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Welcome everybody.  The calm quiet lull that has appeared this week feels rather subdued, yet eerie.  And it should because under this calm, quietness is our Lord’s step by step buildup of prophetically ominous events of His coming wrath to America, to Europe, to the world.  Just like a deadly cancer metastisizing in one’s body.  It’s growing ugly, yet the person doesn’t really feel all that bad–YET!  The Lord’s Holy Day of Purim has come and gone and we’re still here.  No Planet X carnage, no Planet X period.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, how about the most prophetic event of splitting Israel right down the tubes.  And how about the true colors of our feckless President where terror strikes Belgium and the world is in shock mode and he treats the Muslim terror bombings as merely background noise, driving down America again.  And how about the Russian head fake by Vladimir Putin on removing his troops from Syria, thus ending the speculation of the GOG/MAGOG WAR–NOT.  And how about today is the 6 month point of our Lord’s Final Jubilee Year, His 120th, in world history (please see my LORD’S PERFECT SIGN EPIC CLOSURE CHARTS, they surely verify we are in the Times of the End).  It’s like a beautiful white swan swimming so gracefully and care free in the water. Life is so so good.  Yet underneath, her legs are frantically paddling helter-skelter for directions.  SOOO LET’S GO :


1.  Just 24 hours after the Holy Day of Purim, an Israeli Rabbi, Ari Abramowitz, urgently tells all of America’s Jews to move to Israel, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy about the ingathering of the exiles so as to not get caught into the sledgehammer of another Anti-Semetic violence scene on American soil.  We must remember, in Germany, Poland, etc. they didn’t get it, they didn’t believe it.  Rabbi says : “To our fellow Jews in America, you are in more danger than any Jews are anywhere else in the world for the simple reason that you DON’T FEEL HOW MUCH DANGER YOU ARE TRULY IN”.  WOW!!  I surely get that.  Remember Purim, remember Hitler, remember what the Obama Administration is portending today in the following report hot off the presses on the Day of Purim :

2.   Obama, UN, Europe, and Russia, yes Russia, believe it or not where you never know what happens behind closed doors when the enemy of your enemy is your friend.  These great deceivers who run this evil world have their people, at this writing, behind secret doors, preparing the new plan to revive the moribund Israel/Palestinian Peace Process.  Only deliberate leaks : Israel will be divided, Jerusalem will be split into TWO CAPITALS, with East Jerusalem, where Jesus lived and died, going to new State of Palestine.  Work on this “LATEST” Peace Plan to be completed by September.  We know sooner than later this will happen, but what struck me on this and gave me the chills up and down my spine was the UN top dog’s name in this along with Obama and Putin.  His name is “N-I-C-O-L-A-I” Mladenov from Eastern Europe.  Well, do you remember the UN leader’s name in the movie LEFT BEHIND. It was, are you ready?-N-I-C-O-L-A-I Carpathia from Eastern Europe.  Coincidence, Shmoincidence, I don’t know, but God does.

3.  Softee Palestinian sympathizer Simon Perez, ex-President of Israel, is in Paris to help Pope Francis to help form the coming One-World-Religion.  He says : “The only way terrorism can be defeated is by ‘UNITING’ the world and all of her religions”.  Hmmm!! Shame, shame Mr. Perez.  And never forget, Brussels is a direct derivative of Purim.  Let’s WATCH.

U.S.A. :

OBAMA.  What an insane evil head and unemotional heart, insensitive man this is :

1.  That DADGUM leader of ours continues to fiddle and tango the night away as Rome burns to H-E-L-L

2.  World leaders are meeting left and right, north and south, and he’s enjoying another family vacation taking in a sightseeing trip of the Padegonias in Argentina after a glitzy dinner and dancing the TANGO and the night away as Brussels burns, clubfooted dancer that he is by the way.

3.  Cannot believe the insensitivity of how his evil demurrent mind and emotionless heart has reacted as Brussels scrapes off the walls of blood and mops it up.  And to only spend “51” seconds telling the world offering his “condolences”.  I tell you, I’m so sick of that word he just repeatedly uses with no action as a follow up.

4.  Oh well, he did go golfing 5 minutes after he got the horrific phone call that ISIS’s first beheading was an American, James Foley.  Should we expect anything more?

5.  Listen to this series of his absolutely ludicrous remarks on Brussels, this Tango Pango man said this week :

6.  On Brussels : “The entire world must unite”, then quickly goes to Cuban baseball game.

7.  On Trump and Cruz’s patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods : “It’s important to avoid measures that might ‘stigmatize’ Muslims and targeting their enormous contribution to our country and our way of life”.  Yeah, you could sarcastically say that again.  Right!

8.   This one’s absurd, says : “More people die in swimming pools than terror”.

9.  Not to be outdone : “It’s un-American for Muslims to feel Ghettoized”.  Shame, shame terrible shame on this less than man, man.

10.  And how about : “We just don’t go back (to D.C.) and say something was blown up when it was blown up”.  Obama, you just DON’T GET IT.

11.  Snarky snarky man, talk about his “real” dirty dancing.  Friends, he just has a  51 card deck upstairs, he’s just a TANGO man, in the mood, his mood.


1. Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, a good decent man if you recall, says : “Obama CHOSE to create the crisis between Israel and the U.S.  No wonder, the U.S. has been morally wounded and internationally spiraling down out of control these past seven years”.  No wonder Oren quit last year and no wonder God said in Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few and let another take his office”.  Yes, only 197 days left, unless he …. .

2.  Good ol’ Rudy Guiliani : “Hillary Clinton is a founding member of ISIS”.

3.  Speaking of Hillary, she says : “Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods is counter productive and racial profiling”.  Numb numb numb Hillary.

4.  Several U.S. Congressmen led by Lee Zeldon,  Rep. of New York, speaks to Israeli newswires : “The Iran agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on … not only is this not a Treaty, it’s not even an Executive Agreement…Sec. Kerry calls it a ‘partial commitment’ and has admitted that IT HAS NEVER BEEN SIGNED”.  UH, unbelievable, we and Israel are hoodwinked again.  Oh that liar Obama and marshmallow  Kerry.  My take : these 2 grand deceivers swindled America out of $150 billion and lifted Iranian sanctions to speed up the demise of Israel.  Google it, I would not kid you on this.  I’d have to quit reporting.  But, what does this Statistician know who reads the Bible daily and gleans prophetic current, factual, events that correlate to the scriptures in that most beautiful Book of our Lord.


1.   Just 24 hours after high-riding Obama leaves Communist Cuba, Castro imprisons hundreds of protesters chastising both Castro and especially Obama for not pushing for more freedom.

2.    Even so, Obama, without Congressional approval, takes Cuba off the U.S. terror list of nations (North Korea, Iran, etc. bad boys).  Conservative Judicial Watch, a tremendous legal check and balance organization on Obama’s Constitution desecration, claims Obama did absolutely SQUAT on releasing U.S. political prisoners.  Some have been held since 1960, some have even died in Cuban jails.  I’ve said it before, someday this “less than a man” Obama will be forced to bow down at the home of Jesus and confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.  Oh woe is he.


1.  Texas Border Patrol Agents testimony in Congress reveal they’re catching Obama consistantly low-balling the # of illegals.  Agent Brandon Judd : “The Obama Admin. fails to give Americans key indicators such as the # of arrests…”.

2.  Obama reiterates his Muslim refugee promise to America in Argentina this past week on bringing in 100,000 of them.  Hmmm, must have hit his head doing the Tango there and got amnesia as he keeps driving this spike in ever harder for what’s coning to America, especially to say this after Brussels.  Friends, I close with this :  What an arrogant man who despises American’s way of life, Christians, Israel.  It is what it is.  It’s not a mockery.


1.  After Brussels, Pope condemns all who refuse Muslim migrants to enter their countries.  Says : “Migrants meet rejections from those who could offer them welcome and assistance”.  More like welcome and assassinations and terror atrocities unfortunately in this day and age.  So so sad for a few Muslim butchers to taint the 1.3 million refugees.  I honestly feel the Pope’s compassionate view, however, 1 bad apple ….. .

2.  Another Pope remark this week, this time on accepting gays : “We are in the 21st Century now, the world’s morals have changed”.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  God is the same “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” and his word is absolutely pure.  Psalms 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure”, and Rev. 22:8 : “….if any man shall add unto these things shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”.  Remember, with Jesus, we always have another day tomorrow forever and forever.

3.  97 year old Billy Graham rebukes Pope’s message as Billy says : “Jesus’s time on earth before His Resurrection was anything ‘BUT’ a failure …only Jesus’s enemies would have seen His time on earth as unsuccessful”.  Yet last Sept. in New York, Pope had all the twisted gall to say ; “Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”.  Sorry Pope, you are sooo wrong.  Jesus was raised from the cross, he will NEVER EVER die again.  Friends, that’s not failure, that’s being successful.


1.  And why not in this evil world where just 24 hours before the Lord’s Holy Day of the Eve of Purim, 3 suicide terror bombs by Muslim Islamic Radicals kill 35 and injure 350, some now in Intensive Care, some in comas, and counting.  Not only did ISIS “wildmen” of Genesis 16:12 take joyful credit, but they said this is only the iceberg tip as 400 more cells to take down and rule Europe are “ready to go”.  Genesis 16:10,11 : “And the angel of the Lord said unto her (Hagar) I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.  Behold, thou art with child, and shall bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael”.

2.  “Merkel be damned” is the popular EU wide message on the Muslim migrant infestation after Brussels bombs as she’s promoted the “open the floodgates” for them to “Come On Down”.  And remember when some of the more radical Muslims are caught raping or groping women they “ALL” have now learned to say : “I am here as a guest of Angela Merkel”.  Geeze Louise.  Go fry a freckled fish.

3.   Remember the Carpenter’s song in the 1970s, “We’ve Only Just Begun”.  Well the Brussels bomb raids uncovered a plethora of evidence of a European wide Islamic Jihadist cell specializing in nuclear terror.  Why : Belgium’s Nuclear Plant was the imminent next target where those Muslim coyotes murdered a Nuclear Plant Security Guard and stole his security pass.  Oh yeah, these 400 terror cells can surely sing : “We’ve Only Just Begun”.  Friends, you know, like me, aren’t you just tired gone wild over our lead-headed President and world-wide leaders, specifically the EU ones who repeatedly almost in tandem say : “Our hearts and prayers and condolences go out to the survivors and their families of these terrorist acts”.   Well pack sand, ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TWO.  May some leader step up and bomb the crazies in ISIS capital of Racca and their demented evil Caliph Al-Baghdadi.  And may this new leader swat any Muslim fly on the spur of the moment anywhere in the world the moment they pop their evil head up.  Maybe this leader will be the Anti-Christ.  As surely nothing is working today.  No wonder the End of Days in this Final Jubilee of our Lord is upon us.


1.  Despite Vladimir Putin’s call to pull out Russian troops from Syria, thus putting an end to the potentially imminent God/Magog War. Whoa, well the party just isn’t over yet. Why?

2.  First, Putin lies, as former Israel Intelligence Chief Yadlin says : “The main part of the Russian Army remains in Syria…The fighting in Syria to Israel, is still our greatest threat, greater than the Iran Nuclear Threat”.  Call me a dumb sucker, but point blank, for the last 2 years I believe 100% of every word coming out the mouths of “every” Israeli Military leader as I believe it’s the word of God in them.

3.  To bolster Yadlins remarks, I’ve researched the following truths, despite the dishonest rhetoric by Putin on the pulling out of Russian troops :  a)  Thousands of Russian troops and military advisers have been “Left Behind”.  b)  Aircraft and fire bombers will be left behind in the Syrian airbase Russia built, within striking distance of Israel.  c)  That airbase is still 100% operational.  d)  Putin could parachute in or fly in more troops into Syria “in a matter of hours” were his exact words.  e)  Putin could move thousands of ground troops from neighboring Armenia who has given Putin carte blanche from their nation in exchange for protection, and  f)  The Naval Base in Tartus is still 100% intact, totally “war-ready”.  Sooo, absolutely zippo, zero, has changed for the Gog War fires to erupt in a single DAY.  You could say the hook in Russia’s jaw, is alive and well in Ezek. 38:4 : “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth with all thine army…”.


1.  Day after they did Brussels, ISIS video depicts the blowing up of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, video goes viral.  North Korea follows up with depicting a nuclear strike on D.C.  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE when death threats for nations can be seen worldwide instantly.  No wonder the Lord told Daniel 12:4 : “O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”. KAPOW, that’s the internet speed of today, the Time of the End.  Do we get it and may we pray our eyes and ears don’t get “drunkenly” waxed shut with Hillary and Trump and Trump and Hillary filling our brains daily on the news.

2.  ISIS does what they say, surely more than Obama does : This past “Easter Sunday” of the pagan world, if you will, ISIS demons crucify a Christian Priest on a cross.

3.  And 2 days ago, Taliban Jihad backers slaughter 75, mostly Christian women and children at a fair as mothers watched their kids enjoying life on the bumper cars.  Cruel, cruel world today.  Friends, “let your heart not be troubled” these mothers and children are the souls of Rev. 6:9 : “…..And I saw under the alter the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held”.


Although no 7.0 or greater magnitude earthquakes and only one gigantic volcano eruption in Alaska that has suffocated Anchorage, closed airport from spewing ash, there are 4 prophetic events right out of the Book of 2 Timothy 3:1-3 : “In the last days perilous times shall come.  Men shall be lovers of their own selves…blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.  Without natural affection…”.  The 4 events  are :

1)  What more proof does one need that evil abortions are favorable to satan than this : On America’s Easter Sunday, the satanic Temple’s nationwide campaigns and protests to promote abortions and Planned Parenthood took great seed in Detroit with a rally of these devilish supporters, all dressed in black, including black faces.  I’m a grown man and the cover photo scared the daylights out of me.

2)  Poll of 1300 teachers across America reveals children as young as “7” are sexting in school to share sexual messages, nude pictures and videos of themselves even doing you know what.  Absolutely insane.  How can these children stop clicking?  Remember at that age we loved Hula-Hoops, tether ball, hopscotch in grade school.

3)  Georgia Governor whatever his pro-gay name is, vetoes a “religious freedom bill”.  This bill would have allowed faith based businesses who love the Lord to refuse  service to gays and transgenders.  Under threat of pulling out of the State of Georgia by gay-loving Disney, Coke, several others, now these little faith based businesses are forced to serve gays or shut down.   Again, God’s pure words : Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment (right Bruce, Caytlin, whatever) : for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  More gay concerning scriptures of the Lord : Levit. 18:22, and 20:13, I Chor. 6:9, Romans 1:24-28, Mark 10:7-9.  Like why else would God say this??  DUH!!

4.  Best, or should I say worst, for last.  The Temple of Baal where in ancient Syria, child sacrifices and bi-sexual orgies were common place on the alter, well, a replica is now being constructed in Times Square, New York City, and also Trafalgar Square, the Times Square, of London.  Tell me we are not in the End of Days when our kids can see something like this on vacation and say Daddy, what’s that?


So there it is.  Another week of prophetic puzzle pieces coming together under our Master’s 6,000 year plan for mankind.  Hope you tell family and friends about this site and other God believing websites that we are on THE EDGE OF TIME.  NO time to wait and don’t dare be ashamed to tell others of Jesus, remember, only satan himself makes you ashamed.  And tell them the only thing worse than “NOT” having Jesus is “NEVER” having Him.  I’m a grandpa and I feel I’ve lived a long time.  Yet my life would only be 6 and 1/2%  spent in the 1,000 year millinium.  And then eternity after that.  WOW, choose Jesus.  After all : Luke 21:28 : “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass—” STOP right there, they ARE coming to pass, TODAY.  Look around this mucky world, nothing’s working.  He’s coming sooner than later.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

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Sources :  Breaking Israel News, Jewish Press, Rapture Ready .com, Blaze, Reuters, World News Daily.