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2 Chronicles 6:6 :”But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel”.

Welcome Everybody.  Cannot tell you haw many times each CURRENT PROPHETIC REPORT absolutely supercedes the previous week on prophetic news which I had deemed as absolutely unbeatable and remarkable on what our Creator is rolling out.  Well, needless to say, with this week’s confluence of prophetic events that the recent Biblical Blood Moon omens warned us about are coming in full buckets of judgement in this most prophetic Jubilee Year of our Lord, 5777.  AND ALL THIS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME.  Putin is playing War Drums we could never imagined.  The UN is playing God with Israel.  Obama is playing Israel with 51 cards in his head.  The Virgo Constellation is playing the Tremeloes song ‘Here Comes My Baby, Here She Comes Nowwww!  Turkey is gobbling louder in the Middle East.  The Philippines just kicked America out of their nation forever.  And then there’s Sodom and “Gonorrhea”  news.  SOOO, LET”S GO !!!


Will report much more on Virgo, Rev. 12 as the year progresses towards Rev. 12:5 : “And her child was caught up unto God”.  So so many prophetic explosions happening below, that they require  more attention.  HOWEVER, FYI :

1.  On Nov. 16th the largest Supermoon of the year, larger than last month’s and the largest in 35 years, and again, as if an omen from our Creator, smack smack above America.  Can we say JUDGEMENT?

2.  No wonder, 4 days later Jupiter, the King planet as per the Hebrew language, enters the womb of the Constellation Virgo where it will be birthed Sept. 23, 2017.  This has absolutely NOTHING, NATTA, with anything to do with demonic Astrology, so let’s bag that idea real quick.

3.  FYI, on this exact day, Nov. 20th, the Vatican Jubilee Year comes to a close.  COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE, we must WATCH this day as only God Almighty knows what may happen.


1.  How utterly prophetic does this heinous event by the satan-gorged UN’s right arm, UNESCO bring us so closer to the End of Days :  At the behest of the “Poor Palestinians” for UNESCO to act on the legitimate ownership of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, Israel’s most Holiest sites, and where Jesus walked and prayed.  UNESCO fulfills the ugly Palestinian dream : They take up the discussion and almost in the twinkling of an eye 30 quarter brained countries vote 24 to 6 to seize the Temple Mount from Israel and cede it’s ownership to the Poor Palestinians who pray to Mecca with their rear end facing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  What a remarkably insane decision.  It’s absolutely BERZERK, Alice In Wonderland stuff.

This decision has erased all connection between Judaism and Jerusalem.  Their grounds for the decision was that Israel did NOT present sufficient evidence to explicitly refer the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount but that the “Poor Palestinians” did.  Like what planet are they from.  I tell you, I’m ready for Grey’s Anatomy.  Can you only imagine the tears in God’s eyes.  Zech. 2:8 : “For he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye”.  You can now say “he that scorches and steals on you, scorches and steals the apple of His eye”.  As Maude of the Golden Girls said : “God’ll get you for this”.  Amen.

2.  Only hours after the laughable yet ludicrous kangaroo court vote, Bibi slams the UN : “What’s next?  A UNESCO decision denying the connection between peanut butter and jelly?  Batman and Robin?  Egypt and the pyramids?  Rock and roll?

3.  a)  Friends, Solomon built the Temple in 957 BC.  b)  Nebuchadnezeer pillaged it in 587 BC.  c)  Nehemiah was tasked by King Cyrus of Persia to rebuild it in 541 BC at the exact location of Mount Moriah, exactly where it is TODAY.  d)  Jesus preached on it in 33 AD.  e)  Rome leveled it on 70 AD.  f)  And this insane, moronic decision seemed to bleep out that Mohammad wasn’t even “BORN” until 570 AD.  Geez Louise.  Isaiah 5:20 for sure these days where “evil is good and good is evil”.

4.  I tell you this fantasy tells me the UN believes Batman must tell Robin he’s not a crime fighter but a hillbilly from Kentucky.  Or that the pyramids of Egypt really belong to Davy Crockett in Tennessee.

5.   After the dreadful vote, Irina Bokova, head of UNESCO, has received several death threats for spearheading this horrific decision.  Don’t come to me Irina, “I don’t know you” as our Lord would say.

6.  I close this most prophetic phenomenal event by saying Israel will not only defy but overcome this.  We will wake up some morning to the Psalms 83 War and immediately after, the Gog War with Russia in charge.  And you surely must know “The Russians are Coming”.  See Asia below on Putin’s evil progress.  Unbelievable what Russia is up to.

7.  a)  Friends,  I caution you to PLEASE WATCH what Obama will do between Nov. 9th, the day after the election, and Jan. 19th, new President’s inauguration.  b)  Look : Good ole’ Wikileaks just exposed an email by former White House official Stuart Eisenstadt : “There is a distinct possibility that the Administration may seek a new UNSC resolution for the 2-State-Solution, with pre-1967 lines”.  c)  Guys, I tell you, sorry for my ire, this most evil, most toxic, most slippery and deceptive Obama is laying the groundwork now, today, Oct. 22,  to stab Israel and Jerusalem in the spine of their back.  He’s deceptively going to make it palatable and understandable that he will take unprecedented actions to slice and dice Israel.  FYI, NO U.S. President since Israel became a nation in 1948 has betrayed Israel as he will. The seeds are well planted for a climax from Obama to extend his most obscure legacy.  Like what’s he gonna do?  Vote “WITH” Israel after a full 8 year feud with them and Bibi.  I should say not.  And how prophetically timeless this will be in this Jubilee year, #120, so snugly sandwiched between the recent Biblical Blood Moons and the FINAL Heavenly Sign for believers, Rev. 12, the Virgo Constellation.

8.  In Ezek. 38:4 : where our Lord “puts hooks in the jaws” of Gog and his company is happening before our very eyes.  Look : Turkey, a company member of Gog called “Togarmah” in Ezek. 38:6, and Israel discussed high level negotiations on distributing Israel’s new found multi-billion dollar gas fields discovered in the Golan Heights on the exact day of the 4th and Final Biblical Blood Moon/Supermoon and the only one that EVER EVER shown directly above Jerusalem last Sept. 28.  The deal was to construct a pipeline network from Israel thru Turkey, then onto Europe’s lucrative energy-starved markets.  The deal failed as part of Turkey’s stance was for Israel to be friendly with bitter enemy Hamas.  So now reports tell of Turkey and Russia colluding to take Israel’s gas fields on the Golan by force.  We WATCH yet another fire for Israel.

9.  Egypt and Israel now in full-scale war together against Jihadi infested ISIS on the Sinai.  Friends, does the media tell you ANY of this stuff?  Surely not, as groping women 11 years ago is hot stuff 24/7 in blinded America.  IDF Caracal Battalion General : “We are watching earnestly with triggers cocked preparing for the imminent day when ISIS will turn North”.

10.  Just 24 hours after this statement.  Egyptian soldiers kill 120 ISIS barbarians on the Sinai border with Israel.  Yep, they’re coming to Israel from the South, Syria and Iran from the East, Turkey and Russia from both the North and West.  And then there’s our awesome God.  Isaiah 54:15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Amen I say.  Friends, do you see it?  Do you get it?  We’re in the Edge of Time and who knows it.  How artistically beautiful is satan’s work deceiving this world today with Crooked Hillary and ego and arrogant Donald act.  Closer and closer, then KAPOW !!!  Praise the Lord, as He will prophetically drain the swamp of Israel’s enemies.  Yet We WATCH his Glory unfold, it is our duty.


Hard to imagine anything less than the fact that these last 8 years and this nefarious election has  a) catapulted America into a moral free-fall on death “road”.  b)  And like a dying whale on the beach, our once nearly invincible foreign might has wilted not only into DESPAIR, but onto the precipice “DEATHSPARE”.  Just LOOK :


1.  First his mantra of LIE, LIE, LIE :  a)  On Hillary’s email server all the while he was emailing her on it and visa-versa : “I didn’t know about it till I read it in the newspaper”.  b)  When he said his Obamacare would easily have 20 million members by 2017 and now has 9.7 million after 1.4 million will not renew for 2017 because of 60% increase in premiums : “Some disruption is normal”.  This man of marvel lacks a full deck of cards between his ears to be sure.  c)  Hillary’s manager John Podesta, and what a slippery snail he is, says of Obama’s hoodwink of Americans on Wikileaks where truth comes out that Obama scared John Roberts, Chief Justice, to vote for Obamacare : “It was pretty critical that the President throw the gauntlet down last time on the Court.  That was vital to scaring Roberts off”.  Friends, Podesta said a double ditto about FBI Director, the fish himself, James Comey, when Comey exhonorated Hillary on email corruption.  d)  This week Obama still praises Obamacare : “The Affordable Care Act is like a starter home.  You keep upgrading and repairing it”.  Hello nationalized government owned Single Payer System our man of marvel is romanticizing.  e)  In 2015 Obama promised America on national TV that anyone who crossed over from Mexico would be returned.  Well, 252,147 illegals kids crossed .  Border Patrol ordered to “shut your eyes or else”.  FYI :  He has allowed an additional 262,000 illegals from Central America  as President while total amount from 2004-2008 by Bush = 36,000.  Absolutely stunning.  No, absolutely “lying”.   This man has 89 days left in office, Praise the Lord.  However, too late to come clean, he’s cleaned our clock now.  Death by a 1,000 cuts.

2.  Second, his love to outright promote abortion infanticide and gloat about it :  a)  Says : “Religious beliefs and cultural codes have to be changed for the sake of women’s reproductive rights”.  b)  That Dad- Gum man celebrated Planned Parenthood’s Centennial Anniversary this past week :  “Here’s to Planned Parenthood for another 100 years”.  Friends, I hope he’s right on this, toasting with a flaming Grand Marnier drink in the pit of hell.

3.  Third, on 1-World Order at the UN 3 and 1/2 weeks ago : “We must be open to take away some of our rights and freedoms for the common good”.  Friends, and he says he’s staying in D.C. after his 2nd term is done (UNLESS A 3RD TERM??) at least till his daughter graduates from school.

4.  Lastly, a UN leak : Obama passes a message to the Palestinian Authority not to promote ANYTHING against Israel at the UN until after the elections.  Hmmm!!  Could it be he wants to be the main actor to carve up Israel.  If so, and I’m saying “WHEN SO”, UH-OH!!  Oh woe is America; Oh woe is us Christians as God’s judgement on America will come in more spades than we presently have as per Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  WHEW, done with him, so happy and now, on the lighter side :


1.  First, her Wikileaks :  a)  Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia : “She is a scheming robotic liar”.  Of course she is, she’s a Clinton.  b)  U.S. Catholic, Latino, Christian leaks show contempt and disdain for them, some of her leaks even redacted and beyond belief demeaning them.  Oh well, Stronger Together.  c)  Her news media army is so petrified with the 2 words “Wikileaks emails”, look what feckless CNN did this week : Republican Congressman Collins mentioned those 2 words and CNN instantly, friends, I saw it, instantly “cut the feed” and the nation saw hissy snow.  Crony Chris Cuomo : “Oh no, we’ve lost the feed, we’ll get it for you later.  That’s too bad”.  Friends, Drudge Report says not a word was mentioned after that.  Remember this song, Crooked Hillary style : “In her hands, she’s got the whole world in her hands, she’s got the whole wide world in her hands”.  Meat hook media hands that is.  d)  Over 4 million dead and ineligible voters are purportedly voting for Hillary.  Scary, Zombies.  e)  Her people paid homeless and activists that were sooo good at rioting against Trump, that Trump cancelled a Chicago appearance.  f)  She wants Obamacare to unravel so she can implement the 1-World-Order approving Single Payer System, Gov’t. controlled, of course.  g)  “Let’s make George Soros happy” says her campaign manager Robert Mook of this liberal Communist who wants to “roll America” to a 3rd world place.  h)  33,000 more Hillary leaks we’ll have more time to discuss in heaven, our Lord permitting.

2.  Second, the robotic media’s 24/7 smut and garbage The RUSSIANS DID IT addiction has willfully overlooked to tell us anything prophetic going on from Israel in the South to the EU eastern border in the North, where presently 31,000 NATO forces are amassing, for fear of a Russian attack on Europe.  This is unprecedented since NATO came to existence 70 years ago.  Operation is called “Operation Anaconda”.  Putin says : “This world is sleep walking into WWIII”.  Got that right Vladdy.

3.  Closing on the Crooked one :  a)  She tells Brazilian banks that she wants open borders in the Western Hemisphere.  b)  In the debate this week besides her blatent demonic verbal pushes for abortions, LGBT stuff, revise 2nd Amendment, she reiterates an “Open hemisphere of government”.  Geez Louise, she’s a honey for this Tower of Babelization and globalization of America. No doubt about it,  friends, Great Wickedness Nov. 8th I’ve never been more sure because of my hedge :  The Jubilee Final Year, The Rev. 12 last Great Wonder for Christians TO GET IT RIGHT, and most of all our Lord may surely say it’s over and it’s time for 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Bowls of judgement.


1.  Love that marshmallow Sec. John Kerry, demands Equador Embassy to order Julian Assange to just STOP IT, stop leaking Hillary Wikileaks.

2.  Jumpin’ Joe Biden on Russian cyber war : “We’re sending a message to Russia.  We have the capacity to do it.  It will be at the time of our choosing under circumstances that will have the greatest impact”.  Russia’s largest paper, TASS responds : “And of course we’ll respond, but not with words”.  So shut up Joe, action speaks, your mouth squeaks.  Also,  Russia’s largest TV, NTV has been making public citizen announcements about preparing for a nuclear war for the past month : “If it should happen, everyone of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter is.  It’s best to find out now.  Check your gas masks.  If you don’t have one, get one”.  Friends, Google it, I don’t make ANY of this stuff up.  WE ARE THERE.

3.  Singer Cher : “As The Beat Goes On” with groping and the C-L-I-N-T-O-N  F-O-U-N-D-A-T-I-O-N scandals, the Pentagon has NORAD start up it’s Vigilant Shield Operation exercises and Global Thunder elite forces to prepare for war with Russia.  Both start-ups boosted significantly ahead of schedule.  This also is no Saturday Night Live crap.

4.  Julian Assange now on 24/7 police guard in London, several death threats.  Most probably from Hillary supporters.

5.  Yesterday, largest major cyber attacks crash on both sides of the pond, U.S. and UK.  Great damage to largest American companies during the day.  Friends, The BIG one is yet to come on cyber attacks, don’t you think?  We deserve it, we’ve biffed our Almighty God and now it’s payback time for this decrepid global generation.

6.  And Slick Willy Clinton, of course, on Obamacare : “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen”.  No comment.


Only one item other than “GET OUT OF STOCKS”, the market is rigged, elitistly rigged.  Item is dollar doom : “Foreign Central Banks sell a record $343 billion in U.S. Treasuries in last 12 months”.  Absolutely unprecedented.  Friends, that most explicitly says it all, the dollar is going DOWN.  I’ve put quotes around the title.  Please Google.  WE ARE TOAST, world doesn’t want our debt, so who’s gonna pay for it.  Hmmmm!!  Just look in the mirror.


WHO ELSE at the top of the report table but Russia which our anebreated and drunk national TV and news media is so entrenched 24/7 on the rigged election.


1.  This has to be the most prolific news in the world for the next 2-3 weeks : Russia is deliberately taunting America with the biggest military offense of RAW POWER since the Cold War over 50 years ago.  What?  Friends, 10, that’s TEN, Russian Warships descend onto the English Channel enroute to the Syrian coast to bomb the beegibbees and basically wipe Aleppo of the map by U.S. election day, Nov. 8.  Putin is willfully doing this as it serves to highlight poodle Obama’s and Hillary’s ineptness into the election run-up.  Guys, how could this not be a lesson to this immoral, apostate world that this is A precursor for Damascus for showing the world His word in Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  Just watch His Glory unfold on this.

2.  After Jumpin’ Joe Biden calls for an all out cyber war with Russia, Putin’s blasting Obama’s aggressiveness, has his Chief of Russian Military, Buzhinsky say : “That provocation is a full-scale confrontation.  As far as Russia sees it, as far as Putin sees it, this a full-scale confrontation, you’ll get one (confrontation) everywhere”.  This is astonishing, shocking WAR-TALK, Right!

3.  NATO says : “Russia aims to effectively end the war in Syria on the eve of the U.S. elections.  They will do it”.

4.  Here’s Putin’s latest scathing remark regarding Obama and Hillary WAR DRUMS : “How do you not understand that the world is going in an irreversible direction?  While they (our Dark House and their addicted media) pretend nothing is going on, I don’t know how to get thru to you anywhere”.  Simple words by the most powerful man on the planet.  KAPOW!!!  We are sooo close to WWIII I can NOT believe it, can not grasp it, but it’s THERE.

5.  Obama’s approval rating in Russia is a miniscule 1%.

6.  Can you only imagine our delusional leader in the Dark House what his latest act is on Russia’s cyber war with America.  He wants to meet with the EU to set up sanctions against Russian cyber attacks.  Oh, shoot, if I had a beard, I’d yank it right off.  I’m so upset with this “man of marvel”

7.  Icing on Russian cake; Russia successfully test fires 3 long range ICBMs, that is “INTERCONTINENTAL” Ballistic missiles.  That is as in New York to Los Angeles.  Friends, Better BEWARE of the RUSSIAN BEAR, he’s coming.  Like no wonder America is not in the Bible and Russia is, as GOG, as in Ezek. 38, 39 Big Time for a while at least.


Iran deploys 2 Naval Destroyers off the coast of Yemen where, their Shiite proxy, the Houthees boldly exchanged missile fire with the U.S. 4 times last week on the USS Mason.  Look at this ganging-up ominous linkage against the U.S., knowing the Poodle is still there across the pond : China builds and sells missiles to Iran in exchange for good ole’ American dollars via Deal From Hell, Iran covertly ships these missiles to the Houthees just south of the Suez Canal, waterway to the West.  Then the Houthees antagonize the U.S. Sunni Saudi Arabia wants to block these missile shipments from Iran, their Shiite enemy but the U.S. refuses to allow this.  Now Saudi’s extremely bitter at the U.S. and the Poodle.  You know you think of TV shows like Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best and you now we think of this war footing report against America.  Welll, are you not “TOUCHED” where we are today?  Friends, it’s God, His Son is Coming I tell you.  Like soon.  Like REAL soon.  Please keep reading :


You see it daily on TV.  Aleppo is the most serious humanitarian crisis on earth since WWII.


Well it’s happened, we have a winner :

1.  Turkey becomes the 10th nation on earth to be labeled a Nuclear Power.  As their mother Russia is now building the long awaited $20 billion Rosaton Nuclear Power Plant.  Friends, you know darn well this would not be so, if Russia and Turkey were not betrothed now.  No wonder Ezek. 38:6 is the most populous and 2nd most powerful member of Russia’s band in the imminent Gog War : “The house of Togarmah of the north quarters and all his bands”.  Thanks Obama you ………

2.  Watch for Turkey, they are now broadly empowered and feel invincible thru their charismatic Dictator Erdogan as they are boldly trampling thru Syria like never before in obliterating ISIS.  Even more-so than U.S.


These butchering barbarians, seeing that the war on Mosul has begun against Iraqi forces, they drown and bury 58 Mosul citizens who perpetrated revolts in Mosul against ISIS.  Some of the 58 were buried alive.  No wonder our Lord sent Jonah, the Jonah in the whale, to Nineveh which is modern day Mosul and also the Northern most city of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel.  Now they pay.


Well, one by one they fall because of the Poodle : Egypt now gives up on the backsliding U.S. as they now ask mother pit-bull Russia for military help on the Sinai border to fight off ISIS.  Friends, this border is the SOUTHERN BORDER of ISRAEL FYI.  Again, Russia is scribing their ugly tentacles all over Israel.  More bad news for U.S. because of the Poddlemania we’ve had in our Dark House for 8 years :


1.  Filipinos throughout the country now demand, via massive protests, fights, that USA leaves and vacates permanently their airbase in the country.

2.  24 hours later Pres. Duarte : “Today I announce all diplomatic, economic, and military ties to the U.S. are separated  We have split with the U.S.”.  Deep deep trouble now on this alliance especially when he made this statement standing side by side next to Pres. Chi of China, “his new USA”.

All this Asia stuff friends is capped into 3 prophetic words : “End of Days”.


Recently proclaimed Mother Theresa a saint,  What a wonderful woman she was that no one can ever deny.  Truly a flicker of life, hope, and love to an apostate world.  However, as great the deeds she accomplished for our Lord, only our Lord can and will be the ONLY one who can proclaim sainthood to humanity.  This is yet another reason that the Catholic Church and the Vatican and the Papal dynasty and Pope Francis are playing God but is described in Rev. 17:1,4 : “The great whore that sitteth upon many waters.  And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications”.  FYI, you’ll never ever see a Pope’s or Cardinal’s or Bishop’s garments in the Catholic Church wear the color BLUE :  Why?  Numbers 15:38,39 : “Speak unto the children of Israel that they make fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations and on the fringe they put a ribband of BLUE.  And it shall be unto you, for a fringe that ye may look upon it and remember all my commandments”.  Also Exodus 28: 45 : “And they (priests) shall make their garments gold and BLUE and purple and scarlet and fine linen”.  You’ve seen the BLUE-LESS Pope and Cardinals on TV.  Why BLUELESS :  Because for one of many examples, they’ve DELETED the 2nd Commandment of God : Exodus 20:4 : “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images…”.  And to maintain the 10 Commandments, they SPLIT #10 into TWO : Exodus 20:17 : “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors HOUSE, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors WIFE”.  STOP right there and CLOSE with Rev. 22: 18,19 : “And if any man shall add or (take away) from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”.  Case Closed.


1.  Going, Going, “about” Gone :  The EUs largest bank I’ve been reporting on this past month, Deutsche Bank, is in the throws of death.  Possibly the final spear this week that may start the world financial domino chaos : Financial analysts in the EU predict this past week’s revelations could prove to be the final nail in the coffin as Deutsche Bank was just accused of using “illegal stealth and covert methods to woo investors to raise cash to stay in business”.  Exactly what Lehman Brothers did in 2008 to start the Great Recession.  Also, same tactics Long-Term Capital did in the 90’s.  Friends, the trend is your friend, get your money INTO “YOUR WALLET”, not your bank’s.

2.  “Obamanation” of Europe : EU Commission in Brussels has REQUIRED all EU nations’ governments and media to “BAR” them from identifying Muslim terror attacks with Muslims.  UGGGHH!! Just like Obama not saying Radical Muslim Terrorists. So now the EU has given in too.  This act also is a remarkable shield to pave the way for the False Prophet to merge his sheep under the umbrella of the harlot in Rev. 17 of the 1-World-Church.  That’s my take on this.

3.  With that said, add 2 more nations whose citizens want out of the EU.  That being Iceland and Norway now exploring how to Nexit and Iclexit just as the UK did in Brexit.  We WATCH the crumble just enough so that man of flattery, the Anti-Christ will soon pick up the pieces just like Hitler did some 80 years ago, but expect more, MUCH MORE this time.



Largest world quake this week : A 6.2 magnitude in China.  A 6.9 in Papua in South Pacific, A 6.4 in Tibet.  A 6.3 in Indonesia.  A 5.8 in the Caribbean sea.  A 6.8 in Japan.   Sure sounds like verse in Matthew 24:7 for these diverse places : “and earthquakes in diverse places”.  Oh yeah, We’re There, on the Edge of Time.


1.  State of Minnesota has 296 Muslim refugees diagnosed with active Tuberculosis, most since the national epidemic 60 years ago.

2.  Sewer and Gutter, Sodom and Gomorrah.  Or I more properly should say Sodom and Gonorrhea.  Why?? :  Three major sex spread diseases hit all time highs in America says our Center for Disease Control.  And ALL have hit at the same time in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord, 5777.  Look :  Chlamydia has 1.5 million new cases this past year, up 6% from previous ALL-TIME HIGH the previous year.  Gonorrhea “GOMORRAH”, up 13% to 400,000.  Isn’t it prophetic almost, the closeness of these 2 words, almost inter-changeable, Right!  Also, 24,000 cases of syphylis, up 40%.  And staggering total of 20 million cases of sexually transmitted disease in the past year in America.  Sooo, Hillary, what you gonna do about THAT ?


Friends, I could list so much more.  No time.  Sample :

1.  Norman, Oklahoma teacher teaches her high-school history class that “To be white is to be racist”.

2.  Grotesque 6 foot high naked statue of Hillary in downtown Manhattan causes several fights, police even injured as well, during the morning commute to work.  I know Hillary has sunk very low with her proud smiling remarks that she loves LGBT as well as Roe-V-Wade, but appears several citizens have sunk as well.

3.  In first 9 months of this year, 605 people murdered in Chicago and 3,475 have been shot, a 45% increase above “ALL” of 2015.  Oh well, it’s Obama’s stomping grounds.

4.  A whopping “2,000” K thru 12 Seattle school teachers wore Black Lives Matter shirts at their public schools Wednesday to call for racial equality.  Friends, if these shirts were “GRAY” and hypothetically if another 2,000 wore “BLUE” ALL LIVES MATTER shirts, I begin thinking des jeax vous, the American Civil War 150 years BACK TO THE FUTURE.  Can you only imagine the massively chaotic times we now live in?  Life in America, it’s just not the same anymore.  Thanks Obama, for 8 years and thanks Hillary for ramroding to the Presidency it appears.


Well, there it is, Russian Bear Snare, Piggly Wiggly Obama, Ugly, Bugly, election and for Jerusalem, don’t touch the Temple Mount says UN, it’s not yours.  This world’s a massive mess.  Add to this the paralyzing and perverted wickedness satan is pelting us Christians with it’s as if he’s inviting us to a hot steak dinner.  AND WE ARE THE STEAK.

Knowing what I know, sometimes not much, on Bible Prophecy linkage with this week’s deluge of dreadful current prophetic events, I just want to bust out and ask our Lord “Like Dear Lord, how long can we keep waiting”?  Then I instantly retract, knowing our God will not let evil go on unchecked forever.  Our God is sovereign, nothing will escape Him.  Nothing ever has, nothing ever will.  We Christians will be just fine, so WE WATCH.

I think of a very little known Prophet, Habakkuk in his appeal to God in Chapter 1 and culminating in Chapter 2 which says : ” O’Lord, how long shall I cry and thou wilt not hear, even I cry unto thee of violence and thou wilt not save!……I WILL stand upon my watch and will watch to see what he will say unto me.  And the Lord answered me : For the vision is yet for an APPOINTED TIME, but at the end it shall speak; though it tarry wait for it, it will surely come, it will not tarry”.

This is sooo comforting, to know that we who love Jesus aren’t gonna be here much longer.  PLEASE tell your family we are the generation living the REAL DEAL for The End of Days right before our eyes.  And tell them, just 2 simple little sets of 3 words each to choose wisely on a) Jesus is UP, b) satan is DOWN.

And friends, that’s what Eternity holds for us just like it held for the 5 vigil virgins in Matthew 25: 1,2 : “Then shall the Kingdom of heaven be linked unto ten virgins.  And five were wise and five were foolish”.  God willing,  I’m, going to go “TARRY” now, like Habakkuk did now until next week.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

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Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of our Lord; and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn”.

Welcome Everybody.  Now that title is a Trifecta of prophetic events for this day today, Oct. 13, the day after the 50 year Jubilee begins, the 120th as per Genesis 6:3, the most Holy Day of Atonement, 10th of Nisan, in this New Year of God’s calendar of 5777.  Whew, that was a handful, yet nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what you’re going to read here on such amazing prophetic news that’s just got to make you believe the recent Biblical Blood Moons were omens and warnings for judgement-a-plenty that hit current events this week, 90% which never even touched our bigot-blasted filled liberal news media.  As our bucket-mouthed Dark-House is playing the violin, Russia is going KOWABUNGA on a war footing preparation.  As the filthy election gets utterly uglier and eviler, Bibi Netanyahu’s and Israel’s blood is getting unnerved during Obama’s Lame Duck period.  The fact of the matter is, the portentous developments this week are beyond the danger zone that you must just verify and judge for yourself that we are truly in the Last Days.  SO LET’S GO!!!


1.  It’s now 345 days and counting to Sept. 23, in the calendar year of our Lord 5777.  Here are some intriguing statistics to ponder.

2.  Did you know the year 5777 has a most remarkably prophetic twist to it when you analyze the three 7s in the year 5777.  Look :  The number 7 = Perfection, completion in the Hebrew language.  The sum of 7+7+7 = 21 = Great Wickedness.  The sum of 2+1 in 21 =3= the Trinity Godhead of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  So what do we have here?  How about a 7, a 21, and a 3, all multiplicatively related.  a)  Is not 7 a direct correlation prophetically related in our Bible of the Completion of the Church Age for those “perfected” by Jesus through repentance and then salvation with the RAPTURE.  b)  Is not 21 the imminent 7 year Great Tribulation of much WICKEDNESS.  c)  Is not 3 the great miraculous union of our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit forever and forever.  Very interesting indeed.

3.  Did you know the Roman Catholic Jubilee ends on Nov. 20th, 2016.  This is prophetically significant because on this exact day, the King Planet Jupiter enters the womb of the Constellation Virgo to complete its gestation period to Sept. 23, 2017.

4.  More, from the Lunar Eclipse last month on Sept. 16 to Nov. 20th is exactly 66 days.

5.  Did you know that there are 1,260 days from the Eve of the recent first Biblical Blood Moon April 14, 2014 thru the close of the Feast of Trumpets on the Eve of Sept. 23, 2017.  Does 1,260 sound familiar?  It should, it’s 3 and 1/2 years.  Could this possible preceding the two 3 and 1/2 year chunks of the Great Trib. foretold in Dan. 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week, and in the MIDST of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease”.  And dive right smack into Rev. 12:6 : “And the woman fled into the wilderness…..a thousand two hundred and three score days”.  Also Rev. 12:14 : “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle….where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time”.  WOW!!!

6.  Did you know there are exactly 163 days from Passover April 23, 2016 to the beginning of this New Year of the Lord on Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 3, 2016 which ushers in the Final Jubilee.  And that the Hebrew language for the number 163 is “LIVING WATERS”.  As in Rev. 21:6 : “And he said unto me, it is done, I am Alpha and Omega.  I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely”.

I have many more, as time warrants.  But do you get the picture?  The Great Wonder in Heaven is a most miraculous, spectacular sign of the End of this World as we know it that “swerves” us who believe right smack into Heaven to be with our Lord.  Friends, this sign is the REAL DEAL.  You just can’t knock it out of the sky.  I maintain I am NO prophet or date setter, I’m a Statistician with a boat load of documented facts I report on for you to verify and judge.  But I tell you, until it happens or doesn’t happen, my limited knowledge tells me that this “Great Wonder” has a higher probability of occurring than any other forseeable day in our lives and beyond as it has never ever occurred nor will it ever occur again in our Awesome God’s “Book of Earth”.  More next week, every week on Virgo until Sept. 23, 2017, and then, and then…….


First and foremost, yesterday, Oct. 12th was Yom Kipur, the Lord’s Feast Day of Atonement,the holiest day of the Jewish year where Israel mourns for their sins.  Also where the 10 days of Awe are completed and judgement is meeted out.  Also, the 10th of Tishri, first day of the Final Jubilee year, a once in 50 year event.  This year being the prophetic year of the Lord’s calendar of 5777.

Sooo just look at the horrific events this “Jewishly” agnostic world has treated the Israelis :

1.   Two Israeli’s shot dead in Jerusalem by a Palestinian wildman of Genesis 16:12 : “He shall be a wildman”.   Sooo simple, even a preschooler can understand that, but not a Harvard graduate or loony liberals.

2.  Israeli Ambassador to UN, Danny Danon : ” Why don’t you demand the Palestinians to condemn the two murders in Jerusalem?  The Palestinians remain silent for allowing the two murders and the subsequent disgusting celebrations in the West Bank and Gaza is deafening”.  Of course, the Palestinian lover UN says diddly squat.

3.  Despite all the world archeological physical facts uncovered this summer on the Temple Mount, the ugly right arm of the UN, UNESCO, is still going to vote Oct. 24-26 to see whom the Temple Mount belongs to.  Leaked documents show UNESCO calls the Temple Mount by it’s Muslim term Baraq Plaza.  Well, just like Trump’s goose is cooked by the biased bigots of liberal media, so it appears double ditto for how the UN is leaning to give this sacred place to the Palestinians.  Despite Jewish King Solomon built it in 956 BC.  Despite Jews always pray facing Jerusalem and Muslims pray facing Mecca, ugly backs to Jerusalem.  Despite Jerusalem mentioned 823 times in the Bible verses 0, zero, natta, times in the Koran and the Palestinian Covenant.  Despite, despite, despite, may Ban Ki Moo Moo and the UN take a “bite”.

4.  Obama and his Dark House strongly condemn Israel’s latest Settlement approval of 98 new homes.  Friends, you gotta get this : To appease the international community, on the “outside” they condemn these Settlements.  On the “inside” it’s their golden goose whereby now they can find the optimal opening to hit Israel hard and fast to force the 2-State-Solution vote.  Do you get it?  Obama will be nice an’ clean by either voting against Israel or abstaining and will defend himself by saying that the Israelis “forced” him to act to carve up Israel because of Israels continued Settlement building.  He’ll most likely collude with bed-buddy UN to do this after the Lame Duck period of the election Nov. 8th and before the Jan. 20th inauguration.  Not to say, of course, he may still be there for a third term.  Ouch, what a chest pain I just got, third term!!  Any which way but loose, Israel loses.

5.  Mark Dubowitz, Jewish leader : “Obama is laying the ground works for UN & EU sanctions on Israel.  I’ve seen this playbook before”.

6.  Friends, do you see it?  Obama is “manufacturing a crisis” as per Prophecy News Watch says to get what no U.S. President has ever been able to do.  To slay Israel’s land and obtain the dreaded 2-States for 2-Peoples living side by side in Peace and Safety.  You’ve heard that many times before, Right!  Well, touchee, how about a perfect word for word fit in 1 Thes. 5:3 : “When they shall say, Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child”.  Yeah, again about word for word with the prophetic Great Wonder in Heaven of the Virgo Constellation in Rev. 12:2 : “And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered”.  Friends, I tell you, our Almighty God is surely linking these 2 prophetic events.

7.  More, Bibi phones Kerry to tell Obama to avoid the 2-State-Solution.  Dad gum Kerry tells Bibi, surely to keep him palpitating with nervousness, says : “The Administration has not yet made it’s decision on this matter”.  Matter, batter-shmatter, this is the game changing world paradism for WWIII the Psalms 83 War, Gog War, the Great Tribulation, that’s all.

8.  More, more, the dastardly New York Times, talk about timing, reports that next week the UN will hold a meeting on Israel’s latest Settlements in Judah, Samaria, and Jerusalem.  The meeting is called the “Aria” Formula Meeting, set in motion by who else, their love-partner the Palestinians.  Again, another stacked deck against Israel right out of the gate.

9.  On Shimon Peres who suffered a stroke of Sept. 13th, exactly 23 years to the day earlier the Oslo Accords 7 year Treaty was to be signed but collapsed Sept. 13, 1993.

10.  Prophetic Peres, who died Sept. 28th, did you know that was TO THE DAY, 1 year after the 4th Biblical Blood Moon, a Supermoon over Jerusalem, only one in history, which occurred Sept. 28, 2015.

11..  When Peres was eulogized, his death marked the absolute END of one Messianic Age and the beginning of another.  In Jewish tradition, Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf says there are 2 stages in the Messiah : Messiah from the House of Joseph and subsequently, the House of David.  The Rabbi believes that Peres’s death signals the close of the House of Joseph and the period of the House of David took prominence.  Says : “I sense the period of Moshiach Ben Yosef ended with Peres’ burial, the last of the founding fathers of the state that embodied that process of creating Israel.  This is an unmistakable historic shift.  If this be true, then beginning this past Shabbat as the New Year Jubilee begins, the transition period ended.  We are now in the Moshiach Ben David period”.  Hello Jesus!!!!

12.  Friends, should this 2-State-Solution be forced upon Israel, you, I, and mostly, mostly our God knows it will not happen until the Anti-Christ arrives for Daniel 9:27 : ‘And he shall CONFIRM “THE” COVENANT with many  for one week”.  And hope you can deduce that this cannot transpire until the Psalms 83 War between Israel and her border neighbors and Russia as Gog in Ezek. 38 is concluded where all these Muslim coyotes and Russia, all who want to annihilate Israel are utterly defeated by Israel.  And 5/6th of the Russians shall perish miraculously by God as per Ezek. 39:2 : “And I will turn thee back and leave but the sixth part of thee”.  Do you get it, only and only then can the Anti-Christ come as there’s no more Muslim or Russian resistance and Israel will, for a time, be HAPPY for the Anti-Christ to confirm THE COVENANT so they can build their Temple.  This is Gen. 15:18 : “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram saying; unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt (the Nile, where Egypt is toast from Psalms 83) unto the great river Euphrates (where Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and North Saudi Arabia are toast)”.

13.  Lastly, I truly believe Obama’s  a)  divisive rhetoric of the new Israeli Settlement announcement spawned Hurricane Matthew, so prophetic a name by the way, I’d say; and  b)  When, after Obama attended Peres’ funeral and got his evil swipe in by calling for a Palestinian State on the funeral day.  What hatred this man has for Israel.  That’s ALL FOLKS.

U.S.A. :


1.  Clintonites from very deceptive John Podesta to Huma Abidini keep saying over and over THE RUSSIANS DID IT, THE RUSSIANS DID IT, from 10,000 Wikileaks emails on Crooked Hillary, to the Democratic National Committee, to the horrible knock on Catholics and Christians, to the wire signal going up her back on Hillary’s first debate.  THE RUSSIANS DID IT.  Well guys, you just read Russia above, so where is our man of marvel hiding during all this gargantuan Russian military build-up machine all across the Middle East.  Obama is surely counting down the 99 DAYS left he has in office and then he will scram from this Russian war machine, and let somebody else worry about it.

2.  This delusional man tells liberal guru movie star Leonardo DiCaprio that Climate Change contributed to the Syrian war that has killed approx. 400,000.  I visualize the 2 playing in a sandbox exchanging their dreams.  Seriously now, the Climate Change Agenda that unanimously passed at the world conference in Paris this past winter goes into full implementation Nov. 6th.  Will start with clean energy, then subtly this Trojan Horse will deceptively morph into the New World Order.

3.  Obama has commuted 107 prisoner’s sentences, all were drug dealers.  His total now is 774, more than the most recent 11 Presidents combined.

4.   Not only has he ordered our U.S. Border Patrol to literally SHUT-UP on alien crossings, but worse, 945 Muslim refugees crossed over Oct. 5th and 931 Oct. 6th.  Now a total of 3,062 in 6 days of the fiscal new year.  Who can stop this man?  They’re all going to vote Hillary, get 100% welfare.  My goodness, can you only imagine what power this Lame Duck will flaunt in the next 3 months.

5.  Liar, liar, his pants on fire again : Breaks his 11th or 12th promise-can’t keep track precisely anymore-on the Iran Deal from Hell that he once said would never happen.  That being lifting key restrictions on Iran’s ability to do business in U.S. dollars. Well as of Oct. 11th, now they can buy all the toys they need to annihilate Israel in their eyes.  Our Lord has better eyes for His chosen people.

6.  Friends, the news media will keep this man in TEFLON during his Lame Duck period.  All we can do is gulp down deep deep breaths on the immense damage he’s yet to do.  Count on it.  UGHH!!


1.  Oh mama, there goes that woman again!  It’s OK son, THE RUSSIANS DID IT.  I cut to the chase here quickly : Crooked Hillary is running a “ham-handed” campaign of such unbridled ambition thanks to her massive reception of being the greatest media recipient of media suppression in U.S. history.

2.  Say, have you been watching CNN lately, Clinton News Network, it’s absolutely decrepidly biased.  Add ABC, CBS, NBC and we get “50” shades of Crazy, Crooked Hillary” all gussied up.  An Emmy Award Finalist to be sure.  You know the principalities of darkness are all over her and with 90% of the media, the Dept. of Justice, the FBI exhonoration, how can she possibly loose next month, PFFFF.

3.  Like Obama had on his final debates in 2008, surely you noticed a fly on her left eyebrow that liked it and stayed there awhile.  Well my take : could this be an omen that she’s a female Obama as he also had a fly in his final Presidential debates in 2008.

4.  Fox News media called her “obliterated” and a “bigot”.  I thought she was ice-cold and stone-faced during debate as well as illusory and very deceptive.  Basically, she just lied and lied.

5.  May these dreadful Wikileaks keep coming out from Julian Assange, just as he promised against her.

6.  One that was concerning however was her health that she has Parkinson Disease, dementia, nerve damage, stroke, many other health problems.  Like why is she running?  Better yet, who are the elite demoniacs  pushing her thru all this torment?  God knows, we don’t.  Very very suspicious.

7.   With that said, she still promotes the dreadful 1-World-Order makers TPP and TTIP trade deals, she supports open borders, a “come one come all” Muslim refugee policy, she’s a GUN-GETTER, Planned Parenthood advocate, and the one that hits my inner nerve chords, she supports abortions.  So sad.

8.  Friends, I close on Hillary with her remark that will never die that people like you and me are irredeemable and deplorable.  You know, irredeemable means that our salvation is worthless, that Jesus, after all He did has nothing to do with us.  That is very obscure and most offensive to a born-again Christian.  May she repent on this or she’ll never see the bright stage lights of Heaven.


1.  I pray he too asks for forgiveness, not from us, but from our Lord Jesus Christ on his groping and arrogancy.   Has yet to happen as of today Oct. 13th.

2.  UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Hussein : “Trump as President would pose global danger”.  What a goon.

3.  We all know the deck is all stacked and rigged against him, with 51 cards no less.  All we can do is WATCH for 25 more days for a Wikileaks bombshell against Hillary that is indefensible for her or an FBI miraculous rediscovery probe on Crooked Hillary.  Reluctantly, Go Donald.


1.  Speaking of the FBI, what a beautiful incriminating report a consortium of FBI agents have concluded.  That being from their mouths : “No trial level attorney agreed, no agent WORKING HER CASE agreed with the decision NOT to prosecute her was a top down decision.  We were all floored.   Our foot soldiers on this case were extremely upset”.  Ugly Dark House decision no doubt about it I say.  Thank you FBI agents and not Director James Comey.

2.   Unfortunately this was revealed this week as per Fox News that the immunity deal struck by the Dept. of Justice and the FBI with Hillary’s top aides also agreed to destroy their laptops after they had been turned over to the FBI.  No wonder FBI Director James Comey just resigned.  The Dept. of Justice is quite full of “lies and slime” but they are just to powerful to crack.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton.

3.  More, the Dept. of Justice, you know, the supposed Law of the Land, welll, Look :  They dropped all charges against an arms dealer who “threatened to expose” Hillary for arming Islamic terrorists in Benghazi.  Yep, she’s a Clinton.

4.  The New York Times demands Obama to “Hit Israel hard diplomatically and to pass the decision in the UN to spell-out new borders for Israel and Palestine before you leave office”.  You  know Obama is a very obliging man in this Lame Duck period regarding Israel, Right!

5.   That liberal mayor of New York Deblasio issues ID cards “and” Drivers Licenses to anyone who wants one.  Maybe even some of the rats that live in the subways will get a mini ID card too.  Diblasio also says : “I believe they should all be able to do it”.

6.  Conference of Army Generals Assoc. : “A conflict in the near future would be lethal and fast.  We are preparing for violence not seen since Korea.  This coming war is almost guaranteed”.  Yep, as we get mesmerized with CROOKED HILLARY and ARROGANT DONALD 24/7, the snakes and pariahs from Russia to Iran to China are multiplying fast beneath the waters of America’s eyes.


1.  7 in 10 American households have less than $1,000 in the bank.  And 34% of American households have nothing.

2.  Friends, I tell you as I have for 3 months, the Stock Market is gonna BREAK any day.  The trend is your friend.  Too Too debt ridden and top heavy with no legitimate legs underneath to substantiate these stratospheric heights.  I repeat BREAK!!!  And WATCH!!!


Clinton campaign manager claim of Wikileaks against Hillary : “The Russians did it”.  Well, I tell you what!  These remarks are nothing compared to what RUSSIA IS “DOING”.


Oh Dear God, It’s Gog, Gog, Gog and more Gog.  It’s Bible prophecy galore.  Friends, what you see here will most assuredly, and “Should” most assuredly put you on a mental razor’s edge of thinking that Russia and America are on the precipice of WAR as Russia aggresses and Obama regresses in the Middle East.     LOOK :

1.  Russia says it may shoot down U.S. planes over Syria if they “need to”.  This shot across the bow tells me how far Obama has cut and run like a scared rabbit from the Middle East.  We are literally 1 shot away today, Oct. 13, from triggering WWIII.

2.  Kerry now calls for Russian War Crimes probe at the UN.  Crybaby, this is fruitless.

3.  Russia counters with this : Putin now considering plans to re-open Cold War military bases in Cuba and Vietnam.  Imagine that, Russian bases in Cuba as Obama does the Tango in Havanna earlier this year.  UGGHH!!

4.  Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov : “Russia phobia now is at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia.  The U.S.’s latest actions now threatens Russian Security”.

5.  Zvesta, Russia’s state TV service : “Schizophrenics in America are sharpening their nuclear weapons”.

6.  Russia tells their military and the butcher Assad to totally destroy Aleppo by Dec. 31st.  This is absolutely insane.  How haneous is Putin??  Friends, you’ve seen hell on earth of Aleppo massacures of children on TV.  I tell you, this is a slow, foggy, cloudy, stall speed, drip, drip, drip, day by day barbaric slaughter of Syrians that I believe our Lord has enabled Russia and Assad to perform before our very eyes. And unlike Aleppo,  Isaiah 17:1,14 will be performed in a 24 hour period by Israel very soon : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap.  At evening tide trouble, and before the morning he is not”  POOOFF, overdrive spectacular speed by Israel’s Air Force.

7.  Russian Senators approve that the temporary military airport in Syria will now be permanent, will now be theirs.  Does this ever solidify Russia’s ugly tentacles of power in the Middle East or what?

8.  In last 2 weeks Russia has deployed their mighty SA23 Strike Missiles in Syria.

9.  They have JUST deployed the deadly S-300s and S-400s anti-aircraft defense missile system there, something Israel Air Force dreads.

10.  They have JUST deployed 3 warships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

11.  They have just suspended a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with the U.S.  Oh boy, this is bad, Ready, Aim, Fire.

11.  They have JUST deployed their powerful Iskander missiles in Kalinngrad near the EU border that can now destroy the entire EU continent at will.

12.  And in the last 48 hours, Lavrov confidently says : “Russia can now protect Syria from any U.S. attacks.  The U.S. must now cease and desist from dangerous games”.

13.  And yesterday, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Kasackyor : “The risk of military clashes with the U.S. is rising every DAY”.

14.  Russian State Communications Director, Demity Kiselyor : “Moscow will react with nerves of iron to a Plan B”, referring to any unwise Obama order for any U.S. military strike in Syria.  Osh by Gosh, What can I say?  What a collective convergence of evil.  Google it all.

15.  I tell you, if Putin has had any hesitancies about a war with America, we better go get a video of Alice in Wonderland licking on purple and pink popsicles.  Why?  Well, this morning Russia orders  “All officials abroad to return to the Motherland amid heightened tensions of global war.  Citizens who don’t follow orders will have their future employment prospects severely impaired”.

16.  Russia has ‘test’ fired 3 massive International Ballistic Missiles yesterday.  For what, you know we will see, won’t weee!!

17.  Russia’s powerful Lovrov : “There are so many pussies in the Presidential campaign on both sides”.  Said this to CNNs Christian Amampour.  Friends, I don’t know you personally nor Vladimir Putin.  But Dear Lord, I wish I could tell you face to face that this extremely intelligent powerful egomaniac, deep-seeded. evil lunatic is planning to “eat our lunch” soon.

No wonder America is out of the way in Ezek. 38:13 : “Art thou come to take a SPOIL”.  For crying in a bucket, DO YOU GET IT??  We’re gone, we’re POOF.  We are defanged, wussies, just watching Russia’s military and all their company of Iran, Turkey comrades heading for Israel and her OIL.  OIL as in SPOIL.

18.  Speaking of OIL, check it out, Israel, on Sept. 29, 2015 discovered billions of dollars of Natural Gas in the Golan Heights.  Yep, on the  border with Syria which Syria claims is hers, and the oil as well.  Guys, 24 hours later Putin sends his military into Syria Sept. 30, 2015.  You don’t make this stuff up.  It is what it is, It is God Almighty displaying his spectacular closing puzzle piece by puzzle piece, on these End of Days we are in – BEFORE OUR VERY EYES.

19.  In closing, no wonder Russia is hoarding GOLD at an alarming pace.  Their GOLD STASH is 1300 tons compared to 401 tons just 10 years ago in 2006.  Gotta be a reason for it, like for the destruction of the American dollar maybe.


1.  Oh for cripes sake Russia and China have just kissed and colluded for China to send 5,000 of their most elite military troops to go into the Levant War Zone (Syria and Iraq) to help Russia fight and destroy ISIS by Dec. 31st.  The troops are called the Siberian Tigers.  As delusional Obama’s toothless leaders at the Pentagon standing by, just stunned.

2.  International Monetary Fund, IMF : “China is edging towards financial calamity.  They must wean off their debt addiction.  Their path is unsustainable with exposure reaching 600% in some banks”.  Their debt to GDP ratio is 302%, much much higher than Greece’s 180%, Italy’s, most African poor nations.  And FYI, a 1% drop in GDP in China = a 0.2% drop for the globe.  I’m a Statistician/Economist.  These numbers are so astronomical, they defy all reality on how heavy their debt load is and how significant China is to the world.  Cannot fathom why all these fat-cat blown up bubble assets haven’t burst yet.  There’s going to be a bubble bath soon, or more prudently a bubble blood bath for the present non-growth world economies going absolutely to nowhere, like chickens with their heads cut off.  Sorry,


Amicable love affair continues with Russia.  Putin visits President Erdogan the Dictator, the 2 sign deal to revive the Russian Natural Gas Pipeline called Stream which goes to Turkey from under the Black Sea and thereby Russia can control all price and distribution of energy to EU and Ukraine.  A very potent war weapon for sure.  Other than that, not much going on in Russia and Asia.  What the heck, we WATCH anyway or we’ll be snarfed jello on what this Russian thing foreshadows.


Yemen fires 3 missiles in 4 days onto USS Mason in the Red Sea.  U.S. retaliates destroy several weapons posts.  In 24 hours Iran sends 2 warships to Yemen’s coast.  White-Hot area here also.


I was concerned about not having anything to report on the Pope this week as there appeared to be nothing prophetically lurking on the horizon.  Then KABOOM, over the weekend 2 bombshells :

1.  Pope’s statement while meeting with the Grand-Imam of Cairo : “I believe it’s not fair to identify Islam with violence.  It’s not fair and it’s not true.  I know how Islam thinks, they look for peace”.  Well guys, stick that in your hat regarding the Pope’s perpetual quest to merge the 1.6 billion Muslims into the 1.2 billion Catholic Church enclave.  That being 40% of the world’s population for the imminent 1-World-Religion.

2.  More :  Fatima, Portugal, next year will celebrate 100 years of the “Apparitions of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima”, where 3 Portuguese boys witnessed Mary in the sky they claimed.  My take, this event was never ever a scripture mentioned in the Bible.  Could it have been satan, the “angel of light”, hoodwinking the entire Roman Catholic Church.  I mention this only because it links with the Pope’s admiration of Islam and also the name of Mohammad’s youngest daughter, Fatima.  Bingo, what a prophetic reason for these two behemoth religions to merge.

3.   No wonder Pope said additionally on his quest to procure not only Muslims but all other world religions including gays, lesbians, atheists to join his flock : “Anybody and everybody is welcome to be in a covenant with peace”.  Yep, he’s on a magnetic roll to fulfill our Lord’s word in Rev. 13:12 : ‘And he causeth all the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast”.  I tell you, we gotta watch how Pope Francis lures his earth dwellers into his flock as no other Pope has ever done “with his mouth of Rev. 13:11 : “He had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.


1.  Last week I reported a “double-whammy” : Both top man in the EU, Claude Junker and Germany together with France were in the early stages of building a new EU army, away, away from NATO.  WOW!!  What a difference a week makes : German defense documents just discovered shows an impatient Berlin has it’s OWN AMBITIONS to build and control an EU army with a plan to eat thru all of Brussels’s red tape and will begin creating an army BY ITSELF.  This army will take no orders from NATO or Brussels, but Germany only.  Brussels calls this lightening move : “A hastily put together renegade pan-EU army”.  Heil Hitler, could this be the prophetic military base of the coming Anti-Christ out or Europe.  We WATCH.

2.   More, slippery, and now most deceptively her true colors are showing : Angela Merkel ordered this fast-track German only army build-up to be approved directly after the June 23 Brexit occurred.  A must WATCH, German army, out of the ashes of WWII, moving like a lion to take advantage and devour his prey, just when the entire EU is drowning in the Muslim refugee crisis, EUs largest bank about to capitulate, Deutsche Bank, FREXIT for France, DEXIT for Denmark, PEXIT for Poland, Russian barbarians at the gate of Eastern Europe with nukes.  Get the picture guys, the EU is in a massive mess.

3.  Don’t forget, the Muslim refugee crisis is still front and center : French Pres. Hollande : “We now have a problem with Islam.  The national symbol of France could one day be a woman in a veil”.  Now that’s a “Quarterbrain” call for even more French riots than there are now.

4.  Did you know beautiful, serene, secure, quiet Geneva, Switzerland, is the home of the UN’s European Headquarters and the demonic CERN Collider.  How about home for the UN Human Rights Organization, World Health Org.,  World Trade Org., World Economic Forum where only the world’s elite meet, World Internet Property Org., International Org. for Migration and Refugees.  I could have named a dozen more (  My take : this sounds like the earthly home base of satan himself with all his minions to do his evil secret work for controlling the world during the Anti-Christ’s reign.  And how convenient for this 1-World-Gov’t. hub to be a hop, skip, and jump from the 1-World-Religion Headquarters at the Vatican in Rome, Italy, Switzerland’s Southern border neighbor.  Ma Ma Mia, how things are taking shape prophetically in Europe.



1.  Largest world quakes this week : A 5.8 East New Zealand; a 5.8 in New Guinea, and in America, 3 tremors in Oregon, largest a 4.8 magnitude.

2.  Over 900 have died in Haiti in horrendously devastating Hurricane Matthew which has left this poorest country in the Western Hemisphere much poorer.  Biggest threats now are famine and cholera.

3.  Hurricane Matthew cost an estimated $10 billion and 33 deaths in America.


1.  Daymond Duck, highly respected writer for Rapture : “In America today, there are more churches closing than new churches opening”.  1 Tim. 4:1 : “In the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seductive spirits and doctrines of devils”.  Got that right!

2.  Satanic Temple after-school clubs now sprouting across several states, after these “demonians” are capitalizing on an old, dust covered U.S. Supreme Court Law that approved these clubs like this over 15 years ago.  Headquarters are in Salem, Massachusetts.  As in witchville.  Sooo, anything not only politically correct, but satanically correct is now a GO for our children.  Guys, we are running America to moral ruin rapidly, Right!!  How fitting for this crap to occur in these End of Days to be a prelude for Zeph. 1:15 : “That day is a day of wrath, day of trouble and distress, a day of wastelessness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness”.  Sooo sorry for many American kids today, they’re sooo clouded up.  Oh Dear Lord is there any good anymore?

3.  Yes, there is “A GLIMMER OF JESUS :  Man in Florida, waiting for autograph from New York Met hopeful and wonderful Christian TIM TEBOW, falls to the ground, jack knifing with epileptic seizures.  Nobody does squat, all just watch him squirm and suffer.  Suddenly, Tim Tebow runs to him, touches him, prays over him, man stoops seizures and revives.  May God Bless Tim Tebow, a shining light in a dark world.  So little, yet so much in this dark world of tolerant complacency.


Well there it is.  These facts are facts.  If not, I’d be watching the NFL, College Football, and the Baseball playoffs.  Our leaders are basking and thriving on feeding us “liar liar tongue on fire” as per 2 Tim. 3:13 : “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”.  Hmmm, sounds like election coverage on forever milk-shaked CNN and even CBS, ABC, and NBC.  And they say vote.  And they say vote your conscience.  And they say a NO vote is a YES vote for the other guy or gal, ooffdah oh that gal.  Well Geez Louise, we’re in trouble.

You know, I say we just all lean on Jesus.  He’ll never forsake us nor leave us.  Let Him be all around us.  We owe Him that.  He allowed Himself to be judged guilty to every sin man has ever committed on earth and He died on a stick so we could live forever in eternity.  I’m no Pastor, wish I was, but for crying in a bucket, the evil camel has poked his head in our family tent and we better be sandwiched in with Jesus by now.

Especially today, that is what Yom Kipur is all about.  May you get on your knees, please, there may not be a Yom Kipur next Sept. 30, 2017 in this world as we know it.  Just look at this report. We Are There, at the threshold for meeting our Beautiful Savior in the air.  God willing, see you next week.  Paul Grevas

Romans 10:13, as short and simple and sweet, a cuckoo bird could get it : “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.






Welcome Everybody.  What can I say for this week?  To the Glory of God, our God whom we’ve betrayed, for shutting down this helter-skelter planet as we know it today.  The U.S./Russia relationship is now a full-fledged DIVORCE, back to John F. Kennedy and Russia’s Nikita Kruschev on the brink of WWIII.  From the imminent dreadful Hurricane Matthew, and how prophetically named.  From the IMMINENT Obama/UN culmination in carving up Israel projection.  From the latest VIRGO, Rev. 12, proof that WE ARE THERE.  Hope you add up this VIRGO reporting weekly, it will remarkably astound you as it builds.  And most assuredly, you will be a believer in Rev. 12.  It is the Real Deal.  Now, what am I waiting for with so much converging from our Creator, and all at the same time.  No wonder He sent the unprecedented 8th and Final Final set of His Biblical Blood Moons last year and 2014.  For omens, for warnings, for NOW.  SOOOO LET’S GO :

VIRGO, REV. 12 :

First and foremost the information below is well documented, reliable and accurate planetary and star alignment historical, bona-fide scientific data.  This is all about Bible Prophecy.  This is NOT astrology or numerology, they are both crap.

With that said, so so so much to report on Rev. 12, but for this week, I want to enable you to visualize how prophetic this Woman in the Heavens truly is that will birth the manchild of Rev. 12:5 and that this child is CAUGHT UP unto God.  Friends, this date as I’ll continue to report on weekly is Sept. 23, 2017, the very exact day the Feast of Trumpets ends, Rosh Hashana, and the marking of the end of the Lord’s 120th Jubilee year, that is 5″777″ on God’s calendar where the three 7s when added up = 21 and where in the Hebrew language means “Great Wickedness”.  Google it.  Prophetic, Prophetic, Prophetic.

Just look at these Golden Planetary Alignment Nuggets you can personally Google that approach Sept. 23, 2017.  Please NOTE the 12 stars around her head in Rev. 12:1 are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the 9 stars of Leo, Regulus being the brightest.

a)  On Sept. 5, 2017, Planet Mars, which signifies blood sacrifice in the Hebrew language will be in CONJUNCTION, that is will be in union, merged, with Regulus, the King Star of the Constellation Leo.  Friends, you will probably feel like me as I did when I read and digested this stuff, but please please don’t go ISSHH, just yet, saying it’s all astrology.  It is not, it is real, scientific astronomical documented facts. For now, try to forget the Hebrew meanings of these planets and names of these Constellations, as they are “too astrological”.   Just look at the string of ascending dates rushing towards the climax Sept. 23, 2017, and what planets CONJUGATE.  Try charting it, it will help.

b)  Sept. 9, Planet Mercury, the Prophet and Scribe of God in Hebrew is in CONJUNCTION with Regulus.

c)  Sept. 16, Mars and Mercury will be in a perfect CONJUNCTION in Leo and the planet Venus is just a short distance away.

d)  Also, Sept. 16, a Crescent Moon will appear in the star Constellation Cancer which in Hebrew = The regathering of Israel in the Final Days.

e)  Sept. 19, Planet Venus and Regulus are in CONJUNCTION.

f)  In the early morning hours of Sept. 20, the CONJUNCTION of Venus and Regulus continues on and moves into Leo.

g)  Later that morning on Sept. 20, Jupiter the King planet, the child in the mother’s womb of Rev. 12:5 is in CONJUNCTION with the Constellation Spica, which in Hebrew = Branch of Jesse-AS IN THE CHURCH, THE BODY OF CHRIST.

h)  Sept. 21, the Fall Equinox.

i)  Lastly, both the Sun and the Moon will “appear” ( Moon is only 240,000 miles from earth, Sun is 93 million) to be in CONJUNCTION between Constellation Leo and Virgo.  Point is, this many CONJUNCTIONS are extremely rare.  If you’re mixed up, I am too.  The main point is nowhere has this many CONJUNCTIONS taken place in such a short 2 1/2 week time span to reflect Rev. 12 in world history as per all astronomical, NASA and now “Stellarium” documented observations displayed on the Internet/  And that’s good enough for me.  Friends, God is literally screaming at us.


To satisfy pundits, scoffers, people who look for the Rapture later than sooner or not at all, they would be wise to know that the odds of this specific BLACK MOON appearing within a month of the recent Solar Eclipse, recent Lunar Eclipse, both in Sept., the Black Moon purposely over North America, 1 year past unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons last year, on a Jubilee year, in the year 5777 with a record 6 Supermoons in 2016, one during the Lord’s Fall Feasts is 1 in 157.1 billion.  Please see my Facebook page as I calculate these 8 variables to arrive at this astronomical figure.  More next week.  Like who can defy the Power and Glory of God but He Himself.


1.  Although nothing has appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Breaking Israel News, Israel Today, or Haraatz news media this week of significance regarding this omnipresent French Peace Initiative, I assure you, the diabolic sword of Domecles is lurking and slinking about the teeny-tiny nation of Israel.  My take on this most prophetic event of the United Nation’s attempt to carve up Israel is that the UN Security Council vote will take place AFTER the U.S. election, Nov. 8th but BEFORE Obama leaves office Jan. 20, 2017.  Unless he’s still President which is surely possible with this most deceptive and sordid man.  And I tell you, he’ll ramrod Samantha Powers, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN into either voting for the French Deal from Hell or abstain.  Either way, Israel gets the shaft.  And then, and then, hello Psalms 83 and Gog War.

2.   Remember these 2 statements from Ban Ki Moo Moo and our feckless leader, respectively :  “Let me be absolutely clear, Settlements are illegal under international law.  The occupation, stifling and oppressive as it is, MUST END”.  “Israel cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land”.  UGGHH.  Two peas of a poison pod, to be sure.

3.  Obama goes to Israel for condolences for Simon Perez’s funeral where Perez died of a massive stroke at age 93.  May God Bless him, although he favored some type of Peace Process for almost 30 years.  With that said, our Dark-House (not White House lately) sends out a copy to the public of Obama and the  funeral service and that it took place in JERUSALEM, “ISRAEL”.  Three hours later, those snarky robots recanted the news release realizing their demented mistake and CLARIFIED it to say that it took place in JERUSALEM period, not mentioning “ISRAEL”.  Those Dad-Gum Ding Dongs.  Oh well, no wonder Obama has refused to obey Congress’s stern letter to him to acknowledge Jerusalem as the one and only capital of Israel.  I’m counting this friends, and it’s been 474 days now since June 15, 2015, that he hasn’t.  I keep saying unless this man repents to our Lord regarding His Chosen People and His Jerusalem, he will never see Heaven.  Isaiah 31:5 : “As birds flying, so will the Lord defend Jerusalem; he will deliver it, and passing over he will preserve it”.  Take that Obama, you ——-.

4.  Hezbollah now has 130,000 rockets, missiles and mortars facing and covering every square foot of Israeli soil as never before.  This massive amount of deadly lead, steel, and iron is more than ALL of NATO’s excluding America.  This is all about Iran’s ugly tentacles to surround and destroy Israel.  We WATCH.

U.S.A. :

OBAMA :  Oh Mama, is that Obama man unhinged or what?  Good call, little boy :

1.   Unless he’s still President Nov. 9th : says “I plan to speak freely after my term expires”.

2.  And he wants a 550% increase on Muslims refugees to America : Fiscal year refugee tally into U.S. : 12,587 Syrians, 12,486 “other Muslims” and did I mention a whopping “68” CHRISTIANS.  No wonder Christian Pastor Saeed Abidini, one of the 4 Iran hostages released, well, he was freed all right.  His plane landed in Germany and was told that to catch a flight back to America that he had to pay his OWN TICKET.  Friends, I kid you not, it IS what it is.  Other 3 got free flights back.  Oh yeah, Obama loves Christians all right, loves them to get rolled and abused.

3.  No wonder our Lord has enabled this incompetent and delusional man of ours to do his will upon destroying America.  His incompetence is overshadowed by 1 thing he can be proud of : he’s done what no other President has done in 237 years during his time in office.  He’s just shattered American lives and dreams by pushing us into the mucked up massive mess our country is in.  So fitting is Psalms 9:16,17 : “The Lord is known by the judgement which he executeth : the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forgot God”.

4.  More, wait till you read Obama’s utterly cockeyed diplomacy that has failed “big big time”, bringing America to the precipice to the precipice of WWIII with Russia in the article below on Russia, that you won’t get in the Hillary-Trumpary  filled media of today.

5.  Obama is foaming at the mouth as his Lame Duckiness just got lamer.  Why?  Congress, after 7.7 years has finally overridden his VETO on demanding Saudi Arabia to pay dearly now to the 9/11 survivors.  Oh well, he can’t win them all.

6.  More, the deceptive one colluded behind closed doors with the despotic UN to : a)  shorten the time period to develop ballistic missiles which will carry a nuclear weapon, and b)  To lift billions more in sanctions on Iranian banks just 24 hours after the 4 American hostages were released.  And that slimy one in our Dark House said his Administration would be “the most transparent in U.S. history”.  How the heck does he know he was more transparent than our first President George Washington or even James Knox POLK, our 11th.

6.  Praise the Lord, he has, as of today only 105 days left in office.  Psalms 109:8 : ” Let his days be few; and let another take his office”.  Yeah, like Mike Pence after his brilliant debate.  Geez Louise, no wonder this year of 5″777″ when the three 7s are added together to get 21 which means “Great Wickedness” in Hebrew.  So much more dope on Obama, but I stop.


1.  Slick Willy Bill Clinton on Obamacare : “This is the craziest thing in the world”.

2.  Philippine leader rants at Obama after Obama refuses arm sales to fight Muslim ISIS in Philippines : ” Obama, you can go to hell”.  Welll!!!

3.  Dan Bangino, a forced-to-retire Secret Service agent now speaks : “We are living in a government created by liberal dystopia where right is wrong, wrong is covered up, our enemies are coddled, and our heroes are hunted down”.  Atta boy Dan.  Remember, Obama hates us Christians too.

4.  What a sad day Monday, Oct. 3rd.  Dark-House orders Pentagon and Pentagon now says all branches of the U.S. Military will pay for sex-change surgery for transgender soldiers.  Did I just hear your and my Papa roll over in their graves.  UGGHHH!

5.  Absolutely unbelievable, FBI boss James Colby says : “The FBI will again be seen as the institution you know and love”.  Friends, Wallapalooza!!  Do you get it?  He just showed his Achille’s heel, his chink in the armor, his zipper unzipped, when he basically said all the Crooked Hillary mess of lies and all the immunities will be swept away and all is well in happyland USA again.

6.  My take : arrogant, delusion filled Obama has demeaned God, His Glory and the Bible from us.


1.  What was that big long bulging vertebrae discs or wires going up her back that debate night with a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ lump or bump above the lower end of her backbone? ?  Was she cheating?  I don’t know.

2.  Deputy Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia released statement that Saudi Arabia funds over 20% of Hillary’s campaign.  Absolutely illegal.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton.  Hours later conservative Breitbart News : “The Clinton Foundation has taken in $88 million from Algeria, Brunei, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UA Emirates, and Saudi Arabia”.  Whew, did I miss any of this deluge of nations she needed money from because she and Slick Willy were bum-broke after they left the “White-House” she claimed.  Hillary, Allah Ahkbar!!

3.  Sorry, I failed to get this source, but it said : “Hillary wanted to kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with a drone strike and said : “Can’t we just drone this guy”?

4.  Juanita Broderick, ex-Slick Willy sexual “predatee” said to Chelsea Clinton : “Your parents are not good people”.  That speaks loudly, right!!

5.  UN agency posts tweet for U.S. citizens overseas to : “End Trump, vote Hillary”.  Sugar gal.

6.  I close with this, Hillary is determined and maybe prophetically destined to follow her demented forgoer Obama to bring America into full compliance with the globalist 1-World-Order by continuing to trash our Constitution and national sovereignty.  Isaiah 14:14 for Hillary and her love for Karl Marx’s dream where satan said : ” I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high”.  Friends, I’m sorry I say this stuff on Hillary, it’s all true.  But I say it because of what I heard VP hopeful Mike Pence say Monday that “she favors partial abortions”.  And that is despicable.

UN :

1.  If you didn’t know for sure, now official, the UN owns all rights, overview, legal, etc. over the Internet.  I’m toast.

2.  On Fox News at this writing, right now, 8:19 A.M., Oct. 6th, Climate Change laws go into effect Nov. 5th.  We’re all 1-World toast, but we have God, we’ll rule.


1.  Did you know that interest rates, and now 1/4 of the world with negative interest rates, are the lowest in 6,000 years, since Adam who had no pocket book even.

2.  Go Obama Go :  U.S. Federal Debt ballooned $1.4 trillion in fiscal year 2016 not $575 billion lying Obama said this summer when all Fed. debt reporting mysteriously “ceased” from Feb. to Sept.  Yeah, that’s right.  And now total = $19.6. GO SUGAR DADDY OBAMA GO, go for $20 trillion by Jan. 19th, 2017.  I’ll bet you get it.

3.  World Trade Organization cuts World Growth Forecast for 2017 to a turtlish slow 1.7% from 2.8%.  Friends, do you get it?  Our Creator has turned off the money spigot.  It’s time for judgements, we’ve biffed Him past the threshold of grace He had for us to be sure.


Oh dear Lord, is the Russian bear ever carrying his weight in Bible prophecy this week :  LOOK :


1.  If the name of the once upon a time largest city in Syria, ALEPPO was used by our Lord in Isaiah 17:1 instead of Damascus, this is the state of Syria today that has just occurred before our very eyes, Oct. 6.  “Damascus (ALEPPO) shall be a ruinous heap”.  Relentless, savage, earth scorching Russian bombers have literally destroyed Aleppo into a ruinious heap.  It’s final 2 hospitals are now rubble as doctors treat patients between rocks and concrete rebar and mortar in alleys of debris.  Children, babies dying mercilessly under devil infested Putin’s and Assad’s dictates.

2.  Because of this, the powerless U.S. military under Obama, abandons all talks with Russia on Syria.  Russia warns U.S. not to bomb the Syrian Regime anymore saying : “It will cause negative consequences across the Middle East.  It will lead to terrible and tectonic shifts in the region”.

3.  No more than 24 hours after U.S./Russia talks breakdown, Russia not only sends, but on the Very Same Day, deploys on Syrian soil, ready for action, their most potent and advanced anti-aircraft missile system, the dreaded SA23.  This is their most powerful weapon now ready for fire anywhere in the world outside Russian’s own borders.  WOW!!  Fire at who, surely not ISIS, they have not a single airplane.  Well then, how about America?  KAPOW, you guessed right.  There are NO other warplanes in Syria but ours and Russia’s PERIOD.

4.  More :  Russia breaks Nuclear Treaty with U.S., suspends disposal of all their weapons grade plutonium because of our Dark House’s “unfriendly actions this week”.  Friends, U.S. surveillance says “This means Russia still has enough plutonium for 17,000 nuclear warheads, 34 metric tons of it”.  For crying in a bucket, just ONE landing in New York means World War III.

5.  Talk about World War III, say it ain’t so.  Well, it IS SO : Putin orders the evacuation of 40,000,000 Russians, one fourth of Russia’s population, this week for what he calls “4 days of national civil defense drills to “PREPARE” Russian citizens for large natural and MANMADE disasters”.  If that was America, that would be 80 million people.  Google it yourself, how could I make this up?  Yes friends World War III is on a trigger with Putin, the Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38:2 who now has another 300,000,000 friends in the Middle East, most formidably, Iran and Turkey of Ezek. 38:5 and 6.  And how pure is this after Russia, etal does enough damage to America the way things are going,  that no wonder we are not mentioned in the Bible : Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou PREPARED, and PREPARE for thyself, thou, and all they company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them”.  KOWABUNGA!  Friends, do you GET IT?  Putin is showing his leather today, Oct. 6, 2016, fitting so perfectly into Bible prophecy with his utter determination to achieve his utterly devilish objectives.  Like who else could possibly take out America, other than Russia or apostatic America itself.  And why else would our Lord mention the word “PREPARE” twice no less above to be “exactly” in line with Putin’s PREPARE call of 40 million. You know, all this to the Glory of God, He is who He says He is and His judgements are on their way.


Turkey “Dictator” Erdogan purges additional 13,000 police officers over the failed coup this summer.  Now “Erdie” has fired, jailed, silenced, 133,000 cops, military, civil servants, judges, teachers.


China now shows a little prophetic spine getting “Putinish” also :

1.  China threatens Japan with severity as Japan has upped it’s snooping around activity in the South China Sea that China claims is hers.  Chinese Defense Minister : “We will not sit watching you from the sidelines.  Japan is playing with fire”.

2.  China says “The U.S. and South Korea will pay the price for their aggression to deploy an advanced missile system in South Korea”.  Friends, this is being built today Oct. 6, 2016.

3.   Financial Armageddon would NOT be an obscure word for this :  China, on Oct. 1st, has now joined the IMF’s international basket of reserve currencies with the Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, and the British Pound.  And now the Yuan.  Why is this so “shaking”?  Think of an apple pie cut into 5 sections with the Dollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound, each with 20%.  Incorporate the Chinese Yuan and Pfffff.  The whole mix is messed up.  Today, the teeniest, tiniest shake up will cause the global financial Humpty Dumpty to fall.  And the Chinese Yuan of 1.4 billion people is hungry and it is not teeny or tiny, to be sure.  Bye bye fictitious debt-filled phony Dollar.


More sizzle dizzle :  These 2 nuclear happy nations have 1.24 billion and 220 million people respectively :  Pakistan Defense Minister : “We will destroy India”.  This, after India carries out surgical strikes on the Kashmire border they each claim is theirs.  Old McDonald had a War.  With a War War here, with a War War there, every where a War War, old McDonald had a War.  Friends, I tell you, how can you NOT say we are IN the End of Days, the Edge of Time in this, the year 5″777″ on our Lord’s calendar and His Final Jubilee Year #120 of Gen. 6:3.

POPE FRANCIS :  Here’s 2 more strikes this week for gathering more “Pope Points” for this man to become the False Prophet very soon :

1.  a)  When Constantine unified the devout, true Christians of the world around 325 AD, he did it under the Trojan Horse of Roman Paganism to “dupe” them into the Catholic Church.  And 17 centuries later, why Pope Francis has outdone every Pope since the Catholic Church has been created, and throw in Constantine to boot, to unify the Church globally.  Not just Christian leaders, but for the past 2 years, he’s been relentless in consolidating and conditioning Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish, Morikawa (Japan), and you name it, all kinds of religious leaders to the Vatican to grow his flock into a 1-World-Religion.  b)  Here’s the deal :  Constantine did this appeasingly at first and ended up in savage Christian killings, and apostasy for all. After he died, ISIS-like mercenaries and crusaders did likewise up to and thru the Dark Ages until the Great Reformation in the 1500s where the Roman Church’s errant beliefs were exposed and the era of Protestantism began.  My take : It’s des-jeux-vous all over again.  Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is to be hath already been”.

2.  Pope’s latest anti-Biblical statement : “It is one thing to have homosexual tendencies and practices.  I brought them closer to the Lord”.  Peshawww.  Rev. 3:15,16 : “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold NOR hot.  So because thou art LUKEWARM, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.


The following five mega issues the EU is facing is lining up so prophetically and so quickly for the coming United States of Europe:

1.  And now the End Begins for sweet Angela Merkel for not much longer as her stance on being too accommodating of Muslim refugees has just blown up in Germany :  Nationwide now ethnic fist-fights, riots, furious protests, vandalism, police cars on fire, bombs exploding outside mosques, happening daily.  Angela is threatened and heckled in Dresden and signs and placards reading “Merkel must go”.

2.  EU polls show 60% of French citizens, not leaders, now opt for FREXIT out of the EU.  Double ditto for a Dexit in Denmark to leave the EU.

3.   a)  And I’ve been reporting this dreadful event for weeks now dare I say, the Deutsche Bank day to day bankruptcy dilemma this past week has, I believe, exceeded the Muslim refugee crisis.  Look : a)  The IMF, the International Monetary Fund and imminent “Fed” of the world declares : “Deutsche Bank is the largest bank risk on the globe”.  b)  Well, the run has begun : Large banks and Stock Market Funds both EU and global have begun removing their money from Deutsche.  Friends, this is how the death spiral begins as the bank’s horrendous liquidity problem has forced the Bank to unwind it’s positions worldwide for the FIRST TIME.  And this is the 7th largest bank on the planet and largest by far in the EU.  c)  Fathom these numbers : Germany’s GDP, Gross Domestic Product = $3.0 trillion, EUs = $14.6 trillion, Deutsche Bank’s derivative exposure and without getting into the weeds here, derivatives are the blown up trading of blown up fictitious asset prices, is $43 trillion.  Friends, they owe 3 TIMES the entire GDP of the 28 nations in the EU.  This is a remarkable unravelling going on here.  d)  This mega-billion dollar collapse mirrors closely what happened to Lehman Brothers in 2008 that took down the Financial world, only 40 times bigger.  You just gotta Google the nearly identical looking chart of Lehman and Deutsche, 2008 and 2016 respectively.  e)  Friends, we watch this news as this financial melting pot will take down the German economy, the EU banking system, the EU, the Chinese banking system, then the U.S. banks, then the globe’s.  You know, this is the steak dinner and apple pie that the Anti-Christ and his legion of 1-World-Order elitist legions are lurking for.

4.  And how about this :  a)  EU Commissioner , Claude Juncker, the ultimate top leader of the entire EU, and his elite are in the process of frantically forming plans for the United States of Europe by September, 2017.  Hmmm!!  Smack in the middle of the Virgo Constellation, Feast of Trumpets, end of the Final Jubilee, WOW, what a prophetically beautiful timeline.  b)  Further, he has French and German leaders forming the EU army.  The UK, although they’ve BREXITed, vehemently opposes this as it will destroy NATO.

5.  Friends, this coalescing of the EU into the 10 Kings of Daniel and Rev. 13:1 : “And I saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy”.  I tell you, it’s happening before our very eyes today, Oct. 6, 2016.  We  WATCH.


1.  How’s this for polarity : Only 2 major earthquakes this week of 5.5 magnitude or greater, that in Japan, a 5.7, and a 6.8 in Fiji  but, almost 200 minor quakes, in a 24 hour period about the Salton Sea, 160 miles Southeast of Los Angeles.  Largest one was a 4.3.  The big deal here is there has NEVER been this many quakes before in USGS recorded history that “BORDER” the fault line of the San Andreas fault. USGS has recalculated the risk of “The Big One” as the greatest ever for all of California.

2.  And you’re all aware, surely of the category 4 Hurricane Matthew coming up the Florida and Carolina coast.  Meteorologists say it is massive and potentially deadly and devastating along East coast, Bahamas, East Cuba, and Haiti. Currently  140 Carribeans have died and counting, and now Florida with 10 foot storm surges and tornadoes no less.  Friends, this is a killer hurricane.  I pray when they say GO, evacuate, don’t stay.  Don’t let your children die in your own home.  How fitting it be called  Matthew, as in the Gospel of Matthew.  Wind gusts up to 165 mph and sustained winds of 140 mph.

3.  A meteor slams into earth in Australia.  Seen by thousands of Aussies’s as it came down to earth as a “ball of Fire”.  Made to order is Joel 2:30 : “And I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the earth, blood and FIRE, and pillars of smoke”.


1.  Atlanta’s Buckhead Church opens this past Sunday’s worship service with Prince’s song, Purple Rain.  Not too cool, not too Jesus.

2.  Gay Pride flag is launched into space out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to “spread peace”.  Good for them; hope a meteor sighting is near for a “direct hit”.  KAPOW, “spread to pieces”.  Sorry for the sarcasm, but as so much of this stuff is happening these days, couldn’t help it reporting it as this absolutely defies our Lord and His word on gays.  Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment.  For all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  Also, Levit. 18:22 and 20:13, also I Chor. 6:9, also Romans 1:24-28, also I Kings 14:24.  You know, if our Almighty God didn’t want these scriptures in the Bible on gays, it wouldn’t be in there, Right!!

3.  I mention this one to show just how vulnerable all of us are in these End of Days if it happens to the most famous reality star, whatever she is, the beautiful Kim Khardashian : In Paris, Kim is allegedly robbed with a gun held to her head, robbed of $8.5 million in jewels, the 5 masked men flee, yet to be caught.  Yes, difficult times ahead, the Sign of the Times, for all Christians specifically.

4.  Most intriguing Christian statistics to ponder : a)  67% of all Americans and 48% of Evangelical Christians share the belief that God accepts ALL religions of worship.  Sooo sad, dark, picture of what this foreshadows.  b)  55% of Americans say Jesus was a creation “created” by God.  c) 40% believe God does NOT send unbelievers to hell.  d)  42% believe homosexuals are not a sin today.  e)  52% say abortions are not a sin.  WOW, this appears to be fertile ground for Crooked Hillary, a lover of partial birth abortions.


Well, there it is.  I don’t make any of this stuff up else God “will surely get me for this” as Maude once said on the TV hit the Golden Girls.  We just gotta tell our family and friends who’ve strayed or have never been to the Lord by being born again, to GET ON BOARD.  Either God is our Father or satan is our father.  No lukewarm.  We gotta be born not of blood from our mother but a new spiritual birth with His Glorious and Wonderful Son, Jesus Christ.  It just don’t matter diddly-squat how exhilirated and happy and satisfied with life you are these days.  I played and coached football many years.  Wins and Fantasy Football mean nothing now.  The Lord is upon us via the judgements He’s shooting down on us.  Sooo, the only WIN anymore in these End of Days is to stay close to God and close to Jesus and tell our Loved ones double ditto.  God willing see you next week,  May God Bless You Very Much, Paul Grevas

Rev. 3:20 : “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”.