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Daniel 2:21 : “And he changeth the times and the seasons : he removeth Kings and setteth up Kings”.

Welcome Everybody.  WHEW and more WHEW!!  What in the world is going on in this whacky world?  First and foremost, Praise the Lord Donald Trump has WON a miraculous victory, enabled by God Almighty, to be sure.  So so good to see he is swiftly “Draining the Swamp” of Hillary the Hildabeast’s clutter and all that Liberal  baggage about her and hubby Slick Willy.

Who’d have “thunk” it : Israel is going gang busters now on Settlement building to the infuriation of the International Community.

Russia’s Putin and Trump have a friendly phone call and will meet soon.

The UN is fast-tracking ever more on a 2-State-Solution Resolution before Obama leaves office in “58” dreadful, painful coming days of doing his will.  And he will.

World Trade with America is now helter-skelter on what’s gonna happen as China, world’s largest trader of goods, is absolutely irate feeling they’re getting “smoked” with Trump’s “Nationalism” and Non-Globalism.

World elite, globalists, 1-World-Order-ers like George Soros, etal, are now plotting and scheming to “Take out Trump”.  May our Lord protect him.

Division in America is “Trumping” unity as never before.  Remember, the sum of the digits in both Slick Willy Clinton’s and Obama’s birth dates, each add up to “2”.  The # “2” in the Bible means either unity or “DIVISION”.  Division now is appearing to rule in America for sure, especially since Hillary one the popular vote by over 2 million people.

Is there more?  Yes, much more. clutch your Bible, much Bible prophecy follows here in these End of Days in this Jubilee Year of 5777, just like the recent Biblical Blood Moons warned us about.  SO, LET’S GO :


Please SUPERIMPOSE or overlay the word “Assimilation” pertaining to the Virgo Constellation of today to the  description of the woman with 12 stars around her head in Revelation 12:1 from 2,000 years ago to this following astonishing revelation.  It will help much :

Here I mention how prolific Rev. 12 and the date Nov. 20, 2016, Sunday, 2 days ago are in tandem linked to Bible prophecy.  This is the exact date Jupiter, the King Planet, as we all educated humans also call it, whereby “assimilation” on Nov. 20th, entered the womb of the woman of Rev. 12 which today we call the Virgo Constellation in the sky as per NASA.  Jupiter stays here for 42 weeks, the outer limit of a woman’s gestation period.  Jupiter ceases it’s “normal” celestial pattern of orbiting in the universe and begins “RETROGRADING” as I thoroughly explained on my Facebook page last week.  RETROGRADE means moving or tending backwards, retiring, retreating, reversed, to decline, to degenerate, to have a direction opposite that of the earth.  Jupiter, assimilating a child, will then, as per Rev. 12:5 be birthed and directly be “caught up unto God”.

Friends, this unprecedented phenomeonon occurs Sept. 23, 2017, a mere 24 hours after the Feast of Trumpets and in the 3rd day of the 10 Days of Awe leading up to Feast of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  Friends, please acknowledge this celestial alignment is not me, is not the Bible, it is the physical alignment of the planets Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Constellation Leo, all which make up the Constellation Virgo, all in distinct places on next Sept. 23.  All verified by NASA, Astronomers, physicists world-wide, as Secular they are.  So please, please, put all this Astrology and Witchcraft crap right out the window, PLEASE.  This is what it is.  If NASA said this wasn’t what this alignment would be next year, then I’d never ever link up Rev. 12 to NASA’s find.

Soo, I must tell you the prophetic dichotomy our Lord has revealed on what else happened 2 days ago on Nov. 20th.  Also, on Nov. 20th the Pope made an historic unprecedented declaration that all Catholic Priests can now absolve all abortion sins of the mother and anyone who participates in this most heinous act.  That being Doctor butchers, assistants, scissors, knives, steel tables, whatever.

Here’s the deal : The Pope indirectly approves a mother’s sin for absolving abortions.  Else he’d NEVER HAVE DONE THIS ACT OF SATAN.  Our Lord approves of life and disapproves of murder as per the 6th Commandment in Exodus 20 , nothing less.  He gives life.  He is God and only He takes away sin thru His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  My take, our Creator just made a clarion call Nov. 20th to all on earth that are accountable to make a choice on this issue so dear to our Lord.

Friends, this is but one of many prophetic nuggets of Rev. 12 if we will be or not be “caught up unto God” in Rev. 12:5.

Psalms 19:1 : “The heavens declare the glory of God”.


1.  For those of us close to our Bible with respect to Israel, we should be very very concerned on a daily basis about one sneaky Pete; the slippery President we have, should he venture on a Jewish Adventure in his mind to clobber Israel with a Winter Surprise.  I fear he will do all his secret evil scheming and quacking in the darkness of a Friday night on how to carve up Israel in his Lame Duck period of only 58 more days.  And if all he does is S-Q-U-A-T at the deranged UN Security Council Vote on a 2-State-Solution coming up prior to Jan. 20th Inauguration where the UN fears Trump’s mutual friendly ties with Israel, he accomplishes his devious goal that way.  Obama can simply, like a chicken, OPT OUT, not even vote, and the dirty deed will be done to carve up Israel and Jerusalem by the UNSC majority who’s chomping at the bit for this to happen.  And Obama can simply say :  “Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it”.  Right!!!  Dad Gum this man.  By this simple absentsionism, he’ll indirectly destabilize, devastate, degenerate. defrock, deceive, decay, de,de,de, the Jewish nation and catapult them into the Psalms 83 War no doubt as Israel will deem herself defenseless without their present borders.

2.  John Bolton, Bush’s Ambassador to the United Nothing, UN : “Obama should not take any actions before leaving office that could hurt Israel at the UN.  There’s a lot of speculation over in Turtle Bay at the UN about recognizing a Palestinian State with 1967 borders, and that would be very inadvisable for the President to do that”.  Good boy, John.

3.    If this doesn’t put the final seal on the 2-State-Solution to come to fruition before Obama leaves office :  a)  Israel Legislature gives approval to begin building 2,000 Jewish homes in the West Bank.  I tell you, what brazen guts Israel has to begin this project that flies so so squarely in the eyes of the Palestinians, UN, and Obama.  And not to wait till Obama departs, PTL, in just a mere 58 days that is very bold.  b)  More : Trump mania has hit Jerusalem.  Last week’s Trump miracle has put Settlement building in East Jerusalem in a fast-track mode.  Look : 1,400 new homes are NOW planned for in Ramat Shlomo; 3,000 in Gilo; 2,600 in Givet Hamatos.  That’s a prophetic grand total of 7,000.  That is “Beautiful” GOOD.  c)  This is VERY UGLY BAD :  Obama sends 5 liberal, anti-Jewish Democratic Congressman, most notably Hank the Honker Johnson, Georgia, and Luis the Lip Guiterrez, Illinois, on a tour thru East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  They conclude in a statement : “They (the new Jewish Settlers) are almost like termites.  They get into a residence and eat before you know you’ve been eaten and you fall in on yourself.  There has been Settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming”.  Friends, all 5 of these indigents are proponents of the “U.S. Campaign To End The Israeli Occupation Group”.  To be sure, our delusional President will examine this and claim it is a fair and balanced report.  Yep, fodder fuel to slice and dice and carve up Israel on “his” coming Thanksgiving Day with the UN and the Palestinians.  And I don’t mean on Nov. 24th.  d)  This is “UGLY BAD” : Obama now orders his robot Press Secretary Trudeau to say : “Our policy on Jewish Settlements in East Jerusalem, Judah, and Samaria is clear.  We believe they are corrosive to peace.  However, building “illegal Arab homes in these same territories is a good thing”.  That Dad Gum Martha Stewart “that is a good thing” malarky will not prevail.  e)  Another UGLY BAD that can explode like a powder keg in an instant on Dec. 25th, Christmas, Hanukkah, both on the same day:  Supreme Court Judge in Israel orders 40 families in the Amona Settlement to leave by that date as it is legally owned by the Palestinians.  The Settlers say they will NEVER leave asking Bibi to help them.  NOT, Bibi sides with the judge, they must go.  We gotta WATCH this.  This is SOOO BIG and the Palestinian’s favorite advocate, the entire International Community,  are watching so fervently as is the UN.  We WATCH!!   Psalms 121:4 : “Behold, he that keepth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep”.

4.  French BOMBSHELL : France is backing out of the French Peace Initiative President Hollande spearheaded for getting the 2-State-Solution because of Trump’s win as they say they would have a hard time convening an International Conference.  Ohhh, too bad. Palestinian officials have denied this and are completing their paperwork they’ve been tasked to do for the December Summit.  Either way friends, please don’t get excited as I did for about 30 seconds as the UN still has the Palestinian’s back, the ultimate backstop, unfortunately.  Either way friends, a GOOD and another GOOD for us Christians.  If this Peace Process fails, Israel prevails.  If it flies, WE’RE OUTTA HERE, as in the Rapture.  WOW!!  What a time to be alive in this final generation.

5.  On the lighter “sinner” side on the LGBT thing : Jerusalem Chief Rabbi in Israel, Shlomo Amar, called the LGBT Community : “A sect whose acts are an abomination.  In them there is lust and a person can overcome lust if he wants.  Reform Jews are evil and homosexuals are a cult of abomination”.  I like Shlomo, a good man who knows the Bible.  Deut. 22:5 : “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man; neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment : for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”.  Friends, more LGBT scriptures you can tell your friends about  :  Levit. 18:22 and 20:13, 1 Chor. 6″9, Romans 1:24-28, 1 Kings 14:24 and Mark 10:7-9.  Oh, dear Lord, I pray right here and now on this article that LGBTs read these scriptures and think Heaven is up and Hell is down, forever and forever and forever  by reading these scriptures.  And OBAMA should read them too, to see what he’s done to his “NATION”.  Hint, hint, OBAMA, NATION, AbOmination = ObAmanation.  Yeah, I get that.

6.  If Israel passes bill they are now working on in their Legislature to ban the Muslim call to prayer which will force mosques to silence their loudspeakers, then I say Hello Intifada, Hello Psalms 83 War JUST LIKE THAT, KAPOW!!  This bill will surely lead to catastrophy between Muslims and Jews.

7.  Did you know, I sure didn’t, that the 7th letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is called Zayin.  Zayin means “Weapon” or “Sword” and it looks like an ax which looks like a “7”.  The 5th letter in the Alphabet means “Behold”.  And this is the Jewish Year 5777.  Sooo, Behold, Weapons and Swords, Weapons and Swords, Weapons and Swords.  Sure sounds like War, as in Psalms 83 War with Israel and her border neighbors.  Not Russia, not Iran, YET, only her border neighbors.

8.  Best prophetic news for last : For the first time since the 2nd Temple 2,000 years ago, a ritually “pure” oil has been carefully prepared by the Sanhedrin so that people of Israel will be ready to light the menorah for the Third Temple.  Rabbi Sarri : “We can do this part on the Temple Mount right now.  If the situation arises, we will be ready to perform this mitzvah (Torah Commandment).  This “pure” oil is very complicated to produce as it is a Biblically mandated process to prepare the exact oil used in the 2nd Temple”.  The Rabbi has made several batches.  Friends, yet another sign for the End of Days.  Exodus 27:20 : “And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure olive oil beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always”.



Oh mam, there goes that man again.  Yes son, he has 58 Days Left.  Some will be good, but most will be Bad so hold onto me.

1.  What divisive and arrogant rhetoric from a statement in his German trip last week : “Those people who just voted for the President-elect are better off now than since I came into office”.  Now that’s a lulu!!  Friends, I’m so tired of his lies against Americans, especially Christians and Jews.  His words are like sharp, yet slippery daggers.  Cannot tell you how pleasing it will be when his perverted and misguided ideology will soon wander off into the abyss and die off.

2.   Also says on trip to Peru, says about Trump : “Let’s take a wait and see approach on him”.  Like Trump is in a bubble microscope under him.  Geeze Louise, what a hollow statement that is.  Just total discourse from this blabbing joker.

3.   Obama bans “ALL” new oil drilling in Arctic Ocean for 5 years by an Executive Order this past weekend, of course, a weekend and at night.  UGGHHH!!  There will be many more in these 58 days as “Mama says”.

4.  What a tough poodle.  Says on the murderous deluge of innocents and helpless children in Aleppo : “Attacks on Aleppo by Russia should be immediately halted”  he tells EU leaders in Berlin this week.

5.  Also : “I hope the U.S. President-Elect would not simply take a real politik approach to deal with Russia and to stand up to Russia when they deviate from our values and international norms”. WHAT!! Is he now talking to himself with a 50-card deck instead of the 51-card deck he’s been babbing this past 8 years.  What an amazing hypocrite this man is who did not accept his own failures in the election results, and stays away from dealing with Russia.

6.  Obama sets an all-time U.S. Presidential record for Federal Regulations with 81,640 pages in 2016 and year’s not over yet.  Actually 7 of the top 8 yearly page counts of regulations go to him ( Bush garnered 5th place in 2008).  What a hideous record of pen in one hand, a phone in the other, and a mouth in between.  Friends, I tell you he’s racing like 60 to regulate before Trump is in the ring Jan. 20th.  I say Suck it up Buttercup, soon your “giddiyap” is going to only yap and no one will hear you.

7.  A 20 year old Princeton University Poll, yes Princeton, “liberal” Princeton, says a record high 77% of Americans perceive our nation is DIVIDED in 2016.  Yes, Obama, the great divider.  One profound word here that has been on my mind for 8 years and I’ve never reported it before : ObAma’sNation = AbOmiNation in the Bible.  Not saying he’s the Anti-Christ, but, OSH-BY-GOSH, how he has paved the way for satan’s son.  I’ll stop there.


1.  President XI of China, fearing Trump will unravel Obama’s trade work, futile though it be, says : “This is a HINGED moment”.

2.  Voters, 69% of us, believe the U.S. news media are liars.  And 78% of us believe the news coverage was biased towards Crooked Hillary.  Spot on.

3.  On CNN, did you know CNN was covertly paid by the Obama Administration to report what Obama wanted reported and not report what he didn’t want reported on the election.  Google Amber Lyons, fired CNN whistle blower on  Oh yeah, I’d believe that in “half” an instant.  I think of exactly what his depraved people did against Bibi in his election to cause him to lose.  They failed, Bibi won. Yet God prevailed.  He’s 2 and 0.  Obama is 0 and 2, that community developer.  Friends, I’m sorry, I’ve quit praying for Obama for 2 years now since he “biffed” Bibi and God’s chosen people when Bibi came to America to discuss the Iran Deal From Hell.  Why??  Try Jer. 7:16 : “Therefore pray not for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me, for I will not hear thee”.  Case closed.

4.  Several high IQ immigrant lobbyists pressing Obama to issue “mass pardons” for 750,000 Dreamers to stave off a wave of Trump deportations.  He will.  And many more illegals and GITMO murderers, and Crooked Hillary, and her Crooked cronies.  And riots and protests in America will go viral.

5.  On Hillary, and surely not that arrogant Trump is an angel by a long shot, I double-ditto on her Jer. 7:16 this past year also.  Why : Mostly because in her 3rd debate she explicitly supported even live birth abortions in the birth canal no less saying : “Government has no business to interfere with the decisions to have a partial birth abortion.  And I will stand up for that woman’s rights”.  YISSHH on her.  She just kicked God smack in the face.  Jer. 1:5 : “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee”.  Really, how can people care and how can they possibly claim to be a Christian and support this Jezebelle.  That hurt hard and I pray Trump ravages all Federal funding for that decrepid Planned Parenthood, and POOFF, maybe they’ll go away.

6.  On Trump, what can I say?  He’s a Conservative, but arrogant populist with a tough pragmatic twist.  He’s a Nationalist whom the elite and 1-World-Order gurus despise as he’s caused a sense of rampant giddiness in America, the EU, Israel, and Russia.  I pray to God he shields Trump from their ugly, bloody, demonic tentacles of the UN Trojan Horse Climate Change wolves who have concocted the seeds of the 1-World-Order developing before our very eyes and 99.9% of us don’t even see it.  You see Trump has called it a “hoax” and this can be a death-knell if he gets in their way.  And he has, as of his Executive Action Plan he released today, you saw his 10 points today he’s going to implement on day one, beginning first with axing the TPP, Asian Trans Pacific Partnership on Trade.  WOOSHH!!  Just like that, gone.

7.  On Trump’s trashing America’s Climate Change regulations, French Pres. Holland : “The U.S. must obey the commitments it has undertaken.  This agreement is irreversible”.  Oh Boy, we’re toast.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.

8.  More, UN leader Ban Ki Moo Moo : “This movement has become unstoppable.  No one can stop it”.  Friends, as of this writing, on Fox News, he is softening his stance on Climate Change.  This is not good Trump from what you said earlier.

9.  On George Soros, 2 things : a)  He has set up a 3 day conference with global elitists in D.C. this week on how to stop Trump.  It is secret.  b)  Interview with this hellish man Soros where revelation is made that in Hungary in 1944, reveals that when he was a teenage Nazi Collaberator, witnessed the butchering of Jewish people and said that : “1944 was the best year of my life.  It gave me a feeling of absolute power”.  WOW!!  What a heathen.  Google it.  He’s 86, PTL.  He loves and supports Hillary, she loves him.

10.  Friends, we are a Divided Country.  Hillary won by over 2 million votes over Trump and that says it all.  Democrats are stuck in muck and crying in their soup because of this.  Yet the maniacal press, knowing it cannot sanitize Hillary now, is seething and will surely demonize Trump from here on out.  This is also a disappointing time for college campus cry babies.  They’re going to respond.  They feel taken, yet they are inextricably bound to further their Anti-God and scathing liberal ways.  We WATCH.



1.  Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Aleppo into a ruinous heap is what Russia is helping Assad do as this is being written.  On the ground health officials say that the last Hospital in this city once of 2 million people, is now completely rubble of concrete and rebar.  Death of innocent lives, especially little children, is rampant, green light is on to do satan’s work.  Could Aleppo be the prelude soon to Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  I think so.

2.  Des jeax vous, just exactly like Putin did by putting on his good smiley face at the Sochi Olympics and just like that Ukraine was getting mauled by the Russian bear’s military, he’s doing it all over again in Syria. As Aleppo is in the throws of death, you can Google anywhere on the Internet on his Summit meeting in Peru where Obama is, and Putin is smiling with world leaders and shaking hands.  Except only, for the cold steely eyed shake and look he and Obama exchanged.

3.   I’m scratching my head on this prophetic twist where Putin calls Trump, congratulates him, in a friendly phone call and that the two will meet soon.  Hmmm!!   To be a fly on the wall.  Remember, Putin the Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38:2 is BIG TIME, and America is melted and fangless, only to say to Gog as they romp to destroy Israel :  Ezek. 38:13 : “Have you come to take a spoil??”  Wuf Wuf.


1. The Chinese yuan tumbles to it’s lowest level since days after the Great Recession started in 2008.  Since Trump was elected the yuan has hit a new low of 6.87 yuan to the dollar.  Friends, without getting into the economic weeds, this is BAD.  The China-stew is roiling in hot financial water with this move as their debt is out of sight, and now pounded even more with this devaluation of the yuan.

2.    Yet President Xi warns, after Trump wins and Trump’s fingerprints on Chinese unfair trade, in a stiff tone that Trump’s Protectionism fear against flip-flopping on trade deals will bring “terrible consequences to America”.  We WATCH (and watch our dollars too).


Latest Muslim verbage goes viral on Internet : “Under no circumstances is a human permitted to wear the cross, nor is anyone permitted to pray to the cross because Muhammad commands the breaking of the cross”.  WOW!!  So disdainful.  Looks like I’ll never be a Muslim.  And oh woe is 1.7 billion Muslims in this world who believe this.  May our Lord open some eyes, or they’re TOAST.  Matthew 10:38 : “And he that taketh not his cross and followeth after me, is not worthy of me”.


1.  After the UKs  BREXIT towards “Nationalism”.  After Trump’s miraculous WIN towards “Nationalism”.  Now the fire has caught on with 13 of the 28 EU nations to do a “double-ditto”.  Why?  Currently disunity in the EU abounds more than at any time since it’s creation in 1993 for it’s 550 million people with 54% saying Europe is going in the wrong direction.  Main reason is the unbridled deluge of Muslim migrants who are changing the landscape of Europe’s culture.  Friends, with so much chaos forming and no leaders in Brussels or Berlin to stop this fomenting, sure sounds like they’re yearning for some kind of special guy to get them back together on a unified track.  Well there is “one” special guy, his name is Anti-Christ and he’s coming soon to this hopeless continent, then to the rest of the world.

2.  Horray, Horray, the Archbishop of Canterbury declares ISIS is ISLAM.  Take that Obama you …….

3.  I just add 1 plus 1 to get 2 on why Duetsche Bank, once the largest bank on earth outside America, is teetering on imminent bankruptcy as never before.  First the stats, then the divine reason from our Lord, hidden in Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  German Gross Domestic Product = $3.7 trillion of GDP, EUs entire GDP = $18 trillion.  Brace for this, Duetsche Bank’s phony inflated assets and derivitive exposure to the world = $72 TRILLION.  Now just who on EARTH can pay that when it folds.  Friends, here’s my take on their imminent demise which will crush the global financial system in this Jubilee Year of 5777 : I call this the Hitlerization of the Jews in the mid 1930s and early 1940s whereas, under Hitler’s instructions, Hitler was able to finance Auschwitz, and all other Jewish incarceration facilities in Europe including the deadly toxic showers, the baking ovens, the Nazi regime, etc. by way of Duetsche Bank calling in all Jewish business’ loans, all Jewish home mortgages, even though they all had stellar credit ratings.  All monies “stolen” from confiscating Jewish businesses and stripping the Jews from their entitled homes were the straw that stirred the mix for enabling the Hitler machine to do it’s heinous evil.  Friends, do you get it?  The oldest “global bank” on earth of 146 years is about to crack and take the world economy with it.  WOOOSHH!!  Only God Almighty can do this for their part in sending 6 million Jews to death.  Zech. 2:8 : “He that touches you touches the apple of his eye”.  Friends, recall the saying “Remember the Alamo” when it capitulated.  Well now it will soon be “Remember  Duetsche Bank”  in a divine kind of way.  Oh, how God gets even in this final generation of judgements galore sweeping down from Heaven this most prophetic year.  Now you know why I mention Duetsche Bank monthly in my articles.


1.  Pope is definitely not a Trump advocate : Pope admonishes Trump indirectly by saying right after his remarkable WIN, a very uncouth statement : “There is a virus of polarization of targeting people of different nationalities, races, or beliefs.  We must guard against animosity creep and against the pitiful hearts that tend to judge division, oppose, condemn, raise walls, build barriers and label people”.  WHEW, friends, you know he could have come to America for a few weeks in October as a Crooked Hillary pitch-man to garner more liberal votes for her.  Shame on her for overlooking this.  After-all, the UN hustled him over to New York to pitch the Climate Change Agenda, alias 1-World-Order.  And it worked as all nations of the world approved this Trojan Horse last December in Paris that will “woo in” the Anti-Christ.

2.  THIS IS BIG, THIS SHOWS THIS POPE’S TRUE COLORS THAT HE BELIEVES HE’S GOT THE POWER OF GOD.  Look :  The Pope extends all Catholic Priests, regardless of tenure, experience, whatever, to have the power to forgive all abortions, and participants.   This is absolutely insane.  Pope says : “I grant to all priests, in virtue of their ministry, the faculty to absolve all those who have committed the sin of procured abortion”.  GOOD NIGHT IRENE, what a remarkably utterly comment.  This is absolutely astounding and unprecedented.  No Pope in papal history of their 1,700 years has authorized this as only the Bishops and Cardinals and the Pope had this demonic power to do so.  Here’s the kicker you’ll NEVER EVER FORGET : Last December, the Pope declared the Catholic Church Jubilee Year, the Year of Mercy from Dec. 8, 2015 to Nov. 20, 2016, 2 days ago and called on all priests to pardon women who have abortions during the Jubilee Year.  Talk about playing God and dishonoring God’s Power and Glory, let alone “cherry-picking” only women to be forgiven in that time-span, the “lucky-ones”.  WELLL, GET THIS : Pope’s statement on this Nov. 20th is both absolutely prophetic and utterly disgusting as this date is the EXACT EXACT DATE that the King Planet Jupiter entered the “womb” of the woman in Rev. 12 of the Virgo Constellation of today as I explained above in Virgo.  And to heck with all that Astrology crap by the way.  Do you get the deep schizm of polarity here?  The Pope “blindly” absolves the sins of abortions, and God grants and advocates life throughout birth.  I just find the timing of these two absolutely polarized events to be prophetic and divinely timed from our Lord to occur on this exact date.  No wonder our Lord inserted Rev. 13:11 for us to be watchful of this man’s words : “And I behold another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.  Yep, that’s the Pope in my book playing God and screwing up His scriptures.


1. Major quakes of 5.5 magnitude or greater this past week : A scary 7.3 and 6.8 about Fukushima, Japan.  Argentina, a 6.2 and a 6.4.  Indonesia, a 6.2.  New Zealand after a 7.8 monster, had a 6.2 and 5.6 aftershocks and since then, an unbelievable 4,060 minor aftershocks this week.

2.  FYI, there have been 400 earthquakes of 4.5 magnitude or greater in the last 31 days, mostly in little unknown places.  This may be unprecedented, I don’t know.  Luke 21:11 : “And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places”.  Got that right.

3.  Regrettably, I could not get any info on the Leonids Meteor Shower.  I drove to a wide-open area from 11 P.M. to 1 A.M. Thursday night, Montana time.  I saw diddly on the shower, but many strange thick thick clouds.  Even so, if the first ever meteor shower radiated from Leonids in 1799 and the greatest one ever also came from Leonids, maybe, just maybe, the one that just occurred 4 days ago may be THE LAST METEOR SHOWER.  Only God knows for sure, but it would be quite a good fit as  Leonids represent a Lion, as in the Lion of Judah, as in Jesus Christ, our blessed hope.

4.  ISIS out West, Mexican style : Friends, just another heinous Sign of the Times we are living in :  The Mexican Mayor of Coahuile is arrested for his drug related connections in kidnappings, murders, and – you can Google it – cooking hundreds of victims in a network of ovens patterned after satan’s ones in the Holocaust.  What horrific mass extermination of human life taken at the hands of these jackals smack near our own borders.  Friends, do you remember, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, the Ed Sullivan Show, hula hoops and even Donkey Kong.  Those days are GONE.  What a morbid mess of decay we live in.

5.  No big deal, what is a life these days anyway, especially a cop’s life : 4 cops shot in San Antonio, Missouri and Florida this week.  Friends, this brutal rampage is nothing less than satan infiltrating lives across America, 60 cops now shot dead this year.  Eph. 6:12 : “We wrestle against principalities, against the rulers of darkness in this world”.  And Obama says SQUAT.


Well, there it is.  Trumpmania is here, but only for a “Short While”, a bump in the road, in this Jubilee Year of our Lord’s judgements and prophecies, pelting down on us in spades from the THIRD Heaven.  DARK DAYS ARE NOT COMING, “THEY ARE HERE”.  WOW!!  One sure has to be willfully or complacently  blind not to “GET IT”.  So what do these people need to know and what do they do now in order to “GET IT”?  Well, certainly not sipping champagne and munching on horderves as in the Days of Noah, I hope.  Welll, how about you ask them 4 things :

1.  Is there sin in their life?

2.  Do they believe Jesus died for them on the cross and paid for their sins?

3.  Do they believe He will save them no matter how rotten they are?

4.  Do they trust Him enough to ask them to save them in hopes of eternity in Heaven and not in Hell? And tell them Titus 1:2 : “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began”.

Friends, if they say “YES” to these 4 questions, I tell you, they’ll GET IT!!

WE PRAY, WE WATCH GOD’s GLORY UNFOLD BEFORE OUR VERY EYES and God willing, see you next week.  May God Bless You Very Much.  Paul Grevas

1 Peter 4:17 : “For the time is come that judgement must begin at the house of God; and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God”.