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Welcome everybody :  First and foremost Thank You 777 times 7 times for your patience and support, phone calls, and emails, while I was with my grand-daughter Gabby.  I’ll never ever forget your interest and zeal to search for the latest Biblically prophetic events in these last days of this final generation as Matthew 24:34 so explicitly illustrates.  I’ve had a chance to reflect on exactly how enormously prophetic a Trifecta of 3 major mega events that have come front and center are occurring before our very eyes in God’s divine way, but yet are so camouflaged and clouded over in America by our media, even Fox News, fixated on Hillary, Trump, the gala RNC Convention filled with Melania’s pleagurism and Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement and vote your own conscience speeches.  Friends, I’ll do my best here to clear our minds, ears, and eyes regarding the recent Brexit, the credible reason behind the Turkish attempted military coup, and how truly deep-seeded our unscrupulous White House is metastacizing our minds with most deceptive and divisive rhetoric that is unraveling the fabric of America.  And may you please verify and judge that these 3 mega-events are surely directly linked to end-time Bible prophecy.  Very chilling.  Sooo, LET’S GO :


Friends, as some of you know, for almost 3 years I’ve always led off reporting on Israel first and then America.  It would be irrational and misconstrued I think not to pivot to the EU this time because the Biblically prophetic extrapolations you will here see imply that the Rapture, the 7-year Tribulation and the Anti-Christ coming out to the world stage just hit a chilling bright code red when the Brits voted 52% to 48% to BREXIT last month.  Why?  Just Look :

1.  Within 72 hours of the BREXIT, Germany and France’s Foreign Ministers unveiled the blueprint plan and issue the demand for an ULTIMATUM that all 27 remaining EU members will form an EU “Single Giant Superstate, the United States of Europe”.  Major details are cold, brutal, sovereignty ending consolidations :  Every country will relinquish their own armies, their own banks, their own judicial and criminal systems, taxation systems and with that goes all their economies, their air routes, transportation routes, their borders, and a nation without borders is a nation without laws, only lawlessness, and for all  practical purposes, the shirts off their backs basically to the new Superstate.  Friends, this is absolutely astounding, never since the old Roman Empire of over 2,000 years ago did this realignment occur.  I’ll get to this code red chill in a minute on its prophetic implications.

2.   This ULTIMATUM is being worked on a fast and furious track to implement this Superstate army as soon as possible to stop the bleeding from other countries leaving the EU, BREXIT-Style.

3.  When I prepared this report last night, there were 8 countries developing copycat BREXITS : Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Austria,Finland, Poland, and the powerful conservative opposition in France which is running neck and neck to Pres. Hollande in coming elections.  Well guess what, I had to revise it as this morning I see Italy will have a full national referendum this October, 2 and 1/2 months away.  Friends, do you see how swift the Glory of God moves like lightening as He unveils His secrets for the End of Days before our very eyes IF WE LOOK FOR THEM.  I tell you if Italy ROMEXITS (my word) in 2 months, it will catapult and destroy the EU and will lead the euro into sparking a worldwide economic apocalypse.  Let alone fresh chaos in EU land with the 3rd largest EU economy already tinkering on the edge of economic suicide.  And let alone a worldwide financial contagion.

4.  EU President Tusk : “The Brexit may be the end of Western Civilization”.

5.  Needless to say, the British Stock Market, the British Pound are all in a state of flux as is the German and French markets.

6.  The world’s 5th largest bank, Duetche Bank, with $74 trillion in unfunded derivatives, most in the world, has a 60% chance of total default says the IMF, causing yet another type of world financial doom and gloom contagion, ala Lehman Brothers 2008.

7.  Now to the “juice” of this BREXIT : Friends, believe it or don’t believe it, this BREXIT has just fulfilled the speed-mode re-emergance of the Old Roman Empire where Britain was never ever a part of.  Two things here: thus the Roman Empire couldn’t re-emerge with the UK to fulfill Rev. 17:9 : “And here is the mind which hath wisdom.  The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth”.  Without getting too deep in the weeds, the 7 heads are the 7 Kings that will emerge from this EU Superstate in Daniel from the original 10 Kings.  The 7 mountains are exactly 7 mountains/hills that surround Rome, as of today.  The woman is the whore, the Catholic Church of Rev. 17:4 “…. arrayed in purple and scarlet and decked with gold and precious stones and having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations”. Do you get it?  The Vatican bishops and cardinals always wear purple and scarlet at the Vatican.  Catholic Churches are always decked with gold and precious stones of stained glass, marble etc.   A golden cup is the chalice the faithful take at communion to rid their sins.  As you know, only God rids sins thru His Son, Jesus.  Do you get it?  Without Britain, the revised Roman Empire is “retooling” behind Germany as fast as possible.  And how fitting for the Anti-Christ to enter the world stage from this.

8.  Further, Ezek. 38:13 is no longer puzzling to me :  “…. and the merchants of Tarshish”, is Britain of old where they now are unfettered militarily to go to war if they opt by relying on itself and not big brother EU looking over their shoulder to ask for permission via the EU Parliament elite in Brussels.  FYI, the young lions are USA, Canada, Australia, and other offspring of the old UK.

9.  FYI, after the 7 heads and 7 mountains, I was tinkering with 7s tied to the BREXIT.  Well guess what, being a Statistician I found 2 things that were most intriguing : a)  The number of days from Brexit, 6-23-2016, back to the Feast of Trumpets, 9-28-2008 = 7 years, 7 months, 7 days to the day.  A great event for Christians, 2,778 days.  And the 2,778 days add to the number 6 (ie. 2+7+7+7+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6).  A great day for satan.  Something to ponder in a polarity kind of way.  b)  Also, the number of days from the Brexit 6-23-2016 to the Feast of Tabernacles last year 9-28-2015 is exactly 268 days which is exactly the number of days for the gestation period for a woman to give birth which is exactly the 268th Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

10.  And you know all about the ISIS inspired Nice, France truck driver who massacred 84 people like a bowling ball. Finally British Labor leader Corbyn blurted out in UK Parliament comparing  Israel  with ISIS.  My take for Britain’s future is Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.


TURKEY :  Thank you Great God Almighty and your Beautiful and Wonderful Son Jesus Christ for divinely fulfilling several key end-time puzzle pieces of your Bible prophecy saga that have been “puzzling” me regarding Turkey.  Like why-and I’ll reveal to you here shortly :  a)  Why have Russia and Turkey been adversaries for the last 7 months?  b)  Why have Turkey and Israel been fence-mending lately?  c)  Why has Turkey been pushing hard to join the EU?  All 3 of these events were moving along unfettered, yet totally contradicted the Lord’s word in Ezek. 38 Gog War – UNTIL THIS MONTH, where the true colors of God’s Glory have now been decided by He Himself to reveal to us NOW, month of July, 2016.  Do you get what’s happening with this nation that bridges Europe to the Middle East?  Just look :

1.  This is BIG : Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Pres. Erdogan have just signed papers to patch up all their strained relations since Turkey shot down a Russian airliner last December.  This clinches the unity of these 2 behemoths (Turkey has 85 million people and is the 9th most powerful military on earth) who join together in Ezek. 38 to “visit” Israel in the Gog War : Ezek. 38:6-9 : “… the house of Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarters and all thy company, thou shalt ascend and come like a storm” (ie. upon Israel).  Absolutely remarkable prescience from our Lord.

2.  This is BIGGER :  IDF finds out via Wikileak that Turkey helped Gaza terrorists and Hamas to fire rockets and taught them how to “conceal” their rockets from Israeli jets.  So much for fence-mending, this is total fence busting now.  Again, Ezek. 38:6-9 above.

3.  Friends, under Islamic Muslim loving crooked Pres. Erdogan, Turkey has been a lying sham the past 13 years trying to join the EU.  All the rhetoric back and forth to join the EU with the EU Commissioners and Parliament and for Turkey to become “Westernized”  was all a cover for the Islamic movement to grab root to Islamize Turkey and now their “slip” is showing as the failed military coup has given Erdogan a “slam dunk” to insert his extreme Islamists by firing 9,000 police, 6,000 military generals, leaders, 3,000 judges and over 70,000 teachers, business leaders, politicians, etc. that have been thorns in his side to prevent the Islamizing of Turkey.  This coup left 655 dead and 6,800 injured over the weekend.  Several credible media even say that Erdogan pre-plotted the attempted military coup.  Why?  Because reports show the entire coup was completely fabricated as 2 F-16s had their sights on Erdogan’s jet in the air, shadowing his jet as Erdogan “fled” to Istanbul and DID NOT FIRE A SINGLE SHOT (Drudge Report).  How mysterious is that !!  Now that’s a real lulu.  Further a highly respected Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania, USA, claims that he has bonafide and credible evidence that Erdogan “staged” the coup himself at the bloody expense to purge top generals, political leaders and judges to speed up his demonic Islamization and Sharia Law agenda for Turkey.  Oh, that sly, sly bird.  Here again friends, I revert to Ezek. 38:6-9.


1.  Putin, the calculating, ultra military minded, tricky, bull, the chief prince of Gog says Russia will station nuclear capable missiles in Crimea and Lithuania, yes Lithuania, a NATO member, by 2019.  This strategic deployment will be able to destroy all of Europe in minutes.  Putin : “We are duty bound to pay special attention to an aggressively strengthening NATO.  We WATCH, unless we’re outta here.

2.  Russia can now pinpoint every single, every type of US military or other satellite in space.  Houston, we have a problem, I say.


1.  Crooked Iran successfully conducted their 4th ballistic missile test since the Deal from Hell.  May as well, they got an Obama approved $150 billion smackers to do their will.


1.  It appears the American public is being kept in the dark by our not so White House regarding another mysterious U.S. military phenomenon in the South China Sea that portends a most foreboding scenario for WWIII : U.S. warships have now surrounded the disputed islands there and China says : “We are more than ready to defend against any provocations “.  We WATCH as these fanning flames are fuming fires of hell to be sure.


Since Pearl Harbor, Japan has been null and void when it comes to militarization of a nation.  Well, it’s been 75 years and guess what, this is the Real Deal that happened this morning : Japan has ordered $821 million worth of 100s of missiles, rockets, and attack helicopters from the U.S. as adversary China flexes its muscles just south of Japan’s borders.  Now how do you square that!!  Friends, can’t you just hear the hoof-beats of clouds of horses coming from anywhere and everywhere.  I tell you, these most foreboding events are quite perplexing.  I instinctively just now at this writing had these 2 revelations cross my mind : Luke 21:28 : “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, your redemption draweth nigh”, and 2 Peter 3:10 : “The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night….the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth shall be burned up”.  I say elements = nukes.  What say you?


A.  First and foremost, latest on the prophetic enforcement of the dreadful and prophetic French Peace Initiative (FPI) that will slice up Israel and Jerusalem this year :

1.  No “specific date” on the world’s 2nd meeting to carve up Israel, as I have looked at several credible sources.

2.  Bibi is politicking as best he can to nations that’ll hear him, on the FPI, and America is not one of them because of his freeze with Obama.  However, Bibi has gone to see Putin in Russia 4 times in the last year to drum up support.  Unfortunately, to no avail as the two giants are light years apart on diplomatic and strategic levels. A slap in the face for Israel.  Specifically, there is no meeting of the minds on Settlements, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, the “poor” Palestinians.  Just a few minor issues, Right!!

3.  Lengthy study by the Quartet (UN, US, EU, Russia) concludes that Jewish Settlements are eroding viability of the 2-State-Solution.

4.  Izzac Herzog, Bibi’s adversary in last election now is calling for a 2-State-Solution Referendum in the wake of the recent BREXIT.  This man is untrustworthy, almost as bad as Obama but not there yet.  Get this, Jewish media now reveal he had signed a secret agreement with Abbas to give the Palestinians all they wanted including East Jerusalem by now had he beaten Bibi.  A simple idiot, a bad dude or trick pony to be sure is Herzog.  Praise the Lord He intervened and Herzog lost.

5.  a)  Abbas is campaigning devilishly well for his Palestinian State.  Trips to Brussels, addresses EU Parliament thugs who also despise Israel and conveys his gratitude for the EU’s continuing pursuing its legitimate occupation of Palestinian territories and criticizing those of Israel.  b)  Travels to Africa in hopes of securing all 54 nation’s vote for the FPI and they surely did not disappoint as they unanimously call on Israel to end the “occupation”.  Friends, I’m so Dad-gum  sick of that word anymore, ie. Israel occupation.

B.  Other prophetic news on Israel, even Fox News doesn’t have time for :

1.  UNESCO, the right arm of the UN, had planned to declare the sacred Temple Mount holy to Muslims ONLY.  Event was to occur this past week in Istanbul, for some people Turkey.  Well, talk about God’s divine intervention again, Istanbul is hamburger this week after last Friday’s military coup attempt.  COINCIDENCE SHMOINCIDENCE, God doesn’t do either.  They will now declare this later this fall when things settle down.  Friends, you know God will be around there in the fall, after all those are where His 3 final Feasts occur and He and only He knows what He has planned when the world’s Final Jubilee ends Oct. 12th.

2.  Sheep descended from Jacob’s Biblical flock are returning to Israel from Canada.  Jewish Rabbis consider this a true blessing that this is another of the many events last year and this year that the Messiah is “at the door”, waiting for the Jews to repent.  Obviously they have not repented as this week Jerusalem celebrates the gay pride parade.

3.  Friends, this most deceptive act by Turkey is a most conspicuous fumble by them that should further ensure us of how Turkey will come with vengeance with Russia and Iran to attempt to “gobble gobble” up Israel in the Gog War.  Like how much more explicit can our Almighty God get in Ezek. 38:6 : “….the house of Togarmah of the north quarters…”.  Friends, Togarmah is Turkey, so so so easy to look up on Google.

4.  Israel to build highly sophisticated underground wall to stop all Hamas tunnels “forever” along entire 37 mile Gaza border.  Cost is $600 million.  This will take care of those jackals in next war, which can even be tomorrow or August 12th, the 9th of Av, or soon by any regard.  Either way : Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.

5.  Friends, satan is surely grabbing the U.S. Presbyterian Church by their throat “or worse” as their leaders pass a vote to curse Israel to fully boycott their goods, to sanction them and to demand Israel to leave Palestine’s lands.  See more on this church under APOSTASY as you read.

6.  Since I’ve been away, 2 more Israeli murders have occurred, including a 13 year old Jewish American girl stabbed to death while she slept.  How haneous those Palestinian butchers are, despicable, so full of satan’s hideous acts.  Total now since 4th Blood Moon is 36 Israelis dead and 210 butchers dead.

C.  OTHER :  Jordan closes all its borders with Syria and Iraq after 6 Jordanians killed by ISIS terror.  Friends, if Jordan goes, nobody left in Middle East but Israel and that’s exactly what ISIS has its ugly tentacles laid out for.  Hello Psalms 83 War of Israel versus 7 Middle East nations plus West Bank Palestinian that touch her borders and ISIS claws to boot.  We WATCH.  FYI :  That darn Obama is in his 401st day of not accepting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Who can tell him Psalms 122:6 : “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.  Nah, Obama’s a light bearer of lucifer, he’ll not pray.


A.  OBAMA :  Oh mama, there he goes again, perpetuating evil.  He’s another Saul Alinski to the core and more.  Friends, just look at how satan has perpetrated this man’s mind in the last few weeks, specifically this past week.  And to beat all, he has 182 days left in office.  Very chilling times ahead.  Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few; and let another take his office” :

1.  American Security DEMONIZER OBAMA lifts U.S. military transgender ban and will give them all the free healthcare they desire to “fix” their gender issues.  Further, all soldiers will treat any/all genders alike or face court marshal, reprimands or possible dishonorable discharge.  We know he’d do this sooner or later, Right!!  Well he chose sooner.

2.  FECKLESS, RECKLESS OBAMA has authorized $2.0 billion “non-military” aid to go to Federal Agencies for security armament militarization of America right before our very eyes.  What sinister plans does this villain have in mind for Christians in his final 6 months?  We earnestly WATCH this as it is so hard to purchase bullets anymore.

3.  DELUSIONAL OBAMA, just prior to Brexit vote, flubs up again, chooses unwisely : “with Britain in the EU, the EU makes Britain greater and Britain makes the EU greater”.

4.  DECEPTIVE OBAMA on his embracement of Turkey President Erdogan who’s pushing total Muslimization of his country : “All parties should support Erdogan”.  Those turkeys, the both of them.

5.  ANTI-ISRAEL OBAMA, glorifies and praises the Iran Nuke Deal from Hell : “….for their 1st year anniversary filled with unmitigated success”.  Yes 4 ballistic missile tests later in that period.  I say bat-blind.

6.  GLOBALIST OBAMA in Europe last week on the truck driver massacre in Nice, France : “The global elite’s cooperation can defeat the chronic violence caused by jihadism in France”.  Sounds like 1-World Order talk.

7.  RACIST OBAMA after 5 cops killed in Dallas shootings : “We are not as divided as we seem”.  Geez Louise, Help me!!  Friends, I tell you, this Black Lives Matter endorser, is ratcheting up total civil unrest as anarchy and chaos across America are lurching out their ugly tentacles.

8.  DOUBLE DITTO RACIST OBAMA : “Police can make the job of being a coop a lot safer by admitting their failures”.  Well spank his a__ .  I’m sorry, may the Lord forgive me on that remark.  But friends, reread please, what he just said to “our” cops who just died and their wives, children crying their hearts out daily, screwing up lives forever.  Dad-Gum this man actions.

9.  MUSLIM OBAMA is occupying our now totally tarnished and obliviated once upon a time  WHITE HOUSE.  I tell you now it’s his for 6 more months unless……  Only God knows.

10.  Just in : LYING CROOKED OBAMA : Associated Press exclusive : “A secret add-on document has just been revealed that shows less limits on the Iran Nuclear Deal than origionally reported upon signing, whereby Iran can resume production of nuclear material in “10 years”, not 15″.  Yep, LIES DON’T MATTER for Obama, said anything to ramrod this Deal to get it passed.  Friends, again, I apologize for demeaning our leader and may God forgive me for telling these truths to you.  But as I enjoyed my grand-daughter this past month, stayed away 100% from the Internet, yet saw enough TV on this man to tell you he is just “NOT A GOOD AMERICAN, but is a GOOD MUSLIM”.  It is what it is.  I tell you, 1 month is a long time to pause, reflect and put this man into perspective and to surmise what possible foreboding events are coming down the pike for you and me in the next 6 months.


1.  Scott Baio, conservative, good looking, intelligent actor from TVs Happy Days and Charles in Charge : “There’s something going on between Obama and Muslim terrorists to crazy new heights.  Obama might be a Muslim who wants to eliminate America”.  Spot on Scotty.  Friends, this statement went viral, Trump heard it and invited Scott to speak on 1st night of Convention this week.  Amen.

2.  Cleveland Police Chief on Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee,  Nice, France, Istanbul, and even the cop killed in Missouri today at this writing, said of the deluge of cop and innocent people shootings and bombings : “Obama has blood on his hands”.

3.  Just in, the United Nations today just declared it will keep the new UN Sec. General selection “an absolute secret” until they deem fit to reveal who he may be when Ban-Ki-Moon steps down Jan. 1, 2017.  And Obama supposedly steps down 18 days later.  Could it be…..?  Oh Lord have mercy.

4.  What a ride this world is on : Just “this year”, 2016, there’s been 1,268 radical Islamic Muslim terrorists who’ve killed 11,664 innocent people in 50 nations.  That is remarkably astounding.  Satan is trapsing all over the world helter-skelter.

C.  South America :

1.  We watch the Rep. National Convention, we camp, we swim, we vacation, and in Venezuela 87% of the people are “STARVING” -like as in Africa- “STARVING” for lack of food.  Inflation is 1600%, world top, and 73% of employee checks go to astronomically priced food.  Hell on earth and we don’t even see it.

2.  Latest on Rio De Janiero and Olympics.  Ah, yes beautiful Rio, paradise, pure blue beaches, white sand—NOT!!  a)  Zika infestation is unstoppable, more daily news on Zika than Summer Olympics-now that’s rare.  Olympics always rule, wherever they are held.  b)  Rio beaches have putrid algae in areas, beautiful white sands inundated with filth and garbage in other areas.  c)  Olympic budget strain has now busted many structures and side events unable to be built with such constraints and political and economic chaos in the city.  d)  Rio bans all Russian track and field athletes for previous doping.  e)  Oh well, one good thing, each athlete is given 42 condoms for safer sex.  Again, tell me we are not in the End of Days.


1.  Pope keeps hitting home runs in a quest to be voted the MVP award in this apostate world to become the False Prophet.

2.  Why?  This past month says : “Gays and all other people of the Church that have been marginalized such as the poor and the exploited deserve an apology” after the Orlando Gay club shootings.  Also, “Fundamentalism (true true Christians) is a sickness that we find in all religions.  They go ahead by harming others with slander and defamation and do great harm.  This must be combated”.  Friends, this Pope’s penchant to continually castigate true believers in Jesus is absurd considering his world-wide stature.  Oh Well, he’s a Jesuit, and first Jesuit Pope ever.

3.  On July 16th, Pope helped spearhead a “Together 2016″ world church unity event with Evangelical leaders throughout America by video.  Friends, 3 things, this is prime meat for the 1-World Religion formation and is also total betrayal of the gospel from these Evangelicals when they stand with the Pope.  Like why did Martin Luther and Calvin, etc. break away from the idolic and Bible changing of God’s word which the Catholic Church embraced centuries ago in the Reformation with much blood spent.  And now, it’s our Lord’s divine intervention to have this come full circle, as if it’s now cool to merge world’s religions.  Like why would Jesus say : 2 Chor. 6:14 : ‘Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers”.  It’s Jesus and only Jesus we should be yoked to.

4.  And never forget when lightening struck St. Peter’s Cathedral in the hour after Pope Benedict resigned.  Nor the torrential downpour of rain, the new Pope Francis spoke to the people on St. Peter’s balcony immediately after his selection.  Oh yeah, it’s God.



1.  Largest Earthquake of late : 6.3 magnitude in Kyrgistan, 5.6 in Chile and four of 5.0 to 5.4 in Japan.  Friends, I keep having dreams or should I say nightmares that the California San Andreas Fault is on its way.  We WATCH.

2.  Hot weather in June was warmest June on record worldwide by 2.3 degrees F.  Please, please we must not attribute it to Climate Change, the 1-World Order Trojan Horse.  I tell you it’s God talking, we’ve smerked our slimy back on Him and now it’s pay back time from Him.


a)  In 2015, more than 800,000 new cases of Gonnorhea, most ever in America.

b)  For the first time in U.S. history, 6 deadly diseases, once eradicated when America loved God, are coming back to life, ALL AT THE SAME TIME in 2015.  By order of number of cases : 1st TB, 2nd Measles, 3rd Whooping Cough, 4th Mumps, 5th Scarlet Fever, 6th the dreaded Bubonic Plague.  Dare I say “ALL” in the year Muslim refugees and others have been told by Obama to “COME ON DOWN”.  Rev. 6:8 : “I looked and behold a pale horse and the name that sat on him was Death”.

c)  FYI : U.S. now has 1,300 Zika cases.

d)  All of Rio’s major hospitals declare they’ll accept no new Zika patients effective immediately July 18.  Patients being cared for on gurneys in hallways.

4.  CLIMATE CHANGE TROJAN HORSE : Get ready for a Climate Change Tax on all Americans beginning in 3 years, 5 months, on Jan. 1, 2020 for all if our homes are not heated by green energy of solar or wind power which Obama dearly loves.  The UN “secretly” passed this without any opposition present in “out of the way” Doha, Qatar last November and the deceptive details are now leaked out.  To be called simply, “a world tax” gauged to strip Americans to benefit  159 of 192 “poor nations” of the earth.  Further, every financial transaction, checking, savings, stocks, etc., will be assessed an enforced tax and we can’t do squat-IF WE WHO LOVE THE LORD ARE STILL HERE.

5.  Transvestites :

a)  Now 1.92 million of them in America, the fastest growing “cultural group” in the land by percent.

b)  Democrats, LGBTers and College activists preparing to shut down when college starts this fall all college churches and chapels who profess Jesus.  After a transvestite woman in Idaho takes photos of an 18 year old woman in a Target changing room, Franklin Graham says : “Target is inviting sexual perverts into their stores”.  Worse, in my own little nothing of Helena, Mt.,  a 7 year old girl was followed out of the athletic club swimming pool, then BOOM, raped by an LGBT in the bathroom.  Friends, soon coming to your backyard too.


a)  Smithsonian in DC will launch a first ever KORAN exhibit in Sept.  UGGHH!!

b)  Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology will launch a first ever national news network on their church.

c)  Methodist Church now has a new gay Bishop in defiance of a ban, so let’s welcome her, Rev. Karen Oliveto of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Yeah, right!!

d)  More, Presbyterian Church General Assembly now offers prayers to Allah : “In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful, let us praise the Lord.  The Creator of the universe.  Peace be upon Allah”.  Friends, now that’s a Chrislam alert for the coming 1-World Religion.  Right!!

e)  Gets worse :  Jerusalem religions group to gather Muslims, Christians, and Jews into faith meeting places of worship in Jerusalem in Sept. to “co-exist” temporarily under the wings of the Almighty.  My take Dear Lord Jesus, you gotta get us outta here, it’s everywhere.

f)   Scottish woman crowned Miss Hitler of 2016 in a macabre form of female empowerment.  I say very sinister, very surreal, very End of Days.

g)  So sorry to report this.  It is what it is, in these horrific anti-Jewish, Sodom and Gomorrah times we live : New Mexico Abortion clinic sold intact aborted baby brains for High School summer camps to dissect.  And I cried when we had to dissect frogs in school.  Oh what a web we’ve woven against our Lord in America.

h)  Finally Christian students in highly populated Guizhou Province in China will be banned from college this fall for first time ever unless they abolish going to Christian Churches and or being heard of talking about Jesus.

Friends, Google this all, you just don’t and you just can’t make this stuff up.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, this world is so horrifically appalling and so full of wax Rev. 3:20 means nothing but ink space anywhere to billions of people : “Behold I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and sup with him”.


Sooo, there it is.  Friends, again I thank you for your patience and most welcoming warm hearted support by phone and email for my 30 day absence to take care of my grand-daughter Gabby.  With that said, how can anyone on this earth not acknowledge that we are steadfastly now enduring God’s judgements in this sad and mucked-up world which has purged God and His Son Jesus.  I tell you, if you know of anyone who tells you, “Oh, don’t worry, things will get better”.  Surely they are living in an Alice in Wonderland world of lollipops and rainbows and blinding smart phones.  They gotta get close to God and Jesus, God’s incarnate, and stay close.  And if they do, they’ll join you in understanding what in the world is going on today and partake in Heaven’s eternity and they WINNNN!  God willing, see you next week.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Rev.  3:11 : “Behold, I come quickly”.  Paul Grevas