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Luke 21:36 : “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass”.

ALERT ALERT :  Night of Dec. 14th to 15th, next week is 6th Supermoon of 2016.  NASA says there has never been a year that has had more than 6.  We WATCH how God’s Glory unfolds in the coming days.

Welcome Everybody.  WOW!!  What a most intriguing last 10 days, specifically in Israel, for Bible prophecy unveiling from our Creator in this Jubilee Year of 5777.  What you see below, It is what it IS and no pundits or mockers or scoffers of 2 Peter 3:3,4, can undo what has just been done and documented.  Just so much to tell because 90% of our deceptive, elite-of-the-world-run media refuses to report, specifically the 5 below-mentioned miracles our Lord has cast down to this mad, messy, mucky world who has left Him.   SO LET’S GO:

Exodus 13:21 : “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud to lead them the way and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night”.  Please see Israel below.


Just so so much I could mention regarding this most unprecedented phenonemon in human history of this CONSTELLATION’s configuration of Rev. 12 when the next Feast of Trumpets close and the 10 Days of Awe begins, but I can’t for now.  My wife says : NIP IT IN THE BUD, JUST NIP IT as reports on Current Events are long enough.  OK, OK, OK.  I’ll defer till after the Inauguration, Jan. 20th.  How prolific and probable this LAST EVER, I say LAST EVER, and ONE and ONLY “GREAT” SIGN to call upon the Lord to be part of His Body.  Absolutely remarkable is Rev. 12:5 for those who are not scoffers or pundits or those stupid, satanic Astrology buffs, but we who are  BELIEVERS in Jesus.

Matthew 24:44 : “Therefore, be ye always ready; for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh”.  WOW!!  Just like the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25.

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Sooo much Bible prophecy has been unveiled this past week on God’s divine protection of Israel and His chosen people and how God is remarkably timing His glory to show now in protecting them.  Just look what happened since Thanksgiving before our BLUE and GREEN and BROWN EYES :

1.  On Dec. 1, Jerusalem Post reports Obama has “nearly”, NOT CERTAINLY, but “nearly” ruled out any major last ditch effort to put pressure on Israel on the 2-State-Solution.  “Unnamed” U.S. officials indicate Obama will “likely avoid one last row with Israel’s Gov’t. as Trump’s Presidential win dramatically changes the calculus”.  After all the hoop and hype from all the American and Jewish media to the contrary including myself, if this be so, oh how the tables have turned.  And now the flipside : Secretary Kerry this weekend at the Saban Forum in D.C. say no such plans of a YES or NO vote are in place as yet.  Says : “The U.S. would only VETO a UN resolution to establish a Palestinian State if it was a biased, unfair resolution calculated to delegitimize Israel”.   Oh dear friends, just look how “loose” these words are in the dark secret rooms in the White House where slippery, unpredictable Obama has all the latitude he wants on what’s “BIASED or UNFAIR” let alone his possible chickenish call to an “Abstention” at the UNSec. Council WILL, I say WILL in bold letters, lead to the creation of a de-facto Palestinian State.  This would rip up Jerusalem and the Holy sites and carve up Israel so as to put a death-knell notice on the Jewish State.  Either way it will be all out war as Israel will never give up Jerusalem to the death.  Likewise the Palestinians, after being promised by the UN and the entire world, including the French Peace Initiative, the Saudi Peace Initiative, the Russian and Egyptian Peace Initiatives will surely erupt into the Psalms 83 War.  DO YOU GET IT?  There is NO solution either way but war about Jan. 20th on Trump’s inauguration whom the Palestinians dread.   Today, 44 days and counting for our 44th President. Remember, Number 44 in Hebrew means things that bring about world-wide judgement against humanity  And then there’s God. WE WATCH DAILY.

2.  FYI, 24 hours prior to this news, one possibly last call from Bibi to Obama to not make any drastic changes during his final weeks in office.  Says : “I ask you President Obama to stand by your 2013 promise to veto one-sided anti-Israel resolutions at the UN Security Council, as only direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine will lead to resumption of the Peace Process”.  OKAYY!!

3.  Things are popping : 24 hours later, Obama vetoes his 8th consecutive Jerusalem Embassy to come from Tel Aviv and make Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel.

4.  Still popping sky high : On Dec. 4th, robotic Sec. Kerry, on instructions from Obama no doubt : “Israel is heading to a place of danger, an erosion over a period of time by virtue of this continued Settlement Process.  We issue warnings today when we see a Settlement going up–and nothing happens.  International frustration has reached a boiling point which has led to several draft resolutions at the UN from several countries”.  This he spoke in  D.C. at the Saban Conference on Israel.  Was Obama in the next room listening in like a fly on the wall?  Wouldn’t put it passed him.

5.  Speaking on UN, what a beautiful, wonderful, righteous move it was when the UN’s partition of Palestine that enabled the recreation of Israel from 4,000 ancient years past.  Oh, how the decrepid UN would have liked to call those cards back as Israel celebrated their 69th Anniversary Nov. 29th.  Oh well UN, too bad.

6.  On this same day Nov. 29th, so fittingly so, was also the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.  Not to be denied, the “green” man from Mars himself, UN General Assembly President and Pro-Palestinian, Mr. Thompson, enters the room filled with representatives of countries of the world to gavel the meeting to vote on 6 proposed resolutions raping Israel.  What was sooo striking, he wore a GREEN scarf-tie about his neck.  Green, friends is the color of the Palestinian flag.  Wish I could have sat on his right side, I like to “tighten” a tie “just right”.  Joking of course.  The vote was counted and just look at the mere 7 world powerhouse nations that voted on behalf of Israel : USA, Canada, Israel, all powerful, right.  Also, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Palau, all mosquitoes.  Heck I haven’t even heard of 3 of them.  The green Martian Thompson must have been beaming with overjoy on this vote.

7.  Gets worse : The 2 most dreadful resolutions the UN passed :  a)  The UN “DEMANDS” Israel to  leave the Golan and immediately enter into negotiations with Syria and Lebanon to solve this issue OR THE UN WILL DO IT FOR THEM.  You know, these cynically demented minds of the UN, did they know that Syria is in the worst world massacre of a civil war since WWII.  And that Lebanon’s Gov’t. just recently ceded it’s powers to Hezbollah and the entire country is KOWABUNGA.  Well cry a green martian river.  b)  UN decrees : “Any action taken by Israel to impose laws, jurisdictions and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are hereby declared null and void and have no validity whatsoever”.  What can I say??  You, friends, you say it, I’m “Speechless in Montana”.  Syria has half a million dead and the UN reams Israel off the rails.

8.  A true divine miracle from our Lord : First, after 4 ISIS wildmen fail in an attempt to cross into the Israel border and  are shot dead on the Golan, Bibi : “We will not permit radical Islam to open a front of terror against us on the Golan”.  Friends, ISIS has been on the world scene of horrific terror for 4 years, that’s 48 months, that’s 17,520 days and for the first time on day 17,521, a group of these butchers have ascended upon Israel.  Geez, how close we are to the Edge of Time.

9.  Can the white-hot Amona Subdivision of 40 Jewish Settlers in East Jerusalem be the straw that breaks the camel’s back on Christmas Day, of Hanukkah, Dec. 25th, just look at this sequence of prophecy explode :  a)  First, Israel’s High Court ruled Settlers must vacate.  b)  Bibi reluctantly abides.  c)  Settlers will die fighting their own soldiers before they will leave they say.  d)  Northern Israel, about Amona has had not 1 drop of rain for 8 months.  This has caused 3 dozen infernos of wildfires in the area as 80,000 in Jerusalem and even as far as Haifa, Tel Aviv forced to evacuate.  Inspectors believe Palestinian arsonists caused.  e)  Muslims seen parading with joy, plastered all over Muslim Social Media.  f)  On Nov. 27th, Rabbi Levanon : “Strong winds usually carry rain, but now all is dry and flammable.  It is God’s hand that does this.  Until the disgrace of the threat of eviction is lifted for the Amona Settlement, no rain will fall”.  g)  The removal of the 40 Settlers is now in a legal state of flux between the High Court and Israel’s Coalition leaders.  h)  And just like that, like a beautiful story book ending, the rains came and the rains came and the rains came.  God is sooo awesome.  Four days ago, 150 millimeters of rain, that calculates to 6 inches of not purple rain, but GOD’S RAIN.  i)  Fires are about out and now under control.  End of story, except for : the world is watching this teeter-totter legal game of ping pong as either Settlers win and stay, Palestinians lose and hello 3rd Intifada and Psalms 83 War or Settlers lose, they may die fighting to stay, and or a precedent has been set for future forced Jewish evictions.  Palestinians win, Israel loses.  Hello Psalms 83 War.  Boom Boom.  How and who can solve this?  I know of One, God Almighty.  We WATCH.

10.  Best for last.  Two absolute miracles :  a)  Remember when the IDF shot dead the four vipers from ISIS on the Golan at the Israel border.  Well, a Biblical pillar of a massive linear cloud, for the moment anyway, protected Israel from more ISIS terror.  Most incredible, phenomenal, miraculously divine Act of God as this mega cloud ended precisely along the Israel/Syria border encompassing the entire length North to South along the Golan.  IDF soldiers spot on the scene and only feet away, snapping IPhone photos like crazy, said: “This strange storm of dust cloud and rain did not cross the border fence into Israel”.  Again, the Hand of God, the Glory of God is protecting and not harming Israel side of the border.  I cried.  Google video of it on : Breaking Israel News, “Biblical Pillar of Cloud Protects Israel from ISIS”.  Now how prophetic is THAT?

11.  More, I cried even more on this, just Google “Jesus Christ’s Tomb Opened for First Time in 500 Years”.  Friends, since the Dark Ages, this prophecy turned reality has just occurred in Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  Last seen in 1555 AD, researchers also discovered a 2nd gray marble slab nobody knew existed.  It was engraved with a CROSS from the Crusaders of the Dark Ages in the 12th Century.  Oh yeah, I cried.  You will too when you see the exact “BED” Jesus laid in for 3 days until VICTORY.  Welll, so much for Israel.  Are we there yet???


OBAMA:  Oh MAMA, there goes that man again.  MAMA, I’ve been sick and had nightmares for almost 8 years now, will I die.  No my darling, I honestly feel in 44 days you’ll be up jumping for joy again.

1.  Well what can I say to that?  Just 44 little tiny teeny weeny days left for our 44th President to leave office.  That is a BIG GOOD.  Only God knows the havoc he’ll create for America and Israel in these 44 days.  I’m being nice now, He’s just ONE BIG FAIL, on ALL-TIME SCRUB.  Just look :

2.  He commutes the sentences of 79 more rapists and drug dealers.  Total now = 1,050, more than the 11 previous Presidents combined.  Oh so glad his “gig” is up soon.

3.  He says on Trump : “I reserve the right to criticize my successor…and I’ll be right here in Washington for a while”.  Now that’s a lulu.

4.  Obama’s vacations for the last 8 years has cost Americans $85 million and he still has Christmas and New Years left!!

5.  Fidel Castro dies in Cuba. Obama sends high-level delegation for funeral for the Communist Dictator who enslaved and murdered thousands.  He sent SQUAT to the Iron Ladies’s funeral, that being Margaret Thatcher of the UK who loved the Lord.  Shear lunacy.

6.  Speaking of Castro, it’s just mystifying to me where Obama can meet Castro, eat, dine, dance the Tango and the U.S. media goes NIRVANAH in paradise that week.  Yet Trump receives a congratulatory phone call from the Taiwan President and he’s ravaged to his core by spastic CNN, and it’s media convoys.

7.  Surely Obama will be shaking like a Hawaiian palm tree in a storm here shortly and for the following weeks up to Jan. 20th to see how much Trump will expunge from his Obamacare, his Executive Orders, Iran Deal, his Legacy, you name it.  That is GOOD, BUT, BUT, BUT, oh what a disgustful soup Obama will be cooking in that time span.  We reluctantly WATCH this most untrustworthy, sloshy man.


1.  Traditional media, led by the crybaby whiners and temper-tantrum reporters of CNN have been absolutely upended with Trump win.  It’s like their bodies have lost their heads and their groping about blindly trying to find them and fasten their heads back onto their necks with bandaids.  Hate to say it, I’m watching CNN more than FOX now, they are very funny lately grasping at the air for something to report on now that Trump Tweets are their only “food”.

2.  Likewise, the neutered Democrats in D.C. are in total disarray straw-grasping as well.  That is GOOOD,  OHHH SO GOOD!!

3.  Leave it to the media to dig up a statement from General Flynn, Trump’s National Security pick where Flynn said once upon a time : “Islamism is a vicious cancer of 1.7 billion people and it must be excised”.  I’m sorry to have heard that, many Muslims are good.

4.  And Jimmy Carter is now 100% blind.  NOT in his eyes, but in his treatment of Israel, as he again strongly urged Obama to push for a UN Security Council Resolution to split up Israel and that “The US MUST  recognize a Palestinian State .  The UN Resolution should also affirm the ‘illegality’ of all illegal Settlements beyond the 1967 borders”.  Well cry a green river Jimmy, you’re over 90, let it go.  Go pick a peanut.

5.  U.S. Senate votes 99-0 to extend Sanctions for 10 years on Iran to be used as leverage against Iran.  Iran instantly calls on Obama to block this law before he leaves office calling it a violation. And if not, there will be consequences.  VIOLATION SHMIOLATION, the Iran leadership is a cut throat operation that seeks America’s death by a thousand and ONE cuts.  Surely, our Kenyan Comet is contemplating what should I do?  What should I do??  We WATCH this disdainful decision.

6.  Nancy Pelosi sees a way ahead for Democrats.  Hmmm!!  Battered and bruised, shellacked drubbing and all, she still has the wherewithal to persevere.  Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, Alice in Wonderland.


1.  Friends, first and foremost, my take for Trump is that he is UNPREDICTABLE AND FLIP FLOPPY and I leave it there.

2.  One month now, he’s yet to “thank God” for his miracle win.  Even on his current victory tour, in North Carolina today, SQUAT!!

3.  What can you say, not only Taiwan has made congratulatory calls for his win, but so has Pakistan, Khazakstan, Philippines, all questionable nations.  Oh well, this to, It is what it IS.  What can I say?

4.   Trump attacks China on Twitter, what else, Right : “Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency?  Did China ask us to build massive military complexes in the South China Sea?  Do I need China’s OK to talk to Taiwan?  I don’t know about these remarks.  I report, you judge.

DANIEL 12:4 :

“O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the end of time: Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”.  Friends, for the first time ever, last month, there are now more Millineals in America than us Baby Boomers, 75.4 million to 74.9 million respectively, just right and just ripe-enough for the Anti-Christ to pull his trigger and turn more heads to him and sway away from our God.  Instead of Roman Gods we have Hollywood celebrities who are so successfully sucking up our Millineals.  It’s satan’s way today with all the Smart phone toys.  And now the Amazon and Google ECHO where you just sit in your recliner with a Pepsi and a piece of cherry pie and at the fingertips of your 2 lips, you can voice any question in the world and get an answer.  Of course the Anti-Christ would drool over this one.  Yep, Daniel 12:4 is here and Yep, We Are There, The End of Days.


1.  The Middle East, nation by nation has left the U.S. and is falling in love with the unstoppable Russian Bear military machine, the Gog of Ezek. 38.  Yes, the Russians are coming.  Look : First Iran, then Syria, then Turkey, then Egypt, and now Libya as Libyan President Khalifi Hafter arrives in Moscow, meets with Putin, requests all necessary arms, soldiers, and military support for his army.  Not only does Putin play Santa Claus and obliges, but he even opens discussions to plant a Russian Naval and Air Force base in Libya about the coast of Benghazi.  Hillary ought to love that.  Friends, this is EXACTLY  what Putin did in Syria in September on the coast of Tarsus, Syria’s main and only port on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Snarf, snarf, more Russian snarf.

2.  Russian State of the Art anti-ship ballistic missiles and the dreaded S-400 anti-aircraft missiles are now deployed on the border in Eastern Europe by Poland and Lithuania.

3.  More, Russia sends several warships to Crimean Peninsula after Ukraine tests missiles nearby.  Tensions now reach red-hot fever pitch along Eastern Europe.  As NATO watches.

4.  To combat this, British troops in Poland simulate military exercises to recreate a defense against a Russian invasion.  Moscow responds very briefly : “Wait till you see the real thing”.  Oh boy, good night Irene, the Brits, NATO, they just don’t know what they don’t know, I say.  And I won’t cry about it, it’s the way it’s suppose to be in these End of Days.  Remember the recent Blood Moons our Lord sent.  They were what they said they were :  Omens for coming judgement.  And now, welll, here we are.


1.  Will something happen when Trump is inaugurated Jan. 20th as ISIS has planned not a Black Friday of toys and jingle bells, but a Bloody Friday of death and terror that day across America.

2.  As if satan himself has swooshed his way up thru the cave of hell from the inner core of the earth and has now become personally indwelt in the cruel and brutal brains of ISIS.  Look :  They deliberately mirrored, just like Jesus on the cross, when they crucified Mosul Christians about Thanksgiving weekend that were not able to flee successfully and those dogs did this in front of their own family members, and then each ensuing family member singularly until the last surviving one was then also crucified.  This reported by the few surviving refugee family members that somehow managed to escape, article didn’t say how.  Ohh, dear Lord… and dear friends, just visualize what I just reported, One by One, in front of remaining family eyes, children.  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.  And we in America think of Christmas gifts.

3.  And of course, ISIS takes glory and claim of responsibility for the Ohio State University terror.


What can I say?  Estimates range from 400,000 to over 500,000 slaughtered in Syria now and counting, especially in Aleppo we see on nightly news day after day.  I tell you, I honestly feel God is enabling the media to show Aleppo, now in a ruinous heap, to be sure, a daily reminder of what’s coming in Isaiah 17:1 :”Damascus  shall be a ruinous heap”.  That will be even more devastation as it surely implies the Psalms 83 War with Israel where only God knows how many will perish.


That turkey Erdogan, a hater of Israel, calls on all Muslims to protect Jerusalem : “It is the common duty of all Muslims to embrace the Palestinian cause and protect Jerusalem .  Safe guarding the Al Aqsa Mosque should not be left to children carrying nothing but stones”.


1.  A 180 degree spinner : President of Egypt, El-Sisi, after being anti-Assad and Syria since the civil war began 5 years ago, just like that on 1/2 a dime turns and sides and promotes Assad’s now Russian backed and winning Syria military : “Our priority is to support national armies, for example, Libya.  The same now with Syria and Iraq”.  By the way, El-Sisi opposed Libya for several years.  Also, 2 of the players in the Psalms 83 War against Israel, are, you guessed it, Syria and Iraq.  Psalms 83: 3,4 : “They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.  They’ve said, come and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.


1.  India’s currency debacle is surely an ugly tentacle of the Trojan horse for the 1-World-Order.  Look :  India Gov’t. is banning certain currencies, some very popular.  It’s as if Obama declares a ban on the $100.00 bill in America.  People absolutely infuriated.  Can this be a foreboding scene coming to America soon when ALL, I say ALL, our “cash currency” is at the mercy of D.C. Oh, God forbid, what a fabulous assist for the Anti-Christ to regulate his “Mark of the Beast” to have currency be made worthless at his discretion.

2.  More : President Modi calls for a totally “cashless society”.  Says : “I want to tell my merchant brothers and sisters, and all India, that this is a chance to enter the digital age”.  DIGITAL SMIGITAL.  India has 1.3 billion people, that’s about 20% of the world’s population.  Friends, we are so so close to the End of Days.


1.  As you’ve heard, China is absolutely enraged with the phone conversation between the Taiwan President and Trump, when she called to congratulate him on his win and CNN is twisting hard to blame Trump.  Friends, I must interject, CNN has gone absolutely defensively BERZERK.  CNN is such a theatrical stroke of comedy lately how shallow they really are against Trump and us deplorable conservatives.  You gotta watch it-BUT JUST FOR A WHILE, of course.

2.  Seriously now, China directly chastizes Taiwan President but also sends message to Trump : “We urge Trump to handle the Taiwan issue with caution”.  Friends, the whole world is going KAPUT and then the Great Tribulation is here, that quick, No!!



1.  Italian Prime Minister Renzi resigns.  Now that rhymes.  Seriously : Renzi, an Obama buddy, resigns after his referendum for a more watered down version Pro-EU Gov’t., succumbed by a 60% to 40% vote of the Italian people.  Italy now has joined Britain and France who’ve entered into a wave of Populism and anti-EU-ism that has spread like wildfire after BREXIT and Trump effect.  WOW,  now Britain’s Cameron, Frances’s Hollande who will resign next Spring, Italy’s Renzi just resigned.  That alone has now caused the drip, drip, away from the EU and turned it into an all-out tsunami.  Is there anybody else, BIG, missing to save the EU?  Hello Angela.  And what does she do just 24 hours later to appease her 85 million citizens who’ve absorbed nearly 1.5 million Muslims this past 2 years.  Welll, she now institutes a BURKA BAN.  Osh by gosh, Angela get real.  We WATCH.  Friends, if this “ITA” EXIT for Italy to leave the EU comes to pass now as the people have spoken it’s “Asta La Veesta EU”.

2.  Like who in the EU would have EVER thought Trump would criticize NATO and then in 2 weeks trigger a call for an EU Army.  And just like that, the EU Commission will now meet next week to finalize this ultra-swiftly put together resolution which they call the “European Defense Union”.  WOW!!

3.  EU Commissioner, #1 man in EU, Jean-Claude-Juncker : “The European Continent can’t always rely of the U.S. to protect it”.

4.  German Defense Minister Ursula Leven : “We now need an EU military that matches NATO’s”.  GULP!!  Friends, the more the EU destabilizes like these remarks dictate, the closer the Anti-Christ comes to the Revived Roman Empire to put this “Humpty-Dumpty” group of nations back together again.  And the EU’s 550 million citizens will suck it right up.

5.  As if Angela Merkel couldn’t be more upset with German National Poll where 34% of German’s feel like a stranger in their own country due to the Muslim infiltration :  Now she’s an extremely unhappy camper with Trump’s call to revoke the TPP  Trade Deal with Asia and the TTIP Trade Deal with EU.  She now says her #1 Legacy setting goal of the TTIP for all Germans is “dead in the water”.  Poor Angela.

6.  The TTIP is bad news “earthly for the German people”.  But this news is VERY BAD prophetically albeit initially only for the Jewish people, similar to the Anti-Semitism during early Hitler and Kristalnicht stages which ended in WWII in Jewish genocide : Anti-Semitism in Germany has TRIPLED in 2016 to that of 2015 and is now the highest since WWII.  Yes, Very BAD.  We really WATCH this.


1.  Well, there goes that man again, selling out to the 1-World-Religion way by thawing out a 60 year old rift of bitter relations with the Chinese Catholic Church.  How so?  Welll, by succumbing into allowing the Chinese Gov’t. to have a major hand in selecting Bishops, a once unheard of issue unless totally controlled by the Vatican.  Rev. 13:12 : “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast (Anti-Christ) and causeth the earth to worship the first beast”.  And friends remember, on the upper right side of the main stairway entry to the Pope’s airplane is a one-foot circular logo in blue and white, saying “ONE WORLD”.  Google it.

2.  I thought the Vatican is all about Church and God, etc. in their own pagan way.  Welll, this past week in Vatican City, the host Vatican weighs in on the powers and limits of “Artificial Intelligence”.  Very scary stuff.  Among the worldwide “secular” scientists at the Vatican on this “closed-door” high-level discussion of the science world of today was Steven Hawkins, British physics professor and self-proclaimed Atheist.  Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.  Rev. 12:13,14 : “And (False Prophet) he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men.  And DECEIVETH them by miracles which he had power to do”.  Friends, no wonder the word deceive is mentioned for the last days in Matthew 24:4-24 four times starting with Matthew 24:4 when Jesus said : “Take heed that no man DECEIVE you”.  And look at Matthew 24:24  : “There shall arise false Christs and FALSE PROPHETS and shall show great signs and wonders….they shall DECEIVE the very elect”.  WOW!!!  Spot on.


1.  Earthquakes of 5.5 magnitude or greater :  Worst is 4 in a row in Indonesia, world’s largest Muslim nation of 220 million people as a 5.6, a 5.7, and a 6.4 and a 6.0 this past week.  FYI : This morning a 3.9 and 3.6 quake struck near Cushing, Oklahoma, one of the world’s greatest oil hubs.  Hmmm!!  Somedayyy, Somedayyy, POOF!!

2.  Whacked out weather in Desert of Saudi Arabia as temperature hits 26.6 F.  Worse, a swath of snow covers the desert in the Al-Jawf region.

3.  More, snow fell in downtown central Tokyo, Nov. 24th.  The first ever known accumulation of observed snow since records began in 1875.

4.  Bye-bye Waikiki Beach and all the surfing and swimsuits and Aloha winter weather on the main island as snow, drifts of snow, freezing rain, freezing fog, car pile-ups inundate Honolulu area.  Mauna Loa volcano and other high peaks measure over 36 inches.  This is insane, suntan lotion, Don Ho, bikinis, WHAT!!!

5.  Horrific blazing fires and 2 dozen tornadoes in Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, and mostly Tennessee leave a dreadful carnage of 16 and 7 lives lost, respectively.  Over 2,500 homes destroyed.  You saw it on TV.

6.  But you didn’t see 2 divine miracles on TV because of our anti-Jesus secular scrabble-laden liberal media : In the most devastated city of all, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where fires destroyed row after row of houses and businesses and toppled everything in them, even steel and iron and concrete,  ON THE GROUND, all reduced to 100% fried rubble and ashes, an absolute pair of divine MIRACLES : a) Amid all the rubble stood, and solely by itself, a statue of Jesus covered in soot and ashes, but still standing.  Reminds me of the steel from 9/11 which formed a CROSS in the midst of all the rubble.  b)  In Dollywood, Dolly Pardon’s Theme Park had a swath totally destroyed into burnt rubble except ONE ITEM : A small portion of a page in the Bible out of Joel 1 that said : “Oh Lord to thee will I cry, for the FIRE hath devoured all the pastures of the wilderness and the FLAME hath burned all the trees”.  Friends,  two words : “IT’S GOD”.  He’s speaking loudly to us that the end is near in this world as we know it.

7.  On APOSTASY,  Season’s “B”eatings on Black Friday madness as it spawned no less than 24 documented incidents : Two fatal shootings outside a Macy’s, fights, beatings, even over shoes, others over CANDY in Walmarts and outside parking lots.  And speaking of parking lots, parking lot “road rage”.  Yep, helter skelter Black Friday, so chocked full of material world stuff.  God’s judgement as we biffed Him.

8.  More, 2nd most popular name in the UK is Mohammad.  Oliver is #1.  I tell you, “They’re coming, Obama has opened  the gates and Trump can’t stop it”.

9.  Speaking of Obama and his 8 years of delusional bliss that has put America into the thick mucky messy soup of satan’s tentacles : 60% of Americans now favor the legalization of marijuana this year as opposed to 12% in 1969.  My take, medical marijuana, yes, all other no.

10.  Terrible deadly loss of 36 lives and counting, in the eerie-looking Oakland, Calif. art warehouse inferno death trap was a literal hell on earth event.  Patrons there for a “concert” inside the dilapidated, filthy building where several demonic artistic faces were painted outside on the art building.  You saw them.  God’s judgement has struck again on this horrific event.  FYI, also noticed the plethora of tattoos, body piercing, people with pink spiked hair etc., etc. on the survivors who were interviewed. May they read : Lev. 19:28 : “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh, nor print any marks upon you; I am the Lord”.   What can I say?  This nation of ours has lost it’s morals and values that are beholding to God who created us all individually in  His likeness. May we keep our compass clean.


Sooo, there it is, along with the 5 divine miracles sprinkled in the midst of heavy doses of ugly rancor and wars and rumors of wars in the Middle East and Russia and EU disintigration.   The 5 are shining lights of our Lord calling us “YET AGAIN” in His divine and special way to come to Him in this DARK WORLD of satan here and satan there and satan everywhere.  Friends, surely you can concur there aren’t too many “YET AGAINS” in His bag to bring us to Him.  You know, it’s a fearful thing to one day soon to come to bow down to an angry God.  To avoid this, all it takes is to have Jesus, His beautifully wonderful Son.  And if not, we have Hell, an angry never ending unquenchable fire-eating Hell.  If that doesn’t scare the beejeebers out of us, nothing will, as we’re nothing but morbid, passionless, and heartless robots then waiting out our life with nothingness, only to rust with no rest in satan’s home where the worm never dies.

Sooo, what an infinitely powerful 2 line scripture is this that you can punch your ticket to heaven with to avoid satan’s grasp, and it’s so simple : Romans 10:13 : “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.  Now that’s just got to be so very comforting.

God willing, see you the week before Christmas.  May God Bless You Very Much and an early Merry Christmas to you.  A racist, deplorable, and unredeemable,  Paul Grevas  Not really of course.

(I’m so happy she failed by the way)………