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Welcome Everybody.  What can I say for this week?  To the Glory of God, our God whom we’ve betrayed, for shutting down this helter-skelter planet as we know it today.  The U.S./Russia relationship is now a full-fledged DIVORCE, back to John F. Kennedy and Russia’s Nikita Kruschev on the brink of WWIII.  From the imminent dreadful Hurricane Matthew, and how prophetically named.  From the IMMINENT Obama/UN culmination in carving up Israel projection.  From the latest VIRGO, Rev. 12, proof that WE ARE THERE.  Hope you add up this VIRGO reporting weekly, it will remarkably astound you as it builds.  And most assuredly, you will be a believer in Rev. 12.  It is the Real Deal.  Now, what am I waiting for with so much converging from our Creator, and all at the same time.  No wonder He sent the unprecedented 8th and Final Final set of His Biblical Blood Moons last year and 2014.  For omens, for warnings, for NOW.  SOOOO LET’S GO :

VIRGO, REV. 12 :

First and foremost the information below is well documented, reliable and accurate planetary and star alignment historical, bona-fide scientific data.  This is all about Bible Prophecy.  This is NOT astrology or numerology, they are both crap.

With that said, so so so much to report on Rev. 12, but for this week, I want to enable you to visualize how prophetic this Woman in the Heavens truly is that will birth the manchild of Rev. 12:5 and that this child is CAUGHT UP unto God.  Friends, this date as I’ll continue to report on weekly is Sept. 23, 2017, the very exact day the Feast of Trumpets ends, Rosh Hashana, and the marking of the end of the Lord’s 120th Jubilee year, that is 5″777″ on God’s calendar where the three 7s when added up = 21 and where in the Hebrew language means “Great Wickedness”.  Google it.  Prophetic, Prophetic, Prophetic.

Just look at these Golden Planetary Alignment Nuggets you can personally Google that approach Sept. 23, 2017.  Please NOTE the 12 stars around her head in Rev. 12:1 are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the 9 stars of Leo, Regulus being the brightest.

a)  On Sept. 5, 2017, Planet Mars, which signifies blood sacrifice in the Hebrew language will be in CONJUNCTION, that is will be in union, merged, with Regulus, the King Star of the Constellation Leo.  Friends, you will probably feel like me as I did when I read and digested this stuff, but please please don’t go ISSHH, just yet, saying it’s all astrology.  It is not, it is real, scientific astronomical documented facts. For now, try to forget the Hebrew meanings of these planets and names of these Constellations, as they are “too astrological”.   Just look at the string of ascending dates rushing towards the climax Sept. 23, 2017, and what planets CONJUGATE.  Try charting it, it will help.

b)  Sept. 9, Planet Mercury, the Prophet and Scribe of God in Hebrew is in CONJUNCTION with Regulus.

c)  Sept. 16, Mars and Mercury will be in a perfect CONJUNCTION in Leo and the planet Venus is just a short distance away.

d)  Also, Sept. 16, a Crescent Moon will appear in the star Constellation Cancer which in Hebrew = The regathering of Israel in the Final Days.

e)  Sept. 19, Planet Venus and Regulus are in CONJUNCTION.

f)  In the early morning hours of Sept. 20, the CONJUNCTION of Venus and Regulus continues on and moves into Leo.

g)  Later that morning on Sept. 20, Jupiter the King planet, the child in the mother’s womb of Rev. 12:5 is in CONJUNCTION with the Constellation Spica, which in Hebrew = Branch of Jesse-AS IN THE CHURCH, THE BODY OF CHRIST.

h)  Sept. 21, the Fall Equinox.

i)  Lastly, both the Sun and the Moon will “appear” ( Moon is only 240,000 miles from earth, Sun is 93 million) to be in CONJUNCTION between Constellation Leo and Virgo.  Point is, this many CONJUNCTIONS are extremely rare.  If you’re mixed up, I am too.  The main point is nowhere has this many CONJUNCTIONS taken place in such a short 2 1/2 week time span to reflect Rev. 12 in world history as per all astronomical, NASA and now “Stellarium” documented observations displayed on the Internet/  And that’s good enough for me.  Friends, God is literally screaming at us.


To satisfy pundits, scoffers, people who look for the Rapture later than sooner or not at all, they would be wise to know that the odds of this specific BLACK MOON appearing within a month of the recent Solar Eclipse, recent Lunar Eclipse, both in Sept., the Black Moon purposely over North America, 1 year past unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons last year, on a Jubilee year, in the year 5777 with a record 6 Supermoons in 2016, one during the Lord’s Fall Feasts is 1 in 157.1 billion.  Please see my Facebook page as I calculate these 8 variables to arrive at this astronomical figure.  More next week.  Like who can defy the Power and Glory of God but He Himself.


1.  Although nothing has appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Breaking Israel News, Israel Today, or Haraatz news media this week of significance regarding this omnipresent French Peace Initiative, I assure you, the diabolic sword of Domecles is lurking and slinking about the teeny-tiny nation of Israel.  My take on this most prophetic event of the United Nation’s attempt to carve up Israel is that the UN Security Council vote will take place AFTER the U.S. election, Nov. 8th but BEFORE Obama leaves office Jan. 20, 2017.  Unless he’s still President which is surely possible with this most deceptive and sordid man.  And I tell you, he’ll ramrod Samantha Powers, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN into either voting for the French Deal from Hell or abstain.  Either way, Israel gets the shaft.  And then, and then, hello Psalms 83 and Gog War.

2.   Remember these 2 statements from Ban Ki Moo Moo and our feckless leader, respectively :  “Let me be absolutely clear, Settlements are illegal under international law.  The occupation, stifling and oppressive as it is, MUST END”.  “Israel cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land”.  UGGHH.  Two peas of a poison pod, to be sure.

3.  Obama goes to Israel for condolences for Simon Perez’s funeral where Perez died of a massive stroke at age 93.  May God Bless him, although he favored some type of Peace Process for almost 30 years.  With that said, our Dark-House (not White House lately) sends out a copy to the public of Obama and the  funeral service and that it took place in JERUSALEM, “ISRAEL”.  Three hours later, those snarky robots recanted the news release realizing their demented mistake and CLARIFIED it to say that it took place in JERUSALEM period, not mentioning “ISRAEL”.  Those Dad-Gum Ding Dongs.  Oh well, no wonder Obama has refused to obey Congress’s stern letter to him to acknowledge Jerusalem as the one and only capital of Israel.  I’m counting this friends, and it’s been 474 days now since June 15, 2015, that he hasn’t.  I keep saying unless this man repents to our Lord regarding His Chosen People and His Jerusalem, he will never see Heaven.  Isaiah 31:5 : “As birds flying, so will the Lord defend Jerusalem; he will deliver it, and passing over he will preserve it”.  Take that Obama, you ——-.

4.  Hezbollah now has 130,000 rockets, missiles and mortars facing and covering every square foot of Israeli soil as never before.  This massive amount of deadly lead, steel, and iron is more than ALL of NATO’s excluding America.  This is all about Iran’s ugly tentacles to surround and destroy Israel.  We WATCH.

U.S.A. :

OBAMA :  Oh Mama, is that Obama man unhinged or what?  Good call, little boy :

1.   Unless he’s still President Nov. 9th : says “I plan to speak freely after my term expires”.

2.  And he wants a 550% increase on Muslims refugees to America : Fiscal year refugee tally into U.S. : 12,587 Syrians, 12,486 “other Muslims” and did I mention a whopping “68” CHRISTIANS.  No wonder Christian Pastor Saeed Abidini, one of the 4 Iran hostages released, well, he was freed all right.  His plane landed in Germany and was told that to catch a flight back to America that he had to pay his OWN TICKET.  Friends, I kid you not, it IS what it is.  Other 3 got free flights back.  Oh yeah, Obama loves Christians all right, loves them to get rolled and abused.

3.  No wonder our Lord has enabled this incompetent and delusional man of ours to do his will upon destroying America.  His incompetence is overshadowed by 1 thing he can be proud of : he’s done what no other President has done in 237 years during his time in office.  He’s just shattered American lives and dreams by pushing us into the mucked up massive mess our country is in.  So fitting is Psalms 9:16,17 : “The Lord is known by the judgement which he executeth : the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forgot God”.

4.  More, wait till you read Obama’s utterly cockeyed diplomacy that has failed “big big time”, bringing America to the precipice to the precipice of WWIII with Russia in the article below on Russia, that you won’t get in the Hillary-Trumpary  filled media of today.

5.  Obama is foaming at the mouth as his Lame Duckiness just got lamer.  Why?  Congress, after 7.7 years has finally overridden his VETO on demanding Saudi Arabia to pay dearly now to the 9/11 survivors.  Oh well, he can’t win them all.

6.  More, the deceptive one colluded behind closed doors with the despotic UN to : a)  shorten the time period to develop ballistic missiles which will carry a nuclear weapon, and b)  To lift billions more in sanctions on Iranian banks just 24 hours after the 4 American hostages were released.  And that slimy one in our Dark House said his Administration would be “the most transparent in U.S. history”.  How the heck does he know he was more transparent than our first President George Washington or even James Knox POLK, our 11th.

6.  Praise the Lord, he has, as of today only 105 days left in office.  Psalms 109:8 : ” Let his days be few; and let another take his office”.  Yeah, like Mike Pence after his brilliant debate.  Geez Louise, no wonder this year of 5″777″ when the three 7s are added together to get 21 which means “Great Wickedness” in Hebrew.  So much more dope on Obama, but I stop.


1.  Slick Willy Bill Clinton on Obamacare : “This is the craziest thing in the world”.

2.  Philippine leader rants at Obama after Obama refuses arm sales to fight Muslim ISIS in Philippines : ” Obama, you can go to hell”.  Welll!!!

3.  Dan Bangino, a forced-to-retire Secret Service agent now speaks : “We are living in a government created by liberal dystopia where right is wrong, wrong is covered up, our enemies are coddled, and our heroes are hunted down”.  Atta boy Dan.  Remember, Obama hates us Christians too.

4.  What a sad day Monday, Oct. 3rd.  Dark-House orders Pentagon and Pentagon now says all branches of the U.S. Military will pay for sex-change surgery for transgender soldiers.  Did I just hear your and my Papa roll over in their graves.  UGGHHH!

5.  Absolutely unbelievable, FBI boss James Colby says : “The FBI will again be seen as the institution you know and love”.  Friends, Wallapalooza!!  Do you get it?  He just showed his Achille’s heel, his chink in the armor, his zipper unzipped, when he basically said all the Crooked Hillary mess of lies and all the immunities will be swept away and all is well in happyland USA again.

6.  My take : arrogant, delusion filled Obama has demeaned God, His Glory and the Bible from us.


1.  What was that big long bulging vertebrae discs or wires going up her back that debate night with a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ lump or bump above the lower end of her backbone? ?  Was she cheating?  I don’t know.

2.  Deputy Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia released statement that Saudi Arabia funds over 20% of Hillary’s campaign.  Absolutely illegal.  Oh well, she’s a Clinton.  Hours later conservative Breitbart News : “The Clinton Foundation has taken in $88 million from Algeria, Brunei, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UA Emirates, and Saudi Arabia”.  Whew, did I miss any of this deluge of nations she needed money from because she and Slick Willy were bum-broke after they left the “White-House” she claimed.  Hillary, Allah Ahkbar!!

3.  Sorry, I failed to get this source, but it said : “Hillary wanted to kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with a drone strike and said : “Can’t we just drone this guy”?

4.  Juanita Broderick, ex-Slick Willy sexual “predatee” said to Chelsea Clinton : “Your parents are not good people”.  That speaks loudly, right!!

5.  UN agency posts tweet for U.S. citizens overseas to : “End Trump, vote Hillary”.  Sugar gal.

6.  I close with this, Hillary is determined and maybe prophetically destined to follow her demented forgoer Obama to bring America into full compliance with the globalist 1-World-Order by continuing to trash our Constitution and national sovereignty.  Isaiah 14:14 for Hillary and her love for Karl Marx’s dream where satan said : ” I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high”.  Friends, I’m sorry I say this stuff on Hillary, it’s all true.  But I say it because of what I heard VP hopeful Mike Pence say Monday that “she favors partial abortions”.  And that is despicable.

UN :

1.  If you didn’t know for sure, now official, the UN owns all rights, overview, legal, etc. over the Internet.  I’m toast.

2.  On Fox News at this writing, right now, 8:19 A.M., Oct. 6th, Climate Change laws go into effect Nov. 5th.  We’re all 1-World toast, but we have God, we’ll rule.


1.  Did you know that interest rates, and now 1/4 of the world with negative interest rates, are the lowest in 6,000 years, since Adam who had no pocket book even.

2.  Go Obama Go :  U.S. Federal Debt ballooned $1.4 trillion in fiscal year 2016 not $575 billion lying Obama said this summer when all Fed. debt reporting mysteriously “ceased” from Feb. to Sept.  Yeah, that’s right.  And now total = $19.6. GO SUGAR DADDY OBAMA GO, go for $20 trillion by Jan. 19th, 2017.  I’ll bet you get it.

3.  World Trade Organization cuts World Growth Forecast for 2017 to a turtlish slow 1.7% from 2.8%.  Friends, do you get it?  Our Creator has turned off the money spigot.  It’s time for judgements, we’ve biffed Him past the threshold of grace He had for us to be sure.


Oh dear Lord, is the Russian bear ever carrying his weight in Bible prophecy this week :  LOOK :


1.  If the name of the once upon a time largest city in Syria, ALEPPO was used by our Lord in Isaiah 17:1 instead of Damascus, this is the state of Syria today that has just occurred before our very eyes, Oct. 6.  “Damascus (ALEPPO) shall be a ruinous heap”.  Relentless, savage, earth scorching Russian bombers have literally destroyed Aleppo into a ruinious heap.  It’s final 2 hospitals are now rubble as doctors treat patients between rocks and concrete rebar and mortar in alleys of debris.  Children, babies dying mercilessly under devil infested Putin’s and Assad’s dictates.

2.  Because of this, the powerless U.S. military under Obama, abandons all talks with Russia on Syria.  Russia warns U.S. not to bomb the Syrian Regime anymore saying : “It will cause negative consequences across the Middle East.  It will lead to terrible and tectonic shifts in the region”.

3.  No more than 24 hours after U.S./Russia talks breakdown, Russia not only sends, but on the Very Same Day, deploys on Syrian soil, ready for action, their most potent and advanced anti-aircraft missile system, the dreaded SA23.  This is their most powerful weapon now ready for fire anywhere in the world outside Russian’s own borders.  WOW!!  Fire at who, surely not ISIS, they have not a single airplane.  Well then, how about America?  KAPOW, you guessed right.  There are NO other warplanes in Syria but ours and Russia’s PERIOD.

4.  More :  Russia breaks Nuclear Treaty with U.S., suspends disposal of all their weapons grade plutonium because of our Dark House’s “unfriendly actions this week”.  Friends, U.S. surveillance says “This means Russia still has enough plutonium for 17,000 nuclear warheads, 34 metric tons of it”.  For crying in a bucket, just ONE landing in New York means World War III.

5.  Talk about World War III, say it ain’t so.  Well, it IS SO : Putin orders the evacuation of 40,000,000 Russians, one fourth of Russia’s population, this week for what he calls “4 days of national civil defense drills to “PREPARE” Russian citizens for large natural and MANMADE disasters”.  If that was America, that would be 80 million people.  Google it yourself, how could I make this up?  Yes friends World War III is on a trigger with Putin, the Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38:2 who now has another 300,000,000 friends in the Middle East, most formidably, Iran and Turkey of Ezek. 38:5 and 6.  And how pure is this after Russia, etal does enough damage to America the way things are going,  that no wonder we are not mentioned in the Bible : Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou PREPARED, and PREPARE for thyself, thou, and all they company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them”.  KOWABUNGA!  Friends, do you GET IT?  Putin is showing his leather today, Oct. 6, 2016, fitting so perfectly into Bible prophecy with his utter determination to achieve his utterly devilish objectives.  Like who else could possibly take out America, other than Russia or apostatic America itself.  And why else would our Lord mention the word “PREPARE” twice no less above to be “exactly” in line with Putin’s PREPARE call of 40 million. You know, all this to the Glory of God, He is who He says He is and His judgements are on their way.


Turkey “Dictator” Erdogan purges additional 13,000 police officers over the failed coup this summer.  Now “Erdie” has fired, jailed, silenced, 133,000 cops, military, civil servants, judges, teachers.


China now shows a little prophetic spine getting “Putinish” also :

1.  China threatens Japan with severity as Japan has upped it’s snooping around activity in the South China Sea that China claims is hers.  Chinese Defense Minister : “We will not sit watching you from the sidelines.  Japan is playing with fire”.

2.  China says “The U.S. and South Korea will pay the price for their aggression to deploy an advanced missile system in South Korea”.  Friends, this is being built today Oct. 6, 2016.

3.   Financial Armageddon would NOT be an obscure word for this :  China, on Oct. 1st, has now joined the IMF’s international basket of reserve currencies with the Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, and the British Pound.  And now the Yuan.  Why is this so “shaking”?  Think of an apple pie cut into 5 sections with the Dollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound, each with 20%.  Incorporate the Chinese Yuan and Pfffff.  The whole mix is messed up.  Today, the teeniest, tiniest shake up will cause the global financial Humpty Dumpty to fall.  And the Chinese Yuan of 1.4 billion people is hungry and it is not teeny or tiny, to be sure.  Bye bye fictitious debt-filled phony Dollar.


More sizzle dizzle :  These 2 nuclear happy nations have 1.24 billion and 220 million people respectively :  Pakistan Defense Minister : “We will destroy India”.  This, after India carries out surgical strikes on the Kashmire border they each claim is theirs.  Old McDonald had a War.  With a War War here, with a War War there, every where a War War, old McDonald had a War.  Friends, I tell you, how can you NOT say we are IN the End of Days, the Edge of Time in this, the year 5″777″ on our Lord’s calendar and His Final Jubilee Year #120 of Gen. 6:3.

POPE FRANCIS :  Here’s 2 more strikes this week for gathering more “Pope Points” for this man to become the False Prophet very soon :

1.  a)  When Constantine unified the devout, true Christians of the world around 325 AD, he did it under the Trojan Horse of Roman Paganism to “dupe” them into the Catholic Church.  And 17 centuries later, why Pope Francis has outdone every Pope since the Catholic Church has been created, and throw in Constantine to boot, to unify the Church globally.  Not just Christian leaders, but for the past 2 years, he’s been relentless in consolidating and conditioning Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish, Morikawa (Japan), and you name it, all kinds of religious leaders to the Vatican to grow his flock into a 1-World-Religion.  b)  Here’s the deal :  Constantine did this appeasingly at first and ended up in savage Christian killings, and apostasy for all. After he died, ISIS-like mercenaries and crusaders did likewise up to and thru the Dark Ages until the Great Reformation in the 1500s where the Roman Church’s errant beliefs were exposed and the era of Protestantism began.  My take : It’s des-jeux-vous all over again.  Eccl. 3:15 : “That which has been is now; and that which is to be hath already been”.

2.  Pope’s latest anti-Biblical statement : “It is one thing to have homosexual tendencies and practices.  I brought them closer to the Lord”.  Peshawww.  Rev. 3:15,16 : “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold NOR hot.  So because thou art LUKEWARM, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.


The following five mega issues the EU is facing is lining up so prophetically and so quickly for the coming United States of Europe:

1.  And now the End Begins for sweet Angela Merkel for not much longer as her stance on being too accommodating of Muslim refugees has just blown up in Germany :  Nationwide now ethnic fist-fights, riots, furious protests, vandalism, police cars on fire, bombs exploding outside mosques, happening daily.  Angela is threatened and heckled in Dresden and signs and placards reading “Merkel must go”.

2.  EU polls show 60% of French citizens, not leaders, now opt for FREXIT out of the EU.  Double ditto for a Dexit in Denmark to leave the EU.

3.   a)  And I’ve been reporting this dreadful event for weeks now dare I say, the Deutsche Bank day to day bankruptcy dilemma this past week has, I believe, exceeded the Muslim refugee crisis.  Look : a)  The IMF, the International Monetary Fund and imminent “Fed” of the world declares : “Deutsche Bank is the largest bank risk on the globe”.  b)  Well, the run has begun : Large banks and Stock Market Funds both EU and global have begun removing their money from Deutsche.  Friends, this is how the death spiral begins as the bank’s horrendous liquidity problem has forced the Bank to unwind it’s positions worldwide for the FIRST TIME.  And this is the 7th largest bank on the planet and largest by far in the EU.  c)  Fathom these numbers : Germany’s GDP, Gross Domestic Product = $3.0 trillion, EUs = $14.6 trillion, Deutsche Bank’s derivative exposure and without getting into the weeds here, derivatives are the blown up trading of blown up fictitious asset prices, is $43 trillion.  Friends, they owe 3 TIMES the entire GDP of the 28 nations in the EU.  This is a remarkable unravelling going on here.  d)  This mega-billion dollar collapse mirrors closely what happened to Lehman Brothers in 2008 that took down the Financial world, only 40 times bigger.  You just gotta Google the nearly identical looking chart of Lehman and Deutsche, 2008 and 2016 respectively.  e)  Friends, we watch this news as this financial melting pot will take down the German economy, the EU banking system, the EU, the Chinese banking system, then the U.S. banks, then the globe’s.  You know, this is the steak dinner and apple pie that the Anti-Christ and his legion of 1-World-Order elitist legions are lurking for.

4.  And how about this :  a)  EU Commissioner , Claude Juncker, the ultimate top leader of the entire EU, and his elite are in the process of frantically forming plans for the United States of Europe by September, 2017.  Hmmm!!  Smack in the middle of the Virgo Constellation, Feast of Trumpets, end of the Final Jubilee, WOW, what a prophetically beautiful timeline.  b)  Further, he has French and German leaders forming the EU army.  The UK, although they’ve BREXITed, vehemently opposes this as it will destroy NATO.

5.  Friends, this coalescing of the EU into the 10 Kings of Daniel and Rev. 13:1 : “And I saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy”.  I tell you, it’s happening before our very eyes today, Oct. 6, 2016.  We  WATCH.


1.  How’s this for polarity : Only 2 major earthquakes this week of 5.5 magnitude or greater, that in Japan, a 5.7, and a 6.8 in Fiji  but, almost 200 minor quakes, in a 24 hour period about the Salton Sea, 160 miles Southeast of Los Angeles.  Largest one was a 4.3.  The big deal here is there has NEVER been this many quakes before in USGS recorded history that “BORDER” the fault line of the San Andreas fault. USGS has recalculated the risk of “The Big One” as the greatest ever for all of California.

2.  And you’re all aware, surely of the category 4 Hurricane Matthew coming up the Florida and Carolina coast.  Meteorologists say it is massive and potentially deadly and devastating along East coast, Bahamas, East Cuba, and Haiti. Currently  140 Carribeans have died and counting, and now Florida with 10 foot storm surges and tornadoes no less.  Friends, this is a killer hurricane.  I pray when they say GO, evacuate, don’t stay.  Don’t let your children die in your own home.  How fitting it be called  Matthew, as in the Gospel of Matthew.  Wind gusts up to 165 mph and sustained winds of 140 mph.

3.  A meteor slams into earth in Australia.  Seen by thousands of Aussies’s as it came down to earth as a “ball of Fire”.  Made to order is Joel 2:30 : “And I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the earth, blood and FIRE, and pillars of smoke”.


1.  Atlanta’s Buckhead Church opens this past Sunday’s worship service with Prince’s song, Purple Rain.  Not too cool, not too Jesus.

2.  Gay Pride flag is launched into space out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to “spread peace”.  Good for them; hope a meteor sighting is near for a “direct hit”.  KAPOW, “spread to pieces”.  Sorry for the sarcasm, but as so much of this stuff is happening these days, couldn’t help it reporting it as this absolutely defies our Lord and His word on gays.  Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment.  For all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  Also, Levit. 18:22 and 20:13, also I Chor. 6:9, also Romans 1:24-28, also I Kings 14:24.  You know, if our Almighty God didn’t want these scriptures in the Bible on gays, it wouldn’t be in there, Right!!

3.  I mention this one to show just how vulnerable all of us are in these End of Days if it happens to the most famous reality star, whatever she is, the beautiful Kim Khardashian : In Paris, Kim is allegedly robbed with a gun held to her head, robbed of $8.5 million in jewels, the 5 masked men flee, yet to be caught.  Yes, difficult times ahead, the Sign of the Times, for all Christians specifically.

4.  Most intriguing Christian statistics to ponder : a)  67% of all Americans and 48% of Evangelical Christians share the belief that God accepts ALL religions of worship.  Sooo sad, dark, picture of what this foreshadows.  b)  55% of Americans say Jesus was a creation “created” by God.  c) 40% believe God does NOT send unbelievers to hell.  d)  42% believe homosexuals are not a sin today.  e)  52% say abortions are not a sin.  WOW, this appears to be fertile ground for Crooked Hillary, a lover of partial birth abortions.


Well, there it is.  I don’t make any of this stuff up else God “will surely get me for this” as Maude once said on the TV hit the Golden Girls.  We just gotta tell our family and friends who’ve strayed or have never been to the Lord by being born again, to GET ON BOARD.  Either God is our Father or satan is our father.  No lukewarm.  We gotta be born not of blood from our mother but a new spiritual birth with His Glorious and Wonderful Son, Jesus Christ.  It just don’t matter diddly-squat how exhilirated and happy and satisfied with life you are these days.  I played and coached football many years.  Wins and Fantasy Football mean nothing now.  The Lord is upon us via the judgements He’s shooting down on us.  Sooo, the only WIN anymore in these End of Days is to stay close to God and close to Jesus and tell our Loved ones double ditto.  God willing see you next week,  May God Bless You Very Much, Paul Grevas

Rev. 3:20 : “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock : if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”.