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As In The Days Of Noah Perilous Times Here Again March 2. 2016

ALERT : WOW!!! Total Solar eclipse, SuperMoon, and Asteroid TX68 whizzes by earth, all in a 24 hour period March 9th,  Adar 29.  Never know, if God is planing for an earthquake, world chaos!!  May we prayerfully WATCH.

Welcome, everybody.  “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”.  What a perfect analogy for the world today.  NOTHING IS WORKING ANYWHERE NOWHERE.  The dark clouds from dark people with dark sentences and dark terror are remarkably overwhelming any GOOD THINGS that happen.

Seriously, do any of you honestly believe that there have ever been any worse times that the world is facing today from the about to explode WWIII.  To the Muslim migrant apocolypse to LIES and DECEPTION so perverse in our not very White House to Christians’ killings to “hair spray and gobs of sweat” Presidential gutter campaign crap.  It’s all a mess, stuck in muck.  Let’s look at this week’s MUCK, most of which is unreported by media which has literally blinded us in these dark clouds, specifically the 24-7 Presidential campaign, SO LET’S GO :


1.  With the world media literally swallowed up in the U.S. Presidential campaign , we must please never ever never  take our eyes off Jerusalem.  The current world events bear watching, that is GOOD.  BUT, watching the events in/about Jerusalem is VERY GOOD.  Jerusalem, the prophetic time-clock of the world where our Lord has put His name of ownership on it, and has FOREVER ‘deeded” the Land of Israel to Abraham and his seed.  And to remember, he only “rented” the Land of Israel to other nations when Israel was punished and scattered by God over the centuries.

2.  With that said, the white-hot fires from ISIS and Iran just got hotter this week as Iran is now explicitly on news media offering a $7,000 reward to the family of any Palestinian killed while carrying out successful terror attacks in Israel.

3.  More, Iran now has Hamas sleeper cells in Judah and Samaria and at the “precise moment”, they will strike, not Jews as you might think from these “specialized cells”, but to assassinate Pres. Abbas and his Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders in the West Bank.  Iran feels 10 years now has been long enough for Abbas to consumate a 2-State Solution, yet utterly undone.  Thus they this month, March, 2016, deem the PA as “dead weight” and plan to replace it with ruthless Hamas to eliminate Israel at that “precise moment”.  This is Iran’s diabolic motive to indirectly take over the PLO, the Palestinian umbrella organization and deceptive liason to the Jewish hating UN.  And thanks to our feckless Pres. and his marshmallow Kerry completing the Iran Deal from Hell, Iran now has much money to undertake this sea change, again, at the “precise moment” of time.

4.  IDF top military analysts now meeting to discuss this “precise moment” that will ignite this spark and then, after the meeting completion, they will prepare Israel for WWIII they say.

5.  Bibi Cabinet Minister in this meeting: “The current wave of terror (ie. knife stabbings) is just a promo  for what will happen after the PA collapses”.

6.  Jordan prevents ISIS suicide bombers’ plot to blow up many civilians in Amman.  And friends, Jordan borders Israel, close, close.

7.  Vandals break into a Moldova synagogue (Eastern Romania), desecrate it, throw Torah to the ground.  A similar alarm bell from the past for the program revival going on in the world today which was surely Israel’s darkest days.

8.  End on a good note : Israel Cabinet approves historic decision for prayers on the Western Wall by both Jews and Christians, either by self or groups, men AND women.  This has never happened for 2,000 years since the 2nd Temple.  Five hundred jubilant men and women joined in the first service on approval day right out of the get-go and participated in the Torah readings.  Yes, friends WE ARE THERE.


1.  Threatens Congress, if they refuse him, to do an Executive Order to close Gitmo and bring 65 murdering detainees into prisons on our American soil.  Friends, this man is whistling thru the grave yard and if he does this we will be rolled.  Like how much more snake oil can this 6-D man throw on Americans and we continue to take it.  I say 6-D as in Deceptive, Delusional, Disparaging, Destructive, Divisive and “Dare” I say Demonic.  He’s the “Real Deal Con Artist” Senator Rubio talks about.

2.  Friends, just look at how much power he exercises, and he still has 323 days left in which to utilize it – he surely will.  Someone said : “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  As in Isaiah 14:3 : ‘For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God”.


1.  Marshmallow Kerry, so “witty”less, is having an additional evaluation done to see if the slaughter of Christians by ISIS should be declared a “genocide”. UGGGHH!  I kid you not, this IS what he said.

2.  And crony Obama spokesman Josh Earnest : “The word “genocide” involves a very specific legal determination, that, at this point, has not been reached.  Oh, dear Lord, for crying in a bucket, Come Quickly.

3.  Sec. of Defense Ash Carter warns China of “specific consequences” stop militarising the South China Sea.  Arf!! Arf!!

4.  U.S. NATO General Breedlove : “Russia and Syria are weaponizing immigration as an aggressive strategy towards Europe…ISIS is spreading like a cancer in Europe…ISIS criminals, extremists, and fighters are hiding in the flow of migrants to Europe”.  Friends, this is “VERY” scary.  Another piece of the End of Days buildup for judgements coming in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord.  Remember, Blood Moons last 2 years were “omens”  Next step, now we are in judgements. (See graphs above).

5.  U.S. think tank Atlantic Council says NATO cannot defeat Russia in the EU.  WOW!! We are in for it.

6.  Franklin Graham : “I won’t be buying any Girl Scout cookies this year”.  FYI, Girl Scouts of America fully support, endorse the LGBT world.

7.  Justice Scalia died Feb. 13, on Feb 26, yes 13 days later, and yes, 13 BALD EAGLES found “DEAD” in the DC area.  Dear Lord, I say COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE , a truly shaking harbinger for judgement on this nation; don’t you think?


1.  As Obama says : “Anyone who tells us the economic situation in the U.S. is not getting better is peddling fiction”.  Well, Mr. Obama, Look left : a) Sports Authority went bankrupt today.  b) And 13 major U.S. retailers closing down stores left and right : Sears 50 closings, Kohls 18, Target 13, Best Buy 30, Office Depot a staggering 400, Wal Mart 154 in U.S. alone, KMart 130, J C Penny 47, Macys 36, Gap only 175, Double Ditto Aeropostale 175.  Friends, you know Obama is a wrinkled empty suit everytime he LIES.

2.  All-time record : U.S. just completed 10 consecutive years of less than 3% GDP.  This is iron clad proof our White House willfully and deceptively fabricates the unemployment rate which stands at such a fallacious 4.9%.  Gees Louise, he thinks we are so dumb!!

3.  Some day soon, just one little pinprick will crush the entire global financial bubble we are in, making 2008 look like LA-DEE-DAH.

4.  Now 250,000 oil and gas employees out of work.

5.  Food stampers reach 47 million, yet unemployment at 4.9%.  I’m a Statistician, I did a calculation, never in U.S. history since Food Stamps came into existence has there been such an unprecedented ratio, not even close.  Again, LIES,LIES, nothing but White House LIES.

Friends, our President, our White House, deceptively is driving America to the economic and political abyss.  They are a perfect fit for 2 Timothy 3:13 : “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived”.  You know, I know, only One will get us out of this drunken stupor this nation is in, JESUS, only JESUS.  Please click my Facebook page for more Prophetic Current Events so tied to Bible scriptures.



1.  Much more than Super Tuesday, the upside down EU, the pending financial collapse of China and the world is the IMMINENCY of a WWIII specter of Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s current planning of a joint invasion of Syria to topple not just Syria’s Assad, but to thwart Iran’s goal of a Shiite world, backed by mighty Russia, and with its new found Obama wealth of $150 billion.  Ultimately to drive the Sunni world into annihilation.

2.  Russia and Turkey are a knife’s edge away by themselves to start WWIII as NATO tells Turkey : “NATO will defend you : NATO is on the ground.  NATO is ready”.  What a bunch of bunk.

3.  Then NATO tells Russia : “An attack against 1 ally is considered an attack on all allies”as Turkey busts out of the closet, tells all its 85 billion people publicly they are helping the Syrian rebels topple Assad, challenging Putin.

4.  Saudis, Gulf States, tell their citizens not to travel to Lebanon, home of Assad loving, and Turkey and Saudi hating Hezbollah, Syria and Iran’s henchmen.

5.  UAE even closes embassy in Lebanon.

6.  Saudis stop all aid to Lebanon – a first ever.

7.  Saudis will enter Syria if they violate the current feeble cease fire which began Feb. 26th, but is barely holding, “sporadic” fire continues.  Friends, remember, there are 350,000 Sunni soldiers from 25 countries at this writing in extreme military exercises in Operation Northern Thunder going on in Saudi Arabia that will be completed before March 15.


1.  More tossed salad : Russia has taken full control of airbase in tiny Armenia on Turkey’s border, chomping at the bit to invade and strike the Turks.

2.  We know Obama is a poodle, but the pit-bull Putin is also a ruthless military genius : Not knowing exactly how this 2 week cease fire will pan out, in this “lull”, he has deployed “Warships” that can bomb the Syrian rebels and Turkey which was not a part of the cease fire which was only meant for “ground and air” attacks, NOT SEA ATTACKS.  Very tricky, very slippery man to watch, a very mature actor indeed in the imminent Gog/Magog War.  Russian Foreign Minister Lavvov : “I call this struggle a third World War by other means”.

CONCLUSION : Friends, “Can You See It” this war is morphing into the Gog War of Ezek. 38,39.  Syria is on the brink of Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”, let alone the entire country being cannibalized and torn into little bitty countries as 12 nations are now directly involved “IN”, I say “IN” the country.  Syria is simply a circular firing squad.  This conflict is the most fluidly moving and dangerous point of international diplomacy since WWII.  And why not, we are in the End of Days, how “fitting” to witness these events before our eyeballs.

These military Muslims along with Russia are nuts, yet so prophetic as in Gen. 16:12 : “He will be a wildman, his hand will be against every man and every man’s against him : and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethern”.  How remarkably fitting.

Absolutely SPOT ON, RIGHT?  Gog War is at the door.  Does anyone see it?  Marshmallow Kerry don’t : “The world community may not be able to save Syria”.  Kerry, much much more than just Syria.  And petulant, yet deceptive Obama : “We’ve turned the tide against ISIL”.  What planet is he on beyond Pluto??


Talk about Bible prophecy explosion of the 200 million man Army in Rev. 16:12 for the “Kings of the East (China) to come West : China is full steam ahead actually fulfilling this prophecy in completing the 5,900 mile long highway and railroads to Tehran, Baghdad, and ends at Damascus.  NOTE : On Feb. 7th, the first train load of Chinese goods made it to Tehran.  Over the river and thru the woods to grandmother’s house we go.  And what a COINCIDENCE : Rev. “16:12″ ends the Bible after Gen. “16:12″ begins the Bible.  COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE.


1.  Although only one event to report on the Pope’s Anti-Jesus ways, it’s an absolute whopper : Pope has given his blessing to “MIX” human and animal DNA to create CHIMERA” for the sake of Medical Research.  Friends, look it up, “CHIMERA” means an absurd fantasy…  This is profoundly close to the Nephilium people in Genesis 6: 5-7 : “And God said that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the Lord that He made man….  And the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth”.  Oh, how spot on is our Great God Almighty to fit this so perfectly today.  After all, why should we think any different of Him : Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done”.  And then came the flood, AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.  And now our flood is here in this generation in our Lord’s Final Jubilee Year.

2.  Until the Pope repents/rescinds his lips on what he says or promotes, I will continue another of his follies next week which Jesus would despise : regarding his thoughts on gays and lesbians : “Who am I to judge”.  How despicable a statement for one who’s followed by one-fifth of the world’s population.


Again, our God ordained migrant Muslim refugee crisis is absolutely swallowing up and absolving the entire EU.  Just look :

1.  Now spreading like wildfire 25 of the 28 EU nations are boldly and explicitly showing their anti-EU rules, regulations, and mandates by scrapping ties with Brussels on anything and everything associated with the migrant surge that tests their sovereignty by even one iota.  Friends, it’s twilight zone climax time in the EU’s Day of Reckoning.

2.  Today, March 2, was the worst day ever for chaos in the migrant crisis since it began approx. 2 years ago.  Country by country :

3.  First, the BIG THREE : a) France is now living under a  Gov’t. State of Emergency, additional to the Paris attacks.  WOW, 2 States of Emergency, never heard of that before.  Right!  France rains down tear gas on out of control rioting Muslims detained in camps they call “jungles”.  Muslims set several fires and throw rocks at police – A first.  b)  BRITAIN will have a National Referendum on June 26 called BREXIT to cesede from the EU because of this ugly mess and  c)  GERMANY : Angela Merkel is vehemently blamed now in actual protests as thousands against her say  “ASTA LAVEESTA BABY”, throughout the EU for supporting these Muslims.  German gov’t. hits dead-end after dead end  on what to do, sinks further in quick sand.

4.  Other deluge of nations about to break : a) GREECE, thousands, Goggle it, thousands of crazed Muslims tear down the fence between Macedonia and Greece.  No deaths, many injuries, again tear gas from police to no avail, several thousand bust thru, head North.  b) HUNGARY, for all practical purposes has left the EU.  Pres. Orban : “We will teach Brussels that Hungary is a sovereign nation”.  WOW!!  c)  AUSTRIA and FINLAND and SWITZERLAND,  yes, the “neutral, neutral” Swiss have instituted “caps” on this Muslim influx into their borders. WOW, Swiss even, swiss cheese borders closing.   Add 3 Baltic and six other nations and you have a most mighty crippling mess in the EU.

5.  EU Commissioner on Feb. 24th : “We have 10 days to solve the crisis or Schengen will totally collapse.  Friends, Schengen is basically the EU lynchpin of “free borders” about the EU nations.

6.  Did you know 130,000 of the 1.1 million Muslim migrants into Germany have absolutely vanished, POOF, Yeah, like POOF of Germany.

7.  Friends, I tell you, is this Muslim “migrant shaking” of the high minded EU which is Anti-God, Anti-Israel, shades of the 5,000 year old Babel and Nimrod story today where God crushed their dark and devious goal of building the Tower of Babel to Heaven by having them to speak different languages.  Must remember, the EU’s main Gov’t. building in Brussels was constructed to look exactly like the Tower of Babel.  And now the EU culture crashing different language speaking Muslims have arrived by the oodles and oodles into the EU, with their own language.  Reminds one of Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now, and that which is to be hath already been”.  Friends, it’s des jeax vous all over again with the current Humpty Dumpty falling of the EU.  Friends, please Google : “EU Headquarters in Brussels looks like Tower of Babel”.  Also, did you know the seat #666 in this building is purposely left vacant when all the 28 national leaders. politicians meet.  Very intriguing indeed.

8.  Aside from this Muslim crisis as if anybody cares, EU is in deflation in two of the last 3 months.  BIG BIG news any other day.



1.  Powerful 8.1 magnitude West of Indonesia at this writing reports pending.

2.  U.S. Geological Survey says that the San Andreaus seismic faults are producing deadly and – DARE I SAY THAT WORD AGAIN IN THESE LAST DAYS- in “their” words “UNPRECEDENTED” levels of Carbon Monoxide.  All across California and up the West Coast due to highly unusual emitting of this poisonous gas thru ever widening cracks in earth’s surface, the seismologists are warnings of clusters of major quakes are coming soon.


1.  Zika virus is spreading like 60, now 24 states have 107 cases and counting.  Worse, Doctors say 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans expected to get Zika because they lack a functioning Health Care system.  May we WATCH Matthew 24:7 unfold surely with mixed feelings : “…. There shall be famines and PESTILENCE and earthquakes”.

2.  Las Vegas Syphilis outbreak has surged 128% since 2012.  May what plays in Vegas, stay in Vegas, as the saying goes.


1.  Speaking of the Pope’s Nephilium – like support, in China, “LAB-GROWN” sperm has been successfully used to father healthy baby mice.  Their goal : to make infertiles, fertile.  Oh, come quickly  Lord Jesus, what are they doing playing God like this??

2.  As of Feb 1. this year, there are 1.285 pending court cases regarding athiests, liberals, knotheads, etc.  trying to take the Ten Commandments statues out of schools and public property.  Friends, this number has exploded over two to one from the 615 form the first case back in 1962, a mere 52 YEARS AGO.   And now over DOUBLED in TWO YEARS.  Thanks again Obama, you so and so.

3.  So sorry to report the following, but it IS what it IS :  A Muslim woman is  arrested in Moscow for beheading a 4-year old girl and burning the house down where she was babysitting.  Police caught her after ONE-HOUR roaming the streets, waving around the severed child’s head, so despicable, yelling Alhua Akbar.  I’m so sorry, this is our world in this EDGE of TIME, and this is 2 Timothy 3:1 : “This also know that in the last days PERILOUS times shall come”.  Oh Yeah, tip of the iceberg today of next 7 years of Great Tribulation after we are outta here in the Rapture.

Well, what can I say, there it is, just like Daniel 5:5 “The writing is on the wall” for this, the terminal generation that Matthew 24:34 spoke about : “Verily I say unto you.  This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.  Friends, we ARE that generation, let alone this world is now 6019 years old (4004 BC to 2016 less 1) which, remember as of Gen. 6:3 : “Man’s years shall be one-hundred and twenty”, as in 120 Jubilees and 120 X 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years.  Well, here we are.  Sorry for the levity I bring to these posts as I must do to overcome this plethora of such ominous prophetic news. Sooo, may we tell our family and friends that Jesus is coming sooner than later.  His elevator goes either UP or DOWN.  So, choose wisely, strap on your heavy-duty seat belts and please please memorize John 14:29 : “And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass, that ye might believe”.  Friends, Humpty Dumpty’s fall is come to pass, and the world cannot fix him.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

Sources :  The Blaze, Drudge Report, Rapture Ready News. Reuters, AP, Breaking Israel News, Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post, Fox News, CNN.  I only report what I deem credible and prophetic from these sources as per 1 : John 4:1, honest, frank, and prophetic scripture linkages.