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Welcome Everybody.  Just like the title says, there’s soo soo many prophetic ‘poppy seeds’ springing up in the field so to speak around the world that are forcefully being converged all at once into the appropriate prophetic channels our Almighty God has ordained that it’s breathtaking.  Combine this with the “re-discovery” of the Virgo Constellation linkage with Rev. 12 that has been so beautifully catapulted into shear overdrive  by Scottie Clarke’s You Tube videos on autopsy and you may surely conclude that this Jubilee is transcending us towards the End of Days.

Just look at this potential for prophetic surprises so chockedful in September.  And then there’s possible October surprises during the Lord’s Holy Feast Days which highlights the beginning of our Creator’s Final Jubilee Oct. 2nd or 3rd.  Just Look :

1.  Sept. 11, 9/11 says it all.

2.  Also on Sept. 11 Muslims celebrate their holiest sacrificial festival.

3.  Sept. 16, a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse.

4.  Sept. 19, Tower of Babel replica installed in New York Central Park.

5.  Sept. 21, Bibi arrives in New York.

6.  Sept. 19-Sept. 25, UN General Assembly convenes-will Israel be carved up on Obama’s last stand?

7.  Sept. 26, first Presidential debate.

8.  Sept. 30, U.S. Fiscal year ends and could the almighty dollar cave from International pressure.  Let’s leave mighty October alone for now.

So let’s get to it and all aboard, LET’S GO :


I’m presently working on getting the Virgo Constellation Category set up from both a statistical and prophetic perspective linkup which will be my contribution to this phenomenal divine correlation it has with Rev. 12 for Bible Scholars smarter than me to write about and you to read, verify and judge.  I tell you, I’m absolutely infatuated with this NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, Heavenly Sign that I cannot sleep soundly anymore even with Advil PM.  It is sooo intriguing and so perfectly timed for the state of affairs of this world today that it’s beyond mind boggling.  A beautiful mozaic so divinely fitted for this generation composed by the greatest Director/Producer of the Universe, God Himself.

Without getting into the weeds, I cannot tell you for the life of me how relevant the 2 words “GREAT WONDER” in Rev. 12:1 pounds me every single day this summer.  You’ll never see these 2 consecutive words in a favorably Heavenly tone from Our Dear Lord in the entirety of His word, O.T. and N.T.  So amazing and so pulsating is that, further, there are NO MORE HEAVENLY SIGNS of the sun, the moon, and the stars all at once in one configuration from Genesis through Revelation.  Friends, NO NOT ONE.

Do you get it?  We are there.  This train is leaving the station Sept. 23, 2017. the Feast of Trumpets.  It may be the Rapture, then KABOOM, the Great Tribulation or it may not.  Only God knows.  But I tell you, there’s NO more Heavenly Signs that our Creator spent thousands, millions, who knows how many years to bring about the work he accomplished on the 3rd Day of Creation.  Genesis 1:14,16 : “And God said let there be lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also.

Friends, let’s play detective : a)  Rev. 12, on the “Great Wonder” and the “Manchild” caught up unto God : Can’t be Jesus, He ascended.  Israel, the woman can’t be Mary, never once was Mary’s pregnancy term related to Rev. 12.  b)  Rev. 13, only about the Anti-Christ and False Prophet during the Great Trib. No “great wonder” from God.  c)  Rev. 14, only about the 144,000 soul winners during the Great Trib.  Again no “great wonder”.  d)  Rev. 15, Angels prepare for 7 last plagues and God’s wrath detailed out, in the Great Trib. no “great wonder” again.  e)  Rev. 16 : All about the 7 last plagues happening.  Again double ditto .  f)  Rev. 17 : All about the Great Whore of Babylon in the Great Trib. double ditto on “great wonder”.  g)  Rev. 18 : The doom of Babylon in the Great Trib. again nothing.  h) Rev. 19 :  Great Tribulation; it’s over for  the world as we know it, plays out in Armageddon, dare I ever say it again : no “great wonder”.  OOOFDAH, I’m exhausted but I firmly believe you DO get it that we are on the EDGE of Time.  WHEW!!


So so much explosive prophetic news on Israel this week :

1.  On the war footing : After 6 long sweltering, yet demonic years, Iran has finally deployed the S-300 long range missiles at their Fordow nuke plant, of course they’re aimed at Israel.  This dreadful missile anti-aircraft system is feared most by Israel military for its ability to knock out Israeli missile carrying fighter jets.  And who sent Iran this satanically marvelous missile system.  Why, Russia of course.  Or should I say Gog for us prophetically minded.

2.  Another scary war front building : New ISIS video shows ISIS linked coalitions advancing on the Yarmouk Valley on Israel’s Golan Heights boundary with Syria, merely kilometers away.  Whoa!!  And another scary war front :

3.  Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters are now massing on the Syria/Israel border on the Golan Heights to launch a seemingly large scale operation against U.S. led Syrian opposition rebels.  Friends, ONE stray deadly bullet into Israel could just be the catalyst for Isaiah : 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

4.  a)  Israeli Domestic Security Leader : “This Syrian conflict is entering a highly unpredictable phase”.  b)  Israel’s  Foreign Affairs Leader, Av Dichter : “There’s a debate whether we are at the beginning of the end or just the End of the Beginning as tectonic (military) shifts have produced a 9.0 earthquake around our border”.  No sweat Israel,  God is with you : You’re probably bored with my Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.  So I read the Bible and I find Exodus 15:6,7 : “Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power; thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy…..Thou sendest forth thy wrath, which consumed them as stubble”.  Yeah, Israel can’t lose, Right!!  We pray for the peace of Jerusalem in Psalms 122:5 : “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.

5.  On Settlements, our gutsy Israel, against all odds on the planet of 192 nations of the UN abhoring this: Israel approves 464 more new Settlement homes in West Bank.  This should heap on more frost on Palestinian Pres. Abbas and his gringo’s whose sole ultimate desire is to bury Israel.

6.  Speaking of the UN, they are so infuriated on the latest perpetual Settlement building that they’re scheduled to meet Oct. 14th in a special session to address this building in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  Good luck, who’s bringing the donuts?

7.   Again on the UN, please you might want to jot this down on your calendar; Bibi is arriving in America “Sept. 21″ to speak  to the Annual UN General Assembly soon after then privately with Ban-Ki-Moo-Moo, a great adversary of Bibi to be sure, then the EU, and finally, GULP, our deludedly reprobate Obama himself, Oh, nuts!

8.  Bibi conveys a message to our deceptive President via U.S. Democrats (Dennis Ross, etc.) and Republicans ( James Jeffrey, etc.).  a stifling warning not to do anything stupid on splitting up Israel during his lame duck period between Nov. and January after the election such as voting for the French/Saudi Peace Initiative. This warning jibes with the assessments made by former U.S. Dept. Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller ( on Fox News a lot) who says : “Netanyahu doesn’t trust the U.S. Administration.  After the elections they will consider trying to work out a set of parameters on final status issues, with the UN Sec. Council for the International Community’s preferred outcome for a 2-State-Solution, including borders, Jerusalem, refugees.  And that I think is Netanyahu’s fear”.  Friends, we gotta watch EVERY nugget, EVERY breadcrumb on this issue.  It means the tilt, I tell you to the Rapture, Great Trib, Anti-Christ, and Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  Oh, what exciting times to be alive with this so close to busting loose,  Gotta WATCH, please WATCH this develop.  It’s gonna happen, it’s Obama’s time to shine, legacy-wise.

9.  This must be a side-deal on the Peace Process : Putin invites Bibi to Moscow along with Pres. Abbas.  Bibi is pondering the idea, Abbas has agreed this morning, Sept. 6, to go.

10.  That cheap street Obama did it again, on a weekend, with Congress on vacation, with YOU and ME celebrating long Labor Day weekend and last week of summer vacation : As you know, Obama is offering Israel military a budget of $3.1 billion, Congress demands $3.9 billion.  Welll, 2 Muslim kids on the block, both who’ve been good boys to Obama by accepting GITMO terrorists a plenty, Kuwait and Qatar, Israel haters for sure, just got $7 billion in fighter jets.  How do you dig that?

11. Breaking Israel News has 2 absolutely prophetic End of Days reports : a)  For the first time in 2,000 years I say that so much anymore, BUT, it is what it is: the Sanhedrin chooses a “High Priest” to lead the 3rd Temple worships.  Depending on the political conditions of a possible September or October Feast of the Lord “surprises”, the new High Priest, Rabbi Baruch Kahane says : “If political conditions change, TEMPLE SERVICE could begin in one week”.  Absolutely WOW!!  b)  Better yet : There I go again for first time ever, Archeological evidence from the Archeologists from the Temple Mount Sifting Project have discovered the 2,000 year old “floor tiles” from the 2nd Temple which stood on the Temple Mount.  Friends, this is 100% proof positive that these floor tiles are undeniable.  This now totally refutes all the Camp David hog wash with Yassir Arafat’s insistence that the 2nd Temple existed somewhere near city of Nablus, AND NOT THE TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem.  Further, this absolutely defies the UN’s claim this past year that the Temple Mount is an exclusively Muslim site.  There’s a lot of egg on the UN’s face.  Friends, this revelation has dropped the jaws off of Muslims and the EU.  Head archeologist, Dr. Barkay, answers EU reporters :  “You are asking me if I have proof that water is wet.  I don’t need to prove anything, I’ve found facts”.  FYI, These prophetic tiles have now been fitted together perfectly, just as they were described by Josephus, the patriarch Jewish-Romano historian 2,000 years ago.  What a prophetic way to close on Israel.  Friends, can you feel it, WE ARE SO SO CLOSE.  Sooo many prophetic revelations anymore, all astounded and He’s waited 2,000 years to show us this.  No wonder the final unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons of 2014-15 have put all this in perspective.  Please see my charts on Lord’s Perfect Epic Sign Closure.

U.S.A. :

Obama :  He lies, he gaggles, he cackles, he deceives, he’s playing the violin when emergencies happen, he endorses gays, abortions, he screws up when he goes overseas, and on and on.  Lately :

1.  Now words leak out he lied on the Iran Deal From Hell where he secretly agreed to waive several Iran nuclear restrictions paving the way for the removal of sanctions on Iran.  Back door deals on enabling Iran to use “heavy water” and uranium at an earlier date for making nukes being the worst.  Oh that bucket mouth of deception.

2.  How feckless and slippery is this on National Preparedness Month for Sept. : “Although my Administration continues doing everything we can to keep Americans safe, it is each citizens responsibility to be as prepared as possible”.

3.  Just look at this unbelievable court “overuling” by the recently Obama appointed liberal appeals court Justices from a prior ruling where 11 U.S. families were awarded $655 million to survivors of family members who were killed by Palestinians in Israel.  In short, they “dismissed” all eleven claims 100%.  Those gauchos.  And closed all cases.  This is insanity, pure biased lawlessness.

4.  Obama defends quarterback Colin Kaperneck on not standing for the National Anthem : “he’s following his Constitutional right to make a statement”.  Only when it’s in his favor does our narcasistic Pres. follow the Constitution.  Can you see it?

5.  What a man-marvel, Obama kept his “1 in a 1000 promises” as under him, when he said he’d take down the coal industry for clean air.  Well, today 83,000 coal miners out of work and 400 coal businesses have permanently shut down.

6.  a)  This week several groups of illegal aliens tell border patrol at the Texas border : “Obama said it was OK to come”.  Foe crying in a green river.  b)  Did you also know 80% of illegal aliens caught at the border are now set free under our Not So White House.

7.  And ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, taking orders from who else, has all the sordid gall to “brag” about arresting 64 illegals with criminal records out of a total of 172,000 in 2015.  Dad Gum those Not So White House goons following their new protocol that if an alien criminal is raping someone on the left, then look right.

8.  Obama receives a cool slap in the face when he lands in China for G-20 meeting.  Opens the airplane door on landing, there are no descending stairs to the red carpet.  Not a happy camper was he?

9.  This is very scary, I’ll not be sarcastic here : WHO, World Health Organization, an arm of the UN, updates the types of executions to be warranted for the next following year by asking world leaders Yes or No on each type of execution to use, including the “Guillotine”.  I cut to the chase, Obama, are you ready, approved the use of the guillotine for 2017.  On this I think of Revelation where chopping off of Christians’ and Jews’ heads is the weapon of choice.  Shivers, PTL we are outta here.

10.  Friends, I do believe that Obama is rotten to the core.  He has poison dripping on us everywhere.  I thank our Lord he has 135 days in office.  Unless, unless, this November 8, he ….  GULP.

11.  I revisited one of his statements early this year : “I know I only hold this job temporarily.  But it’s a long time between now and Nov. 2016.  Is it P-P-P-P-P-ossible, a U.S. Dictator.  We WATCH how he goes helter-skelter between now and Jan. 19, 2017. in his Lame Duck trek on the portentous developments he’s scheming on.  Hello, Israel and the 2-State-Solution.


1.  John Kerry, Marshmallow man, speaks true to form on Nat’l Marshmallow Day, Aug. 30 : On demeaning the media’s perpetual reporting on terror:  “You media people should stop reporting on terrorism so people don’t know what’s going on”.  I say, he should be Marshmallow King for a Day.

2.  Julian Assangge, Wikileaks : “U.S. is creating a demon by defending Hillary that is going to put a noose around all Americans necks after she wins the election”.  Got that right Jul.

3.  Franklin Graham : “Obama has promoted ungodly sexual behavior for 8 straight years as well as all-out war on religious liberty”.  May God bless this truthful man of God.

4.  Phillipine  President whatever says: Obama is the “son of a whore” and said he’d call him a “son of a b- – – – – face to face if he’s debased by Obama.  Sorry friends, I demean Obama because of several scriptures but not like the “Philly” above : For instance, 1 of many is Psalms 10:15 : “Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man; seek out his wickedness”.  Friends, he’s hurt America and you and me so bad.

5.  Joe Biden on defending Crooked Hillary : “I think the Clinton Foundation has found itself in a position where things are changing”.  Would you possibly, remotely expect anything else.

6.  Washington Post : “U.S. Intelligence agencies are probing what they believe is a covert Russian operations plot to disrupt and or overthrow Nov. elections.

INTERNET :  Here She Comes ;

1.  Mark your calendars; on Sept. 30th, at midnight, the “Global Internet” begins.  U.S. will give up it’s Internet ownership.  This as our Liar Liar Pants On Fire President promised Americans and Congress that the UN would never take control of it.  Obama spearheaded this move into overdrive 2 days ago in China G-20 meeting.  You know, I, at this moment, don’t believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, but wollapalooza, is he ever paving the way for him.  Doesn’t matter what I think, we’re not to know until after 2 Thes. 2:7 when the Holy Spirit will be taken out of the way.  We who love the Lord can watch it all unfold from our balconies up in Heaven, Right?

9/11 :

Talk of a remarkable prophecy showing the timing of the Glory of our God :  American Muslims will be joyously celebrating their holiest sacrificial festival on, yep, “9/11″.  As the rest of the country mourns, this is the first time this Muslim thing falls on 9/11 since, you guessed it, the REAL DEAL 9/11/2001.  How prophetic.  This festival basically replaces Ishmael “into” Izaac’s place at the sacrificial alter God had Abraham set up.  So so much to WATCH.  Speaking of WATCH : DeSouza’s Hillary’s America the begins.


1.  There is a planetary Gordion Knot the entire world is having difficulty in coming to terms with because of it’s bolt of lightening-quick grip that has transpired in the last 3 months of epic, prophetic proportions to say the least.  That being the streaming consolidation of the Trifecta of Russia, Iran, and Turkey.  It is Ezekial 38, blaring right at us.  Do we see this inextricable prophecy??  If not, no offense, you just don’t get Bible prophecy for these End of Days.  It’s here I tell you.  Why : Assad the Butcher of Syria was losing his grip, Iran comes, then Russia comes this past year.  Now Assad “owns” Syria as the Russian/Iran backed diabolic duo power houses are doing what our Lord has enabled this wicked machine to do-WIN UGLY.  Likewise, now Turkey, with Russian/Iran help is trouncing ISIS, that is good, and the American backed Kurds, that is bad.  I tell you, these 3 monsters, and leaders of 320,000,000 people, WILL soon ascend upon God’s 6,000,000 Chosen Ones of Israel just as quickly.  Have no fear, as God has Israel’s ear : Ezek. 39:2 : “And I will turn thee back (Russia, etc.) and leave but the sixth part of thee”.

2.  Now, all the above is real, because God says so.  But this is twilight zone stuff : The Grand Ayatollah of Iran says their Santa Claus, “Satan Claws”, ie. the Mahdi is coming back to earth in a spaceship”.  I’ll say no more.

3.  Fleeing ISIS fighter raze an Iraqi town to the ground by flooding the streets with oil and setting them on fire.  Friends, Google the video.  These 2-legged buzzards, animals, whatever, are surely showing us like-kind scenes of the unquenchable fires of H-E-L-L.  Mark 9:43 : “…Hell, the fire that never shall be quenched”.  PTL, we who repent our sins, love, confess, believe our Lord will never know satan’s campfires.

4.  Finally, and scarily : Global Security experts fear Vladimir Putin is gearing up for a nuclear war with the West.  He’s already put in place several thousands of secret nuclear bunkers and shelters around Moscow.  Friends, who in this world of 7.4 billion is most in line to be the Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38:2.  Why, yes, Vladimir Putin of course.  It’s taken him 42 years to get to where he’s at.  To be sure, certainly no more time for Russia to muster up someone else.  After all, he’s the most powerful and arguably richest man on earth.  Google it.  I dare not ever make this stuff up as soon I shall see our Lord face to face.  We WATCH Gog stride towards Israel.


1.  I keep asking myself is this Pope  like a typical Pontiff of yesteryear or, is he maybe, just maybe the wonder-wizard to be at the forefront of merging all the world’s religions into one to bow to that man of perdition, the Anti-Christ.  Welll, the Pope chats with Mark Zuckerburg, at the Vatican, CEO of Facebook, on how  : “To encourage a culture of encounter and make A MESSAGE OF HOPE ARRIVE”.  Stop right there ; how dare he search for a “A” MESSAGE OF HOPE ARRIVE.  Jesus is not ‘A MESSAGE’, He’s “THE” MESSAGE.  Do you get it?  Pope is material seeking to bring world hope and that totally DEFIES our Jesus, Right.

2.  Talk of forming a 1-World-Religion : Just in 2016, Pope invited Russia’s #1 religious leader Patriarch Kirill, Arch Bishop of Bartholomew of Constantinople and Sheik Tayeb, Grand Imam of Cairo and head of Sunni Islam.  That in itself comprises 740 million people.  Add his 1.3 billion faithful, and his Buddhist and Hindu and so many other world denominations visitors to the Vatican in 2015, he’s had approx. 6.9 of the worlds 7.4 billion people represented to “get together”.

3.  And talk about his love, Climate Change : “We must now acknowledge our sin against creation and on our contribution to the disfigurement and destruction of creation.  Let us repent to the harm we are doing to our common home.  We must avoid using plastic and paper, reduce water consumption….”.  Does he know Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and HEAT, summer and winter, day and night shall NOT cease”.

4.  Pope also applauds the UN approved by all 192 world’s nations for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which include global temperature rises and a world of only 500 million people in subliminal texts.  Yet global scientists reporting in consenses that 2017 will be cooler than 2016.

5.  Rapture says Pope will PROCLAIM LUCIFER as GOD of the 1-World-Religion between Sept. 4 and 23, 2016 in Jerusalem.  If this is so, GULPP, what an astounding remarkable sign for these End of Days.  Friends, is there another premiere or better front-runner to acclaim the prize for False Prophet?  I know of no other, not yet at least.


1.  There’s that broken prophetic record again on the EU : Drumbeats to rid the EU from Muslim refugees now appears unstoppable in Eastern Europe as every nation from the Baltics to Hungary, Poland, Czechs, Romania, etc. lambasting EU legislative leaders and simply pointing out Angela Merkel to “reverse the tide or else” they say.  Is anybody listening?  No in Berlin, and there is mass confusion what to do in Brussel’s Gov’t. enclaves as well.

2.  French farmers and truckers block Frances’s major roads to turn back migrants in French camps.  Fear “all hell will break loose when cold weather hits” they say.

3.  I’ve been warning you that largest bank in EU, Duetche Bank is on the precipice of caving.  Get this : After 900 out of 900 successful deliveries of PHYSICAL GOLD to their clients request over the years, this behemoth FAILED to deliver a request for PHYSICAL GOLD for the first time EVER.  Trend is your friend I always say and it just cracked.  Friends, this most unique event could be the harbinger that broke the “golden” camel’s back to foreshadow or start a worldwide contagion of financial dominoes.  Ala Capital-One TV commercials on sports events, I say : Got GOLD in your wallet.  And this being a Shemitah year and this happening in His Season of Return possibly in the coming prophetic months of the Lord’s Fall Feasts of September and October and Final Jubilee,  oh boy.  Watch for September surprise by Sept. 30th, or surely in October, U.S. dollar is a prime target for destruction.  You heard it HERE.

4.  Can’t you just see it, the EU Muslim migrant wedge that has split the EU with nobody having an answer will soon have a man that will beautifully sow the EU together again, ie. the Anti-Christ.  The nations will realign then just have what they are looking for right NOW, that being ONE-MIND SET.  Rev. 17:13 : “These (nations) will have one mind and shall give their power to unto the beast”.  Hey, let’s WATCH Europe.



1.  This week’s 5.5 magnitude or greater earthquakes: 7.4 Ascension Islands in Pacific, 6.8 in Papua by New Guinea, a 7.1 and a 6.0 in New Zealand, a 5.9 in Phillipines, a 5.6 in Northern California and a 6.2 in far Eastern Russia.

2.  Also a 5.6 in Pawnee, Oklahoma, the greatest one since records have been kept right along in scope with the record 902 in the state in 2015.  And by the by, Oklahoma had 2, TWO, in 1979.  Luke 21:25 : “And there shall be signs upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity”.  Wow, our Lord mentioned that word “PERPLEXITY” 2,000 years ago.  Sure has a loud ring to it then and today as well.


1.  Up, up, up, this week 49 people have the Zika virus in Florida, not carry it, exposed to it, but ‘HAVE’ it.

2.  World Health Organization study, shows over 2 billion people on earth at risk of catching Zika, as now even regular mosquitoes carry it, just revealed this week.  Could this just maybe, just remotely, just possibly be related to the pale horse of death of Rev. 24:8.  This as our Lord’s Final Jubilee Year approaches Oct. 2nd, just 25 days yonder.

3.  Cancer is killing America’s kids : Cancer rate is up 40% since year 2000.  WOW !!


1.  Is this Petula Clark’s song 60 years later : “It’s The Sign Of The Times”  The first ever open Lesbian in the Miss America Pageant.  She’s from Missouri, the Show Me state.  No more comment on Missouri, I like the Tigers and Kansas City Chiefs a plenty.  Aside from that, Here she-he is!!

2.  London “late-night” club opens a swanky night club to overflowing crowds.  But being 21 years old don’t pack sand.  You gotta be a witch and prove it.  Oh come quickly Lord Jesus, we’re waiting for you.

3.  How absurd : Talk of the gay penetration into London : City now has gay traffic lights.  They’re baffling pedestrians.  Yeeshh!!

4.  Chicagoland claims it’s 500th killing this year, an all time record.

5.  Man and girlfriend go to McDonalds in California.  Another man leaving doesn’t hold entry door for 1st man’s girl and he gets shot to death by the 1st man.

6.  Two neighbors feud in Tennessee, one gets his bulldozer, levels and destroys neighbor’s home.

7.  Man breaks into neighbor’s home at Maatha’z Vineyard, paints neighbor’s dog purple.

8.  Best for last which is actually worst for last : remember the smaller replica of the Tower of Babel that was to go up in Central Park back in May or June, whatever.  It got rebuked and shot down from the get-go by mostly Christians.  Well, guess what, with back-to-school, football is so big time from high school to NFL, our election garnering much of America’s sleepy, droopy-eyed and deaf-eared public, they now call it a more subtle The Arch of Triumph in their promos.  To be installed Sept. 19th.  SICK,SICK,SICK.  Friends, he’s baaack, alive and well, the satan air of Eph. 6:12.


Well, what can I say, there it is.  If anyone tells you in a “scoffing like”way, things will get better, you just gotta be blunt and tell them to don’t get footloose and fancy free these Final Days as it just may mean eternity in Hell.

This is now the time to seek the Glory of God and we just gotta grab that solid rock of His, our Beautiful Savior who did it all and then some for you and me, that being Jesus Christ.  Friends, we are in the Season of His Return, all the foreboding events above tell us so.  Please tell your loved ones time is too short and this Christmas is just too far away to have them seek Jesus and repent and love, and confess, and have full faith and belief in Him.  It’s not just the right thing to do, It’s the ONLY thing to do.

God willing, see you next week.  May God Bless You Always.  Paul

Rev. 16:15 : “Behold, I come as a thief.  Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame”.