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PSALMS 5:5,6 : “The foolish shall not stand in thy sight; thou hatest all workers of inequity.  Thou shalt destroy them; the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man”.

Welcome everybody.  First and Foremost, due to the absolutely remarkable email response after being gone for  one month, I must reluctantly say that I just cannot absolutely NO WAY HOSAY keep up anymore with the wonderful and heart-warming emails.  I’m just one person, however, I will continue to read very single Facebook and website email bar none.  For 2 and 1/2 years I did the best I could until this June answering everybody, regrettably, 1 or 2 months late for some.  I just can’t, can’t, can’ t do it anymore.  I just can’t.  Please forgive me, so so many good people you are who love our Lord.  What can I say except I will continue to provide you with the most current end-time Bible Prophecy events, specifically on Israel including the final remaining Heavenly sign for believers, the Virgo Constellation in the Heavens for all to see of the woman clothed in the sun of Rev. 12:1-4 next Sept. 23-4, 2017, where the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana occurs.  I’ll also provide any and all statistical linkages to Bible Prophecy with respect to the Lord’s Feasts as I’ve done in the past for you to judge and prayerfully verify that the recent unprecedented Biblical Blood Moon warnings were the REAL DEAL for the judgement we see everywhere today on this planet.  Cannot stress enough for us to keep our ‘Compass Clean’ in this whirlwind of evil today.  FYI, don’t no if there is any prophetic revelance, but the number of days from the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12:1-4 counting backwards, is 666 days to Thanksgiving, 2014.  Only God knows how this bodes for America.

Sooo, as the title says, ‘And The Band Played On’, JUST LOOK at the sour musical notes this world has struck this past week :


Friends, today, Aug. 18, we are exactly 40 days away from the world’s attempt to slice and dice, forcibly carve up, massacre Israel, you call it, when the 192 nations of the world pound the gavel to open up the 70th UN, United Nothing, General Assembly meetings to discuss world problems and solutions.  The 2-State Solution between Israel and the Palestinians being front and center.  Now called the French Peace Initiative, it’s specifically the Saudi Plan which will create the new State of Palestine based on the 1948 war borders which will cut Israel to ribbons.  This 1948 line is known in International Diplomatic circles as the Auschwitz Line.  That’s self explanatory.

1.  Sooo, where is America?

2.   I’ll tell you, our Not-So-White-House is absolutely livid of Israel’s decision this past week to build 323 new apartments and 770 new homes in Gilo and East Jerusalem and the fact that Israel has seized several “abandoned” Palestinian properties and relocates 40 Settlement families into them.  Obama mouth cronies  :  a)  Elizabeth Trudeau : “This represents an unprecedented and troubling step”.  b)  John-deer- in- the- headlights-Kirby : “These Settlements are illegitimate, counter productive, and corrosive to the cause of peace.  These actions by Israel clearly undermine the possibility  of a 2-State-Solution”.  Friends, these are just 2 excerpts of a debunking and scathing report on Israel just produced by Obama Administration.

3.  I’m telling you, the life of Israel being divided lays on the table in his dirty, filthy, hands next month.  Can you only imagine the potential dagger he may be wielding in Daniel 9:27 :”And he shall confirm the covenant with many (ie. UN is many, 192 is many manys) for 1 week”.  Oh, Geeze Louise I am watching all credible reports daily for you on this.  This is sooo BIG!!

4.  Israeli athletes outwardly taunted and snubbed by Muslim ones in Rio Olympics  a)  Bus carrying Lebanese athletes refuses to pick up Israeli ones waiting to go back to Hotel.  b)  Egyptian wrestler loses to Jewish one, refuses to shake hands.  c)  Syrian boxer and Saudi judo athlete refuse to show up against their Jewish opponents.  SICK, SICK, SICK.  Not one nation, no not one got snubbed even once as Israel did 4 times.

5.  Israel warns Hezbollah, who has 120,000 rockets pointed there, including several pointed at Haifa where if the ammonia plant was hit there, 1 hit would kill 800,000 Jews.  Israel tells Lebanon they cannot destroy 120,000 missiles one at a time and must be forced to launch an absolutely overwhelming deadly and ruthless response “all over” Lebanon.  IDF says : “It will be deadly, ferocious, and terrible”.  Friends, all- out-war, no prisoners-Psalms 83 War to be sure.

6.  Jordan’s King Abdullah vows to fight Jewish extremists on the Temple Mount as this site is absolutely “white-hot” for war since the 9th of Av last week.  Says : “We will use all means necessary to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque”.

7.  Friends, the bulk of the Jewish nation is not “Messiah-YES” yet as Jewish groups in Jerusalem have formed an interfaith and spiritual gathering of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  To take place in Jerusalem.  Call Pope Francis, he can help.

8.  Evangelical Lutherans of America approve a resolution for America to end all aid, military included, to Israel if Israel doesn’t stop Settlement building.  Peshaw on you!

9.  Friends, you Google it, Black Lives Matter abhors the Jewish nation.  The nation our God reveres over all others.  Isaiah 52:12 : “For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight; for the Lord will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your reward”.  Friends, I have over 200 scriptures of how our Lord loves Israel FIRST.  Some day I pray we share them together.


Because lawlessness abounds so prevalently here is America today, may you please “hold on” to 2 Timothy 3:12,13 : “All that will live godly shall suffer persecution.  Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”.

Friends, this is precisely where we now are.  The entire Not-So-White-House anymore is hoaky and spitful of lies, the elections, the two candidates, the media, the FBI, the Dept. of Justice, all so deceptive.  KAWABUNGA.  Granny fasten your seat belt and hold on to your guns.  Really, what isn’t polluted anymore?   JUST LOOK :


A good place to start, Right!

1.  Russia, Iran, and Turkey have formed an unprecedented Military and Energy Alliance in the past several weeks, arguably the strongest military force in the world that is also a loose cannon because of their war-hungry leaders led by Putin and Turkey Pres. Erdogan.  They’re overtly bullying their way to Ukraine, eastern Europe, Israel and Obama’s enjoying himself a “Maatha’s” Vineyard, saying squat.  This is absolutely insane.

2.  Congressional Task Force concludes 1 year study on ISIS threat and discovers the Obama White House has “radically” COOKED THE BOOKS, on overestimating U.S. strength and understanding ISIS.

3.  Obama releases 15 more GITMO detainees, 5 were Osama Bin Laden’s body guards.  Going back to Al-Queda infested neighborhood of the United Arab Emirates.  One week, 1 month, they’re free, they’re gone.  What say you?

4.  Obama’s greatest security threat to America is he himself.  Why?  He authorizes the handing over of American control over our Internet Domain Naming System, ie. .com, .gov, .org, and so on, to the world’s International authorities, whatever they are, surely 1-World-Govt. honchos.  This makes you, me, all of America vulnerable to censor, filter, blocked access to send and receive all we do on the Internet at the flick of their finger.  Now how about them apples which will make the Anti-Christ’s control so so easy.  It starts in October.  Thanks Obama, you Harvard…..

5.  On Israel, today is day #431 he has refused the letter from majority of both houses of U.S. Congress to accept the fact that Jerusalem is the one and only capital of Israel.

6.  More, Obama is absolutely furious this week during his “vaycay” at the Vineyard.  Has the State Dept. issue a bitterly denunciatory press statement in which it publicly rebuked the latest Israeli Settlement activity which Obama himself considers to be “corrosive to the cause of peace”.

7.  Friends, can you only imagine this evil deceptive man, just like the above scripture says, that if he either becomes the UN Secretary General or by dirty shenanigans causes an upheaval of the now tinder-box racial chaos in our nation and imposes Martial Law, and suspends the November elections and continues a 3rd term, WOW!!  We gotta watch this most slippery man.  Not only America, but Israel will be Texas Toast.

8.  Remember his statement 6 months ago at the Correspondent’s dinner : “The end of the Republic has begun”.  Shame on him.

9.  The American Action Forum concludes that all of Obama’s Executive Orders and 600 plus regulations in 7 and 1/2 years have already cost America $743 billion.  Yep, community organizers will do that for you.

10.  The deluding, delusional, deceptive, and demonic Obama’s Not-So-White-House has just added another leg to the 1-World-Order :  They are now subjugating City Police Departments around America to be forced financially to come under the Obama wings.  His Dept. of Justice files a lawsuit against a city, county, or state alleging that the police have violated someone’s civil rights following a demonstration such as Black Lives Matter, etc. on an “improper jailing”.  The city is allowed to plead NO CONTEST under the condition it “SIGNS” a consent order to let the Dept. of Justice regulate it’s Police Dept, VOILA.  This has already happened in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Newark, Ferguson, Missouri, several more cities.  Sooo, cops make a deserved life threatening arrest, DOJ threatens big lawsuit, city buckles, DOJ controls the police.  Friends, do you see it?  Talk about American cities’ security being handcuffed and not the perpetrators’.  Utterly seared, again for total control for that certain man who’ll flatter the world soon.  This is happening before our eyes and most of us don’t have our heads set very well lately.  I tell you, the shaking and baking and crunching down of America is mind boggling and occurring daily.  And then…..   Come quickly Lord Jesus.

11.  Obama has his most ugly tentacles on so many Govt. Agencies, including the Dept. of Justice, the heartbeat of our freedom, which is now succumbing to the lawlessness he’s meticulously spawned in his narcistic way in our Not-So-White-House.

12.  Friends, this Dad-Gum Pres. of ours-the man, not the office, now has only 154 days left in office.  To him, eternity to destroy America.  My take, all hell will bust loose thru him by Nov. 8 election.


1.  Ohh Hillary, don’t win.  If she does, 3 out of every 5 Texans will call Gov. Abbot there to prepare documents to secede from the Union.  That is 60% of Texans, never have they had over 50% in previous attempts to do this.  I wanna move to Texas.

2.  Friends, never forget Crocked and Crooked  Hillary is owned and run by Anti-Christian American race-war lover, Anti-Jewish billionaire George Soros, the main sponsor of Black Lives Matter to “shake” America.  And of course there’s the REAL TEFLON DON, Obama himself, bolstering and shielding her not so Christian and email ways from prosecution.

3.  Oh well, what difference does it make.  We deserve her as this nation has surely put our Lord aside.

4.  State Dept. crony John Kirby on the threat of Russian movements in Iran and on the Ukraine borders : “This is all a hyperbolic way of calculating this”.  Yep, BOOM, BOOM.  We WATCH as imminent war is at the door in Ukraine.

5.  CNN, ABC, MSNBC, all of them witches, including FOX NEWS soon as Mr Murdoch’s 2 liberal sons have taken over from fired conservative Roger Ailes.  BYE, BYE FOX.  These media are always covering for Hillary and our Obamanation.  Their taking our freedoms thru these two in the name of security.  Friends, you can bet your bippy their liberal progressive ideas is tantamount to athiestic ideas.


1.  Today, 1 in 8 U.S. adults smoke marijuana.  Heyyy, what’s happenin man?

2.  Acapulco, once a beautiful vacation haven like the Bahamas or Jamaica, is now an ugly city of decapitated bodies lying on streets in their own pools of blood.  Now 4 people killed per day this past year as drug assassins march up and down the blood-filled streets.

3.  Obamacare is now in the throws of death.  Aetna, #3 insurer join Humana and United Healthcare top dogs in running away from Obamacare.  Aetna, which 4 years ago was nearly in all 50 states, now only in 4 states.  Obamacare enrollment predicted to be worst since inception of approx. 9-10 million, most insured are poor, unhealthy.  Average Obamacare premiums this coming year up 26% and services down approx. 20%  Writing is on the wall and Congress need do nothing it appears.


1.  World’s billionaires holding $1.7 trillion in cash, 22% of their net worth.  Most ever, even 2008-9 Great Recession.  Take heed friends, something is cooking.  So ripe for financial chaos on Lord’s coming Fall Feasts.

2.  Today, 1 in 7 households have a “negative” net worth.  Total of $12.3 trillion.  Yes, even more than 2008-9.  Beware, it all could bust wide open this fall financially for our nation.  And again, we deserve God’s judgements.


Absolutely nothing bigger in Bible Prophecy this past week than the ever-tightening bond and love affair of the 3 major TRIFECTA bully players of Ezek. 38’s Gog War.  That being Russia in verse 2, Iran in verse 5 and Turkey in verse 6.  The stage is set, the alliance for the first time in world history is real.  It is the largest military coalition of any 3 countries on earth, bar none with 325 million people, whose armies will soon ascend upon the teeny-tiny, 6,000,000 inhabitants of Israel.  Ezek. 38:9 : “Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm to cover the land”.  Friends, the phenomenal pace of “ONENESS” between these 3 is remarkably breathtaking of Bible Prophecy fulfillment.  I tell you, when you have the world’s 2 largest oil and gas pipelines being built before our droopy, gloomy, sad, who-cares eyes, you’ve got to get the bejeebers and WAKE UP PLEASE.  From Moscow to Tehran and from Moscow to Ankara and Israel right smack dab in the middle–WOW!!  LOOK :

1.  Pres. Erdogan, Erdie of Turkey : “We are determined to coorporate with Iran and Russian to step up our efforts to restore peace and stability in the region”.  Yeah, sure, 1 Thes. 5:3 : ‘When they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh”.

2.  Russia’s top newspaper, TASS tries to calm American fears of a Russia-Turkey-Iran war coalition footing says : “Even if Russia, Turkey, and Iran were to forge a strategic alliance, it’s for the best because these 3 nations can play a positive role”.  UGGGHH!  Liar liar pants on fire.

3.  Russian intelligence told Erdi to “RUN” to safety 10 hours before the military coup began.

4.  Russia has now fully delivered the dreadful S-300 missiles to Iran which mighty Israel fears.

5.  The Russian and Iranian armies are now basically “meshed” together in Syria fighting the US backed Syrian rebels.

6.  Russia, is now conducting air strikes bombing ISIS with their brand new launching pad air base –IN IRAN, WHEW!!

7.  Russia, who “owns” the Port of Tarsus in Syria now holding extreme naval drills with warships and cruise missiles right smack West of Israel on the East Mediterrean Sea.

8.  More, and you know Pres. Assad is taking strict orders from Russia in all military operations here on out.

9.  Pentagon has identified no less than 8-staging grounds on the Russian/Ukraine border for imminent incursions into Ukraine.  Includes 40,000 troops, air force units, fighter planes, military vehicles that transport and launch missiles and tanks, more Russian tanks on the border than entire fleet of NATO’s.  CAN YOU SEE IT?  I report, you, please verify this stuff, how dare I make it up under my Lord’s watch.

10.  Iran executes a nuclear scientist after finding out secret details on CROCKED and CROOKED HILLARY emails.  Friends, this woman is deadly, stay away.

11.  Erdie issues final ultimatum  to U.S. saying : “Choose between Turkey and the Turkish cleric” living in Philly who masterminded the military coup.  Yisshh, those turkeys are gobbling terrible at us, especially putting America’s powerful airbase in Insirlink, Turkey at risk.

12.  Finally, oh how our masterful God stages these End of Days to perfection : Turkey, a member of NATO’s strict rules for weapons purchasing protocal, now plans to buy weapons from COZY LOVER Russia.

13.  Also, Turkey plans now to abandon the U.S. dollar.  AND THE BAND PLAYED ON.


1.  As the book on record of the refugee Muslimization of the EU continues unabated, the EU ers keep political correctness with these Muslims at a highly sanctified precipice : The one and only brave man who stood up to the 9 Munich terrorist killings 3 weeks ago at a McDonalds is now in jail, charged with “insulting” the killer.  Oh dear Lord, how sad this world now is.

2.  Conservatives pushing Angela Merkel to expel all Muslim refugees to islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.  Yet Merkel wants to have German businesses hire them for work.

3.  Sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions : youngest rape victim by some of these Muslims is a 9 year old German girl, oldest, a 79 year old woman.  Police are told to shut their mouths on reporting these crimes and German media has been forced to “mum-up”.  Friends, I tell you, satan is here, his minions of Eph. 6:12, the principalities of the air, are alive and well.

4.  Only miniscule consolation to all of this is that the Govt. has issued a ban on wearing burkas, ie. head scarf wraps.  Only a speck of sand in the sea with respect to the massive cultural change going on across Europe.

5.  Germans have had their homes raided if they post negative remarks on Angela’s Muslim refugee policies on Facebook.

6.  In Sweden, no citizen is allowed to post news reports that link Muslims with rape crimes.

7.  EU’s top Economist, Hellwig, warns of EU’s largest bank, Duetche Bank : “Duetche Bank is teetering on the edge of crisis and the only way to protect it is to nationalize the Bank”.  WOW, that’s like our Not-So-White-House taking over Wells Fargo or Bank of America.  This is BIG.  We WATCH.

8.  Remember the cartoon character Popeye  when Bluto made advances to Olive Oyle one too many times causing Popeye to say : “That’s all I can stands I can’t stands no more”.  Then Popeye snarfs a can of spinach and smacks Bluto to Kingdom Come.  Well, guess what very similar parallel event just happened in Europe after the Brexit :  The Southern Countries of the EU have just clubbed together an “Alliance of Europe’s South” they call it and it is made up of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and a few other smaller ones and have decided to gang up on Germany’s Angela Merkel and the 3  BENELUX Countries bullying power in the EU and “TAKE IT OVER” they say.  They plan to strip Germany’s grip on the tight financial purse strings of austerity that Germany has laid upon these Southern Countries and to trash Angela’s soft Muslim refugee stance.  Like Popeye above, they’ve just had enough of German Power over them and they’re not going to “stands” for it no more.  And guess what?  The head honcho behind all this is finally being heard from and is now being followed after a series of meetings of crafty collusion by their councils to confront German dominance, and that is the Communist Pres. of Greece, Alex Tsipris.  I think of Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezeer’s dream in Daniel 2:33 : “His legs of iron (old Roman Empire), his feet part of iron (Germany today) and part of clay (weak Southern countries, Italy, France, etc.)”.  Friends, this is Bible Prophecy before our very eyes.  Do you get it??  Germany, the iron, and South Europe, the clay, just DON’T MIX.  But there IS a man who will soon “mix” them, the Anti-Christ, he lives today, he’s all about Daniel 11:37 : “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women (HMMM??), nor repel any god; for he shall magnify himself above all”.  You and I who believe in Jesus and the Rapture will never know this animal but approx. 6 billion non-believers of John 14:6 will get to know him, Right!  “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”.


Although no significant statements from the Pope this past week, friends, I tell you, he is what he is, and his words absolutely contradict the Lord’s word more often than not.  I’ll always provide you with a past statement of his that will verify this.  On gays, he said 6 months ago in his endorsement of them : “We are in the 21st Century now, the world’s morals have changed”.  Not so, Not so at all.  This is what our Lord says in Proverbs 30:5 : “Every word of God is pure”.  Friends, God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and this man has altered this scripture.  Oh woe to him when he bows to God at the White-Throne Judgement.  Rev. 22:18 : “If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”.  WOWW!!  May the Pope repent.



I’ll always report to you all Earthquakes of 5.5 or more magnitude weekly. This week : A 7.6 in the Vanatus Islands in South Pacific, 5.6 North of Japan, 6.0 in Southern Ukraine.


Wow, sure sounds like if you throw in the word deception such as in our Not-So-White-House, you get Matthew 24 and all the perplexity of Luke 21 of the Last Days and friends, look left,look right, we ARE in the Last Days as Matthew 24:34 says so : “Verily, I say unto you.  This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.  Oh yeah, Were There, just look :

1.  Lower Midwest floods, specifically in Louisiana , are of epic and unprecedented proportion.  There’s 13 dead and counting, 12,000 rescued, 45,000 homeless, lives forever destroyed, over 4,000 homes toast. This is the largest disaster in Louisiana since Katrina .  And it all started on the 9th of Av.  Yep, judgement on America cause we’ve biffed our Lord and His Beautiful and Wonderful and ONLY Son, Jesus our Christ.

2.  California fires are on fire again.  Scorching, ravaging everything about North of San Francisco where 175 homes are toast, and 34,000  homes in the fire’s path and East of Los Angeles where 85,000 are evacuated 47  square miles and 4% contained.

3.  What a hot spot of hell hit this past week in Northern Iran, 165 degrees F.  Friends this is a prelude to the Lord’s unquenchable fire and heat of hell that is deservable to Israel’s most wretched enemy, Iran.


Just like that, 35 cases of Zika virus in Miami, 1 in Texas, various numbers in New York I can’t authenticate.  AND COUNTING.


1.   General Assembly Legislators in Alaska town stand up and then open with the Satanic Temples prayer to Lucifer.  How can this be, in America!!!

2.  More, Satanic Temple in Oklahoma City stages their 2nd Black Mass to the public.  This ritual called the ‘Consumption of Mary’ where a statue of her is desecrated.  Praise the Lord, because of so much outcry from Catholics, although it went on, it was a bust.  Yesss!!

3.  Princeton University Human Resource Dept. strikes the word “man” from it’s vocabulary and all documents in the Dept.  Replaces it with human beings, individuals, or people.  School gone gaga.

4.  I may flub up on this wording, but here goes : New mega-school in Atlanta opens only for LGBTQQIAA students.  Sounds like my VIN number off my truck.  Will be run by a person named Christian Zsilavetz who used to be a heterosexual cisgender woman but is now proudly a “queer-identified-transman”.  To me it’s a “She-He” who must surely repent to our Godwhen she bows before him as per Phil. 2:10 where every knee shall bow.  Also Lev. 18:22 : “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind.  It is abomination”.  WOW, abomination sure rhymes with ‘O’bamanation, Right!


U.S. fertility rate drops to all time record low since records began in 1909.  Is now a paltry 5.9 per 1,000 for women ages 15 to 44.  Bye Bye family, the love of our Almighty God.


Well, there it is.  Not much fun out there.  Only consolation, the worse it gets, the better it gets for those of us who love, confess and repent our sins to our One and Only Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ.  We must always be analagous to the 5 Virgins who had their oil in advance to meet their groom, our Lord.  We  must never ever ‘presume’ we have this “oil of repentance” in these End of Days I like to call the “Edge of Time”, as we know it.  Else, POOF, just like that : All with the oil GOING UP,  All with no oil GOING DOWN.  Friends, it’s gonna happen fast, 1 Chor. 15:52 : “In the twinkling of an eye at the last TRUMP”.  Speaking of, did you know the word T-R-U-M-P is listed only 2 times in the entire Bible.  And to beat all, it’s in the 2 most prolific Rapture versus in the entire Bible, the aforementioned and of course 1 Thes. 4:16 : “The Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout …with the T-R-U-M-P of God…”.  I gotta tell you, I’m only human.  But…., I’m a Statistician and I’n compelled to tell you, that although I’m not a Donald T-R-U-M-P fan- and most assuredly much much less a CROCKED CROOKED HILLARY FAN- I can not help but think that maybe, just maybe, there is a “link” between the word of T-R-U-M-P today, the man,  and the same word 2,000 years ago.  Could it be, just could it possibly be our Lord is speaking to us that we are so close o the End of Days.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, we are waiting for YOU.  Rev. 3:20 : “I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him”.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas