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Dearest Friends and Followers : Please may God and you forgive me for putting on hold for the next 2 to 3 weeks the Current Events not reported by the major news media, that are credible and reliable that you need to know.  Specifically, the prophetic Decree of the French/Saudi Peace Initiative  that is intended to slice and dice Israel that was birthed June 3rd by the UN, and the world.  Reason for postponing the website is due to our 4 year old grand daughter is with us for a few weeks and she requires a lot of attention.

Should a shocking, shaking occur out of Israel, ie. latest on this forced Peace Process on Israel, Psalms 83 War, etc. you bet your buttons I’ll be on top of it to report as I’ll be on the Watchman beat continually as so much is exploding everywhere.  Friends, the End of the Age is surely at hand for this Jesus rejecting generation.  Really, how can it be more clear today that something wicked and perilous times worldwide is here to stay until our Beautiful and Wonderful Savior returns to correct this anti Christian Secular world of it’s ways and Tsunami waves that are all about us.

See you in three weeks.  Please remember me.  May God Bless You very much.  Paul Grevas


1.  Tonight is a “Strawberry” Full Moon on the Summer Soltice.  You never know, we WATCH.  (Thanks Phil).

2.  WATCH BREXIT vote this Thursday.  May shake the financial world and the EU.

3.  WATCH Ramadan “fires” around the world, they’ll continue for the next two weeks, especially ISIS.

4.  WATCH Obama continue to snarf Muslim refugees into America in more deceptive, super speed fashion, either outwardly or by hook or crook.  This man cannot be trusted I tell you.