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Dearest Friends and Followers : Please may God and you forgive me for putting on hold for the next 2 to 3 weeks the Current Events not reported by the major news media, that are credible and reliable that you need to know.  Specifically, the prophetic Decree of the French/Saudi Peace Initiative  that is intended to slice and dice Israel that was birthed June 3rd by the UN, and the world.  Reason for postponing the website is due to our 4 year old grand daughter is with us for a few weeks and she requires a lot of attention.

Should a shocking, shaking occur out of Israel, ie. latest on this forced Peace Process on Israel, Psalms 83 War, etc. you bet your buttons I’ll be on top of it to report as I’ll be on the Watchman beat continually as so much is exploding everywhere.  Friends, the End of the Age is surely at hand for this Jesus rejecting generation.  Really, how can it be more clear today that something wicked and perilous times worldwide is here to stay until our Beautiful and Wonderful Savior returns to correct this anti Christian Secular world of it’s ways and Tsunami waves that are all about us.

See you in three weeks.  Please remember me.  May God Bless You very much.  Paul Grevas


1.  Tonight is a “Strawberry” Full Moon on the Summer Soltice.  You never know, we WATCH.  (Thanks Phil).

2.  WATCH BREXIT vote this Thursday.  May shake the financial world and the EU.

3.  WATCH Ramadan “fires” around the world, they’ll continue for the next two weeks, especially ISIS.

4.  WATCH Obama continue to snarf Muslim refugees into America in more deceptive, super speed fashion, either outwardly or by hook or crook.  This man cannot be trusted I tell you.




Welcome Everybody,  I say Praise the Lord that many of you who’ve followed and have had the wisdom to believe that the recent Biblical Blood Moons were absolutely nothing to do with Astrology or Numerology or any of that wicked stuff.  (Please see my Lord’s Perfect Sign Chart Categories on Home Page).  And that the foreboding omens and warnings, solely directed by our Lord, that they have now spawned in the form of His Prophetic Judgements in this Final Jubilee Year of His, #120 is truly the Real Deal that we are at the End of the Age.

From the “unanimous” agreement of all the nations and UN reps to proceed into the summer with the prophetic French Peace Initiative of slicing and dicing Israel and Jerusalem, from the “divinely” prophetic floods and riots and brawls going on in France this week after this dreadful agreement, from the greatest terrorist merger in modern world history, from the poison seeping autocrats occupying our once beautiful, righteous White House, from the deadliest mass shooting attack in U.S. history, from, from, from.  I’m fuming frost with all these from friends.

To be sure, look left, look right, look up, look down, Bible Prophecy is bursting everywhere.

Things this week are not worse at least, they are MUCH worse.  And they will get “worser”.  Why?  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Saddle up and LET’S GO :

Genesis 15:18  “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham saying.  Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the River of Egypt unto the great River Euphrates”.


1.  Friends, God gave this scripture 4,000 years ago, which today is equal to the present Muslim lands of North Egypt, the Sinai, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Northern Saudi Arabia, and of course, Israel.  That’s approx. 800,000 square miles.  Today Israel has 7,000, size of New Jersey, 0.87% of what God had planned.  Well the despotic world leaders last week in Paris are busy, busy, busy, raping Israel of approx. 2,500 more to give to the Palestinians this year.  How terrible the Arab’s audacity and greed to annihilate Israel into the Mediterranean Sea as they have so much land today and yet want to keep slicing Israel.  Like how much more can God take of this?

2.   No wonder He slapped a judgement on France with the 1,000 year flood of the Seine River where the Eiffel Tower base was submerged.  And did you know there was virtually no pre-emptive warnings from the French Gov’t. and scientific institutions constantly on the watch to protect people from natural disasters when this “divine” flood hit Paris on THE DAY OF THE PEACE INITIATIVE .  Today is June 13, the floods are still about Paris, albeit receding.

3.  Absolutely unheard of : “75” people were injured by lightening at the Rock am Ring music festival in Germany the day the PEACE CONFERENCE ended.  One, maybe two at the same time maybe but never 10, and 75, impossible-unless it’s God.  And then there’s Orlando, Florida, gay Pulse nightclub.  COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE, France, Germany and marshmallow John Kerry all approved the slice and dice of Israel June 3-and God answered.

4.  a)   Bibi, very concerned this time acknowledges this French Peace Initiative may have legs, which by the way transitioned itself to the 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative as revealed June 4th whereby Israel must give up land back to the pre-1967 border lines which includes the West Bank, the volatile Golan Heights and of course the apple of God’s eye, East Jerusalem.  b)  So lickety split, what does he do knowing Obama is Dead End BUNK, Bibi meets with Putin in Russia and his right hand man, Foreign Minister Lavrov.  Bibi pleads for help to disavow or amend the Peace Deal is emphatically rebuked.  Lavrov : “The Arab Peace Initiative is a universal document which everybody regards as the fitting foundation for a peaceful future for Arabs and Jews.  Russia has no problem adopting it to settle the conflict.  It is integral and embraces the entire set of relations between Israel and the Arabs, including Palestine of course.  There is no need to amend it”.  There’s a dagger in Bibi’s and Israel’s back.

5.  Only solace for Bibi was that Bibi also invited Russia to develop Israel’s multi-billion dollar gas and oil fields.  Putin accepted.  Could this gas and oil arrangement possibly, just possibly foreshadow the evil thought that God puts in Putin’s evil mind, an oil-craving greedy mind that, like a “hook in the jaw” of Ezek. 38:4 that lures Putin to “take a SPOIL (as in OIL) and to take a prey” of Ezek. 38:12.  Very intriguing.

6.  Did you know with all the “Hype” of the French Peace Initiative this past month, just like being shot out of a cannon there were FOUR, friends, FOUR Peace Process Deals bandied about in May :  a)  President El-Sisi of Egypt asked for one of his own,  b)  Tony Blair, ex-UK leader, says he has one,  c)  The Arab Council of 22 Arab States, they all of a sudden had the magic bullet,  d)  and of course Paris.  Hmmm, seems like everybody wants to be the Anti-Christ of Daniel 9: 27: “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.

7.  Friends, to prove to you the divine authenticity of God’s inerrant word of Zech. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day that I shall seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”,  where every nation plus the diabolic UN all 100% approved the potential carve-up of Israel.  HAVE YOU HEARD OF “ONE” SINGLE NATION OF THE 192 ON THIS BLIND, ARROGANT PLANET COME TO ISRAEL’S SIDE, I surely haven’t and regrettably, this is how it must be for Israel, at least until Romans 11:25 where “the fullness of the Gentiles be come in”, and the 7-year Great Tribulation will end in joy and jubilation and victory for all of Israel.

8.  In the interim, Israel must persevere and overcome all the terrorist acts against her with all the knife terror and as the 4 Jews killed this week in Tel Aviv by 2 Palestinian butchers shows no end.

9.  More, unfortunately : Pres Abbas meets with heanous viper of the leader of Hamas, Mashael in Qatar for “unity” talks stemming from the Paris talks.

10.  Even more, “they’re heeere”.  ISIS closing in on Israel with the murder of 5 Jordanians in Amman.  Friends, this is the worst infiltration of ISIS into Jordan, extremely rare as Jordan seems to be the neutral, non-confrontational Switzerland of the Middle East.  This is big as Jordan borders nearly the entire Eastern border of Israel.

11.  The yet living ancient Rabbi Amram Vankin who claims he gets visions from the Lord in the Cave of Elijah, his latest vision pertaining to the ugliness of horror about Israel says : “That the fact that the people are getting stabbed and dying is connected to a harsh decree from Heaven, intended to arouse the Jewish people to “teshuva”, meaning repentance and then the Messiah will arrive.  I love that, may it be soon, but I know the Great Trib. must precede before His 2nd Coming.  Praise the Lord, we be gone 7 years prior, Right!!

12.  Lastly, and for you to verify and judge as all this is new to me : Torah scholars Joel Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf have linked Obama to very dark and sinister connections in their numerology connections.  Look :  a)  Barack Hussein Obama’s Gematria (Hebrew numbers and letters) = 501, which = head, or leader in Hebrew.  Moses predicted that evil would befall Israel as result of their “own actions”.  This Gematria phrase =501, and note, Obama was elected 2 times by over 70% of Jews in America.  b)  Though he self identifies as a Christian, his mother’s religion connects him to Islam.  And the Gematria of Barack Obama (no middle name)=357= the exact same value as “Koran”.  And this number of 357 is just “ONE” short of the 358 of Messiah.  But the “ONE” that is missing is Hashem, to us Christians, God, who is “ONE”.  They conclude that without God on Obama’s side, that Obama is nothing but a “false messiah”.

13.  Friends, I’ll keep you up to date on the ravaging of Israel as I get the reports in from Jerusalem Post, Israel Today, and Breaking Israel News.

14.  FYI, did you know Pres. ABBAS in Arabic means “King of the Beast”?  Hmmm, rightly so.

U.S.A. :


Oh mama there goes that man again dodging and juking and getting nowhere fast on Righteousness. Before we get to the most massive and deadliest shooting attack in U.S. history and the 21st under this delusional autocrat in “our” White House, by the way, which is now an “Outhouse”, here’s other stuff :
1.  More than 3 years after Obama explicitly stated on national TV there wasn’t even a “smidgeon” of evidence that the IRS lied on targeting the Tea Party groups and IRS intrusive scrutiny upon them, guess what : LIAR, LIAR TONGUE on FIRE.  The IRS was just forced to release damaging evidence upon itself under court order.  They compromised 426 political charity and Tea Party entities in their political corruption scheme.  Does it matter??  Nah, heck no, Obama just doesn’t care one smidgeon even if he knows he’s lying to us and we know it.

2.  Remember the Blue Angel Airshow in Tennessee where one pilot crashed within 5 minutes of Obama’s closing speech to graduating Air Force cadets in Colorado.  Well, the crash and death occurred over the city of SMYRNA, as in Rev. 2:10 : “Behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison and ye shall have tribulation ten days; but be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life “.  COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE.  Friends, putting this into perspective, does this foreshadow just possibly, just 1 month before our national elections, that something Big and Bad may happen with this White House, and/or to the two presumptive candidates, Clinton and Trump, during the “10” days of Awe, from Oct. 2nd, Rosh Hashana to Oct. 12th Yom Kippur which is the conclusion of our Lord’s 120th Final Jubilee.  We WATCH.

3.  Obama says on Ramadan : “I stand with all Muslims everywhere.  As Muslim Americans celebrate the holy month, I am reminded that “WE” are one family.  I stand firmly with Muslim American communities in rejection of the voices that seek to divide “US” or limit “OUR” religious freedoms.  I stand for celebration of “OUR” common humanity….”.  Did you catch that revelation?  WE,US,OUR, and OUR again.  Friends, he’s an all out Muslim.  Just Google President’s statement on the “Occasion of Ramadan”.  He’s gaggled us for 7 and 1/2 years.  Google, gaggle, gobbledegook,  he’s a Muslim who’s willingly enabled ISIS, etal and Muslim Islam to metastacize the entire Middle East in his tenure.  I firmly believe he thinks a wink is as good as a nod to a blind mule.  Blind mule being the American public swallowing his endless secular Executive Orders and making this country ever so vulnerable for it’s National Security.  And yet, he has an approval rating of 54% today.  UGGHH!!

4.  Praise the Lord this man has only 219 days left in office.  Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few; and let another take his office”.  Oh Boy, were toast either way, come Nov. 8th.

5.   “Catch me if you can”.  Surely an Obama mantra as he’s put his latest Executive Order on warp speed called the Refugee Processing Center whereby as of June 1st, his order is for a “MINIMUM” of 100 Syrian refugees must enter America per day.  This is remarkably insane.  And Congress does squat again, and again, and again.  This torrid pace by the way these last 13 days has been unprecedented.

6.   Marco Rubio said it best : “If you let in 100 or a 1,000 or a 1,000,000, all it takes in ONE bad one…”.

7.  Well Obama, you are not interested in War or even winning battles overseas but as you can see, the Orlando inspired  ISIS Pulse attack, War is interested in you.  Many say you either don’t get it to call it Radical Islamic Terror or Islamic Radical Ideology OR, OR you get it “TOO MUCH” and you’re manipulating the United States of America, the White House and American citizens.  Friends, my choice, is the latter, and my take is this man is a 160 pounds bundle of unlimited energy with a most intelligent but devious and deceptive mind set for any agenda he pursues.

8.  Lastly gay Pulse bar attack in Orlando : Obama calls it a horrific, unfortunate case of “violence” and “terror”, and “lone wolf”, and “extremism”, and “mental illness”, and “lack of gun control”, it’s just a broken record as these brutal attacks happen.  Again, his unwillingness to call it what it is and total failure to face up, belly up to the bar and recognize the fundamental reality that Radical Muslim Ideology is here on our homeland.   With no strategy, bad Muslims are reacting as he is pacifying.

9.  FYI, Remember our Occupier in the White House named June the Gay Pride Month in America.  Tell me he had no hand in causing Orlando or nearly causing the almost deadly terror attack in Los Angeles’ Gay Pride Parade where the police caught a madman as he was minutes from attacking, with his LGBT Agenda.


Not much to say, she’s a well-armed LIAR also.  Said : “Muslims have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism”.  What a lulu of a statement that was.  She said on Orlando carnage, basically : It’s guns’ fault.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton who’s also a killer, a killer of the 2nd Amendment.  By the way May 2016 was the 13th consecutive month of higher gun sales in America, also, an all-time record of 1.87 million guns sold.  Glad to be a part of that.


1. Again, Venezuela taking giant steps to civil war.  Last week rioters involved in brawls, shootings.  This week lynchings have occurred.  Gov’t. tells media not to report it as it incites more lynchings.

2.  Christine Grimme, beautiful singer on “The Voice” reality show gunned down in Florida and killed just 24 hours before Orlando massacre.

Friends, my take : It’s God’s judgements pouring out on America because marshmallow John Kerry was ordered to support the Paris Initiative to carve up Israel.  Never forget Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.


The Pope’s speak this week was either a total botch job of a flub-up of Matthew 28:19,20 or a continuance of his perpetual deception of distorting God’s word.  Just look :  He says it is true that the idea of “CONQUEST” is inherent in the soul of Islam, however, it is also possible to interpret the object in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus sends His disciples to all nations in terms of the “SAME IDEA of  CONQUEST”.  WOW!!  What a remarkably absurd statement to say.  The idea of Muslim CONQUEST is to “forcibly” turn people to Islam and it’s radical Sharia Law, else die by the sword, etc.  As you know Jesus was absolutely 100% the opposite, not to force people but to let them decide for themselves and choose if they wish the “Good News”.  My take, this fiddle-faddle blabbery is a ticket to hell.  Matthew 28: 19,20 : “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you, and lo, I am with you always”.  Case closed.  Again Pope a strong contender in the running for the ultimate trickster himself, the False Prophet of Rev. 13:11 : “….and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.  Friends, you know, satan, the dragon, twists and twists words to people until they succumb unto him. Hello, Adam and Eve.



I’ve isolated my speak on Britain because for the next 11 days this BREXIT vote on whether Britain will leave the EU is, dare I say, even much more important right now than the Apocalyptic-like Muslim refugee tsunami that is still unstoppable.  Look :

1.  Latest national poll on BREXIT is the highest ever in favor to cesead from the EU: “56%” favor the exit.

2.  On June 19th, just 4 days prior to BREXIT vote, a new mayor will be elected in Rome, Italy.  And UK’s Independent Party Leader, Nigel Farage, says : “If conservative right winger Virginia Regga is elected, then this vote will destroy the EU”.  Here again, polls indicate Virginia leading in the polls.  He further says : “After this vote and the BREXIT succeed, other Northern European countries will leave.  The EU is about to collapse, it is discintigrating into several pieces”.  We WATCH June 19 and June 23.

3.  Bill Gross, most highly respected billionaire Bond King of the Financial world : “Other nations will catch the fire if the BREXIT succeeds and leave the EU also.

4.  And to beat all : UK is accepting “all”, I say “all” vetted Muslim refugees.  That is bad, all it takes is “ONE” Radical Muslim for great chaos and death.  Also, UK is rejecting “all”, I say “all” Christian refugees.  That is very bad.  Birthday girl herself, 90 year old Queen says squat.  So so sad in these Final Days which will only get worse,  Come quickly Lord Jesus, we’re waiting for you.


1.  Deutche Bank, largest bank in the EU, continues to spiral towards insolvency with such a plethora of negative interest rates and oodles of freely printed money given them by the European Central Bank to loan out and no takers as most all EU citizens in a no-growth “stall-speed”.  Too scared to borrow, invest, whatever.  Same with all other EU banks, SILENCE!!  Deutche Bank stock is its lowest on record with the financial heartbeat of the EU, the German 10 year Bond, the BUND, is at an all time low of 0.034%.  Friends, that’s an ice-frosted 1/3 of 1% return on your money in 10 years.  That’s how the NO-GROWTH EU is today so mesmerized and entrenched in this Muslim Crisis.

2.  Sweden leads the world in Cashless Society nations as only 5% of all business/personal money transactions involve cash anymore.  Gees Louise, what a great summer home Sweden would be for the coming Anti-Christ as Sweden is doing his work for bringing about the mark of the beast, ie. world-wide cashless society.

3.  From His Holy Home in Heaven, Almighty God is surely doing His Psalms 2:1,2,4 after all nations present last week in Paris voted “YES” to continue the dreadful French Peace Initiative which will strip Israel’s land and give East Jerusalem to the “hungry” Palestinians.  And, to be sure the 100 year floods still linger about Paris and riots and massive brawls have broken out for 2 consecutive days in Marseille and Nice, respectively France’s 2nd and 3rd largest cities at the Europe 2016 Soccer Tournament inside and outside the stadiums.  Here’s the scripture Psalms 2:1,2,4 : “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?  The Kings of the earth set themselves and take counsel together against the Lord and his anointed (the Jews).  He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision”.  Yepp!!  France is going Helter-Skelter today like 1-eyed pinball keystone cops.  We WATCH France.



Yep, Obama’s JV team scores again :

1.  On June 3, ISIS Radical Muslim butchers threaten terror attacks in U.S. & EU in their Holy month of Ramadan, their “month of conquests and jihad”.

2.  Well friends, today is June 13, and as God is my witness, I did not make this up, and voila : look how the terror in Orlando by the Radical Muslim Omar Mateen who said he was “inspired by ISIS”  answered his “brothers” call Saturday night.  And ISIS, who took credit for the 49 dead, boldly calls Mateen “a brave soldier of the Caliphate”.  Thanks Obama, you….

3.  ISIS burns alive 19 Yazidi Christian women in a giant cage.

4.  As Iraqi army tries to take back Fallujah, these jackals hide behind women’s skirts in their homes full of little kids who are used for shields.  The jackals have shot over 300 of these innocent civilians trying to escape.  Please take a moment to visualize these horrific barbaric acts.

5.  No mercy for the wildmen descendants of Ishmael of Genesis 16:12 : “And he will be a wildman, his hand will be against everyone, even his brother”.  They just slaughtered by a mass execution, 21 of their own members, claiming they were either spies or afraid to fight.

6.  Friends, satan who is more prevalent today in Iraq and Syria ( the two called Assyria before Jesus) in these End of Days as he was in the Beginning of Days with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden where it all started, and that was in IRAQ.


1.  Russia warns the U.S. and Europe about NATO’s latest buildup : “Russia could steamroll all of NATO in 60 hours”.

2.  Russia warns the U.S.Navy it will respond with “unidentified measures” to the U.S. Navy Warship USS Porter which is presently cruising around in the Black Sea.

3.  Get this, talk about Superbowl champions Denver Broncos who won it on a superb Offense and Defense, well : last month you may remember Russia unveiled the Satan-2 anti-aircraft, anti-anything system coming into the borders of Russia, a Defense System 2nd to none in the world, that’ll evaporate an incoming missile in seconds.  Now that’s a superb Defense, totally impenetrable.  Well, this week they unveil the Yu-74, their new Hypersonic Glider Aircraft that is ultra-maneuverable, it can penetrate any missile defense target in a 12,400 mile diameter in 6 seconds with a sped up to 7,680 mph and it carries 24 missiles.  Friends, do you visualize this : Russia can launch this deadly Offensive weapon from its Western border and hit New York AND our heartland.  And they can launch it from its Eastern border and hit Los Angeles AND our heartland, let alone Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Sydney. Australia, Polar bears in Arctic, Tin Buck Too.  Friends, this superb Russian Offensive weapon covers every square inch of the world.  We are toast.  Gog and it’s chief prince, Vladimir Putin of Ezek. 38:2 are alive and well.


1.  Speaking of Gog being alive and well, Iran and Turkey are aligned together for the “first time” since the Ottoman Empire crumbled in 1917, a mere 99.5 years ago.  What, Why??   Sunni Turkey will this summer begin building $4.2 billion worth of power plants in Shiite Iran.  This is very big as who’s EVER heard of the 2 extreme most power and most populated Middle East nations now in bed together.  Just like our Lord said would be the case in the End of Days in Ezek. 38.  We WATCH.

2.  Iran’s Khamani : “The great satan in USA cannot be trusted”.  That’s par for the course after Obama gave them $150 billion and a “Deal From Hell”.


More prophetic news that We Are There :  Osama Bin Lauden’s Al Queda leader pledges “total allegiance” to the Taliban.  Friends, these two terrorist animals have been competing against each other since they came into existence, and now tell me they are “ONE”.  Oh boy, it’s ISIS incarnate.  A must WATCH now how they move about, Right!


Receives 2 warships from France.  Well they might as well.


Not a military bloodbath bombshells as above but a financial bombshell : Japan admits no matter what it does, it cannot generate ultra-needed inflation to spur growth, therefore endlessly keeps printing more and more phony free money in hopes it will.  FYI Japan has the highest Debt to Gross Domestic Product Ratio on earth of 352%, (bankrupt Greece has a mere 187%).



1.  Friday, June 10, a 5.2 quake rattles Southern California, near Palm Springs.  Hundreds of a aftershocks.  Felt from San Diego to L.A.  It’s coming, it’s God, we’ve biffed Him.

2.  This weeks major quakes of 6.0 or more :  a)  A trifecta of a 6.2,6.3, and 6.5 around Indonesia.  b)  A 6.2 in Mexico.  c)  A 6.0 in New Zealand.  d)  A 6.1 in Nicaragua.


A new category, too much of this going on, needs to stand alone :

1.  Lesbian Episcopal Priest, Liz Edmon says it best on the gender-bender hoopla bursting on the world scene the past 2 months : “Our LGBT movement will revitalize Christianity”.  Burp!!  What about 2 Timothy 4:3 : “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teaches, having itching ears”.  Spot on dear Lord.

2.  Might as well throw into this heap, the good looking, itchy eared Joel Osteen who said : “God absolutely approves of homosexuals”  well no kidding Sherlock.  Do it for the money I’d say.  Joel lies : Romans 1:26-28 : “The women did change their natural use in that which is against nature.  And likewise the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned after their own lust one toward another, men with men.  God gave them over to a reprobate mind”.

3.  A first ever : Oregon judge rules that a transgender can now legally change their sex-call to “Non-Binary” rather than being either male or female.  LGBT director Nancy Hague (she may be gay, I never know anymore) says : “This is a momentous day for gender-queer Oregonians…some people don’t identify themselves as male or female”.  Now that’s a doozie.  Gees Louise, speak English.  Yeah, We Are There.


1. On June 9, California institutes the end-of-life, right-to-die law throughout the State.

2.  Canada will be 150 years old in 2017.  So what do they do with their National Anthem they’ve  had for 149 years.  They change the line “true patriot love in all thy SONS command” to “true patriot love in ALL of us command”.  Notch another one up for the gay community and their top-notch supporter, their Dad-Gum Israel hating Prime Minister Trudeau.

3.  Oklahoma State Highway Patrol now has electronic device to “instantly seize” a suspicious person’s bank account, VISA card etc., if he’s “deemed” to be a criminal.  Friends, can we Christians be soon “DEEMED” also.  Just look at all this stuff I just reported to you.  Friends, satan is here, he’s there, he’s everywhere.  He’s even in 2 Chor. 4:4, that ravenous wolf : “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ”.   Praise the Lord we have Him and His Wonderful, Beautiful, Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to protect us from all this trepidation.


Sooo, there it is, a boat load of Bible Prophecy to be sure.  Judgements of muck, and more muck coming in buckets from the One we’ve turned on in this world.  Feels like the Ninja Turtle’s green slime blob is suffocating us more and more as each earthly day goes by.  So what do we do now ?  Well, we implicitly believe that our Lord’s word is our sustenance in these dark days.  That HE lived, was tortured, was crucified, and died for us, and ROSE again so that we in 1 John 2:28 : “Abide in Him that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His coming”.  Sooo, may we each in our own way, call on His name to be the Lord of our life as He is not willing for you nor me nor anyone to perish, but for all of us to come to Him.  And friends, “time is of the essence” as lawyers always say, for us to say :  “Today is the day I gotta tell my child, my parents, my friends” to come to the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ”.  And come now, not later, right NOW!!  And PDQ, because, as I always say, We Are There in this Final Jubilee of our Lord which ends this Oct. 12, Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord and the vengeance of our God”.    May God Bless You Very Much and God willing, see you next week.  Paul Grevas

Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you I say unto all.  WATCH”.










International Community Thrusts Out Dreadful Gauntlet For 2-State-Solution Imposed Upon Israel June 4, 2016

Welcome everybody.  From Hula Hoops of the 60s to I Phones of today, never in our wildest dreams as Christians could we EVER have imagined that we would be witness to seeing the precursor to the opening of the front door of the 7 year Great Tribulation of Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  What else can I say?  So hyped up and so globally supported against Israel.  The foreboding events that unraveled yesterday, June 3, 2016 in Paris on the French Peace Initiative splitting Israel is absolutely appalling.  Remember this day, it is a Day of Infamy for Israel.  This day is 66 days to the 3rd of Av, the most horrific month in Jewish history for Wars and both Temple Destructions.  And none of the dozen Peace Processes in the last 26 years since they began in 1990 have ever had this much publicity.  So so much Bible Prophecy explosion before our eyes.  I report, you verify.  SO, LET’S GO :

Deut. 27:17 : “Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour’s landmark”.


Oh how fitting this scripture is because of what happened in Paris June 3rd.  A day of Infamy for the Jewish people.  A carnival-like gauntlet party for the rest of this despotic world of nations so sweetly synchronized against Israel with this French Peace Initiative One Day Summit.  As advertised with all the hype and with worldwide support and yes, purposely without Israeli invitation they have hammered out the “steel” parameters that will be “imposed” upon Israel.  Friends, Daniel 9:27 is now at the door as never before with such a 1-sided collusion against the Jewish people to consummate the 2-State-Solution (2-S-S).  Let’s look at this Prophetic explosion we are witnessing today, June 4, right in front of our eyeballs that the recent Biblical Blood Moon omens warned us about.  Please see my Lord’s Perfect Sign Charts on the Home Page.  You’ll get it.  So, Let’s Go :

1.  What the French Peace Initiative is :

a)  French Pres. Hollande opens meeting : “The 2-S-S is in serious danger.  We must act urgently             before it’s too late”.  Says squat about unrelenting Muslim radicals, Palestinian’s consistent refusal to       recognize Israel but he pushed strongly against Israeli Settlements : “The greatest threat to the 2-S-S         is particularly with regard to continued settlement activities”.

b)  He defines the goal as being to “mobilize the International Community so that it can actively           support relaunching the Peace Process and commitment to attain the 2-S-S which is the only                       solution which will ensure a fair and lasting resolution to the conflict….This summit is a first step of a       longer process that will enable us to lay the foundation for relaunching this Peace Process”.

c)  Their wholly biased consensus was that the Settlements are the root of all the problems.

d)  As a result, their main focus on dealing with the conflict was the implementation  of the 2002 Saudi Peace Plan whereby the Arabs recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people and normalize relations in exchange for Israel withdrawal from the West Bank, the Golan Heights, other territories and for East Jerusalem to become the capital of the new nation of Palestine.  And for a just solution for the right of  return of Arab refugees.  All these lands to revert to the pre-1967 War levels.

e) Working groups of different nations will meet throughout the summer and tackle all aspects of the  aforementioned.  To be completed by the U.S. elections Nov. 8th, then coordinate their results to    fashion the 2-S-S  with negotiations to include Israel and Palestinians together after the U.S.                        election.  Friends, these 2016 “Babelites of Nimrod” groups will insert all the necessary parameters            they feel relevant, with all the claws and thorns and barbs piercing Israel and then they will, just like teachers, oversee the minor dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s that the 2 negotiating parties agree on, ie. like 2 little school kids would do.

f)  Worse, these “i”s and “t”s the Israelis and Palestinians are to work on must be based on existing   UN Sec. Council resolutions.  Friends, talk about Israel being absolutely hamstrung and vulnerable to any whims the UNSC desires.  Well this is what they decided upon in Paris yesterday.

g)  Their closing communique :  No firm timetables on the 2-S-S were set.  And they had all the           satanic gall to reaffirm that a “negotiated” 2-S-S is the only way to achieve an enduring peace with             2 States, Israel and Palestine, “living side by side in peace and security”.  No mention of course of               their ugly precondition barbs and thorns of  parameters prior to the negotiations, as in, the 1967 borders set in concrete. That, friends, just by itself slices and carves up Israel.  Very fitting : 1 Thes. 5:4 : “When they say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them”.

h)  The closing statement : “The International Community can now help advance the prospects for peace with “THE” end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967″.  OOOPS, little slip of the tongue there, satan, calling it an occupation, Right!

2.  Diplomats comments :

a)  BIBI, who so wholly and adamently rejected the dreadful French Initiative, offered to work with the Saudis on their competing and updated Arab Initiative alternative.  Said : “The Arab Initiative could help create an atmosphere in which overall peace is possible”.  To be sure, he must have died inside to have said this in hopes the French Initiative push would go away.  Did not work as Bibi’s warm welcome on this fell on deaf ears.  Bibi again blasts off on the day of the Paris talks : “The way to peace does not go thru International Conferences that seek to impose agreements and make the Palestinian demands more extreme…The International Community has given in to Abbas’s demands and is enabling him to avoid bilateral direct negotiations”.  Knowing this decision would be against Israel, Bibi hunkers down and gets extremely anti-Palestinian Avigdor Liberman to become Defense Minister.

b)  LIBERMAN, sworn in as Defense Minister and out of the deep blue yonder says : “I see positive elements in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative…I agree with 2 states for 2 peoples.  Hmmm?  Boomerang or what.  Then says : “We don’t want the luxury of conducting drawn out long wars of attrition like Hamas in Gaza”.  Here he basically accuses Israel’s military of never going far enough to wipe out completely Hamas and Hezbollah.  In 2014 he even called out for an all-out war to recapture Gaza.  This is pinball talk.  The White House, as if anyone cares what they say : “Liberman’s appointment raises serious questions about Israel’s direction”.  Friends, gotta tell you this, March 8, 2015, he says : “Anyone who’s with us should be given everything.  Anyone who isn’t, there’s nothing to do.  We should raise an axe and cut off his head, otherwise we Jews don’t survive”.  And on June 18, 2008, says : “We will destroy Damascus if Hezbollah attacks Northern Israel”.  Friends, I tell you this because these alarming words will surely speed up the Psalms 83 and Gog War. And if he persuades Bibi to “Bomb Bomb” Iran, even more so.

c)  EU Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini not a friend of Israel, says : “It is the DUTY of International players to find a breakthrough since the 2 sides appear incapable of doing so alone”.  And says : “The policy of settlements expansion and demolitions and violence tells us very clearly that the perspective that the 1993 Oslo Accords are seriously at risk of fading away”.  Friends, this is BIG.  Again satan’s skirt is showing and his zipper is unzipped.  The Oslo Accords are the early rendition of the 2002 Arab Peace Plan and just like in Daniel 9:27, they are for a period of “7” years.  Oh yeah, Eccl. : 1:9 : “The things that hath been, it is that which shall be and there is no new thing under the sun”.  Gulp, again, We Are There.

d)  Israel’s Foreign Minister : “The International Community accepted the Palestinian’s demands”.

e)   President Abbas and the Arab League :

1.  Palestinians in West Bank, after the favorable Paris summit parade the streets chanting : “Viva La France”.

2.  Saeb Ereket, Palestinian chief negotiator, feeling giddy and proud after summit : “Palestinians               were left with no choice but to move to a “multilateral framework” that will allow the                                     International Community to impose law in the region”.  So stinking sad,  I tell you.

3.  Palestinian spokesman : “If Israel resists this process, even the first step, Israel will pay for it with          attacks within it’s borders”.

4.  Cheaters, cheaters : French Foreign Minister Ayrault calls Abbas Friday evening to give him the            latest updates from the conference and that a French Foreign envoy would arrive there soon for                more updated info.  That Dad Gum guy did NOT call Bibi.  Friends, this is so rigged from the get-go against Israel.  Speaking of French Ayrault, he also said : “The status quo for a lack of headway toward a   Palestinian State is not sustainable”.  That turkey!!

f)  The Arab League : “We wholly support the Paris Initiative and all International efforts to create this lasting peace”.  Yes, I bet you do, you more turkeys!!

g)  Saudi Foreign Minister, Jubeir, after the Paris initiative was accepted,and for the 2002 Saudi Initiative to be the central focal point to build upon: “This is the best solution for the 2-S-S….we reject Netanyahu’s 11th hour plead to have it updated to interject the changes he wants in the last 15 years”.  Of course this is the best 2-S-S for them, as this now sets the Arab seeds to effectively bring an end to the Jewish State.  Psalms 83 : 3,4 : “They have taken crafty council against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones.  Come let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.  Geese Louise, those coyotes.  Praise the Lord we will soon Watch His Glory unfold on this.

h)  Obama sends marshmallow John Kerry to “learn and listen”, says the other 1/2 of JK squared, John Kirby, Obama’s not so truthful spokesman.

Friends, for the last month on my Facebook page (click on home page), I’ve shown the scripture Zech. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.  I’ll update you as best I can, and as close as I can from here to eternity as I’m all over this dare I say “Final Peace Process”, Enforced and Imposed on Gods’ Chosen people, on June 3, 2016.

3.  Other Prophetic Events :

a)  On the lighter side, the latest prophecy to be revealed before the Messiah comes, as per Rabbi David Louis, lead composer of the Temple Institute is to bring back Temple music.  No music has been played here for over 2,000 years since the Levites disbanded.

b)  On the darker side, Obama refuses to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.  That’s bad, that’s expected, he despises the Land of Jesus.

c)   Bibi’s office issues edict to Wakf Muslims who oversee the Temple Mount to halt all construction on the Temple Mount that is damaging valuable ancient artifacts as the work is destructive.  Friends, this will not end well either.  Yes, Edge of Time is here.

d)  Oh Israel, God loves you, how could you do this : Total of 200,000 people expected to participate in Tel Aviv’s  Gay Pride Day, world’s largest, which culminated in an all night “beach party” also on June 3rd.  This is surely a tear drop in God’s eyes.

e)  Worse, the International Association of “CONSERVATIVE” Rabbi’s passes resolution declaring its embrace of transgenders.  COWABUNGA. say no more.

f)  “Divine” epic floods inundate Paris on EXACT day of the dreadful 2-S-S preliminary talks.  French Pres. Hollande declares National Emergency as Seine River floods Paris. Worst floods  in Paris since 1910.  Hollande called them “Exceptional”.  Friends, 2 words : COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE.  Not happenstance at all.  IT WAS GOD TALKING.

For the sake of Heaven, ISIS, Zika, worldwide terror, global gender bender galvanizing like 60, this world is marching down a wicked crooked road.  And all this stuff is so subservient to the world’s leaders as they focus on screwing Israel.  Oh well, as Rome burns, the band plays on in this deaf world.  Friends, WATCH Jerusalem Day, June 5th and Pentecost June 12th, you never know what will happen.  Also, Ramadan starts, June 5th also.  What else can I say?  This is what it is.  Google it all, it’s all true, it’s all there.  I close: Deut. 14:2 : “For thou art a  holy people unto thy Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth”.

U.S.A. :


Oh Mama. there goes that man again.  Oh yes, with only 229 sinful days to go, he’s getting ICKY again.

1.  He’s pushing hard and lurking like a crow about to catch his prey as when to close GITMO.  Says : “Keeping GITMO is expensive and is propaganda for ISIS”.  Like since when did he care for being frugal.  What a joke.

2.  He’s rearing his ugly tentacles again embracing the One World Order speed-up on his Asian tour by by-passing not only Congress, but Donald the Fraud, Crooked Hillary and the Bern to consummate the Trans Pacific Trade Deal where the mighty U.S. can be literally “straight-jacketed” by even the smallest of the 12 Asian nations in the Deal should it disagree with the U.S.  Says : “Nothing is easy in Washington, but despite the lack of cooperation with Congress, I seem to be able to get a lot of things done anyway”.  What an arrogant clueless blurt of a statement.  Should he rush to get this done skirting everybody, surely the coming Antichrist will appreciate this little “perk” to help move forward his diabolical Climate Change Sustainable Agenda 2030.

3.  So predictable, so backstabbing of America, he never fails to debunk us as he goes to Hiroshima and apologizes for what America did.

4.  He’s cutting corners on laws anywhere and as fast as he can to reach his delusional goal of bringing in 10,000 Muslims from Syria this year.  In a 24 hour period, 305 were let in May 23, 24, not by our border patrol who tries so hard but to no avail, but by his special agents.  Dirty tricks galore, this man.  Honestly, honestly, friends, and I mean it, I don’t see how he can do all the evil he does these past 7 and 1/2  years.  I can only surmise that by his lies, obstruction, deception and by manipulating the truth and not even caring about it and worse, not even caring that we know the truth, much can be accomplished by this man in our White House.

5.  How’s this for an evil omen : Obama speaks at Air Force Academy graduation, in Colorado Springs, Air Force Thunderbird jets fly over during the traditional ceremony of graduate’s caps flipping into the sky, and in no more than 10 seconds later, one jet crashes.  Pilot lives.  Not 5 minutes later in Tennessee a Navy Blue Angel jet crashed.  Pilot dies.  More, shortly after that, around Fort Hood, Texas, U.S. Military boat capsizes in flooded Texas river, 5 now dead, 4 presumed drowned.  Friends, my take : This is a curse on Obama’s leaning to slice up Israel on the “imposed” 2-State-Solution talks going on across the pond in Paris.


1.  Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada formulating laws for imprisoning anyone who speaks out against transgenders.  Is America the next gender bender?  Yes, of course we are just ask our White House.

2.  Ann Graham, daughter of 97 year old Billy, : “God’s keeping my father alive might have something to do with the return of Jesus”.

3.  Franklin Graham : “I’m proud 12 states that are suing the Obama Administration over the transgender policy they are forcing down our throats in this dangerous riptide”.  Yes, riptide of political correctness as well.

3.  That sneaky, deceptive Homeland Security Dept. is moving and then releasing van load after van load of Illegal Aliens away from the border states and going North.  Friends, this is a movie coming to your backyard I tell you.

4.  Last week when marshmallow John Kerry told North Eastern College grads that : “You are entering a complex and borderless world”.  You know, this is the talk of a “traitor” to call America “borderless”. Well he surely can’t put lipstick on this pig of a remark, Right!


1.  U.S. top Economists : “In terms of the last 7 and 1/2 years under Obama, this is the worst, slowest, recovery for GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) in U.S. history.

2.  May unemployment drops from 5.0% to 4.7%  that is Good as our feckless, delusional leader sees it.  Well guess what?  Only 38,000 new jobs created and a whopping 664,000 people just outright, flat out left the labor force.  That is Bad.  More, 2 all-time records : Labor Participation Rate = only 62.6% and number of people in America “not working” = 94,706,000.  Just WOW!!  And Obama touts “Things have never been better for the American people under my Administration”.


1.  Now 16 people have died in the Texas floods.

2.  And 69 people were shot in Chicago over the Memorial Day holiday.

3.  WATCH Venezuela, any day civil war, no food hardly left in the country.  Crazy, isn’t it, as they have the largest “discovered” oil reserves in the world, even more than Saudi Arabia and the U.S.


Just a reminder why my take on the Pope being a contender for being the False Prophet of Rev. 13:3 : “And I behold another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon” :

1.  Last June 15, Pope released his Encyclical where Pope encourages political leaders to reduce the world’s population from 7.2 billion to 1 billion inhabitants, regulate global climate change, establish a global constitution, establish ONE global court, establish a global council as in the 10 Kings of Daniel and Revelation, and above all, establish world gov’t.  (Thanks Daymond Duck).

2.   On Sept. 23 and 25,  2015, Pope visited Obama at his home to discuss “a few matters” and address the UN in support of these matters, respectively.

3.  Then he says “Bye-Bye” on his flight back to the Vatican from “Philadelphia”, as in City of Brotherly Love, as in the one true loving Church of God.  Oh, and on his “Bye-Bye” America flight back home, did I mention it was on Sept. 28, the Feast of Tabernacles, where the Last Prophetic Biblical Blood Moon occurred, a Supermoon no less, shown directly over Jerusalem.  You know, he had to have seen it in his personal jet going back to Rome, so BIG, so RED, so Ominous.  Most assuredly no Pope in world history has seen that Heavenly Sign in the Heaven from high-up in the air before.  Something to think about, Right!


1.  All eyes this week are on :  a)  The Brexit vote which is a mere 3 weeks away June 23 where polls currently show a dead heat for all practical purposes as 51% favor the exit of the UK from the EU and 49% oppose.  b)   The June 3rd summit in Paris regarding the Enforced 2-State-Solution.  c)  The perpetual influx of Muslims into the EU that is unstoppable.

2.  Also, very prophetic is this:  The EUs 520 million citizens will receive the daunting, to say the least, “EU Army Plan” in detail via their respective national gov’ts. of all 28 EU nations.  This most prophetic event will be “revealed” to all only after the UK Brexit Vote.  I say prophetic, because never in modern history has Europe had a SINGLE EU ARMY with all 28 nations participating and even troops from nations in North Africa.  And whose military headquarters will be in Berlin, Germany.  You know, the Antichrist couldn’t have asked for a better present than this potentially mighty army for the One World Order to serve him and only 2nd to that of China’s already present 200 million man army of today of Rev. 16:12 : “And the sixth angel poured out his vial that the way of the Kings of the east might be prepared”.

3.  Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby says : “Christians should not talk openly about their faith or proselytise unless they are invited to”.  This appalling statement is almost comical.  Does he, a man of this high religion stature to 68 plus million Brits not even acknowledge why Jesus Christ divinely came to this earth, preached, was crucified, died, buried and rose again in glory only to do the exact 180% opposite of the Archbishop’s quip : Matthew 24:24 : “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come”.

4.  Back to this apocalyptic Muslim refugee insurgency into Europe by Greece by Turkey and lately by Libya, a sad note this past week, a horrific 1,087 Muslims drowned from Libya going to Italy.  Mostly mothers and children, unable to swim and wailing in the Mediterranean waters for their life.  And to no avail, as they all drowned in 3 isolated shipwrecks.  Even so, a staggering 13,000 refugees made it to Italian shores just this past week safely.  A totally unprecedented number of Muslim migrants into Italy in their 2,300 year history as far as record keeping goes.

5.  Friends, want to remind us all what happened with Britain’s leader Neville Chamberain’s call for calm in the UK from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany as WWII was unraveling.  He so ludicrously said to all Brits : “This paper is from Adolf Hitler…..I believe it is peace for our time”.  KAPOW!!  As he was suckered into WWII.  Kind of like what’s brewing with this Muslim refugee carnage and the new EU-wide Military shaping up in Europe : 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them”. Friends, we are des jeax vous all over again here too, just like Asia, just like Obama’s dreamland of Happy Valley.  And most specifically, just like the vaunted Paris Peace Summit. We WATCH!!


Prophetic Asian news is sparse, because Israel was so lengthy.


Before our very eyes, Putin is creating a “Young Army” he calls it that is made up of 14-17 year old “kids”.  Says : “Russia is raising a generation to build a brighter future for themselves along with their country”.  To date, 104 kids have joined the “newly revived” old Soviet Union military youth army of WWI and WWII.  By September, thousands more new cadets will be enlisted.  Yeah right.  Friends, do you see it, this is a disguise for an ever more powerful Russia to fulfill the role of Gog in Ezek. 38.  And surely you know this is exactly what Adolph Hitler did in 1938 with young teenagers and then KABOOM, WWII.  Yes, I’ve said it before, it’s des jeax vous all over again as per Eccl. 3:15.


1.  China sternly tells U.S. to ‘BACK OFF’ their excessive military provocations near “their” South China Sea or face a “Vietnam Style Response”.  Oh boy, we’re toast.

2.  China’s debt in 2007 was $7 trillion.  Today it is $34 trillion.  Their debt to GDP, Gross Domestic Product is 242%, worse than Greece 171%, worse than Zimbabwe 205%, and 2nd only to Japan’s 245%.  Watch for this wounded financial tiger to spearhead the global financial contagion crisis anytime, any day.  We WATCH.


President Erdogan in absolute cahouts with Germany’s Angela Merkel as German gov’t. votes ‘YES’ to recognize that the millions of Armenians murdered by Turkey and Ottoman Empire during WWI was truly mass genocide.  Turkey recalls their Ambassador and all staff out of Germany and says : “This seriously affects our bilateral ties with Germany”.  Friends, the largest power in the EU and the largest power in the Mid East (other then Iran) with a population between the two behemoths of 180 million now sets up another line of demarkation for the seeds of WWIII.  Again we WATCH as Turkey and Germany have never been so far apart except for WWI.

EARTHQUAKES, DISEASE, APOSTASY, All about Matthew 24: 7 and 11 :


1.  Greatest earthquakes around the globe this week as I report this weekly :  a)  7.7 magnitude by Antarctic South Pacific coast,  b)  A 6.5 near Sumatra, Indonesia, and  c)  two in 24 hours near Taipai, Taiwan a 7.2, then a 6.1.

2.  On June 7th, FEMA will hold the largest drill it has ever conducted in one place.  It will simulate a 9.0 earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone which runs from Northern California thru Oregon and Washington and into Southern Canada.  This pending earthquake is way overdue as faultlines have buckled beyond USGS expectations this spring.


1.  WOW, 152 Doctors around the globe ask World Health Organization to move the Olympics out of Brazil.  They are denied.

2.  You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  Well, it’s sooner :  The first deformed Zika baby is born in the USA in New Jersey.

3.  Worse, 620 Zika cases now in America.


Using this title from now on as so much gender-bender business is going on.  Even Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t have this much hype, support, and diversity.  Thanks Obama, you……

1.  Latest Obamination of American gender fluidity is all about us : Obama directive now says a person is neither 100% boy or man, nor 100% girl or woman.  Directive improvises a “gender scale” based solely on one’s feelings.  That is, a person may “freely” now be 75% male boy and 25% female woman on a Friday and a 10% male man and 90% girl on a Saturday night out on the town.  You know, the Sodom and Gomorrah”ns”, as in “morons” would be confabulated with envy today to obtain this variety.

2.  Children across America and my 4 yr. old grand daughter’s latest sensation ELSA, from the Frozen movie, real life name Idina Menzel, demands ELSA become a lesbian and to give her a girlfriend.  How can this be??  Satan’s marketing tools to “hook” our kids is remarkably astonishing.  Nice go, satan, you’re the UGLY TOPS.

3.  Gets worse, Dad Gum Huffington Post blasphemously declares that Jesus was a transgender.  I had to admit that the sin in me deemed this despicable photo as a very handsome man, (or woman I don’t know, you Google) Then reality hit, I instantly repented.  This wicked beauty of deception rot was rock-core bottom, Sodom and Gomorrah”n” wouldn’t even hold a candle to it.

4.  Tell me the souls of the people of Sodom now in hell aren’t raving on these stats for more comrades coming to see them in their unquenchable fire thirsty enclaves in hell :  In 1973, same-sex behavior approval was 11%.  And 13% in 1990.  And 53% today.  Got to hand it to you all in the White House, you have really done it this time.  May God have mercy upon your souls.

5.   New movie on cable, sorry I missed what station, but it is a reality series called Transgender Kids Camp.  Ugghh!

6.   Of all people of “liberal ACLU”, the Georgia State Director resigns after her young daughters were visibly frightened and concerned for their safety when 3 men dressed in “drag” entered the bathroom with them.  Friends, is this not the tip of the iceberg, Right!


1.  In Egypt, a “70” year old Christian woman is stripped naked and paraded thru town by a dastardly mob of 300 Muslims.  Just visualize this horrific animal act by these jackals.  Yes we are in the season of His return.

2.  What an ugly day coming to America “6-6-16″ where the Satanical Group of Los Angeles, yep, the City of Angels, they will construct a giant pentagram “to raise awareness for spreading satanism across America” they say.  Will use GPS technology.  No need, our White House has enamorously beat you to the punch.  Friends, do you get it on the times we are in.  Eph. 5:6 : “Let no man deceive you with vain words : for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience”.  With all that said, isn’t it a beautiful, wonderful feeling to be children of God instead.  Amen, I say.


Well, there we are.  Or should I say WE ARE THERE.  Doesn’t it just feel like everybody is walking on egg shells anymore?  Cannot tell you how “wise” it is to WATCH these prophetic developments unfold this month from what happened on June 3rd.  More, Ramadan, the Muslim most holy month begins tomorrow, June 5th.  And guess what?  Exact same day is Jerusalem Day when Jerusalem was liberated from the Muslims and reunited back to mother Israel.  And this world, THIS EXACT MINUTE is doing an absolute 180 on Jerusalem, beginning to split her up with most holy East Jerusalem going to be the capital of Palestine, so they hope but as you know God has different plans.  Can we say Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil”. Remember Jerusalem is the time clock of the world and the world on June 3rd just touched the apple of God’s eye just as Zech. 2:8 says and that hurts because that causes a tear in His eye.  Sooo, what do we do now in this Final Jubilee year of this world?  Well, we PRAY and we WATCH for the “blessed hope and glorious appearing of our Lord” as per Titus 2:13, as never before in our lives.  And remember from 2 Thes. 2:8 we will never see or know who the soon to come Antichrist is.  May God Bless You Very Much and God willing, see you next week.  Paul Grevas



Very sorry, this week’s Website post is purposefully late, only to capture all of yesterday’s absolutely unbelievable prophetic events in Paris on the 2-State Solution that was forced upon Israel by the International Community.  The amazing details of these foreboding events to be posted later today.

Thank you very much.  Paul Grevas