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Welcome Everybody.  Again, as I mentioned last week, I cannot answer the plethora of emails anymore.  It’s just me.  However, I read EVERY ONE and I’ll reply, explain, etc. all proper concerns or questions that garner a high volume.  Thank you so so much as I spend much more time now reporting on the panorama of exploding prophetic events that correlate so highly to the Bible.

Sooo, if you’ve seen my Facebook page (click on the home page of this website) you will surely acknowledge that my true belief on the date of our Lord’s Final Jubilee is not going to end this Oct. 2nd, but will BEGIN then and then end on Feast of Trumpets Sept. 22, 2017.  WHAT, WHY, HOW COULD YOU SAY THIS after promoting it so this past year Paul Grevas.  Two words : Scottie Clarke.  Google him at  Want the details. well here they are, beginning with this divinely important Revelation of the VIRGO CONSTELLATION’S prophetic authenticity of Rev. 12. which although it has been around the Internet for several years has exceeded all my expectations when Scottie’s analysis are merged with my following statistical calculations.  SO LET’S GO :


Please view Scottie Clarke’s titled Revelation 12 Research Update-You Tube for much more amazing information on the Revelations he has discovered on the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12.


Friends, this is what it is as I’ve just mentioned.  I believe the wise man Scottie Clarke is prophetic; his work on this is SPOT ON categorizing the Lord’s Final Jubilee to begin Oct. 2, 2016 and end Sept. 22, 2017, Feast of Trumpets.  You gotta see his   And what a glorious day that will be, all to God’s Glory and his revelation of the woman, Israel and male-child, the Church in Rev. 12:1-5 which Scottie so thoroughly explains and whatever input I’ve added to this explanation.

Without delving into the weeds too much, I wanted to add my own statistical correlation to this context I’ve gathered and calculated.  As 1 John 4:1 says : “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world”.  So, you read, you verify, you judge.  How can the Glory of God not show in these most prophetic events with such prophetically corresponding dates.  Sooo, here are some mind boggling eye openers that we are at the End of Days, and please note the Lord’s divine emphasis on His number of perfection “7” :

1.  Legendary Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, next to Jesus, arguably the greatest gifted Jewish Rabbi for making this documented prophecy : “When the Ottoman Turks conquer Jerusalem, they will rule for 8 Jubilees. (400 years).  They did so, 1517 to 1917.  In the 9th Jubilee, Jerusalem will come back to the Jewish nation”.  (1967).  This man lived from 1140 to 1217 AD = 77 YEARS.

2.  As said, the Ottoman Empire ruled Israel 1517-1917, note the two “7s”.

3.  In 1897, Theodore Herzl founded modern political Zionism and revived the Hebrew language after they were both in the “throws of death” for almost 2,000 years.  NOTE the year 189″7″.

4.  In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was the first official action to give Jews a homeland for the 1st time in, again, almost 2,000 years.  NOTE the year 191″7″.

5.  The U.N. General Assembly votes to create the nation of Israel in 194″7″.

6.  The Jewish nation reclaimed it’s eternal capital of Jerusalem after, yep, almost 2,000 years in 196″7″.

7.  You and I will be the last generation to witness the Lord’s Final Jubilee in 201″7″.

8.  This coming Jewish New Year begins Oct. 2, 2016.  It is the, are you ready, the year 5″777″ on the Jewish calendar.  WOW that’s BIG.

9.  From the unprecedented 4th Biblical Blood Moon, a Supermoon, Sept. 28, 2015, shown over Jerusalem for the first AND, I say LAST time in human history to NASA’s 3,000 AD data limit, and Jupiter, the King Planet, and Venus, the Mother Planet, conjugation (union) on Nov. 13, 2017 is exactly “777” days.  Count them.

10.  From the Jupiter Venus Conjugation of Oct. 25, 2015 to the miraculous birth of the male child, the Church, in Rev. 12:5 on the exact night of the Feast of Trumpets closure on Sept. 23, 2017 = “7”00 days.  Friends, I mention these absolutely unique Jupiter-Venus- Conjugations because 2,000 years ago in the little town of Bethlehem a child was born when those two merged and were appropriately called the Star of Bethlehem.

11.  On Oct. 1, 2016, the 70th year of the UN is completed.  Seven again.

12.  Here today we talk of immigration as a bad word.  Well, how about a good word for immigration : The 70th year anniversary of the first Jews immigrating back to Israel after nearly 2,000 years occurred in, yep again, 194″7″.  And of course, 201″7″ is 70 years.

Another intriguing prophetic number is the Lord’s #120.  Look :

1. Genesis 6:3 : “And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh, yet his days shall be 120 years”.  And Luke 17:26,27 : “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the Son of man, they ate, they drank….and the flood came and destroyed them all”.

2.  This world as mentioned earlier is believed to be approx. 6,000 years old as per great Bible Scholars thru the ages such as the great Josephus.  And just like that, 120 Jubilees times 50 years per Jubilee = 6,000 years.  BINGO for the Lord.

3.  Lastly, when Theodore Herzl literally unknowingly yet prophetically started the “fig tree” growing again for the Jewish people in Matthew 24: 32 and ends slam bam in Matthew 24:34 with the fig tree in full bloom and the Jesus says : “Verily,I say unto you, this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”. Friends, do you get it, just like when God spoke to Noah giving man 120 years, des jeax vous all over again, it happens again in 1897.  And now it’s Rapture and Great Trib., the Lord’s modern day “FLOOD”.  Friends, God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He doesn’t change.  Duh!!  Eccl. 3:15 : “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been”.  Are you ready to SOAR??  This is precisely why I truly believe the Lord’s Final Jubilee begins Oct. 2, 2016, this Feast of Trumpets and not last year.  May you forgive me for reporting the latter several times on this sight as I believed such exceptional holy Biblical Scholars like Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz, John Hagee, etc. like 99.9% of you did I’m sure this past 2 years and their books on Blood Moons and the Mystery of the Shemitah.  Friends, we all blew it.  But, I tell you, I’ve asked our dear Lord to forgive me and I feel He did, else I’d never have been able to obtain the wisdom to write this piece.  I pray you forgive me as well.  1 Peter 5:6 : “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God that He may exhault you in due time”.

4.  Also, Israel’s first three Kings reigned 40 years each for a total of “120” years.  That being Saul, David, and Solomon.

5.  Moses spent 3 sets of 40 days looking for and finding God for a total of “120: days.

6.  First and second Temples were each built with “120” columns holding them together.  Same as planned for third Temple.

And I gotta tell you, and you can dig up ALL my websights, I’ve never ever NEVER date set.  Although, as I am a statistician I always maintained there was a “high probability” that the Rapture may occur about the 4 Blood Moons or surely shortly thereafter.  But never more.  In closing, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE, you gotta see the miraculously rare statistical probability of these 2 words,  “Great Wonder” of Rev. 12 I just inserted in my CONCLUSION at the end that puts this entire report into perspective that this coming VIRGO CONSTELLATION is the REAL DEAL for THE EDGE OF TIME as we know it.  This calculation resonates loudly.  For goodness sake, there are absolutely no sun, moon, nor star/planet Heavenly Signs that are all combined together as this is.  It has never happened before, it will never happen again.  And it’s all in Rev. 12, a mere 5 pages from the end of my 1,005 page King James Bible. Surely then, the Lord purposely inserts the “woman” in Rev. 12 at the last possible moment before the Bible is completed.  That should wake us up from a common sense perspective.  Think about it.


1.  All mayhem in Bible Prophecy may blow to smithereens 1 month from today as the satanically decrepid UN will be in session.  And surely they all brought their knives for steak dinners and for carving up God’s land of Israel and gifting approx. 40% of it to those “Poor Palestinians”, including Jesus’ home of East Jerusalem.

2.  I tell you, all the poker chips in the entire world rest in the hands of one single man if this French Peace Initiative alias Saudi Initiative is to be consummated.  And that man is Barack Hussein Obama”nation”.  He and he alone holds the dagger as the UN and EU power brokers are all in with the Palestinians.  These two snakes have actively helped them in filing war-crime complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court.  And these bums are claiming to be fair and balanced when the UN gavel brings 192 nations to order the last week of September.  Kangaroo court.

3.  All the toxic gall : The Palestinians demand a meeting with Bibi on the 2-State-Solution that will be scheduled by France and the U.S.  Bibi refuses to go as he’s seen the ugly writing on the wall.  Will send some envoys.  If that be so, Palestinians have told Bibi this week that they will seek the UN’s recognition for a viable Palestinian State and to boycott all Israeli Settlements.  Sorry friends, I’m afraid that was a “YAWN” as we have heard this many times.  We earnestly WATCH what this Shemitah year will soon reveal which ends Oct. 2nd or 3rd, just 35 days away.  And you remember the Financial Armageddon Jonathan Cahn spoke of on the purported Shemitah being last year; well, may we WATCH it play out this Sept./Oct.

4.  Old ancient movie star Jimmy Durante once said : “Everybody wants to get into the act”.  Well, now the Chief Prince of Gog, Vladimir Putin asks Pres. El-Sisi of Egypt that he’d be happy to broker the Peace Treaty in Moscow with Bibi and Pres. Abbas.  For crying in a bucket!  Do any of you want to host it too??

5.  It’s starrrting : Hamas shoots 1 rocket into Sderot, nobody hurt, not even a porta-potty.  IDF retaliates, demolishes 50 targets with 100% success.

6.  Russia deceptively tests Israel’s air-space defense using an old Israeli drone.  Is caught by ID forces, Russia says it was an “accident”.  ACCIDENT, SMAXIDENT, Putin wants to know how hard it would be to penetrate Israel’s defenses, thinking of the spoil of oil Israel has in billions of dollars in the Mediterranean Sea where toothless USA, UK, Saudis (Sheba and Dedan) say in Ezek. 38:13 : “Art thou come to take a spoil.  Hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey?”

7.  You know, the Trifecta love triangle of Russia, Iran, and since July 15, Turkey alliance is in tact for 1st time in world history.  Only Libya, Ethiopia and Sudan remain but not for long as they love and admire Pres. Erdogan, the Turkey.  Won’t be long for the SIXTET to soon unify as these latter 3 need guns and money.  WOW, Russia and Iran have plenty.  That’s a no brainer, God is soooo awesome to show us this.

U.S.A. :


Oh mama, there goes that LIAR man again.  Let him go son, he’s gone, WAY GONE.

1.  Friends, when a man LIES that is bad.  When a man “LIES” about his LIES, now that’s very bad.  We shouldn’t even dare look at a mouth like that.  It’ll give you gray hair on what’s true or not true.  No wonder he himself said: “I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be”, regarding his gray hair when asked by a  reporter.  How fitting.

2.  Perfect example of a lie about a lie from this man : Last week he had his cronies say the $400 million cold cash midnight run to Iran which arrived just minutes prior to hostages release, they said : “It looks suspicious, but it was a sheer coincidence”.  This past week the lie was lied upon as Obama has the crony boys report “the $400 million was contingent on the U.S. prisoner release”.  Is that not a ransom or what. Notice good old boy Josh Earnest called them prisoner, not hostage.  Now how do you square that double Pinnochio issue??

3.  Of the $1.7 billion Obama says the U.S. owes Iran since 1979, we know of the $400 million LIE .  On the other $1.3 billion his Administration this time played “mumsy” with reporter and Congress’s questions on where it’s at.  No news media as of this writing knows how the remaining $1.3 billion got transferred or to whom it was transferred and several Congressional requests have been rebuffed.  No big deal, they know most Americans are either “ox-blind” or “who gives a toot or I don’t care, I’m on my I-phone”.  This is remarkably astounding anymore.  Watergate, Monica Lewinsky would both be in our daily lives today, yet both are so so small compared to this Obama-heist.  Oh well, the Band Plays On.

4.  And you know all about the Louisiana newspapers plastered with pleads for Obama to come see the floods as he polishes his golf game in “Maathaz” Vineyard with likes of ex NBA Alonza Mourning, and other celebs.

5.  Pat yourself man on the back, your 10,000th Syrian Muslim entered U.S. borders this week.  Obama’s pearly whites gloat, our security and wallets can’t float.

6.  Obama’s Sneaky Pete : Under the media radar-what else is new-our master of deception in our Not-So-White-House has added so many ultra-liberal Federal Appeals Court Justices by “appointment” that it has now not only tilted towards Demos, but is now 2 to 1 liberal across America.  That will change America forever irregardless who replaces the deceased Judge Scalia on the Supreme Court.  You know this media-black out of crap like this that is continually widely and highly hidden is, in my eyes anyway, the high point of his legacy as he has mastered that almost perfectly.

7.  I’m so exhilirated to tell you this : He has a mere 144 days left in office today – WOW, there’s that #44 again, the Hebrew word for double-division I keep reiterating for this 44th President who’s not fit to uphold the minimal qualifications for this highest office in the land.  So, let’s party and throw confetti. Say I hear Crooked Crocked Hillary has some colorful Bleach-bit confetti from lots of emails.  That’d surely be fun if we Christians could all get together, UNLESS, UNLESS, something stupid happens on Nov. elections or in January when the next UN Secretary General is announced and the winner is …….. Yikes!!


1.  Phony, phony State Dept. John Kirby defending Obama’s call that the $400 million was not ransom for Iran by saying the word “interest” SIX TIMES, that : “The interest was accruing on this debt so we had to pay it off as soon as we could”.  Surely,surely, this Admin. thinks we’re absolute buffoons.  Can not stress it enough how dumb they think the American people are.

2.   Latest bombshell against “Slick-Willy” Clinton is that he bomb, bomb, bomb, bombed Iraq to deflect his Monica Lewinski affair which was posted by none other than Hillary’s right hand, Huma Abidin in the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.  Oh well, they’re the Clintons.  (Drudge Report, 8-26).

3.  Wikileak’s Julian Assange tells Megan Kelly on Fox : “We will release most interesting and serious information yet on Hillary Clinton in September and October surprises”.

4.  And you know Crooked Hillary’s email defense for her Charity Foundation is absolutely insane.  Yes, yes she is sick, sick in the head.

5.  a)  George Soros this week said : “I am a god, a self-centered god, the creator of everything.  I control America.  I control Hillary”.  Well there’s a 51 card deck.  Also claims the former Soviet Empire is now the Soros Empire.  b)  Twitter must believe him as they suspend DC Leaks, a website that released damaging reports on how George is damaging America.  Wellll, he is the main sponsor of Black Lives Matter and much more similar stuff.

6.  San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kapernik. who is bi-racial, refuses to stand for the flag before an NFL pre-season game.  Says : “I’m not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people”.  Well sack his brass.  Joins other stars LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, not so mellow Carmello Anthony.  Friends, mark my word, this will catch fire this year for others to double ditto in NFL, NBA games.  The trend is your friend.


Today 44% of Americans own guns.  Take that Obama, you 44th Not-So-President.  44 again, double division friends,


World Bankers close annual Fed Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, very gloomy as low growth, low inflation, low employment, low interest rates have mired the world in muck.  Left with no viable solutions other than more free printing presses.  Friends, I tell you, when China, Japan and EU debunk the once almighty dollar in Sept., Oct., I tell you, it’s Katie bar the door.  The Fed will have to buy it’s own debt, like taking strychnine and knowing it.  The dollar will crash, the new world currency will say Hello, buy me.  And the world financial chaos of dominoes will begin in this 7th year of the 7 Shemitah cycles.  Sell stocks, buy gold, it’s over.  The 3 Fall Feasts of our Lord in October tells me so.  But who am I?  Oh well, that’s my take.


1.  Most superior prophecy in Asia, no doubt about, the breakneck speed of the Russian, Iran, Turkey conflagration trifecta of the Gog Alliance in Ezek. 38.  Specifically, 44 days ago to the day, there’s that prophetic #44 again, double division, on July 15th the military coup took place.  Although it failed, and only thru an act of God Almighty, Russia and Turkey, 2 bitter enemies just 24 hours prior, fell in love, JUST LIKE THAT.  It’s the Glory of God fulfilling prophecy before our very eyes.  More :


1. Pres. of Ukraine : “A full scale Russian invasion from all directions is coming to the Ukraine”.

2.  I can go 1 prophetic step further that Russia is coming from all 4 directions to converge upon Israel : General Russia from the North, Captain Iran from the East, Lieutenant Turkey from the West, and Sargent Butcher Assad of Syria from the South.


1.  Ex Pres. and now Dictator Erdogan, ie. Erdi : “We are determined to cooperate with Russia and Iran for establishing peace and security in the region”.  Friends, look no further than 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them”.  That, written with the Hand of God 2,000 years ago meant exactly for what’s happening about Israel today.  Oh so exceedingly spot on.

2.  Not seen since the Ottoman Empire of 499 years ago and to the DAY, Aug. 24th Turkey army who unabatedly in a bold move asking not even NATO’s permission whom they are a part of, invades Syria to hunt down ISIS as ISIS suicide bombers are absolutely devastating Turkey daily both economically and morally.

3.  Latest, 6 cops killed and over 200 civilians injured in Ankara over the weekend in bomb attacks.

4.  Friends, Dictator Erdi’s dream of the notorious and nefarious Caliphate Empire has started.  Do you see it??  Do you see it??


1.  Baby Pit-Bull, nation’s fast track Naval boats continue approaches of taunting against U.S. Naval ships on the Straits of Hormuz.  Four times now in 10 days.  And all the U.S. dares to do is fire warning shots, have a Not-So-White-House anymore spokeswoman say the same old silly song : “This is not acceptable”.  Orders from golf-geek Obama, to be sure in this Obama”nation” of ours.  Under Reagan, Eisenhower, Bushes, this would be an all out war provocation.  Yep, a POOH POOH POODLE is our man, he does not care a whimper for our security, never has, never will.

2.  Iran’s top Naval Admiral : “U.S. doesn’t have the capability to engage Iran in a war on land, air, or sea”.  Got that right.

3.   Iran unveils the Karrar, arguably the most advanced killer and sophisticated tank in the world say U.S. Military experts.


Assad the penta-butcher of the 5 year Syrian war and the “acid man” who’s turned his barbaric acts into 420,000 Syrian deaths and 9 million displaced is, in my book, the Hitler of our generation, exceeding Saddam Hussein, ISIS, you name it, no contest.  You and I have seen the 1/2 dead, 3/4 body bloodied Syrian boy poster child on TV last week.  Is this not hell on earth now in Syria?  These kids should be playing with their dinosaur toys or playing at a playground with slides and teeter-totters.  Not gonna happen.  So sad, I cry.


1.  What dung of depravity these utterly savage coyotes are to send a 12 year old boy suicide bomber thru his fathers help and slaughter 51 people at a wedding and injure 110,  Geez Louise, 12 year olds are playing Little League and watching P J Masks and the Mickey Mouse Club.

2.  Another 12 year old British ISIS child shoots a prisoner in the back of the head and shows absolutely no remorse.  WHEW, satan has duped his ever-growing child demonic warriors to diabolic perfection, Right!

3.  As if these 2 heanous child crimes aren’t enough to be exceeded, well, ISIS-I can’t think of nasty names for these jackals anymore, as no adjective is ugly enough-boils 6 spies by boiling them in tar.  And remember, they boiled several in hot oil in last report.  Friends, is this what hell is like??  The early ISIS heathen of Habakkuk 1:5,7 : “For lo, I raise up the Chaldeans (Iraq today), that bitter and nasty nation, which shall march thru the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.  They are terrible and dreadful “.  Again, spot on.  Prophecy in our face.

4.  The ISIS froth has now killed 9,600 since 2014 inception.  STOP THERE.  They say Allahu Ahkbar.  We say Jesus is Lord.  Absolute night and day.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


1.  What can I say, this man is a shockingly electric live wire down there at the Vatican :  Just Look :  On 3-13-13, very ominous numbers indeed, this new Pope was announced on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica in a torrential rain storm.

2.  a)  And remember, a lightening bolt from Heaven hitting St. Peter’s when Pope Benedict abruptly resigned.  b)  And on 8-24-16, just 4 days ago, devastating tragedy strikes central Italy where 298 died and counting from a 6.2 earthquake, only 75 miles upstream from the Vatican.  Friends, you count them, this is EXACTLY, 1,260 days to the DAY from his selection as Pope.  Yes, 1,260 days.

3.  Could this latest earthquake be a harbinger from our Lord of his linkage to Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for 1 week; and in the ‘MIDST’ of the week (1,260 days), he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease” and also linkage to Rev. 12:6 : “And the woman (Israel) fled into the wilderness where she hath a place prepared of God that they should feed her there 1,260 days”.  Oh Kowabunga.

4.  Friends, in all my reports to you, I’ve never ever NEVER said the Pope was that False Prophet, only that he sure has the lead baton to be him from his words and actions at times that are absolutely contrary to the Bible.

5.  In any event, we WATCH this “266th” Pope between now and the “266th” day of 2017, the night the Feast of Trumpets ends the Lord’s Final Jubilee ends.  WOW, great suspense here.

6.  And this 266th Pope is smack in line with the exact mid point, Jan. 5, 2015, of the recent Biblical Blood Moons.  Also, the most acceptable number of days from the medical profession is 266 days for a baby’s gestation period.

7.  Weekly Pope Francis statement our Lord vigorously rebukes : May, 2013 :  “The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ, all of us, not just Catholics, everyone!  Father, even the atheists, Everyone!”  No not so, never.


1.  What else is new, entire EU is mired in MUCK as the Muslim refugee splurge is nothing less than a remarkable EU Apocalypse occurring before our very eyes.

2.  Germany’s largest newspaper in Frankfort tells its 85 million citizens to “stockpile food and water in case of a large scale catastrophe”.  That’s blunt, that’s it.

3.  Not 24 hours later, the Czech President tells all 11 million Czech citizens to “Prepare for the worst”.  Sooo, like what in the world do they fear is coming?  Is it ISIS, is it war, is it a meteorite, is it global financial chaos in September, is it EU martial law, or is it that Son of Perdition, the Anti-Christ???  We WATCH this with emphasis!

4.   Professor at the Univ. of Paris : “With Christianity dead, there’s no more political or religions will to address the increased Muslim refugee attacks by Islam.  France has been brought to its knees now”.  My take : This is God’s judgement Part 1 on France because of the French Peace Initiative where they’ve put a noose around Israel’s neck to carve up the land of the Jewish nation and freely gift it to the “Poor” Palestinians.  Yeah, Right!  Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.

5.    Angela Merkel continues to bestow these Muslims into the EU stating : “We can do it”.  Well, the Austrian Defense Minister calls for an immediate summit of all EU leaders “to implement a mass deportation of them”. Ala, the Donald and 11 million illegals in U.S.A.

6.  As if one’s not enough, Czech President and Hungary Pres. Orban, who calls these Muslims “poison” are building a 2nd, more massive border wall inside the outer one to protect their nations from the perpetual onslaught.  The Donald would be proud to see this happen with Mexico.

7.  Pres. Orban also calls on Angela, who’s nation of Germany is currently creating a powerful army within Germany, to utilize them into helping build an EU-wide military force to secure ALL EU borders quickly.  Says : “We must give priority to security, so let’s start setting up a joint EU Army”.

8.  Hmmm, like how perfect and awesome is our Great God to show us these prophetic puzzle pieces for those who look for them.  Surely, this will be the Anti-Christ’s army in Revelation.  How can it not be?  Germany’s had no national army of military power, no nukes, no missiles, and 1.1 million Muslims in 2015, 300,000 expected in 2016.  VOILA somethings got to give on all theses burdens on Germany.  WE WATCH GERMANY.



1. Weekly report; you’ve all heard of the 6.2 devastating earthquake in Central Italy where 298 have perished and counting.

2.  Also a 7.3 South of the UK, 6.8 in Myanmar (Burma), 6.0 North of Japan, 5.7 in Australia.

3.  HEAVENLY SIGNS :  There were 3 planetary sets of conjugations this week, ie. where 2 planets merge and look like 1 big light :  a)  Aug. 22nd, Jupiter and Mercury,  b)  Aug. 24th Saturn and Mars,  c)  Aug. 27th, Saturn and Jupiter.


And could this also be a judgement from our Creator for the once in a 1,000 years flood in Louisiana which has cost over $30 billion with a “B”, left 120,000 homeless, killed 13 and, oh yes, began exactly on Aug. 13th, the 9th of Av, the worst calendar date in Jewish history.  Could it be the tables have turned on Judgements from passing Israel as nothing BIG happened there on 9th of Av, and God like the 10th plague upon Egypt and Pharoah where now our Lord is shooting judgements over America instead because we’ve trashed our Creator.  I sure think so.


1.  Now 42 cases of Zika virus found around Miami and a whopping 13,000 in Puerto Rico.

2.  Center for Disease Control fears 1 of 4 Puerto Ricans will have the Zika virus by year end.  That is remarkable, as it can only head West.

3.  Worse, Zika now has direct links to Alzeihmers Disease scientists just reveal.

4.  A discerning 60% of college students in 2015 have psychiatric disorders.

5.  Worse, 10 years ago 21% of prisoners in jail had mental disorders, today it’s 80%.  Friends, this tells it all : Eph. 6:12 : “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness”.


1.  That good-looking false prophet Joel Osteen has a new arrogant book out called The Power of I AM. Well, the book makes the reader believe that life is all about them.  God is vacant.  Joel, God is I AM, you are not I AM.  Nice try.

2.  Oh you Salvation Army Christmas Bells have gone whacky too.  The Salvation Army now not only endorses gays and transgenders, etc. but is hiring them also.  I’m done, no more from me at Wal Mart this Christmas, seriously I tell you.

3.   Yes we are going to hell in a slippery olive oil hand-basket.  As in quick that is.  I didn’t read the details here, too afraid.  On, the title : “Aborted Babies Cut Open While Still Alive”.  Hope you don’t read it either, but I only report this to make you more aware that we are truly living in the Days of Noah.  And then KABOOM, the “Floods” of the Great Trib over 5,000 years later is now upon us.  Got this off Rapture Ready .com.


1.  If you thought the Roman Empire was a global power with mighty powers, friends, I tell you, because of the global TECHNOLOGY of today, Rome was a kid in the park.

2.  Just Look :  a)  Remember the demonic Tower of Babel and their great weapon of ONE LANGUAGE.  Wellll, 3 months ago, a start-up company, Waverly Labs began taking “pre-orders” for a device called the Pilot.  It’s the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages.  Yes, you, an American can now call a Mongol in Mongolia to see what the skiing report is, speak it in English thru the device which transfers the statement into Mongolian.  He hears it in Mongol tongue, speaks back to the device in his native Mongol that there’s lots of powder today and you acknowledge the answer perfectly in English.  Hit the slopes, I guess.  b)  Nationalism and Isolationalism is in the throws of death, as we are now all  borderless citizens of the world mode.  c)  Up until this generation, America, which has been the strongest nation in the world, couldn’t even fight its way out of a wet stinky diaper bag in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria.  d)  The latest technology in “robot cheetas” and “robot soldiers” will help make the Anti-Christ’s global empire CAKE.  Add to this spying will be technologically easier, just look at all the “HACKEES” just this month.  Geez Louise.  e)  And satan’s “sweet dust” is here, invisible particles capable of seeing and listening to EVERYTHING on earth from everyone on earth.  Like WOW, what awesome toys for the coming Anti-Christ.

But friends, He’s coming soon.  Praise the Lord our sights are on SOARING with another Christ, our Wonderful and Beautiful Jesus Christ.  Let’s Go soon.  Friends, we are on the Edge of Time as our Lord’s Final Jubilee is about to begin Oct. 2nd.


Well, there it is.  Do you see how close we are to meet our Lord in the air.  TOO close and it’s all for comfort.  I believe the Lord’s Final Jubilee will commence on Oct. 2nd or 3rd of this year on Feast of Trumpets and end on same Feast next year on Sept. 21 or 22.  The prophetic and corresponding statistical data supplied here is so overwhelming.  I believe the woman in Rev. 12:1 is Israel.  I believe the man-child in Rev. 12:5 is emphatically the Church.  And remember Rev. is all about the Great Tribulation.  Scottie Clarke’s site is much more explicit on this context.

I now also believe there is a significant correlation of events that the probability of the Glorious Rapture has more credence in the late September to mid October period than any other 3 week period in 2017, 2018, 2019, or any year  you so desire to throw into this pool.  REMEMBER I SAID “PROBABILITY”.

Note, the 2 consecutive words GREAT WONDER or GREAT SIGN in Rev. 12:1 is not spoken ANYWHERE else in the Bible.  Sooo, a GREAT SIGN that has never been nor will EVER be seen again in this 6,000 year history of this world is powerful good enough for me.  And by the way, the odds of these 2 consecutive words in the Bible is 1 in 707 billion.

And throw in that Rev. 12 was written by John approx. 60 years AFTER JESUS DIED, you just gotta believe Scottie Clarke’s analysis that the man child IS the Church, and not Jesus, to stay in “context” of this Heavenly event which is a mere 6 pages from the end of my 1,005 page King James Bible.

Sooo, considering the above I close by saying if it wasn’t Jesus, then who is “caught up” unto God and to His Throne in Rev. 12:5.  In a most unprecedented sign in the Heavens, explained by John, after 99.5% of the Bible is categorically and chronologically completed.  Throw in my statistically prophetic numbers for the two words GREAT WONDER,  I truly believe our Lord is speaking loudly to us from His divine mega phone.

And what do you say?  Nothing, nothing, nothing, but Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus we are ready to bow down to you and kiss your feet and call you our Lord.

God willing, see you next week on this wild wild most wild 2 months of Sept. and Oct.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas