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2 Timothy 3:1 : “This know also; that in the last days perilous times, shall come”.

Welcome everybody.  Make no doubt about it friends, these are those LAST DAYS.  Our Lord’s latest, yet unprecedented Blood Moons warned us of something BIG would happen on earth.  That societies would deteriorate; that “lawlessness and deception” in Matthew 24 would increase; that the love of many shall wax cold; that immorality, lewdness, violence and wars would be the choice of the day : Friends, if you know of any “ostriches” with their heads in the sand saying ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ like the song says,  GOOSE THEM IN THE REAR END RIGHT NOW!!  Bible prophecy is exploding every which way before our very eyes on this planet which so proudly rebukes our Creator of creation and His Beautiful Son, our Lord Jesus, specifically in America, our demented, cemented not so “White” House anymore.

Like you, other than the love of family as me, I tell you, I don’t like living here anymore.  My only solace this week is Franklin Graham who will be approx. 30 feet from me Tuesday in Helena, Mt. as part of his 50 state tour of Americas’ horrible demise from greatness during Obama’s tenure lately and we’re gonna talk after he’s done with his prayer speech.  Can’t wait!!!  So, with respect why things are shrouded darker and darker on earth anymore, let me show you.  SO LET’S GO !!  But FYI, Aug. 13th is the 9th of AV Eve for Israel, a DAY OF INFAMY, a DAY of FASTING & MOURNING, 2 Temples destroyed.


a.  It’s pretty hard to top last week’s prophecy revelation by scientists that the sea that was dead for 4,000 years since Sodom and Gomorrah, the Dead Sea, is being brought back to life by Almighty God.  It’s turning beautiful and clear blue again, salt is depleting, fish are appearing and people are swimming unfettered.  What a beautiful sign.  Google it.

2.  But this breaking news is awesome as well for Bible Prophecy fulfillment : after 2,000 years of non-existence, the School to train the new Levite Priests who have a clearly patriarchal heritage from the priestly class of 2,000 years ago, has now opened for the 3rd Temple services in Jerusalem for the first time.  Now that’s beautiful also.  Thank you Almighty God, this will open many Jewish eyes of yesteryear.

3.  This week is the week for “encouragement” in Israel from her enemies : a)  First, is a remark from  a Palestinian wildman descendant of Ishmael from Gen. 16:12 : “He shall be a wild man”.  So true to form as he encourages a “3-year old” toddler to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers and then this jackal begins egging the soldiers on to kill the little boy.  No words to describe this, so I go on.  b)  Our delusional leader makes a most insulting babble to Bibi this week regarding Iran Deal From Hell.  Says “Israel should rethink that thought by saying : ‘you know what’, we were wrong on the Deal”.  UGGHHH!  Yes, Alice is in Lululand I say.  Better yet, IDF chief says this remark likens the Iran Deal with the Munich Pact of 1938 where Czechoslovakia was tricked into giving up it’s land under Nazi Germany.

4.  Israel accuses long time charitable foundation World Vision for helping the world’s poor, of now actually funding Hamas to help destroy Israel.

5.  Facebook lists the alphabetical line up of the list of countries performing at the Olympics in Rio and they deleted one, O-N-E nation.  Yep, Israel.  Willfully or inadvertently, God knows only.  I have several thousand of you on Facebook, so I will not express my feelings on this against Facebook.  You  judge.

6.  President Abbas’s Fatah Party claims to have killed over 11,000 Jews across Palestinian news media to whip up support for Palestinian election in the promisingly volatile month of October which includes the Feast of Trumpets Oct. 2nd and Feast of Atonement, Yom Kippur on Oct. 12th, the close of our Lord’s 120th and Final Jubilee.

7.  Tim Kaine, Crocked Hillary’s VP mate, has absolutely no love for Israel : He overtly boycotted Bibi’s speech to Congress last year on the Nuke Deal.  As did Obama but at least Obama said he had a busy schedule.

8.  Well friends, not as profound or prolific a list of issues as I’d hoped.  I’m only as good as Rapture, Drudge Report, Glenn Beck, Breaking Israel News, Jerusalem Post, and Israel Today.  But I will tell you this, a slip here, divisive rhetoric there, a scrimmage, a taunt, they all add up and when the frequency and intensity adds up just right, then : Zech. 12:6 : “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the word, and like a torch of fire on a sheaf, and they shall devour all the people round about”.  The Blood Moons were the omens and warnings and this Jubilee year is the Judgements.  WATCH!

9.  Please view my Facebook page (on Aug. 9th) on an absolutely unprecedented set of statistics I swear, I swear, came to me on this writing involving :  a)  The 66 days from the 9th of AV Eve to the Feast of Tabernacles.   b) And the 45 + 30 days = 75 days of Daniel 12:11,12, the exact # of days from Yom Kippur, exact date of the 120th Jubilee to Hanukkah on Dec. 25, 2016, KAPOW smack on Christmas day.  Statistically, from my research of these dates since I’ve been getting the Jewish calendars in this Century this sequence stands alone.  I report the numbers, you judge.  I’m even bewildered what this may mean.  I don’t know what precipice I got here, but I tell you, without even thinking of these numbers or these Holy dates, my hand just started writing.  What else can I say?  Believe me, don’t believe me it is what it is.  I tell you, unlike “some” people who say they’ve died and went to Heaven, or had a revelation of speaking to Jesus, here on earth so be it.  It may be true or not.  However, numbers are numbers, they are scientific purity and this is what I got on the spur of the moment after I finished the conclusion to this website and will lay it out on Facebook Monday.

U.S.A. :

OBAMA :  Oh Mama, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, There Goes THAT MAN AGAIN.

1.  I’m absolutely appalled of this man’s resiliency to perform his perpetual, unstoppable, pepper-stabbing of bringing America down, down, down.  Like when does he sleep?  Just Look :

1.  Obama has deceptively given millions to Jordan to build a wall to keep out ISIS.  Half a world away, he can’t build a wall on our Mexican border.  Yeeeshh, beam me up Scotty, give me a break.

2.  As if his free plate of Medicare, food stamps, education, housing, isn’t enough to greet illegal aliens, now orders US Customs and Border Protection to nationally advertise-at our expense- the newly established SAFE ZONES where illegals cannot be “touched” for deportation.  Sounds just like that child’s game we used to play where we could run to an area in the backyard and “couldn’t be tagged”.

3.  a)  He commutes the sentences of 214 prisoners on Aug. 3rd, the greatest single get out of jail free debacle of any President in history for 1 day.  b)  Worse,  he’s commuted sentences of 650 prisoners in his 7 and 1/2 years, greater than the previous 9 Presidents combined.  Yet he’s so concerned on Black Lives Matter.  Gees Louise.

4.  He has approved the Nat’l Inst. of Health’s, NIH, request to construct live embryos be mixing and matching human stem cells by injecting animal embryos into them.  He could so so so easily have said NO!

5.  He boasts he is exactly on target now to hit his 10,000 goal of Syrian refugees into America, the bulk without proper vetting.  Helloo ISIS, Right!

6.  OHHH that deceptive, yet brilliant meistro, as he secretly worked with the UN, under our very noses, saying squat, yet having 2 press conferences this week, to nationalize several Police Departments across the US by Federal takeover.  The consent decrees are in effect in Miami, LA, Newark, Chicago, and teeny-tiny Ferguson, Missouri, where Black Lives Matter was born.  So slippery, so slick, so cool this man is while Congress plays vacation.  Green light, man, go for it, Right!  Tell me this does not portend a glimpse of the 1-World-Order.

7.  Again, Congress on “Vacay” and his media , mute of course, he signs executive order to allow UN troops to come in and police all, I say ALL, Federal Lands.  Again, another 1-World-Order glimpse.

8.  And never forget he coined these words showing his delusionalality front and center : a) “The world has now become more stable over the last few years”.  Yeah, world terror, ISIS, lone wolves coming out of the walls.  b)  America is more secure than every before”.  Yepp, Orlando, Dallas, San Bernardino, Baton Rouge,  Minnesota, Tennessee, Missouri, lot of cop kills I tell you.  c)  “Americans are less divided today and more united than every before”.  Friends, you gotta get it, it’s satan’s sweet secret sauce spilling so sureal on us.

9.  Friends, this slick talker has 165 days left in office.  He’s so smooth.  WATCH OUT!!  He has much wicked time left.

10.  You know all about the $400 million ransom for 4 American hostages he lied to you and me about thru his pearly white teeth saying it was a 40 year old debt.  What’s really sad is he lied on this even on his 55th birthday.  What slimy audacity!  Friends, he could care less about changing his nefarious lies to us. He feels we are the ultimate stupids of DUMBOS and BIMBOS.  He’ll keep pouring it on, you watch.  There’s absolutely no shame anymore, no blushing, no apologies, no excuses for this reprobate mind of a LIAR LIAR whose pants are still on fire.


1. The Dad-Gum robot assistant in the not so White House, James Kirby had the gumption to say on the $400 million midnight run for cash half-way around the world in an unmarked cargo jet landing in Tehran exact, stinking exact day the hostages were released : “I know it looks like a coincidence but it really wasn’t”.  Yes sir, COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE, Alice has a friend in LA LA Land.

2.  Not to be out done, Jumpin Joe Biden performs a marriage ceremony for 2 White House homosexual staffers.  Friends, homosexual marriage is wrong, God says so.  If He says so, it is so.  Oh Archie Bunker, where are you??

3.  You heard it, I heard it, Donald called Hillary the devil.  Hmmm.  Have to think about that.

4.  With that said, does anybody have proof that Crocked Hillary and her right hand aid, Huma Abedini, are an “ITEM”.  I didn’t even Google it, it is what it is.

5.  “DOUBLE-DITTO” on this : Several reliable conservative sources claim 5 men have mysteriously died in the last 6 weeks from the Crocked Hillary ranks.  Latest, lead attorney Shawn Lucas, a staunch Bernie supporter, was the one who spearheaded the paperwork to call in the Crocked one after he and his staff discovered the revelations that the DNC and Bad Hair Day Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz were naughty conspirators against Bernie.  If so, makes Watergate look like a walk in the park J-V-Team.  I say the trend is you friend as media says S-Q-U-A-T.

6.   German intelligence sends memo to Obama saying they have strong evidence Iran is now buying Nuclear missile material.  And what does Obama do, he scrubs it.  After all, it’s all about Legacy.  And I add, all about the destruction of Israel as my take.  And, yes what does the media say : S-Q-A-U-T.


1.  U.S. home-ownership falls to an anemic 62.9%, lowest since records began in 1965.

2.  Watch Venezuela, civil war of failed state, or both, any day.  Starvation deaths rampant.

UN :

The mighty, United Nothing and masters of Climate Change Deception to spawn the 1-World-Order.

1.  They now start promoting LGBT special rights worldwide.  A first ever move on this.  Why not, the UN is a most villifying and deceptively secretive force of scorpions at the top, let alone anti Israel.

2.  Most chilling article this week : The UN recently decides not to name the next UN Sec. General until Jan. 1, 2017, the exact day Ban-Ki-Moo-Moo steps down.  EXACT I say, because I’ve researched it on Google and found this eye-popping revelation : Not one, no NOT ONE New Sec. General was selected and introduced to the world the day 1 resigns and the other is in.  Now that’s a well kept secret.  From selection of Moon in Oct. 2006 to Kofi Annan in Dec. 1996, to Boutros Ghali in Nov. 1991, to Javler Perez Cuellar in Dec. 1981, to Kurt Waldltein…. (Cannot count U-Thant because of Dag Hammarskjold death or Dag’s because Trygve Lie resigned).  Could it be, could it be, SSHHH : The Obama connection.  He can be selected Jan. 1, resign as President, let Jumping Joe VP become President till Jan. 20th inauguration of new President.  Very intriguing and something to ponder I tell you, because : 1 Timothy 3:2,4 : “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures”.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, we’re waiting for you.


TURKEY : Friends, Islam-to-the-core Pres. Erdogan (Erdie) is the Real Deal for the prophetic burning of all bridges between the Middle East and Europe after Erdie’s STAGED military coup.  This, to provide him the gauntlet for his ultimate desire to transform his nation into serving him as the untouchable Islamic Dictator of the true new Islamic State powerhouse of a new Ottoman Empire, des jeax vous-style.  Old Empire ruled thru Turkey 1517-1917 AD.  How prophetic : Eccl. 3:15 : “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been”.  Just look at the lightning speed Erdie has changed Turkey :

1.  He’s shut down the entire military, 9th largest in world and over 1/2 million strong.  He purges 1,400 generals and military higher ups that opposed “His Islamacy” and replaces them with his own turban and garb wearing new generals.

2.  To add to the 70,000 I mentioned last week in his daunting purge-process, you can add 1,577 university deans, 8,000 more cops, another 1,000 plus judges, some of whom were even “semi”-favorably with Erdie, GONE!  And also additional 1,230 charities, 21,000 teachers, 1,043 private schools, 15 universities, 35 hospitals, and on and on.  Worse : 13,000 of these innocent people are believed to be extreme enemies of the State in Erdie’s eyes and face the possibility of execution.  All this in 3 weeks for this Islamic “superstar” so to speak.  You know when Obama promised change in 2008, well, ….well he’s just a kid in the park when compared to Erdie.  Obama must still be reading the book A Tale of Two Cities title Knitting, and Still Knitting by Charles Dickens.

3.  When a reporter mentioned the lightning speed of Erdie’s purge process, Erdie said : “I only want the same powers that Hitler had”.  Okayyy!!  Friends, if this is so, the next step is the dehumanization of people, and after that, it was genocide, yes genocide for the Jews.  We WATCH.


1.  Russia has just unveiled their up to now secret fleet of super-submarines which can squash NATO’s land, sea, and air-power like a cup of butter and plunge the world into WWIII says US Naval experts.

2.  Talk about the sudden, yet fast-tracked Gog/Togarmah love affair in Ezek. 38:6 between Russia and Turkey.  Their first ever gas pipeline is being built to link Moscow and Ankara.

3.  Middle East expert Pierini of Carnegei Institute : “Russia may now be going through a long term game-changing move to lure Turkey away from the West as part of their broader geopolitical reconfigeration”.  I can top that : this is flat out the Gog/Megog coalition in the making before our very eyes, plain and simple, black and white.  And I tell you, anyone who doesn’t that is a pretty stupid denier.  Friends, the camel’s nose is in the tent of these 2 behemoths visiting Israel soon.


Chinese Gov’t. officials are swarming down on all Christian Churches throughout the country forcing them to surrender all tithes and offerings.  Well, do tell, what’s next, their Christian souls.  Yes, that’s true.  Our Bible tells us so.


1.  Iran executes a Nuclear Scientist, poof, just like that, who sources say he knew too much about Iran’s Nuclear Program that was deceptively kept from Obama’s pride and joy, the Deal From Hell last year .

2.  Iran’s #2 military leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard says : ” Iran has set up over 100,000 missiles in Lebanon ready for the annihilation of Israel : And  Iran, too, has tens of thousands of additional missiles that are ready to wipe out the accused BLACK DOT of Israel off the map”.  What a weasel phrase.  May they bring it on, they and all their nukey neighbors as Israel, God’s Chosen People, has a little surprise for them called Isaiah 54:15 : “Behold, they shall gather together, but not by Me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Friends, I’ll put all these foreboding events in the Middle east in perspective in one sentence : Maybe during Rio where the whole world is watching  or maybe this coming Saturday, August 13th, the 9th of Av Eve, the Day of Mourning for all Israel, the day both Temples were destroyed, some Middle East jackal will provoke or strike Israel.  We WATCH!!


Although I never coined the expression “sounds like a broken record”, the status of the EU’s eye-popping maniacal upheaval is most deafening.  And all due to this Muslim Immigration Apocalypse of 2015-16 that is so secretively polka-dotted with the hidden poison dosage of Muslim radicals that satan himself has injected into this unstoppable flow of law abiding Muslim refugees running for their lives into Europe.  Just look:

1.  Since Paris, last Nov. there has been 1 rape or major crime on up to murder by an Islamic Terrorist every 84 minuted (Jay Sekulow),

2.  Latest by an Islamic Somalian from Norway who killed an American in London and knifed 5 others.

3.  Well it finally happened in Germany, the EU juggernaut for this Muslim refugee migration : German Parliament approves a Muslin refugee Referendum this fall that will go to the people of Germany to stop this leaky sieve Angela Merkel has created.

4.  Angie says : “The EU is being ravaged by terror, but Germany should welcome more refugees.  The recent attacks in Ansbech, Wurzburg and Munich (2) are horrifying and depressing, but Germany will not turn it’s back of people fleeing the Middle East for their lives”.  Me, I’m torn in the middle on this statement, thinking of people fleeing for their lives is horrific.

5.  Within hours, this remark spreading throughout Germany where 100s of thousands of Germans took to the streets chanting over and over : “She must go”!

6.   Angie’s approval rating of 47% this week is her absolute rock bottom.

7.  Duetche Bank’s call for $150 billion bailout for itself and other leading banks goes on deaf ears despite their call that : “Europe is seriously ill, an accident waiting to happen”.  Also on hold, the Greek economic debacle, the Italian, the Ukraine dilemma, the imminent Russia aggression on the Baltics, NATO, can you believe it, ALL ON HOLD.

8.  Best prophecy update of the week : Remember the cartoon character of Popeye when he couldn’t stand bully, Bluto hitting on his “goil” anymore, Olive Oyle and said : “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”.  Then he eats his can of spinach and thumps Bluto.  Well guess what : The Southern Countries of Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece have just clubbed together the “Alliance of Europe’s South” and have colluded together to gang up on austerity minded and Muslims refugee softee, the mighty Germany to shake down Germany’s power over the EU.  Like Popeye, they’ve just had enough of Germany’s dominance.  Meeting was in Athens and head honcho is liberal Communist Alexis Tsipris, President of Greece.  Oh boy, he’s back in the limelight and he’s scary prophetically speaking ala Daniel 10.  Could this be the beginning rupture of the final kingdom, ie. the revised Roman Empire of the statue in Nebuchadnezer’s dream Daniel interpreted : Daniel 2:33 : “His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay”.  Without getting into the weeds this is the Roman Empire of today where the prosperous Northern EU countries are in conflict with the poor Southern EU ones.  Add the cultural shock between the two and voila, IRON and CLAY, again before our very eyes they just don’t mix.  DO YOU GET IT.  WE ARE THERE.   Out of this will come that sordid dark one himself, the Anti-Christ, to patch things up – but yet, for only a while.  We WATCH!


1.  This man has such an elloquency of words, and yet garbles this out after 5-day visit to Poland : “Islam should not be identified with violence.  This is not right and this is not true because there is enough Christian violence as well”.

2.   Also, tells the faithful in Poland final Sunday sermon : “To believe in a new humanity that rejects hatred and to refuse borders as barriers”.  WOW!!  Gosh has that man gone unhinged or what?

3.  That’s a WALLOPP to push for the 1-World- Religion, Right!!  Two items I’ve mentioned several times on this guy :  a)  Have you yet Googled the Pope’s jet, where the blue and white circular logo affixed on the top of the exterior stairs boarding the plane on the right side.  It says : “One World”  Yes it does.  b)  And, as always, from his above 2 statements, how remarkably blind must one be these days that will not acknowledge the Pope’s highly probable dress rehearsal for Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast coming out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.  Yes, a dragon such as the False Prophet.  I tell you, I’m not nor will ever say with 100% exactitude P.F. is the F.P., but I’d say his probability is very high with his Jesuit ways and tongue-speak.



1.  Only 1 major one over the 5.5 magnitude threshold I’ll always report to you to respect and to reprove our Lord’s words in Matthew 24:7 : “…. and earthquakes in diverse places”.  This one was a 5.8 in Indonesia.


1.  Friends, the California devastating fires are even on fire.  Too many to report on.

2.  So far, in 2016 just 7 months of date, three all time records : 4,050 fires covering 350 square miles that have torched to the ground 66,000,000 trees in California.  Now that’s Hot as Hell Judgement coming to America in red, yellow, and orange unquenchable buckets.  Sorry for my sarcasm, need it to keep my sanity on these reports on Bible Prophecy.  It is what it is.


1.  Zika has now infected 5,500 in Puerto Rico, 15 in Florida, and 43 Americans overseas.  Could this be the opening act for the pale horse of disease and death, the 4th seal of Rev. 6:8.

2.   The high meningitis outbreak in gay men has medical experts puzzled.  Gee whiz, I dropped out of Pre-Med in college and I’m not puzzled at all.  So simple is knowledge if you have the Holy Spirit, it’s God judgement on the gay world.


1.  Three Muslim refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho, arrested for molesting a 5-year old girl.  What absolute trauma.  Friends, she’s ruined for life with flashbacks.  And then there’s the Rapture for her to totally eradicate those ugly tentacles of satan.  Praise the Lord.

2.  That Dad-Gum Satanic Temple of America has been enabled by our not so White House in DC to spew it’s ugly venom onto school children all across America.  What!!  For first time ever, this 1st Amendment manipulator of politically correctness will open several after-school satan club classes across America to diabolically compete with generations old after-school Christian classes we Christians are familiar with since we were young.  That’s bad bait, worse, is their ultimate goal to interject their satanic education to all K-12 schools during full-time school hours in America. That’s beyond coyote ugly.  Their devious goal, to have kids get the opportunity to choose an alternative to Jesus Christ they say.  Oh Lord I hate living on earth anymore.

3.  Friends, please never forget Obama’s, the Pope’s, the UNs deceptive ploy of staging and promoting Climate Change in their 2030 Sustainable Agenda is nothing but a satan-inspired hoax to lure the world into the 1-World-Order.  Remember, Climate Change is the Trojan horse to change the world for the Anti-Christ.

4.  FYI, this past week New Zealand is currently experiencing it’s coldest year in 145 years.  This is one of a litany of stats that defies Global Warming, but we who follow the Lord and know His word are unfortunately outnumbered on earth by the 6 billion plus naughty demoniacs of political correctitude.  The world will never melt from man and CO2. Why??  Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night shall not cease”.  Thank you Lord.  Case closed.

5.  And there’s always the 43 condoms supplied to all Olympians in Rio by Rio health officials.  They’ve sure done a splendid job of bringing Zika to the world too.


Sooo, there it is.  Inch by inch, step by step, darker and darker, we are where God said we are in Isaiah 46:10 : “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done”.  Well, look left, things are getting prophetically done; look right, things are getting prophetically done.  And done, His way.  As in TURN or BURN, to Jesus or satan, respectively.

Choice is sooo…simple.  Like how much simpler can this be : John 5:24 : “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and BELIEVETH on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation”.  DUHH!!!  For crying in a bucket, how worthy and simple is that?

Friends, in closing Jesus doesn’t say the word VERILY in the Bible very often.  Even when He says it ONCE, it is rare but it packs a punch.  Well I tell you, when He says “VERILY” T-W-I-C-E, well Katie bar the door, that’s a most superlative clarion call from Him from the 3rd Heaven from the right hand throne of God Himself, it’s like a lightning bolt smack down thru the universe to you and me on earth.  As VERILY in your dictionary means an absolute truth, of a certainty, of absolute confidence, most assuredly.  Check it.

And isn’t it a shame for our Lord to have to say this T-W-I-C-E for us to “get it” thru our thick skull.  Like on Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Biff the bully knocking Marty on the head to get his point across by saying “H-E-L-L-OOO”.  Shame on us, but most surely, our Lord knew it would be tough to acknowledge His promise in this Final Generation.  God willing, see you next week.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas