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Welcome everybody.  From the new London Mayor to the Venezuela imminent civil war.  From the unstoppable Canadian fire to ISIS now swallowing up Baghdad.  From past and buried playboy Trumpitis to the ever omnipresence of the dreaded Clintonosis disease in the unprecedented dirt-clinging “issue-less” Presidential campaign, well….  May the Glory be to God for enabling us who Love, Follow, Believe and Confess His name and His Beautiful Savior and only Son , Jesus, to trudge forward and finish the race to forever be with Him and torpedo right out of this messy world soon.  I’ve always said since the Biblical Blood Moon omens, we are now in the judgement phase of this final Jubilee Year.  And how black and white, day and night is His word of the End of Days we are in, in both Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4:19 :  “To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord, and the day of VENGEANCE of our God”.  Well, what VENGEANCE?  Well how about the following Prophetic events this week.  I’ll show you, you verify, they are reliable, accurate, real, you judge.  SO, LET’S GO :


1.  Stop the Presses!!  Stop the Presses!!  France’s President Hollande delays the dreadful prelude to Daniel 9:27 Israeli/Palestinian parley stating “U.S. Secretary John Kerry cannot come, so it has been delayed.  It will take place in the summer”.  Kerplunkk.  The marshmallow man himself, Kerry says on the delay : “We remain interested in advancing the 2-State-Solution (ie.2-S-S) and on how to do it”.  What, do what!  It’s not your dad-gum business to dictate this enforcement on Israel, it’s not even your country for cripes sakes.  FYI, Israel found out about the May 30 Paris meeting delay thru the newspapers as they were TICK-TOCK-THE-GAME-IS-LOCKED, not even invited.

2.  Separately, the Quartet (EU,U.S, Russia, UN) meets in Vienna May 25 to discuss their report on what to do with Israel.  This report will be an “important foundation” for the French Initiative.  UGGGHH, all these pimples about maneuvering around Israel’s people and land is so dispicably appalling and aggravating.

3.  Bibi : “This French initiative gives the Palestinians an escape hatch to avoid negotiations”.  Sure, strong arm “force” is quicker than 26 years of failed negotiations.  Friends, doesn’t this crap seem a bit odd to you as it did me the second I read the delay because Kerry can’t make it.  I tell you, my take, hanky panky, more coffin nails, more straight jacket time to “legally” pin Israel into a pinprick of a corner— and all orchestrated by the snarky wizard himself for sure, Barack Hussein Obama, to throw more mud in the muddy pond he’s already created for Israel.  You know, I just wish Obama would go to Kenya and just break rocks, make little ones out of big ones.

4.  More, Obama plans to endorse a stiffer tone against Israel in his upcoming International report.  The U.S. will criticize Settlement construction, demolition and property seizures of Palestinian homes and to “blame”  the never ending impasse for “Peace Negotiations” squarely on Israel.  Report due end of May/early June.  Friends, do you get what I’ve harped on relentlessly for 2 weeks now?  This is so explicit.  Look at this “Tri”fecta : a)  Obama, b) blame Israel for negotiation impasse, c)  impose the 2-S-S by force.  Do you get it?  Deceptive Obama’s going to VOTE for THIS Deal From Hell in the Bible in Isaiah 28:18 : “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand”.  You see, this “delay” appears to have to be pristinely picture perfect to uphold our wretched President.

5.  Bibi calls French Foreign Minister, Ayrault to rescind and give up the upcoming French enforcement initiative upon Israel.  Says : “Israel has no interest in multilateral Peace Talks, only direct negotiations will work”.  Ayrault rebukes him and responds : “The Middle East Peace Conference France is organizing will take place as planned”.  Case closed.  We earnestly WATCH.


1.  Two Palestinian coyotes stab 2 out of 5 women walking to market in Jerusalem.  What is so haneous is all 5 were over 80 years old.  PTL, none died.  That was God..

2.  Abbas : “We are following in the path of the Nazi Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who made a pact with Hitler to wipe out Israel from history”.  From today in 2016, to “Back to the Future” in 1931 this devilish scheme is alive and well.  We know the end however,  Right!


Jordan’s Parliament Speaker : “We oppose the Jordanian Peace Treaty with Israel.  The Parliament’s position which represents the Jordanian people is different from the governments position” (ie. King Abdullah merely and his family).  Sooo, now we Watch Egypt, the sole nation to still have a fully uncontested Peace Treaty with Israel and when that cracks soon, Hello Psalms 83 War, Read it, “all” her border neighbors can then proceed forward to fulfill our Lord’s prophecy.


Their top military commander, Badreddine is killed apparently by an IDF night air-raid strike outside Damascus.  IDF says nothing.  Let it be known IDF targeted and struck Hezbollah terrorists and a weapons convoy on the Lebanon/Syrian border 1 day earlier.  Closer closer to Psalms 83 War.


Iran puts on a cultural cartoon drawing contest for kids.  Well that’s nice.  The “theme” is drawing any cartoon mocking the Holocaust.  That’s viciously bad when 6 million Jews were fried in ovens.  Bibi : “This insults the memory of the millions of people who died in the Holocaust”.  I wish Bibi was more “Rude”.


1.  Friends, and you may have to, I’ve seen more Internet posts than ever lately of a coming 2nd Holocaust, more than ever before.  Maybe it was for May 5th, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I don’t know,  Very surreal.

2.  No biggie here but I think of Daniel 12:4 : “…in the time of the end, many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased”.  Knowledge increase as in the Internet, as in www. as in the Hebrew number for “W” is 6, as in 666.  Also, sat up again at night in bed thinking of 6 or 66 or 666.  Did you know from the 9th of Av Eve Aug. 13 this year, the most ugly day for wars and both Temples destroyed in Israel is “66” days away from Feast of Tabernacles.  Again, God is telling us : Watch His Glory to show for His Chosen People this summer.


Obama :  Yes Mama, there goes that man again :

1.  It’s now official, even all the diabolic liberal news media got wind of this one : Obama lied on the Iran Deal.   Obama gets the last laugh on shady tactic revelations used by him to direct his diplomats to lie to the public to get the Deal From Hell “done”.  Diplomats included Ben Rhodes, arguably Obama’s best friend and ace strategic adviser who spilled the beans and arrogantly squeaked about the deception and how he pulled the wool over you and me.  Friends, these 2 remind me of the serpent in Genesis 3: 1,5 : “Now the serpent was more subtil (deceptive, elusive) than any beast of the field.  And he said to the woman….for God doth know, that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods….”.  Yep, that’s slippery Obama and Rhodes all right.  They biffed us.  Bibi was right all along on Iran.  In the end friends, you know, Obama’s lanky arms are too short to box with God.

2.  Did you know our Noble Peace Prize President has now been at war longer than any President in U.S. history.  Now that’s a legacy.  And he said “This generation has never been in a more peaceful world”.

3.  North Carolina sues U.S. Gov’t. on transgender bathroom issue.  Within 60 minutes, and not the show on CBS, Obama has the U.S. Dept. of Justice sue North Carolina “and” the Governor for “civil rights violations”.

4.  Today Texas Governor Abbot, who reminds me of Bibi with much wisdom, says : “Texas is undermining the transgender issue and not establishing it as a law”.  Good man.  For crying in a bucket, there are 960,000 transgenders in America, that’s 1/3 of 1% or .003% of our 323,000,000 people.  Gees Louise.


1.  Jay Sekulow, good man, great Attorney just reiterated today how Obama in 2009 promised his Administration would be “the most transparent in history”.  What a charlaton this perpetuitous liar has been for 7 and 1/2 years.

2.  Ann Graham Lotz, yes, Billy’s daughter : “God is removing Himself from America because we’ve defied Him.  I believe my lifetime is the last generation in history”.  And then she quotes Matthew 24:34 about the last generation on earth.

3.  Talk about Genesis 12:3 alive and well in Canada : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  Just look, Muslim Trudeau becomes Prime Minister.  He rebukes Israel by not even mentioning ONE WORD on Israel or the grotesque suffering and death of 6 million Jews executed without blindfolds, burned alive in ovens during Holocaust Remembrance Day speech as previous Prime Minister Harper did yearly May 15th.  He also freed up the balloon for accepting gays and gay marriage.  Enter God : He drives Canada into recession levels, inflation splurging, oil, tar, and sand industry in Rumplestilzkin sleep mode, and Canada’s largest and costliest fire in history, the unstoppable Fort McMurray inferno.  Friends, God’s word is what it is.


If you have gold in your “paper” portfolio, you may consider selling it as the ratio of “paper” nearly worthless gold to physical gold is 542 : 1 ratio.  That is when stocks crash and the Comex Index in Chicago gets forced to pay off it’s gold in physical gold, investors will get only 0.18% of there investment back.  That’s a 99.82% loss and the Great Depression was “only” a 53% loss.

2.  Charles Schwab Investments sends letter to all clients as they are the first firm to “cave” to the U.S. Gov’t. Treasury debt which is absolutely “Insolvent”.  They are forcing investors to move out of money markets and into U.S.Treasuries.  Hmmmm!  Deception again on how bad our debt is.

3.  Also, the U.S. “debt dump” by Central Banks of Countries in the world is at an all-time record pace.  China, Russia, Brazil are selling U.S. debt like cotton candy as they try to soften the blow of the economic slowdown and to strengthen their own currencies.  This weakens the unwanted dollar.  This will panic Wall Street.  This will cause worldwide financial melted cheeze.  See article and scary graph of staggering $225 billion Treasuries sold in 2015 and an unprecedented $123 billion IN FIRST QUARTER OF 2016.  My take, I’d sell gold paper stocks and U.S.Treasury debt.  Just Google U.S. debt dump deepens in 2016.


1.  Brazil Parliament votes to impeach President Rousseff.  Yep, just in time for Olympics and Zika and daily protests and riots in Rio.

2.  The group Anonymous hacks into and shuts down the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the National Banks of Tonga, Sweden, Myanmar, and Laos, all this week under the radar of the media Hillary/Trump show.  In normal days of yesteryear this would be world headlines.

3.  I reported on Venezuela “on the brink” 2 weeks ago.  Well, now there is starvation, militia controls the streets, despite daily riots, looting, muggings.  Civil War may be imminent.  All due to oil price dilemma and Communist Gov’t. led by President Maduro of this, the 3rd largest oil producer in the world.  Hi Bernie.

4.  Our Pentagon admits only 5% of ISIS territory in Iraq has been taken back, 16% only in Syria.  Yep, quite a JV team.  Right Obama.  Thank you for all you do???


Well Pope Francis did it again, making our Beloved Wonderful and Beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus a mockery.  The Pope says this week : “I believe that secularism accompanied by a strong law which guarantees religious freedom provides the framework to move forward.  It is the key to a successful and peaceful state while states tied to a single religion don’t have any future at all”.  Sooo, all that Jesus lived, did and died for on the cross sweating His dying blood to take our sins away forever just for the asking was all for naught as Pope Francis encourages us to employ freedom to bounce around from religion to religion.

Dad gum it!!  What hogwash.  No wonder I quote the Pope weekly until our “Blessed Hope” says “COME UP HERE”.  I also link this Pope, the “266th” in history as a front runner to Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast (ie. false prophet) coming up out of the earth, and he (ie. a man) had two horns like a lamb (ie. a lovable compassionate man for the world’s poor),  and he spake as a dragon (ie. his above quote is dragonish enough).


1.  There goes that broken record again : The Muslim migrant crisis, that is metastacized on its fringes with the bloody tentacles of the Genesis 16:12 “wildmen” of ISIS’s greatest grandfather, Ishmael and his butchering sons of today, continues to swallow up the EU and change its centuries old culture.

2.  a)  But WHOA, there’s a bright spot appearing for Germany out of this complicated mess with the chaos of Britain’s “BREXIT” vote pending on June 23, with the EU economy at absolute zero-growth stall speed, with negative interest rates financially killing EU banks and depositors, with EU unemployment exceeding 11.0%.  b)  And especially that this could be EXACTLY what Germany wants to allow and thereby make itself as a “REDO” of the ADOLPH HITLER SUPERSTATE  of the 1930s, just after Germany’s economy was absolutely capitulated by the deflation to hyperinflation to KABOOM after WWI.  And then Hitler and the German mark began to strengthen like a viral juggernaut out of the ashes.  c)  Well, des jeax vous, all over again as the Euro has now become the “golden goose” means by which superior German productivity is able to gain an absolute and unbeatable advantage over all other 27 EU nations.  WE WATCH GERMANY, the “FINANCIAL CREATOR” for the Antichrist.  Hope you got that.  In a nutshell, only Germany in the EU is getting very very strong again, in all this MUCK, just like in Hitler days, and all it now needs is that certain man of perdition.  Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is to be hath already been done”.  Spot on I’d say.

3.  A Godfather movie scene : A real pig’s bleeding head found smack outside the office of Angela Merkel put there by a mob of Muslims who did the dirty deed and got away.

4.  So now it spreads to Italy : Italian Parliament gives Italians the green-light to allow homosexual marriages.  No wonder Italy’s top 5 banks are about to BUST this summer.  It’s God’s Judgement I tell you.



1.  Make no doubt about that Russia is Gog and Pitbull Putin is it’s “Prince” in Ezek. 38:2.  Why?  Because their fingerprints have been “all over” the Middle East from the Arab Spring startup as chief negotiator and protector of whom they choose.  And now they arrogantly brag about their preparation to fire the greatest, most powerful, most prolific doomsday nuclear missile in history of all mankind.  It is absolutely “Unstoppable” from anything the U.S. or China has.  It is called the “SATAN 2″ missile, so applicably.  It can completely destroy a nation the size of France with 70 million people or Texas with 28 million in just 10 seconds.  It is equipped with supra-technology to dodge enemy radar systems.  It is capable of hitting Seattle or New York or anywhere in between, take your pick.  Friends, my take :  let’s see, how about : Zech. `14:12 : “And this shall be the plague where the Lord shall smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem.  Their flesh shall consume away while they stand on their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth”.

2.  More, Russia and Saudi Arabia are in love.  Saudis will spend $10 billion on many projects in Russia.  Yes, friends, Gog is Gog and it is here.


Not to be outdone, but far inferior to Russia, China successfully completed it’s Dongfeng-41 nuclear missile tests.  This missile can destroy London in 30 minutes.  Well, let’s see : 2 Peter 3:10 : “The day of the Lord will come as a thief in night, the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with FERVENT HEAT, the earth shall be burned up”.  WOW, we’re toast in this world.


Top General : “We will drown any U.S. warship approaching Iran.  Americans are aware that Iran will destroy their warships if they take a wrong measure”.  And our man Obama, ever bowing to the bully bosses, jumped UGLY last month and said this “This generation is living in the most peaceful world…”.  The whimsical opportunist.  La La, La La Land to be sure, Right!


For the first time since 2013, Assad is using chemical weapons again.  This time, gassing ISIS with Serin gas on the edges of Damascus.  Assad getting closer and closer to yell out “Geronimo” Kama-Kazi style on Israel, and then, it’s Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap…”.


1.  They’re Heeeeeere!  Two weeks ago ISIS suicide terrorists kill 98 in “BAGHDAD”, which the U.S. basically “owned” in safety under Bush.  Now, POOF, under the same old movie we’ve seen before with Obama’s “cut troops and run”.  Oh Obama, I’ve seen your work for 7 and 1/2 years and I don’t like it.  This week, another 100 Iraqis slaughtered.  Today as I write this exact sentence, May 17, on Fox News, 48 more dead by ISIS jackals.  Friends, that’s 246 in two weeks.  What’s next, Israel?

2.  More, National Security Adviser, James Clapper tells Congress on ISIS : “WE CAN’T FIX THIS”.  This as in ISIS.  Friends, why can’t the “mighty” U.S., the Coalition, Iraq, Syria, defeat ISIS these past “2 years”.  Yet, Israel wipes out Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria in “6 days” in 1967.  Do you get it, nobody on earth can do squat when God’s judgement is upon them.  Remember my Biblical Blood Moon Charts (See Home Page and click).  They were the Unprecedented Heavenly Signs and Omens and Warnings of His Judgement here on earth today.  You know it’s here.


First Iraq, then Syria, now Libya has caught the ISIS cancer as 8,000 of these jackals now there destroying Libya.  The marshmallow man, Sec. Kerry says : “The U.S. will help back Libya as now ISIS poses a new threat for Libya”.  Why am I linking  the marshmallow man, a Harvard graduate, and the movie Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carey on this statement.



1.  None significant, but way too many of magnitudes 5 to 6 range to report on.

2.  Swarms and swarms of minor quakes recorded, not about, but for the first time EVER, erupting under Mt. Hood in Oregon.  As high a rate as 20 per hour,  No quakes in the past in U.S. history ever have had this high a frequency.  Oh well, it’s delegate election day for Trump and Hillary in Oregon today.  They both RUMBLE too as you well know.

3.  NASA :  “This past April was the hottest month on record…2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever”.  Boy, I’ll say.  It’s going to “hot hell” fast.

4.   Israel too is experiencing it’s hottest record breaking temperatures in modern Israels’ history.  On May 15th, Holocaust Day the average temperature in the “COUNTRY” was 104 degrees, COINCIDENCE SCHMOINCIDENCE.  In the South, resort city Eliat had record 115 degrees.  Yesterday and today, May 17, forecasts for 122 degrees in places in Eastern Israel.  442 hospitalized, 400 fires, that’s BAD.  NAKBA DAY, May 15, where Palestinians commemorate the losing of their “land” to Israel in 1948 and where street protests in East Jerusalem and West Bank turned to riots with the Jews, WELL, it totally “fizzled” out with the torrid heat wave. Now that’s GOOD.  I guess they “Feel the Bern”.  Friends, this heat is not due to 1-World-Orderistic Climate Change, not due to CO2 emissions, it’s God, all God, He’s talking and screaming at us that WE ARE IN THE SOUP for the End of Days.


The Olympics show will go on this summer as all Olympic athletes to be given anti-Zika condoms upon their arrival in Brazil.  Gees Louise, I’d rather have a Hawaiian lei around my neck upon arrival.


1.  One in four pregnancies end up in abortions.  Used to be 1 in 6 prior to Obama.  Total now since Roe versus Wade in 1973 is 57.5 million.  Thanks Obama, only 247 days left infecting our “baby bones” of America with your politically correct posture when it comes to a real live baby’s life.

2.  Scientists headed by Professor George Church, of no where else, Harvard, now planning to fabricate the human genome synthetically to create human beings without biological parents.  I can only imagine God in His window , with a tear in His eye.  Come Lord Jesus, is it not time?

3.  Pornography in the, not so, White House, so full of putrid sin : Obama’s Twitter account reveals he  follows not National Security these days but a very different theme of several porn stars.

4.  New Fox shows for their celebrated Fall schedule, and on Friday nights, tad dah : Back to back no less, weekly series called “Exorcist” followed by “Hell’s Kitchen”.

5.  From London to America : First, London swears in a Muslim Mayor, yesterday morning Brooklyn swears in a Muslim judge to carry out the Constitution.  Worse, he put his hand on, not only not on the Bible but requested and got the Koran.  Friends, last week, I said I cry at times for America, well, double-ditto on this.  Now how do you square that?

6.  Cannes Film Festival in France, pace-setter for upcoming movie sensations, features for 2016, five “Cannibal movies” to be rolled out.  Their most ever of this evil.  Top reviews go to “The Neon Demon” who eats people.  Oh dear God, they’ve fallen so succinctly to the pits of hell.  And why not : Rev. 12:12 : “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”.  YES and YES.  Again, more judgements in this 120th Jubilee Year of the Lord the Blood Moon omens warned us about last year.

7.  Our Federal Gov’t. now gives out “Rainbow Badges” for teachers and staff in California promoting themselves as “Allies of LGBT”.  WHEW!! I sure feel like just bagging all reporting some days.

8.  And within 72 hours this past Friday night, when we all go home for the weekend, Obama, so annoyed and vexed and personally outraged to be sure over the North Carolina transgender issue with bathrooms issued a “National Directive” to ALL public schools in U.S. that they MUST comply to offer “unfettered” transgender access” or ELSE, face the loss of Federal funds to school districts.  Conservative parents across America are going ballistic with outrage. Just ask your kids.  Matter of fact, Google all this gunky mess on Apostasy here, dare you to see different.

9.  Lastly, a Professor Mark Tushnet, from where else but from our nations arguably most prolific “intelligence” college Harvard, encourages students to treat Conservative Christians like “Nazis”. Yeah, there’s a name, “Tush” so fitting.   No wonder our Lord inserted Isaiah 5:5 : “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil”.  WE WATCH, WE WAIT for Jesus to get us outta here.


Sooo, there it is.  Couldn’t be a more sharper, clearer picture on this mess today on the Edge of Time we are in, as in Daniel 5:5 : “Then the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand and wrote over the plaster of the wall…”.  Friends, God’s handwriting is on the walls of America, on the wall “Mexico” will build, on ALL the walls of the world.  One asks, what can stop this unstoppable momentum of this final generation time-clock of Matthew 24:34 : “This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”.  There’s no pause button, it’s all in free-fall, down, down, down.  May we Christians hang on to what we got.  May we daily bow down and pray and worship our Creator and His Beloved Son, Jesus.  May we tell our kids that if they can love Mom and Dad, then they can love Jesus.  Why wait, you know the countdown is here.  We are witnesses.  Come Lord Jesus, oh how We Are Waiting For You.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas