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Welcome everybody.  I tell you, the current build-up of our Lord’s current prophetic events seems to be in steroid mode, so much so fast that it just takes your breath away.  From yet another prophetic discovery of the recent unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons that will amaze you that we are truly on the Edge of Time to the helter skelter mind of the sly Vladimir Putin on Syria and Gog,  to the Muslimization of Europe to the disarranged mind of our President regarding Christians to “two” most unique 666 revelations I, a Statistician, just discovered (at bottom of post), so LET’S GO :


1.  Call the prophetic events this day, March 9, COINCIDENCE, SHMOINCIDENCE.  It happened on the day of our Lord’s Total Solar Eclipse and also the night of a Supermoon.  This day was the most terrible day for a number of Palestinian stabbing attacks perpetrated on Jewish people since the knifings started on the day of the 4th Biblical Blood Moon Supermoon, the only one over Israel on this Holy date in  Israel’s documented history, this past Sept. 28th, Feast of Tabernacles of our Lord.  Three attacks, 1 died, 15 injured in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem area.

2.  In the heart of Jerusalem, you’d think groups of Evangelical Christians that gathered would be staunch supporters of Israel.  What do they do?  They have protests, signs, supporting the Palestinian uprising of the knife-stabbers and against the acts of violence carried out by Jews and accusing them of murder and violence.  How unholy these groups are vehementing against God’s chosen people in the heart of where Jesus lived, preached, died and was resurrected.  Over 300 of them involved in this “hate-fest”.

3.  After our feckless President had to find out from the newspapers, for a second time in the past year that Bibi embarrassed him, this time by cancelling meeting with Obama in D.C. March 18th you may recall, well Internet news says the White House is using “pens, pencils and they each have a phone” preparing this devilish Peace Proposal behind the scenes.  I’ll keep you updated on this most prophetic event as Obama already has 136 United Nothing nations who have approved and signed onto a formal recognition of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capitol.  And you know Obama’s black eyes are absolutely seething to get revenge on Bibi’s biffing him twice.  And he will, either as POTUS in his remaining 311 days or if he becomes the new UN Secretary General in January.

4.  We who know the Lord know the beautiful and wonderful future for Israel.  However, if/when this revenge filled Peace Process is truly signed and consummated to split up Israel, in this earth dweller world of UN laws, GET THIS : This resolution would be B-I-N-D-I-N-G for ALL FUTURE U.S. PRESIDENTS, thus effectively shaping all future US/Israel Policies, including the most essential $2 billion in loans the U.S. gives Israel annually.  Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…”.

5.  Abbas endorses his Palestinian Authority party to tell all Palestinians by boasting of their latest knife-stabber : “He was a hero, a martyr”.  ISSSHH.

6.  The God inspired Underground Iron Dome weapon that locates and collapses tunnels, has successfully done “just that” in the last 3 months.  Seven Hamas tunnels-builders have died this way.  To actually witness that this haneaus subterrainian advantage Hamas has used all these years, to infiltrate Israel borders even thru the 2014 Gulf War has now been divinely “crushed” is awesome.  Isaiah 54: 15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather together (tunnel huddle), but not by me : whosoever gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Case closed.

7.  Bibi calls U.S. and the P5 nations who put together the satanic Nuclear Deal From Hell for : “an immediate punishment of Iran for testing their full array no less of short, mid, and long range inter-continental ballistic missiles, ICBMs and their dastardly word for word logo they put on the missile tips : “Israel must be wiped from the pages of history”.

8.  Sanhedrin perform rare Biblical Commandment, not seen for 2,000 years, was fulfilled whereby 2 Jewish witnesses stood before the Sanhedrin and gave testimony that established the beginning of the “new month” which was the first Biblical Commandment of the Nation of Israel received after the Exodus, thus establishing the Jewish calendar.  Exodus 12:2 : “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you”.  Friends, things like this, WOW!! WE ARE THERE.

9.  Best for last is yet another COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE : Photo by Breaking Israel News shows the prophetic 4th Biblical Blood Moon (BBM) was seen in Jerusalem directly over the Jaffa Gate which is the main entrance from the Western section of the Old City.  This is the identical spot which once housed the Ottoman Clock Tower which General Allenby saw when he entered on foot thru Jaffa Gate in 1917 observing the holiness of  Jerusalem.  Because of this holiness the Clock Tower was dismantled in 1921 in order to resume the ancient theme of the walls about the Temple Mount.  This old Clock Tower was just super imposed above the Jaffa Gate recently.  Guess what, it’s position was “exactly, exactly” where the Sept. 28th prophetic BBM shown over Jerusalem.  Friends, this is no Michael J. Fox Marty McFly Clock Tower in Back To The Future, this was God’s omen that Israel will soon be victorious against their border neighbors and beyond.  Just as the old Muslim Ottoman Clock Tower went down, so will the Muslims Go Down when they will soon touch Israel.  No Wonder, Zech. 2:8 : “For he that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of his eye”.  Oh, WOE to the Israel hating Muslims.


1.  Most insulting Anti-Jesus, Anti-Christian act our President and his marshmallow Sec. of State are not declaring as of yet, after months to do so, is their not declaring as yet mass murders and beheadings of young and old and  drowning Christian kids in cages are or are not GENOCIDE.  Congress voted 393-0 to do so.  That’s unanimous, yet this most arrogant, insipient Muslim in our White House is willfully possessed by satan to string out his decision to March 17 where he by law, will be forced to do so.  Fry eggs on my head, they’ll burn as our sinister POTUS, I feel, is deliberately gouging spiritual knives into us who love Christians by not declaring those vicious acts until, I say, until HE “HAS” TO.  WOW!!  What a mole to torture Christians this way.

2.  More, of the 776 Syrian refugees that have already been admitted to the U.S., 3, T-H-R-E-E are Christian.  Oh, for cripes sakes, this guy sure gets me.


1.  I sure want to like this most intelligent woman, BUT : Attorney General Loretta Lynch is asked by Senate Committee regarding Climate Change Deniers.  She says in testimony : “Yes, the Justice Dept. has discussed civil legal action against Climate Change Deniers with the FBI”.  Sad to hear that reply.

2.  Terrible , ugly and scary leak out of the White House, ie Dark Horse, dark not as in race, but as in evil : FBI Director James Comey is making waves and becoming a political problem for the White House. Why?  Sources say he’s getting too close for comfort on pursuing Hillary’s emails and possible indictment WOW, pray, pray, pray, also  Apple and Benghazi.  And they say he’s also found gaps on Obama’s immigration agenda, as well as on the Syrian Muslim refugees and Black Lives Matter questions with his people.  Friends, I tell you, if something tragic, Lord forbid, happens to James Comey, to Hillary’s IT set up Specialist for Hillary’s server, Brian Pagliano who’s now telling much I assume to the FBI , to Donald Trump, to Ted Cruz, or to Dinesh D’Souza who has a very revealing movie called “Hillary’s America”-should be called Hillary Unchained, well, look no further than our White House to ask questions of their whereabouts.  And surely revolution, in America, just like David Wilkerson said would happen prior to his death in 2012.

3.  Speaking of Hillary, with her own touch of arrogance, just said in Town Hall : “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”.  And she said this with a big smile on her lying lips.

4.  Josh Earnest, on Obama’s do nothing attitude where Iran fired several ICBMissiles this past week tells reporters anxiously waiting to hear some kind of Iran retaliation, says : “We know they are doing this.  We are watching them closely”.  UGGHH ! Friends,  I could crack a marble with my two front teeth on this answer.  You know, our Capitol building is still mothballed in dark scaffolding after almost 2 years now.  This is a great harbinger telling our nation this man who somehow got in to run our White House out of absolutely nowhere who’s turned the tables on marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, who’s apparently OK with 1.2 million baby abortions per year, which equals almost 9 million under his 7 year watch.—I quit right there, that’s enough.  May he bow down soon to repent before God or he’ll bow down again in 1,000 years after the millinium, then, really what will he say???

5.  U.S. top General in Afghanistan, General John Campbell wants to start up airstrikes against Taliban.  This is causing another rift now in the White House who absolutely oppose this.  Same old record, Right! Obama just wants America D-O-W-N. Besides, he has lots of other stuff on his plate he likes to play with.  General Campbell was so serious he sidestepped military protocol by bypassing Sec. of Defense Ash Carter to plead for this request with a special trip to the White House.  He got absolutely squat.


1.  In Brazil, the greatest protests in country’s history this past week.  Three million people in over 100 protests nationwide call for impeachment of Pres. Rousseff, who has approval rating of 8%.  And Obama’s latest approval = 51%.  Really how can this be?  How far American’s have fallen from the TRUTH.  Poor America.

2.  UN is on a mission to produce documents of global data gathering that aim to dramatically change the economic, social, and environmental course of our planet.  UN says : “These documents are as sprawling, undefined and ambitions as the Sustainable Development Goals….”  As in Climate Change, Trojan horse for the 1-World-Order in which all 193 out of 193 nations’ leaders approved last December.  Friends, this remarkable and unprecedented gathering of data can only enhance that man of perdition’s job as CEO of this world very soon, ala Anti-Christ.  Friends, I did not make any of the contents of this post up as God is my witness looking over my shoulder as I write this.


1.  On Pope’s relentless push for all of world’s religions to merge under his papacy : “Most of the planet’s inhabitants declare themselves believers.  This should lead to dialogue among religions”.  Friends, as in a One-World-Religion of Rev. 13.

2.  Weekly sermon displays stain glass picture of Mary high above I noticed.  Someday Pope will acknowledge Mary was human flesh like you, me, the Pope, yet specially selected by God to be the “earthly” mother, NOT HOLY MOTHER of Jesus.  She must have been a most wonderfully good, beautifully blessed woman, yet merely a woman who was born and died on earth in Israel.  PROOF : Luke 1:46,47 : “And Mary said, my soul doth magnify the Lord.  And my spirit hath rejoiced in God MY SAVIOR”.  Case closed.

3.  Weekly Pope statement that unequivocally runs counter to God’s love for His chosen people was when he officially recognized the State of Palestine and said of President Abbas that “he is an angel of mercy”.  Totally BUNK, Abbas is a demon of darkness as he glorifies the violent and blatant butchering Palestinian martyrs who stab innocent Israelis to death.



1.  Although no earthquakes last 7 days of magnitude 7.0 or greater, for the first time since the 9.1 quake hit Fukushima, Japan 5 years ago, Japan “shuts down” TWO Nuclear plant reactors March 9, day of both an extremely rare Total Solar Eclipse and also a SUPERMOON.

2.  EXACT SAME DAY, America’s least well-placed Nuclear plant near Miami has begun to “leak” into the ocean.  The nuclear “tritium” level of leakage is 200 times that of normal.  This horrific news still suppressed by media drowning in “Trumpitis”.  Main point, 2 possibly prophetic events, 8,000 miles apart exactly occurring on our Lord’s most unique display of His Total Solar Eclipse and Supermoon phenomenon all on March 9th.  WE WATCH.


1.  Can you imagine these ugly tentacles of our most deceiving President ever : FBI instructs various High-School Administrators across America to “inform them on Anti-Gov’t. students in classes, especially “Constitution lovers”.  Very very sad.

2.  Crippled, parapalygic world famous Physics wiz and athiest Richard Dawkins says : “The Gov’t. needs to protect children from the religious views of their parents”.  Hmmm.  Only in this politically correct, Anti-Jesus environment can these statements be made.


Exactly 666 days “BEFORE” this unprecedented date was March 11, 2013, the eve of Nisan 1, the Lord’s Biblical New Year and the day before Pope Francis was selected as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  And exactly 666 days “AFTER” this most prophetic midpoint is Oct. 31, 2016.  Halloween, arguably no date closer in calendar history to satan’s birthday.  COINCIDENCE, SCMOINCIDENCE, this is what it is.  Please see how profoundly prophetic this date truly is in the Category “Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts above”.  Remember all 40 Solar and Lunar eclipses in this Decade are “Exactly, exactly” perfectly synchronized about this prophetic date, Jan. 5, 2015.


1. Never before in the Modern era of civilization since the European Continent birthed into existence the countries of Europe today has there been such a continual unstoppable flow of Muslim migrants into Europe.  The entire continent is absolutely   “SHAKEN”.  Nothing else appears to matter, the EU budget, the debt, the negative interest rates which have been imposed on all EU citizens to stop deflation, the bobble-head Greek Grexit has re-risen and now the British Brexit, ALL of these are secondary to this Muslim apocolyptic influx.

2.  As I mentioned last week the once high and mighty European culture is disintigrating day by day, just like the once high and mighty Tower of Babel was crushed by Almighty God.  Latest point : Prelude to the toppling of Muslim migrant supporter Angela Merkel is this week’s first 3 German regions who voted for the new German Gov’t. legislators.  Results, two of the three regions voted for the “far-right” who promoted for the “cessation” of this Muslim invasion into Germany.  This “sting” of a start for a new German Gov’t is the first ever against Merkel since she became Chancellor.  As the other regions vote this month and April and May, it appears from these first three votes and polls of others that Merkel is extremely wounded and will be toppled this summer if this trend continues.  Call this her ultimate wake-up call as her back is against the wall.

3.  Gets worse, 4 more EU nations, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia implementing closed borders bring total to 14 now out of 28 EU nations, crimping the ever-tightening tourniquet on entry points Turkey and Greece.  I tell you, poor, poor, money poor Greece is absolutely drowning on feeding them and providing shelter for them.  You just know this hemmorhage has “GOT” to explode sooner or later.


1.  Big  Russian Bombshell News :  Right out of the blue sky, shocking the world, Putin on March 14, plans to pull out “most” Russian troops from Syria.  Putin : “The Russian bombing campaign has allowed the Syrian Army to take the initiative on nearly all fronts.  Our Armed Forces’ effective work created these conditions…”.  Russia says will leave behind “some” troops, keep their naval facility in Tartus on the Mediterranean Coast and their newly built air base in Syria will stay fully operational.   Defense Committee Chairman Victor Ozerov with 4 short simple, yet “deadly” words : “We can come back”.  This mighty move now forces Assad, who absolutely regretted this move, to “belly up” in the 2nd Geneva Peace talks which just started this week.  With all this now said, we must not budge one single inch that Russia is Gog, they are still the “Military King” of the Middle East as per Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, AND ALL THEY COMPANY THAT ARE ASSEMBLED UNTO THEE, and be thou a guard unto them”.  And remember that Russia uses Iran and Syria as “PROXIES”, and is the real King of the North in Daniel 11:13,15 : “And the King of the North shall return and set forth a multitude greater than the former…”.  WOW!! So now you ask and I ask : What about the 350,000 man Saudi-led Army set to go to war this week after extreme military exercises in North Saudi Arabia.  No news anywhere as yet what they’ll do.

2.  Military speaking, Russia is now, this month, March, the only safe nation on earth as it unveils the RS-26 ICB missile, the most powerful dooms day weapon on earth.  Not us, not China, not EU knew “squat” about this revelation.  So Mr. Obama, now what do you do?  Oh well, 311 days left, Right!  May as well do zippo.  Weapon’s secret is it travels along a course changing its trajectories instantaneously, and as such has no analogs from any nation in the world to destroy it.  Even U.S.A.  Russian General : “Russia is 100% safe now, unlike everybody else.  Any weapon the U.S. military has is 100% absolutely useless”.  This “thing” will be operational this year.  Obama no doubt caught flat-footed and speechless.  Abuda budabuda!!!


1.  If anyone lies more than Obama, it’s Iran.  Why?  Absolutely defying their own handwriting on US Resolution 2231, Iran successfully fires a consortium of short, mid, and long range ICB missiles.  When did this happen, well why not, on March 9th, date of our Lord’s divine Total Solar Eclipse and Supermoon that night.  Whew, quite a day of events on March 9th for you to digest and verify if you doubt.  Google it all.  Friends, it’s God Almighty talking loudly to us.  Iran General : “The missiles fired today are the results of Sanctions relief.  These Sanctions helped Iran develop it’s missile program.  And on the tip of each missile reads ‘Israel must be wiped from the pages of history’.  The reason we designed our missiles with this range of 2000 km.  is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime from a safe distance”.  WOW!!  That cocky bull.

2.  And just hours later that same day, these Iranian satan bangers threaten to walk away from Obama’s Nuclear Deal From Hell.  Oooofdah!


1.  Of course, I’m absolutely not a prophet. That’s why I did not know that just possibly when Isaiah: 17:1: said ” Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”, our Lord very well knew Pres. Assad and over 1,000 of his “loyal flock” would have bunkers under the heart of Damascus in the end of days.  Such fools as Israel has just developed more superior bunker busting bombs their IDF feels they can “take them out instantly”.  As “instantly” as Isaiah 17:14 : “And behold, at evening tide there is trouble and before the morning he is not”.  Friends, we have an awesome God to tell us this today to witness.


1.  Car bomb in downtown Ankara, Capitol, kills 38, injures 150.  This is the 2nd mass killing of Turks in less than 1  month, 29, in Feb.


1.  Al Queda jackals slaughter 16 at a ritzy beach resort.  Friends, if you’re parents, please visualize this next sentence IN YOUR MIND and put yourself there :  The jackals literally chased down two 5-year old boys running for their lives straight into the dang beach.  Nowhere else to go.  Caught them, one 5 year old was able to recite a Muslim prayer, he lived, the other 5 year old-I’m talking pre-school here-scared to death, away from anybody he knows, mom, dad, toys, he couldn’t recite as he was Christian.  Well, he got blasted to death.  I tell you, this brought tears to my eyes writing this thinking of a little kid who’d have loved making beach sand castles there instead.  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, oh how we are waiting for you after hell like this.


Soooo, there it is, another week, another set of prophetic puzzle pieces put together some so prophetically timed for March 9 eclipse and Supermoon.  May we Prayerfully WATCH as His prophetic time clock, Jerusalem, and his March 9th Solar Eclipse and Supermoon, both so prophetic on the above March 9th events arre so divinely telling.  Please specifically WATCH the stuff going on in Syria, proxy of Russia, the Kingdom of the North of Daniel 11:13 and her ugly Shiite tentacles as Kings of the North with Russia in Syria now and their enemies, the Saudi/Egypt led Sunnis of the Kings of the South, and Israel, smack dab in the middle, just the way God wants it to open our eyes.  And may we remember His Cross gave us eternal life by choosing it and tell your family and friends that if they can just get time to “know” Him, then they’ll love Him.  You know that.  May we soon meet each other at Jesus’ feet.  God willing, until next time, till we meet.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas


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