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ALERT ALERT : The beginning meeting of the Paris Initiative Peace Talks to “force” the 2-State-Solution on Israel is now slated for June 3, 10 days from now.  See ISRAEL CURRENT EVENTS, many more details below.

Welcome everybody.  Like the title and alert says, our planet is spinning desperately out of control just a little bit too fast.  Knowledge now doubles every 2 months.  Unfortunately this knowledge explosion is mostly false, right into the wheel well of brutish false prophets everywhere.   Please view my Charts on the Home Page to better understand why the recent Biblical Blood Moon omens and warnings have propelled us to the dark places we now are.  (And please click on my Facebook page for revealing prophetic events that foreshadow the things to come with reliable, accurate sources not seen on TV, or whackadoodle major news media that is so Trumpized and crooked Hillaryized.  Much to tell you,  SO LET’S GO :

Hosea 2:23 : “And I will sow her unto me in the earth; and I will have mercy upon her; …and I will say to them which were not me people, Thou art my people; and they shall say, Thou art my God”.


THE ENFORCED PEACE PROCESS :  Big big news on Bible Prophecy and Israel :

1.  Here we go again.  The much vaunted French Initiative that will strictly ENFORCE the 2-State-Solution upon Israel did not take but 4 days off from the original scheduled date.  Is now scheduled to begin JUNE 3 in Paris.  Again, tick-tock-the-game-is-locked and Israel is not invited.  Why the 4 day delay?  I’ll tell you why. My take, because the UN, U.S., EU, Russia, etc. are “tweaking” to the Palestinian’s satisfaction without regard to Israel’s sovereignty or land ownership our Almighty God gave the Jews via Abraham in Gen. 15:18 : “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram saying, unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great River Euphrates”.

2.  French Prime Minister Valle flies to Israel in hopes Bibi will accept whatever they’ve got.  Bibi outright emphatically REJECTS it, says : “Peace is not achieved in International UN style conferences, nor through International diktas that come of meetings of countries around the world sitting to decide our fate”.  BRAVO BIBI.  Valle leaves dejectedly with zero success, goes to Rumallah to chat with Palestinians.

3.   U.S. House Foreign Relations Chairman Ed Royce : “My concern is the Administration might allow this French Initiative to go forward”.  He believes Obama is preparing to support all parameters of this Deal From Hell.

4.  Feeling the heat on this most prophetic mega issue of this generation, and his perma-frosted relation with slippery Obama, Bibi forces out “soft” Defense Minister Yalon and inserts hardliner anti-Palestinian, Avigdor Liberman.  Palestinians utterly detest Liberman, once had a “hit” on him to kill him.  World diplomats now speculate that a Bibi-Liberman coalition will make any peace deal most difficult.  Friends, the line has been drawn in the sand : Israel against the world, just like God said it would.


Just look at this; it’s no COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE, it’s God  :

1.  President of Egypt, El-Sisi (ISIS backwards FYI) favors the French Initiative, tells marshmallow Kerry, UN, that he offers to be a head mediator to complete the 2-State-Solution and will come to “PARIS from CAIRO” to do so.

2.  Yes, God deplores that.  Look what happens the “very” next morning : Egypt Airliner crashed on flight from “PARIS TO CAIRO”  More, “66” total on board.  Even more, as per ABC News David Muir, search area was “66” kilometers.  Tell me God is not screaming at all who “touch the apple of His eye” in Zech. 2:8.

3.  El-Sisi, can’t wait, takes the reigns and seeks his own Peace Initiative and calls on both Israel and Palestine to attend his Egyptian-led talks in Cairo.  What the heck is going on?  Everybody wants to be the lead for Daniel 9:27, the most prolific prophetic scripture of Bible prophecy today which sets timelines for so much End of Days stuff : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  We earnestly WATCH this unfold.  This is everything dear people, think about it, you know it is, to be sure.

4.  UN tells Israel they will not be able to partake in this French Initiative until September.  WOW, what a hit, September, where all 192 nations meet in New York for the 69th Annual General Assembly.  They end Oct. 2nd, Rosh Hashana, the Feast of TRUMPETS, then 10 days of AWE, thru the Lord’s Final Jubilee, #120, ends Oct. 12th on Yom Kippur, Feast of Atonement.  Gees Louise, if things are hot now, look how they’ll sizzle in 4 months.  WOW!


1.  All Israelis residents living near Gaza are warned by the IDF to prepare for Emergency Evacuations “instantly”.  Says : “To have packed bags at the ready.  In the event of an emergency, there is a decision to completely evacuate”.  White hot situation, Right!

2.  ISIS claims to : “Destroy Israel and liberate Jerusalem”.  Their devil inspired plan is to take the Sinai, the key stepping stone to destroy Israel, and Egypt, and to use the Sinai as a gate to the liberation of Palestine.  Friends, get the picture, first 20,000 in Iraq, then another 20,000 in Syria, then another 6,000 in Libya, now over 1,000 of these barbarians in the Sinai.  They are successfully persuading Egyptians, Gazans, Hamas to “join us” as they say.

3.  This is very extremely rare : Dozens of Israel’s Rabbi’s are called together in a “Special Emergency Conference for the Security of the Nation of Israel in the Holy Land in Jerusalem.  Long title but means so much for these leaders to answer a clarion call to converge all at once together where they have always in the past approached Jewish laws differently.  Well guess what.  This time it was unanimous on the topic : All agreed Israel has no permission from God to give up her land.  That was big.

4.  For 3 weeks now, the UN defies all calls from Israel, continues to call the sacred Western Wall, the despotic name Al-Buraq.  Hmmm, last half sounds familiar??  Friends, we are the generation to witness this timeline of our Lord’s prophetic words for the End of Days.  Oh yes, it’s the Glory of God showing that “this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.  Exact words of Matthew 24:34.  Here We Go.

U.S..A. :

OBAMA, no, OBAMA, yes, sorry :

1.  Obama’s latest Executive Order spends $21 million to fund jobs for Muslims and other refugees.  Says “Access to a summer job can make all the difference to a young person”.  OKAYY!  Here again, he is not being very honest, sidestepping U.S. born teenagers and their unemployed parents.  This wreaks with bias.

2.  As Russian jet fighters last month toyed with U.S. planes, Russia 2, U.S. zero, and this week 2 more double ditto with China bullying U.S. planes , China 2 U.S. zero, Obama is precisely fixated on his sexual-social engineering edicts on transgender bathrooms.  His correlation between increasing his gender prowess for Americans and decreasing his deceptive military eyes over-seas is absolutely remarkable.  Obama has almost single-handedly changed America as he said he would and specifically on this gender equality thing.  What can I say, he’s done something I thought I’d never want to see in my lifetime on this issue.

3.  FYI., Obama has let in 499 Muslim refugees in the first 2 weeks of May.  Did I mention NOT ONE, NO NOT ONE, was a Christian.

4.  More of Pres. Peter Pan’s major accomplishments this week : ISIS slaughters 68 in Baghdad, 45 in Yemen, 66 die in Egyptian air crash, Ayatollah Khamenei threatens the U.S., China threatens the U.S. on South China Sea, friends, Google it, he went GOLFING.  You know in Daniel 2:21 our Lord says : “He removeth Kings and setteth up Kings”.  Dear Lord, as America implodes, please speed up his removal time of 240 days left in office.

5.  And latest accomplishment, first goes to Communist Cuba and makes happy, now goes to Communist Vietnam to make more happy.  You know, I can’t wait for God to put on His boxing gloves against Obama’s ambitions which continue to downgrade America.


1.  Texas Senator Mike McCall on our military power : “The President is suited to a drip drip doctrine suitable for losing a war”.  My dad, an illiterate Greek education wise, always said “bean by bean will fill the sack”.  Well guess what, Obama’s drip drip has filled his foreign policy sack with muck for America.

2.  Ex-Sec. of Defense Gates : “Our U.S. troops are being killed and in danger on this back flipping.  We are doing a disservice to our men.  Obama’s best friend, Ben Rhodes, and Samantha Powers (UN) are clueless on our military mission resolve”.  Friends our leader is the ultimate paper-tiger of all U.S. Presidents.  And why not, he’s a Muslim.

3.  U.S. Senate passes 9/11 Bill enabling 9/11 survivors to sue Saudi Arabia.  Saudi’s threaten to sell $750 billion in U.S. Debt which will crush the dollar, then our Stock Market.  Obama, in bed with Saudi’s plans to veto.  We WATCH.


LGBT lover Target Stores stock slumps from 84 to 67, a 20% drop, in 28 days as Americans rebuke Target’s love affair on the bathroom issue.  Don’t you just love the way our wayward country has reached critical dark mass of judgement under our U.S. leadership wolves.


I’m going to switch this phrase used for Obama to the Pope this week for what he said : “Oh Mama, there goes that man again”.

1.  Pope  issues blatant warning to any religious order in the EU of 507 million people that “spurns” his call this past week to open and keep open their doors to the Muslim refugees.  If not, he says “there will be consequences to pay”.

2.  Pope sharply defends Jihad and says : “Islam and Christians share the same idea of conquest, and for that reason, Islam should not be viewed as a threat”.  OKKAAYY!  Would like to see Pope tell family members who’s son’s head was sliced off by ISIS wildman that his butcher’s were not a threat.  Genesis 16:12 : “He will be a wildman, his hand against every man”.

3.  Pope Francis, embraces, hugs and “KISSES”the “grand imam” of Cairo, Egypt.  Says : “Just our meeting is the message”  Got that right, as in the “KISSES” of death.  Talk about Bible Prophecy fulfillment of the 1-World-Religion the Pope adores, this was the “FIRST EVER” meeting between a Vatican Pope leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, and the highest authority in Sunni Islam, leader of the world’s 400 million Sunnis.  Friends, that’s 22.2% of the world’s population which marks the culmination of a most significant improvement in relations between the two mega-faiths since Mohammed 1400 years ago, founder of Islam.  Pope’s goal of this historic encounter of both sides who’ve warred for all these 1400 years is the hope that it will lead to a greater understanding and dialogue between the two faiths.  Did I mention this One-World-Religion is played out in Revelation 17.  We Are There, End of Days when we see these things.


Could this be a preview of the U.S.A. in coming months if “Crooked” Hillary, Don the “Fraud”, Bernie Gone “Socialist Wild” or “Lyin” Obama is our next President?? :

1.  In the midst of the Muslim refugee malaise, the EU reveals its articles and regulations of a newly birthed EU military force that is presently-as in today, May 24-being formed before our very eyes that is swiftly bringing together the “Trifecta” of EU transitional Police, EU transitional Army units and EU Air and Naval operations all into one cohesive military force.  WOW!!  This union was first in the shadows being built and has now outwardly thrust its ugly tentacles into full view with Germany as the central command point.  What’s even more troubling is that portions of the military’s of Islamic Turkey and North African nations are part of this fledgling soon to be military monster.  As in des-jeaux-vous Heil Hitler der Fuhrer, as in what better seeds could be planted for the Antichrist’s army.  Again our Lord’s scripture Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which IS TO BE has already BEEN”.

2.  France’s 2nd most powerful person, La Penn, albeit leader of the minority Conservative Right, who’ll run against Pres. Hollande next year : “The EU is in the process of collapsing on itself.  It is on the brink because the 2 pillars it was founded on are collapsing : the Euro and Shengen Free borders”.

3.  Austria selects new President, Vander Bellong that’s no biggie.  BUT, in 2007 he blurted out : “Take your Austrian flag for your gag…anyone who loves Austria must be sh_t”.  Friends, that is a biggie.  That’s Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil”.  Really, how zombie-like punch drunk are the Austrian people to approve this man?   It’s surely a sign of the times, Right!

4.  Duetche Bank, EUs largest bank, says another U.S. rate hike that is purportedly to be announced in June and implemented in July, will unleash a worldwide Stock Market crash and says : “If you think you’ve seen this movie before, you have”.  As in 2008 Great Recession.  Friends, so so so many Statistical points against this frothy U.S. market, I can’t list them, too many, too complex, one conclusion : It’s much overdue to CRUSH CRASH.  WE WATCH.

5.  Remember Rev. 13:16,17 : “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead.  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark….”.  As in the coming Antichrist will usher in a “Cashless-Society”, his money transfer/exchange of choice, to be sure.  And that’s why the UK now becomes the 8th EU country in a short 2 years mind you, to claim that CASH is now used for less than 1/2 of all consumer payments (Mortgages, utility bills, new sweater, gas, popcorn,…).  Oh yes, soon this demonically controlled thru and thru monetary system of exchange is coming to a theater near you.  And to me, as well. Praise the Lord we will never be a part of it or ever know “who” that Antichrist is.  2 Thes. 2:7,8 : “For the mystery of inequity doth already work, only “he” who now letteth will let, until “he” be taken out of the way.  And then shall that Wicked One be revealed”.  Case closed, we’re outta here, those who believe and love our Wonderful Lord Jesus.



1.  For first time since I’ve started this website, no news on the “star” of Ezek. 38, Gog, played by Russia, and her co-star, the Chief Prince of Ezek. 38:2, Vladimir Putin.  Remember the song “Silence is Golden”, well in Russia’s case, “silence is Apocalyptic”.  Putin is going helter-skelter under the radar, don’t you think.  Remember he was such a good boy watching his Olympics in Russia in the audience.  And 24 hours after the flame went out, the world read Ukraine was capitulating into Civil War West versus East, latter which was fortified by gigantic Russian military.


1.  China, for the “first time” says “We rule the South China Sea…The U.S. should not provoke China in the South China Sea without expecting retaliation”.

2.  China’s Gov’t, is on a satanic “crusade” campaign to remove all crosses from Church spires in the entire country.  They forcibly use blow-torches, chain saws and or destroy Churches entirely if the job is too difficult.  Chinese Christians helplessly watch.  And WE WATCH this burgeoning and coming 200 million man Army proceed towards Rev. 16:12 : “And the sixth angel poured out his vial…that the Kings of the EAST might be prepared”.


1.  Senior General : “We can destroy the Zionist regime in less than 8 minutes”.  Yes Sir, Mr. General, but what about Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”.

2.  Sick old man Ayatollah Khamakazi Khameinri : “The U.S. cannot do a damn thing about Iran’s ballistic missile program”.


Of the 270,000 deaths in 5 plus years of War, did you know 60,000 have been from “prison tortures”.  Friends, how can satan possibly not be roaring like a lion these final days.


1. Satan must love these barbarians : They execute 25 Iraqi spies by dunking them into a tank of nitric acid until their organs dissolve in Mosul.  Yes, Mosul, the city of Nineveh during Jonah and the Whale.

2.  Call on all their faithful to begin carrying out “individual attacks” in the EU and U.S.  Leader says : “The tiniest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the biggest action by us”.  What devilish timing as Ramadan begins Sunday, June 5th and lasts 30 days.  WE WATCH as God says in Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you, I say unto all, WATCH”.

3.  Lyin Obama’s JV Team is now transferring its chemical weapons into residential neighborhoods that are densely populated in good old Mosul again-with kids and babies.  This, to avoid being targeted by coalition airstrikes.  Oh, how coyote ugly these vipers are.

4.   This one hurts, very tear jerker : little Iraqi Christian girl burned alive in Mosul.  As she lay down in her mother’s arms, tells mother in her dying last breathe : “Forgive them”.  May God Bless her so much. Come quickly Lord Jesus, we are waiting for you.



1.  Largest global quakes this week was a 6.7 and 6.8 magnitude jolting Ecuador.  Remember last month the 7.9 magnitude here killed 661 people.

2.  Minor earthquakes swarms continue UNDER Mt. Hood, not near or by or adjacent to but “UNDER”.


Total of 157 pregnant women now have Zika Virus in America.


1.  Lake Meade Reservoir by Las Vegas is at it’s lowest point in history, only 37% filled.  It provides water for over 20 million people.

2.  In D.C. all time record for rainy days in May.  Through today rain in 20 of 24 days and month not even over.  Also, May has had the “coldest” high temperatures on record, running 15 degrees cooler than historical average other than May, 1882, during the Cowboy’s era.

3.  India heat lingers, hovers 122-126 degrees F in most of the country. Residents gather across India say:  “We are all praying to the GOD”‘S” for an early monsoon for relief”.  GOD”S”, huh, good luck with that Hindu talk.  There is only one God.  And that is God Almighty, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Got a lot here, some horrific :

1.  Latest satanic obsession going viral : It’s no longer arm, legs, chest, etc. now it’s TATTOOS in their EYEBALLS and SPLITTING of their TONGUES for more superior body modification.  As if God’s wasn’t good enough to them when they were born.  How about Levit. 19:28 : “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh, not print any mark upon you,  I am the Lord”.  Friends, a tattoo is a mark, a split tongue is a cutting in the flesh.  Tell me we are not on the Edge of Time.

2.  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  No, it’s superman.  No, No, and No!  It’s a Synachurosque, or a Chrisjewsalm, a Synagogue, a Church, and a Mosque all rolled up into one in Berlin.  Called “The House of One” for total cultural integration.  As in the Tower of Babel.

3.  America’s apparently lately highly disturbed Pastor, Tricky Ricky Warren changes his name to Mohammed Hussein Warren and says : “It’s no big deal, I mean what’s in a name?  Rick, Mohammed, Allah, Yahweh, whatever.  It’s all pretty much the same at the end of the day”.  Well, Tricky Ricky and your love for “Chrislam”, being “LUKEWARM” don’t pack sand with our Lord, especially speaking like this of his glorified precious Yahwey : Rev. 3:16 : “So then because thou art LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.  Yes, spue as in spit to say such things, and you who still promote Jesus so commercially.

4.  Germany sends massive army of drones to Poland at Poland’s request, and drops off millions of abortion pills.  Friends,  this world’s gone bezerk.

5.  Obama approves and  pilfers $5 million to go to Planned Parenthood to provide “their” view of sex-education material and teaching to school kids 5 years old and up.  For crying in a bucket, this Administration is absolutely insane.

6.  Very traumatic here : In India’s 125 degree heat, man parks his camel, ties its legs so as not to run away, goes into house to entertain guests, no water for camel for 6 hours.  He forgets to water his camel goes out, camel literally lifts him up by the neck, and literally again, GULP, tears off his owner’s head.  Owner dies.  I say this because millions and billions of people are receiving that “reprobate” mind of our Lord in Romans 1:28, having no morals or values anymore.

7.  Venezuela on cusp of Civil War, disease, starvation, 900% inflation, the highest in the world, mass chaos, riots.  One protester burned alive in a crowd even.  Gov’t. instituting, Martial Law.  I tell you, could this be a prelude of judgement for U.S.A. as Venezuela’s Ambassador to the UN “frankly” asked them when exactly, date and time specific, is Israel going to give the Palestinians back “their” land.  Friends, God hears this, he answers wrathfully.  Look at Venezuela now, they’re cooked.  WE WATCH.

8.  Never in U.S. history have 2 candidates opposed each other for presumptive President as CROOKED HILLARY and DON the FRAUD.  Both 57% negative ratings.


Tell me the Obama led White House didn’t take the road sign labeled Sodom and Gomorrah and follow it to feverishly continue to blanket America with his LGBT love affair.

1.  Friday, May 13, lucky us, Obama issues Executive Order, more like an edict for “all public schools that receive Federal funds must provide transgender students with access to suitable facilities”.  Steven King, Congressman immediately counters, calls for Civil Disobedience across America to not obey Obama’s transgender rule.  Says : “There’s no reason for us to follow an unconstitutional edict from the President who is on his way out the door”.  Bravo Steve King.

2.   Not to be outdone, New York mayor DeBlasio issues his own edict whereby all New York City residents can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of them which can fluctuate between some version of Male or Female combinations.  Businesses that defy edict risk incurring minimum of $100,000 in fines.  Some examples of the 31 pick and choose what you want to be today : “2 spirit”, “3rd sex”, gender-gifted transgender.  What’s 32, I best not say what I was going to say. Geese Louise, Hello Sodom, Hello Gomorrah.

3.  Oh No, we Christians are getting absolutely inundated, pulverized : Workshops are going up all across American colleges promoting “poly-amory”, the practice or desire of having sexual relations with 2 or more consenting Males and or Females.  Isshh.

4.  Deep in the heart of Texas, which I believe is the most conservative state in America, the ugly tentacles of our White House are building an illegal alien detention center and 36 of the units are allocated for transgenders.  We watch Gov. Abbot and Texas fight this.

5.   Friends, New York is no longer New York : Poly amorous Real Estate mogul buys a Christian Church converts it to a “swank erotic”, 24/7 cesspool of orgies and sexual parties “dump” called Maharlem.  Google it, Drudge report May 24th.  I couldn’t dream of making this stuff up.  Heck Google everything here is these articles.  It is what it is.  We Are There I tell you, the End of Days.  Friends, this sexual thing is out of control.  Nobody can stop it for the last 7 and 1/2 years with this President.  Oh woe is America in this vengeance of our Lord in this Jubilee year, his exact words in Isaiah 61:2.   Oh woe is us.


Well, there it is.  The world oasis of prosperity is rapidly drying up.  We are truly at the End of the Age.  My goodness gracious, the rottenness is everywhere.  With that said we must cautiously keep our eyes fixated on our Lord’s time-clock Israel.  As Israel goes, the world goes.  Our Lord says so.

Friends, our Lord and His Beautiful Savior and Son Lord Jesus is the last vestige of hope for this world.  In times like this we just gotta grab that solid rock and repent and then rejoice in His blood He sweat at the Cross so He can take us out of here.  Then we can “WATCH” the Great Tribulation unfold down on earth from our mansions He built for us instead of “partaking” in it under these dark days to come on earth.  May God Bless You Very Much and God willing, see you next week.  Paul Grevas







Welcome everybody.  From the new London Mayor to the Venezuela imminent civil war.  From the unstoppable Canadian fire to ISIS now swallowing up Baghdad.  From past and buried playboy Trumpitis to the ever omnipresence of the dreaded Clintonosis disease in the unprecedented dirt-clinging “issue-less” Presidential campaign, well….  May the Glory be to God for enabling us who Love, Follow, Believe and Confess His name and His Beautiful Savior and only Son , Jesus, to trudge forward and finish the race to forever be with Him and torpedo right out of this messy world soon.  I’ve always said since the Biblical Blood Moon omens, we are now in the judgement phase of this final Jubilee Year.  And how black and white, day and night is His word of the End of Days we are in, in both Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4:19 :  “To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord, and the day of VENGEANCE of our God”.  Well, what VENGEANCE?  Well how about the following Prophetic events this week.  I’ll show you, you verify, they are reliable, accurate, real, you judge.  SO, LET’S GO :


1.  Stop the Presses!!  Stop the Presses!!  France’s President Hollande delays the dreadful prelude to Daniel 9:27 Israeli/Palestinian parley stating “U.S. Secretary John Kerry cannot come, so it has been delayed.  It will take place in the summer”.  Kerplunkk.  The marshmallow man himself, Kerry says on the delay : “We remain interested in advancing the 2-State-Solution (ie.2-S-S) and on how to do it”.  What, do what!  It’s not your dad-gum business to dictate this enforcement on Israel, it’s not even your country for cripes sakes.  FYI, Israel found out about the May 30 Paris meeting delay thru the newspapers as they were TICK-TOCK-THE-GAME-IS-LOCKED, not even invited.

2.  Separately, the Quartet (EU,U.S, Russia, UN) meets in Vienna May 25 to discuss their report on what to do with Israel.  This report will be an “important foundation” for the French Initiative.  UGGGHH, all these pimples about maneuvering around Israel’s people and land is so dispicably appalling and aggravating.

3.  Bibi : “This French initiative gives the Palestinians an escape hatch to avoid negotiations”.  Sure, strong arm “force” is quicker than 26 years of failed negotiations.  Friends, doesn’t this crap seem a bit odd to you as it did me the second I read the delay because Kerry can’t make it.  I tell you, my take, hanky panky, more coffin nails, more straight jacket time to “legally” pin Israel into a pinprick of a corner— and all orchestrated by the snarky wizard himself for sure, Barack Hussein Obama, to throw more mud in the muddy pond he’s already created for Israel.  You know, I just wish Obama would go to Kenya and just break rocks, make little ones out of big ones.

4.  More, Obama plans to endorse a stiffer tone against Israel in his upcoming International report.  The U.S. will criticize Settlement construction, demolition and property seizures of Palestinian homes and to “blame”  the never ending impasse for “Peace Negotiations” squarely on Israel.  Report due end of May/early June.  Friends, do you get what I’ve harped on relentlessly for 2 weeks now?  This is so explicit.  Look at this “Tri”fecta : a)  Obama, b) blame Israel for negotiation impasse, c)  impose the 2-S-S by force.  Do you get it?  Deceptive Obama’s going to VOTE for THIS Deal From Hell in the Bible in Isaiah 28:18 : “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand”.  You see, this “delay” appears to have to be pristinely picture perfect to uphold our wretched President.

5.  Bibi calls French Foreign Minister, Ayrault to rescind and give up the upcoming French enforcement initiative upon Israel.  Says : “Israel has no interest in multilateral Peace Talks, only direct negotiations will work”.  Ayrault rebukes him and responds : “The Middle East Peace Conference France is organizing will take place as planned”.  Case closed.  We earnestly WATCH.


1.  Two Palestinian coyotes stab 2 out of 5 women walking to market in Jerusalem.  What is so haneous is all 5 were over 80 years old.  PTL, none died.  That was God..

2.  Abbas : “We are following in the path of the Nazi Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who made a pact with Hitler to wipe out Israel from history”.  From today in 2016, to “Back to the Future” in 1931 this devilish scheme is alive and well.  We know the end however,  Right!


Jordan’s Parliament Speaker : “We oppose the Jordanian Peace Treaty with Israel.  The Parliament’s position which represents the Jordanian people is different from the governments position” (ie. King Abdullah merely and his family).  Sooo, now we Watch Egypt, the sole nation to still have a fully uncontested Peace Treaty with Israel and when that cracks soon, Hello Psalms 83 War, Read it, “all” her border neighbors can then proceed forward to fulfill our Lord’s prophecy.


Their top military commander, Badreddine is killed apparently by an IDF night air-raid strike outside Damascus.  IDF says nothing.  Let it be known IDF targeted and struck Hezbollah terrorists and a weapons convoy on the Lebanon/Syrian border 1 day earlier.  Closer closer to Psalms 83 War.


Iran puts on a cultural cartoon drawing contest for kids.  Well that’s nice.  The “theme” is drawing any cartoon mocking the Holocaust.  That’s viciously bad when 6 million Jews were fried in ovens.  Bibi : “This insults the memory of the millions of people who died in the Holocaust”.  I wish Bibi was more “Rude”.


1.  Friends, and you may have to, I’ve seen more Internet posts than ever lately of a coming 2nd Holocaust, more than ever before.  Maybe it was for May 5th, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I don’t know,  Very surreal.

2.  No biggie here but I think of Daniel 12:4 : “…in the time of the end, many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased”.  Knowledge increase as in the Internet, as in www. as in the Hebrew number for “W” is 6, as in 666.  Also, sat up again at night in bed thinking of 6 or 66 or 666.  Did you know from the 9th of Av Eve Aug. 13 this year, the most ugly day for wars and both Temples destroyed in Israel is “66” days away from Feast of Tabernacles.  Again, God is telling us : Watch His Glory to show for His Chosen People this summer.


Obama :  Yes Mama, there goes that man again :

1.  It’s now official, even all the diabolic liberal news media got wind of this one : Obama lied on the Iran Deal.   Obama gets the last laugh on shady tactic revelations used by him to direct his diplomats to lie to the public to get the Deal From Hell “done”.  Diplomats included Ben Rhodes, arguably Obama’s best friend and ace strategic adviser who spilled the beans and arrogantly squeaked about the deception and how he pulled the wool over you and me.  Friends, these 2 remind me of the serpent in Genesis 3: 1,5 : “Now the serpent was more subtil (deceptive, elusive) than any beast of the field.  And he said to the woman….for God doth know, that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods….”.  Yep, that’s slippery Obama and Rhodes all right.  They biffed us.  Bibi was right all along on Iran.  In the end friends, you know, Obama’s lanky arms are too short to box with God.

2.  Did you know our Noble Peace Prize President has now been at war longer than any President in U.S. history.  Now that’s a legacy.  And he said “This generation has never been in a more peaceful world”.

3.  North Carolina sues U.S. Gov’t. on transgender bathroom issue.  Within 60 minutes, and not the show on CBS, Obama has the U.S. Dept. of Justice sue North Carolina “and” the Governor for “civil rights violations”.

4.  Today Texas Governor Abbot, who reminds me of Bibi with much wisdom, says : “Texas is undermining the transgender issue and not establishing it as a law”.  Good man.  For crying in a bucket, there are 960,000 transgenders in America, that’s 1/3 of 1% or .003% of our 323,000,000 people.  Gees Louise.


1.  Jay Sekulow, good man, great Attorney just reiterated today how Obama in 2009 promised his Administration would be “the most transparent in history”.  What a charlaton this perpetuitous liar has been for 7 and 1/2 years.

2.  Ann Graham Lotz, yes, Billy’s daughter : “God is removing Himself from America because we’ve defied Him.  I believe my lifetime is the last generation in history”.  And then she quotes Matthew 24:34 about the last generation on earth.

3.  Talk about Genesis 12:3 alive and well in Canada : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  Just look, Muslim Trudeau becomes Prime Minister.  He rebukes Israel by not even mentioning ONE WORD on Israel or the grotesque suffering and death of 6 million Jews executed without blindfolds, burned alive in ovens during Holocaust Remembrance Day speech as previous Prime Minister Harper did yearly May 15th.  He also freed up the balloon for accepting gays and gay marriage.  Enter God : He drives Canada into recession levels, inflation splurging, oil, tar, and sand industry in Rumplestilzkin sleep mode, and Canada’s largest and costliest fire in history, the unstoppable Fort McMurray inferno.  Friends, God’s word is what it is.


If you have gold in your “paper” portfolio, you may consider selling it as the ratio of “paper” nearly worthless gold to physical gold is 542 : 1 ratio.  That is when stocks crash and the Comex Index in Chicago gets forced to pay off it’s gold in physical gold, investors will get only 0.18% of there investment back.  That’s a 99.82% loss and the Great Depression was “only” a 53% loss.

2.  Charles Schwab Investments sends letter to all clients as they are the first firm to “cave” to the U.S. Gov’t. Treasury debt which is absolutely “Insolvent”.  They are forcing investors to move out of money markets and into U.S.Treasuries.  Hmmmm!  Deception again on how bad our debt is.

3.  Also, the U.S. “debt dump” by Central Banks of Countries in the world is at an all-time record pace.  China, Russia, Brazil are selling U.S. debt like cotton candy as they try to soften the blow of the economic slowdown and to strengthen their own currencies.  This weakens the unwanted dollar.  This will panic Wall Street.  This will cause worldwide financial melted cheeze.  See article and scary graph of staggering $225 billion Treasuries sold in 2015 and an unprecedented $123 billion IN FIRST QUARTER OF 2016.  My take, I’d sell gold paper stocks and U.S.Treasury debt.  Just Google U.S. debt dump deepens in 2016.


1.  Brazil Parliament votes to impeach President Rousseff.  Yep, just in time for Olympics and Zika and daily protests and riots in Rio.

2.  The group Anonymous hacks into and shuts down the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the National Banks of Tonga, Sweden, Myanmar, and Laos, all this week under the radar of the media Hillary/Trump show.  In normal days of yesteryear this would be world headlines.

3.  I reported on Venezuela “on the brink” 2 weeks ago.  Well, now there is starvation, militia controls the streets, despite daily riots, looting, muggings.  Civil War may be imminent.  All due to oil price dilemma and Communist Gov’t. led by President Maduro of this, the 3rd largest oil producer in the world.  Hi Bernie.

4.  Our Pentagon admits only 5% of ISIS territory in Iraq has been taken back, 16% only in Syria.  Yep, quite a JV team.  Right Obama.  Thank you for all you do???


Well Pope Francis did it again, making our Beloved Wonderful and Beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus a mockery.  The Pope says this week : “I believe that secularism accompanied by a strong law which guarantees religious freedom provides the framework to move forward.  It is the key to a successful and peaceful state while states tied to a single religion don’t have any future at all”.  Sooo, all that Jesus lived, did and died for on the cross sweating His dying blood to take our sins away forever just for the asking was all for naught as Pope Francis encourages us to employ freedom to bounce around from religion to religion.

Dad gum it!!  What hogwash.  No wonder I quote the Pope weekly until our “Blessed Hope” says “COME UP HERE”.  I also link this Pope, the “266th” in history as a front runner to Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast (ie. false prophet) coming up out of the earth, and he (ie. a man) had two horns like a lamb (ie. a lovable compassionate man for the world’s poor),  and he spake as a dragon (ie. his above quote is dragonish enough).


1.  There goes that broken record again : The Muslim migrant crisis, that is metastacized on its fringes with the bloody tentacles of the Genesis 16:12 “wildmen” of ISIS’s greatest grandfather, Ishmael and his butchering sons of today, continues to swallow up the EU and change its centuries old culture.

2.  a)  But WHOA, there’s a bright spot appearing for Germany out of this complicated mess with the chaos of Britain’s “BREXIT” vote pending on June 23, with the EU economy at absolute zero-growth stall speed, with negative interest rates financially killing EU banks and depositors, with EU unemployment exceeding 11.0%.  b)  And especially that this could be EXACTLY what Germany wants to allow and thereby make itself as a “REDO” of the ADOLPH HITLER SUPERSTATE  of the 1930s, just after Germany’s economy was absolutely capitulated by the deflation to hyperinflation to KABOOM after WWI.  And then Hitler and the German mark began to strengthen like a viral juggernaut out of the ashes.  c)  Well, des jeax vous, all over again as the Euro has now become the “golden goose” means by which superior German productivity is able to gain an absolute and unbeatable advantage over all other 27 EU nations.  WE WATCH GERMANY, the “FINANCIAL CREATOR” for the Antichrist.  Hope you got that.  In a nutshell, only Germany in the EU is getting very very strong again, in all this MUCK, just like in Hitler days, and all it now needs is that certain man of perdition.  Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is to be hath already been done”.  Spot on I’d say.

3.  A Godfather movie scene : A real pig’s bleeding head found smack outside the office of Angela Merkel put there by a mob of Muslims who did the dirty deed and got away.

4.  So now it spreads to Italy : Italian Parliament gives Italians the green-light to allow homosexual marriages.  No wonder Italy’s top 5 banks are about to BUST this summer.  It’s God’s Judgement I tell you.



1.  Make no doubt about that Russia is Gog and Pitbull Putin is it’s “Prince” in Ezek. 38:2.  Why?  Because their fingerprints have been “all over” the Middle East from the Arab Spring startup as chief negotiator and protector of whom they choose.  And now they arrogantly brag about their preparation to fire the greatest, most powerful, most prolific doomsday nuclear missile in history of all mankind.  It is absolutely “Unstoppable” from anything the U.S. or China has.  It is called the “SATAN 2″ missile, so applicably.  It can completely destroy a nation the size of France with 70 million people or Texas with 28 million in just 10 seconds.  It is equipped with supra-technology to dodge enemy radar systems.  It is capable of hitting Seattle or New York or anywhere in between, take your pick.  Friends, my take :  let’s see, how about : Zech. `14:12 : “And this shall be the plague where the Lord shall smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem.  Their flesh shall consume away while they stand on their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth”.

2.  More, Russia and Saudi Arabia are in love.  Saudis will spend $10 billion on many projects in Russia.  Yes, friends, Gog is Gog and it is here.


Not to be outdone, but far inferior to Russia, China successfully completed it’s Dongfeng-41 nuclear missile tests.  This missile can destroy London in 30 minutes.  Well, let’s see : 2 Peter 3:10 : “The day of the Lord will come as a thief in night, the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with FERVENT HEAT, the earth shall be burned up”.  WOW, we’re toast in this world.


Top General : “We will drown any U.S. warship approaching Iran.  Americans are aware that Iran will destroy their warships if they take a wrong measure”.  And our man Obama, ever bowing to the bully bosses, jumped UGLY last month and said this “This generation is living in the most peaceful world…”.  The whimsical opportunist.  La La, La La Land to be sure, Right!


For the first time since 2013, Assad is using chemical weapons again.  This time, gassing ISIS with Serin gas on the edges of Damascus.  Assad getting closer and closer to yell out “Geronimo” Kama-Kazi style on Israel, and then, it’s Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…”.


1.  They’re Heeeeeere!  Two weeks ago ISIS suicide terrorists kill 98 in “BAGHDAD”, which the U.S. basically “owned” in safety under Bush.  Now, POOF, under the same old movie we’ve seen before with Obama’s “cut troops and run”.  Oh Obama, I’ve seen your work for 7 and 1/2 years and I don’t like it.  This week, another 100 Iraqis slaughtered.  Today as I write this exact sentence, May 17, on Fox News, 48 more dead by ISIS jackals.  Friends, that’s 246 in two weeks.  What’s next, Israel?

2.  More, National Security Adviser, James Clapper tells Congress on ISIS : “WE CAN’T FIX THIS”.  This as in ISIS.  Friends, why can’t the “mighty” U.S., the Coalition, Iraq, Syria, defeat ISIS these past “2 years”.  Yet, Israel wipes out Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria in “6 days” in 1967.  Do you get it, nobody on earth can do squat when God’s judgement is upon them.  Remember my Biblical Blood Moon Charts (See Home Page and click).  They were the Unprecedented Heavenly Signs and Omens and Warnings of His Judgement here on earth today.  You know it’s here.


First Iraq, then Syria, now Libya has caught the ISIS cancer as 8,000 of these jackals now there destroying Libya.  The marshmallow man, Sec. Kerry says : “The U.S. will help back Libya as now ISIS poses a new threat for Libya”.  Why am I linking  the marshmallow man, a Harvard graduate, and the movie Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carey on this statement.



1.  None significant, but way too many of magnitudes 5 to 6 range to report on.

2.  Swarms and swarms of minor quakes recorded, not about, but for the first time EVER, erupting under Mt. Hood in Oregon.  As high a rate as 20 per hour,  No quakes in the past in U.S. history ever have had this high a frequency.  Oh well, it’s delegate election day for Trump and Hillary in Oregon today.  They both RUMBLE too as you well know.

3.  NASA :  “This past April was the hottest month on record…2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever”.  Boy, I’ll say.  It’s going to “hot hell” fast.

4.   Israel too is experiencing it’s hottest record breaking temperatures in modern Israels’ history.  On May 15th, Holocaust Day the average temperature in the “COUNTRY” was 104 degrees, COINCIDENCE SCHMOINCIDENCE.  In the South, resort city Eliat had record 115 degrees.  Yesterday and today, May 17, forecasts for 122 degrees in places in Eastern Israel.  442 hospitalized, 400 fires, that’s BAD.  NAKBA DAY, May 15, where Palestinians commemorate the losing of their “land” to Israel in 1948 and where street protests in East Jerusalem and West Bank turned to riots with the Jews, WELL, it totally “fizzled” out with the torrid heat wave. Now that’s GOOD.  I guess they “Feel the Bern”.  Friends, this heat is not due to 1-World-Orderistic Climate Change, not due to CO2 emissions, it’s God, all God, He’s talking and screaming at us that WE ARE IN THE SOUP for the End of Days.


The Olympics show will go on this summer as all Olympic athletes to be given anti-Zika condoms upon their arrival in Brazil.  Gees Louise, I’d rather have a Hawaiian lei around my neck upon arrival.


1.  One in four pregnancies end up in abortions.  Used to be 1 in 6 prior to Obama.  Total now since Roe versus Wade in 1973 is 57.5 million.  Thanks Obama, only 247 days left infecting our “baby bones” of America with your politically correct posture when it comes to a real live baby’s life.

2.  Scientists headed by Professor George Church, of no where else, Harvard, now planning to fabricate the human genome synthetically to create human beings without biological parents.  I can only imagine God in His window , with a tear in His eye.  Come Lord Jesus, is it not time?

3.  Pornography in the, not so, White House, so full of putrid sin : Obama’s Twitter account reveals he  follows not National Security these days but a very different theme of several porn stars.

4.  New Fox shows for their celebrated Fall schedule, and on Friday nights, tad dah : Back to back no less, weekly series called “Exorcist” followed by “Hell’s Kitchen”.

5.  From London to America : First, London swears in a Muslim Mayor, yesterday morning Brooklyn swears in a Muslim judge to carry out the Constitution.  Worse, he put his hand on, not only not on the Bible but requested and got the Koran.  Friends, last week, I said I cry at times for America, well, double-ditto on this.  Now how do you square that?

6.  Cannes Film Festival in France, pace-setter for upcoming movie sensations, features for 2016, five “Cannibal movies” to be rolled out.  Their most ever of this evil.  Top reviews go to “The Neon Demon” who eats people.  Oh dear God, they’ve fallen so succinctly to the pits of hell.  And why not : Rev. 12:12 : “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”.  YES and YES.  Again, more judgements in this 120th Jubilee Year of the Lord the Blood Moon omens warned us about last year.

7.  Our Federal Gov’t. now gives out “Rainbow Badges” for teachers and staff in California promoting themselves as “Allies of LGBT”.  WHEW!! I sure feel like just bagging all reporting some days.

8.  And within 72 hours this past Friday night, when we all go home for the weekend, Obama, so annoyed and vexed and personally outraged to be sure over the North Carolina transgender issue with bathrooms issued a “National Directive” to ALL public schools in U.S. that they MUST comply to offer “unfettered” transgender access” or ELSE, face the loss of Federal funds to school districts.  Conservative parents across America are going ballistic with outrage. Just ask your kids.  Matter of fact, Google all this gunky mess on Apostasy here, dare you to see different.

9.  Lastly, a Professor Mark Tushnet, from where else but from our nations arguably most prolific “intelligence” college Harvard, encourages students to treat Conservative Christians like “Nazis”. Yeah, there’s a name, “Tush” so fitting.   No wonder our Lord inserted Isaiah 5:5 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil”.  WE WATCH, WE WAIT for Jesus to get us outta here.


Sooo, there it is.  Couldn’t be a more sharper, clearer picture on this mess today on the Edge of Time we are in, as in Daniel 5:5 : “Then the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand and wrote over the plaster of the wall…”.  Friends, God’s handwriting is on the walls of America, on the wall “Mexico” will build, on ALL the walls of the world.  One asks, what can stop this unstoppable momentum of this final generation time-clock of Matthew 24:34 : “This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.  There’s no pause button, it’s all in free-fall, down, down, down.  May we Christians hang on to what we got.  May we daily bow down and pray and worship our Creator and His Beloved Son, Jesus.  May we tell our kids that if they can love Mom and Dad, then they can love Jesus.  Why wait, you know the countdown is here.  We are witnesses.  Come Lord Jesus, oh how We Are Waiting For You.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas









“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord : and the people whom He hath chosen for His own    inheritance”   Psalms 33:12

Welcome everybody.  I must tell you here that henceforward my emphasis on future reports will concentrate mostly on the series of International meetings with the UN, U.S., etc.excluding Israel who is not invited, that begins May 30th, in Paris regarding the “Final Work” on “Enforcing” a 2-State-Solution upon Israel by dividing up the Jewish Nation and splitting up it’s capital, Jerusalem, the past, present, and future home of our Lord.  Eeekk, 2 scary words here just mentioned, “Final” and “Solution”.  As in Final Solution.  As in Adolph Hitler.  As in WWII and the Holocaust.  Yes, that des jeax vous is very scary.  Especially when you read Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now and that which is to be has already been”.  We are in the Lord’s Final Jubilee Year, #120 as per Gen. 6:3, it ends Oct. 12th on Yom Kippur.  I’m not a date setter, mind you, but a “Date-Watcher”.  Please see Chart Categories on Home page.  Much to say,  SO LET’S GO :


1.  Do you remember the riddle when Chicken Little was saying “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”.  Well, from a “worldly” perspective, it IS falling hard and fast upon Israel most probably for the last time regarding the Israel/Palestine Peace Process Negotiations.  As mentioned above, on May 30th satan will have his demons the UN, several nations including Russia, China, U.S. in Paris to begin their First EVER, repeat, First EVER meeting on what they call “The Enforced 2-State- Solution”.  And can you imagine that, Israel is not invited.  Old words we grew up with are out : Peace Process “Negotiations”.  New words are “Enforced” and 2-State-Solution.

2.  Think this is no big deal?  Look what’s going on in Israel as they’ve measured the demonic gravity of this latest move to split God’s coveted, covenanted Land of Israel : Bibi directs his Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, to tell the world : “The upcoming weeks are especially critical.  So much is going on.  We don’t have a moment to rest.  We are currently in a State of Emergency…each country that Israel succeeds in preventing from attending the summit will be considered an achievement”.  Friends, if the U.S. issued a National State of Emergency, it’d be ISIS on the shores of the Statue of Liberty or WWIII.  You just don’t shake up your entire nation speaking like this unless it’s an epic life/death scenario.  As this appears to be.

3.  Going on this VERY MOMENT at this writing there are 3 Peace Processes going on : Syria and Yemen are being negotiated.  Israel’s is being enforced.

4.  Speaking of Peace Process, one down, one to go : Israel has 2 Peace Treaties, one with Egypt, one with Jordan.  Well guess what?  Talk about Bible Prophecy converging all at once in this Final Jubilee Year; Jordan’s Parliament votes, refuses to honor the 22 year old Israel/Jordan Peace Treaty established in 1994.  This diametrically clashes with King Abdullah who separately continues to support it.  Friends, if this debunking of the 2 neighbors’ Treaty holds, Moab and Edom who are present day Jordan : For Moab: Isaiah 15:1 : “The burden of Moab’s.  Moab is laid waste and brought to silence.  And for Edom : Obadiah 1:1,18 : “Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom.  We have heard a rumor from the Lord, and an Ambassador is sent away to the heathen…and the house of Esau (Edom) shall be for stubble and they shall be devoured, and there shall not be any remaining in the house of Esau”.  POOF!

5.  Israel security finds out this week that the very first sentence in April’s draft treaty of the Geneva Talks on the Syrian Peace Treaty the U.S. and Russia are leading, says : “Israel will relinquish the Golan Heights back to Syria.  Bibi counters within 24 hours : “The Golan will forever remain under Israel sovereignty.  Not 24 hours later, on April 18th, State Dept. Spokesman finky mouse John Kirby, other 1/2 of JK squares  (John Kerry) says : “The U.S. does not consider the Golan Heights to be a part of Israel”.  Friends, this is so BIG.  We WATCH.

6.  Worst escalation of strikes in 2 years since the 2014 Israel/Gaza War hit this week.  Gaza fires several rockets into South Israel.  No deaths, thank you Lord.  Israel responds, destroys several Hamas hideouts, a tunnel, many infrastructure sites.

7.  IDF warns all it’s Jewish citizens, a mere 6 million of them, on TV, radio, Internet by issuing a new warning : “Beware of attacks with poisoned syringes”.  As if knife stabbings are not enough.

8.  UN’s ugly head deliberately raises it’s tentacles on Holocaust Remembrance Day and reiterates it’s recent stance on rewriting Biblical scriptures by adamently sticking with their rhetoric from their left arm of UNESCO declaring the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Rachel’s Tomb, Care of the Patriarchs, and many more Holy sites in East Jerusalem and West Bank, labeling them strictly as Muslim sites.  Oh for gosh sakes, how can they stoop so foolishly low.  Dad Gum it.

9.  And lastly, I ask you to add this up.  Friends, if you read Psalms 83, it is the Psalms 83 War, so descriptively laid out this week just as if it’s a Broadway play or a movie so perfectly laid out by the Glory of God who will soon squash all nations mentioned in this piece.  Why?  Because of Zech. 12:6 : “…In that day I will make Judah like a hearth of fire among the wood and like a torch of fire in a sheaf and shall devour all the people round about on the right hand and the left and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place”.  To God be the Glory.

10.  FYI, 4th time in a month I stayed awake in bed at night counting days back and forth about #s 66 and 666.  I’ve mentioned 3 in my Facebook (please click latest 2 Facebook posts, had terrific response, tops all year).  Here’s the fourth : The number of days from this demonic day coming in 3 weeks, on May 30th, to the “Eve”of the first day of the month of Av, August 4, 2016 the deadliest month in Jewish history is 66 days.  Yes, friends God is screaming.  We WATCH Israel and how Obama votes in the next 4 months when the UN meets and adjourns on, YEP, Oct. 2nd, Yom Kippur.  What an awesome God we have.

U.S.A. :

Obama :  So tired of his name and how he shucks America and demeans Israel.  Oh well, 257 days left of him.  WOW!!  Lots of damage can happen in 257 days.  Just look at this week :

1.  Obama’s true colors of how he can press his will upon America bloomed to fruition last week at the White House Correspondence Dinner with all of his national media love-bugs.  Says : “So, I want to close by saying I’m very proud of what you’ve done.  It has been an honor and a priviledge to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy”.  Did you get that, “SIDE BY SIDE”?  Friends, this shrouded in secrecy collusion he’s had for 8 years makes the recent Ted Cruz/Kasich collusion on Indiana voting seemed like a baby puppy.  Why else would Obama’s take down America agenda and his plethora of mostly immoral and Muslim appeasing Executive Orders come so easily.  Friends, our leadership wolves in the White House have the snarky camouflaged media in their back pocket.

2.  Obama budgets $17,113 for every illegal under 18 years old in America.  The average Social Security payment if $14,772 per year.

3.  The first 4 months of 2016 are on pace to become the greatest influx of illegal aliens ever over the Mexican border.

4.  Obama has personally shrunk the U.S. Army to 479,172.  This is the lowest number since WWII, 1940.  Last month, 2,200 Army personnel retired, not one, no not one was replaced with a new recruit.  That’s bad, but Obama says we now live in the most peaceful times ever in the world today.  La La Lum Dee La.

5.  On Israel, Obama’s actions, or here I’ll say potential inactions, will speak loudly in the next few weeks specifically criticizing Israel and taking them to task on their settlement building spree and property seizures of land designated for the future Palestinian State.  It will be an international report to be publicized around the May 30th Paris meetings where the U.S. will be partaking in with the UN, EU, Arab States, Russia, China to begin the “ENFORCED” 2-State-Solution upon Israel.  Oh, how timely Mr. Obama, you so and so.  Friends, I tell you, if Obama directs his UNSC delegates to either “side with” the UN or “abstain”, can you only imagine the Bible Prophecy that will explode in front of our eyeballs.  No U.S. President has EVER gone against Israel before on a UN vote.  Now do you really really think Obama, with 8 months left, will cave and side with Israel and vote against this “ENFORCEMENT”.  Not on your or my life.  May we WATCH this epic prophecy play out.  I tell you now, our leader doesn’t have the guts to help Israel.


1.  John Kerry, puts a little steel in his marshmallow mind and says on drawing  RED LINE #2 on Syria : “Assad must go by August 1st or there will be serious consequences”.  OOOH, Very scary coming from his lying lips,

2.  Kerry again, at the graduation at North Eastern College : “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world”.  Friends, just think of the high priority he placed for the 1-World-Order by mentioning “borderless world”.  That is very revealing. Right!

3.   Franklin Graham on Obama’s declaration of the first EVER Gay Monument : “It’s a monument to sin.  That’s unbelievable.  War heroes deserve a National Monument.  Our nation’s Founding Fathers deserve a National Monument, but a monument to sin, I can’t believe how far our country has digressed”.  Don’t worry Franklin, as Maude said in the Golden Girls : “God’ll get you for this”.  Surely, He will should Obama not repent his ways.


1.  Here’s the good news, but it’s merely worldly:  Pope wins the most prestigious Charlemagne Award for his efforts in the unification of Europe.  (And, WOW, does Europe ever need unification when you read the Europe article).  He says : “I dream of a new Europe ‘humanism’ based on fresh ideas.  I dream of a Europe that is young and a capable mother, a new Europe capable of giving birth to a new humanism based on the core abilities to integrate dialogue and generate new ideas.   I dream of a Europe that promotes the rights for all.  I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime and a Europe that will commit to an open multi cultural society”.  As per the Muslim migrant mess, and yes, 1-World-Order.  I dream of a Europe that does this.  I dream of a Europe that does that.  Dream, dream, dream.

2.  Friends, here’s the bad news : He never ever never does mention the power and glory of what our Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ can do to make dreams come true in Europe or “anything” about Jesus no less.  I say he flunks the Charlemagne test on his acceptance speech.  Friends, the Pope’s ways are not the ways of Salvation.  Jesus and only Jesus is.  John 14:6 : “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me”.


Friends, for the first time since the Greek financial crisis 2 years ago, there is a new headline maker other than the Muslim migrant apocalypse into Europe.  And that is Great Britain.  Just look : THE U.K.

1.  Hip Hip, Hooray, London’s gone Muslim : New Mayor, Kahn, is a devout Muslim and has a history of defending terror activities, including the 9/11 terrorists.  How could the 2nd greatest financial center city on the globe and America’s 2nd strongest ally to boot, come to this?

2.  More, hundreds of London’s buses are now “retrofitted” : They’ve been completely painted in red and their new major logo slapped onto the sides of each bus in Big black letters saying “Glory to Allah”.  Oh, Dear Donna, this is absolutely insane.  Ann Margaret starred in the movie Bye Bye Birdie, and now the UK is starring in Bye Bye London.

3.  UK’s David Cameron : “A Brexit could trigger WWIII”.  This, as June 23 Referendum date looms over the entire EU’s implosion, not just the UK.

4.   Bank of England is being consumed 24/7 now with employees preparing contingency plans for a “chaotic” type of Brexit aftermath with nearly 70 million Brits.  We WATCH for June 23rd.


1.  The UK’s “BREXIT” has livened up 8 hot wires as now these EU nations’s citizens are demanding a similar Referendum to secede from the EU : Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Poland.  Friends, that’s the absolute heart of the entire EU.  Can you see it, if this unravels, and it’s main culprit is this mighty Muslim migrant mess, this could so easily be a prelude to Daniel’s 10 Kings and Rev. 17:12 : “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten Kings, which have received no Kingdom as yet, but receive power as Kings for one hour with the beast”.  If you visualize this, you’ll get it friends as the EU is on the cusp of discintigrating like greasy slicked-up dominoes.

2.  EU’s top 3 leaders paint a similar grim picture of EU’s all out destruction : EU President Tusk : “The dream of one EU, with one vision, with one nation, this is now just an illusion.  We are now in a really risky and tricky moment”.  EU Parliament leader Schultz and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker : “In former times we worked together.  This has totally gone now”.  Friends, leaders of 550 million people just don’t say this stuff to their people.  “They Are There”, great chaos coming to EU, and out of this turmoil for sure will come “that Dark One”, the Antichrist.

3.  Germany’s Conservative Right Wing Party, the anti-Muslim immigration party, the AfD, adopts a manifesto against Muslims after several riots and protests erupt after nearly 500 arrests.  Manifesto orders : A ban on no more Islamic symbols of power such as minarets, no more burkas for women, no more calls to prayer, etc.

4.  Thousands of German right wingers rally in Berlin for this manifesto to be implemented and chant : “No Muslims on German soil”.  I tell you, as Germany goes, the EU goes.

5.  All this and what does the liberal and moderate EU Commission do?  Well, alla Obama and Hillary and his liberals would do in U.S.A. these days, they will now assess a $290,000 sanction penalty per person against any nation refusing any Muslim man, woman, or child asylum seekers.  Let’s call this absolute polarized insanity on each side.  They’re further apart into the black abyss than D. C. is.

6.  Add salt to a wound in the dry desert : Over 1 million Muslim migrants are amassing in Libya with aim to cross into Europe thru Italy.  Not the sporadic boat here, raft there via Sicily.  Now what will the Pope say? Right!!


1.  In Belgium, church after church is being closed down, low attendance, shutting out God, and being converted into beer pubs, restaurants, apartments, you name it.  Even 90 of these churches are on Real Estate listings waiting for potential investors.  Bye Bye Belgium.

2.   EU capital Brussels and Germany plot to keep a “secret” EU Army secret until the June 23rd UK Brexit vote, inadvertently gets leaked to the public of all EU nations.  Get this, and talk about the 1-World-Order chunk here in the EU, goal is to bring the national armies of all 28 nations UNDER ONE COMMAND and to be STATIONED IN GERMANY and called the “BERLIN PROJECT”,  WOW!!!  I say Heil Hitler, Heil Antichrist very soon.  We WATCH.



Spending most of it’s and Putin’s time secretly with U.S. Diplomats working on the plan to absolve the Syrian slaughter of 270,000 Syrians under Assad.  Two key components :  a)  To oust Assad as President in a Russian friendly way.  and  b)  to give Syria back the strategic Golan Heights which Israel vehemently, ardently, emphatically rejects.  Rejects so much that Israel guarantees a war to keep the Golan.  And then Damascus will be destroyed in one night as per Isaiah 17:14.  And then Psalms 83 War.  And then the Gog/Magog War.  It’s all there.


1. Friends, we gotta WATCH the Iranization of Iraq happening before our very eyes.  We don’t get even a “smigeon” of news media on it as they drown us with Trump and Hillary.  Highest total of the year, 741 Iraqis killed in April, not by ISIS, but by Iran as Iranian Shiite Cleric Al-Sadra “is baaaack”, lurking his ugly head to topple all the millions of Sunnies in Iraq.  KAPOW!!  Yet another Mideast War in this most “calm” and safe world Obama blabbed about last month.

2.  Obama’s Iran Deal from Hell can stay there.  Why?  Well, Iran for 1st time ever, has successfully tested their long range ICBM missile that can strike Israel, with 300 miles to spare, with a precision of accuracy not exceeding “24 feet” for a 900 mile launch.  That’s good.  Oh well, Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.  Now that’s VERY GOOD.


Turkey President Erdogan, who wants to rule the Islamic world just like the old Ottoman Empire Caliphs did from 1517-1917 has just gotten one giant step closer.  He’s now a Dictator who yields absolute power of the Mid-East’s most populous country of 90 million.  He forced out the Prime Minister and there will be no more Prime Ministers ever again reportedly.  Dissolved position, POOF.


Another one bites the devil’s dust.  Now Kuwait bans all Jews from entering Kuwaiti airport to fly.



1.  Surely you who have followed Bible Prophecy for the End of Days-which we are surely in-have noticed a prolific unprecedented amount of earthquakes in the last 2 months.  Since March, USGS Scientists say the earth’s crust has become more unstable as major areas are now shaking underneath all over the globe along with major volcanoes erupting in a super abundant way.

2.  These leading experts claim : “San Andreus Fault Line is locked, loaded, and ready to GO.  The springs of it have been wound very very tight”.  Along with the newly coined earthquake word “swarms” of earthquakes in Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, and now, under Mt. St. Helen, 80 miles south of Seattle, a swarm of 130 earthquakes are trembling.  Friends, this earthquake-a-mania is a perfect prelude fit for Rev. 6:17 : “For the great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand”?


1.  Largest fire in the world today and the largest (600 sq. miles) and most expensive ($7 billion) ever in Canadian history, the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta is absolutely running wild.  90,000 evacuated from the town, over 1,600 structures. homes, destroyed.  They question if the town will ever open again.  Is uncontrollable, will take several months. Friends, if you see it on TV, it’s like pictures of hell, red, yellow, orange  flames in black of night looks so unquenchable.


Surely, can’t mention America’s Apostasy disease without mentioning Obama’s pointy-headed actions so filled with idiocy, lunacy, and godlessness on his LGBT agenda promotion :

1.  Obama is anxiously waiting to designate the New York iconic Stonewall Inn in a ceremony shortly where the modern day gay rights movement took root in 1969.  He will declare it to become the first National Monument honoring gay and lesbians and transgenders in America.

2.  Obama directs the Dept. of Education to launch a new website labeled “Scarlet T” totally dedicated to shaming all Christian Colleges in America that follow Biblical principles rather than an “open Socialist agenda”, specifically treatment of transgenders.

3.  Friends, no wonder hundreds and thousands of churches today, AND THEIR BLIND PASTORS are either “looking left” or celebrating LGBT’s as America’s new “freedom fighters”.  I tell you, I’m a big tough guy, but I “cry”, yes, I “cry”, on where our morals and values en masse have gone today these last 8 years.  Can’t tell you what a rough time I’m having absorbing this LGBT stuff, over and over and over, as it is suffocating even the true Christian Internet sites I daily follow such as Rapture  Oh yeah, Come Quickly Lord Jesus, Sure Waiting For You.  Alive and well is the Laodicean lukewarm church of Rev. 3:16 : “So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.

4.  This is worse : Sickening demented Scientists from Cambridge University, Kings College, and Rockefeller University keep a human baby embryo alive for 13 days, which is the putrid law of the land, outside the womb for experimentation purposes and stem-cell research.  Yeah, then most likely discard the remains right down the toilet-SICK, so sorry to report this.

5.  Witchcraft religion, Wiccans, is the fastest growing religion in America.  With 134,000 members in 2001 to 342,000 in 2008, to over 800,000 today.  Really, how can we not say America is imploding and that “We Are On The Edge Of Time” living in all this filth.  Praise the Lord we have Jesus Christ.

6.  North Carolina Gov. sues the Federal Gov’t. today on the transgender bathroom issue.  One hour later the Fed. Gov’t. sues the state of North Carolina for Federal Civil Rights abuses in dueling lawsuits.  Now watch all heck break out through out our nation on this issue.  Again, thanks Obama.


So be it.  How can anyone not say we are in the “End of Days”.  Jerusalem is the time-clock of the world. The nations are striking this time-clock beginning May 30th.  The new word is “ENFORCED” 2-State-Solution.  The old words Negotiated Peace Process can start gathering dust and cob-webs as far as the leaders of the nations of the world are concerned.  We are in a new paradigm as never before in our lives.  We are in Matthew 24:34 : “Verily, verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.   Friends, look around beyond Trump and Hillary blinders, things are being fulfilled at a rapid rate and converging so quickly.  Tell your people there’s a disease in this world that over 6 billion people have.  It’s called SIN.  Even the World Health Organization doesn’t know enough about it in these days to cure it.  But there is a cure : To receive Jesus, our Wonderful Savior.  Remember we are not children of God and God is not our Father unless we receive Jesus.  John 1:12 : “As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name”.  Geese Louise, that’s sooo simple to spend eternity in Heaven and not hell.  Do it, you’ll like it.  May God Bless You Very Much and God willing see you next week.  Paul Grevas


Welcome everybody.  What you will read here on the prophetic events that occurred this past HOLY WEEK of our LORD’S PASSOVER will surely astound you.  Specifically the ‘surreal’ reason why the purported UN Security Council VOTE on the 2-State-Solution was ‘purposely deferred’ by these ravenous wolves of world leaders chomping hard to defy Almighty God and to forcibly divide Israel and give away East Jerusalem for the “Peace and Security” of Israel, as per I Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety then sudden destruction cometh”.  Friends, I tell you, below you will surely see that on May 30-remember this day on your calendar or put it on your refrigerator-that this date appears to “usher” in once and for all the A to Z explicit entirety of Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…”.  I know I’ve got the goose bumps just visualizing how you’re going to take this prophetic reality the world will witness when you read below,  Sooo, LET’S GO :


Nothing less than ALL-OUT-BIBLE-PROPHECY-EXPLOSION here.  Look :

1.  Millions of Israelis’ outraged by UNESCO resolution “condemning the Israeli Gov’t. stewardship of Jerusalem”.  They condemn Israel’s rule on the Temple Mount, Western Wall, and decry the “alleged creation of Jewish fake graves”.  As in when Jesus returns and enters thru the East gate from the Mt. of Olives trip.  Let’s WATCH this messy issue so inner-twined in the 2-State Solution where East Jerusalem, AND THE TEMPLE MOUNT, will go to either the Palestinians or to all world religions.

2.  Two of the greatest Rabbis of this generation met and discussed how very close to the Messiah’s coming is.  Conversations between these 2 great men, Rabbis Chaim Kanievsky and Moshe Sternbuch, have enormous significance in Israel.  They conclude “the Messiah, the Son of David will come after the Shemitah”.  Before the coming of the Messiah, the Christians and Islamists will come to Israel.  Well they’re here.  Breaking Israel NEWS says “When Rabbis of this unquestionable and authoritative stature agree, the Messiah’s coming is imminent, take notice, He’s coming”.

3.  U.S.A. vs. ISRAELI  a)  B.S. spinner of Obama, John “Cuckoo” Kirby on the Palestinian knife stabbings : “We continue to urge all parties to take affirmative steps to reduce tensions and restore calm”.  ISSHH. b)  83 U.S. Senators sign and send letter to Obama urging him to act quickly on reaching new agreement for a $4 billion Defense Bill for Israel military aid.  So far the turtle, our Pres. has refused to act on it and it’s been 12 days and I’ll count for you on this to keep you posted.  c)  Sneaky Joe Biden after recent meeting with Bibi and Abbas : “I came away discouraged for prospects of peace anytime soon.  It was the U.S.’s obligation to push as hard as we can towards a 2-State Solution, despite our sometimes overwhelming frustration with Israel’s Gov’t.

4.  The prophetic GOLAN HEIGHTS issues :  a)  Both the EU and U.S. acknowledge the Golan does not belong to Israel.  Friends, I’m going bonkers.  Look why our Lord inserted Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  As Damascus borders the Golan and is a mere 70 miles from the Israel border, Golan in the middle, and soon, POOF.   b)  Worse : U.S. on April 20th, is contemplating giving the Golan back to Syria to “sweeten the deal” for the Syrian Peace Talks in Geneva.  Well friends, the Syrian Peace Talks just ended 4 days later on Passover weekend.  POOF again.  Friends I can’t tell you just how fluid things are every day now on this 2-State-Solution.  c)  Times of Israel : “Syria vows to take back the Golan by any means necessary” says Syrian Foreign Minister. Hello again, Isaiah 17:1.  d)  Bibi has asked Obama 4 months ago by phone to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.  Well, it’s been 107 days, and Obama has yet to reply.  I’ll count this one for you too.  With that said, I know you know this Golan tinder box just may be the pivotal tipping point for all h_ _ _ to break loose for Psalms 83 War and Gog/Magog War, where in all the aforementioned have on the Golan.  And never forget Russia, Gog, and her Prince Putin of Ezek. 38:2 as they are watching and lurking for their visit to bounce on Israel in Ezek. 38:13 : “….to take a great spoil”.  Yesserie, SPOIL, as in OIL, as in America is totally “defanged” then in same verse as they politely ask Russia from the sidelines if they are truly coming for that “spoil”.

5.  HAMAS :

Not only did Hamas officially partner up with ISIS this Passover Holy Week, but Israel Defense Forces confirms approx. 1,000 ISIS wildmen have gathered in the Sinai to plot their poison with Hamas.


a)  On April 15, Jerusalem Post : “U.S. says all options are on the table for solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict INCLUDING UN ACTION for a Final Status Solution to take to the UNSC”.

b)  Also, Haaretz reports on April 22 their article that the 2-State-Solution VOTE is before the UNSC on Passover.  Friends, I mention the #1 and #3 leading newspapers here in all of Israel to get “vindicated” so to speak, when I reported via major prophecy website, Prophecy News Watch, that there was to be a UNSC vote on Passover.  I say this because many people e-mailed me that nothing happened.  Well, here’s the deal : The UNSC “was” to vote on the Palestinian Peace  Proposal but was stopped in its tracks secretly by France just 24 hours earlier because the French Resolution was more “forceful” to be enforced but needed to be tweaked a little more.  Surely to them tweaked means a hardening of more force against Israel to really ram it down Israel’s throat as the international community is sick and tired of 26 years of ON again and OFF again on this issue.  Sooo, Abbas, who came to the UN in hopes of a vote, opts down, shuttles his Palestinian Peace Proposal, decides it’s better to risk wrath of his own people than to lose French and international support for “FORCED” action against Israel before the UN.  Friends, it’s all about Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…”.

Now the UNSC including U.S., Russia, China, the Arab League, and others will meet  in Paris on MAY 30th to get this done in a series of meetings.  Israel and Palestinians will be purposely be excluded in first meeting.  They’ll be invited to the 2nd.  They hope to have this Forced Peace Deal from Hell done by Oct. 2nd, when the 69th Annual UN meeting ends.  Osh by Gosh, that’s Feast of Trumpets Eve.  Say no more but 3 words : WATCH WATCH WATCH.  Friends, could this be the unveiling or at least the paving entry point of the dreaded dark one, the Anti-Christ.  If you PLEASE, PLEASE  read and visualize EVERY single word in Daniel 9:27, well, You’ll GET IT, we’re on the Edge of Time.  Honestly, is it not so plain especially the three key words “he shall confirm”.  Friends, this, for the first time since this diabolic Peace Process was instigated in 1990, it will not be NEGOTIATED, it will be FORCED.  Just as in Zech. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.  Tooshay.  May God Bless Us, all of us who love the Lord and His chosen people.

FYI, I’m a Statistician of 41 years. I live to seek correlations of Bible Prophecy linked with current world events.  Well guess what?  I go backwards on this satanic UN “enforcement” on dividing Israel starting date that entire world will soon know, May 30th, count backwards and what do you get?  I’ll tell you, you get August 4, 2014, the 9th of AV, Tish B’ave, the worst worst day in Israel’s history.  BOOM.  Hope that gives you the chills, but in a good way.  Oh, by the way, that is EXACTLY 666 DAYS.

FYI again, In the event you haven’t viewed this Statisticians website here last week April 21, just wanted you to know I stayed up 2 nights in bed tossing and turning, thinking of this devilish Tower of Baal replica that is now up in London and will be up in New York this summer in Times Square.  Thinking of America going down the tubes, I calculated the number of days this year from satan’s two greatest holidays, that being the 13th day of the Tower of Baal, May Day, May 1st, and Halloween Oct. 31st. Well guess what?  From May 1st, tomorrow, count back to America’s birthday, July 4th, 2014 and you get, ready for this, 666 days.  WOW!!  And if you count forward from my 2014-15 Biblical Blood Moon discovery of the midpoint (see charts on Home page categories) Jan. 5, 2015, count forward to this Halloween, Oct. 31, you get, des jeux vous, 666 days.  Tell me, satan does not have his ugly tentacles “all over America” because of our despicable morals and values, and leadership in the White House, and our President’s hatred of Israel.  These are very ominous omens for our nation.   This is no COINCIDENCE.  I say COINCIDENCE SCHMOINCIDENCE.  God willing, I’ll have another ominous omen of this satanic number of 666 next week.


Oh Mama, There Goes That Man Again.

1.  Friends, our country is in an absolute horrible mess.  America is toast these past 8 years.  Praise the Lord our leader only has “266”, WOW, rough number, days left in office–unless he….  Only Jesus can fix this mess Obama has created.  Surely Obama can’t fix it.  I say because of Obama : Jer. 7:16 : “Therefore pray not for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercessions to me; for I will not hear thee”.  Just look :

2.  In a  speech to German people, our arrogant one says : “Around the world we are more tolerant for gays and lesbians…we are fortunate to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history”.  How laughably absurd.  I’m on steroids now friends to keep me afloat.  Truthfully, this is precisely why I can’t help but demean this man’s words and actions-they are delusionally crazy.  So how do you square that? Right!

3.  Obama adds a “pin prick” of 250 Special Operation Forces to Syria, “To find out what works against ISIL”, says crony by the hour John Kirby, his spokesman.  ZZZZZZ, Ho Hum, yep, this time that ‘ll do it.  All Obama does, is slap another band aid on any Muslim oriented conflict.  He just has absolutely no will to win.

4.  Another cool move : Has military buy 32 tons of “heavy water” used to make nuclear bombs for only $8.6 million as Iran is moving too slowly in disposing of it.  WOW, what a deal maker Obama is.  Surely Iran will spend the money wisely, like say in Israel they hope.

5.  Inside, with Angela Merkel, in Hannover, Germany, I personally witnessed on TV Obama’s pearly white teeth when he promoted the U.S. backstabbing TTIP Trade Partnership with the EU.  Well, look LEFT, Mr. Pres., 100,000 Germans outside the building you’re in protesting TTIP and you and Angela incessantly.

6.  a)  Obama leaves Argentina, after “constructive meeting” with Pres. Macri.  Next day 100,000 in Buenos Ares stage angry protests for corrupt Gov’t.  b)  Joe Biden leaves IRAQ after meeting Iraq Pres.  Next day Iranian cleric Al-sadr supporters shut down Baghdad Gov’t., and the airport.  Geez Louise, these two are toxic.


1.  Billy’s daughter Ann Graham Lotz : “America is imploding morally and spiritually ….God is removing His blessing and protection from the U.S., leaving us to our sins and that this encroaching judgement is evident in the chaos of the political scene, the economic scene and even the weather”.  Spot on good woman.

2.  Brother Franklin Graham on John Boehner’s insane remark that Ted Cruz is lucifer in the flesh and a son of a b_ _ _ _  : “Boehner is an embarrassment to our nation”.  Spot on good man.


1.  Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man; naturalize Obama’s illegals to vote as fast as you can.  Oh how that children’s riddle is so fitting today as Obama orders a “National Naturalization Drive” to speed up the rate for illegal aliens across America to vote against Trump.

2.  WOW, there are 55 million Latinos in U.S. today. 17.2 % of America and they like to VOTE.

3.  Obama ordered release of 19,723 illegals in 2015.  A mere 208 were convicted killers, 950 sex-crimeers and rapists.  Thanks Obama, you …..  (Someday I’ll fill in the blanks).


1.  Nobody works in 1 in 5 U.S. families.  That’s 19.7%, an all time record, including 1929-39 Great Depression.  Yet Obama remains positive on March’s 5.0% unemployment rate.  ‘Dreams of my Father’ I guess.

2.  U.S. GDP=0.5% in first quarter as business inventories slump to their lowest since the Great Recession of 2009.

3.  Home ownership falls to 3rd worst on record to 63.6%.  Yep, just as the 30 year mortgage of 3.6% is tailgating the all-time low of 3.3%.  And, yep, just as interest rates are hovering around 0.000% at the Fed.  Tell me we are not in tremendous trouble on this phony Wall Street purple bubble when the Fed and World Bank and richest of the rich SELLL!!  Friends, I tell you, trends and statistics don’t lie, BUST & KABOOM any day coming to our backyard.

4.   Hi Petro Ego of Obama shows when he said that : “I saved the world from a Great Depression”.  Well, he now becomes the first Pres. in U.S. history to NOT have a SINGLE YEAR of GDP greater than 3.0% in his 8 years.  WOW!!  What a record, a most sad one though for his Economic legacy.  Oh well, I guess it’s all about Genesis 12:3 : “…I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  As in his hate of Israel.


U.S. Navy allows sailors 30 days to get TATTOOS.  Sailors go bazaka to get body art and tattoos plastered on them.  Levit. 19:28 : “…you shall not print any marks upon you; I am the Lord”.  Oh yeah, We Are There.


Quiet week, quiet calm before the UN storm on Israel May 30 :

1.  Pope tells a Syrian ‘Christian’ brother and sister they would be 2 of the 12 refugees to be brought to the Vatican as a good will action for the world to do same.  At last minute, surely after a little bit of politics favoring Muslims over Christians, Pope opts to take in 12 out of 12, all Muslims into Vatican, leaving the 2 shell shocked, all packed and ready for freedom, left behind.  Oh well, just like Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil”.

2.  Another Pope statement keeping him in the running for the False Prophet where he states “Non-believers would be forgiven by God if they followed their conscience”.  But what about what Jesus said in John 6:47 : “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me hath everlasting life”.  So much for following one’s carnal conscience.


1.  So what else is new?  All about the potentially catastrophic cultural change in the EU with the Muslim refugees, which now number 1.4 million.  Did you know there are now “21.5 million” in the EU.  Germany has 5.1 million; France, 4.8 ; UK, 30.  Now that’s a lot of cultural change dating back thousands of years that has happened in just “18 months”.

2.  More, as Muslims keep coming in, Jews keep leaving EU : A major Synagogue in Marseille, France, just got converted into a large Mosque.

3.   And more : After Paris, after Brussels, now Sweden’s Security Service on high alert as they have solid proof ISIS is planning imminent and massive scale attacks in Stockholm – “on civilian targets”.  Friends, this is result of their ‘open-door-policy’ to Muslim refugees where the cockroach segment composed of ISIS killers have infiltrated with the masses of good Muslims seeking “life and freedom”.

4.   Remember a most powerful man in the EU 2 years ago, Italian Foreign Minister and economic guru Mario Monti, now says : “The EU is going thru a crisis which leads me and others to say for the first time to consider whether we are not heading towards discintigration.  The EU has never been hit by such a high number of different crises  of this gravity”.

5.  Angry riots occurring daily in Germany to take back their country from the Muslims.  Latest in Stuttgart, ending in clashes and pepper spray.

6.  So now it’s finally happening : For the first time since the Muslim refugee invasion, EU has now begun setting up military police units in Germany, home of 1.1 of the 1.4 million refugees.  Seven EU nations are participating in the EU funded special training exercises that will be deployed throughout the EU in the event of “civil unrest or war”.  EU’s goal, spokesman says : “To shut down all ‘political’ gatherings and protests”.  As in Kristalnicht, as in Hitler, as in EU setting the table for the dark one, the Anti-Christ maybe.  Of course it is.  Just look at this Final Final Peace Deal forced upon Israel which begins in PARIS, May 30th, Yes, PARIS, as in 132 dead from Muslim radicals last November.  As in Genesis 12:3 that Maude said in the TV series Golden Girls : “God’ll get you for this”.  We WATCH earnestly in great anticipation for May 30.



1.  Russian bear, Putin has 3 points, and poodle Obama ZERO as for the “THIRD” time Russian aircraft “bullies” U.S. surveilance aircraft.  This time wing to wing saber-rattling is 30 feet with the old circus “barrel roll” over the U.S. plane.  Friends, can’t you just see it, they’re making an absolute mockery of Obama’s “don’t know how to react” action.

2.  Worse, look at this startling trend in just this week.  Talk about an Armageddon/WWIII prelude :  a)  Russia tests hypersonic ICBM, was successful.  b)  Russia fires world’s first ever cruise missile over “pure virgin” Arctic, was successful.  c)  China tests ballistic missiles in space, for space war, was successful.  d)  China successfully denies a U.S. warship from docking into a Hong Kong harbor.  e)  Iran successfully tests it’s 4th ICBM this year as America looks on.  f)  North Korea now has 2 satellites orbiting in space above America 24/7, and are capable of performing an EMP attack at an altitude and trajectory that evades all U.S. National Missile Defense Systems says Peter Pry, National Security expert, driving America to its knees economically.  Friends, no wonder U.S. is a helpless little kitten in Ezek. 38:13 :  where we are merely insignificant little defenseless bystanders when Russia attempts to take down Israel in the Gog War : “Art thou come to take a spoil…”.  Wussy wussy, U.S. has been “numbered” by our God by then.


ISIS wildmen of Gen. 16:12 : “He will be a wildman…”.  Getting cyber savvy and cyber bold as they publish a hit-list of 3,600 New Yorkers saying : “We want them dead”.


1.  Syrian cease fire AND Syrian Peace Accord is 100% dead as situation in Aleppo turns absolutely catastrophic where over 220 have died by the Butcher Assad, including a hospital bombing that killed 19 maimed children, most without parents and 4 doctors.  So horrific this hell on earth.

Iraq :

Friends, look at this most simple trend of building blocks and you can visualize, then make your own decision that Iraq is now “Iranianized” :  a)  Radical Muslim Shiite cleric Al-sadre, after being ‘underground’ for 4 years suddenly raises his ugly head to tear down Iraqi Gov’t.  b)  Worthless and toxic Joe Biden makes B-line unscheduled visit to Iraqi President.  They talk secretly, no media news.  c)  Joe leaves  d)  Next day, Baghdad declares State of Emergency as riotous supporters of Iranian cleric storm the once safe haven U.S. Green Zone and the Iraqi Parliament.  Airport is now blocked to prevent Gov’t. officials from leaving.  News pending at this writing.  Friends, can you see it?  America is burnt toast overseas.  We are nothing anymore.


In Saudi Arabia, as Obama visits the King and what does he do : “He bows down his head to him”  This after Saudi Gov’t. executed several Christians.  Tell me we are not There.  There as in Come Lord Jesus, it’s the Time, it’s the Season in this Final Jubilee of yours on earth.



1.  You saw it, on Passover on God’s calendar, 7.8 magnitude in Ecuador kills a prophetic “660” as of today April 30th, Google it), followed by an extremely rare strong “6.0” aftershock.

2.  Never so many earthquakes in recorded history in Southeast Asia : East coast of Taiwan rattled with 26 of them in 24 hours.  Sounds like Oklahoma of the Far East.

3.  A 7.2 magnitude off Vanatu in Southern Pacific.  No deaths, tsunami, just God getting ready for “That Day”.  Matthew 24:7 : “…. and earthquakes in ‘D-I-V-E-R-S-E places”.  Diverse as in Vanatu, Ecuador, and Taiwan.  Thank you again Great God Almighty for showing us these prophetic signs in this final generation.  Luke 21:28 : “And when these things ‘BEGIN’ to come to pass, look up, your redemption draweth nigh”.


Quite a plethora of prophetic events this past Holy Week of Passover of our Lord.  Out of 80, here’s just 8 due to time:

1.  How low can you go satan?  Eastern, affluent college, Rutgers, only after a public outcry did this apostate University tear down a sadistic piece of art with a picture of our Jesus by calling Him the “Vitruvian Man” whatever that means.  This “art” featured Jesus hanging from a dartboard rather than a cross.  Instead of nails, red darts were placed in His chest, hands and feet with blood dripping from the stab wounds.  Hideously absurd nuts who’ll someday bow to our Jesus and discuss a few things.

2.  Parents in Brighton, UK, went absolutely berzerk when the City Council sent them letters asking them to “Support their child to choose the gender they most identify with”.  Pure Muck!!!

3.  Satanists schedule a play called “The Consumption of Mary” set for August in Oklahoma City.  You know, no wonder Oklahoma has more God ordained earthquakes per square foot than any other state/nation on the planet.

4.  Americorp volunteers, kind of like the Peace Corps, are always there to help the needy.  Well now they help confused women by escorting them from their home to abortion Doctors.  Oh man, how despicable.

5.  Friends, Eph. 6:12 : “For we wrestle against principalities, against rulers of darkness”, displayed it’s ugly tentacles in South Carolina where a man got custody of his 5 children, drove them to daycare, picked them up after work, strangled them all to death.  Yep, principalities of the air, satan knows he has a short time left, doing all he can to bleed our Lord’s Creation.

6.  Over 1 million Americans have signed a pledge to boycott Target Stores over the Transvestite bathroom  open ups for men to go in to women’s bathrooms.  I don’t brag, but I tell you I’m proud to be the #1,088,751 to sign the pledge.  Yeah!!

7.  Franklin Graham stands in solidarity against Target : “I’m glad people are standing up.  This policy encourages sexual predators and puts women and children in danger.  A man shouldn’t enter the women’s bathroom because he says he ‘feels’ like a woman today”.  Got that right.  Like man has ‘only’ had 3,600 years since Moses to get this “I AM A WOMAN THING” right as per Deut. 22:5 : “…Neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment : for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  Yes, today an ‘Obamanation unto the Lord’.

8.  Speaking of Moses, remember the movie Soylent Green with Charleston Heston, who knew too much about the journal documents about the death of mankind by the world UN militia due to overpopulation and lack of food production whereby dead people were turned into a soy food called Soylent Green.  Well, whatever it’s worth, in the movie the journal documents title was simply : ‘2015-2019′.  Take this for what it is, it’s not a Bible scripture, but a movie back in 1973, surely an ominous omen from our Creator, however, in this despotic world of today.  Yes, We Are There.


Sooo, there it is.  Another prophetic week and what a week it was regarding our prophetic time clock Israel.  The time clock to the countdown to the coming of Jesus, sooner than later.  Sorry I’m sounding this ALARM.  No, heck, no I’m not, planet earth is on an unstoppable death-dive to hell.  Please tell your unsaved family and friends : “Get into our Lord ASAP because if you’re not IN Him, then you’re OUT of Him”.  So simple, so short, yet so compelling where their eternity will be spent.

Such a choice, beautiful eternity serving our Lord, and residing in a mansion He personally built for us, OR, OR, dodging chunks of red and black razor sharp pieces of coal in a mansion satan personally built for his, with free orange and black unquenchable fire and heat to get thru a cold winter and also a long long hot summer.  Choose wisely, Choose Jesus, we are so close to these End of Days in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord.  John 17:19 : “And for THEIR sake I sanctify myself, that THEY also might be sanctified through the truth”.  Yes, thru the truth of constantly fighting and over coming this dark infested world.

May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas