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Psalms 55:23 : “But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction; bloody and deceitful men”.

Welcome Everybody.  What can I say? this world is a mess.  Look left and Russia is bragging about the greatest, most powerful Nuclear ICBMs the world’s ever seen.  Look right and our nation’s Capital of D.C. is the mockery of the world.  Look backwards and the ugly tentacles of satan has his barbarians at the gates of Israel as never before.  I tell you, for all those who think that things will get better next year; Welll!!  Better sit down and have a beer, it’s time to talk.  Just LOOK :

Deut. 20:4 : “For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you”.



1.  Obviously the biggest thing in Israel today.  Well it’s NOT!!  Why??  The Unity Gov’t. between the Palestinians and Hamas in Gaza does not pass the smell test as far as Israel is concerned.  They now refuse “ALL” Peace Talks unless BOTH Hamas and the Palestinians recognize the State of Israel and also disarm ALL terrorists in Gaza now that the 2 have merged into One Unity Gov’t. earlier this month in Cairo.  U.S. Special Envoy on Peace Deal, Jason Greenblat is told by White House to “wholly back” Israel on this.  IT’S OFF, IT’S OFF for now.

2.  With that said, I gotta tell you, Trump is ABSOLUTELY Bible naive regarding the division of the Land of Israel.  All he has to do is read Ezek. 35:5,6 : “Because thou hast had a PERPETUAL HATRED of Israel, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee”.  There will never be a “long-lasting” peace between the 2.  (Also Ezek. 25:5 on the “Old Hatred” will “Never” subside.  So much for the Ultimate Deal, at least for  now.


1.   Closer and closer, inch by inch now.  On Oct. 14, Israeli Air Force destroys a Syrian anti-aircraft missile system 5 miles “East” of, you guessed it, Damascus, after it fired at 4 Israeli jets and missed them all.

2.  One week later, Oct. 21, this time just “West” of Damascus, after 5 Syrian missiles harmlessly “spilled” over the Golan into Israel as Syria said they were meant for Syria’s adversaries the Syrian rebels, the Israeli Air Force hit 3 Syrian artillery positions, all demolished.

3.  In that same week, Israel Sorties bombed targets of Hamas in the Sinai in retaliation for harmless, again, rocket launches into Southern Israel that merely blow up some topsoil and dirt.  Do You Get It? It’s T-H-Squared time, “Too Hot To Handle” as this frequency of missile exchanges is heading for a climax SOON??

4.  The IDF has seen a “Massive Escalation” on the Golan border destined for the Holy Land, to be sure.  They believe the Syrian and Hamas rockets were deliberately timed and shot into Israel to see what damage they would cause.  And that’s a joke as per Isaiah  54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.

5.  Hamas Senior Military Generals arrive in Iran to update them on their union with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and, of course, their struggles with Israel and how to “up their game” in annihilating Israel. Psalms 83:3 : “They have taken crafty council against thy people”.  Got that right.

6.    And a 1st grader from Bora Bora Elementary can figure this out.  They’re not sipping champagne and munching on horderves, Dad Gum it.  Two days later, a Hamas political delegation visits Iran to explain Hamas’ political stance.  Spokeswoman Sal eh al-Arouri : “We will set a clear limit on the scope of our reconciliation with the PA : on handing over day to day governance of Gaza to the PA, YES!!  On changing foreign policy or long term strategy (annihilate Israel), NO!!  Too-shay.  I say.  Go get high on some “Fumes” both of you.

7.  And did you know Hamas is building a military base in Southern Lebanon.  Can you imagine that, as 2,000,000 in Gaza are starving day to day and deprived of their freedom and dignity.  Oh what a nefarious creed these Hamas jackals are.

8.  With regard to Trump’s call on Hamas to disarm, recognize Israel, and split the sheets with Iran, Hamas’ response blasting Trump : ” The U.S. is blatantly interfering in matters that belong only to the Palestinian people.  Gone is the time in which Hamas discusses Israeli recognition.  The discussion now is about when we will wipe out Israel.  No one will disarm us, ever.  It is a wonder Israel announced it will not negotiate with the new Hamas/PA One-Unity Gov’t.”.  These nut jobs are tantamount to a bunch of wild dingos.  No doubt about it.


1.  Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visits Bibi on why Russian military presence in Syria is necessary.  They’ve refused Bibi’s requests “THREE TIMES” in 5 months now for a 36-mile buffer zone between Israel’s side of the Golan and any Iranian military presence on Syria’s Western Border with Israel.  Bibi warns Shoigu to tell Vladdy : “Iran has to understand that Israel will not allow Iranian military entrenchment into Syria”.  And son of a gun if, on the very next day Russia agrees to Bibi’s buffer zone request.  Friends, WATCH this trap, as a leopard never changes his spots.  Gog is imminent.

2.  WOW, if this isn’t setting up for the End of Days, and to be so extrovertive on this for the entire world to hear : The dastardly murderer of many U.S. soldiers, the Iran Revolutionary Guard’s Supreme Leader, General Baqeri flies to Damascus after Israel’s 2 retaliations on Syrian military assets mentioned above.  Says : “We arrived in Damascus to coordinate to confront our common enemy, the Zionists.  It is not acceptable for them to violate Syria at any time it wants”.  Short and sweet, but mighty powerful I’d say.  Oh well, suck gas General, Isaiah 49:39 is on your doorstep : “But it shall come to pass in the LATTER DAYS, that I will bring again the captivity of Elam, saith the Lord:.  Friends, Elam is today’s Iran.  And the LATTER DAYS is “TODAY BABY, TODAY”.

Gotta WATCH what happens in Jerusalem and Israel, world’s foremost prophetic time-clock & super sign now that Lord’s Last Heavenly Sign in Bible, in Rev. 12:1, Virgo, has dissipated, for Salvation prior to Great Trib.

Isaiah 14:1 : “For the Lord will yet choose Israel, and set them in their OWN LAND”.

division, Division, “DIVISION”, Nothing But Division


A.  Squabble, Babble, Punch, Counter-Punch.  Here’s just a smidgon on our snippy-snappy verbage and bombshells that have erupted in D.C. this past week :


Highly respected, common sense, Senator Bob Corker who’s resigning because of Trump’s “zero credibility” and highly credible Jeff Flake who just stated he’ll not run for Arizona Senator again, blast Trump with seething words, individually rebuking Trump :

1.  Sen. Bob Corker : “Pres. Trump has difficulty in saying the truth.  World leaders know his statements are untrue.  The new normal is not normal.  His political mind is too divided.  Trump’s Legacy will be debasing our nation”.

2.  Sen. Jeff Flake : “Pres. Trump is a threat to our democracy.  Nobody should condone his behavior.  I will not be complicit or silent on his outrageous behavior anymore”.

3.  Trump’s short tweet responses : a)  On Corker :  “Corker helped write up the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Corker couldn’t be elected Dog-Catcher in Tennessee”.  b)  On Sen. Flake : “Flake has a “zero” chance of being re-elected next year”.  Hocus-Pocus, Spit-Spat.  My take : Yes, Trump is a LIAR and he’s an arrogant mouth, but he was better than the “Crooked One”.  And no “bouts adoubt” it, Republican Party is Fractured City and now, America is even more Divided.  Sooo, write that down and take it home to mama.  Case closed.


This is a pot of scandalous boiling water that may never be cooled down.  WHAT?

1.  The Russian election meddling by Trump campaign – don’t you just hate these horrendous to the ear words anymore 24/7 – just got snapped and backfired on the Democrats and is turning out to be a  Pandora’s Box galore against them.

2.  From Crooked Hillary’s scandalous Foundation Funding of subverting Trump campaign, to just revealed scandalous Dossier report sources with bona-fide proof naming Clinton surrogates as obstructors.  To  more bona-fide proof of Crooked Hillary’s scandalous sale of 20% of American’s Uranium stock piles to Russia after hubby’s, that is Slick Willy’s, $500,000 Russian speech take in Moscow.  Welll, can you only imagine how many more bombshells and shoes will drop on the feeble and futility-infected Democrats in D.C. now.  Oh, go get ‘em Trey Gowdy, you can do it on Watergate II.  Oh what a web they weave when they practice to deceive.  Scandal, Scandal, Scandal, a little here, a little there, then POOF, a more Divided America.

B.  Everything Else After the D.C. Keystone Cops of Who’s on First, No He’s on Second :


1.  PTL, Trump is on top of horrific Opioid Epidemic in speech and funding for it.  Over 500,000 have died from it from 2000-15 and over 60,000 just last year.  This satan, he is STRONG today.

2.  For the 1st time in 26 years, Trump orders the U.S. fleet of B-52 bombers to be resurrected and prepared for a conflict with Fat Boy of NoKo.  Hard NOTE : The B-52s have a deadly nuclear carrying capability.

3.  Sad, but understandable, Fox News Poll, yes conservative Fox News, has Trump’s approval rating at 38% his lowest EVER.  Oh boy, that is dire.


Never say die on this guy for deceiving America :

1.  Now proof is revealed that that man of marvel and master of deception and disaster, Obama deliberately ordered IRS to target Conservative, Christian, and Republican Charity Groups during his tenure.  That DWEEB.  PTL Trump has exonerated these groups.

2.   My weekly Obama quote : “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam”.  Did I say DWEEB ?  Yes, I did.


1.  Ex-Pres. George Bush :  says on Trump and how he’s leading America : “Our young people need positive role models.  Bullying and prejudice in politics sets a national tone and provides permission for Cruelty and Bigotry.


1.  “It compromises the moral education of our children”.

2.   Also : “And Bigotry or White Supremacy is blasphemy against the American Creed”, as they agree with Bush on Trump.

3.  John Kerry speech on CSPAN says his Bible tells him that “The U.S. must protect Muslim countries from Global Warming”.  COME ON JOHN KERRY.  What garble gerble food this marshmallow man speaks.

4.  Susan Rice, on Sgt. Beau Berghdal convicted guilty of desertion in court, says : “He served his time with HONOR and DISTINCTION”.  What gobble-degook this woman speaks.  This deserter cost 4 soldiers’ lives hunting for him and that Slicky Scrub Obama paid the Taliban $5.5 million to boot, to free him.  Oh, so sorry, Stella.

5.  FYI : Did you know sneaky Pete Attorney General Loretta Lynch used a fictitious name “Olivia Carlisle” when she met Slick Willy Clinton on the airport tarmac last year regarding her guarantee that Crooked Hillary would be “safe”.  Friends, what a sham.


1.  Liberal, phony hyped up ESPN Sports network will no longer air the National Anthem on ANY, I say ANY, football, baseball, basketball games at any level anymore.  Oh, those “TV kneelers”.

2.  Black Radical Minister Louis Farrakhan : “Black people : We should be  more convinced that it is time now for us to separate and build a nation of our own”.  And who will be your president Louis?

3.  U.S. Deficit in fiscal year 2017 comes in at an ominous $666 billion in the red.

4.  Mexico sets all-time record for homicides, mostly from drug war killings.  Projected to be 33,000 in 2017 and previous record was 2011 with 22,000.  Oh yeah, satan is loving this.

Psalms 75:7 : “But God is the judge; he putteth down one, and setteth up another”.



By Dec. 31, Russia brags it will successfully complete the launch of the ultra-superior RS-28, the dreadful Nuclear ICBMissile that can penetrate the up-to-now U.S.’ impenetratible Defense Shield and as well as beat ANY other Defense System on earth.  OOOKAYYY!!  So we’re #2 now.  Thanks Obama, you American Defense Crusher.


1.  Iran calls Trump’s Decertification of Obama’s Nuclear Deal from Hell and his slamming the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group, an outright “Declaration of War”.  Just like words out of the mouth of Fat Boy of NoKo.

2.  Iran’s military might, coupled with the Iraqi Army are now squashing the Kurds in scrimmage after scrimmage.  They’ve taken the oil-rich city of Kirkuk from Kurds, last major area Kurds had taken after their vote for Independence from Iraq.  Now unfortunately for both the Kurds and the U.S., Kurds “suspend” their Independence this week and seek talks with Baghdad.  Baghdad will now appear to call the shots leaving ONLY Israel left as a true U.S. strong military ally in Middle East.


Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter.  Several World Health authorities claim they’ve uncovered 128 decapitated Syrian mothers and children outside Damascus in mass graves.  Also, 286 in Mosadisha, Somalia, blown to pieces by 2 massive truck bombs.  Where’s the mass media on this.  Oh yeah, on the Russian election tampering and old Harvey Weinstein.  As the world spins to the Great Trib.


In December China will launch the “PETROYUAN”.  This is huge as it’s goal is to “DESTROY” the DOLLAR, “oil-wise” and replace it with a Single-Global Super-Currency which the world’s Elitist and Globalists are “chomping at the bit” for.  World Bank former Chief Economist : “The dollar dominance is the root cause of global financial and economic crises.  The Solution will be to replace the dollar with global currency”.


“Well mama, there goes that man again.  Yes son, he has to do what he has to do in the short time he has left”.  Unceasingly, this Pope’s agenda is running in a DRIP, DRIP, DRIP fashion contrary to Bible Scripture by favoring Climate Change and acceptance of Homosexuality to embolden his portion of bringing on the New World Order.  LOOK :

1.  Using his “bully-pulpit” at the “World Food Day” program held in Rome, Pope Francis, unobscurably the world’s most popular crooner for Global Warming, the New World Order’s “Trojan Horse” to unify the world’s 7.4 billion people, bashes Trump : “The Paris Agreement is the world’s means to control the devastating effects of Global Warming.  We can’t be satisfied by saying ‘someone else will do it’…..under the presumption of manipulating and controlling the limited resources of the planet and the GREED for profit”.  A subtly, yet covert and surreal backstab of America, the only nation on earth other than war-torn-could-care-less Syria of the 195 nations on earth to reject the Paris Climate Accords.

2.  The Catholic Bishops of Ireland, in unison, are utilizing the Pope’s teachings on marriage and family to promote Homosexual Couples as a NEW form of “Marriage and Family” for the upcoming annual World Meeting of Families of which the Pope’ll be a prime speaker.  Program entitled “Amoris : Let’s Talk Family!!  Let’s Be Family!!” contains explicit promotion of Homosexual relationships as a form of family.  Ireland’s Top Dog, Archbishop Martin : “We  must not allow ourselves to become entangled in trying to produce definitions of the family”.  Sooo, Top Dog, what about Gen. 1:27 : “So God created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the IMAGE of God created He them; male and female created He them”. Emphasis on HIS OWN IMAGE.  Case closed.


1.  Same old, same old, more culture shock, more Muslims refuges, never ending flow.

2.  Despite Germany’s unstoppable flow of incoming Muslims with Merkel’s political victory for another term, this power house nation of the EU goes on the 1-World-Order global offense.  Gov’t. fills the airwaves touting : “Germany vows to work even harder for continued and cohesive global unity around the world”.  Sure sounds Anti-Christ-ish to me.

3.  And may we watch Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s soon to be inaugurated and fledgling new Chancellor.  He will be world’s youngest National Leader at age 31.  He even looks like Nicolai Cerpatei of the movie “Left Behind” by Tim LaHay.  Oh dear Lord, may I quit reaching at these worthless straws.  But then again “What Difference Does It Make”, we’ll be “outta here”.



Now California is looking for causes of State’s worst wildfires in California history with 8400 homes and businesses and schools destroyed and 42 perished in the 280,000 acres consumed in infernos from Hell, appropriately called “La Diablo” meaning “The Devil”.  Got that right!  Fires now under control at least in the Napa Valley have done the devil’s duties.

2.  Greatest EARTHQUAKES lately of 5.5 magnitude or more :  6.7 in Indonesia, 6.1 off Japan, 6.0 off South West Africa, 6.0 in Tonga in Pacific, and 5.5 in Mexico.  None mass killers, but God is talking.


Canary Island’s Cumbra Vieja Volcano keeps simmering like 60.  In 8 days, a swarm of 362 Earthquakes.  Scientists say on eruption, a “1-mile high tidal wave” will occur going “550 mph” and in 3 1/2 hours will engulf UK Coastline and swallowing Spain and Portugal in the process.  Red-hot Magma about to spew on the island.  And get this, the Tsunami force winds and floods will swipe America’s East Coast Line.  We WATCH.


Could this be the “Beginning Root” of the 4th Horseman of the Apocolypse that slays 1/4 of this world in Rev. 6:8.  That being the Bubonic Plague, called the Black Death of 700 years ago in 14th Century, where today 124 deaths and 1,200 diagnosed infections and counting in Madagascar, South East Africa, the source.


Gotta talk about this most disdainful horrific act of satan to  keep people aware that we must make people aware.  Surely, the slaughtered babies can’t!!  :

1.  Satan’s minion, the UN, adopts new definition incorporated into “Right to Life”.  Those 3 beautiful words now tarnished forever, to include “Right to Abortion” into Article 6 ( of course “6”, meaning satan, sin) of it’s “International Civil & Political Rights”, saying : “All nations must provide safe access to Abortion”.  May the gnashing of teeth that God created for hell be upon these UN frogs.

2.  a)  Just as bad : The devils hand-picked, pink-horned Planned Parenthood just celebrated it’s 101st birthday.  What started out as a small backroom Abortion Clinic in Brooklyn in 1916 is now a burgeoning giant silent killer that has now surpassed what they call their “Golden Number” of 7,000,000.  Well friends, they got their diabolic wishes as 7,132,130 helpless babies never saw life out of the womb under their guide.  These “toads” also celebrated and idolized the life of Margaret Sanger and her 1920 book “The Wickedness of Creating Large Families”, whose theme was : “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of it’s infant members is to kill it”.  Wicked witch.  That absolutely shocked me.  Had to read it twice.   b)  FYI, since Roe vs Wade over 56 million babies never saw their mommy’s eyes.  I’m crying and I’m a dad, but I must not cry as it’s the way it’s suppose to be in this Season of Return.


1.  Blasted UK Gov’t. now calls for the term ‘Pregnant Woman’ to be banned in the nation as it excludes transgenders.  So so pitiful.  Where’s the Queen, eating pudding?  Where’s Theresa May?

2.  Disney Channel joins Gay Cartoon Doc McStuffins with another kid’s favorite Andi-Mak, where lead character Andi realizes he’s gay and comes out to his friends. This mindbending gender issue will consume next several episodes.  I can hardly wait to “NOT WATCH” this with my grand-daughter.  SLAM, BAM, 4,000 years ago, Lot, “Sodom and Gomorrah”, pillar of salt, fire and brimstone is all about what we see in this generation today in this “S&G” world!!  Like the hit song title by Carpenters in the 1980’s, We’ve Only Just Begun”, well let’s “suck it up buttercup”.  WE ARE THERE.

3.   Best, but I should say a despicable WORST for last : The “Michelle Obama” Public Library in Long Beach has presented its 5 & 6 year old children enrolled in it’s young reader program a huge array of “Diversity & Inclusion Agendas”.  Here we go, Michelle Obamanesque’s “True Colors” highlight for this week was a visit by story teller Xochi Mochi, a transgender he-she I guess, whose arrival made the day’s program a “Drag-Queen” and pro LGBTQ friendly environment for these little innocent kids to “want to know” all about this LGBT batch of sin.  This program was sponsored by the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, the Gender & Sexuality Alliance Network, the LGBTQ, Q for queer I suppose, non-profit Imperial Court of Long Beach, the SICK CITY of Long Beach, and of course Michelle Obama or whatever her-his gender is.  Friends, this Drag Queen Story Hour model Xochi, by reading these types of stories aims to “Give young children unabashadly ‘Queer Role Models’ by capturing the imagination of the gender fluidity of childhood”.  And oh, Xochi looks like a smiling devil multi colored clown with Blood tipped HORNS.  And she tells kids she’s an alien from the heavens and she likes fried tacos.  Thanks Mi—- Obama for screwing up the joint and fracturing these 5 year olds’ minds.  And by the by, Long Beach Satan Club approves story hour in a tweet : “Hail satan”.  Friends, Google this; I got it on Rapture Ready News, Oct.17.  It IS what it IS.  I’m getting out of here, NOW.  Very sick article.


1.  This is so insanely absurd : On Facebook, there’s a game for teens called “48 Hour Challenge Game” where teens are “challenged” to HIDE from their parents for as long as they can with participants awarded a higher score every time they are mentioned on Social Media by their friends.  YEAH, and to be sure, by their freaked out, stressed out parents who don’t know where they are.  What insanity this generation is witnessing.  Mind you, Facebook is a perpetrator of this.

2.  Finally, after 35 long years, of debunking and denying NASA publicly admits the existence of Planet X, ie. Nibiru, the 9th Planet via iron-clad proof of evidence from Cal Tech.  Could this be the WORMWOOD in Rev. 8:10 of the 3rd Trumpet after the 7 Seals??

3.  Chapman University just completes National Poll of American’s beliefs of the Supernatural.  Results : a)  55% of us believe that places can be haunted, including home, church, hospitals, school…..   b)  34% believe aliens have visited us.  c)  25% believe in telekinesis, that is moving of objects by the power of the human carnal mind.  Osh-By-Gosh, how can we NOT be in the End of Days?


Sooo, there it is.  All righty, nighty, tighty.  NOT!!  Just think what life will look like in a few years.  I ponder this and I get the absolute CREEPS, then I quickly revert back to Jesus and asking and looking for Him, our Blessed Hope, to get us outta Dodge, earth.  Cannot imagine today if anybody can fully understand what ultimate price it cost Jesus to leave his palace in Heaven at the foot of the throne of God to come to this cruddy earth to die so we could live.  KOWABUNGA, how could He do that?

I had an absolute “Kanniption” this past week when we had no heat in our fireplace and 20 degrees outside for two consecutive nights.  I didn’t want to leave the World Series Lazy Boy chair and Reece’s P-Nut Butter Cups to take care of this.  And this doesn’t hold the candle wick of a candle compared to the comfort zone Jesus had to leave to do what He had to do on earth.

How I want to do the best I can to follow Him, knowing I’m a born sinner, to bow down to Him in Heaven, Kiss His feet, receive my work punch-card from Him and do His will.  And best way to do this friends is Repent, Believe in Him, then POW-WOW.  Pray, Occupy, Watch, then Wait, Occupy, and Watch for Him to say Come Up Hither.

God willing see you around Election Day.

1 John 2:18 : “Little children (that’d be us) it is the last time; and ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists  whereby we know that it is the LAST TIME”.  WE ARE THERE.






2 Tim. 3:1 : “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come”.

Welcome Everybody.  As you’ll see below, this messy world is not headed for choppy waters.  We are ALREADY in choppy waters.  The Rapture Window, I placed a “High Probability” on this past year with such a preponderance of Biblically Prophetic evidence, expires this very day, Oct. 12, the closing Bookend being the Lord’s Final Feast, Feast of Tabernacles and it’s 8th Day, Day of Circumcision.  Virgo has now also dissolved.  BUT, BUT just look at all the Birth Pangs and Judgements about it : Great American Eclipse, Virgo, Harvey, Irma, Joseph, Maria, California Wine fires, and Las Vegas, ISRAEL ARTICLE BELOW which will absolutely astound you of how close we are to our belated Rapture to be with our Lord Jesus forever, and forever and forever for us who seek Him, our Blessed Hope of Titus 2:13.  May you read about these frantic days of frantic news.  Just LOOK :

Zech. 2:8 : “He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye”.


Few events this week, because it’s all about the Lord’s Last Feast, Feast of Tabernacles, where over 50,000 joined in prayers of glorifying the Lord amidst “tremendous” security in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.  But OH, how explosive those few events are.  Just LOOK at what these actions are gonna lead to that is absolutely beyond the pale on both sides :

1 a)  Bibi pledges allegiance to create a “Greater Jerusalem” whereby he authorized 3,000 new building tenders for new homes and advanced plans to create 5,000 more new homes.  His goal is also to expand Jerusalem itself by “annexing” another 125,000 Israelis who live in Settlements presently outside of Jerusalem proper.

b)  Bibi says : “We will intensify the momentum to develop a “Greater Jerusalem”.  We will also build thousands of housing units here.  We will add the necessary areas and the expansion to enable the accelerated development of this Greater Jerusalem”.  Good night Irene, has he flipped his gourd, has he gone GaGa.  For the Perils of Pauline, this is the most ambitious Settlement expansion in Israel’s recent history since becoming a nation.  Friends, I’ve just stopped dead in my tracks on this one.

c)  The deceitful and decrepid Obama brainstorm of UN Resolution 2334 on Dec. 23, 2015 where he slayed Israel on the UN vote to “freeze Settlement expansion” just got clobbered by Bibi.  As did Hamas’ and the Palestinian’s call to freeze Settlement building.  Let alone Russia’s and Iran’s all who warned the nation of Israel will otherwise be annihilated.  And then again, there’s God’s call : Isaiah 35:2 : “The wilderness and the solitary places shall be glad for them and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose”.

d)  Don’t tell me more that Bibi stopped there.  Well he didn’t :  He went further as he advanced plans for 4,000 new “Jewish” homes in the West Bank of all places to begin after the holidays.  Friends, if that don’t put the final rusty nail in the coffin for the Arabs of the Psalms 83 War to commence with the 3rd Intifada, well Katie bar the door.


Welll now, now that the Peace Process is shattered beyond belief, Trump says “squat” on the Settlements, but does say : “I want to give the Peace Process a shot before I even think about moving the Embassy to Jerusalem.  If we can make Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, I think it will lead to ultimately Peace in the Middle East which has to happen”.  OKKAYYY Donald, sounds like a pipe dream, onward.


1.  And this is shockingly “Unbelievable” : Palestinian Ambassador to UN, Mansour : “The Palestinian plan to pursue a course of operating diplomatically as a STATE, despite the absence of a Peace Deal, we are joining International Conventions and Treaties every day as a STATE.  We are acting as a STATE.  We are accepted as a STATE and we will continue on this new path”.  Berzerk Jerk.  What a SHAM!!

2.  Hezbollah Leader Nazvallah calls for the Final Ethnic Cleansing of All Jews in Israel.  Says : “Israel should remain silent and count down the days to it’s death”.  Yeah, yeah, tell us more fairy tales with all your 150,000 missiles pointed at every square inch in the Jewish Nation, all 150,000 which will divinely fizz.

3.  Defense Minister Liberman responds : “Our enemies will try first to strike our population centers and civilian infrastructure.  And if our RED LINES will be breached, the other side must know in advance that it is going to pay very heavy prices”.  Right out of Matthew 24:6 : “And ye shall hear of wars and RUMORS of wars”.  Got that right.

4.  Regarding Lebanon, who houses the dreadful Hezbollah heathens, Liberman says : “Lebanon’s army is an integral part of Hezbollah’s network.  The next war on Israel’s Northern border will not be confined to one front but will see conflict against both Lebanon and Syria”.  All in the scope of Psalms participants 83 : 7,8 : “Gebal with the inhabitants of Tyre”.  (Both early Lebanon).  Assur is also joined with them.  (Assur is ancient Syria).

5.   Welll, this didn’t take long : Peace Process has been in limbo for 27 years, and today, the day the Rapture Window closes, Oct. 12, black lightening strikes : Hamas and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Abbas have in just 3 weeks of Peace Talks, “MERGED”, I say “MERGED” into one Unity Gov’t.  All reconciliation agreements signed today in Cairo, Egypt.  The Israeli “sandwich” is now complete. The full control of Gaza will be handed over to Abbas on Dec. 1.  Their union is now emboldened to destroy Israel from the North and the South, they think.

Friends, DO YOU SEE IT ?  All the Psalms 83 players, and Russian led Gog players (gotta see Queen Russia below) are lined up and good to go.  The unraveling is imminent.  Israel knows it and I honestly believe Israel will employ the Samson Option which will include the Nuclear hit on Damascus as in Isaiah 17:1.  Damascus, the “ruinous heap”.  May Israel live forever under God; we are witnessing this today.  Israel, Israel against all odds, and she WINS!!

Zech.  12:6 : “In that day will I make Judah like an HEARTH OF FIRE among the wood and like a TORCH OF FIRE in a sheaf and they shall devour all the people ROUND ABOUT on the RIGHT HAND and on the LEFT”.


Mark 3:24 : “And if a Kingdom be divided against itself, it cannot stand”.


You know his business this past week, the NFL and the Flag, Senator Bob Corker war, He will DECERTIFY THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL FROM HELL Oct. 15th, Executive order signed to sell Insurance across State-lines, another arrow in Obamacare, PTL, and more of that tiring DAILY PILL DRAG of division of America riffed with the Left and within his own party.


1.  More revelations just uncovered by sleazy Obama who put our nation in just 8 years where it is today : Lt. Colonel Tony Schaeffer reveals that Obama not only release the Taliban 5, the 5 most notorious killers of U.S. soldiers on Afghanistan but also that it cost American taxpayers & 5.1 billion with a “B” dollars for the exchange process to free U.S. soldier/DESERTER Beau Bergdahl.  Obama, you will recall pressed and pressed that Bergdahl was a good soldier, a good ole boy.  By the by, Bergdahl just confessed to DESERTION.  Oh, Obama, liar, liar, pants on fire.

2.  As per Judicial Watch, Obama used the IRS to “illegally push OBCare”.  Obama had IRS coordinate with the Dept. of Health in a $5 million program to “PRESSURE” Americans into signing up for OBCare”.  Dad Gum illegal beagle.

3.  Weekly quote by this Man of Marvel who did good on his word to Change America : “Islam has always been part of America”.  Creepy, very creepy.


1.  LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP.  Ninny Nancy Pelosi not flying so high anymore to & fro from her San Francisco area home : Judicial Watch reveals she used $2.1 million in gov’t. funded travel over a 2 year period.  Pelosi’s flights also incurred $101,429 in costs for in flight alcoholic beverage and food.  Pass the butter please.

2.  BOB CORKER : Most highly respected Senator from Texas will resign because of Trump being Trump.  Says : a) “It’s a shame the White House has become an Adult Day Care.  Someone has obviously missed their shift this morning”.  b)  “Trump runs the White House like a Reality Show”.  c)  “Sec. Tillerson, Sec. Mad Dog Maddis, and Chief of Staff Kelly are the only ones who are keeping our nation from chaos”.  d)  “Trump is wreckless.  We are on a path to WWIII”.  That’s about   enough.  Who knows the truth but God Almighty.

3.  David Muir, ABC “Anchor” : “The President lies”.


Speed bullet news here :

1.  NBA Basketball league “ORDERS” all coaches, players to “stand” before the Flag.

2.  California becomes nation’s First Sanctuary State says dingbat Gov. Jerry Brown.

3.  FBI labels Black Lives Matter a “terror group”.  Good move I say.

4.  Ultra Liberal and violent ANTIFA war mongers will hold a National Rally for support and money Nov. 4th, to help take down and then take back America.

5.  Boy Scouts of America will now allow in girls.  Girl Scouts of America absolutely as infuriated as are millions across this even more now divided nation.  It’s a Birl, no, it’s a Goy.  Geeze Louise.

6.   IMF says Venezuela’s inflation in 2018 will be 2,300%.  Equivalent to loaf of bread costing $1,150.  Absolutely insane.  I will not say here what people are eating to stay alive….!!

7.  First it was Catalonia, Spain, who voted to seceded from Spain.  Now 3 prosperous Provinces in BRAZIL will vote for same.  Friends, what a whacko world we are living in these End of Days.

8.  UK’s Wall Street, the business paper Economist, owned by the Globalist founding and 1-World Order preppers the Rothchilds family says : “The U.S. President is a present danger to the New World Order, more that Jihadism, terrorism, Chinese expansion and North Korea hostility.  The Liberal International Order must be defended like never before”.  WE ARE THERE FRIENDS.

9.  U.S. withdraws from UN’s UNESCO for first time since inception citing it’s Anti-Israel bias.  God Bless Niki Haley.



So many names, Gog, the Mighty Bear, Mother Russia, well, now it’s QUEEN MOTHER RUSSIA.  Why?  Two things :

1 a) For  first time EVER, the Saudi King, King Salman travels to Moscow, visits Putin for “4” days.  The 2 sign their 1st formal ties EVER, sign multiple agreements worth billions of dollars.  Most prominent is the dreadful, most deadly for Israel, the vaunted S-400 missile system.  Foreign Minister Lavrov : “We have reached a new qualitative level with Saudi Arabia”.  Boy I’ll say, now monster explosive powderkegs everywhere in Middle East with giddy leaders about to pull the triggers all the way to the Gog War.  Ezek. 39:2 when they “ALL” congregate on Israel in the very near future says : “And I will turn thee back and leave but the SIXTH part of thee”.

1 b)  Bloomberg News : “Putin is the Master of the Middle East”.  Nation after nation in the Middle East have ALL cast out America, magnetizing with Queen Mother by “sending their leaders begging to come under Putin’s wings for security and problem fixing”.  All about Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared and all thy company that are assembled unto thee and be thou a guard unto them”.  Friends, do you get it?  This is LIVE ACTION of Bible Prophecy we are witnessing in these End of Days.

2.  Russia’s Tsar Bomba is the largest bomb on earth, ready to deploy.  If  dropped on New York, 8,000,000 people would die.

3.  Fake news or the Real Deal.  I report, you decide : Russia accuses the U.S. of “pretending only” to fight ISIS and of deliberately reducing it’s airstrikes in Iraq to allow ISIS to “stream” into Syria to slow down the Russian-backed Assad regime’s Syrian Army.

4.  Moscow warns the U.S. of “negative consequences” if Trump fails to honor the Iran Nuclear Deal from Hell.


1.  Speaking of this evil Obama concocted Deal From Hell, several leaks scuppered out of the White House say Trump will DECERTIFY the Deal Oct. 15th, this Saturday, and also designate the Iran Revolutionary Guard as a “Terrorist Group”.  Iran promises a “crushing blow” they say in response.

2.  Kurds claim Independence from Iraq.  So what happens within 1 week : Iran deploys dozens of tanks all along the “new” Kurdish border.  Friends, note, Iran “owns” Iraq.  And of course Queen Russia “owns” Iran.  Tag along get along.


Friends, when you hear on TV that NoKo and Fat Boy has fired their very next missile successfully, then you will know that this “milestone” will be capable of hitting the U.S. West Coast ala Seattle, Frisco, LA.


1. To be sure, Pope Francis is this world’s most popular man and most outwardly prominent speaker on the world stage of promoting the 1-World-Gov’t.  You know all about his Climate Change stance as world’s spokesman-in-chief-for the World Globalists who’ll soon run this earth thru their quest to unify us all with their #1 tool, that being Climate Change.  Welll, here’s the Pope now continuing his push for the #2 tool of these Globalists.  That being OPEN BORDERS for all, specifically the Muslim refugees of today.  He speaks at a Muslim refugee enclave outside Bologna, Italy, insisting that : “All the nations of the world must have open border avenues for immigration”.  And speaking specifically to the Muslims, some of these Muslims with devious minds says :  “Do you know what you are?  You are warriors of hope for this world”.  Yepp, “warriors” like warriors of death to Israel and America and the West.

2.  Regarding the EU, most of Europe continues in a “deep sleep” of Rumplestiltskin lethargy disease from the Muslim refugee cultural shock they are experiencing that has “frozen” the continent.

3.  Biggest thing in EU now is that the State of Catalonia, which has 8 million people, and houses Spain’s 2nd largest city of Barcelona and contributes the highest percentage of GDP of any State in Spain for the Spanish Gov’t. votes for independence to secede from Spain.  Currently a tangled web now of how to do it as Spanish Gov’t. absolutely infuriated and vows severe consequences if this happens.

4.  A ravaged savage yelling Allah Akhbar, whatever, mows down 11 Londoners outside the London Natural History Museum.  11 injured, 1 dies in this most apostate UK.

5.  And the winning city is ….”Schoneberg, Germany”.  This city now boasts Germany’s 1st legal gay marriage of 2 lovely old men, together for 38 years, as German lawmakers approve into law that gay marriage is now legal.

6.  And before the Italian ink is dry, the Dad Gum Greek Parliament now passes into law that anyone “15” years old or older” will now be able to change their gender from a boy to a birl or a girl to a goy.  So so sad, I’m not gonna roll with that, and to boot I’m Greek, but I assure you, I detest this act as this absolutely defies our Lord’s Creation in Genesis of who is man and who is woman.  What an absolute chill this scripture will be when the gender changers bow down to our God in That Great Day : Gen. 1:26 : “And God said, LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE”.  Oh dear Lord, how they’ve sinned your name!!



Again, here we are today, Oct. 12, the RAPTURE WINDOW which I felt had such a “High Probability” not a “CERTAINTY”, mind you, of occurring.  This is not only the Final Days of Feast of Tabernacles of our Great God, but also the whiz-by earth as per NASA by the house sized asteroid 2012CT4.  Welll, I’m still here writing this and if you’re reading this then your still here.  Sooo, all we humans can do is WATCH, as biggest Internet “Space Sites” such as “Skywatch” and “Cometwatch” etc. say only that it will not harm the earth as it’s distance away is 27,000 miles.  That’s enough of that.



1.  On the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain, 40 earthquake tremors in 48 hours on Oct. 8th & 9th this past week.  Although the largest tremor measured a 2.7, Scientist warn if the huge Cambre Vieja Volcano erupts, it will collapse into the Atlantic sparking a monstrous 1-mile high mega tidal wave that would ENGULF Spain, the UK, Ireland, Iceland and the East Coast of America.  No fear, God is with us, we who love Him.

2.  Swarm of earthquakes off Alaska, largest a 6.6. Also 6.0 in Japan, 6.0 in Tonga.  And FYI, now, world’s most potentially powerful quake zone of Yellowstone Park has 2,475 minor quakes since June 15th, AND COUNTING.  Friends, could this be the big “bushwack” on America as we’ve made God a “little god” and Jesus a “little christ”.  We WATCH.


Hurricane Nate “blows” Biloxi, Mississippi with 8″ rain in 1 day.  Big thing here is this is the 4th Hurricane to hit U.S. this year.  Oh yes, it’s God’s judgement again of this Divided American nation.


You’ve seen the flames of the California Wine Country Hellfires in the Napa Valley.  Came out of “nowhere” from the dry, dry La Diablo winds.  Scientists call it “inexplicable”.  I don’t, Spanish 101, Diablo means Devil.  Case closed.  Approx. 4,000 homes and businesses, schools, hotels and hospitals damaged or destroyed.  Over 260 sq. miles burned and 29 have died and still counting.  This is the “greatest” wildfire(s) in California history.  Friends, that says quite much, Right!!  P.S.  Fires also raging outside Los Angeles and zero Percent contained as of today.


1.  Several LGBT Talent Agencies merge into 1 powerful conglomerate in California to create a “Drag Queen Super Firm” to really push the gays, lesbians and transgender’s “agenda” across America.  Slippery Slope.  No wonder our Lord spewed down the California wildfires.

2.  Well, they finally did it, and Obama’s Legion of Doom started it : Largest sculpture in America is created by Liberal art guru’s & was approved to display a 45′ tall sculpture of a NUDE WOMAN on the National Mall in DC from Nov. to April.  And it will FACE THE WHITE HOUSE!!  UGGHH!!  Two other 45′ replicas will also be displayed in Las Vegas and San Leandro, California.  Hummm!!  Can you equate this to the Las Vegas mass murder of 59 people and deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.And can you equate California Fires that are the state’s largest ever to these grotesque statues.  COINCIDENCE SCHMOINCIDENCE it’s God talking.

3.  Add this to the California wrath mix : Ding Dong Governor Jerry Brown of California signs into law : “The Bordello Plan”, where by Long-Term-Care-Centers across the state allow men to “SHOWER” with women, men can “ROOM” with women, get the picture.  Also, employees can be punished for refusing to allow men who want fantacies of wearing BRAS, LIPSTICK, NYLONS, and EARRINGS and visa versa for women fantacies.  May they toast this eroticism to some good ole’ California wine from the Napa Valley, now burning in Hell flames.  What an awesome God to “shower” us with the wrath we are witnessing.

4.  The head of Church of England, Justin Wellby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says he is not sure if “gay-sex” between homosexuals and lesbians is SINFUL.  WHAT!!  He says : “I can’t give a straight answer to this question”.  Justin baby, read the Bible and focus of Lev. 18:22 and 20:13.  SOOO SIMPLE.

5.  Also in UK, our God and Beloved Jesus is out and man’s evil will is in : Schools across UK have “ditched” the letters BC, Before Christ, and AD for BCE, Before Common Era, and CE, Common Era.  As Maude said in the TV comedy series “The Golden Girls” : “God’ll get you for this”.


Well, there it is.  Don’t you just want to rinse yourself off?  A complete moral breakdown of values, divisive rhetoric everywhere we turn, war mongering and social justice, society period, have all gone “KAPUT”.  To be sure, any student of Bible Prophecy, of which you are, to read this knows darn well there will be NO, I say NO, national revival in this “Divided States of America” or any nation on earth for that matter in these Last Days.  Sorry to say this, but just look at the last 8 years.  Is it getting any better?  Has it in your lifetime in the past 50 years?

Friends, It IS What IT IS!!  We are living in a WWIII Sabre rattling Sodomized and Gomorrah-ized planet.  Billions of people today are the poet T.S. Elliot’s version of the “Hollow Men”.  Today’s world zombies in current lingo.  The Last Heavenly Sign for Salvation in the Bible before the Great Trib. has passed.  What do we have left but what is plastered all over the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  That being WE WATCH, WE PRAY, WE WAIT, WE OCCUPY, and we perform our Lord’s Great Commission of Matthew 24:13 to “preach the gospel for a witness and then shall the end come”.  May God Bless you all and See you SOOON at the feet of our Lord Jesus.