, and 38 injured in Istanbul.  Can you imagine 3 attacks like this in America in 1 month, total of approx. 70 dead, AND NOBODY SAYS SQUAT on the Trumpy news these days.


1.  Again, as world suffering thru media-ordained Trumpitis, did you know that China’s financial malaise is getting deeper and deeper.  Look : China exports, Feb. 2016, year over year, down 25.4%.  China imports for world’s most populated country down 13.8% likewise.  Such a strong strong indicator the horrific global financial growth ghost is prevalent worldwide and spreading like a contagious cancer.

2.  EU is in zero growth and deflation, even with the unheard of before financial tool of negative interest rates introduced to spur growth and inflation, AND IT’S UTTERLY FAILING.

3.  South America is in near depression mode, worse than recession, not quite depression, Japan, once mighty Japan , also drowning in failure of negative interest rates to kick start economic growth, now has the “GLOBES” highest Debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Ratio on earth at 240%, much worse than Greece’s 180%.  I tell you, when the entire world is going south financially and the gawky U.S. markets are “synthetically” jolting up again, watch out, it’s a “head fake royal”.



I usually report to you all 7.0 magnitude or greater every week.  None this week, but our Lord’s Feast of Purim is yet 2 days away.  Only God knows what His next 7.0 plan will be.  With that said, a “6.6” magnitude hit Eastern Russia March 21.


Now U.S. has 450 cases of Zika virus in 31 states as of March 17.  The trend, unfortunately is our ugly friend and it’s up, up, up.


So so much scuttle-but on Internet on its arrival date that the tail of Planet X, ie. Nibiru, will leave asteroid chunks, meteors, rocks debris, etc. that will hit parts of the earth and cause great devastation.  Three most prominent dates are : a)  This weekend, March 26, many Astronomers, Researchers, Rabbis, specifically Jewish Rabbi Danide Asori, who says the 6th month in the Zohar of the Talmud, Adar 16th.  b)  September 28th, where Jewish Rabbi Moses Cordovero, says it will occur, the exact 1 year anniversary after the 4th Biblical Blood Moon.  c)  September 23rd, 2017, Tishri 3, two days after the Feast of Trumpets, as per Rev. 12: 1-4.  You know, with all this hamburger smorgasbord of Nibiru’s arrival bandied about, only God knows.  may we WATCH what happens this weekend.


1. No wonder Flint, MICHIGAN is “under water” with poison water.  Could this be a possible reason from God : The Catholic Organization of Churches in MICHIGAN, now extend at every level, health coverage to gays and same-sex partners.

2.  Police in several Florida cities have been picking up passed-out what is called “synthetic-high” zombie people who’ve overdosed on the latest satan kool-aid drug called “SPICE”, synthetic marijuana.

3.  Look at these terrible apostasy statistics : since 1980, exactly 50% less Americans believe in God.  The number who pray is only “20%” of those who prayed in 1980.  The number of Americans who NEVER PRAYED in 1974 was 4%, in 2014, it’s 15%.  Those who say they have no religion whatsoever in 1974 were 7%, and in 2014 = 21%.  Those in 1974 who never attended Church in 1974 = 11% and in 2014 = 26% says San Diego Professor Jean Twenge in the survey of “60,000” American adults.  Friends, this remarkable trend of such a large sample away from God to me,  verifies absolutely that our millinials are the least religious generation in memory and just possibly in American history.  How perfect 2 Timothy 3:13 : “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”.  WOW!!

4.  Four Bible translators have been murdered by Muslim radicals in the Mideast caught translating the Bible.  Friends, they were just trying to fulfill Jesus’ word in Matthew 24:14 : “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for all to witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”.  Oh yes, WE ARE NOW THERE.


Sooo, there it is.  And there we are, on the Edge of Time, witnessing the prophetic plan of our One Great God in all the world, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Oh Friends, please tell those who don’t have Jesus because they don’t have time for Him now, that they WILL have “plenty” of time when they bow down to Him later.  That’s BAD unless they make this day a YES to Jesus who said He’ll never leave us nor forsake us.  Now that’s a beautiful thrill.

Lastly, remember the precious blood that oozed out of His skin and sweat 2,000 years ago.  Well it wasn’t just His blood, it was the blood of the world’s sin he poured out.  That’s how much He loved us.  Also, the “REAL” Easter is called Passover and not on this “pagan” Sunday but God’s Passover on the weekend of April 23rd.  Like how can you celebrate His Death & Resurrection 30 days before He even entered Jerusalem on a donkey 2,000 years ago.

Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you all, WATCH”.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

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Welcome everybody.  I tell you, the current build-up of our Lord’s current prophetic events seems to be in steroid mode, so much so fast that it just takes your breath away.  From yet another prophetic discovery of the recent unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons that will amaze you that we are truly on the Edge of Time to the helter skelter mind of the sly Vladimir Putin on Syria and Gog,  to the Muslimization of Europe to the disarranged mind of our President regarding Christians to “two” most unique 666 revelations I, a Statistician, just discovered (at bottom of post), so LET’S GO :


1.  Call the prophetic events this day, March 9, COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE.  It happened on the day of our Lord’s Total Solar Eclipse and also the night of a Supermoon.  This day was the most terrible day for a number of Palestinian stabbing attacks perpetrated on Jewish people since the knifings started on the day of the 4th Biblical Blood Moon Supermoon, the only one over Israel on this Holy date in  Israel’s documented history, this past Sept. 28th, Feast of Tabernacles of our Lord.  Three attacks, 1 died, 15 injured in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem area.

2.  In the heart of Jerusalem, you’d think groups of Evangelical Christians that gathered would be staunch supporters of Israel.  What do they do?  They have protests, signs, supporting the Palestinian uprising of the knife-stabbers and against the acts of violence carried out by Jews and accusing them of murder and violence.  How unholy these groups are vehementing against God’s chosen people in the heart of where Jesus lived, preached, died and was resurrected.  Over 300 of them involved in this “hate-fest”.

3.  After our feckless President had to find out from the newspapers, for a second time in the past year that Bibi embarrassed him, this time by cancelling meeting with Obama in D.C. March 18th you may recall, well Internet news says the White House is using “pens, pencils and they each have a phone” preparing this devilish Peace Proposal behind the scenes.  I’ll keep you updated on this most prophetic event as Obama already has 136 United Nothing nations who have approved and signed onto a formal recognition of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capitol.  And you know Obama’s black eyes are absolutely seething to get revenge on Bibi’s biffing him twice.  And he will, either as POTUS in his remaining 311 days or if he becomes the new UN Secretary General in January.

4.  We who know the Lord know the beautiful and wonderful future for Israel.  However, if/when this revenge filled Peace Process is truly signed and consummated to split up Israel, in this earth dweller world of UN laws, GET THIS : This resolution would be B-I-N-D-I-N-G for ALL FUTURE U.S. PRESIDENTS, thus effectively shaping all future US/Israel Policies, including the most essential $2 billion in loans the U.S. gives Israel annually.  Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…”.

5.  Abbas endorses his Palestinian Authority party to tell all Palestinians by boasting of their latest knife-stabber : “He was a hero, a martyr”.  ISSSHH.

6.  The God inspired Underground Iron Dome weapon that locates and collapses tunnels, has successfully done “just that” in the last 3 months.  Seven Hamas tunnels-builders have died this way.  To actually witness that this haneaus subterrainian advantage Hamas has used all these years, to infiltrate Israel borders even thru the 2014 Gulf War has now been divinely “crushed” is awesome.  Isaiah 54: 15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather together (tunnel huddle), but not by me : whosoever gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Case closed.

7.  Bibi calls U.S. and the P5 nations who put together the satanic Nuclear Deal From Hell for : “an immediate punishment of Iran for testing their full array no less of short, mid, and long range inter-continental ballistic missiles, ICBMs and their dastardly word for word logo they put on the missile tips : “Israel must be wiped from the pages of history”.

8.  Sanhedrin perform rare Biblical Commandment, not seen for 2,000 years, was fulfilled whereby 2 Jewish witnesses stood before the Sanhedrin and gave testimony that established the beginning of the “new month” which was the first Biblical Commandment of the Nation of Israel received after the Exodus, thus establishing the Jewish calendar.  Exodus 12:2 : “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you”.  Friends, things like this, WOW!! WE ARE THERE.

9.  Best for last is yet another COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE : Photo by Breaking Israel News shows the prophetic 4th Biblical Blood Moon (BBM) was seen in Jerusalem directly over the Jaffa Gate which is the main entrance from the Western section of the Old City.  This is the identical spot which once housed the Ottoman Clock Tower which General Allenby saw when he entered on foot thru Jaffa Gate in 1917 observing the holiness of  Jerusalem.  Because of this holiness the Clock Tower was dismantled in 1921 in order to resume the ancient theme of the walls about the Temple Mount.  This old Clock Tower was just super imposed above the Jaffa Gate recently.  Guess what, it’s position was “exactly, exactly” where the Sept. 28th prophetic BBM shown over Jerusalem.  Friends, this is no Michael J. Fox Marty McFly Clock Tower in Back To The Future, this was God’s omen that Israel will soon be victorious against their border neighbors and beyond.  Just as the old Muslim Ottoman Clock Tower went down, so will the Muslims Go Down when they will soon touch Israel.  No Wonder, Zech. 2:8 : “For he that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of his eye”.  Oh, WOE to the Israel hating Muslims.


1.  Most insulting Anti-Jesus, Anti-Christian act our President and his marshmallow Sec. of State are not declaring as of yet, after months to do so, is their not declaring as yet mass murders and beheadings of young and old and  drowning Christian kids in cages are or are not GENOCIDE.  Congress voted 393-0 to do so.  That’s unanimous, yet this most arrogant, insipient Muslim in our White House is willfully possessed by satan to string out his decision to March 17 where he by law, will be forced to do so.  Fry eggs on my head, they’ll burn as our sinister POTUS, I feel, is deliberately gouging spiritual knives into us who love Christians by not declaring those vicious acts until, I say, until HE “HAS” TO.  WOW!!  What a mole to torture Christians this way.

2.  More, of the 776 Syrian refugees that have already been admitted to the U.S., 3, T-H-R-E-E are Christian.  Oh, for cripes sakes, this guy sure gets me.


1.  I sure want to like this most intelligent woman, BUT : Attorney General Loretta Lynch is asked by Senate Committee regarding Climate Change Deniers.  She says in testimony : “Yes, the Justice Dept. has discussed civil legal action against Climate Change Deniers with the FBI”.  Sad to hear that reply.

2.  Terrible , ugly and scary leak out of the White House, ie Dark Horse, dark not as in race, but as in evil : FBI Director James Comey is making waves and becoming a political problem for the White House. Why?  Sources say he’s getting too close for comfort on pursuing Hillary’s emails and possible indictment WOW, pray, pray, pray, also  Apple and Benghazi.  And they say he’s also found gaps on Obama’s immigration agenda, as well as on the Syrian Muslim refugees and Black Lives Matter questions with his people.  Friends, I tell you, if something tragic, Lord forbid, happens to James Comey, to Hillary’s IT set up Specialist for Hillary’s server, Brian Pagliano who’s now telling much I assume to the FBI , to Donald Trump, to Ted Cruz, or to Dinesh D’Souza who has a very revealing movie called “Hillary’s America”-should be called Hillary Unchained, well, look no further than our White House to ask questions of their whereabouts.  And surely revolution, in America, just like David Wilkerson said would happen prior to his death in 2012.

3.  Speaking of Hillary, with her own touch of arrogance, just said in Town Hall : “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”.  And she said this with a big smile on her lying lips.

4.  Josh Earnest, on Obama’s do nothing attitude where Iran fired several ICBMissiles this past week tells reporters anxiously waiting to hear some kind of Iran retaliation, says : “We know they are doing this.  We are watching them closely”.  UGGHH ! Friends,  I could crack a marble with my two front teeth on this answer.  You know, our Capitol building is still mothballed in dark scaffolding after almost 2 years now.  This is a great harbinger telling our nation this man who somehow got in to run our White House out of absolutely nowhere who’s turned the tables on marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, who’s apparently OK with 1.2 million baby abortions per year, which equals almost 9 million under his 7 year watch.—I quit right there, that’s enough.  May he bow down soon to repent before God or he’ll bow down again in 1,000 years after the millinium, then, really what will he say???

5.  U.S. top General in Afghanistan, General John Campbell wants to start up airstrikes against Taliban.  This is causing another rift now in the White House who absolutely oppose this.  Same old record, Right! Obama just wants America D-O-W-N. Besides, he has lots of other stuff on his plate he likes to play with.  General Campbell was so serious he sidestepped military protocol by bypassing Sec. of Defense Ash Carter to plead for this request with a special trip to the White House.  He got absolutely squat.


1.  In Brazil, the greatest protests in country’s history this past week.  Three million people in over 100 protests nationwide call for impeachment of Pres. Rousseff, who has approval rating of 8%.  And Obama’s latest approval = 51%.  Really how can this be?  How far American’s have fallen from the TRUTH.  Poor America.

2.  UN is on a mission to produce documents of global data gathering that aim to dramatically change the economic, social, and environmental course of our planet.  UN says : “These documents are as sprawling, undefined and ambitions as the Sustainable Development Goals….”  As in Climate Change, Trojan horse for the 1-World-Order in which all 193 out of 193 nations’ leaders approved last December.  Friends, this remarkable and unprecedented gathering of data can only enhance that man of perdition’s job as CEO of this world very soon, ala Anti-Christ.  Friends, I did not make any of the contents of this post up as God is my witness looking over my shoulder as I write this.


1.  On Pope’s relentless push for all of world’s religions to merge under his papacy : “Most of the planet’s inhabitants declare themselves believers.  This should lead to dialogue among religions”.  Friends, as in a One-World-Religion of Rev. 13.

2.  Weekly sermon displays stain glass picture of Mary high above I noticed.  Someday Pope will acknowledge Mary was human flesh like you, me, the Pope, yet specially selected by God to be the “earthly” mother, NOT HOLY MOTHER of Jesus.  She must have been a most wonderfully good, beautifully blessed woman, yet merely a woman who was born and died on earth in Israel.  PROOF : Luke 1:46,47 : “And Mary said, my soul doth magnify the Lord.  And my spirit hath rejoiced in God MY SAVIOR”.  Case closed.

3.  Weekly Pope statement that unequivocally runs counter to God’s love for His chosen people was when he officially recognized the State of Palestine and said of President Abbas that “he is an angel of mercy”.  Totally BUNK, Abbas is a demon of darkness as he glorifies the violent and blatant butchering Palestinian martyrs who stab innocent Israelis to death.



1.  Although no earthquakes last 7 days of magnitude 7.0 or greater, for the first time since the 9.1 quake hit Fukushima, Japan 5 years ago, Japan “shuts down” TWO Nuclear plant reactors March 9, day of both an extremely rare Total Solar Eclipse and also a SUPERMOON.

2.  EXACT SAME DAY, America’s least well-placed Nuclear plant near Miami has begun to “leak” into the ocean.  The nuclear “tritium” level of leakage is 200 times that of normal.  This horrific news still suppressed by media drowning in “Trumpitis”.  Main point, 2 possibly prophetic events, 8,000 miles apart exactly occurring on our Lord’s most unique display of His Total Solar Eclipse and Supermoon phenomenon all on March 9th.  WE WATCH.


1.  Can you imagine these ugly tentacles of our most deceiving President ever : FBI instructs various High-School Administrators across America to “inform them on Anti-Gov’t. students in classes, especially “Constitution lovers”.  Very very sad.

2.  Crippled, parapalygic world famous Physics wiz and athiest Richard Dawkins says : “The Gov’t. needs to protect children from the religious views of their parents”.  Hmmm.  Only in this politically correct, Anti-Jesus environment can these statements be made.


Exactly 666 days “BEFORE” this unprecedented date was March 11, 2013, the eve of Nisan 1, the Lord’s Biblical New Year and the day before Pope Francis was selected as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  And exactly 666 days “AFTER” this most prophetic midpoint is Oct. 31, 2016.  Halloween, arguably no date closer in calendar history to satan’s birthday.  COINCIDENCE, SCMOINCIDENCE, this is what it is.  Please see how profoundly prophetic this date truly is in the Category “Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts above”.  Remember all 40 Solar and Lunar eclipses in this Decade are “Exactly, exactly” perfectly synchronized about this prophetic date, Jan. 5, 2015.


1. Never before in the Modern era of civilization since the European Continent birthed into existence the countries of Europe today has there been such a continual unstoppable flow of Muslim migrants into Europe.  The entire continent is absolutely   “SHAKEN”.  Nothing else appears to matter, the EU budget, the debt, the negative interest rates which have been imposed on all EU citizens to stop deflation, the bobble-head Greek Grexit has re-risen and now the British Brexit, ALL of these are secondary to this Muslim apocolyptic influx.

2.  As I mentioned last week the once high and mighty European culture is disintigrating day by day, just like the once high and mighty Tower of Babel was crushed by Almighty God.  Latest point : Prelude to the toppling of Muslim migrant supporter Angela Merkel is this week’s first 3 German regions who voted for the new German Gov’t. legislators.  Results, two of the three regions voted for the “far-right” who promoted for the “cessation” of this Muslim invasion into Germany.  This “sting” of a start for a new German Gov’t is the first ever against Merkel since she became Chancellor.  As the other regions vote this month and April and May, it appears from these first three votes and polls of others that Merkel is extremely wounded and will be toppled this summer if this trend continues.  Call this her ultimate wake-up call as her back is against the wall.

3.  Gets worse, 4 more EU nations, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia implementing closed borders bring total to 14 now out of 28 EU nations, crimping the ever-tightening tourniquet on entry points Turkey and Greece.  I tell you, poor, poor, money poor Greece is absolutely drowning on feeding them and providing shelter for them.  You just know this hemmorhage has “GOT” to explode sooner or later.


1.  Big  Russian Bombshell News :  Right out of the blue sky, shocking the world, Putin on March 14, plans to pull out “most” Russian troops from Syria.  Putin : “The Russian bombing campaign has allowed the Syrian Army to take the initiative on nearly all fronts.  Our Armed Forces’ effective work created these conditions…”.  Russia says will leave behind “some” troops, keep their naval facility in Tartus on the Mediterranean Coast and their newly built air base in Syria will stay fully operational.   Defense Committee Chairman Victor Ozerov with 4 short simple, yet “deadly” words : “We can come back”.  This mighty move now forces Assad, who absolutely regretted this move, to “belly up” in the 2nd Geneva Peace talks which just started this week.  With all this now said, we must not budge one single inch that Russia is Gog, they are still the “Military King” of the Middle East as per Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, AND ALL THEY COMPANY THAT ARE ASSEMBLED UNTO THEE, and be thou a guard unto them”.  And remember that Russia uses Iran and Syria as “PROXIES”, and is the real King of the North in Daniel 11:13,15 : “And the King of the North shall return and set forth a multitude greater than the former…”.  WOW!! So now you ask and I ask : What about the 350,000 man Saudi-led Army set to go to war this week after extreme military exercises in North Saudi Arabia.  No news anywhere as yet what they’ll do.

2.  Military speaking, Russia is now, this month, March, the only safe nation on earth as it unveils the RS-26 ICB missile, the most powerful dooms day weapon on earth.  Not us, not China, not EU knew “squat” about this revelation.  So Mr. Obama, now what do you do?  Oh well, 311 days left, Right!  May as well do zippo.  Weapon’s secret is it travels along a course changing its trajectories instantaneously, and as such has no analogs from any nation in the world to destroy it.  Even U.S.A.  Russian General : “Russia is 100% safe now, unlike everybody else.  Any weapon the U.S. military has is 100% absolutely useless”.  This “thing” will be operational this year.  Obama no doubt caught flat-footed and speechless.  Abuda budabuda!!!


1.  If anyone lies more than Obama, it’s Iran.  Why?  Absolutely defying their own handwriting on US Resolution 2231, Iran successfully fires a consortium of short, mid, and long range ICB missiles.  When did this happen, well why not, on March 9th, date of our Lord’s divine Total Solar Eclipse and Supermoon that night.  Whew, quite a day of events on March 9th for you to digest and verify if you doubt.  Google it all.  Friends, it’s God Almighty talking loudly to us.  Iran General : “The missiles fired today are the results of Sanctions relief.  These Sanctions helped Iran develop it’s missile program.  And on the tip of each missile reads ‘Israel must be wiped from the pages of history’.  The reason we designed our missiles with this range of 2000 km.  is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime from a safe distance”.  WOW!!  That cocky bull.

2.  And just hours later that same day, these Iranian satan bangers threaten to walk away from Obama’s Nuclear Deal From Hell.  Oooofdah!


1.  Of course, I’m absolutely not a prophet. That’s why I did not know that just possibly when Isaiah: 17:1: said ” Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”, our Lord very well knew Pres. Assad and over 1,000 of his “loyal flock” would have bunkers under the heart of Damascus in the end of days.  Such fools as Israel has just developed more superior bunker busting bombs their IDF feels they can “take them out instantly”.  As “instantly” as Isaiah 17:14 : “And behold, at evening tide there is trouble and before the morning he is not”.  Friends, we have an awesome God to tell us this today to witness.


1.  Car bomb in downtown Ankara, Capitol, kills 38, injures 150.  This is the 2nd mass killing of Turks in less than 1  month, 29, in Feb.


1.  Al Queda jackals slaughter 16 at a ritzy beach resort.  Friends, if you’re parents, please visualize this next sentence IN YOUR MIND and put yourself there :  The jackals literally chased down two 5-year old boys running for their lives straight into the dang beach.  Nowhere else to go.  Caught them, one 5 year old was able to recite a Muslim prayer, he lived, the other 5 year old-I’m talking pre-school here-scared to death, away from anybody he knows, mom, dad, toys, he couldn’t recite as he was Christian.  Well, he got blasted to death.  I tell you, this brought tears to my eyes writing this thinking of a little kid who’d have loved making beach sand castles there instead.  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, oh how we are waiting for you after hell like this.


Soooo, there it is, another week, another set of prophetic puzzle pieces put together some so prophetically timed for March 9 eclipse and Supermoon.  May we Prayerfully WATCH as His prophetic time clock, Jerusalem, and his March 9th Solar Eclipse and Supermoon, both so prophetic on the above March 9th events arre so divinely telling.  Please specifically WATCH the stuff going on in Syria, proxy of Russia, the Kingdom of the North of Daniel 11:13 and her ugly Shiite tentacles as Kings of the North with Russia in Syria now and their enemies, the Saudi/Egypt led Sunnis of the Kings of the South, and Israel, smack dab in the middle, just the way God wants it to open our eyes.  And may we remember His Cross gave us eternal life by choosing it and tell your family and friends that if they can just get time to “know” Him, then they’ll love Him.  You know that.  May we soon meet each other at Jesus’ feet.  God willing, until next time, till we meet.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas


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Welcome everybody.  You know, just take a look at the “unprecedented” word on the globe’s 6 out of 6 inhabited continents : a)  “Unprecedented” Muslim migrant crisis in Europe,  b)  “Unprecedented” Mid East calamity nation against nation as in Matthew 24:7 as well as the unprecedented financial implosion of the world’s most populated country China,  c)    the unprecedented verbage and bravado of any Presidential campaign in U.S. history, pecking, pecking, pecking like Woody the Woodpecker against each other,  d)  The unprecedented “UNION” of the deadly TRI-FECTA converging all at once in Africa with drought, starvation and war throughout, again, Matthew 24:7,  e)  the unprecedented financial implosion of stocks and currencies in South America, led by once mighty Brazil,  f) the unprecedented inferno of wildfires whose insatiable appetite is relentless in Australia.  Friends, this absolute mess is an absolute mess.  No end in sight.  No wonder the Blood Moons and their omens have transitioned to our Mighty Lord’s Final Jubilee of judgements.  In short, this earth has had it’s chance to quit biffing our Lord and His beautiful Savior and Son, Jesus.  And it’s time to pay the piper.  Please view my 1 picture is worth a thousand words graph categories above that we are truly in the last days.  SO LET’S GO :


The most remarkable wake-up call in this entire report.  Here’s the scoop :

1. Bibi declines offer to meet with Obama March 18 and for 1st time ever for Bibi he “CANCELS” his visit to speak at AIPAC meeting of Americans and Jews in D.C. where they absolutely love him.  Still, he will address ONLY the AIPAC Conference by satellite.

2.  White House is livid, says it was caught completely “off guard” -YEAH- as they had to read the cancellation in the newspaper.  BRAVO BRAVO BIBI.

3.  Get this, within the hour, the Wall Street Journal reports Obama is now putting Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process front and center, highest priority level.

4.  Helter Skelter shades of Jekyll and Hyde : Just last week White House told reporters not to expect any break-through on the Peace Process on Biden’s visit to Israel “today”.  And do you remember this Obama guy telling the world last year : “I do not expect to arrive at a Peace Process before I leave office in Jan., 2017.

5.  Wallapalooza here we are 318 days away from his leaving office, God willing.  Obama feels snake bit a 2nd time now by Bibi, as last year Bibi accepted John Boehner’s secret request to come speak to Congress where Obama was totally uninformed.  His now satanic anti-Jewish crazed mind is taken over.  He turns the tables now to get even again with Bibi.  Remember last year he got even with the Deal from Hell.  Only God knows now what devious plan he is scheming.

6.  You better believe satan has given him an evil thought : He has his robots scurrying like bugs caught in the daylight, dealing with the UN, United Nothing, to impose an unabetted, unfettered solution to get this Peace Process done at the UN Sec. Council.  Time of this evil launch not yet known.  Knowing Obama, it’s gonna get done by Sept. when UNSC meets annually in New York, OR, OR, God FORBID, if he’s satan’s “chosen one” to become the President of the UN .  WOW!! How accommodating that’d be for this evil man.  We Prayerfully WATCH as this is bigger than ISIS, then the EU Muslims, then the global financial meltdown, prophetically speaking.


For 1st time, ever cocky and demon filled Hezbollah who has so many State of the Art weapons from Iran say they will “invade” Israel in next war.

2.  Hamas says Phase 1 of the Intifada infiltration is completed.  The next phase of this Jerusalem Intifada is to manifest into Jerusalem’s surrounding Settlements where there is less security.

3.  Morally blind Widodo, the dodo President of Indonesia, most populous Muslim nation on earth with over 200 million, calls for worldwide summit of Muslim nations to unite on delivering a Palestinian State themselves.

4.  Abbas, for 2nd time publicly lashes out calling the horrific knife stabbing Intifada “a peaceful popular uprising”.  Let’s see now, what planet is beyond, like way beyond Pluto?

5.  Israel intelligence leads Putin to “freeze” the “deadly to Israel” missile sales of the S-300 to Iran.  This is “God protecting” Israel that is giving Russia bonafide proof that the S-22 missiles Russian sold to Iran last winter went straight to hell, I mean Hezbollah.  Sorry for levity, as this prevents me from losing my scruples.

6.  One good military venue : David’s Sling, Israel s most sophisticated missile, begins earlier than scheduled delivery to sites around Israel for soon to come next war.  This, after great success in tests against cruise missiles, mid to long range missiles and ballistic missiles.  To be fully operational in 2 to 3 months.  Sorry Iran and your bloody surrogates for this news.  Weep baby weep.

7.  Prestigious Oberlin College in Ohio has as yet taken no action for recent derogatory remarks on a ding dong crackerjack Professor who said 9/11 and the Paris bombings were both masterminded by Israel.  KAPOW to her.  School’s Knitting and Still Knitting as per Charles Dickens Classic A Tale of Two Cities.  Show some Huddspa Oberlin, get noticed, fire her.

8.  Remember Gen. 12:3 : where God says to Israel’s enemies : “I’ll curse those that curse thee and bless thee that bless thee”.  Double Curse : Presbyterian Church says its members will plummet by 400,000 in next 5 years saying this figure is “institutionally unstable”.  And Methodists have gone from 2 million to 943,000 in 2014.  Why?  No, not Zika virus, but they’ve  chastized God’s chosen people for Israel’s supporting of Settlements and the 2 churches’ “lukewarm” towards gays and gay pastor acceptance. That’s a nasty word in Rev. 3:16, where : “I will spue you out of my mouth”.  The Presbyterian Church has even erased 100% of the references to Israel in the HOLY BIBLE for their weekly sermon.

Yes friends, We Are There when these people bust up Israel this way, God’s chosen people.  Psalms 33:12 : “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord  and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance”.  This is so kindergarten simple.  Better repent, door is closing, look left, look right, look straight ahead, it’s all evil.  Look, Luke 21:28 locks it up : “When you BEGIN to see these things happen, look up, your redemption draweth nigh”.  He’s coming sooner than later.

U.S.A. :

Oh mama, there goes that man again.  As America is either mesmorized, infatuated, or drunk on the little Marco, little hands, breathe Donald breathe, EXCUSE ME daily “SOAP STARS”, look what else is going on in our country.

1.  America’s approval rating, if polled would sink to an all-time low just because Obama’s approval has risen to 51%, Gallup Poll.  Oh well, Isaiah 5:20 : “Good is evil, evil is good…”.

2.  Somehow the neferriously naughty Obama Administration has magically found $200 million to feed, shelter, provide Health Care, school for Cuban refugees; not here, but, in COSTA RICA.  There’s “Sin City” and then there’s “Spend City”, but both wrapped up in D.C.  No wonder our “divinely” imprisoned nation’s Capitol is still engulfed in suffocating dark scaffolding to this day, nearly 2 years now.

3.  After 2 reports to you, to this writing, a “cold” Obama and marshmallow Kerry have yet to call the Christian slaughterings by ISIS a GENOCIDE.  How inconceivable and inhumane is this?  The foot dragging of these 2 coyotes is inexplicable. Like why do they have to be prodded and prodded to do what is right!!  Answer : satan between their ears I say.

4.  Obama tells press : “Nothing is going to come out of the Hillary email investigations that there is anything criminal whatsoever…”.  Hmmm, not even a “smigeon” you say.  I say he lies.

5.  Speaking of the she LIAR, notch up another endorsement for her : The Communist Party of the United States.  And did the media even report a “smigeon” of this as they did with David Duke and Klu Klux Klan against Trum”pet”.  Nah, heck no.

6.  Also, not only is her ex-boss the Real Deal phony and a fraud and a con artist (thanks Mitt, Marco) with loose lips, but she is too.  FBI now has 2,093 classified emails and counting and she said she had zero, “AT THE TIME”, only emails to MAMA, slick Willy, and Yoga questions.  WOW!!! Oh well she’s a Clinton.  Yes a Clinton who may be indicted by FBI in MAY, says Judge Napolitano on Fox.  MAY DAY, MAY DAY, I PRAY.

7.  U.S. Gov’t. gives Boeing “green light” for Iran to bid on 100 aircraft purchases.  I’m sure they can pay for it with the $150 billion Obama gave them.

8.  Glen Beck compares Trump to Hitler.  That’s bad and I’m not even a Trump”et”er.

9.  U.S. Census Bureau : All time record of 61 million migrants in U.S. today, and 15.7 million of them are illegals just chomping at the bit to VOTE to vote for Hillary this fall.

10. Cleveland is stocking upon on riot gear, 2,000 sets, for military and police for the Rep. Nat’l Convention there in July.

11.  Talk about hoarding gold : In 1965, Canada had 1,100 tons of gold, today in 2016, they have 3, as in T-H-R-E-E tons.  Another judgement precursor to the coming global $200 trillion derivative led stock market meltdowns and currency devaluations.

12.  Have to end on a good note : State of Indiana is divesting millions from companies that are boycotting Israel.  Good job Indiana as Israel says in the song : “Indiana wants me….”.

13.  Good news from Indiana for sure, unfortunately dwarfed by our feckless leader’s willfully basket full  of negatives against America, against Christians, against Israel.  to this day he builds blocks with  square ones and circular ones and that is very hard to do.


1.  WOW!!  This Pope sure loves politics and the 1-World-Gov’t.  Remember his blue and white circular logo on his airplane to the right of the top of the entry stairs that simply says : “ONE WORLD”.  No wonder he says : “The Arab invasion is a social reality…Europe is the only continent that can bring about a certain UNITY to the world”.  Talk about a door opener for the Anti-Christ.

2.  Friends, this man has done something nobody else in the history of the world has.  That is, he’s orchestrated a meeting of 14 of the world’s major religious leaders called the “Commemoration of World Alliance of Religious Peace Summit”, which he fully endorsed and “physically signed his name on to” at the signing ceremony to adhere to this diabolical agenda to bring peace and security, religious respect and “UNION” and prayer together to the world.  Friends, this word “UNION” should scare the daylights and nightlights out of you.  As in 1-World-Religion, Right!!

3.  New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, when the Pope was in NY last Sept., “God is in the midst of us”.  Well for Phillipine Pete’s and Patsy sakes, where is Jesus?  I’ll tell you, and I’m just a little nothing but a Bible believing Evangelical Christian in little Montana : Jesus is imprisoned; YES He has been for about 2,000 years.  He’ll soon be out.

4.  I surely tell you, this is all a prelude to Revelation 13:12 : “And he be exerciseth all the powers of the first beast, and causeth the earth and them which dwell there in to worship the first beast”.  Somebody please tell me I’m wrong on this man’s deceptive goals.

5.  Another of so many nuggets he’s caused in the religious upheaval he’s caused to sweep in more sheep for his devious flock at the Roman Catholic Church:

6.  Lutheran Church, 3rd only in size in America to the Catholics and Baptists, is NOW TAKING COMMUNION in Lutheran Churches services all across America.

7.Another folly of the Pope’s Anti-Jesus rhetoric I will report on weekly, week after week nonstop until the Rapture or until he repents his will : “You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith ….this issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their CONSCIENCE”.  Oh my!!  This claim of the Pope is just a “false hope” based upon the gods of tolerance, acceptance, and unity.  No more, No less.  And what about Acts 4:12 : “Neither is there salvation in any other : for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”.  Friends, that’s JESUS, beautiful, wonderful Jesus.


And what a wallop this Muslim migrant situation is imposing on the entire EU.  Like a broken record from report after report on this unstoppable crisis, here’s this past weeks’ major prophetic events of the soon to come “reincarnated” Roman Empire of Daniel 7:19 : “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceedingly dreadful”.  Just look on a fast forward of 2,600 years :

1.  Credit Suisse, EUs 3rd largest bank : “A fresh Russia in 2016 will collapse the EU as the euro would buckle under the present (Muslim migrant) turmoil”.

2.  “Russia is fiercely stoking the flames to topple Germany’s Angela Merkel by waging an information war explicitly designed to stir up German anger over the Muslim refugees” says NATO Strategic Communication Director.  And this may very well divide German against German as well.

3.  ERROR, ERROR : EU corrects self on total Muslims entered EU in 2015, not 1.1 million, but 1.3 million and merely 610,000 in 2014.  This unprecedented bleeding of the EU culture is bleeding profusely, crashing the high and mighty Anti-Jesus EU just as the Tower of Babel crashing.

4.  Greece, done with pleading for help from the EU as 800,000 Muslims entered thru there last year, now pleading to the world to help as over 2,000 Muslims crossing into her borders DAILY.  WOW, this is sooo BIG!!

5.  To appease Muslim culture influx gone wild at EU expense, Germany takes “pork meat out of “all” schools so as not to offend Muslims.  You’ll be sooorrrry!

6.  More cultural change : In Sweden, where males and females have swam together for over 100 years in Sweden’s public pools, the Muslim pool invasion” has hit : Muslims say their lust for raping and fondling Swedish women roaming around in scantily  clad swimsuits is “fair game”.  And remember after New Year’s Eve in Germany and France, these guys pooped and urinated and groped women in pools.  Yuk!!

7.  Switch subjects please : EU Central Banks at March 10th Emergency Summit expected to push the dreaded “Negative” Interest rate to an all time world record in modern banking history to -0.4%, where depositors will “eat this”.  Goal is to stave off DEFLATION, that is now spreading like cancer in EU by the way, and to spur inflation and growth, BUT IT’S TOTALLY BACKFIRING, daily.  They don’t get it.

8.  Lastly, Italy’s 5 top banks on course to all fail THIS YEAR.  One caveat: they are all “BAIL-IN SYSTEM” where, you guessed it, innocent depositors will eat some more to prevent failure/bankruptcy.  Dare I say feisty Italian vs Italian coming.  Friends, the EU is unequivocally exploding before our blue and brown eyes.  It’s God I tell you.  He’s purposely imploding this financial risk and contagion on to the EU, then the U.S. and the Globe.  We’ve biffed Him.



1.  The fragile ceasefire in Syria is now on life-support as up to 50 have been killed by Russian bombs, and Russia of course says American bombs.  Either way, up to 50 innocents are DEAD.  The ceasefire is purported to end in 1 week and will be followed up by crucial Geneva talks for a permanent solution.

2.  With that said, SAUDI ARABIA, and their 350,000 man Army comprised of 20 Muslim nations will complete their “extreme military exercises” this weekend.  They say if the March Geneva Peace talks fail, here’s Saudi Foreign Minister : “Assad MUST go, or there is absolutely no other way for peace.  For us it is clear he leaves at the “BEGINNING” of the process, not the end”.  If that isn’t pitch black and pitch white.  May we Prayerfully WATCH this one, we have 350,000 reasons and a Gog war to do so.


1.  Russian bear Vladimir Putin calls meeting with Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, President Hollande of France, to take part in an “International conference call” on this Syrian ceasefire and the Geneva Peace Talks.  Hmmm, leaders of 4 mighty countries.  If so, who is missing?  Oh yeah, that Obama guy.  Friends, he was totally excluded.  Shame, shame, Obama shame on you!! Let it be known Putin absolutely controls Syria now, Obama is a non-factor.

2.  The head of Russia’s Military Intelligence Service (their CIA), Igov Serson is killed in Lebanon in a complicated top secret mission involving several Arab Intelligence Agencies.  Russia suspects Turkey.  Friends, you know where the envelope is now on tilting off the table for a Russia/Turkey conflict.  And remember  prior to this Turkey shot a Russian jet right out of the sky.  You just don’t do these two “BADS” to the Russian bear and go on like Alice in Wonderland singing zippity-do-dah-day.


1.  That dang Iran, that dang Nuclear Deal from Hell signed by that dang Obama.  Well guess what : Their Revolutionary Guard conduct yet more series of ballistic missile tests for mid range and short range missiles up to a 250 miles “kill capacity”.  Shown on Iran’s National TV as their shot OFF from silos around the country.  This absolutely defies the recent U.S. sanctions on its missiles program.  Thanks Obama, you….


Just like that, under the Hillary/Trump soaps 24/7, Yemen (next door to Saudi Arabia) now has 6,200 dead in Yemen War.  Remember Yemen, last years “model country for democracy and a successful government” Obama squaked about.  Totally delusional, Right!!


First Iraq, then Syria, then Libya, now neighbor Tunisia is next target of bloody-tentacles of ISIS.  One shining moment though, Tunisia military kill 57 ISIS “wildmen” on the border.  Gen. 16:12 : “He shall be a wildman”.


1.  Iraq Gov’t. Engineers : “Mosul dam failure could kill 1.5 million…Mosul would be destroyed, Baghdad flooded”.

2.  Not to be denied from onslaught slaughtering, ISIS wildmen kill 70 in Baghdad truck bomb.


In the midst of an unprecedented financial meltdown of stocks and their currency, China on the true ownership of the South China Sea Islands : “Once and for all, we will not budge on the South China Sea sovereignty….we will not allow other nations (U.S.) to infringe on our sovereign rights”.  Friends, WE ARE THERE.



1.  I’ll always report to you weekly any and all earthquakes over 7.0 magnitude.  This week only an 8.1 near Indonesia.

2.  US Geological survey cringing daily for many many buckled fault line cracks that may erupt along the West coast of San Andreus and Subduction Zone in Oregon and Washington.


1.  NASA aerial investigation completed on the “LEVANT DROUGHT” in the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Israel.  It’s the worst since the DARK AGES of 900 years ago says NASA from their “tree ring” analysis.  Drought started in 1998.

2.  Bug and beetle-mania of Biblical proportions : billions and billions of bugs have hit the beaches of Argentina.  Must Google photos of it, media sure doesn’t report it as Hillary the liar/ Don Trump “et” the arrogant is on 24/7.  The beaches have turned black from the invasion.  WOW!!  Swim at your own risk I suppose.


1.  A Total Solar Eclipse, a SUPERMOON, on March 9th, Adar 29, tomorrow along with ASTEROID TX68 today which NASA now says will miss earth by 3 million miles.  Only God knows for sure what will be, will be.

2.  Also, the much hyped enormous comet called Planet X, ie., NIBIRU is purported to whiz be earth March 26 and leave a trail of humongous rocks and debris that may fall to earth in “meteor shower” form , some possibly causing tremendous destruction to cities.  If this is so, could it be a prelude to the Gog War in Ezek. 38:22 : “…. I will rain upon him (Russia today) and upon his bands (Iran, etc.) and the many people that are with him (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire and brimstone”.  May we Prayerfully WATCH the Glory of God unfold.


Only in this generation can these 3 examples happen : mind you, this is only a sample of 2-dozen I screened :

1.  A 16 year old boy in Tennessee was so upset day after day after day of being woke up to go to school by his family, he shoots 4 of his family.  Thanks to the Lord, no fatalities, 2 critical though.  Friends are we not living on “hair-triggers like this or what in these end of days?

2.  New York school kids now taught to say the Pledge of Allegiance to an “International Flag” not your and my American Flag. Do you see it, nugget after nugget after nugget is forcing us closer and closer to the Edge of Time when our Lord returns.  What a beautiful moment to see Jesus and bow down and kiss His feet.

3.  Friends, the tender loving care, the TLC, of supporting the gay agenda is front and center in America’s businesses.  Poll shows that now 50% of all larger businesses ask their employees : ARE YOU GAY? in order to consider more diversity, enhance promotions, good will, etc.  Well, I say : Romans I :25,26 : “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections : for even their women did change their natural use…and like wise also the man, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned after their lust one toward another ; men with men”.  You know, it just don’t get any simpler than that, 1 plus 1 = 2.

Sooo, what can I say?  All the above IS what it IS.  Google it all.  Credible sources below for you to verify.  Remember 1 John 4:1.  So sorry for the gloom and boom doom, as I just report the facts on a weekly basis now.  So much to report.  Not only has the judgement train left the station, it’s just moving too fast.  We just gotta tell our family and friends that soon we will be face to face with our beautiful Savior Jesus.  And won’t that be something, to kiss the feet of the Son of Man.  Not Beyonce, not the Pope, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceaser, George Washington, King David, Daniel, Elvis, Billy Graham, Lady Gaga, no not one is a “smigeon” of Jesus smallest right hand fingernail.  Tell them, “Read the Bible, you can’t go wrong, you just can’t miss” on this faultless, perfect, marvelous, amazing book.  GEES, words cannot describe our Almighty Creator and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, why? Because HE IS GOD.  And tell them if they don’t have Jesus first, they have hell last in eternity.  Rev. 3:20 : “Behold I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him and will supp with him…”.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

Credible Sources : Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, Breaking Israel News, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Wall Street Journal, Before It’s News, Rapture, and the Drudge Report.  These sources are the Real Deal for all news above I report to you.


As In The Days Of Noah Perilous Times Here Again March 2. 2016

ALERT : WOW!!! Total Solar eclipse, SuperMoon, and Asteroid TX68 whizzes by earth, all in a 24 hour period March 9th,  Adar 29.  Never know, if God is planing for an earthquake, world chaos!!  May we prayerfully WATCH.

Welcome, everybody.  “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”.  What a perfect analogy for the world today.  NOTHING IS WORKING ANYWHERE NOWHERE.  The dark clouds from dark people with dark sentences and dark terror are remarkably overwhelming any GOOD THINGS that happen.

Seriously, do any of you honestly believe that there have ever been any worse times that the world is facing today from the about to explode WWIII.  To the Muslim migrant apocolypse to LIES and DECEPTION so perverse in our not very White House to Christians’ killings to “hair spray and gobs of sweat” Presidential gutter campaign crap.  It’s all a mess, stuck in muck.  Let’s look at this week’s MUCK, most of which is unreported by media which has literally blinded us in these dark clouds, specifically the 24-7 Presidential campaign, SO LET’S GO :


1.  With the world media literally swallowed up in the U.S. Presidential campaign , we must please never ever never  take our eyes off Jerusalem.  The current world events bear watching, that is GOOD.  BUT, watching the events in/about Jerusalem is VERY GOOD.  Jerusalem, the prophetic time-clock of the world where our Lord has put His name of ownership on it, and has FOREVER ‘deeded” the Land of Israel to Abraham and his seed.  And to remember, he only “rented” the Land of Israel to other nations when Israel was punished and scattered by God over the centuries.

2.  With that said, the white-hot fires from ISIS and Iran just got hotter this week as Iran is now explicitly on news media offering a $7,000 reward to the family of any Palestinian killed while carrying out successful terror attacks in Israel.

3.  More, Iran now has Hamas sleeper cells in Judah and Samaria and at the “precise moment”, they will strike, not Jews as you might think from these “specialized cells”, but to assassinate Pres. Abbas and his Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders in the West Bank.  Iran feels 10 years now has been long enough for Abbas to consumate a 2-State Solution, yet utterly undone.  Thus they this month, March, 2016, deem the PA as “dead weight” and plan to replace it with ruthless Hamas to eliminate Israel at that “precise moment”.  This is Iran’s diabolic motive to indirectly take over the PLO, the Palestinian umbrella organization and deceptive liason to the Jewish hating UN.  And thanks to our feckless Pres. and his marshmallow Kerry completing the Iran Deal from Hell, Iran now has much money to undertake this sea change, again, at the “precise moment” of time.

4.  IDF top military analysts now meeting to discuss this “precise moment” that will ignite this spark and then, after the meeting completion, they will prepare Israel for WWIII they say.

5.  Bibi Cabinet Minister in this meeting: “The current wave of terror (ie. knife stabbings) is just a promo  for what will happen after the PA collapses”.

6.  Jordan prevents ISIS suicide bombers’ plot to blow up many civilians in Amman.  And friends, Jordan borders Israel, close, close.

7.  Vandals break into a Moldova synagogue (Eastern Romania), desecrate it, throw Torah to the ground.  A similar alarm bell from the past for the program revival going on in the world today which was surely Israel’s darkest days.

8.  End on a good note : Israel Cabinet approves historic decision for prayers on the Western Wall by both Jews and Christians, either by self or groups, men AND women.  This has never happened for 2,000 years since the 2nd Temple.  Five hundred jubilant men and women joined in the first service on approval day right out of the get-go and participated in the Torah readings.  Yes, friends WE ARE THERE.


1.  Threatens Congress, if they refuse him, to do an Executive Order to close Gitmo and bring 65 murdering detainees into prisons on our American soil.  Friends, this man is whistling thru the grave yard and if he does this we will be rolled.  Like how much more snake oil can this 6-D man throw on Americans and we continue to take it.  I say 6-D as in Deceptive, Delusional, Disparaging, Destructive, Divisive and “Dare” I say Demonic.  He’s the “Real Deal Con Artist” Senator Rubio talks about.

2.  Friends, just look at how much power he exercises, and he still has 323 days left in which to utilize it – he surely will.  Someone said : “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  As in Isaiah 14:3 : ‘For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God”.


1.  Marshmallow Kerry, so “witty”less, is having an additional evaluation done to see if the slaughter of Christians by ISIS should be declared a “genocide”. UGGGHH!  I kid you not, this IS what he said.

2.  And crony Obama spokesman Josh Earnest : “The word “genocide” involves a very specific legal determination, that, at this point, has not been reached.  Oh, dear Lord, for crying in a bucket, Come Quickly.

3.  Sec. of Defense Ash Carter warns China of “specific consequences” stop militarising the South China Sea.  Arf!! Arf!!

4.  U.S. NATO General Breedlove : “Russia and Syria are weaponizing immigration as an aggressive strategy towards Europe…ISIS is spreading like a cancer in Europe…ISIS criminals, extremists, and fighters are hiding in the flow of migrants to Europe”.  Friends, this is “VERY” scary.  Another piece of the End of Days buildup for judgements coming in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord.  Remember, Blood Moons last 2 years were “omens”  Next step, now we are in judgements. (See graphs above).

5.  U.S. think tank Atlantic Council says NATO cannot defeat Russia in the EU.  WOW!! We are in for it.

6.  Franklin Graham : “I won’t be buying any Girl Scout cookies this year”.  FYI, Girl Scouts of America fully support, endorse the LGBT world.

7.  Justice Scalia died Feb. 13, on Feb 26, yes 13 days later, and yes, 13 BALD EAGLES found “DEAD” in the DC area.  Dear Lord, I say COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE , a truly shaking harbinger for judgement on this nation; don’t you think?


1.  As Obama says : “Anyone who tells us the economic situation in the U.S. is not getting better is peddling fiction”.  Well, Mr. Obama, Look left : a) Sports Authority went bankrupt today.  b) And 13 major U.S. retailers closing down stores left and right : Sears 50 closings, Kohls 18, Target 13, Best Buy 30, Office Depot a staggering 400, Wal Mart 154 in U.S. alone, KMart 130, J C Penny 47, Macys 36, Gap only 175, Double Ditto Aeropostale 175.  Friends, you know Obama is a wrinkled empty suit everytime he LIES.

2.  All-time record : U.S. just completed 10 consecutive years of less than 3% GDP.  This is iron clad proof our White House willfully and deceptively fabricates the unemployment rate which stands at such a fallacious 4.9%.  Gees Louise, he thinks we are so dumb!!

3.  Some day soon, just one little pinprick will crush the entire global financial bubble we are in, making 2008 look like LA-DEE-DAH.

4.  Now 250,000 oil and gas employees out of work.

5.  Food stampers reach 47 million, yet unemployment at 4.9%.  I’m a Statistician, I did a calculation, never in U.S. history since Food Stamps came into existence has there been such an unprecedented ratio, not even close.  Again, LIES,LIES, nothing but White House LIES.

Friends, our President, our White House, deceptively is driving America to the economic and political abyss.  They are a perfect fit for 2 Timothy 3:13 : “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived”.  You know, I know, only One will get us out of this drunken stupor this nation is in, JESUS, only JESUS.  Please click my Facebook page for more Prophetic Current Events so tied to Bible scriptures.



1.  Much more than Super Tuesday, the upside down EU, the pending financial collapse of China and the world is the IMMINENCY of a WWIII specter of Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s current planning of a joint invasion of Syria to topple not just Syria’s Assad, but to thwart Iran’s goal of a Shiite world, backed by mighty Russia, and with its new found Obama wealth of $150 billion.  Ultimately to drive the Sunni world into annihilation.

2.  Russia and Turkey are a knife’s edge away by themselves to start WWIII as NATO tells Turkey : “NATO will defend you : NATO is on the ground.  NATO is ready”.  What a bunch of bunk.

3.  Then NATO tells Russia : “An attack against 1 ally is considered an attack on all allies”as Turkey busts out of the closet, tells all its 85 billion people publicly they are helping the Syrian rebels topple Assad, challenging Putin.

4.  Saudis, Gulf States, tell their citizens not to travel to Lebanon, home of Assad loving, and Turkey and Saudi hating Hezbollah, Syria and Iran’s henchmen.

5.  UAE even closes embassy in Lebanon.

6.  Saudis stop all aid to Lebanon – a first ever.

7.  Saudis will enter Syria if they violate the current feeble cease fire which began Feb. 26th, but is barely holding, “sporadic” fire continues.  Friends, remember, there are 350,000 Sunni soldiers from 25 countries at this writing in extreme military exercises in Operation Northern Thunder going on in Saudi Arabia that will be completed before March 15.


1.  More tossed salad : Russia has taken full control of airbase in tiny Armenia on Turkey’s border, chomping at the bit to invade and strike the Turks.

2.  We know Obama is a poodle, but the pit-bull Putin is also a ruthless military genius : Not knowing exactly how this 2 week cease fire will pan out, in this “lull”, he has deployed “Warships” that can bomb the Syrian rebels and Turkey which was not a part of the cease fire which was only meant for “ground and air” attacks, NOT SEA ATTACKS.  Very tricky, very slippery man to watch, a very mature actor indeed in the imminent Gog/Magog War.  Russian Foreign Minister Lavvov : “I call this struggle a third World War by other means”.

CONCLUSION : Friends, “Can You See It” this war is morphing into the Gog War of Ezek. 38,39.  Syria is on the brink of Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”, let alone the entire country being cannibalized and torn into little bitty countries as 12 nations are now directly involved “IN”, I say “IN” the country.  Syria is simply a circular firing squad.  This conflict is the most fluidly moving and dangerous point of international diplomacy since WWII.  And why not, we are in the End of Days, how “fitting” to witness these events before our eyeballs.

These military Muslims along with Russia are nuts, yet so prophetic as in Gen. 16:12 : “He will be a wildman, his hand will be against every man and every man’s against him : and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethern”.  How remarkably fitting.

Absolutely SPOT ON, RIGHT?  Gog War is at the door.  Does anyone see it?  Marshmallow Kerry don’t : “The world community may not be able to save Syria”.  Kerry, much much more than just Syria.  And petulant, yet deceptive Obama : “We’ve turned the tide against ISIL”.  What planet is he on beyond Pluto??


Talk about Bible prophecy explosion of the 200 million man Army in Rev. 16:12 for the “Kings of the East (China) to come West : China is full steam ahead actually fulfilling this prophecy in completing the 5,900 mile long highway and railroads to Tehran, Baghdad, and ends at Damascus.  NOTE : On Feb. 7th, the first train load of Chinese goods made it to Tehran.  Over the river and thru the woods to grandmother’s house we go.  And what a COINCIDENCE : Rev. “16:12″ ends the Bible after Gen. “16:12″ begins the Bible.  COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE.


1.  Although only one event to report on the Pope’s Anti-Jesus ways, it’s an absolute whopper : Pope has given his blessing to “MIX” human and animal DNA to create CHIMERA” for the sake of Medical Research.  Friends, look it up, “CHIMERA” means an absurd fantasy…  This is profoundly close to the Nephilium people in Genesis 6: 5-7 : “And God said that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the Lord that He made man….  And the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth”.  Oh, how spot on is our Great God Almighty to fit this so perfectly today.  After all, why should we think any different of Him : Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done”.  And then came the flood, AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.  And now our flood is here in this generation in our Lord’s Final Jubilee Year.

2.  Until the Pope repents/rescinds his lips on what he says or promotes, I will continue another of his follies next week which Jesus would despise : regarding his thoughts on gays and lesbians : “Who am I to judge”.  How despicable a statement for one who’s followed by one-fifth of the world’s population.


Again, our God ordained migrant Muslim refugee crisis is absolutely swallowing up and absolving the entire EU.  Just look :

1.  Now spreading like wildfire 25 of the 28 EU nations are boldly and explicitly showing their anti-EU rules, regulations, and mandates by scrapping ties with Brussels on anything and everything associated with the migrant surge that tests their sovereignty by even one iota.  Friends, it’s twilight zone climax time in the EU’s Day of Reckoning.

2.  Today, March 2, was the worst day ever for chaos in the migrant crisis since it began approx. 2 years ago.  Country by country :

3.  First, the BIG THREE : a) France is now living under a  Gov’t. State of Emergency, additional to the Paris attacks.  WOW, 2 States of Emergency, never heard of that before.  Right!  France rains down tear gas on out of control rioting Muslims detained in camps they call “jungles”.  Muslims set several fires and throw rocks at police – A first.  b)  BRITAIN will have a National Referendum on June 26 called BREXIT to cesede from the EU because of this ugly mess and  c)  GERMANY : Angela Merkel is vehemently blamed now in actual protests as thousands against her say  “ASTA LAVEESTA BABY”, throughout the EU for supporting these Muslims.  German gov’t. hits dead-end after dead end  on what to do, sinks further in quick sand.

4.  Other deluge of nations about to break : a) GREECE, thousands, Goggle it, thousands of crazed Muslims tear down the fence between Macedonia and Greece.  No deaths, many injuries, again tear gas from police to no avail, several thousand bust thru, head North.  b) HUNGARY, for all practical purposes has left the EU.  Pres. Orban : “We will teach Brussels that Hungary is a sovereign nation”.  WOW!!  c)  AUSTRIA and FINLAND and SWITZERLAND,  yes, the “neutral, neutral” Swiss have instituted “caps” on this Muslim influx into their borders. WOW, Swiss even, swiss cheese borders closing.   Add 3 Baltic and six other nations and you have a most mighty crippling mess in the EU.

5.  EU Commissioner on Feb. 24th : “We have 10 days to solve the crisis or Schengen will totally collapse.  Friends, Schengen is basically the EU lynchpin of “free borders” about the EU nations.

6.  Did you know 130,000 of the 1.1 million Muslim migrants into Germany have absolutely vanished, POOF, Yeah, like POOF of Germany.

7.  Friends, I tell you, is this Muslim “migrant shaking” of the high minded EU which is Anti-God, Anti-Israel, shades of the 5,000 year old Babel and Nimrod story today where God crushed their dark and devious goal of building the Tower of Babel to Heaven by having them to speak different languages.  Must remember, the EU’s main Gov’t. building in Brussels was constructed to look exactly like the Tower of Babel.  And now the EU culture crashing different language speaking Muslims have arrived by the oodles and oodles into the EU, with their own language.  Reminds one of Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now, and that which is to be hath already been”.  Friends, it’s des jeax vous all over again with the current Humpty Dumpty falling of the EU.  Friends, please Google : “EU Headquarters in Brussels looks like Tower of Babel”.  Also, did you know the seat #666 in this building is purposely left vacant when all the 28 national leaders. politicians meet.  Very intriguing indeed.

8.  Aside from this Muslim crisis as if anybody cares, EU is in deflation in two of the last 3 months.  BIG BIG news any other day.



1.  Powerful 8.1 magnitude West of Indonesia at this writing reports pending.

2.  U.S. Geological Survey says that the San Andreaus seismic faults are producing deadly and – DARE I SAY THAT WORD AGAIN IN THESE LAST DAYS- in “their” words “UNPRECEDENTED” levels of Carbon Monoxide.  All across California and up the West Coast due to highly unusual emitting of this poisonous gas thru ever widening cracks in earth’s surface, the seismologists are warnings of clusters of major quakes are coming soon.


1.  Zika virus is spreading like 60, now 24 states have 107 cases and counting.  Worse, Doctors say 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans expected to get Zika because they lack a functioning Health Care system.  May we WATCH Matthew 24:7 unfold surely with mixed feelings : “…. There shall be famines and PESTILENCE and earthquakes”.

2.  Las Vegas Syphilis outbreak has surged 128% since 2012.  May what plays in Vegas, stay in Vegas, as the saying goes.


1.  Speaking of the Pope’s Nephilium – like support, in China, “LAB-GROWN” sperm has been successfully used to father healthy baby mice.  Their goal : to make infertiles, fertile.  Oh, come quickly  Lord Jesus, what are they doing playing God like this??

2.  As of Feb 1. this year, there are 1.285 pending court cases regarding athiests, liberals, knotheads, etc.  trying to take the Ten Commandments statues out of schools and public property.  Friends, this number has exploded over two to one from the 615 form the first case back in 1962, a mere 52 YEARS AGO.   And now over DOUBLED in TWO YEARS.  Thanks again Obama, you so and so.

3.  So sorry to report the following, but it IS what it IS :  A Muslim woman is  arrested in Moscow for beheading a 4-year old girl and burning the house down where she was babysitting.  Police caught her after ONE-HOUR roaming the streets, waving around the severed child’s head, so despicable, yelling Alhua Akbar.  I’m so sorry, this is our world in this EDGE of TIME, and this is 2 Timothy 3:1 : “This also know that in the last days PERILOUS times shall come”.  Oh Yeah, tip of the iceberg today of next 7 years of Great Tribulation after we are outta here in the Rapture.

Well, what can I say, there it is, just like Daniel 5:5 “The writing is on the wall” for this, the terminal generation that Matthew 24:34 spoke about : “Verily I say unto you.  This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.  Friends, we ARE that generation, let alone this world is now 6019 years old (4004 BC to 2016 less 1) which, remember as of Gen. 6:3 : “Man’s years shall be one-hundred and twenty”, as in 120 Jubilees and 120 X 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years.  Well, here we are.  Sorry for the levity I bring to these posts as I must do to overcome this plethora of such ominous prophetic news. Sooo, may we tell our family and friends that Jesus is coming sooner than later.  His elevator goes either UP or DOWN.  So, choose wisely, strap on your heavy-duty seat belts and please please memorize John 14:29 : “And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass, that ye might believe”.  Friends, Humpty Dumpty’s fall is come to pass, and the world cannot fix him.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

Sources :  The Blaze, Drudge Report, Rapture Ready News. Reuters, AP, Breaking Israel News, Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post, Fox News, CNN.  I only report what I deem credible and prophetic from these sources as per 1 : John 4:1, honest, frank, and prophetic scripture linkages.