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Welcome Everybody.  So much explosive Biblically Prophetic events this past week.  It is extremely difficult to keep up with this news as it changes hourly.  Things are so drastically changing for this out of control planet in this Age of Chaos.  So much to tell, no beating around the bush.  Will just get right to it in this most prophetic year of 5777 and 2017 of our Lord’s Final Jubilee as we know it, #120, which ends on Yom Kippur, Sept. 30.  This year, the wild year that the unprecedented Blood Moon omens told us about, to be sure, is here.  Please see charts in above Category of Lord’s Perfect Sign.  Sooo, LET’S GO !!


1.  This will show Trump’s true colors on May 3rd when belligerent snake-oiled Palestinian President Abbas arrives in D.C. to meet with Trump to “REVIVE” the Peace Process for the 2-State-Solution.  Better yet, analogues to Hitler’s Final Solution which began “77” years ago.  Administration says “they will seek to forge ahead together to consummate the “Ultimate Deal”.  Also, Sean Spicer : “They will use the visit to pursuing and ‘ultimately’ concluding a conflict-ending settlement between the Palestinians and Israel”.  Mighty, mighty, mighty harsh words our Lord resolutely detests.  All the land is Israel’s, no 50-50 split, no West Bank, no 1967 borders, no West Jerusalem, no East Jerusalem, only Jerusalem.  Jeremiah 31:17 : “And there is hope in thine end, saith the Lord, that thy children shall come again to their OWN BORDER”.

2.  Abbas : ‘I am also ready to meet the Prime Minister (Bibi) anytime in Washington under the patronage of President Trump”.

3.  Bibi replies : “If  Palestinians want Peace, prove it by first coming clean and by halting rewards of and payments to terrorists”.  And friends, this statement is directed to Trump : “These payments could be more than 1 billion dollars that is given to terrorists.  And I’m not talking about Hamas.  I’m talking about the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank whose President is going to see Trump in Washington D.C.”  HINT, HINT!!

4.  With that all said, how remarkably coyote ugly is this for the “Day of Rage” Fatah has called for in the West Bank for ALL Palestinians to participate in this Friday, April 28, “To clash with the occupier at all FRICTION POINTS in support of our over 1,000 Palestinian brothers in prison”.  These prisoners are participating in a massive hunger strike for their recently captured and convicted leader Barghouti.  How infuriating.  Some Peace, a Jew looking at a Palestinian and KABOOM!  Go eat some green cheese Palestinians.

5.  Not good at all : Russian Ambassador to Israel, Alex Shein, says Russia will fully recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and “EAST” JERUSALEM as Palestinian’s capital.  Good night Irene.  Do they ever read Rev. 3:15,16 : “I know thy works, that thou art neither hot or cold.  So because thou art LUKEWARM, I will spew thee out of my mouth”.

6.  Enter China on calling for a Palestinian State : “We would like to see more Chinese involvement in bringing about a Palestinian Agreement”.  Guess you know who’s side China is on, Right!

7.  Syria shoots 3 futile rockets into Israel’s Golan Heights.  Israel responds, kills 3 Syrian troops and destroys a Syrian airbase, Naba Fawar.  Can you hear it?  It’s coming Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

8.   More fuel for Isaiah 17:1 : In 2006 Lebanon War, Iranian demonic tentacle Hezbollah had 4,300 rockets and fired approx. 35/day in the 34 day War.  TODAY, they have 130,000 rockets and can fire over 1,000/day to anywhere in the State of Israel including resort city Eliat on the far Southern border as opposed to only hitting Haifa in 2006 in North Israel.  Also, can now fire from undisclosed, underground silos as opposed to easy above ground targets in 2006.  And yes, both Jerusalem and also Israel’s nuclear plant, Dimona is at risk.  Oh well, no big deal : Isaiah 54:15 : “Whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.

9.  Sad stats : Anti-Semitism in America is “up” 86% in first 3 months of 2017 over 2016.  Very ominous.

10.  Today, April 24th is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Bibi calls for a complete standstill throughout all of Israel Thurs. April 27 for observance.  Everything ceases for 2 minutes in all the land.

11.  Egypt military kills 19 ISIS cockroaches on the Sinai border with ISRAEL–They are coming.  Again, the hand of the Lord Almighty God will befuddle them all.

12.  Is it not a wonder, a miracle that a nation the size of New Jersey with 6 million people can intimidate and destroy the entire Middle East, which is equivalent to 1/2 the size of America and 480,000,000 people.  It’s the Power and Glory of God.  Deut. 20:4 : “For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you”.  Case closed.


1 Thes. 5:4 : “But ye brethern, are not in DARKNESS, that that day should overtake you as a thief”.

I’ve said it before and will say it again : The Virgo Constellation Alignment of Rev. 12 is the ONLY “GREAT” HEAVENLY SIGN in our Bible, only to be out done by the fact that it is the “LAST” HEAVENLY SIGN, merely 4 and 1/2 pages from the plains of Megiddo where our Lord methodically destroys evil at the Battle of Armageddon.

Just as the contextual evidence for the male child being the Church, the Body of Christ, with Christ as it’s Head, was discussed to you in last week’s scriptures supporting this verification, and the week before that, and the week before that….., may you read God’s word, word for word, verify and justify this week’s Bona-Fide proof that Rev. 12:5 where the child is “Caught Up” unto God is most, most likely the RAPTURE REAL DEAL JUST LOOK :  The “very first” word in the “very first” scripture of the “very first” Chapter of Revelation begins with this:

1.  Rev. 1:1 : “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants, things which MUST SHORTLY COME TO PASS and He sent and SIGNIFIED it by His angel unto His servant John”.  DO YOU SEE IT??  This should absolutely comfort you with utmost exhuberance and exhiliration that JESUS CHRIST, I repeat, JESUS CHRIST, “Signified” Rev. 12, specifically Rev. 12:5, to John the Apostle, the Revelator, to write of a “FUTURE” event that will occur in the Heavens in the END of DAYS.  Like Jesus surely doesn’t tell John that JESUS will be born and then be CAUGHT UP just prior to the beginning of the Great Trib. and then KABOOM, take a high-speed elevator and come back down again 7 short years later in His 2nd Coming.  How absurd.  Dictionary meaning for Signify = To serve as a SIGN of, denote, to have meaning, importance.

2.  Rev. 1:9-11 : “I, John was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the WORD of God and for the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ.  I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day and a great voice behind me, saying I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.  What thou seest, write in a book”.  Friends, do you see this, SO SIMPLE?  Jesus had John WRITE Revelation in Patmos, approx. 90 A.D., nearly 60 years after Jesus was Resurrected.  And to beat all, John’s being “in the Spirit” for the “End of Days”, ie. the Lord’s Day, where Jesus tells John to write what he saw in these End of Days in a book for the future.  And VOILA, he did.  Book is called Revelation.  Here again, absolutely, like what UTILITY in the slightest would Jesus have in telling John that He was going to be born yet another time again in the future just when the whole kit-and-kaboodle world is in the Omega stage, the End.  I know Omega is the END because Omega is the “Last” letter in the Greek alphabet, and I’m Greek.  And how often is Virgo mentioned in the Bible.  Once and only once, that being in Rev. 12 in all of world history and substantiated by “secular” NASA, physicists, astronomers world wide as an unprecedented ONE-TIME-EVENT.  That being Sept. 23, 2017.

3.  Rev. 4:1 : “Come up hither, and I will shew the things which must be here after”.  Here again, Jesus tells John of FUTURE, I repeat FUTURE EVENTS.  Yes, I get that.

Sooo, when you link a future event, like Rev. 12:5 the CHILD CAUGHT UP UNTO GOD with the unprecedented Heavenly SIGN that has never happened in 6,000 years since Adam, nor will happen in another 1,000 years into the future as per “secular” NASA, who by the way is in such dichotomy with the Bible, mind you, well DUHHH!!!  And never forget, and to “gaga land” with Astrology and all that kinky stuff, you recall 3 months ago, yours truly, a Statistician, calculated a probability of the EXACT VIRGO alignment of Rev. 12:1 with the woman with 12 stars, sun, and moon, and Jupiter in most precise locations along with the dreadful Serpen Constellation of Rev. 12:3 is 1 chance in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  That’s 34 ZEROS and I deliberately stopped calculating the enormous amounts of different combinations of the aforementioned Planetary Alignments as to locations and timing.  WHY?  Because as per Plank’s Constant, such a miniscule probability with 34 Zeros is for all practical purposes, ZERO, Infinitely nothing.

May God Bless Scottie Clarke for discovering the Virgo connection.  God willing, more intriguing VIRGO scriptures next week for you to ponder that WE ARE THERE.

P.S.  I am not “certain” at all that the Rapture will occur precisely, exactly on Sept. 23.  Only our Lord is sure of that.  However, I am a statistically, strong believer that it may “most certainly”occur in the WINDOW of the Fall Feasts beginning Sept. 20 or 21. Feasts of Trumpets, to Oct. 11, last day of Tabernacles.  Like why else would Virgo be required by John to write about.  Really!!!


1.  Oh how the world has gone kiddy-wampus and helter-skelter surrounding Passover this month involving America.  What an astonishing set of omens have surfaced with the heinous Syrian Chemical attacks, the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan and the trigger hair nuclear conflagration with North Korea.  All have unfortunately catapulted our nation to the brink of WWIII.  Like a whale being harpooned from all sides.  Which poison does America tackle first without letting our guard down to the other vipers.  First scripture I think of is this as a legitimate prelude to 2 Peter 3:10 : “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth shall be burned up”.  That’s the long version of Nuclear War with Chemical Weapons are imminent.

2.  Trump : “The U.S. and Russian relations are at an ALL TIME LOW”.  Whew!!

3.  Putin : “The U.S. and Russian relations are now worse under Trump”.  Do you get it?  The 2 most powerful nations and men in the world are at a CROSSROADS to oblivion.  Remember the recent Blood Moon omens.  Here we are!!  More ECHOS :

4.  Old Sec. of State and deceptive wizzard John Kerry said in 2014 : “We can assure that 100% of Syria’s Chemical Weapons are now out of Syria”.  UGGHH!

5.  VP Pence on North Korea : “The sword stands ready”.

6.  Sec. of Defense Mad Dog Maddox : “If they (Syria) use anymore Chemical Weapons, we will respond even more if needed”.

7.  And today, Trump calls in ALL 100 U.S. Senators for a critical briefing on highly classified meeting regarding North Korea.  Mad Dog Maddox and Rex Tillerson will be there also for input.  Friends, this is BIG!!  Look at this trend and the Big Boy threats.  Very Serious.  We WATCH.


1.  Trump has now reversed 70% of Obama’s Executive Orders in 92 days, including striking Obama’s Planned Parenthood and replacing it with a resolution to restrict Federal Funds for contraception and reproductive health which includes abortions.

2.  That is Good but this is Bad :  Did you know that ALL abortion expenses are tax deductible.  Good Night Irene.

3.  Here’s a Good : Monthly inflows across US/Mexican border for Feb. and Mar. of 2017 is “lowest” in 17 years.

4.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been pressured and has now issued for a court order to have Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s remains to be exhumed.  Reason being suspicion of foul play and possible “politically” motivated murder.  Remember, there was no autopsy, no coroner involved, no physician on hand for death certificate, only a non-homicide trained U.S. Marshall who issued the death certificate and told Justice of Peace no autopsy needed, Judge complied….POOF.  And not even Fox News is reporting this.  Geeze Louise.

5.  And no TV news media reports that the U.S. Power Grid was hit this week with major outages in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.  Day to day life in San Francisco was at a standstill.  And again, where was Fox.  Probably on Bill O’Reilly’s alleged sexual escapades.  I don’t know.

6.  The U.S. Retail bubble has burst : Wall Street Journal trends show all-time record 8,640 stores closing in 2017, exceeding the 6,160 during the 2008 Great Recession for brick and motor stores.  So far in 2017, ten retailers closed, including The Limited in first 3 months of 2017 versus 9 in ALL of 2016.  Will it be the Greatest Recession or the Great Great Depression.  We WATCH, but we should NOT use the FAKE FAKE Stock Market inflated highs as a guide,

7.   Capital city of Caracus, Venezuela on verge of all out Civil War as all hope is lost.  Millions protest.  Famine and starvation everywhere.  At least 22 protesters shot dead.

8.  On the lighter side : Melania has the Donald remove Obama’s 8 year old CARPET that was made of Muslim’s goat hair.  Carpet was stripped, room had to be fumigated twice because of heavy cigarette odor.  Carpet layers discovered 5 suppressed markings where carpet was excessively used much more than the rest.  Somebody concluded that the depressions, knee-sized-and facing Eastward were from Obama praying 5 times a day facing Mecca.  Muslim President, in America for 8 years under our nose.  I don’t know, you can Google it.

9.  Did you know the UN’s Goodwill Operations is partnered with the LUCIST TRUST, a fiduciary trust which publishes the UN approved administrative activities concerning the establishment of “Right Human Relations”.  This UN partner is the foundation for the New World Order that the Anti-Christ will head.  FYI, originally this TRUST was called the “Lucifer Publishing Company” before changing for obvious literary reasons.  The Lucist Trust of the UN even admits that the original name was chosen to honor Lucifer-the light bearer to the world, just like the UN.  I can’t believe how openly outright these goons are.  I don’t make this stuff up. No wonder the UN is so anti-Israel year after year since 1948.  It’s satan behind it all.  Google it : “Being Made Upright” under Rapture article on April 13.


RUSSIA :  Russia, always Russia, first in Asian Current Events :

1.  What gall, what arrogance, what an ugly low lying soggy compassion for life and death do Russians have after the brutal deaths from the Syrian Regimes Chemical attacks on children where the Russians even purportedly bombed the hospital where the suffering “gassed” innocent victims were being tended to :  They asked the UN for international experts to come and inspect the possibility that the Chemical Weapons may have come from the US/Syrian Rebels.  Russia dismissed all accusations Syrian Regime did it.  Those vipers.

2.  Within 24 hours, Russia, Syria and Iran meet secretly in high-level meeting to make sure all 3 are on the “same page” for credibility purposes with the world community.  Putin says : “The U.S. and Russian relations are now worse under Trump”.

3.  Showing their Cold War distaste for the U.S., Russian bomber jets “fly over” U.S. ships near Aluetion Islands, Alaska, just 35 miles off Alaskan coastline.  Did this 4 times in 4 consecutive days.  The taunting Bull-Bear.  U.S. Navy did squat in return.  Hmmm!!

4.  On April 24, getting worse for WWIII ramp-up : Russia now claims it can wipe out the ENTIRE U.S. Navy in one fell swoop with a single ultra powerful electronics scrambling signal technology, rendering ships, planes, missiles, submarines, useless.  A formidable foe, to be sure.

5.   On North Korea’s white-hot saber rattling from their loony lunatic, Russia is getting serious.  Putin is mobilizing a massive military move into Vladivostok, in East Russia, 8 miles from the North Korean border as world edges closer to total world chaos.  Included in the arsenal are surface to air missiles, war tanks, S-400 anti-missile defense system, and undisclosed thousands of military troops staging at this writing.  GULP!!  This is unbelievable what is going on today in the world.


1.  You heard it, they threaten to turn USA into ashes and brag that they’ll destroy the US Naval Destroyer USS Carl Vincent and it’s very powerful Armada when it gets into the Korean Peninsula with “one strike” after the US Navy gets it’s bearings strait to go North to North Korea and not South to Australia.  What the heck was that all about anyway?  Is U.S. military “Fake Newsing” Americans??

2.  Friends, now I can see where one slight military error with a much inferior nation than ours can become an Arch-Duke of Ferdinand moment that occurred  in tiny Austria which precipitated into WWI.  BAM, just like that, tensions are so sky-high that ONE mistake will unleash WWIII between U.S. against China and Russia.

3.  And for their NUT-NOT leader to act free as a breeze to do as he pleases and unleash his supply of 5,000 tons of Anthrax, Small Pox, plague poisons, and Sarin gas to fry people, Welll, this is no JOKE of the times we live in.  No wonder we are the Last Generation spoken of in Jesus’s Olivet Discourse.  Matthew 24:34 : “And this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.


1.  More fuel for WWIII : China has 150,000 troops along the North Korean border in the event their thug screws something up in Pyongyang.

2.   On the a different agenda, executions in China in 2016 exceed the sum total of executions in the rest of the world combined.


1.  Assad the Butcher dropped 13,000 “barrel bomb” on his people in 2015.  Barrel bombs are oil drums filled with a cocktail of poisons, shrapnel, and glass shards.  Pretty satanic, Right!!

2.   And no letup this year, as he just dropped barrel bombs of shrapnel, oil (?), lead and nails on town of Hama just to antagonize Trump’s week earlier air field bombing.  Of the 128 innocents that died, 68 were CHILDREN, oh that dastard of a man.  Friends, am I correct in saying this is a prelude to what the Great Trib. will be.  WE MUST BE RAPTURE READY to leave this HELL on Earth, an Earth laid waste.

3.  Fearing a 2nd U.S. attack, Syria moves “ALL” it’s warplanes to the more friendly confines of Latakia Air Base in West Syria, just a 100 mile “tich” from Israel.  They are now under the wings of Mother Russia who built the airbase there and is operated and stocked with Russian fighter jets and totally controlled there by them, ON SYRIAN SOIL.  Yes, Putin is a killing machine with ugly tentacles all over the Middle East.  And you know WHY, don’t you!!  It’s Gog on Israel’s horizon now.  Tell me WE ARE NOT THERE!  The Blood Moons, they were the omens for today, no doubt about it.


1.  Remarkably diabolical Iran has all the “huddspa” to ask the UN to import 950 tons of “yellow-cake”.  This is not for Kamani’s birthday party.  This is natural uranium.  They claim they were authorized to execute this request as per Obama’s approval to do so in Obama’s final 2 weeks in office.  That bezerk jerk I tell you.  Worse : Trump officials have NOT decided whether it will overturn this last minute Obama-era decision and prohibit Iran from importing this Devil’s Food Cake.  Again, what the heck is going on in D.C.?  This decision should be so black and white.


Turkey now makes Erdogan a “near dictator” after winning election.  Will be Dictator until 2029, will have sweeping powers, will personally dismantle Turkey’s Parliamentary system and select his own Supreme Court.


Friends, I’m very sorry to continue reporting death and destruction every eye blink in the Middle East anymore.  What can I say?  Over 140 Afghan soldiers slaughtered in half an hour here by Taliban terrorists dressed as Afghan police.  I’m sorry. It is what it is.  Cannot tell you how anxious I am for September and October to arrive with Virgo and the Fall Feasts and maybe, just maybe, POOF, WE’RE OUTTA HERE.


Although Pope has had nothing significant in words or actions this past week, we must not EVER forget 2 of his most Anti-Biblical, Anti-Christ agendas that he holds so close to his vest :

1.   He’s NEVER changed his course form lobbying Israel to give up land to the Palestinians for Peace and Security with his personal “knife-in-the-back” starting point being the pre-1967 borders for negotiating the 2-State-Solution, or should I say “Final Solution”.  His Pro-Palestinian stance is remarkable skewed towards them.

2.  Pope is seemingly in a perpetual mode to fostering relentlessly for bringing all world FAITHS to UNITE so we can “Co-exist together” as he repeatedly states.

3.  These are 2 most profound signs that put him in the running to become the False Prophet of Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast coming out of the earth, and he had two horns like a LAMB and he spake as a dragon”.  Friends, please don’t get led astray with the context of the word “LAMB” as being “like Jesus”.  John the Revelator, relates this False Prophet to a LAMB with “TWO HORNS”,  to appear Jesus-like.  This LAMB is evil, warlike, that an “elect” Christian can see.  No horns nowhere with Jesus, the LAMB of God.

4.   And to think the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church today and for the last 1,700 years has the “POWER” to intercede between God and man to forgive sins.  For the Perils of Pauline, what did Jesus die for??  John 14:6 : “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father but by me”.  Case closed.


1.  LePen, as in Le-Panique or “PANIC” is IN to run against Obama supporting Macron of France’s DEEP LEFT in Frances’s General Election in 2 weeks.

2.  Far Right Populist Marine LePen is a double edged sword.  She wants FREXIT, to break away from the foamy laden Socialist EU, she wants to leave the Euro, leave NATO.  Ban all Muslims entering France.  Hmmm!!  Three out of four, not BAD.  (Think twice on NATO, they’re crucial against Russia).  She also appears to be against all Jews.  Russian’s Chief Rabbi : “If Marine LePen is elected President of France, the Jews must leave France”.  That is BAD, very BAD as she appears receptive to the exponential increase in Far-Right ethnic parties.  And of course, she’s a Trumpster.  We WATCH next 2 weeks, this election has potential to shake the world, destroy EU and open the devil door for the Anti-Christ.

2.   And 4 days ago ISIS terrorist rattles Paris, kills one cop, injures 3.  This is the 6th terror attack in Paris in 3 years.  And you know why : Try the despotic satanically inspired UN Resolution #2334 that stabbed Israel in the back was concocted here.  As was the morbid 1-World Order Climate Change Agenda 2030 meeting.  Numbers 24:9 : “Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee”.  Got that Right!!


Multitudes of magnitudes 3.0 to 5.0 around the world.  But of 5.5 or greater was a 5.5 in Pakistan, and two at 6.0, in Peru and Fiji.


1.  Call it the Mark of the Beast or call it Biometric technology.  Master Card now rolls out an ID sensor where users merely lift their finger over a sensory device when making a purchase.  How convenient that will be for those Left Behind Earth Dwellers for the Anti-Christ to instantly know where people are when buying things like FOOD.  No sensor ID, no FOOD and all about Rev. 13:17 : “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast”.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

2.  One-third of all school K-12 computers issued to students collect excessive amounts of highly sensitive personal data on their parents without parental consent as per a 2-yer study.  Parents outraged.

3.  God’s early stages of Judgement collaring America continues as a Radical Muslim terrorist, pledged to ISIS, kills 3 in Fresno as he yelled Alluha Ahkbar.

4.  And the merciless, despicable Face Book-live murder act on killing a grandpa in Cleveland.  Friends, these pockets of satan’s ugly bliss is why the Aug 21 Total Solar Eclipse across America that touches absolutely NO other nation on earth in it’s trajectory are early omens for what’s down the pike for our mostly God-less nation.

5.  A demonic Dutch abortion “boat-mobile” loaded with abortion surgeons, staff, equipment is sailing around the world from the Netherlands to perform “coastal abortions”.  This “death-mobile” is now on Mexico’s coastline.  Has many female customers. So so sad.  There aren’t words in the English language to express this most heinous act.

6.  For first time ever, in 2016 more American millennials now live with Mom and Dad than with a spouse.  What in the world is going on anymore?  We have SUNK, no future, no escape.  Only Jesus can save us now as America has cast all her bullets to turn to the Lord, spearheaded by D.C.  Simple Simon says in D.C., and America does.


Sooo, there it is.  No wonder 1 Tim.3:1 said : “In the last days PERILOUS times shall come”.  Got that right.  These are surely the times to be “Radical Christians”,  to cling 188% to the TRUTH, our Bible.  It is our best weapon today in this free-falling world making a bee-line right down the funnel of satan’s prepared rabbit hole.

The time is coming this year, you gotta feel it, with war drums beating, with Virgo appearing, with the Judgement of a divided America Total Solar Eclipse that hits NO other nation, with the imminent “ultimate” Peace Deal coming to fruition by hook or crook, that all the world’s inhabitants will, by default, will ALL become Watchmen and Watchwomen.  Can you just see it?

And for those who want to be right with the Lord, to get IT right, why endure all the coming mess, just latch on to kneeling down to Him for sin repentance and get into believing good, comforting things like Romans 10:9 : “That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”.  And how about 3 “More” scriptures of miraculous, magnificent mysteries He will gift us free in return :

1.  Isaiah 26:20 : “Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors; hide thyself as if it were for a little moment until the indignation be overpast”.  Just like in the 10 Commandments movie with Charlton Heston with Lamb’s Passover Blood over the Jews’ closed doors on the night of Passover; then Boom.  Free, free, free at last, Exodus.  Just like the coming Rapture.

2.  1 Thes. 5:9 : “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain SALVATION by our Lord Jesus Christ”.  And note SALVATION means preservation, deliverance from evil.  What a warm cozy feeling.

3.  Rev. 3:10 : “Because thou hast kept my word, I also will keep thee from the wrath which shall come upon who dwell on the earth”.  Beautiful. God willing, see you next week and WATCH  for possible Gov’t. shut down Friday on budget division impasse.





First and foremost, please remember today is Passover.  Please reflect and visualize Jesus’s trek to the Cross to die for us from the Last Supper to Judas Iscariot’s betrayal to Jesus before Pontious Pilate to Barabas to “Crucify Him” to Golgotha to the Cross where he was scourged, speared, spat upon, thorned, JUST SO WE MAY LIVE.  GLORY be to our God and His Beautiful Son.

Welcome Everybody.  So what kind of a time do you think we are living in?  Good Times, Bad Times, OR the Edge of Time.  I say the latter as the hoof beats and war drums are resonating Left and Right, North and South.  This was a most difficult week to select which articles to report on that correlated mostly to Bible Prophecy.  After careful screening, deleting, and concision, I came up with the best batch of Current Events that link up to the End of Days, we  need to know.

And again, may we Praise our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior on this most precious Day of Passover who died so we may live.  With that said, buckle up, hold on, the next 15 to 20 minutes will be bumpy.  SO LET’S GO!!

Jeremiah 8:11 : “For they (today’s Churches) have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, Peace; when there is no Peace”.

1 Thes. 5:3 : ‘For when they shall say Peace and Safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them”.


Cannot tell you how profound the following section the entire world has perpetuated and promoted the pumping of PEACE and SECURITY like the 2 above scriptures.   Just LOOK :


From Adam and from Genesis 15:18 where : “The Lord made a covenant with Abraham …I give this land from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates” satan has throughout world history prepared to destroy the world with WAR.  And how ironic, now in the End of Days, he is preparing to destroy the world with PEACE.  LOOK :

1.  When Egypt Pres. El-Sisi came to visit Trump this past week, the 2 discussed having the Israeli Peace Summit in America.

2.   Jordan’s King Abdullah came the next day and the 2 agreed that “The Problem of the Century” is consummating a Peace Deal.

3.  Last month Trump said getting peace thru the 2-State-Solution is his “Ultimate Deal”.  You know, anymore, this 2-State-Solution today is  the “repackaging” of Hitler’s Final Solution in WWII.

4.  Even Bibi and Trump’s pointman on the Peace Deal, Jason Greenblatt met for 5 hours on it , with the “hope and goal” of advancing Peace and Security to both nations.

5.  And last month Bibi at AIPAC : “Israel is committed to working with President Trump to advance Peace with the Palestinians”.

6.  King Abdullah, Jordan : “I’ll do everything possible to help complete a 2-State-Solution for Peace and Security in the region”, in meeting with Trump.

7.  The EU, 10 days ago : “Resolving the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Deal is a top priority”.

8.  President Abbas : “Israeli repression and occupation will not bring Security and Peace which comes only through justice and equality”.  Ah, go take a one-way hike Abbas.

9.  And Abbas at last week’s Annual Arab Council meeting : “President Donald Trump is seriously considering a “solution” to the Palestinian issue”.  Hmmm, there’s that terrible word Solution again.

10.  Annual Arab Council meeting whose main focus, open to close was on Peace : “We are prepared to produce a 2-State-Solution based on the 2002 Arab PEACE Initiative”.

11.  Yep, PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.  Friends, this FALSE PEACE is coming soon, as even Church after Church after Church today all across America is saying double ditto with blind eyes and ears and then KAPOW!!  Daniel 8:25 : “And through his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand, and he shall magnify himself, and by PEACE shall destroy many”.


Just look at the fire and confidence and bravery God has bestowed upon Israel :

1.  Israel is going to build Jewish Settlements smack dab next to Ramallah, Palestinian’s headquarters of evil.  WOW!!

2.  UN Sec. General Guitterez retorts : “You must not build Settlements on Palestinian Territory, this is an illegal act”.  Then he elicits a condemnation letter for Israel’s decision to build their first new Government Sanctioned Settlement in 25 years and says : “We took notice of your actions with great disappointment and alarm at your decision to build a new Settlement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”.  Friends, this guy is much much tougher than Ban-Ki-Moo-Moo.  You watch, he will be involved in invoking the Dec. 23rd,traitor Obama’s decision to slay Israel’s land in Resolution 2334.

3.  The EU gets wind of this heinous chain reaction, as if EU isn’t drowning in their biggest nightmare of Muslim refugees, they have the gall to respond : “Israeli Settlement Occupations are illegal under international law, validated by Resolution 2334″.  Thanks again Obama, you ……

4.  Friends, there’s NEVER been a West Bank, it’s always been Judea and Samaria.  There’s never been a Palestine, it’s the devils “ruse”.


1. Iran is now building workshops all across Lebanon to make highly advanced rockets for Hezbollah who intends to “give” them to Israel.

2.  One Israeli is killed, a 2nd seriously injured after being mowed down in West Bank.  Satan’s advocates Hamas : “Bless this heroic ramming attack”.  What goons.

3.  Palestinian terrorist stabs 2 Israelis in Old City, takes selfie of himself over the 2 stabbed Israelis, then when police arrive stabs a cop before being shot dead.

4.   FYI, Israel has now struck Hezbollah “4” times in the last 30 days in Syria and Lebanon.

5.  After the U.S. air strike on Syria, they meet with Russia and tell Pres. Trump : “If Israel attacks Syrian territory again, Syria will launch SCUD missiles into Israel”.  It appears Syria is unaware of Israeli’s Magic Wand, ie. David’s Sling, that became fully operational last week to handle any missile coming out of Syria.  Bibi : “The Magic Wand is an important accomplishment for incoming “mid-range” rockets.  All Israelis have felt the great benefit of Iron Dome, which protects against “short-range” rockets from Gaza.  We also have the pressure rocket, Arrow, to defend against “long-range” missiles.  We are protecting the home front”.  Bravo Bibi, got Israel covered short, mid, long-range cover.  Yes, cover by the Hand of God.


1.  Did you know Israel can now make water out of air.  Oh yeah, it’s just a little bitty sprinkle from God to His chosen people.

2.  Dublin, Ireland, will raise the Palestinian flag at it’s capital because : “Israel is an Apartheid State and Occupiers of Palestinian Lands and that Palestinians are living under brutal Israeli Occupation”.  To be raised May 15th to honor 50 years since the West Bank and East Jerusalem came under Jewish control.

3.  UN says Israel owes the Palestinians”billions” as a result of Israeli Occupation.

Friends, DO YOU GET IT??  The planet is drowning in the words PEACE, SECURITY, OCCUPATION, WAR.  Please spill a jug of Kool Aid over your friend’s head if he or she says : “Don’t worry, Peace is coming, everything will be all right”.  Geez Louise.



Rev. 4:1 : “After that I looked up, and behold, a door was opened in heaven and the first voice which I heard said, come up hither, and I will shew things which must be HERE AFTER”.

ONLY “165” days to Sept. 23, BUT SHOULD, the highly probable, in my eyes, Rapture FAIL, where the woman, VIRGO CONSTELLATION of Rev. 12, gives “BIRTH” to the child, ie. the Church, the Body of Christ, and her child is NOT “Caught up unto heaven” as per Rev. 12:5, can you only imagine the confusion of Rev. 12 scriptures would cause.  The horrific alternative would be :  a)  The child continues living in a sinful, messy, Christian life threatening world without being in heaven at the Throne of our “Blessed Hope” of Titus 2:13.  b)  There’d be no more Heavenly Signs to look for Him anymore before the Great Trib. just 4 and 1/2 pages from Armageddon with a lot of horrific wickedness and death in those 4 and 1/2 pages.  Friends, THIS “IS” the LAST and GREATEST SIGN prior to the Great Trib. for SALVATION.

Just LOOK how absolutely compromised and out of whack the following scriptures would then be :

1.  Rev. 12:7 : “And there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon”.  If the child was NOT CAUGHT UP, there would be NO reason for ‘war in heaven’.  Things would continue status quo, the world getting nastier and most unpleasant to live in as satan and his angels would continue their perpetual trecking to and fro from heaven to earth unabated, relentlessly deceiving mankind, and he won’t be worrying one bitty smigion that “he has but a short time”.

2.  Rev.  12:8 : “And the dragon prevailed not; neither was there place found ANYMORE in heaven”.  With no war in heaven, the dragon would still come up and “set up camp” there anytime on his own free will.  He’d have free reign to roam about God’s house.  This would definitely not make God a happy camper to rejoice in His New Kingdom.  FYI, I emphasized the word ‘ANYMORE’ because when the child DOES take up permanent residence as the new tenant in heaven, then our Landlord and King, our God Almighty gives to the “old” tenant the dragon, the accuser, in a “twinkling of an eye” the boot to “Get out of Dodge”.

3.  Rev. 12:9 : “And the dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil and satan, and his angels were cast out with him”.  Here again, with no child, no NEW tenant coming on board, that being from the Rapture, satan’s nefarious lease continues unfettered.  Lots of room to roam.  WOW!!

4.  Rev. 12:10 : “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, NOW is come SALVATION and the KINGDOM of our God”.  With no child “CAUGHT UP” unto God, God’s loud voice need not say anything as the child “full of Salvation” has been prevented from entering heaven with the Great Trib. right around the corner.  Talk about the ultimate test of faith EVER, posed to fail among the earth’s Christians!!!  Webster’s meaning for Salvation = deliverance from evil or sin.  And just as demoralizing. God does NOT get His 6,000 year long awaited KINGDOM to rule over in heaven.  Very sad, very empty heaven.  Webster’s meaning for “KINGDOM” = A government, country, state or people that is ruled by a king or queen.

5.  Rev. 12:11 : “And they OVERCAME him (satan) by the BLOOD of the LAMB and by the word of their TESTIMONY”.  If the child could not defeat or OVERCOME satan, although possessing the blood of Jesus from the cross by having repented of their sins and believing in Him, then they, that is the child, will feel unredeemable and many will lose all faith in the Rapture.  Again, Great Trib. imminent and lurking.  Webster’s meaning for “OVERCAME” = to defeat in competition, to conquer, prevail, surmount.  Meaning for “TESTIMONY” = a declaration or an affirmation of an act or truth.

Let’s put this into perspective : Friends, do you see how absolutely LUDICROUS, and INSANE it is for our Almighty God’s Body of Christ NOT to be “CAUGHT UP” unto heaven in a timely divine fashion that He ordained and created long long ago.  It unequivocally distorts the entire order of God’s word,  All logic would be illogical, in understanding Rev. 12, to be sure.  And remember, our Lord “never” messes up and “never” leads us on and “NEVER LIES”.  Leaves all that up to satan, who’s doing a commendable job by the way here on earth for the time being.  NOTE : One dynamite scripture on next post, then you’ll believe Rev. 12 Sign.

Matthew 12:25 : “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”.

U.S.A. :

What a fitting scripture to apply to the deep divide in America today.  And no wonder God Almighty is sending a Total Solar Eclipse that slices continental America in 2 equal halves in land “AND” population Aug 21 at 9:48 PDT.  Yes, population, as in 164 million people living to the North of the Eclipse, 162 million to the South.  Hmmm!!  Civil War Judgement?  Just LOOK :  ON THE POLITICAL STATUS OF AMERICA THIS WEEK :

1.  The distance between Democrats and Republicans is one big “CHASM”.

2.  The Democrats still suffering from Trump derangement syndrome is remarkably appalling.  From Justice Gorsuch, Senate comedy and PTL he’s now been sworn in, to Repeal and Replace Obama Care to lying Susan Rice caught with her dirty fingers in the “unmasked” cookie jar to Witchmania, to the Obama Shadow Gov’t. which is working well by the way, to this to that and to that to this …., one wonders when will their fever of disenchantment break.  And now we should have believed BAD BAD MAN OBAMA when he looked into his demonic crystal ball 2 years ago and said : “The end of the Republic has never looked better”.  Hate to admit it, but he was right.

3.  But Obama is a perennial liar.  He lied everyday and twice on Sunday that all of Syria’s Chemical Weapons were destroyed.  They weren’t.  And Kerry lied and lying Susan Rice lied.  LIE LIE LIE.

4.  To catapult Daniel 12:4 front and center : “Knowledge shall be increased”  BABBLE is here.  Anyone, anywhere in the world, can NOW send a message to ANYONE on the entire planet instantly and they’ll receive it in their own language.  I mention this as the reality of the majority of America’s young are 80% Liberals and are more unhinged than ever as to our heritage and forefathers and what America stands for the last 240 years.  POOF, GONE.

5.  California follows Maryland to become a Sanctuary State.  California Senate passes the bill, pending Assembly vote and KABOOM, The singers Ma Ma’s and Pa Pa’s song ‘California Dreamin’ will be recomposed to ‘California Nightmarin’.


1.  What a strong yet compassionate man he’s shown regarding his airstrike launch on Syria’s filthy Regime.

2.  Took him 48 hours to react on Syrian Chemical Weapons horrific carnage where 88 died by getting gassed, babies to boot.  Obama took 8 years and did squat where 1400 Syrians were gassed to death.  Obama the poodle’s, strategic “pin-pricking” RED-LINE launcher absolutely fizzed into a pack of lies.  A clueless and paralyzed President, our Lord said we most assuredly deserve in these Final Days.  We WATCH how Russia, the Gog of Ezek. 38 now reacts.  (See Asian Segment below on full prophetic events that unfolded in Syria this week).

3.  FYI, did you know Trump’s airstrike April 6th is EXACTLY TO THE DAY when America entered WWI on April 6th, 1917.  COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE, it’s the Glory of God talking, in the Recent Unprecedented Blood Moons, in the U.S. Total Solar Eclipse that transcends NO OTHER NATION on earth, to the Virgo Prophecy of Rev. 12 in the fall.  I guess you could say judgement on America is blooming, as her skin is now in the game, with nuclear Russia near lurking.

4.  On a side deal, Trump rolls back ALL of Obama’s Climate Change initiatives with his new Executive Order.

EPA : “This is the greatest setback for Climate Control in U.S. history”.  Oh well, too bad.


Four good Godly “Trumpites” and one questionable Senator :

1.  PTL for great Christian, our VP Pence.  He knocks the snockers out of Planned Parenthood with the “deciding tie-breaking vote” in Senate to roll back Family Planning Rule that was enacted by Abortion advocate Obama.  This means Federal Grants will now cease flowing into Planned Parenthood “Clinics”.  God Bless Mike Pence.

2.  And God Bless honest Dr. Ben Carson, Dept. of Housing Secretary, for “revealing” over a “1/2 a trillion dollar” FRAUD under Obama that smells of corruption and theft.  Dr. Carson says that for the last 3 years of Obama’s Presidency, his HUD people cooked the books.  Says : “HUD’s books are in such bad shape that the Inspector General couldn’t complete their audit, FOR THE 2nd TIME”.  Oh my Obama and his new filthy rich cronies go on a 1-way political fishing expedition over Niagara Falls if this is so.  No wonder he rents a $4 and 1/2 million plush home in D.C. and has 30,000 to 50,000 shadow gov’t employees across America.  Dad Gum this guy.  Oh what deception America’s had under this lawless man.

3.   And God Bless Nicki Haley our Ambassador to the U.N.  She says on Syria : “Nothing good is going to happen with Assad in power”.

4.  And God Bless Sec. of State Rex Tillerson : “Russia must choose between the U.S. and the West or Assad, Iran and Hezbollah”.  Said this on his way to Moscow today.

5.  You figure this one out : On April 6th, John McCain says : “The New World Order is under tremendous strain”.  Go figure.  And I wanted him for President in 2008.  I don’t know.

6.  And then there is North Korea.  Who will strike who first as U.S. Navy Warship is in Korean Peninsula fully loaded.  This could blow up any day.


Day to day, we must be aware the phony, fake, asset bubbled, $4.5 trillion balance on the FED books can crash to Mayhem-ville as per Fox News with Shep Smith.  Trump’s pet peeve #2, Tax Reform, is not going to happen this year as the context of Obama Care, pet peeve #1 to Repeal and Replace, is too much of an elephant to adjust cost-wise.  We WATCH as the Stock Market rise was all about getting Tax Reform.  Goldilocks turns into Humpty Dumpty in this 120th Jubilee of our Lord which ends on Sept. 30, Yom Kippur.  YOU WATCH.

Isaiah 17:1,14 : “The burden of Damascus.  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…..And behold at eveningtide there is trouble, and BEFORE the morning he is NOT”.


Gotta put this scripture on your REFRIGERATOR or outright “MEMORIZE” it.  It is the scripture catalyst of the Psalm 83 War that sets the table for the Ezek. 38 Gog War and or WWIII, to be sure.  Just LOOK at the maze of prophetic events that took place “day by day” from when Pres. Trump launched a limited strike and bombed the Syrian Air Base with 60 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles on Apr. 6th in retaliation for the ugly barbaric slow dying slaughter of 88 people, 30 children, from the world’s deadliest chemical weapon, the nerve-killing agent SEREN GAS :


Yes Russia, Gog, and yes Putin, the Chief Prince of Gog as per Ezek. 38:2.

1.  On Apr. 7th, Putin’s spokesman : “This is a flagrant violation of international law”.  These idiots say this and say squat about the young children’s lung-crushing/suffocating being gassed to death.

2.  Hours later, Moscow adds more condemnation against U.S. : “Relations now are more than greatly DEPLORABLE”.  Jerks.

3.  Same day Russia says, unequivocally that the U.S. backed Syrian Rebels perpetrated the deadly attack that chocked the lives out of 88 and injured approx. 300.  LIARS.

4.  On Apr. 8th : Russia suspends ALL “anti-conflict” agreements with U.S.

5.  Same day : Russia severs ALL ties with U.S. on Syria.

6.  Same day, majority of international community sides with Trump.  Major news sources around world call Russia, and Putin, complicite and accommodating, and or incompetent with the mad, satanic Assad Regime.  My take : God enabled Russia to grossly fail on it’s commitment when “brokering” Syria to give up it’s Chemical Weapons by looking the other way in 2013 after feckless Obama’s Red Line failed.

7.  Same day Putin orders Naval Destroyer Warship to quickly leave Black Sea and Bosporous Straits Naval Military Drills it was undergoing with “Iran”, steaming in the direction of the 2 U.S. Navy ships that launched the 60 Tomahawk missiles in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

8.  Same day, Russia calls on UN for an emergency meeting at the UNSC.  Calls U.S. strike “thoughtless” and “provocative”.

9.  On Apr. 9th, Putin retorts : “We are in Syria.  We are here to stay”.  Oh dear Lord, what prophetic ramifications this statement has.  Friends, DO YOU GET IT?  The GOG WAR is amassing in Syria in front of our brown and blue sleepy eyes.  Russia wants the butcher Assad to remain in power.  Russia’s military existence in Syria is to keep Syria “alive” because if you look at a geographical map, Syria is Russia’s most strategic land “beach-head” to bring “alive” Ezek. 38:11,12 : with their assault upon Israel and their unlimited BILLIONS of DOLLARS of Natural Gas Reserves.  “Thou shalt say I will go up to the land of unwalled villages to them that are at rest that dwell safely.  To take a spOIL and to take a prey from the people that are gathered out of the nations which have gotten cattle and goods”.  WOW!!

10.  Later that day, Russia says in meeting with Iran Military leaders in Syria on the U.S. strike, Russia and Iran mutually make statement: “We will respond strongly and aggressively to any further attacks on Syria”.

11.  On Apr. 10th, Putin’s spokesman : “Russia and Iran will respond with REAL WAR to ANY further U.S. strikes in Syria for ANY reason”.  Friends, do you see the rhetorical WAR DRUMS ratcheting up louder and louder.  It’s Nikita Kruschev versus John F. Kennedy and Cold War all over again.  The die is cast as the “apple” does not fall far from the “tree”.  And FYI, the apple is Syria which borders Israel on the North and East.  Please remember this opening scripture on Damascus, the largest, longest, “CONTINUING” city on earth for the last 4,000 plus years, and only 70 miles from Israel.

12.  Just in, today, Apr. 11th, blockbuster news :  a)  Senior U.S. Air Force official says Russia knew in “advance” about the Syrian Chemical strike in the deep of the night when Syrians and babies sleeping in their beds.  b)  Russian jets bombed the hospital of the injured to “cover up” the evidence of the seren gas.  No mercy, satan is alive and thriving will this past week.  No peace EVER in Syria as long as Russia covers the President from Hell’s behind, that being Assad.  c)  Putin responds to this in a press conference with Italian President Mattarella : ” We have information that a similar provocation of a U.S. military strike is being prepared where they are planning to AGAIN, plant some substance and accuse Syria of using Chemical Weapons….We have more information that the U.S. is preparing to FAKE CHEMICAL WEAPON ATTACKS and  bomb Damascus, then blame the devastation on Basshar Al Assad’s forces”.  What can I say?  This is from Drudge Report’s top headline this morning.  Also on Fox News bulletin.  All this on Passover,  HELLO Isaiah 17:1.

13.  Other Russian prophetic events : Russia is on line to draft a Post Cold War high 150,000 recruits this spring.  For what?  Welll, maybe for Gog War, Right?

14.  As if Russia isn’t swallowing up nation after nation in the Middle East; Now have built a new high-tech building in Nicaragua with sophisticated antennas and globe shaped devices.  Surely for survielance on U.S.  Like what else does Russia need Nicaragua for, coco-nuts.  They got a lot of COCO-NUTS in Moscow.  And to beat all, they planted their large red and blue flag outside the building.


1.  Cozy, cozy Gog pals.  Iran tells Russia that Russia can now use Iran’s airbases anytime they desire.  UGGHH!!

2.  As world powers focus on eliminating ISIS, Israel’s military says : “Iran’s traction in Syria poses a greater threat to Israel than ISIS on the Sinai bordering Israel’s South, on Gaza, and on Hezbollah and Syria, bordering Israel to the North and East, respectively.  Oh Boy.


1.  Assad has launched 39 different drops of chemical weapons on the Syrian people under clueless Obama in last 6 years.  He’s dropped ONE under Trump’s WATCH and you saw what the Donald did on just that one hellish heinous act of bloody murder of shocking the life out of innocent people and babies, even 2 nine month old twins, gassed to death being carried by their weeping Dad.


After the endless bombings to eradicate ISIS in Mosul, old Nineveh in the Book of Jonah in the Bible, the ground has been shaken there so much that the Euphrates Dam is on the verge of collapse.  We WATCH, this is very prophetic.


And you saw the 2 distinct slaughters of 48 Coptic Christians and 160 others on Palm Sunday.  What can I say.  The world is TOAST.  ISIS took credit.


1. China starts the year 2017 with the highest number of corporate defaults in history.  60% of the nation’s businesses cannot generate enough cash flow to even pay the interest on loans.  Bubble city.  This can cascade into world financial chaos.  As China goes, world goes.

2.  Terrible news for our DOLLAR : This past week China and Moscow join forces to BYPASS U.S. DOLLAR in Global Markets.  We WATCH.


Anyway you pin the tail on the donkey, you just can’t say the Roman Catholic Church is a true believer of Jesus Period, Ever, Period.  LOOK :

1.  Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore has officially announced that this year’s 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s “LAST” in regards to “waiting” for the Lord to Return to earth.  Says : “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it.  It’s been like ages.  He’s probably flat out doing another really good thing for people elsewhere”.  But the Cardinal urged the faithful to still continue with their faith regardless of the sad news.  Well shut my mouth and I mean that literally as I do my best to tell my personal friends that Jesus is the Way, not the Catholic Church, Won some, lost “more” than some.  I report, you  judge on this Cardinal’s ridiculous rhetoric.  (Source : Rapture, March 31).

2.  More, from the National Catholic Register : The Theological Commission of the International Marian Association, IMA has asked the Pope to publicly acknowledge and honor Mary, as the “Co-Redemptrix along with Jesus the Redeemer”.  Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye.  Friends, to equate Mary to Jesus after what He suffered in such a scourging death to redeem us, well, this IMA is MIA, Missing In Action.

3.  With the Muslim terrorism brutally showing it’s ugly tentacles this week in just 1 horrific week in Stockholm, in 2 Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt, and the worse than horrific heinous mutilation in Syria with Chemical Weapons by Muslim Barbarian Beasts, Pope has all the gall to say : “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, MUSLIM TERRORISM DOES NOT EXIST.  Oh, for the Perils of Pauline.  Done here.  Four years now, and there’s nothing “normal” about the reign of Pope Francis.  Galatians 1:9 : “As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed”.


So what else is new under the sun here in Europe where once upon a time it was a beautiful continent of wonderful cultures and most scenic countrysides.  Welll, nothing of course, the Muslims are still here and still coming.  And the EU, out of fear, appears to enable Muslims to command respect no matter what scorched earth vision their brethren, the Radical Muslim extremists have : LOOK :

1.  France, Germany, and 21 other EU nations sign agreement, now demand Poland and Hungary accept Muslim refugees under the EU Quota System or Leave the EU.  They mean business, ultimatum date is pending.

2.   Polish people defy this, march thru-out the country chanting : “Over here, Jesus is our King, so get out Muslims”.  Bravo Pollacks.  Friends, forgive me, my passion is off the charts for letting Muslim women , elderly, children stay, but where in this messy world can you draw the line to keep the good men in, the evil men out.  Where, tell me!!!

3.  So sick of examples, but just the latest this week in Stockholm, Sweden, in an upscale shopping mall Muslim terrorist steals a beer truck,  mows down 3 Swedes and 1 UK to death, injures 30, demonic deathmobile unstoppable.


1.  Earthquakes of 5.5 magnitude or greater around the world :  A 6.1 magnitude in Iran, a wake-up shake-up call for what’s to come for this Jewish hating nation.  A 6.5 in Botswana, Africa; and a triple quake in Philippines of 5.0, 5.7 and a 5.9, injuries but no deaths.

2.  Total of 258 perish in Columbia, South America from devastating floods.

3.  This 2nd Total Solar Eclipse in the 2024 should mean absolutely NOTHING to you nor me but should mean plenty to the earth-dwellers rebuking Jesus in the Great Trib.  That being the great and marvelous sign in heaven of Rev. 15:1.  Not very marvelous nor great as they carry the 7 last plagues of God’s wrath.  With that said, this eclipse, 7 years later, intersects the one this August that is sooo prophetic that it will “literally” bisect America in only 132 days from today.  Like total pitch darkness, and you’ll be able to see the stars, Big Dipper, yes Virgo too, if you live in the arc area it traverses between Portland and Charleston. Thing here is, in 2024, the intersection point 7 years hence is none other than the New Madrid Faultline.  May we let the earth dwellers who wear the mark of the beast at that time worry about this.  Either way, America is TOAST, we’ve biffed our Lord.


1.  No mercy here for Millennials : 42% of Americans today age 18-59 are infected with and or carry HPV, Human Pappiloma Virus says National Center for Health.  Why not, it’s a part of Matthew 24:7 in the word “Pestilence”.

2.  Fruitless, fickle, yet demonic witch-hunts spreading, hexing spells on Trump again: Groups of witches gather at Balboa Park in San Diego for an Impeachment Ritual.  Fruitless, fickle, feckless.

3.  Good looking, ugly speaking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau : “Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”.  Bye Bye Canada, your leader has now also crossed the Rubicon.

4.  Mom absolutely shell-shocked after daughter comes home from school, in Tulsa, with a Birth Control Implant in her arm.  Yep, shades of Sodom and Gomorrah are here.

5.  Worse, and a real splash in Palm Springs, California : An American record 20,000 Lesbians assault onto Palm Springs, entirely dedicated to Lesbian women.  Party, swimming, sunbathing, smooching, whatever, their putting Sodom and Gomorrah into the 21st Century in style.  Called Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend!!  As Rome and the world burns in war and death, Nero keeps fiddling.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, We Are Waiting For You.

6.  Even worse, over 50,000 people in America died of Opioid drug overdose in 2016.  Trend continues in 2017.  Friends, what a sad sad world we live in.


Well there it is.  What a most informative tapestry our Great I AM, our Creator is weaving for His Final Act in this messy world of today.  Can you just see it with this latest preponderance of NON-FAKE NEWS that I’ve used in this report from reliable sources such as Rapture Ready, The Blaze, Jerusalem Post, Breaking Israel News, etc. and my KJV Bible that the End is Begun.

May we keep our focus on Jesus, the only WAY to punch our Tickets to Paradise in Heaven.  And should we falter to satan’s temptations which are now on “steroids”, we pick ourselves up, repent and cling to scriptures like 1 John 1:9 : “If  we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins”.  Oh, WOW what a comforting feeling this scripture is to get us to Rev. 12:5 where the “child is caught up unto God”.  I pray and may you pray that glorious day just may be the Rapture less than 5 and 1/2 months away this fall.  To God be all the Glory.

WE WATCH, WE PRAY, WE WAIT.  God willing see you next week and Happy Resurrection Day this Sunday.  He is Risen.  Yes, He Truly is Risen.  The Miraculous Mystery.

1 John 2:1 : “My little children, those things write I unto you, that ye sin not.  And if any man sin, we have an ADVOCATE with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous”.  WOW, What a Feeling, Like Dancing on God’s Ceiling!!!