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Welcome everybody.  Talk about this turbo-charged world that has catapulted satan and marginalized our Lord very much this past week.  You just gotta, God willing, view all the following prophetic events bursting helter-skelter on our Creator’s stage in these End of Days to tell your people.  The Lord’s timing of these happenings is remarkably amazing just 2 weeks before the “real” Easter, and not the recent pagan Easter, but Passover the Real Deal Date on God’s calendar on April 22nd.  Please refer to the Charts in last category on Home page and click on Facebook Saturday for latest on Israel.  Much prophecy to tell,   SO LET’S GO:


1.  Highly prolific Bible prophecy before our very eyes as the THIRD TEMPLE is closer than ever as the Temple Institute search begins for “eligible Jewish Priests” to perform the 3,000 year old services and to prepare the red heifer, to welcome the Messiah.  The registry of eligible priests must be the descendants of Aaron, Moses’ brother.  WOW!!  Rabbi Rachman : “For the first time in 2,000 years, after miraculously returning to the Land of Israel, we are beginning the process of re-instating the ‘Biblical parity’ of the Jewish priesthood”.  Perfect fit : Exodus 28:1 : “And take thou unto thee Aaron, thy brothers and his sons from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me in the priest’s office, even Aaron”.  Friends, Praise the Lord, WE ARE THERE.

2.  More : Jewish Rabbis thru out Israel are on the same tune saying the timing of the Messiah is on more lips than EVER BEFORE.  Their divine focus on what will trigger, what will spark the coming of the Messiah  is, are you ready, : “THE REPENTANCE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE”, that the people of Israel return to the God of Israel.  Rabbi Singer : “Moshiach cannot come to a wicked generation, so God will ‘force’ the Jewish people to repent.  God will not stop waking us up, even if He needs to use the enemies of the Jews.  Whatever it takes, God will tweak the circumstances until we have no choice except to repent”.  And now the Jewish Rabbis thru out Israel are teaching this to all Jews.  Hello Psalm 83 War; Hello Gog/Magog War, Hello Jewish repentance, Hello Jesus our Lord and Savior.

3.  What an amazing follow up omen to the Jews repenting in this as the stage is set, the nation border players surrounding Israel are all aligned, the entire set of world leaders are against God’s chosen people.  And just look what God is showing the world, that is a photo gone viral on “BLOOD-RED NILE’  image, just as Passover approaches on April 22.  Although the photo is a European space agency satellite image which measures the heat generated by vegetation for monitoring environmental changes, does this not ring Big Bells that parallel the first of 10 Biblical plagues in Egypt where Moses said :”Let My People Go”.  Again, what a prolific scripture our Lord has to tie this omen together on the cusp of Passover no less : Isaiah: 19:6-7 : “And they shall turn the rivers faraway and the brooks (Nile) shall be emptied and dried up.  The paper reed by the brooks (Nile), by the mouth of the brooks (Nile) and everything sown by the brooks (Nile) shall wither, be driven away, shall be no more”.  Here We Go.

4.  Another first in world history, totally infuriates Bibi and all Jews in Israel : The EU and the 5 Gulf States(Saudis etc.) are building a Palestinian City in the West Bank, south of Hebron.  If Bibi is furious, can you only imagine how these jackals are “touching”  the apple of God’s eye, exactly as Zech 2:8.

5.  Israeli Air Force General : “Israel’s neighbors are buying arms on a scale that threatens Israel’s regional military superiority”.  Just as U.S. is balking at Israel’s request for $4.5 billion for defense and will give Israel only $3 billion per year until the contract expires in 2018.  Thank merciless Obama on Israel for helping erode Israel’s edge with lifting sanctions on dreadful Iran along with $150 billion to boot and you got the Gog/Magog War, just waiting to happen which is speedily causing Iran’s frozen economy to swiftly thaw out.

6.  IDF Defense Minister Ya’alon : “Hundred’s of jihadists are planning to strike European soil.  Paris and Brussels were just the start”.  Friends, anymore, I got to tell you, I believe absolutely every word out of not only Bibi, but every top general in Israel, because I believe they are Godly ordained to be who they are and say what they say in these End of Days.  Good advice, Right!

7.   Lastly 2 most intriguing and prophetic statistics : a)  2017 is the “70th” year anniversary of the UNs decision to establish the Jewish State in the Land of Israel.  You know all about “70” as in the 70th week in Daniel, as in just possibly the Anti-Christ may “JUST BE’ the new Secretary General of the UN in New York where he just may someday next year go thru the Gates of the evil pagan Tower of Baal replica which will be erected next week in Times Square Park in New York, just a skip from the evil pagan UN building by the way.  See erotic, horrific story below in U.S.A.  b)  This idea of a Jewish State after 2,000 years was galvanized “120” years ago.  Does “120” sound familiar : As in Genesis 6:3 : “Man’s years shall be 120 years”.  As in Moses lived 120 years.  As in this is the 120th Jubilee year of our Lord.  As in 120 Jubilees x 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years as in 6 days of life of man on the earth.  As in WE ARE ON THE EDGE OF TIME.

U.S.A. :

Oh Mama, there goes that “slippery weasel” man again.

1.   Yes, our high-minded evil-intending individual of a President is operation in a planet that is so detached from a normal American’s way of thinking.  Look : The day he leaves Cuba, 500 hundred innocent Cuban dissidents are jailed the next 3 days for protesting.  It’s like Obama’s personal freedom discussion recommendations for all Cubans fizzed in hours.  Maybe he wasn’t clear enough with Castro as Obama was obsessed possibly thinking that his left foot goes over the right foot on his Tango lesson the night before, or was that right over left.  Oh well, you saw he blotched that too while dancing.

2.  Poor timing again and again, 2 of 12 approved for release Gitmo killers are released to Senegal and in 24 hours at the Nuclear Summit Meeting he says on terrorists : “The threat of foreign fighters (that’d be Radical Islamic terrorists) remains too real for them to launch a nuclear attack.  The single most effective defense against nuclear terrorists is fully securing nuclear material so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands”.  UGGHH, idiocy, lunacy, pick one, or both.

3.  So eager to help Iran push Israel to annihilation, Obama opens doors for Iran to obtain “D-O-L-L-A-R-S” in the International Markets to buy stuff around the world after Iranian diplomats met with White House cronies telling them their complaints they didn’t get  enough benefits on the Nuclear Deal From Hell. Obama was notified and shows compassion, opens these “dollar-oriented trade doors” for his personal and for his Iranian born #1 top White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett’s pals back in Iran.  Friends, along with marshmallow Kerry, these 3 continue to weasel things out of Israel’s security.

4.  Also on Iran, he says : “Iran is not following the ‘SPIRIT’ of the Deal even as they stick to the letter of the pact”.  Friends, do you see it?  “Letter of the pact” he calls this Deal.  And he and marshmallow Kerry both said that the Agreement was “signed” last April 1st.  Well, April Fools America and Israel.

5.  White House censors itty-bitty portion of video of French President Hollande who said : “Islamic terrorism is the root of world terrorism”.  Kind of like a Nixonesque gap in the phone recordings with Mary Woods during the Watergate scandal.  Oh well, that’s our pointy headed President.

6.  CIA leak reveals Obama purposely prevented CIA from over throwing Pres. Assad of Syria in 2012.  You know, if the CIA program succeeded there’d be no ISIS, no Muslim migrants, no Russian Aggression onto Israel’s borders.  Hmmm!! Is God prophetically, so meticulously working on shutting this 6,000 year old world down or what, Right!!

7.  Obama “forcing” all Border Patrol Agents to release illegals is working.  Now, 85% of illegals since his Executive Orders on this have “vanished” into mainstream America.  Well, there’s a successful legacy he’s built for himself.

8.  Obama arrogantly claims he has the power to make illegal immigrants “eligible” for Social Security Disability as he orders his Solicitor General Don Verilli to tell Supreme Court to honor this.  Oh, that man hates America so bad.

9.  Well, crush Americans again, might as well, nobody stops him.  Yesterday, April 6, the 1st set of Muslim refugees, a Syrian family boarded a flight from Amman, Jordan and arrived in USA to be resettled with US Gov’t’s. help under his “speeded” up Surge Resettlement Program that you, me, and Congress knew SQUAT about.  Friends, he’s killing us cell by cell, inch by inch.  Praise the Lord he has 289 days left today, unless ….. .  I say look for an Obamination tsunami this fall from this 170 pounds of damaged goods.


1.  Hillary at her political best : “Constitutional Rights do not apply to an unborn person or child.  DUHH DUMB DUMB.

2.  Iran’s #2 Top General Jafari : “For years we have been building power on the presumption of a widespread war with the U.S. and we have developed all our capabilities for a decisive victory over them”.  Thanks Obama, you April Fool’s Fool who helped them get here, you ….

3.  Finally, a good man, Franklin Graham on transgenders flip flopping on public bathrooms, some for “cheap thrills” : “It sets the stage for pedophiles and predators, and it opens the door for all manners of evil”.  God Bless You Franklin.

4.  California authorities sight 100 plus men in desert chanting Allah Akbar.


1. Chicago, Obama’s old stomping grounds, 500 homicide deaths in 1st Quarter of 2016.  Again, top murder city in America for probably the 8th consecutive year,  I’ll check.  Also, in Chicago, or should I say “out” of Chicago, hundreds of the rich and affluent are leaving for their lives and children’s lives.

2.  39% of Evangelical Republicans do not believe in the Bible.

3.  Worst for last : Tower of Baal 90 foot tall replica now being erected in Times Square, New York, to open for traffic April 19th and WOW, little kids get a special discount.  Friends, this is a most hellish pagan idol of 2,000 years ago where children were sacrificed and burned alive on the altar known as the “blood sacrifice to the beast’ that culminates 13 days later on the high holy occult day of May 1st, we call May Day.  Boy, I’ll say May Day, as in help, help!!!  Also to honor the god of sexual orgies, performed by naked pairs upon the altar. This is also the Illuminati’s 2nd most sacred day of the year, (Oct. 31st).  Also, the Feast of Moloch (in the Bible) day where this ancient evil Canaanite god whose child sacrifices was the highlight of the day.  More, either 1 or 2 days about this evil day of April 19th, just look what happened in just only America : April 19, 1963 = Waco massacre of 76 people.  April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh, 168 killed.  April 20, 1999, Columbine School massacre, 13 dead. April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech massacre, 32 dead.  April 16, 2013 Boston Marathon explosions by 2 Islam brothers, 3 die.  More, April 19, 2016 is the New York primary in this hideous election crap.  Coincidence, Schmoincidence.  It’s all God, all of it.  May we please wake up to these divine signs.


1.  Just like he did 3 years ago for the 323 AD Roman inspired pagan Easter, Pope this time washes the feet of Muslim migrants prior to Easter Mass in Rome and says : “We are all children of the same God”.  NO, NO, an emphatic NO.  Friends, your and my God has a beautiful and wonderful Son and Lord and Savior named Jesus Christ.  The god Allah has NO, NO, emphatically NO son.  Our God says the only way His children will ever see Him is thru this Lord and Savior of ours, Jesus : John 14:6 : “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me”.  Case closed, you’re either in or you’re out.

2.  I’m still waiting for the Pope, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics “Christians” in this ugly world, to castigate and chastise this stinking Tower of Baal satanic replica.  Sorry to report, this man in his whites of robes has said SQUAT.  OK, got it!


1.  Ho hum, what else is new in the EU.  Nothing but the continual Apocalyptic revelations of the burgeoning hemmorhage of the Muslim migrants slithering into the EU.  Dynamic cultural changes now occurring in Europe to minimize clashes and yet accommodate the sad and unfortunate infestation of the now 1.4 million that have entered Europe since 2015.

2.  Italy expects 500,000 to 800,000 of them to arrive this year on Italian soil from Libya.  Italy says it cannot handle this as Italy’s economy is in out right recession and major Italian banks will COLLAPSE THIS YEAR.

3.  To help, Austria, who’s already sealed her borders successfully, is sending military troops to the Italian border to help fend the Muslims off.

4.  France’s “Millionaire Exodus” has just surpassed 10,000, as France’s wealthiest people are leaving their country out of fear for their lives as the Muslim onslaught has reached their “backyards” in their cities.  This just wreaks havoc on France’s amoebic recovery which has had negative growth in 3 of the last 4 months.  And friends, this is the 2nd most powerful EU nation.

5.  With all this stuff said, we must WATCH if the EU/Turkey deal to stem the flow of the Muslim refugees takes hold to assist an absolutely overwhelmed, pathetically poor Greece, the entry point for most of the migrants, which is about to economically “SNAP” into civil war under this deluge.  Here, the newest migrants will be returned back to Turkey whereby Turkey will be financially compensated by the EU.  A mere pittance of 200 that’s 200 out of 1,400,000 which is 0.014% were sent back this week.  Friends, sooner or later, day of reckoning is coming to EU and then, POOF…!!

6.  So how about a devilish glimmer of hope for so many of the apostate populous in the EU as the satanic Tower of Baal replica, 90 feet high, arrived in London today, just in the nick of time for this monster to be erected on Trafalgar Square and in unison with UNESCO Heritage week.  Friends, UNESCO is the diabolic right arm of the UN which continually bombards Israel with great negativity and verbal sanctions as they so much support the Palestinians and their quest to divide Israel.  You know, no wonder our Omnipotent and Omnicious Creator has enabled these curses on the EU regarding the Muslim refugees onslaught.  Isaiah 45:7 : “I form the light and create darkness : I make peace and ‘CREATE EVIL’ : I the Lord do all these things”.  Friends, the EU has categorically demeaned Israel by forcing the upcoming 2-State-Solution onto the Jews and look what God is now doing.  Genesis 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.



Bulldog Putin spits in poodle Obama’s evil eyes : Putin orders Russian Envoy to UN to tell the world : “Russia vows a totally “assymetric response” if the U.S. – led NATO alliance goes thru with their plans to deploy new armored units into Eastern Europe.  We are not passive observers, this NATO effort is not justified by anything”.  WOW!!  FYI., the U.S. Pentagon just announced this week it will increase U.S. troops and equipment there.  Envoy continues : “As of today, we are not assessing as a whole what the U.S. and NATO are doing, the point of issue is a ‘substantial change’ for the worse in the security situation”.  Friends, forget the imminent Gog/Magog War for a moment as Russia is teetering the U.S., etc. into war.  War, as in WWIII.


A total tomato smash into the evil eyes of the “tango man”, our petulant leader : Top Senior Iranian General Jazzayeri : “The calculation about the Iranian nation are fully incorrect.  Any attempt by the U.S. to encrouch  on our ballistic missile program would constitute the crossing of a RED LINE”.  Oh how absolutely insane this Iranian Deal was last year that was told to 320,000,000 Americans by our deceptive President and his marshmallow Kerry that it was a done signed deal last April 1, 2015 yet was never ever never actually signed as this startling shocking announcement LIE that was revealed to the world.  And $150 billion dollars later and Iran sanctions lifted, nobody in this dang sick world says Squat as this Iranian General bedfellow of Obama’s dares to trample over him and say the U.S. has crossed a RED-LINE.  For crying in a bucket, come quickly Lord Jesus.  Oh how we are waiting for you who love you.  Sooo true is Isaiah 5:5 : “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil”.


1.  Just as the White House is reiterating that ISIS, after fleeing Palmyra, is on the run again, well guess what : ISIS captures “250” Syrian civilians and says they’ll kill them all.  This is not anything new for ISIS?  YES IT IS : The 250 civilians were in North “DAMASCUS”.   I mention this as this brings us one step closer to Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  Yes Gog/Magog is alive and well.  Friends, just visualize this Asia stuff, what in the world is going on, on this earth.  Answer : God is unveiling His End of Days scenerio for us to witness as this world has erased Him.  Remember, the recent Blood Moons were His omens and warnings and now the plethora of His judgements are here in buckets in His Final Jubilee Year of mankind.



1.  A swarm of “18” minor earthquakes jolted Arizona March 29-April 3.  Although not a 7 magnitude as I will always report to you weekly, a 6.9 and a 6.3 quake rocked Vanatu Islands in the South Pacific.  God just keeps talking to us, wait for His right one to hit at the right time on His calendar.  We WATCH.


Another first for the world meteorologist history books : “Snow” in the Caribbeans on April 3.


1.  Satan is alive and well in a Colorado High School : Atheists providing pamphlets, books on topics such as ‘sex in the Bible’, the problems with the ’10 Commandments’, and a ‘satanic activities book’ for teenagers in middle school and high-school students.  OK, the Principalities of the air in Eph. 6:12 keep a coming.

2.  Friends, one could spend several hours discussing the Nephilites back to the future from 5,000 years ago to TODAY regarding the current twilight zone realities happening in this world, ie. : Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Half Human Half Animal, Half Human Half Synthetic Techno Cybernoids, everything now poised to create mind-boggling world paradigm changes to God’s creation of man and woman.  This stuff is absolutely insane and horrific on what’s coming.  A good friend of mine in Missouri apprised me of this and the works of Tom Horn’s book on how “human transformation” will soon radically alter what it means to be human.  Like will we be who we were born to be.  What the heck is going on!!

3.  This week China opened a cloning factory to clone 1 million cows, genetically engineered Police dogs and thoroughbred race horses.  No way — Friends, YES WAY.  So how does our Creator feel about changing His Creation?  Genesis 6: 4-7 : “When the sons of God ‘came into’ the daughters of men and they bare children.  And God saw that their ‘wickedness’ was great in the earth, and that every imagination of man’s thoughts was only evil continually.  And it repented the Lord that he made man.  And the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth”.  As in the flood with Noah.  As in Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now, and that which is to be hath already been”.  As in WE ARE THERE, we’ve biffed our Creator, Big Time judgement now comes.


I’ll say it again.  “There It Is”.  Not one iota of the above articles has been altered or massaged.  It is what it is.  Frank, honest and real to show you how close we are to The Edge Of Time.  What an Awesome God, without date-setting, to enable us who love Him and His beautiful glorious Son, Jesus to be greater than the entire Universe, Galaxy. Solar System, whatever and small enough to fit and live in our heart that He is about to come get us.  We are so Finite, like a little defenseless worm on the street and He is so exceptionally Infinite.

Sooo, please tell your family and friends to come to Him and “lean” on Him, that our entire life is in His Hands, His BIG BIG BIG HANDS, no matter how much we screw up, we strive towards righteousness in Him, we repent and ask forgiveness unceasingly of Him “every single day” after we are born again and we grow closer to Him “every single day” because some day soon, in the twinkling of an eye, BOOM He’s here and gone with His Church (us) forever, forever from our planet as we know it.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Rev. 3:11 : “Behold I come quickly”.  Paul Grevas

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