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Genesis 7:11 : “In the 600th year of Noah’s life, in the 2nd month, the 17th day (KOWABUNGA if that doesn’t strike a chord for 2017) were all the foundations of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened”.

Welcome Everybody.  Really, how more catastrophically can a historic flood be when every single freeway entering the 4th largest city in America is FLAT OUT CLOSED and under water.  Inconceivable.  And just maybe, one should trump that statement with : Really how much more prophetically timed could our Creator, our Great God, our “Great Elohim” could have created this epic phenomenon just 24 hours after the Great Eclipse of DOOM for America.

Tell me He is not screaming at us in this Season of Return who’s RAPTURE WINDOW encases Jupiter leaving the “tummy” of the Virgo Constellation, just a miniscule 12 days away on Sept. 9th.  And Virgo itself only 26 days away.  And then this WINDOW BEGINS to close Sept. 30th, the end of Biblical calendar year 5777, end of 120th Jubilee, end of 10 DAYS of AWE, end of Yom Kippur, the Lord’s Holiest of all His Feasts, Atonement, which begins to open the full flood gates of not, just water, but the Great Trib.  And then the WINDOW closes with the end of His last and 7th Feast, Tabernacles, Oct. 11th, only to be followed 24 hours later with a dreaded Asteroid close fly by.

But wait, there’s more, starting with what most prophetic numbers you need to know in the Great Eclipse’s wake.  You read, then judge for yourselves how close we are to Him “P-H-Y-S-I-C-A-L-L-Y”.


Rev. 4:1 : “Come up hither”.

And surely millions upon millions saw the festive celebration all across America and even on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Liner of “6,000” people where the eclipse with Bonnie Tyler singing her hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” finally died out East of Florida.  I know it’s “proper etiquette” to be Politically Correct on National TV these days but did you note NOT ONE, NOT ONE major TV Channel of the Big Boys ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN fake news, & MSNBC fakier news had a reporter or anchor EVER mention Jesus or our Almighty God who created this most Divine phenomenon in the first place.  Nah, they don’t get it.  If only they could view this report, and it’s absolute significance to Israel and the End of Days.  But they won’t.  LOOK :


1.  This eclipse hit 13 states.

2.  It’s path of trajectory “shadows” the 5 greatest seizemic zones and fault lines in the U.S. for earthquakes and volcano hot spots beginning with the Cascadia Subduction Zone, then Yellowstone Park, then the Madrid Fault, etc.  God covered all the bases.  Right!!

3.  Daylight in Jerusalem lasted 13 hours and 13 minutes.  Biblical meaning #13 = Apostasy, rebellion.

4.  The first American soil hit by the eclipse was Dupoe Bay, Oregon, at 9:16 A.M.  And guess what. it was 6:16 P.M. at “SUNDOWN” in Jerusalem, exactly 9 hours to the minute the eclipse hit American soil.  Do you get it?  Both places hit “DARKNESS” in tandem.  Tell me that’s not ominous “omensville” for our nation.  And then there’s Houston.

5.  The first “Big City” to receive TOTALITY was in Salem, Oregon.  Hmmm!!  Sounds like JERUS-A-L-E-M.

6.   For those fortunate enough to be in the 70 mile swath trajectory of TOTALITY of darkness you could have seen Virgo Constellation and Jupiter which was to the left of the Leo Constellation which was to the left of TOTALITY where the image of a bright ring, looking like a wedding ring of fire, could be seen “for an instant” directly afterwards about the circular bright corona around the sphere of the moon.  At least reliable sources on the Internet said so.  Can that signify the Bridegroom Jesus about to commence The Season of His Return for His Bride and SNATCH US UP in an “instant”.

7.  NASA says Total Solar Eclipses in the past have generated Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcano eruptions after 2 weeks.  Well, it’s only been 3 days and hello HARVEY on the Texas Coast.  It’s a whopper.

8.  Jewish Rabbi Winston : “This eclipse was the final wake-up call for American Jews to come to Israel”.

9.  Another top and credible Rabbi Brody : “This Total Solar Eclipse is a warning to America against normalizing Biblically immoral behavior”.  Got that right with all the sex, porno, gay, and lesbian, et al gender benders that were once God’s creations, and most horrific of all, Abortions.

B.  The #400

1.  Wanted to add very pertinent, very prophetic linkages to the #400.  Biblical meaning = A Divine perfect time period.

2.  The distance from the moon to the SUN equals 400 times the distance of the moon to earth.

3.  The size of the sun is 400 times the size of the moon.

4.  It was 400 years from God’s pledge to Abraham for the birth of Isaac to the time the Jews leaving Egyptian Bondage in the Exodus as per Gen. 17:19 : “And God said, Sarah shall bear thee a son indeed and thou shalt call his name Isaac, and I shall establish my covenant with him for an everlasting and with his seed after him”.  Praise the Lord.

5.  Abraham purchased the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs for “400 shekels of silver” exactly the words in Gen. 23:15 : “The land is worth 400 shekels of silver, bury therefore thy dead”.  And friends, this spring the UN, United Nincomepoops ceded the Cave of the Patriarchs ownership TO THE POOR PALESTINIANS.  Yeah, they really needed that for a rallying cry to destroy Israel off the face of the world.

6.  In Genesis also, God gave Abraham 40 days for Lot to find 10 good men.  He found diddly squat, a big fat zero.

7. NASA says the 2012TC4 Asteroid that will buzz by earth will be the largest “CLOSE” pass-by ever on record when it passes by Oct. 12th, the exact day the Feast of Tabernacles ends and God willing, the “RAPTURE WINDOW” closes, which I’m statistically and prophetically adhering to in panning from Monday’s Aug. 21 eclipse thru Oct. 12th.  It’s minimal range of closeness to earth = “4,000” miles.  WOW! It’s maximum range is 170,000 miles.  I mention this label “RAPTURE WINDOW” so as not to be labeled a datesetter by the 2 Peter 3:3,4 scoffers : “There shall come in the last days scoffers.  And saying ; Where is the PROMISE of his coming”?  Well a window period of time is not a date.  So there, I said it.

8.  And by the by, the timeline from the Aug. 21 RAPTURE WINDOW opening to the unprecedented Rev. 12 Heavenly Sign of Virgo is 33 days.  I say this to you because the Biblical meaning of 33 = Promise,  Yeah, as in P-R-O-M-I-S-E in the above scripture.

9.  It is 4,000 years from God’s creation of Adam to Jesus.

C.  A map of Cairo and Memphis, the 2 most powerful cities in mighty Egypt during the Exodus along the Nile River Delta and it’s tributaries, can amazingly be overlaid as a template over Cairo, Illinois, Memphis, Tennessee, the Mississippi, Ohio, and Wabash Rivers of today.  I was absolutely stunned.  I still am on this one!!  And FYI, the most prolific TOTALITY over America was in Carbondale, Illinois, which stands for “Little Egypt” when city was founded.  To God be all the Glory who knows the end from the beginning exactly as Isaiah 46:10.

Yes, this was a mighty spectacular eclipse.  Not party time, but soul search time.  A 40 day warning to His Feast of Atonement, Sept. 30.  And then the judgement.  And then there is Virgo, a scant 26 days from today.  That’s a mosquito of a time period.  We WATCH.

Psalms 19:1 : “The heavens declare the glory of God”.



1.  Trump sends son-in-law Jared to Middle East to fire-up the ridiculous Peace Process.  First item : Jared was to talk to Egypt, Saudis, and Jordan to facilitate.  Right out of the gate this fizzles as Egypt backs out because Pres. El-Sisi very soured at Trump’s withholding of $300 million in military aid to Egypt because of Egypt’s Human Rights violations.  Well that takes care of the Arab stuff, so let’s move on this hoaky Peace Process.

2.  a)  Next day Jared meets with Bibi.  Jared tells media : “We have a lot to talk about to advance Peace, Stability, and Security in the Region and I think all of them are in reach”.  Oh well, Jared’s young. Later tells Bibi : “We are very committed to achieving a solution that will bring Peace and Prosperity to all people in this area”.  Hmmm!!  Hope he didn’t plagurize in college, change a little adjective here, a little verb there.  b)  Jared’s hands tied, poor guy, in all honesty had to say this stuff as the Donald scripted him in these orders : “Have discussions to focus of the transition to substantive Peace Talks”.  Friends, I think Jared is an awesome, bright, good man, gave his best shot, hands tied at behest of Donald.  Left next day to meet Abbas.  Here again, nothing fruitful.

3.  Abbas was so miffed as after 20 fruitless kick starts for the 2-State-Solution by the Trump Team, not even 1 inch closer to a Peace Plan.  Abbas : “Each time they reiterate their commitment to a 2-State-Solution and the stop of Settlement building.  I’ve urged them to tell Netanyahu this.  But each time they refrain.  I don’t understand their conduct toward us”.  As a result, he ends with riveting and clear ULTIMATUM : “Unless progress is made within 45 days of launching talks with the Israelis, we will be no longer committed to the U.S. channel and will turn to our alternative plan on which we have been working on for the past 2 years”.  Friends, that plan being the Obama backstab Israel “UN Abstention Plan” in coordination with the Paris Peace Plan.  Let’s count it, 45 days from Aug. 22 is Oct. 7, the Sabbath of the Lord’s Final Feast, Tabernacles.  WOW oh WOW!!  And how fitting, just prior to the closing of the Oct. 12th “RAPTURE WINDOW”.  We Watch.

4.  Egypt, Jordan meet with Abbas without Jared there.  All touch same base : No Peace Process without guarantees for a 2-State-Solution in the end with 1967 borders.  That absolutely straight-jackets Israel to defend itself.

5.  After Jared leaves with “NO MOVEMENT”, rinky-dinky and downtrodden Abbas has his Foreign Minister, al-Maliki to call UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson to recognize the Palestinian State in a world-wide declaration similar to the 1917 Balfour Declaration where Britain publicly promised Jews a Jewish State for them on the Land of Palestine.  Oh these poor Palestinians, playing Cowboys & Indians, like kids in the park.  Don’t they know about Isaiah 28:18 : “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand”.  Amen and Amen.


As the flames of War get hotter and hotter in this Jubilee year of 5777 which the Jews refer to as 777 for “Triple of the Age of Grace” :

1.  IDF’s 12th Battalion soldiers are on the Gaza border in a large scale exercise “simulating” urban combat in the Gaza Strip run by Hamas jackals.

2.  What a mover and a shaker, just yesterday, after Jared, after Arab meeting, after UK “plan to free”, 82 year old Abbas flies to Turkey.  Meets with Dictator Erdogan in hopes Erdogan can spearhead the unification of Gaza and the West Bank as Abbas has cut off most funds for food, water and power to Gaza and Hamas to “force” Hamas into a strong unity to “bury Israel”.  Erdie is apparently mulling it over.

3.  Nikki Haley blasts UN, United Nincumpoops with harsh criticism against UN’s top Commander of UN forces in Lebanon, General Beary, accusing him of turning 2 blind eyes to Iran’s covert arming of Hezbollah on the border.  General Fruitcake responds : “There are no Hezbollah weapons here”.  Dad-Gum-Dud-Head.


Bibi flies to Sochi, Russia, meets Putin and asks him what he will do to Iran if Iran’s aggressions to set up further presence on the Golan Border with Syria keep spiking.  Bibi sees this sprouting now as ISIS is going down and Iran is filling this vacuum, as per IDF Mossad Chief Cohen says.

Zech. 12:6 : “In THAT DAY will I make the governors of Judah, like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire on a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left”.

The poor “SAPPY neighbors” who mess with God’s Chosen People.


Please note this writer is not into “filler news” on USA if there’s nothing Prophetic to say.  With that said, on the Internet, on TV, it’s been all about HARVEY, HARVEY, HARVEY.  Therefore this article on USA is short, not that HARVEY has rightly mesmerized all the news 24/7 but also our slimy, 8% approval rating Congress is on a 33 day VACA with Pay.  Sooo  :


1.  Call it Epic, Apocolyptic, Insane, Catastrophic or Prophetic, or whatever, you’ve seen the ravages of destruction of Harvey.  It’s as if 24 hours after the “ominous” Great American Eclipse and the most Prophetic ever for Judgement on America, God has so timely ordained Houston, Texas, and surrounding area to pour out His fountains of water to gush out from Heaven on America’s 4th largest city.  And why?  We’ve torched this nation with immoral, idolic, and apostate eyes.  He’s through with us on trying to grab our attention.  And now it’s time to pay the piper.  Oh boy, WE’RE TOAST :  Jer. 7:16 : “Therefore pray not for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me; for I will not hear thee”.  Let’s change that to WE’RE BURNT WET TOAST.    May we Praise God Almighty that we will so soon be moving out of America.


1.  So much heat of Division today.  Not gonna get into his remarks, nor those of the perpetual news media’s fires that are never quenched on linking Trump with White-Supremacists, KKK, Racists, etc.  You’ve seen it all.  I’ll just say one thing : This nation is absolutely gone into “BERZERK MODE” in D.C. and the media.  Today it is the SIN in America that’s our slave market, not race, not color.  But they willfully don’t get it.

2.  Not Good for Trump, Not Good at ALL : Gallup Poll, nation’s largest most reputable, says the Donald’s approval rating this past week is now “34%”.  DIVISION, DIVISION, DIVISION, NOTHING BUT DIVISION.  Friends, sad to say, our recent evil President never had that low a rating even once in the 8 years of office he soiled the White House.  Lowest ever was Harry Truman’s 22%, Korean War, then Nixon’s 24% in Watergate.  Then Jimmy-I hate Israel- Carter’s 28% during Iran Hostage Crisis.  4th was Clinton’s 39% Monica Lewinski scandal.  And now Trump’s has trumped Slick Willy.

3.  No President right out of the starting gate has EVER had a lower approval than Trump’s 40% composite rating in first 7 months as he surpassed Jimmy-I love Palestinians-Carter’s feeble 46% in 1977 previous record for lows.


1.  Poor American Navy.  Never has this happened before : The 4th major collision involving a U.S. Navy ship just occurred when the Destroyer USS John McCain collided with an oil tanker near Singapore.  With that tragedy, where 10 Navy sailors perished and others lost out to sea, U.S. Navy orders a “pause in operations” of all Navel ships on the globe until a broad investigation of what the heck is going on is completed.  Even under General Obama who was a lousy General, this did not happen.

2.  Finally, finally, Pentagon Generals, Mad Dog Mattis, et al receive their marching orders in writing from White House and reviewed them on transgenders.  NOW, no more transgenders allowed coming into the military, not any branch.  Current number range = “13”00 to “66”00.  These satanic numbers, meaning Apostasy, rebellion AND idol worship of changing sex, respectively were not my numbers to grab your attention.  They were from Jennifer Griffin on Brett Baer’s Nightly News on Fox, Thurs. Aug 24 @ 4:15 P.M. Montana time.  To me, another prophetic and numerical omen God despises those deliberately to change their body from what He created for them.  Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  Other top verses on how our Creator feels on the 8 years of “Obama”nation we’ve had and this gay thing being helter-skelter everywhere :  Lev. 18:22 & 20:13, I Chor. 6:9, and Romans 1:24-28.  Like if our Creator didn’t want this in the Bible, then it wouldn’t be in there.  Case closed.


1.  Without a bout of a doubt we’ve hit peak crazy in America on Monument removal.  It’s as if it’s a ravenous poison that has infected liberals into addiction into bringing them down.  So sad.

2.  Now 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  And 56% have less than $100 at the end of each month.

3.  Illinois, Obama’s old stomping grounds, is set to become nations 1st failed state EVER, since 1776.  Is $15 billion in debt and the red-river of bloody debt is unstoppable.  All trick accounting gimmicks have failed profusely, so Governor raises taxes 32%. People are so amped up against this, leaving in hordes.  Yepp, Banana Republic.  May fold by Sept. 30th.

4.  Double Ditto, for once, one of the proudest, wealthiest cities in America, Hartford, Connecticut.  City downgraded to Junk status.  Like Greece and Puerto Rico.

5.  Well, he has finally done it.  Venezuela President is now Dictator as he takes complete power over Congress and all branches of Government.  First South American nation ever to do so, lock, stock, and barrel.

Friends, is this not America today so different from 1776 where our forefathers said : “United We Stand.  Divided We Fall”.  And today : “Divided we stand.  To Hell We’ll Fall without God”.



The Russians are Coming!  The Russians are Coming!

1.  Russia deploys another 5,000 military troops to bolster its power around Ukrainian border.  FYI, over 10,000 have now died since Russian insurgency of Ukraine began 24 hours after the 4th and Final Biblical Blood Moon Supermoon on 9-28-15.  Please see my charts above on Home page Categories.  To counter this, NATO is frantically assembling troops to deal with this.

2.  Russia also has 5,000 troops near Syrian border with Israel.  This past spring Bibi traveled to Moscow on this current threat and asked Putin not to do it.  Putin “PROMISED” he wouldn’t, honoring Bibi’s request.  Well that lying Russian thug of Gog.  Bibi last week calls Putin on break of promise.  Putin told Bibi that Putin is a man of his word and did NOT send the 5,000 troops.  But tells Bibi they are 5,000 “COPS”.  Dad Gum this man.  No more time for a friendly pep-talk here, Putin is poison and so is Gog War.

3.  Russian military leak data that Russia leads world in # of nuclear weapons with 7,000.  U.S. has 6,800.  France in 3rd with 300.  Gr,Gr,Gr, YEP, the Russian are coming.


Naughty Fat Boy Kim Jong Un caught sending 2 shipments of chemical weapons to Syria.  Tell me Fat Boy and Syria are not in bed together.

2.  Disturbing trend : a)  Fat Boy has now launched 20 ICBM missiles in Trump era.  b)  On July 4, Fat Boy can hit Alaska after test.  c)  On Aug. 1, missile test can hit anywhere in lower 48, Seattle to Lady Liberty.

3.  Does anybody know this : Fat Boy has 2 times more than the entire rest of the world of “rare earth metals”, which can be refined into deadly nuclear components and precision guided missiles that U.S. is not prepared for.  Geeze Louise, never knew that.  And 6 times as much as 2nd place China.  No wonder Iran is so close in ties to Fat Boy.  All about receiving more nuclear capability to annihilate Israel.  Not gonna happen.


1.  Responds vehemently to US/UN excessive Sanctions.  Claims it will now drop out of the man of marvel Obama’s Nuclear Deal.

2.  Is also retaliating by prepping to send warships to the Atlantic Ocean following UN announcement.  You know, I bet our Ex-Pres. in his own arrogancy, would be quite proud to see that the $150 billion he sent to Iran, some in cold cash in middle of the night you recall, has been well spent by his friend-forever, Iran.

3.   First meeting by Iran’s Chief of Staff, Bagheri, #3 man in Iran behind Kamanei & Pres. Rouhani meets with Turkey’s #2 man to “Talk”.  Yeah “TALK GOG TALK” on Israel.  This was 1st high-level meeting since 1979 Iranian Revolution for the #2 and #3 Gog participants behind Russia.  We Watch.


As of this writing, 25,000 U.S. troops and 35,000 South Korean troops have joined to simulate battles on the North & South Korean borders.  Very scary.  Now what does provocative and unhinged Fat Boy do now.  We Watch.


Never on TV, even Fox, but did you know South Africa is on the cusp of a Racial Civil War, worse than Venezuela’s imminent Economic Civil War. Both, ANY DAY we wake up.


Cholera cases from this Civil War has reached 500,000 cases and 2,078 dead.


Qatar stands its ground, rebukes Saudis and Gulf States, severs ALL relations.  Sides with “Big Bro” Iran, now restoring full diplomatic ties.  Qatari spokesman :  “Qatar now wants to strengthen bilateral relations in all fields with Iran”.  Oh boy, Grandam Cover Your Ears, here comes Sunni versus Shiite War.

Friends can you see it?  This whole Asia thing is War, War and Rumors of War, exactly as Jesus said in Matthew 24:7.


For a man of 8 decades old who’ll be 81 in about 3 months, is this Pope Francis ever fast and furious and a young stud of a man spreading his evil wits.  LOOK, what his latest idolic candor against our Lord displayed : Last week Pope preaches his weekly sermon warning against Horoscopes and Fortune Telling.  Minutes later, in the same sermon, he preaches for his “sheep” to pray in front of a statue of Mary, the “Queen of Heaven” he called her.  Then he himself asks Mary to intercede for him in prayer on righting the world today.  Friends, where is this man, so often dressed in his DECEPTIVE whites, coming from with this double speak?  I believe I know and it’s not from our Jesus. And how fitting : Jer. 17:18 : “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and to pour out drink offerings to other Gods, that they may provoke me to anger:.  Yes, I DO GET THAT.  Pope doesn’t.  An angry God is absolute wrath for those who provoke Him, as He says so many times in scripture.  This Pope has time and time miffed and biffed Jesus as Lord and Adheres to Mary to gather his flock for a false eternity in Heaven.  That is a moral disgrace for 1.2 billion Catholics on this planet.  And that price will be eternity down under, way down under, to be sure, unless these sheep see and repent to the light of Jesus and nobody but Jesus.


1.  So what stage of cancer is this Muslim Refugee Crisis is metastacizing into now?  Stage 4? Stage 5?  Surely not 1, 2, or 3.  Whatever the stage, Europe is not the Europe we used to know.  Even Big Ben in London has ceased ticking and ding-donging until 2021.  FYI, repairs.

2.  And Queen Angie has returned from her month long VACA.  At her very first re-election rally, she deliberately chose to defend German’s 2 million plus Muslim refugees despite deafening and overwhelming crowd chants of “traitor, traitor, traitor”.  Have another Heineken beer Angie, might sober you up.

3.  And of course you heard of the horrific carnage of 2 terror plots in Barcelona, Spain, and a suburb where 15 lives perished and 49 injuries, all mowed down by Muslims that came on ship through Morocco.  So heart sickening.  And of course these ISIS wildmen, wild animals, whatever they are, are straight out of Ishmael’s loins 4,000 years ago in Gen. 16:12 : “And he will be a wildman, his hand will be against every man”.

4.  And this past week it happened to the now largest EU nation that has turned against the Brussels Buffoons and Dear Angie :  Now Italy, with a formidable 67 million citizens, it’s mayors, it’s legislators in Rome have joined the calls with ALL Eastern EU nations, Poland, Hungary, Czech. 3 Baltics, etc. to stop the Muslim Invasion.  Yep, for nearly 3 years now, in once welcoming Italy, the tide has turned against the Muslim refugees where a limitless flow of them keeps coming and coming and coming in boats across the sea from Africa.  Remember Neil Diamond’s great solid gold hit “THEY’RE COMING TO AMERICA” about 25 years ago.  What the heck did he know then that we didn’t?  (Sorry for the sarcasm, again needed once or twice per report to avoid going stir-crazy with all the mell of a hess our world is in today).  Seriously, clashes erupting daily in Rome, Milan, in little villas.  And, Italy has over 600,000 of them now.  Good Night Irene.  Yet Angie says : “Come on Down”.  UGGHH!!

5.   Nothing new on that “Man of Interest” French Pres. Macron.  At least not from my main news sources of, The Blaze and the Drudge Report, that I’ve been providing the bulk of my consolidated reports to you for last 4 years.


A Hodge-Podge Heinz 57 Smorgasbord of Weather, Asteroids, and Apostasy of Prophetic Puzzle Pieces Made Just For End of Days :


Every time I turn of the TV, this epic whopper of a record-setting Hurricane just keeps getting worse and worse when I think it can not get any worse.  It has spawned a Category 4 Landfall, storm surges of 20 feet, ferocious winds, 13 tornadoes, 48″ of rain, 6″ of rain per hour in Houston, America’s 4th largest city where 6 have drowned and counting.  Early estimates of a good old round figure of $100 Billion with a “B” in catastrophic damages, they say.  And worst of all, it is a mean tiger, it refuses to leave Southeast Texas for a week, this Category 4 monster of Matthew 24:7.  Cities, towns with no power, no more food, nor water on shelves, no 911 help in places, no gas, it’s back to the stone age.  It’s God’s JUDGEMENTS now coming down.  It’s 24 hours after the ominous Total Solar Eclipse.  I STOP.

2.  ASTEROIDS :  a)  A “3-mile” wide Asteroid will pass by earth Sept. 1.  Dubbed Florence.  Will pass 4.4 million miles from earth.  NASA says it is the “largest” Asteroid to come this close to earth since records began in 1890.  b) Asteroid 2012TC4 will skim between a range of 4,000 and 170,000 miles on its pass by on Oct. 12th.  As mentioned above on the Eclipse Report, will be 24 hours after Last Day of Lord’s Last Feast, Tabernacles.  Who knows?  Who knows?  God Knows.

3.  WATER :  a)  Water has turned rivers pitch RED 31 times in last 7 years.  Weather it’s from algae, industrial chemical waste, or God Almighty, it’s RED.  And what a reminder of the 2nd Plague in Exodus 7:20 when Pharaoh refused to Let the People Go.  Whatever their source, should be an ominous omen of a wake-up dummy call to those who’ve put off God.  b)  Over 400 perish in Sierre Leone mudslides.  c)  Likewise over 500 perish across Asia in floods, 16 million displaced.  And this doesn’t hold a candle wick to the Great Flood in Noah’s times.  Oh how powerful an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God we have.


What!  No, not a typo :  NOAH Weather Service says this has never ever happened on our planet : Greenland has an unexplicable by NASA or NOAH of Fire and Ice burning together “out of control”. First responders are helpless.  Will simply “LET IT BURN”.  This is insane as Greenland is covered with a 2 mile minimal sheet of ice.  And where’s the fire coming from – only God knows, with a whiff of His nostrils and VAROOM, fire and ice.  Friends, you know, all that’s missing is Brimstone, Right!


With all the above calamity, only “1” major earthquake as I report all over 5.5 magnitude.  This, 6.6 in Sumatra, Indonesia.


a)  I love Texas : 1st state in nation where majority of state’s 29 million people have just been apprised that Texas permanently bans all State Tax-funding of Abortions.  PTL.  Life-saver.  b)  I despise Oregon Legislature as now every Oregonian and every “Baalamonian”, including illegal immigrants now have available to them 100% free Abortion services if they so chose.  No questions asked.  Come in, do it, go home.  BOOM BOOM.  What a horrifying welfare freebie experience satan has concocted here.  No wonder the Eclipse of JUDGEMENT  started in Oregon.


Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s premiere Civil Rights Group identifier, has listed 916 hate groups in U.S. in 2016.  What is so appalling is they’ve listed groups by Categories and worst was Category including White-Supremacists, Nazis, KKK and the 4th : Are you ready : Evangelical Christians.  Absolutely disgusting and despicable.  Oh come quickly Lord Jesus.  We are sooo waiting for you in this Rapture Window.  FYI, several Christian Groups suing them for defamation and discrimination.  Soak them dry to bankruptcy, those heathens.


Sooo, there it is.  Friends, let’s quit playing church and saying “It’ll get better tomorrow”.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  This Statistician says based on such a preponderance of factual and numerical truths that WE ARE THERE.  THE EDGE OF TIME, THE END of DAYS.  Cannot tell you how exhilirating it will be because #1, I don’t know, but #2 its gonna be Beautiful to have a “Heavenly KING”, that I know.

Geez Louise, if each of us could just tell one family member or a friend, or a shut in, or prisoner, or an elderly person, or a stranger about how crucial it is in September for their eternity to Believe and Confess Jesus.  That would be something quite FINE to do for one Dear Jesus who DIED so we could LIVE.  That’s too fair, we don’t deserve that.  But then again His gift is Free.  Sooo, take it and take the elevator UP for Heaven, else it’s DOWN for HELL.  So so simple.

Rev. 22:20 : “He which testifies thee things saith, surely I come quickly.  Amen.  Even so, come Lord Jesus”.

Like the song says : “See You in September”.  God willing.  Very very probable.









Luke 21:36 : “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

Welcome Everybody.  Thanks for “vacation” patience.  All about family.

Only 7 days for the Prophetic Total Solar Eclipse across America as it crosses “NO” other nation.  Only 26 days until the planet Jupiter leaves the “tummy” of the Virgo Constellation.  Only 40 days for the Virgo Constellation to be in full bloom, Sept, 23.  Only 58 days from the end of the Lord’s last Feast, Feast of Tabernacles and prayerfully when the RAPTURE WINDOW closes.  Friends, you know darn well by now that America’s roots are just too deep in the soil, good enough for “tares”, and not good enough for the “wheat”.

With that said, may the following report intrigue your mind to be more certain that we truly are in The Season of His Return.  From the absolute DIVISION in America to the Prophetic Temple Mount turmoil and what our Almighty God has done to open our eyes to prepare for the 3rd Temple, to the Russian “muscle” exploding in the Middle East from Ezek. 38 and 39 that even Fox News is silent about, …….Well come on board and let’s see some bonafide Prophetic proof that we truly are On the Edge of Time.  Sooo, LET’S GO :

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE IN 1 WEEK  Approx. 10:30 A.M. Pacific Time, Aug. 21 :

America will be earnestly watching for the Great American Eclipse that will blanket America in 100% totallity of black darkness for 2 minutes and 42 seconds at it’s climax along it’s trajectory 70 mile wide swath.  No spot in continental America will have less than 78% darkness.  So many million of revellers will be most excited to partake of this unprecedented phenomenon that touches NO other nation on Earth but America from “Start to Finish” no less.  Let alone splitting our Racially and Politically DIVIDED AMERICA of TODAY precisely in half population wise and area wise.  Specifically, 162 million of us live North of the Portland to Charleston S.C. trajectory path and 161 million to the South.  Can only be God Almighty to show how DIVIDED we are.

It is quite sad the super majority excitables are missing the TRUTH on this timely occurrence of this Eclipse.  Like the recent Biblical Blood Moons, this too is a Prophetic Omen that our nation is on the cusp of our Lord’s End of Time JUDGEMENTS in this Prophetic year of 2017 and 5777 Jewish calendar.  We who “KNOW” I am sure will be emotionally wrapped up with both “sadness and joy” as this Eclipse is our witness to God’s Heavenly Sign that He is literally screaming at us to repent for our illicit morals and values.  SAD for the Great Trib. just around the corner.  JOY that our Jesus may surely and prayerfully open the glorious doors for the Rapture Window which begins next week and goes thru the Feast of Tabernacles in October.  God willing of course.

May you WATCH this 3 hour phenomenon, 1 & 1/2 hours as light gradually turns to dark then 1 & 1/2 hours as dark gradually turns to light.  And when you do witness this Heavenly Omen, may you shed a tear of great joy that He will soon be saying “Come Up Hither” in this Final Jubilee Year of Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the Day of Vengeance of our God”.  And may we all think of each other when it passes over our heads and also think of 1 person, anyone, to talk to who needs to know God as time is so short.  For crying in a bucket, VIRGO of Rev. 12, specifically verse “5” is but 40 paltry days away.

And how fitting is this #40 on Elul 1 today in Jewish calendar which signifies the first day of 40 day countdown for repentance of sin to Yom Kippur, Sept. 30, our Lord’s Holiest Day of all Holy Feast Days, Day of Atonement.  Yes 40, biblical meaning = Trials, Probation, Testing.  Yes, 40 days of Flood testing with Noah.  Yes, 40 days of God giving Moses the 10 Commandments.  Yes, a fasting Jesus who was tested in the wilderness 40 days by satan.  And YES, now it’s our turn.

Acts 2:20 : “The sun shall be turned into darkness, BEFORE the great and notable day of the Lord”.

Rev. 11:12 : “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod; and the angel said, rise and measure the temple of God.  But the COURT, WHICH IS WITHOUT THE TEMPLE leave out and measure it not, for it is given unto the GENTILES”.



FYI, the above scripture is so absolutely remarkable for the Prophetic return of the 3rd Temple as you’ll see below.  DO YOU GET IT?  Angel tells John not to fuss with the OUTER COURT as it goes to the GENTILES.  In short, Israel is ordered to build the 3rd Temple, and NOT FUSS with the AL-AKSA MOSQUE next door which is GIVEN, in today’s words, which “BELONGS” TO THE “MUSLIMS”, as they are GENTILES.  Look how close to Prophetic Reality the 3rd Temple is :

1.  After the horrific massacre of 3 Jewish family members, 2 Israeli police on the Mount and 11 shot Palestinians on and about it.  And after Bibi ordered all metal detectors, for all entrants to the Mount and then dismantled them ALL a week later in fear of the 3rd Intifada, Psalms 83 War with border neighbors and talking with Trump and Jared Kuschner for advice. Here is the latest :  a)  Muslims are now free to enter the Mount to pray  at Al-Aksa Mosque but only after ALL Jewish, Christians, and Muslims are more thoroughly and individually examined by Israeli Police whose force has now been doubled by Bibi.  b)  As of today, this is holding as Grand Mufti Mohammed Hussein (oh, what a name, Muslim John Smith) has relunctantly  approved this.  c)  Although Jews can now ascend the Mount and pray, even in groups which has been disallowed for almost 2,000 years, with less Muslim supervision, their joyous freedom of “owning” it for one week by themselves has dissipated into anger and protest against Bibi.  d)  77% of Jews feel Bibi capitulated on what they “almost” had for themselves, the entire Temple Mount.  e)  I myself believe Bibi folded like a cheap suit.  f)  Even today, Aug. 14, groups of Jewish people march throughout Israel chanting : “We Want The Temple Back” for the 3rd Temple NOW and for ZERO Muslim supervision on Jewish prayers to be immediate until the new Temple is built.  g)  On August 2nd, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Dahan on the 1,400 Jews who initially marched and formed an emotional “hand-wall” around the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, said : “Everyone who came here tonight proved with his feet that we want the Temple back”.  h)  With all that said, Bibi now says : “$100 million to to be spent to develop technology to enhance security at the Temple Mount. You are not quite there yet Bibi.  i)  One hour later Islamic officials supervising the Mount : “We will not accept ANY new Israeli security measures at the Mount”.  j)  And by the by, on the 9th of Av, Aug. 1, where the first 2 Temples were destroyed “to the very day”, 1,300 Jews ascended the Mount, the MOST IN 2,000 YEARS, NOT ONE SINGLE ARAB was there.  That must have been a scene of beautiful joy.  Visitors in 2016 = 400, in 2015 = 200, in 2014 = 150, in 2010-2013 = ZERO.  k)  Friends, so let’s square this up : The trend is your friend I learned early in my career as a Statistician.  Like how can we not foresee the loud clamor on both sides simmering white-hot to soon reach a dreadful climax for the Mount.  My take; it’s Intifada 3 and Psalms 83 War coming to fruition any morning we wake up from here on out.  The Jewish nation, smells blood, and they want “it” and through the Glory of God, His Chosen People will get it.  So there, I’ve said it.  There’s no longer a pause button, it’s fast-forward on the button and it’s now unstoppable as our Bible says so.


30% of Jordan’s Parliament wants to cease ALL diplomatic relations with Israel including the 1992 Peace Accord.


1.  Caliphate seeker and Dictator Pres. Erdogan : “Everyone who knows Israel is aware that the restrictions like metal detectors on Al Aksa were not due to security concerns, but to take it over”.  Bibi responds : “The Turkey leader is the last one who can preach to Israel”.

2.  Gog in motion : Turkey, Iran, and Russia, the BIG 3 TRIFECTA of Gog hold a series of talks in Aug. and Sept. on Syria in ugly Tehran.  According to Lavrov the series of talks will be “STRENGTHENING the de-escalation zones in Syria”.  De-escalation, Schme-escalation friends.  Do you get it?  Syria is the launch pad for the Russian Coalition in the Gog-Megog War.  So so clear using these “fat” words and then to bite like a viper on the nation of Syria bordering Israel, her oil, her wealth, her trade gateway to the West by the Mediterranean Sea.


1. Jared Kuschner to travel to Israel in the coming days to get the Peace Process moving.  Will also meet with leaders of Jordan, Egypt, Saudis, and the “perpetual hatred” boys against Israel, the Palestinian Authority of Ezek. 35:5 : “Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, I will prepare thee unto blood and blood shall pursue thee”.

2.  Israel military now preparing to install 100% secure underground barrier that will stretch all the way across Israel’s Southern border with Gaza to the Mediterranean Sea.  Hamas, you are now SHUT OUT of tunnel-making toys.


1.  Prosecutors closing in on 3 cases of indictment on Bibi and his wife for “Bribery, Fraud, and Break of Trust”.

2.  Bibi : “There will be nothing to come of this.  There is nothing to this background noise”.

3.  As a show of faith against the Left who’ve concocted these indictments to remove Bibi from office, the powerful Liknd party and 3,000 supporters come forth for Bibi against this Left-Wing media “Witch-Hunt”.

4.  At the gathering, Bibi : “The Left has an obsessive, unprecedented Witch-Hunt against me seeking to overthrow the Gov’t”.  WOW!!  Does this sound familiar when we fast-forward to our Pres. or what.


1.  Prophetic Sign here for the End of Days : For 1st time in 2,000 years, Jewish Priests will undergo “live-act training” to ascend the Temple Mount’s Holy of Holies where God’s presence is said to dwell.  WE ARE THERE!!

2.  And a more Prophetic Sign : The 3rd Temple Institute hosts a conference of WINE EXPERTS to determine which is the wine to produce that is most and best suitable to be used in the Temple service.  WOW again!!

3.  More Prophetic : A breakthrough discovery from Institute of Crystallography in Italy has “confirmed” that the image of the man on the Shroud of Turin is composed of REAL BLOOD.  Also, a microscopic analysis of blood particles reveals that blood came from someone that was brutally tortured.  That’s awesome!!  Come quickly Lord Jesus, We’re Waiting for You.

4.  FYI, an Israeli firm, Elbit Systems, wins the worldwide BID search to “BUILD THE WALL” in America.  How can Trump lose on this, a no-brainer to keep the quarter-brainer terrorists out.

5.  Not good here and you can thank Pope Francis for enabling this : Catholic Churches in Jerusalem now begin to use Replacement Theology where Church has sub-planted the Jews, to deny the “Divinity” of the Temple Mount and thereby promote HERESY and DENY the Jewish connection to the Mount.  They also place sole blame of Israel for all the flaring tensions the past few weeks on the Mount.  For the Perils of Pauline, these False Prophet Churches that placate and ponder to Muslims’ interests by referring the Temple Mount as “Haram Ash Sharif” with no reference to the Bible are exactly what Jesus warned of in John 5:43 : “I am come in my father’s name, and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his name, him ye will receive”.

Friends, I’ve checked my memory on all my Temple Mount research over the years, and I tell you, I don’t recall ANYTHING like this before as this chimes in sync with End of Days and PTL, WE, YOU, ME, are the generation to witness the Glory of God closing this 6,000 year old book aided by this Temple construction BUZZ all over Israel today, before our blue, brown, and green little eyes.

Matthew 12:25 : And Jesus said : “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”.



You can say that again and thank you Mr. Obama, 44th President & Biblical meaning for #44 = DIVISION.  Look : Heaviest lift across America right now in White House is a helter-skelter NoKo agenda :

1.  The deadly ping-pong of rhetorical war threat exchanges of “If you do this, then I’ll do that” between Trump and the NoKo dill pickle is remarkably staggering.  It just can’t scale up any higher from Trump’s “Fire and Fury, the likes of which the world has never seen before” to “Locked and Loaded” absolutely diminutizes the Cuban Missile Crisis almost 60 years ago.

2.  Compound this with the Leaks, the Lies, the Un-loyalty, the Kidney Congress and the most profound word Jesus used in his Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 on the End of Days, DECEPTION, are all splashing down upon Trump in confluence together that the SWAMP may be DRAINING him.  Like what is Obama Care anymore?  Really!!

3.  If Neil Diamond was invited to the White House and he chose to sing “Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good”, I tell you, he’d get shot.

4.  After a 2 week VACA, I took a perspective of the White House and America as to why this nation is in shambles.  With prayerful wisdom : Almighty God has put Trump in against all odds-and, I hate to say this, but-to “speed up” America’s implosion and into obscurity.  Not because of Trump’s divisiveness – divisiveness for the right reasons I might add, but because this nation has burst apart at the seams in it’s Values, Morality, and mostly, in God and His Beautiful Son all the way from the Bible, to the Constitution to GAYVILLE, etc.

5.  Is it no wonder his approval rating by Evangelicals has capitulated from 90% on election day to 63% in March to 56% last week.

6.  Is it no wonder also, with all this political backstabbing that our Lord is spearing down His Total Solar Eclipse, EXACTLY 7 DAYS FROM TODAY as a “gift” this nation deserves.

7.  I tell you, it is an Omen of Judgement.  Like why else would it slice Continental America precisely in half in population and area and not be seen in it’s “Trajectory” in NO other of the 193 nations on the planet.  Coincidence Schmoincidence.  It will be, for most people, a party like it was 1929, fun, cool, beautiful big show, frolic, romantic, hotels and motels filled to 100% occupancy. On that occupancy, I know for a fact as I tried booking 45 days ago and failed, just “to be in the eye of the tiger” in Rexburg or Idaho Falls,  Idaho, not for fun, but to shed emotions and tears of joy on this Omen on behalf of our Disappointed and Unhappy Creator’s reason for this Eclipse to appear before us.  And well, NOW THEY’VE FINALLY DONE IT, and time to pay the piper with His Judgement now coming in buckets, to be sure.  Friends, this Eclipse is phenomenal, it is unprecedented, not the one 99 years ago which did “NOT” split America and only America.  And it’s Divine.


1.  Oh mama, there goes that man again.  Mama, I thought he was gone!  WRONG : HUD Secretary Ben Carson orders massive audit of Obama Administration flow of money at HUD.  Uncovers a cool $520 Billion in errors after concluding.  Oh where, oh where, did all the money go?  A little here, a little there.  And maybe a little stipence of $8.5 million in cold cash Obama purchased his pad for.  Do tell and Dad Gum it.

2.   As per Ex-Fox Contributor, Dick Morris reveals that it’s official : Obama and a group of his minions have truly set up a secret war room tasked with stopping Trump thru Resignation or Impeachment.  Has bonafide proof that Obama has turned his house in the high rent district of the plush Kalorama, a ritzy Subdivision of D.C. scant 2 miles from where Trump and Melania sleep and eat, into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, Trump.

3.  Illinois Gov. Rauner signs into law August 4th, as Barack Obama Day across the entire state as a Holiday.  Yeah, Holiday to Hell.

4.  Did you know NoKo had zero, none, NATTA 1 nuke in 2009, Obama’s 1st year.  In 2017 they now have 60 mini-nukes.  Oh, that’s a real, deadly bummer.  Thanks for the opportunity to “light” us up.  I could go more, that’s enough.


1.  And you know racism in America is back, it is alive and well with a vengeance after this weekend’s Charlottesville, Virginia.

2.  Watch Venezuela, on the brink of Civil War.  I’ve been saying this on every post for 2 months.  Why?  Because this will be America soon for those “Left Behind” in the Rapture which, God willing, will be very soon.  Real Soon.

3.  Has Lying Hillary struck again : At Least 11 Counties in California have more registered voters than voting age citizens by a whopping 144% of the total # of residents to be exact.  Yes, but what about the deceased, those that left the state, and of course, the Zombies?  Rigged, Rigged, like Trump said.

4.  On the lighter side, Ann Graham Lotz, Billy’s daughter, comparing the “party fever” for the Great America Eclipse to the book of Daniel 5 : “While Babylonian King Balshazzar and his friends partied all night long and had a good time, they were oblivious to the impending danger.  The King wound up dead the next day and the Babylonian Empire was destroyed”.  DO YOU GET IT.  WE ARE THERE.  America’s middle name is P-A-R-T-Y.  And how about Eccl. 1:9 : “The things that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done”.  Oh yeah, I GET THAT.

Close with Luke 13:3,5 and it’s NOT a typo :  Luke 13:3 : “I tell you, Nay; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish”. Luke 13:5 : “I tell you, Nay; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish”.




Is it a wonder Trump says : “Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low”.  LOOK :

1.  As U.S. troops are set to withdraw some personnel, Putin has just signed a “law” ratifying a deal with Syria allowing Russia to keep it’s airbase in Syria for “50” years.  Hmmm!!  Sounds like a Russian Jubilee.  Do they not know they are sitting on a foundation of very loose sand, Biblically speaking as per Ezek.

2.  Russia just buried John Madden’s video game dynasty : Russia becomes first nation on earth to employ powerful LASERS on their fighter jets that can flat out “burn up” oncoming enemy missiles, or “light-up” enemy ships, buildings, people.  GULP.  Zech. 14:12 : “Their flesh shall consume away while they stand on their feet and their eyes shall consume away in their holes”.

3.  U.S./Russian Sanctions War : Russia expels 755 U.S. diplomatic staff out of Russia by Sept. 1 after Trump, ticked and unable to shake the near 100% approved veto-proof Congress Sanctions on Russia.

4.  Worse : Prime Minister Medvedev : “The new sanctions on Russia are tantamount to a full-scale Trade War….and that Trump is absolutely powerless.  The hope that our relations with President Trump will improve is now FINISHED”.  Too bad.

5.  Foreign Minister Lavrov on NoKo : “The one who is stronger must take the first strike.  And Putin says : “Russia is ready to react accordingly”.  Oh man, looking down the WWIII barrel or what.


1,  First and foremost, we just gotta pray for their 26 million innocent citizens locked under this delusional horrific bull of a man, Kim “Junk” Un.

2.  As their political dangerous and damaging rhetoric exchanges can not be any higher with Trump, we just gotta WATCH if they will strike approx. 20 miles outside Guam as show of force by month’s end as “Junk” says he will.  And then……!!


1.  On NoKo, China warns U.S. : “Don’t go first…..If the U.S. attacks first and tries to overthrow North Korea’s Gov’t., China will prevent this.  And if North Korea launches missiles that threaten U.S. soil first and the U.S. retaliates, then China will stay neutral”. BOMBS AWAY then BUBBA, we won’t strike 2nd.  And thanks for the tip.  By the way is Obama, that military mouth of marvel advising you China militarily to show all your cards pre-emptively like he used to do in America?  It really worked, but only for a short while.  Sorry friends, had to get that in to maintain my sanity and scruples among all this most dire chaos erupting around the globe on this report.


Nice to know there are others who feel the Pope is a “Christian Fraud”.

1.  That being said, none other than from the usually tightly measured lips of Gog himself, Vladimere Putin who sums it up Aug. 8th : “If you look around at what the Pope says, it’s clear that he’s not a man of God.  At least not the Christian God, and not the God of the Bible”.  Well said Vladdy.

2.  To support this : Pope Francis is the only Pope in the Roman Catholic Church in history that was not EVER NEVER EVER ordained as a priest.

3.  Maybe this is why he’s such a blabber as a World Gov’t. advocate and the world’s greatest Climate Change promoter to lure the 193 nations together.  Well, he’s got 192 of 193 (only Trump’s America).

4.  Maybe that’s why he’s a lover of promoting open borders and mass migration.

5.  Maybe that’s why when his closest allies at the Vatican criticize U.S. Conservative Catholics and call all Christian members “Radicalized Alliances” and relate them to “Being no different than Jihadists…… An alliance of hate formed to support President Donald Trump”.

6.  And let those that have an ear, hear what the Pope says to this remarkable blast of rhetoric.  Listen closely, Pope says absolutely nothing.   YEPP, not a word.  NOT ONE WORD.  In normal times this would be reprimand or expulsion from the church, but this is 2017, a most Prophetic year.  No wonder Jesus is mentioned several times as a “lamb” in the Bible and only ONE other human in the world’s 6,000 year history who has been called a “lamb” in the Bible is the False Prophet of Rev. 13:11 : “…..he had 2 horn like lamb and spake like as a dragon”.

7.  And I got this on Internet somewhere that Pope Francis has been called “The Vicar of the New World Order”.  Sorry, failed to write source.  Oh well, it is what it is on this imitator of Jesus who wears lots of white and claims he’s the power between God and man to be the mediator to forgive sin.  I stop there.


1.  Sparse news here as entire EU on tinderhooks on who will win German election next month.  And Angie’s so cool and confident, as she’s on a month long VACA.  Reminds me of the children’s story of the Rabbit and the Turtle.  Angie’s the rabbit.

2.  As for the burgeoning Muslim refugee crisis; what can I say “majority” of EU citizens’ voices are flatly left to hang out and twist in the wind as Muslims are, for lack of better word, metastacizing the continent.  And EU leaders are ineptly,like Nero, fiddling on their roofs while Rome is burning, doing squat.  I truly believe they’re just waiting helplessly in limbo in hopes of that certain man of deception to come forward.  That being the Anti-Christ.  We WATCH.



1.  World’s largest quakes last 2 weeks : A 7.0 in China where 20 have died, over 300 injured; a 6.6 in Philippines, a 5.9 in Japan where Japan’s nuclear plant Fukushima explosion after-effects say “ALL fish in the Pacific Ocean are tainted with radio-active nuclear residue.  Friends, Geography 101 : California, Oregon, and Wash. border the Pacific.  We’re TOAST if we like West coast salmon.

2.  Over 1,400 minor quakes now in Yellowstone Park, soon to be Jellystone Park, since June 12.  Most ever recorded in such a short period since records kept.

3.  Another ugly first for once beautiful Niagara Falls:  The Falls is now a torrent for raw sewage with billowing black smoke emerging from the smelly gunk.  There goes the Honeymoon.

4.  New Orleans flood, ala Katrina, is a mell of a hess.  God sure has this idolic Mardi Gras city’s number, Right!!


1.  You know all about the transgender decision by Trump on the nations 3,500 to 7,000 of them in the military that he demands that they be FIRED.  Now 5 have the gall to sue him.  Good Night Irene.

2.  When the ridiculous Roseanne TV revival comedy series starts this fall, it will feature their new little starlet a 9-year old “gender creative” whatever the heck that means.  For crying in a bucket, you’re either a guy or a girl when God created you.  Not a “Birl” or a “Goy”.  If you’re 1/2 & 1/2, that don’t pack sand, and as per Rev. 3:16 : “I will spew thee out of my mouth”.

3.  Jerusalem is not there yet, only 3% Messianic and here’s a crazy-filled reason : 23,000 attended Gay Pride Parade .

4.  A transgender Day Camp has tripled in enrollment size for kids aged 4-12 in California since founded in 2014.  Oh Friends, tell me America is not wreaking in Sodom and Gomorrah.  No wonder our Creator has biffed America and the Total Solar Eclipse omen 1 week from TODAY!!! is slicing and dicing America not only in 1/2 but in to oblivion.  Watch it and weep.  IT IS the Real Deal for the opening curtain for America, with all our division, to say Asta La Veesta baby from the Bible .

5.  And this hurts much because other than the Disney Cartoon “Lion-Guard”, our 5 year old grand daughter loves Doc McStuffins and I had to suffer thru that with her daily for 2 weeks knowing that the 2 main “voice” actresses on the Disney Channels highly rated cartoon are 2 Gay Lesbians who “know” each other well.  Ay, YiYiYiYi.  FYI, my attempt to switch the channel failed EVERY time with “STOP!!  I want to watch Doc McStuffins”.  My mouth was speechless, it had to be picked up off the floor when I heard this.


Note : You might not want to read item #3 I caution here.

1.  Mrs. Bill Gates, Melinda, richest woman in the world gives a mighty heartfelt charitable donation.  That is GOOD.  Wrote a check for $375 million that went to American Abortion Industries of America.  That is coyote ugly BAD!!  That’s premeditated murder Melinda with a deadly weapon(s).  Can you afford a Bible?

2.  Surely Melinda may have helped this cause:  Planned Parenthood’s” website issues methods for talking to pre-schoolers about gender roles, sexuality, masterbation, and transgenderism.  Hmmm, what about Mickey Mouse and “GOOFY”!!

3.  Notorious Italian Abortion Doctor, Emma Bonino, invited to speak to Catholic Churches on positions of “Muslim Immigration Goodness” when coming into EU.  She claims to have performed over 10,000 illegal abortions using her own “Abortion Machine” of a bicycle pump and an empty pickle jar.  Sorry to say this as IT IS WHAT IT IS!  We live in End of Days when this abounds to be sure, and more so in the Great Trib.  What an insane person infected by satan.  Google her up if you dare.  Reluctantly, I’m totally correct on this (and whole report to boot, FYI).

D.   OTHER :

If you’re still here :

1.  Indiana man murders his wife’s Doctor for refusing her Opioids which have killed over 60,000 in 2016 and which started in 2009 when Obama became Pres.  If he don’t get you one way, he’ll get you another way with satan’s ice cream from his healthcare rules.  Dad Gum It.

2.  Newborn baby, less than “1 Hour” old scrapped by her mother onto a Houston street.  Found within minutes by a good samaritan.  Baby was, again so sorry to report this in America, baby was covered by ants, but survived PTL.  Sorry.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus, PLEASE!!

3.  Only 31% of U.S. adults claim to be Evangelicals.  And of that 31%, only 30% of THEM, are all about John 14:6 : “I am the way, the truth and the life”.  Friends, easy calculation for a Statistician : (79% of U.S. is over 18) times (30% of 31%) of total U.S. population of 323 million leaves this nation with ONLY 23.7 million true Berean Believers in our Lord.  Talk about we’re TOAST.  As Jesus said the road is wide and the gate is narrow.  Very bad stuff yours truly mentioned here.  And millions of American are jumping for joy to “party on”, on next week’s torpedo to America from our God, the Eclipse on America and absolutely no other nation.  WOW!!


Sooo, there it is.  What can I say?  We’re so close to His Coming. I’m getting goosebumps with twinges of exhiliration.  It’s a happy, queasy feeling hard to explain, but I like it.  We gotta fight hard for overcoming and staying steps ahead of satan because satan is starting to go full blast now.  PTL our Lord has satan on a leash.  May we stay righteous because if we are wrong, and don’t believe He came, He was Crucified, He Died, He was Buried, He Rose in Glory, then we’re not only WRONG, we are “DEAD WRONG”.  As in Hello to a Hell-life. May we say KAPUTSKY to the mockers and smockers when we acknowledge the “true meaning” of this Eclipse and Virgo.  And may this world’s astrologers go play ostrich in the sand, as this is God speaking loud and clear.  Remember, all the mockers and smockers perished in the Flood in Noah’s time.  And may we keep our eye on that little speck of a dot Jerusalem, the time clock of the world and the “eye of the tiger” to spawn the Great Trib. with this Peace Process and 3rd Temple now in play.

God willing, see you next week and the next several weeks, and then we just “May Be Outta Here”.  God Bless.

Mark 13:37 : “And what I say unto you I say unto all, WATCH”.


It’s That “Vacation Thing” 8/7/2017

I’m very sorry to not have delivered this week’s post as we are vacationing with our daughter and grand daughter.  Hope you understand.  Next post to be on Tues. Aug. 15th.  Hope to see you then as so many End Time Events are in such a timely confluence together to be exploding out the world and ABOVE IT.  Specifically, the Prophetic Total Solar Eclipse against America Aug. 21 and the Sept. 9th-Oct. 11th “RAPTURE WINDOW”, featuring Unprecedented Heavenly Sign of Virgo Alignment Sept. 23rd, smack in the middle of this WINDOW, which will pounce on us like a cheetah.  May God Bless, Thanks, and may we soon be “THERE, UP THERE”.