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Welcome everybody.  You know, just take a look at the “unprecedented” word on the globe’s 6 out of 6 inhabited continents : a)  “Unprecedented” Muslim migrant crisis in Europe,  b)  “Unprecedented” Mid East calamity nation against nation as in Matthew 24:7 as well as the unprecedented financial implosion of the world’s most populated country China,  c)    the unprecedented verbage and bravado of any Presidential campaign in U.S. history, pecking, pecking, pecking like Woody the Woodpecker against each other,  d)  The unprecedented “UNION” of the deadly TRI-FECTA converging all at once in Africa with drought, starvation and war throughout, again, Matthew 24:7,  e)  the unprecedented financial implosion of stocks and currencies in South America, led by once mighty Brazil,  f) the unprecedented inferno of wildfires whose insatiable appetite is relentless in Australia.  Friends, this absolute mess is an absolute mess.  No end in sight.  No wonder the Blood Moons and their omens have transitioned to our Mighty Lord’s Final Jubilee of judgements.  In short, this earth has had it’s chance to quit biffing our Lord and His beautiful Savior and Son, Jesus.  And it’s time to pay the piper.  Please view my 1 picture is worth a thousand words graph categories above that we are truly in the last days.  SO LET’S GO :


The most remarkable wake-up call in this entire report.  Here’s the scoop :

1. Bibi declines offer to meet with Obama March 18 and for 1st time ever for Bibi he “CANCELS” his visit to speak at AIPAC meeting of Americans and Jews in D.C. where they absolutely love him.  Still, he will address ONLY the AIPAC Conference by satellite.

2.  White House is livid, says it was caught completely “off guard” -YEAH- as they had to read the cancellation in the newspaper.  BRAVO BRAVO BIBI.

3.  Get this, within the hour, the Wall Street Journal reports Obama is now putting Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process front and center, highest priority level.

4.  Helter Skelter shades of Jekyll and Hyde : Just last week White House told reporters not to expect any break-through on the Peace Process on Biden’s visit to Israel “today”.  And do you remember this Obama guy telling the world last year : “I do not expect to arrive at a Peace Process before I leave office in Jan., 2017.

5.  Wallapalooza here we are 318 days away from his leaving office, God willing.  Obama feels snake bit a 2nd time now by Bibi, as last year Bibi accepted John Boehner’s secret request to come speak to Congress where Obama was totally uninformed.  His now satanic anti-Jewish crazed mind is taken over.  He turns the tables now to get even again with Bibi.  Remember last year he got even with the Deal from Hell.  Only God knows now what devious plan he is scheming.

6.  You better believe satan has given him an evil thought : He has his robots scurrying like bugs caught in the daylight, dealing with the UN, United Nothing, to impose an unabetted, unfettered solution to get this Peace Process done at the UN Sec. Council.  Time of this evil launch not yet known.  Knowing Obama, it’s gonna get done by Sept. when UNSC meets annually in New York, OR, OR, God FORBID, if he’s satan’s “chosen one” to become the President of the UN .  WOW!! How accommodating that’d be for this evil man.  We Prayerfully WATCH as this is bigger than ISIS, then the EU Muslims, then the global financial meltdown, prophetically speaking.


For 1st time, ever cocky and demon filled Hezbollah who has so many State of the Art weapons from Iran say they will “invade” Israel in next war.

2.  Hamas says Phase 1 of the Intifada infiltration is completed.  The next phase of this Jerusalem Intifada is to manifest into Jerusalem’s surrounding Settlements where there is less security.

3.  Morally blind Widodo, the dodo President of Indonesia, most populous Muslim nation on earth with over 200 million, calls for worldwide summit of Muslim nations to unite on delivering a Palestinian State themselves.

4.  Abbas, for 2nd time publicly lashes out calling the horrific knife stabbing Intifada “a peaceful popular uprising”.  Let’s see now, what planet is beyond, like way beyond Pluto?

5.  Israel intelligence leads Putin to “freeze” the “deadly to Israel” missile sales of the S-300 to Iran.  This is “God protecting” Israel that is giving Russia bonafide proof that the S-22 missiles Russian sold to Iran last winter went straight to hell, I mean Hezbollah.  Sorry for levity, as this prevents me from losing my scruples.

6.  One good military venue : David’s Sling, Israel s most sophisticated missile, begins earlier than scheduled delivery to sites around Israel for soon to come next war.  This, after great success in tests against cruise missiles, mid to long range missiles and ballistic missiles.  To be fully operational in 2 to 3 months.  Sorry Iran and your bloody surrogates for this news.  Weep baby weep.

7.  Prestigious Oberlin College in Ohio has as yet taken no action for recent derogatory remarks on a ding dong crackerjack Professor who said 9/11 and the Paris bombings were both masterminded by Israel.  KAPOW to her.  School’s Knitting and Still Knitting as per Charles Dickens Classic A Tale of Two Cities.  Show some Huddspa Oberlin, get noticed, fire her.

8.  Remember Gen. 12:3 : where God says to Israel’s enemies : “I’ll curse those that curse thee and bless thee that bless thee”.  Double Curse : Presbyterian Church says its members will plummet by 400,000 in next 5 years saying this figure is “institutionally unstable”.  And Methodists have gone from 2 million to 943,000 in 2014.  Why?  No, not Zika virus, but they’ve  chastized God’s chosen people for Israel’s supporting of Settlements and the 2 churches’ “lukewarm” towards gays and gay pastor acceptance. That’s a nasty word in Rev. 3:16, where : “I will spue you out of my mouth”.  The Presbyterian Church has even erased 100% of the references to Israel in the HOLY BIBLE for their weekly sermon.

Yes friends, We Are There when these people bust up Israel this way, God’s chosen people.  Psalms 33:12 : “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord  and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance”.  This is so kindergarten simple.  Better repent, door is closing, look left, look right, look straight ahead, it’s all evil.  Look, Luke 21:28 locks it up : “When you BEGIN to see these things happen, look up, your redemption draweth nigh”.  He’s coming sooner than later.

U.S.A. :

Oh mama, there goes that man again.  As America is either mesmorized, infatuated, or drunk on the little Marco, little hands, breathe Donald breathe, EXCUSE ME daily “SOAP STARS”, look what else is going on in our country.

1.  America’s approval rating, if polled would sink to an all-time low just because Obama’s approval has risen to 51%, Gallup Poll.  Oh well, Isaiah 5:20 : “Good is evil, evil is good…”.

2.  Somehow the neferriously naughty Obama Administration has magically found $200 million to feed, shelter, provide Health Care, school for Cuban refugees; not here, but, in COSTA RICA.  There’s “Sin City” and then there’s “Spend City”, but both wrapped up in D.C.  No wonder our “divinely” imprisoned nation’s Capitol is still engulfed in suffocating dark scaffolding to this day, nearly 2 years now.

3.  After 2 reports to you, to this writing, a “cold” Obama and marshmallow Kerry have yet to call the Christian slaughterings by ISIS a GENOCIDE.  How inconceivable and inhumane is this?  The foot dragging of these 2 coyotes is inexplicable. Like why do they have to be prodded and prodded to do what is right!!  Answer : satan between their ears I say.

4.  Obama tells press : “Nothing is going to come out of the Hillary email investigations that there is anything criminal whatsoever…”.  Hmmm, not even a “smigeon” you say.  I say he lies.

5.  Speaking of the she LIAR, notch up another endorsement for her : The Communist Party of the United States.  And did the media even report a “smigeon” of this as they did with David Duke and Klu Klux Klan against Trum”pet”.  Nah, heck no.

6.  Also, not only is her ex-boss the Real Deal phony and a fraud and a con artist (thanks Mitt, Marco) with loose lips, but she is too.  FBI now has 2,093 classified emails and counting and she said she had zero, “AT THE TIME”, only emails to MAMA, slick Willy, and Yoga questions.  WOW!!! Oh well she’s a Clinton.  Yes a Clinton who may be indicted by FBI in MAY, says Judge Napolitano on Fox.  MAY DAY, MAY DAY, I PRAY.

7.  U.S. Gov’t. gives Boeing “green light” for Iran to bid on 100 aircraft purchases.  I’m sure they can pay for it with the $150 billion Obama gave them.

8.  Glen Beck compares Trump to Hitler.  That’s bad and I’m not even a Trump”et”er.

9.  U.S. Census Bureau : All time record of 61 million migrants in U.S. today, and 15.7 million of them are illegals just chomping at the bit to VOTE to vote for Hillary this fall.

10. Cleveland is stocking upon on riot gear, 2,000 sets, for military and police for the Rep. Nat’l Convention there in July.

11.  Talk about hoarding gold : In 1965, Canada had 1,100 tons of gold, today in 2016, they have 3, as in T-H-R-E-E tons.  Another judgement precursor to the coming global $200 trillion derivative led stock market meltdowns and currency devaluations.

12.  Have to end on a good note : State of Indiana is divesting millions from companies that are boycotting Israel.  Good job Indiana as Israel says in the song : “Indiana wants me….”.

13.  Good news from Indiana for sure, unfortunately dwarfed by our feckless leader’s willfully basket full  of negatives against America, against Christians, against Israel.  to this day he builds blocks with  square ones and circular ones and that is very hard to do.


1.  WOW!!  This Pope sure loves politics and the 1-World-Gov’t.  Remember his blue and white circular logo on his airplane to the right of the top of the entry stairs that simply says : “ONE WORLD”.  No wonder he says : “The Arab invasion is a social reality…Europe is the only continent that can bring about a certain UNITY to the world”.  Talk about a door opener for the Anti-Christ.

2.  Friends, this man has done something nobody else in the history of the world has.  That is, he’s orchestrated a meeting of 14 of the world’s major religious leaders called the “Commemoration of World Alliance of Religious Peace Summit”, which he fully endorsed and “physically signed his name on to” at the signing ceremony to adhere to this diabolical agenda to bring peace and security, religious respect and “UNION” and prayer together to the world.  Friends, this word “UNION” should scare the daylights and nightlights out of you.  As in 1-World-Religion, Right!!

3.  New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, when the Pope was in NY last Sept., “God is in the midst of us”.  Well for Phillipine Pete’s and Patsy sakes, where is Jesus?  I’ll tell you, and I’m just a little nothing but a Bible believing Evangelical Christian in little Montana : Jesus is imprisoned; YES He has been for about 2,000 years.  He’ll soon be out.

4.  I surely tell you, this is all a prelude to Revelation 13:12 : “And he be exerciseth all the powers of the first beast, and causeth the earth and them which dwell there in to worship the first beast”.  Somebody please tell me I’m wrong on this man’s deceptive goals.

5.  Another of so many nuggets he’s caused in the religious upheaval he’s caused to sweep in more sheep for his devious flock at the Roman Catholic Church:

6.  Lutheran Church, 3rd only in size in America to the Catholics and Baptists, is NOW TAKING COMMUNION in Lutheran Churches services all across America.

7.Another folly of the Pope’s Anti-Jesus rhetoric I will report on weekly, week after week nonstop until the Rapture or until he repents his will : “You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith ….this issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their CONSCIENCE”.  Oh my!!  This claim of the Pope is just a “false hope” based upon the gods of tolerance, acceptance, and unity.  No more, No less.  And what about Acts 4:12 : “Neither is there salvation in any other : for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”.  Friends, that’s JESUS, beautiful, wonderful Jesus.


And what a wallop this Muslim migrant situation is imposing on the entire EU.  Like a broken record from report after report on this unstoppable crisis, here’s this past weeks’ major prophetic events of the soon to come “reincarnated” Roman Empire of Daniel 7:19 : “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceedingly dreadful”.  Just look on a fast forward of 2,600 years :

1.  Credit Suisse, EUs 3rd largest bank : “A fresh Russia in 2016 will collapse the EU as the euro would buckle under the present (Muslim migrant) turmoil”.

2.  “Russia is fiercely stoking the flames to topple Germany’s Angela Merkel by waging an information war explicitly designed to stir up German anger over the Muslim refugees” says NATO Strategic Communication Director.  And this may very well divide German against German as well.

3.  ERROR, ERROR : EU corrects self on total Muslims entered EU in 2015, not 1.1 million, but 1.3 million and merely 610,000 in 2014.  This unprecedented bleeding of the EU culture is bleeding profusely, crashing the high and mighty Anti-Jesus EU just as the Tower of Babel crashing.

4.  Greece, done with pleading for help from the EU as 800,000 Muslims entered thru there last year, now pleading to the world to help as over 2,000 Muslims crossing into her borders DAILY.  WOW, this is sooo BIG!!

5.  To appease Muslim culture influx gone wild at EU expense, Germany takes “pork meat out of “all” schools so as not to offend Muslims.  You’ll be sooorrrry!

6.  More cultural change : In Sweden, where males and females have swam together for over 100 years in Sweden’s public pools, the Muslim pool invasion” has hit : Muslims say their lust for raping and fondling Swedish women roaming around in scantily  clad swimsuits is “fair game”.  And remember after New Year’s Eve in Germany and France, these guys pooped and urinated and groped women in pools.  Yuk!!

7.  Switch subjects please : EU Central Banks at March 10th Emergency Summit expected to push the dreaded “Negative” Interest rate to an all time world record in modern banking history to -0.4%, where depositors will “eat this”.  Goal is to stave off DEFLATION, that is now spreading like cancer in EU by the way, and to spur inflation and growth, BUT IT’S TOTALLY BACKFIRING, daily.  They don’t get it.

8.  Lastly, Italy’s 5 top banks on course to all fail THIS YEAR.  One caveat: they are all “BAIL-IN SYSTEM” where, you guessed it, innocent depositors will eat some more to prevent failure/bankruptcy.  Dare I say feisty Italian vs Italian coming.  Friends, the EU is unequivocally exploding before our blue and brown eyes.  It’s God I tell you.  He’s purposely imploding this financial risk and contagion on to the EU, then the U.S. and the Globe.  We’ve biffed Him.



1.  The fragile ceasefire in Syria is now on life-support as up to 50 have been killed by Russian bombs, and Russia of course says American bombs.  Either way, up to 50 innocents are DEAD.  The ceasefire is purported to end in 1 week and will be followed up by crucial Geneva talks for a permanent solution.

2.  With that said, SAUDI ARABIA, and their 350,000 man Army comprised of 20 Muslim nations will complete their “extreme military exercises” this weekend.  They say if the March Geneva Peace talks fail, here’s Saudi Foreign Minister : “Assad MUST go, or there is absolutely no other way for peace.  For us it is clear he leaves at the “BEGINNING” of the process, not the end”.  If that isn’t pitch black and pitch white.  May we Prayerfully WATCH this one, we have 350,000 reasons and a Gog war to do so.


1.  Russian bear Vladimir Putin calls meeting with Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, President Hollande of France, to take part in an “International conference call” on this Syrian ceasefire and the Geneva Peace Talks.  Hmmm, leaders of 4 mighty countries.  If so, who is missing?  Oh yeah, that Obama guy.  Friends, he was totally excluded.  Shame, shame, Obama shame on you!! Let it be known Putin absolutely controls Syria now, Obama is a non-factor.

2.  The head of Russia’s Military Intelligence Service (their CIA), Igov Serson is killed in Lebanon in a complicated top secret mission involving several Arab Intelligence Agencies.  Russia suspects Turkey.  Friends, you know where the envelope is now on tilting off the table for a Russia/Turkey conflict.  And remember  prior to this Turkey shot a Russian jet right out of the sky.  You just don’t do these two “BADS” to the Russian bear and go on like Alice in Wonderland singing zippity-do-dah-day.


1.  That dang Iran, that dang Nuclear Deal from Hell signed by that dang Obama.  Well guess what : Their Revolutionary Guard conduct yet more series of ballistic missile tests for mid range and short range missiles up to a 250 miles “kill capacity”.  Shown on Iran’s National TV as their shot OFF from silos around the country.  This absolutely defies the recent U.S. sanctions on its missiles program.  Thanks Obama, you….


Just like that, under the Hillary/Trump soaps 24/7, Yemen (next door to Saudi Arabia) now has 6,200 dead in Yemen War.  Remember Yemen, last years “model country for democracy and a successful government” Obama squaked about.  Totally delusional, Right!!


First Iraq, then Syria, then Libya, now neighbor Tunisia is next target of bloody-tentacles of ISIS.  One shining moment though, Tunisia military kill 57 ISIS “wildmen” on the border.  Gen. 16:12 : “He shall be a wildman”.


1.  Iraq Gov’t. Engineers : “Mosul dam failure could kill 1.5 million…Mosul would be destroyed, Baghdad flooded”.

2.  Not to be denied from onslaught slaughtering, ISIS wildmen kill 70 in Baghdad truck bomb.


In the midst of an unprecedented financial meltdown of stocks and their currency, China on the true ownership of the South China Sea Islands : “Once and for all, we will not budge on the South China Sea sovereignty….we will not allow other nations (U.S.) to infringe on our sovereign rights”.  Friends, WE ARE THERE.



1.  I’ll always report to you weekly any and all earthquakes over 7.0 magnitude.  This week only an 8.1 near Indonesia.

2.  US Geological survey cringing daily for many many buckled fault line cracks that may erupt along the West coast of San Andreus and Subduction Zone in Oregon and Washington.


1.  NASA aerial investigation completed on the “LEVANT DROUGHT” in the nations of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Israel.  It’s the worst since the DARK AGES of 900 years ago says NASA from their “tree ring” analysis.  Drought started in 1998.

2.  Bug and beetle-mania of Biblical proportions : billions and billions of bugs have hit the beaches of Argentina.  Must Google photos of it, media sure doesn’t report it as Hillary the liar/ Don Trump “et” the arrogant is on 24/7.  The beaches have turned black from the invasion.  WOW!!  Swim at your own risk I suppose.


1.  A Total Solar Eclipse, a SUPERMOON, on March 9th, Adar 29, tomorrow along with ASTEROID TX68 today which NASA now says will miss earth by 3 million miles.  Only God knows for sure what will be, will be.

2.  Also, the much hyped enormous comet called Planet X, ie., NIBIRU is purported to whiz be earth March 26 and leave a trail of humongous rocks and debris that may fall to earth in “meteor shower” form , some possibly causing tremendous destruction to cities.  If this is so, could it be a prelude to the Gog War in Ezek. 38:22 : “…. I will rain upon him (Russia today) and upon his bands (Iran, etc.) and the many people that are with him (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire and brimstone”.  May we Prayerfully WATCH the Glory of God unfold.


Only in this generation can these 3 examples happen : mind you, this is only a sample of 2-dozen I screened :

1.  A 16 year old boy in Tennessee was so upset day after day after day of being woke up to go to school by his family, he shoots 4 of his family.  Thanks to the Lord, no fatalities, 2 critical though.  Friends are we not living on “hair-triggers like this or what in these end of days?

2.  New York school kids now taught to say the Pledge of Allegiance to an “International Flag” not your and my American Flag. Do you see it, nugget after nugget after nugget is forcing us closer and closer to the Edge of Time when our Lord returns.  What a beautiful moment to see Jesus and bow down and kiss His feet.

3.  Friends, the tender loving care, the TLC, of supporting the gay agenda is front and center in America’s businesses.  Poll shows that now 50% of all larger businesses ask their employees : ARE YOU GAY? in order to consider more diversity, enhance promotions, good will, etc.  Well, I say : Romans I :25,26 : “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections : for even their women did change their natural use…and like wise also the man, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned after their lust one toward another ; men with men”.  You know, it just don’t get any simpler than that, 1 plus 1 = 2.

Sooo, what can I say?  All the above IS what it IS.  Google it all.  Credible sources below for you to verify.  Remember 1 John 4:1.  So sorry for the gloom and boom doom, as I just report the facts on a weekly basis now.  So much to report.  Not only has the judgement train left the station, it’s just moving too fast.  We just gotta tell our family and friends that soon we will be face to face with our beautiful Savior Jesus.  And won’t that be something, to kiss the feet of the Son of Man.  Not Beyonce, not the Pope, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceaser, George Washington, King David, Daniel, Elvis, Billy Graham, Lady Gaga, no not one is a “smigeon” of Jesus smallest right hand fingernail.  Tell them, “Read the Bible, you can’t go wrong, you just can’t miss” on this faultless, perfect, marvelous, amazing book.  GEES, words cannot describe our Almighty Creator and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, why? Because HE IS GOD.  And tell them if they don’t have Jesus first, they have hell last in eternity.  Rev. 3:20 : “Behold I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him and will supp with him…”.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

Credible Sources : Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, Breaking Israel News, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Wall Street Journal, Before It’s News, Rapture, and the Drudge Report.  These sources are the Real Deal for all news above I report to you.