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“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord : and the people whom He hath chosen for His own    inheritance”   Psalms 33:12

Welcome everybody.  I must tell you here that henceforward my emphasis on future reports will concentrate mostly on the series of International meetings with the UN, U.S., etc.excluding Israel who is not invited, that begins May 30th, in Paris regarding the “Final Work” on “Enforcing” a 2-State-Solution upon Israel by dividing up the Jewish Nation and splitting up it’s capital, Jerusalem, the past, present, and future home of our Lord.  Eeekk, 2 scary words here just mentioned, “Final” and “Solution”.  As in Final Solution.  As in Adolph Hitler.  As in WWII and the Holocaust.  Yes, that des jeax vous is very scary.  Especially when you read Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now and that which is to be has already been”.  We are in the Lord’s Final Jubilee Year, #120 as per Gen. 6:3, it ends Oct. 12th on Yom Kippur.  I’m not a date setter, mind you, but a “Date-Watcher”.  Please see Chart Categories on Home page.  Much to say,  SO LET’S GO :


1.  Do you remember the riddle when Chicken Little was saying “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”.  Well, from a “worldly” perspective, it IS falling hard and fast upon Israel most probably for the last time regarding the Israel/Palestine Peace Process Negotiations.  As mentioned above, on May 30th satan will have his demons the UN, several nations including Russia, China, U.S. in Paris to begin their First EVER, repeat, First EVER meeting on what they call “The Enforced 2-State- Solution”.  And can you imagine that, Israel is not invited.  Old words we grew up with are out : Peace Process “Negotiations”.  New words are “Enforced” and 2-State-Solution.

2.  Think this is no big deal?  Look what’s going on in Israel as they’ve measured the demonic gravity of this latest move to split God’s coveted, covenanted Land of Israel : Bibi directs his Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, to tell the world : “The upcoming weeks are especially critical.  So much is going on.  We don’t have a moment to rest.  We are currently in a State of Emergency…each country that Israel succeeds in preventing from attending the summit will be considered an achievement”.  Friends, if the U.S. issued a National State of Emergency, it’d be ISIS on the shores of the Statue of Liberty or WWIII.  You just don’t shake up your entire nation speaking like this unless it’s an epic life/death scenario.  As this appears to be.

3.  Going on this VERY MOMENT at this writing there are 3 Peace Processes going on : Syria and Yemen are being negotiated.  Israel’s is being enforced.

4.  Speaking of Peace Process, one down, one to go : Israel has 2 Peace Treaties, one with Egypt, one with Jordan.  Well guess what?  Talk about Bible Prophecy converging all at once in this Final Jubilee Year; Jordan’s Parliament votes, refuses to honor the 22 year old Israel/Jordan Peace Treaty established in 1994.  This diametrically clashes with King Abdullah who separately continues to support it.  Friends, if this debunking of the 2 neighbors’ Treaty holds, Moab and Edom who are present day Jordan : For Moab: Isaiah 15:1 : “The burden of Moab’s.  Moab is laid waste and brought to silence.  And for Edom : Obadiah 1:1,18 : “Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom.  We have heard a rumor from the Lord, and an Ambassador is sent away to the heathen…and the house of Esau (Edom) shall be for stubble and they shall be devoured, and there shall not be any remaining in the house of Esau”.  POOF!

5.  Israel security finds out this week that the very first sentence in April’s draft treaty of the Geneva Talks on the Syrian Peace Treaty the U.S. and Russia are leading, says : “Israel will relinquish the Golan Heights back to Syria.  Bibi counters within 24 hours : “The Golan will forever remain under Israel sovereignty.  Not 24 hours later, on April 18th, State Dept. Spokesman finky mouse John Kirby, other 1/2 of JK squares  (John Kerry) says : “The U.S. does not consider the Golan Heights to be a part of Israel”.  Friends, this is so BIG.  We WATCH.

6.  Worst escalation of strikes in 2 years since the 2014 Israel/Gaza War hit this week.  Gaza fires several rockets into South Israel.  No deaths, thank you Lord.  Israel responds, destroys several Hamas hideouts, a tunnel, many infrastructure sites.

7.  IDF warns all it’s Jewish citizens, a mere 6 million of them, on TV, radio, Internet by issuing a new warning : “Beware of attacks with poisoned syringes”.  As if knife stabbings are not enough.

8.  UN’s ugly head deliberately raises it’s tentacles on Holocaust Remembrance Day and reiterates it’s recent stance on rewriting Biblical scriptures by adamently sticking with their rhetoric from their left arm of UNESCO declaring the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Rachel’s Tomb, Care of the Patriarchs, and many more Holy sites in East Jerusalem and West Bank, labeling them strictly as Muslim sites.  Oh for gosh sakes, how can they stoop so foolishly low.  Dad Gum it.

9.  And lastly, I ask you to add this up.  Friends, if you read Psalms 83, it is the Psalms 83 War, so descriptively laid out this week just as if it’s a Broadway play or a movie so perfectly laid out by the Glory of God who will soon squash all nations mentioned in this piece.  Why?  Because of Zech. 12:6 : “…In that day I will make Judah like a hearth of fire among the wood and like a torch of fire in a sheaf and shall devour all the people round about on the right hand and the left and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place”.  To God be the Glory.

10.  FYI, 4th time in a month I stayed awake in bed at night counting days back and forth about #s 66 and 666.  I’ve mentioned 3 in my Facebook (please click latest 2 Facebook posts, had terrific response, tops all year).  Here’s the fourth : The number of days from this demonic day coming in 3 weeks, on May 30th, to the “Eve”of the first day of the month of Av, August 4, 2016 the deadliest month in Jewish history is 66 days.  Yes, friends God is screaming.  We WATCH Israel and how Obama votes in the next 4 months when the UN meets and adjourns on, YEP, Oct. 2nd, Yom Kippur.  What an awesome God we have.

U.S.A. :

Obama :  So tired of his name and how he shucks America and demeans Israel.  Oh well, 257 days left of him.  WOW!!  Lots of damage can happen in 257 days.  Just look at this week :

1.  Obama’s true colors of how he can press his will upon America bloomed to fruition last week at the White House Correspondence Dinner with all of his national media love-bugs.  Says : “So, I want to close by saying I’m very proud of what you’ve done.  It has been an honor and a priviledge to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy”.  Did you get that, “SIDE BY SIDE”?  Friends, this shrouded in secrecy collusion he’s had for 8 years makes the recent Ted Cruz/Kasich collusion on Indiana voting seemed like a baby puppy.  Why else would Obama’s take down America agenda and his plethora of mostly immoral and Muslim appeasing Executive Orders come so easily.  Friends, our leadership wolves in the White House have the snarky camouflaged media in their back pocket.

2.  Obama budgets $17,113 for every illegal under 18 years old in America.  The average Social Security payment if $14,772 per year.

3.  The first 4 months of 2016 are on pace to become the greatest influx of illegal aliens ever over the Mexican border.

4.  Obama has personally shrunk the U.S. Army to 479,172.  This is the lowest number since WWII, 1940.  Last month, 2,200 Army personnel retired, not one, no not one was replaced with a new recruit.  That’s bad, but Obama says we now live in the most peaceful times ever in the world today.  La La Lum Dee La.

5.  On Israel, Obama’s actions, or here I’ll say potential inactions, will speak loudly in the next few weeks specifically criticizing Israel and taking them to task on their settlement building spree and property seizures of land designated for the future Palestinian State.  It will be an international report to be publicized around the May 30th Paris meetings where the U.S. will be partaking in with the UN, EU, Arab States, Russia, China to begin the “ENFORCED” 2-State-Solution upon Israel.  Oh, how timely Mr. Obama, you so and so.  Friends, I tell you, if Obama directs his UNSC delegates to either “side with” the UN or “abstain”, can you only imagine the Bible Prophecy that will explode in front of our eyeballs.  No U.S. President has EVER gone against Israel before on a UN vote.  Now do you really really think Obama, with 8 months left, will cave and side with Israel and vote against this “ENFORCEMENT”.  Not on your or my life.  May we WATCH this epic prophecy play out.  I tell you now, our leader doesn’t have the guts to help Israel.


1.  John Kerry, puts a little steel in his marshmallow mind and says on drawing  RED LINE #2 on Syria : “Assad must go by August 1st or there will be serious consequences”.  OOOH, Very scary coming from his lying lips,

2.  Kerry again, at the graduation at North Eastern College : “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world”.  Friends, just think of the high priority he placed for the 1-World-Order by mentioning “borderless world”.  That is very revealing. Right!

3.   Franklin Graham on Obama’s declaration of the first EVER Gay Monument : “It’s a monument to sin.  That’s unbelievable.  War heroes deserve a National Monument.  Our nation’s Founding Fathers deserve a National Monument, but a monument to sin, I can’t believe how far our country has digressed”.  Don’t worry Franklin, as Maude said in the Golden Girls : “God’ll get you for this”.  Surely, He will should Obama not repent his ways.


1.  Here’s the good news, but it’s merely worldly:  Pope wins the most prestigious Charlemagne Award for his efforts in the unification of Europe.  (And, WOW, does Europe ever need unification when you read the Europe article).  He says : “I dream of a new Europe ‘humanism’ based on fresh ideas.  I dream of a Europe that is young and a capable mother, a new Europe capable of giving birth to a new humanism based on the core abilities to integrate dialogue and generate new ideas.   I dream of a Europe that promotes the rights for all.  I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime and a Europe that will commit to an open multi cultural society”.  As per the Muslim migrant mess, and yes, 1-World-Order.  I dream of a Europe that does this.  I dream of a Europe that does that.  Dream, dream, dream.

2.  Friends, here’s the bad news : He never ever never does mention the power and glory of what our Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ can do to make dreams come true in Europe or “anything” about Jesus no less.  I say he flunks the Charlemagne test on his acceptance speech.  Friends, the Pope’s ways are not the ways of Salvation.  Jesus and only Jesus is.  John 14:6 : “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me”.


Friends, for the first time since the Greek financial crisis 2 years ago, there is a new headline maker other than the Muslim migrant apocalypse into Europe.  And that is Great Britain.  Just look : THE U.K.

1.  Hip Hip, Hooray, London’s gone Muslim : New Mayor, Kahn, is a devout Muslim and has a history of defending terror activities, including the 9/11 terrorists.  How could the 2nd greatest financial center city on the globe and America’s 2nd strongest ally to boot, come to this?

2.  More, hundreds of London’s buses are now “retrofitted” : They’ve been completely painted in red and their new major logo slapped onto the sides of each bus in Big black letters saying “Glory to Allah”.  Oh, Dear Donna, this is absolutely insane.  Ann Margaret starred in the movie Bye Bye Birdie, and now the UK is starring in Bye Bye London.

3.  UK’s David Cameron : “A Brexit could trigger WWIII”.  This, as June 23 Referendum date looms over the entire EU’s implosion, not just the UK.

4.   Bank of England is being consumed 24/7 now with employees preparing contingency plans for a “chaotic” type of Brexit aftermath with nearly 70 million Brits.  We WATCH for June 23rd.


1.  The UK’s “BREXIT” has livened up 8 hot wires as now these EU nations’s citizens are demanding a similar Referendum to secede from the EU : Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Poland.  Friends, that’s the absolute heart of the entire EU.  Can you see it, if this unravels, and it’s main culprit is this mighty Muslim migrant mess, this could so easily be a prelude to Daniel’s 10 Kings and Rev. 17:12 : “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten Kings, which have received no Kingdom as yet, but receive power as Kings for one hour with the beast”.  If you visualize this, you’ll get it friends as the EU is on the cusp of discintigrating like greasy slicked-up dominoes.

2.  EU’s top 3 leaders paint a similar grim picture of EU’s all out destruction : EU President Tusk : “The dream of one EU, with one vision, with one nation, this is now just an illusion.  We are now in a really risky and tricky moment”.  EU Parliament leader Schultz and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker : “In former times we worked together.  This has totally gone now”.  Friends, leaders of 550 million people just don’t say this stuff to their people.  “They Are There”, great chaos coming to EU, and out of this turmoil for sure will come “that Dark One”, the Antichrist.

3.  Germany’s Conservative Right Wing Party, the anti-Muslim immigration party, the AfD, adopts a manifesto against Muslims after several riots and protests erupt after nearly 500 arrests.  Manifesto orders : A ban on no more Islamic symbols of power such as minarets, no more burkas for women, no more calls to prayer, etc.

4.  Thousands of German right wingers rally in Berlin for this manifesto to be implemented and chant : “No Muslims on German soil”.  I tell you, as Germany goes, the EU goes.

5.  All this and what does the liberal and moderate EU Commission do?  Well, alla Obama and Hillary and his liberals would do in U.S.A. these days, they will now assess a $290,000 sanction penalty per person against any nation refusing any Muslim man, woman, or child asylum seekers.  Let’s call this absolute polarized insanity on each side.  They’re further apart into the black abyss than D. C. is.

6.  Add salt to a wound in the dry desert : Over 1 million Muslim migrants are amassing in Libya with aim to cross into Europe thru Italy.  Not the sporadic boat here, raft there via Sicily.  Now what will the Pope say? Right!!


1.  In Belgium, church after church is being closed down, low attendance, shutting out God, and being converted into beer pubs, restaurants, apartments, you name it.  Even 90 of these churches are on Real Estate listings waiting for potential investors.  Bye Bye Belgium.

2.   EU capital Brussels and Germany plot to keep a “secret” EU Army secret until the June 23rd UK Brexit vote, inadvertently gets leaked to the public of all EU nations.  Get this, and talk about the 1-World-Order chunk here in the EU, goal is to bring the national armies of all 28 nations UNDER ONE COMMAND and to be STATIONED IN GERMANY and called the “BERLIN PROJECT”,  WOW!!!  I say Heil Hitler, Heil Antichrist very soon.  We WATCH.



Spending most of it’s and Putin’s time secretly with U.S. Diplomats working on the plan to absolve the Syrian slaughter of 270,000 Syrians under Assad.  Two key components :  a)  To oust Assad as President in a Russian friendly way.  and  b)  to give Syria back the strategic Golan Heights which Israel vehemently, ardently, emphatically rejects.  Rejects so much that Israel guarantees a war to keep the Golan.  And then Damascus will be destroyed in one night as per Isaiah 17:14.  And then Psalms 83 War.  And then the Gog/Magog War.  It’s all there.


1. Friends, we gotta WATCH the Iranization of Iraq happening before our very eyes.  We don’t get even a “smigeon” of news media on it as they drown us with Trump and Hillary.  Highest total of the year, 741 Iraqis killed in April, not by ISIS, but by Iran as Iranian Shiite Cleric Al-Sadra “is baaaack”, lurking his ugly head to topple all the millions of Sunnies in Iraq.  KAPOW!!  Yet another Mideast War in this most “calm” and safe world Obama blabbed about last month.

2.  Obama’s Iran Deal from Hell can stay there.  Why?  Well, Iran for 1st time ever, has successfully tested their long range ICBM missile that can strike Israel, with 300 miles to spare, with a precision of accuracy not exceeding “24 feet” for a 900 mile launch.  That’s good.  Oh well, Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.  Now that’s VERY GOOD.


Turkey President Erdogan, who wants to rule the Islamic world just like the old Ottoman Empire Caliphs did from 1517-1917 has just gotten one giant step closer.  He’s now a Dictator who yields absolute power of the Mid-East’s most populous country of 90 million.  He forced out the Prime Minister and there will be no more Prime Ministers ever again reportedly.  Dissolved position, POOF.


Another one bites the devil’s dust.  Now Kuwait bans all Jews from entering Kuwaiti airport to fly.



1.  Surely you who have followed Bible Prophecy for the End of Days-which we are surely in-have noticed a prolific unprecedented amount of earthquakes in the last 2 months.  Since March, USGS Scientists say the earth’s crust has become more unstable as major areas are now shaking underneath all over the globe along with major volcanoes erupting in a super abundant way.

2.  These leading experts claim : “San Andreus Fault Line is locked, loaded, and ready to GO.  The springs of it have been wound very very tight”.  Along with the newly coined earthquake word “swarms” of earthquakes in Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, and now, under Mt. St. Helen, 80 miles south of Seattle, a swarm of 130 earthquakes are trembling.  Friends, this earthquake-a-mania is a perfect prelude fit for Rev. 6:17 : “For the great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand”?


1.  Largest fire in the world today and the largest (600 sq. miles) and most expensive ($7 billion) ever in Canadian history, the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta is absolutely running wild.  90,000 evacuated from the town, over 1,600 structures. homes, destroyed.  They question if the town will ever open again.  Is uncontrollable, will take several months. Friends, if you see it on TV, it’s like pictures of hell, red, yellow, orange  flames in black of night looks so unquenchable.


Surely, can’t mention America’s Apostasy disease without mentioning Obama’s pointy-headed actions so filled with idiocy, lunacy, and godlessness on his LGBT agenda promotion :

1.  Obama is anxiously waiting to designate the New York iconic Stonewall Inn in a ceremony shortly where the modern day gay rights movement took root in 1969.  He will declare it to become the first National Monument honoring gay and lesbians and transgenders in America.

2.  Obama directs the Dept. of Education to launch a new website labeled “Scarlet T” totally dedicated to shaming all Christian Colleges in America that follow Biblical principles rather than an “open Socialist agenda”, specifically treatment of transgenders.

3.  Friends, no wonder hundreds and thousands of churches today, AND THEIR BLIND PASTORS are either “looking left” or celebrating LGBT’s as America’s new “freedom fighters”.  I tell you, I’m a big tough guy, but I “cry”, yes, I “cry”, on where our morals and values en masse have gone today these last 8 years.  Can’t tell you what a rough time I’m having absorbing this LGBT stuff, over and over and over, as it is suffocating even the true Christian Internet sites I daily follow such as Rapture  Oh yeah, Come Quickly Lord Jesus, Sure Waiting For You.  Alive and well is the Laodicean lukewarm church of Rev. 3:16 : “So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.

4.  This is worse : Sickening demented Scientists from Cambridge University, Kings College, and Rockefeller University keep a human baby embryo alive for 13 days, which is the putrid law of the land, outside the womb for experimentation purposes and stem-cell research.  Yeah, then most likely discard the remains right down the toilet-SICK, so sorry to report this.

5.  Witchcraft religion, Wiccans, is the fastest growing religion in America.  With 134,000 members in 2001 to 342,000 in 2008, to over 800,000 today.  Really, how can we not say America is imploding and that “We Are On The Edge Of Time” living in all this filth.  Praise the Lord we have Jesus Christ.

6.  North Carolina Gov. sues the Federal Gov’t. today on the transgender bathroom issue.  One hour later the Fed. Gov’t. sues the state of North Carolina for Federal Civil Rights abuses in dueling lawsuits.  Now watch all heck break out through out our nation on this issue.  Again, thanks Obama.


So be it.  How can anyone not say we are in the “End of Days”.  Jerusalem is the time-clock of the world. The nations are striking this time-clock beginning May 30th.  The new word is “ENFORCED” 2-State-Solution.  The old words Negotiated Peace Process can start gathering dust and cob-webs as far as the leaders of the nations of the world are concerned.  We are in a new paradigm as never before in our lives.  We are in Matthew 24:34 : “Verily, verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.   Friends, look around beyond Trump and Hillary blinders, things are being fulfilled at a rapid rate and converging so quickly.  Tell your people there’s a disease in this world that over 6 billion people have.  It’s called SIN.  Even the World Health Organization doesn’t know enough about it in these days to cure it.  But there is a cure : To receive Jesus, our Wonderful Savior.  Remember we are not children of God and God is not our Father unless we receive Jesus.  John 1:12 : “As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name”.  Geese Louise, that’s sooo simple to spend eternity in Heaven and not hell.  Do it, you’ll like it.  May God Bless You Very Much and God willing see you next week.  Paul Grevas