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Welcome Everybody.  So So much prophetic news if you can put the pieces together on such shocking events this past week.  Much of which has been purposely missed or misinterrupted by our feckless phony news media full of fake lies and deceptions. Oh, FAKE NEWS, which breeds no objective truth and blinds us all to the truth as everything now appears to be “relative” anymore.  And what a fitting scripture in this 5,777th year of our Lord : Matthew 24 : 26 : “Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold he is in the desert, go not forth; behold, he is in the secret chambers, believe it not”.  Just like the epic deception going on now with the Russian Hack which Obama blames Putin for or the dark secrets going on in dark rooms in New York, Paris, and our Darkhouse like we are all “pinballs”.  So, LET’S GET TO IT !!

1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape”.


ISRAEL’S Prophetic Sprout = Now in the final month of 360 months of 30 long dreadful years since the first Palestinian uprising,  the Intifada of 1987 and ensuing International call for a Peace Agreement for “2 States for 2 peoples living side by side in Peace and Security”  = Genesis 15:18 : “The Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates”.  Sooo :

1.  The prophetic, ever elusive Peace Process the hot “eye of the tiger” for world stability in Israel today.   And things just got hotter.  LOOK :

2.  For the 3rd time the Dec. 21 French Peace Initiative in Paris is now delayed, reserved until an “unspecified date prior to Jan. 20th” for the third time, that being Obama’s last day in office, Praise the Lord.  Reason for latest cancellation is the same as the prior one,  Bibi refuses to go and participate.  Bravo Bibi.

3.  Israel is rolling the dice believing these talks will stall to see which way Obama is leaning at the UNS Council.

4.  However, Palestinian’s new Ambassador to the U.S., Zomlot, has been told by France that President Hollande, etc. have already set the wheels in motion to I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T this 2-State-Solution-Process by Jan. 20th.  Only God knows if this is FAKE NEWS.

5.  With that said, it appears now that Obama, the delusional miestro himself, is the FINAL lynch pin who holds the cards on Israel’s fate to carve her or not to carve her up.

6.   How do “YOU” shape this logic : Obama’s Legacy, where Obamacare, the Iran Deal, free immigration, his Russia and Syria Big Fails, and his utter Executive Orders will soon be “expunged” on Jan. 20th Trump Inauguration.  So what will he have left in his poor pants but to claim his Legacy to be the guy that got the 2-State-Solution accomplished.  This is “MY” take, you decide.

7.   And if he does squat, whimpers away, this is still a clear path to create the situation of a new Palestinian State where just by his “Abstention” to do nothing, a clear de-facto Palestinian State will be created.

8.  Further, it will be impossible for Trump or Congress to subvert this decision.  Should this happen, Oh Dear Lord, Jerusalem, God’s Holy city will be ripped up the gut in half and will hand most of the Holy sites to a Dad-Gum made up-people that never existed.  Friends, WATCH YOUR WATCH, the stage is now set before our very eyes that has been spoken over the Centuries by Bible scholar after Bible scholar for this Covenant with Death to happen.  And then there is God : Isaiah 28:18 : “And your covenant with death shall be DISANNULLED and your agreement with Hell shall not stand”.  Friends, Do you get it?  DISANNULLED means voided, cancelled.  It means there “WILL” be a faulty, short term demonic 2-Statw-Solution right smack before our eyes.  And woe to this world when it happens and hello “Great” Trib :  Daniel 9:27 : “And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  Do you get thaat 2 letter word “HE”.  Some guy is going to take charge to get this thing done in Paris or New York most probably next month.  Wallapaloza!!  WE ARE THERE.

9.  On all the above, ONLY CAVEAT, it just happened at midnight last night : Amona Settlers have just settled with the Jewish High Court to move next door in the West Bank area.  Did Pandora’s Box just break open as surely all Palestinians , all Arabs, all Muslims will call foul play as the Amona failure to adhere to the initial ruling would have set a precedent for all future Settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem.  And now Israel has scrapped it.  And then, and then, Hello Psalms 83 War.  It’s Katie bar the door, no UNSC vote, no cute little Frenchi vote, no nothing but for the wildmen of Gen. 16:12 to go on a ballistic rampage.

10.  And this will not help, only more prophetic flares :  Cabinet pick General Mad Dog Mattix in 2013 : “The current situation of Israel is unsustainable.  Settlements are obstructing the possibility of a 2-State-Solution”.   Good Night Irene, General Mattix, is not toast, he’s burnt toast.  That’s BAD.

11. Nor will this, even Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, a staunch supporter of Israeli Settlements will not be toast, but “burnt” toast as well to mediate.  That’s profoundly BAD BAD.

12.  Samarian Regional Council blasts Bibi who, on “60 Minutes” commented his hope was Trump’s help in achieving a 2-State-Solution.  Bad Bibi, Bad.  You’re screwing me up.

13.  UN reiterates it’s demand for “Israel to vacate the Golan Heights it is OCCUPYING”.  Osh by Gosh, they are positively, indiscriminently, INSANE to say this as a 450,000 Syrian complete meltdown of humanity is going on just 100 miles away.  Cry a green river.  UGHHH!!  Wish I could do something.  I’m so little; Up to God now : Exodus 3:14 : “And God said to Moses, I AM THAT I AM and say to the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me to you”.  That is to deliver the Jews freedom from Egypt, I feel better now.

14.  ISIS, for 1st time EVER, shoots rocket into Israel from the Sinai.  Rocket goes gaga awry.  Even so, the barbarians are at Israel’s Southern door now.

15.  Leading Torah Scholar Elijah ben Zalmon of the 18th Century : “If the ships of the Kingdom of Russia cross the Bosphorous Sea (NW Turkey), we need to put on our Shabbat clothes because this is telling you the Messiah’s coming is closer”.  Friends, 10 Russian Naval Warships are in the East Mediterranean Sea off Syria.  Been there since Nov. 30.

16.  The 2,000 year old saga of the return of Jacob’s sheep to Israel exactly as per Ezek. 34:12 : “I will deliver my sheep out of all places wither they have been scattered in the day of clouds and thick darkness”.  Eleven flights of this bloodline left Canada and arrived Nov. 28th is Israel, the day the fires were put out by heavy rains, rains that were 100% absent in dry North Israel for 8 months.  WOW!!!  Coincidence, Schmoincidence

17.  Trump team lands in Israel to search out a future Embassy site in Jerusalem.  WOW!! again.

18.  Hamas offers to share it’s rocket arsenal with any Arab army willing to use them against Israel.  They can’t even hit the broadside of a giant barn.

19.  On Israel horrific wildfires : Muslim Social Media blurt out : “May Allah burn every city in Israel”.  As Muslims parade in joy in the West Bank – and they want P-E-A-C-E remember.  Jerks.

20.  Israel Air Force launches several missiles at 4 AM in the morning destroying a chemical weapons storage facility just West of Damascus enroute to Hezbollah.  Bibi : “Had this been a successful transfer it would have been a game-changer against us”.  That’s all folks.


AMERICA’S Prophetic Sprout = The 2 newest most powerful prophetic words this year = FAKE NEWS = Matthew 24 : “And many false prophets shall arise and DECEIVE many”.  Friends, today, the End of Days is here to be sure as FAKE NEWS can even have Christian’s minds tested to be pinballs orchestrated by our media and the Darkhouse of deception in D.C., the pinball wizards.  Make no mistake, FAKE NEWS = DECEPTION.  Exactly why Jesus mentioned this word “4” times in a 20 verse span in Matthew 24.  LOOK :


1.  First and foremost, Obama is our 44th President.  Not Numerology, not the World, not the Greek, not the Hebrew word, but the BIBLICAL WORD for #44 = Division, Judgement of the World.  Google it up yourself.  Without getting into his 8 years of perpetual lies to us all, how tough is our fearless leader this week in his lies and strength regarding the Russian Hack Attack.  LOOK :

2.  He orders Josh Earnest to tell the world that the Russian Hack Attack on the Presidential Election was to prevent a Hillary win.  And that Putin authorized it.

3.  And now the media and liberals and electors of electoral college and the CIA and just recently “curiously albeit” the FBI have gone gaga in lululand.  Our entire Congress and we, the people, don’t know who to believe anymore.  Did the Russians do it?  Did Trump call on Russia to do it?  Never before in U.S. history has this occurred.  Will this FAKE NEWS be the “strong delusion” of 1 Thes. 2:11 that all we will have left is to believe lie, after lie, after lie : “And for this cause, God shall send them STRONG DELUSION that they should believe a lie”.

4.  a)  Obama’s “poodle-ness” in strength with Putin’s aggressiveness on hacking the U.S. says last Sept. face to face : “Now CUT IT OUT or there will be serious consequences”.  Arf Arf..   b)  Then Obama says in his final Press Conference, PTL, : “Hillary wasn’t treated fairly and I told Russia to STOP IT.  We will pursue a thoughtful and methodical response of action”.  Double Arf, Arf .  Knowing he has the clout of only 32 days left, of course he talks tough, again, all words, all lies, no action will he take, in his final month.  Right!!

5.  Congress imposes another 10 years of sanctions on Iran.  Obama refuses to sign it.  Bill passes anyway.

6.  Obama’s send out Christmas card, saying not 1 single word of Merry Christmas, not anything on Jesus.

7.  The little Misses (?) on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show says : “We are now feeling what not having hope feels like”.  Yep, #44 President, D-I-V-I-S-I-O-N.

8.  On Obama’s futile failure on foreign relations, says last week : “The rise of ISIL was a surprise to us and to U.S. Intelligence”.  Yep, despite 31 warnings.

9.  Also recall his legacy setting debacle of the red line in Syria when it came to chemical weapons : “If you (Syria) cross the red line, you’ll be held accountable and there will be consequences”. Well, 1,400 deaths, ugly burning poison ones, with innocent children and old included, I tell you, he’ll remember this lie to his last day on earth as his unacceptable response was to “negotiate” a ceasefire.  Geez Louise, what a bunk.  And now there’s 450,000 dead and counting.

10.  Thanks Obama for the most remarkably reprehensible goon goof from a world leader since WWII for such a most malicious humanitarian slaughter of life that could have been averted from such a “great” power as USA.


As the lunatic press and media led by CNN is running around hurry scurry like a hairless terrier, other nefarious things from this dark deceptive Administration :

1.  Iran currently signs a $16 billion deal with U.S. for a slew of planes with Boeing.  What the heck is going on??  Iran!!

2.  U.S. Think Tank Council on Foreign Relations says a NATO versus Russian War is billed for the top risk for America in 2017.

3.  Obama’s top official Climate Change, the 1-World-Order Trojan horse, Sally Jewell : “If you see science being altered or compromised, speak up”.  Referring to Trump of course who calls Climate Change a “hoax” and who’s EPA pick Sen Pruitt of Oklahoma is a Global Warming skeptic denier.  Bravo Donald, you tough guy.

4.   As Chuck Schumer, Dem. Senate leader says of Pruitt : “He couldn’t be more out of touch with reality.  He is a FOUR-ALARM fire”.

5.  Also, the Sierra Club : “He is an arsonist in charge of controlling fires”.  Also, Human Rights Council : “Liberal heads are exploding, yet where are they”?

6.  Also, Senator Brian Shantz of Hawaii : “We are going to do everything we can to stop his nomination”.

7.  And not to be denied on Trump’s selections, Mayor DiBlasio of New York offers Trump Therapy Sessions for city employees that are “distressed” after elections.  Oh my, those poor cry babies, running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

8.  John Brennan, devout Muslim, and oh, yes, our CIA director was first to spout off on attack that the Russian Did It.  FBI, National Security, Homeland Security, were in disbelief until something, something funny, something secret that changed all their minds this past week to now be aligned singing the exact same tune as CIA and Obama folks.  We’ll never know, it’s all FAKE NEWS friends.  PTL we have an anchor in Jesus.

9.  Speaking of Russian hack, I gotta tell you, I’m one of those who gives Vladdy Putin credit for being spot on, short and sweet in words, to the point versus the billion and kazillion words our darkhouse and their media horse are squawking on the “HACK” Obama believes in.  Putin says : “PROVE IT OR DON’T SPEAK”.  Case closed.

10.  Trump’s rebuttal to all the media on the FAKE NEWS that has absolutely exploded in America as never before : “The media is a pack of liars, especially CNN”.  Got that right.

11.  Washington Post warns Evangelicals : “…..of dangerous consequences of all their rhetoric against mainstream media”.  Arf, Arf.

12.  Democratic lawmakers demand Trump to pay for Security at his New York home.  Hmmm!!  And Obama and the Misses (?) have spent $85 million in 8 years on vacations and trips plus they just went ALOHA to Hawaii this weekend, expenses to be added on later to the bill, to be sure  Yeah, Obama, quite a man.

13.  Sooo, what else can I say on Trump election but :  a)  It was a miracle win, divine from God for a reason we shall soon see explode in our face and we’ll say : “MAH” the Jewish word for “WHAT” for the #45th President, as per Perry Stone.  b)  Is he a good or sinister man for America?  I don’t know.  We gotta WATCH.  c)  God forbid, will he possibly be “assassinated” as 3 Presidents were for speaking out against the Federal Reserve and obtaining highly classified secrets.  Those being John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, and Garfield.  We Pray, We Watch.

2 Timothy 3:1 : “This know also, that in the last days PERILOUS TIMES SHALL COME”.


Asia’s Prophetic Sprout = Discintigrating ALEPPO, SYRIA’S near replica blueprint of destruction and ruins of death coming soon to Damascus in Isaiah 17: 1,14 : “Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, it shall be a ruinous heap.  Behold, at evening tide trouble, and BEFORE the morning, he is not”.  Got that??  How about this scenerio coming soon : Golan border between Israel and Syria goes HOOEYY, Israel Air Defense strikes Damascus at 3 AM; it’s over, BOOM, just like that.


1.  Millions and billions of Obama Administration and fake Media words on Russian Hack Attack and all that squirrelling around like little terriers and Russia says 4 simple words : “Produce proof, stop talking”.  That says it all, as CNN and ABC reporters getting hyperventilated trying to fill up news time on TV hour after hour.

2.  With that said, Putin is a most brutal beast of a man : After 3 humanitarian evacuation truce ceasefires in about 1 week in Aleppo, Russia now says all children, mothers, and old are gone and will resume destroying Aleppo down to the Last Man Standing by Dec. 31.  Mass exodus of green bus convoys carrying over 10,000 helpless to the core.  Aid agencies say over 50,000 remain and their fate is “death, merciless death” if the convoys stop.  God Bless them so much.  You watch TV, you’ve seen it.  I’ve cried watching helpless little children walking the streets looking for their dead parents.

3.  Friends, the trend is your friend.  Look what the smiling Russian Bear has done with it’s ugly tentacle grabs : Georgia, Crimea, East Ukraine, Syria.  And Libya and Khazakstan simply said, “come on down” to avoid conflict.

4.  Putin orders 5,000 bomb shelters required to be completed by Dec. 31.  Too bad, they missed the deadline.  They got done last week.  Seriously, why the 5,000?


1.  All about ALEPPO, Syria’s once largest city of over 2,000,000 now has approx. 125,000 left.  No words can describe the mass brutal mayhem of such a complete meltdown of humanity, horrific carnage to mothers and children, in the throws of death everywhere and we’re buying Christmas presents and baking dark chocolate peppermint cake.  Yes, I’m guilty too of this Pagan phenomenon of which I am regrettably partaking, considering what’s going on in Aleppo.

2.  Syrian mothers asking Christian priests to kill their kids so they don’t suffer anymore and prevent Assad’s hellish demon Syrian army from charging recklessly into homes, tearing down doors and shooting the helpless mothers, old and dear children that don’t understand.  Exactly what the butchers got caught on camera doing in row houses, 1 by 1 where Fox News reported 83 dead in 20 hours. And where the HECK is the UN, United Nothing to be sure.


1.  Iran leaders going ballistic on Trump threats to tear apart the Iran Deal from Hell and 10 year Sanction extension by Congress.

2.  President Rouhani : “The U.S. has violated the Nuclear Deal.  The head of our Atomic Energy Org. will start planning the development of nuclear marine propulsion warships.

3.  Iran’s Defense Minister : “Donald Trump could trigger a World War and the destruction of Israel if he provokes us”.

4.  More Iranian filthy military mocking : Not quite Disneyland, but Iran opens a Theme Park called Jihadi-Land.  Here young kids can go have a snow-cone, eat a hot-dog and go to various dodge, duck and shoot venues and shoot dead “mock” Israeli soldiers.  You know I don’t make this deluded stuff up, but satan’s coyote minions have a dreadfully brilliant mind of their own.


1.  Whackamole, U.S. military says over 50,000 hyena’s killed, 50,000 remain.  Yep, getting nowhere fast.

2.  Calm, quiet, fitting into the crowd, an ISIS female drops off a high-kill bomb in Egypt’s largest Coptic Christian Catholic Cathedral in Cairo.  Walks away, BOOM, 50 Christians slaughtered.

3.  ISIS retakes control of ancient city of Palmyra.  Syria’s army fights back, murders 55 via dumping chemical weapons of Assad on them.  Proof : all the dead had no visible injuries.  I don’t know, evil killing evil.  Only God will end this.


Recall Cher’s song : “And the Beat Goes On “.  Well, 44 Turkish cops killed in car bomb blast in Istanbul. Reports split, some say ISIS, some say Kurds, Death is death.  Friends, and I’m not even reporting over 400 deaths in several African nations. Satan is blooming and frolicking everywhere.


1.  Fuming, still fuming on Trump phone call with Taiwan : China Press : “If the Pres.-Elect of U.S. Disrupts  our 1-China-Policy (ie includes Taiwan and South China Sea), our relations will force a RELOOK”.  Can you say full-blown Trade War.

2.   More fuming, China installs most provocational weaponry throughout Islands in South China Sea as a rebuttal to Trump’s phone call with Taiwan.  This buildup they say can now “combat any foreign aggression”.

3.  China’s Yaun hits 8 and 1/2 year low to the Dollar as repatriation has bumped the #1 status China has boasted about for almost 20 years as being the “largest buyer of U.S. Treasury’s.  Friends, if this retaliatory strike against Trump goes on, WE ARE TOAST as U.S. depends on China buying our debt to keep $20 trillion American debt rolling and re-rolling.  By the by, Japan now #1 powerhouse of U.S. debt.  THIS IS BIGGG.


1.  EU’s Prophetic Sprout = Greatest Anti-Semitism this last month since the evil on Jews began in 1938 = Matthew 24:9 : “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake”.  LOOK !!

2.  First in pockets of a group here, a neighborhood there, or an insignificant part of a nation, anti-Jewish murmers.   And now, WOW !! : Anti-Semitism running rampant in Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Be Ne Lux and Sweden who’s Prime Minister’s top aides went to visit Bibi and Bibi refused them because of Anti-Jewish rants in Sweden’s cities.  Chants in Germany : “Jews should be gassed.  Jews should be burned”.  Throughout the EU, which now has 51 million Muslims, 10% of the EU : “Not Is-rael,  but Isra-hell”.  Jewish protesters not screaming “Death to Israel”, but screaming “Death to Jews”.

3.  Germany’s Angela Merkel, a solid, stoic Globalist attempts to stave off only a “smidgeon” of burgeoning Nationalism against the Muslim refugees now calls for “Burka Ban”.  Good Night Irene.

4.  EU report warns 1,400 ISIS barbaric goons strategically within the EU lying in wait from leaders for word “GO”.

5.  UK Intelligence Chief Alex Younger : “Britain now faces an unprecedented threat from ISIS”.

6.  This, after  1,000 plus Islamic protesters shut down major British streets in London demanding a Caliphate.  UGGHHH!!

7.  EU leaders preparing for massive civil unrest as multiple catastrophies engulfing their continent.  Sources = Mass Muslim immigration, unprecedented terror since WWII, uncontrolled economic issues, Nationalism “Trumping” Globalism since Trump’s miracle win.  They predict Civil War in 2017 and Social unrest never seen before on the streets.  We watch because as EU “implodes”, the Anti-Christ will explode “out of this by deception and flattery of a quick fixer for all”.  And EU citizens will suck it up, right up.  A leader at last.  Yep, KAPOW!!  Daniel 11:21 ; “He shall come in peaceably and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries”.  Biblical # for 666 = Anti-Christ.  Biblical # for 777 = Jesus.  This year in Jewish calendar is year 5777 through September 22, 2017, the eve of the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12.  Case closed.

8.  The Euro drops to it’s lowest point in 14 years to the Dollar.  It’s at 1.04, FYI.  Dark Dark days ahead.

9.  After Italy’s President Renzi resigns, Italy’s 3rd largest bank, Monte de Paschi is in a default, survival day to day.  At least Death Spiral Duetsche Bank, largest bank in Europe now has a little sister.


1.  Pope’s Prophetic Sprout = his mouth = Revelation 13:11 : “And I behold another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and spake as a dragon”.

2.  If he’s not utilizing his crafty council to unite the world’s religions or painting a broad brush on LGBT and Radical Islamic terror he’s all over Climate Change, the Trojan horse of the way to unite the world into the One World Order.  Look, he just approved a new rule for new Catholic Priests to prepare to confidently preach “Global Warming”.  A Pope honey for sure this Climate Change garbage.

3.  Recall in Pope’s Encyclical on the environment last June, just one of the many many anti-Jesus and anti-God remarks where he calls “Mother Earth” as our “Sister” : “Our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who embraces us”.  Where is Jesus.   Where is Almighty God who created this sister and mother?  Right! Make no mistake friends, he’s using this soft warm and cozy talk to enhance the raw political world power he craves from his bully pulpit.  If he fails to repent to the Son of God, I say he owns Rev. 13:11-18.  Take Rev. 13:14 : “And he (False Prophet) deceiveth them that dwell on the earth …..”.



1.  Largest a 7.9 magnitude near Papua by Indonesia, 3 foot tsunamis.

2.  Others : Solomon Islands, a 7.8 Indonesia, a 6.8 left 43,000 homeless and 120 died.  West China, 6.2. Trinidad, a 6.3.

3.  And scary in U.S., two 4.0s and a whopping 6.5 about Ferndale in Northern California.  Step by step, inch by inch, Matthew 24:7 getting closer and closer : “…..earthquakes in diverse places”.  Friends, diverse places like Ferndale, Indonesia, unpopulated West China fits will here.

4.  And this is hair-raising : 4 swarms of 120 quakes in 5 days shake Mt. St. Helens near Seattle.  Scientists conclude that with this, this is proof that the dreaded volcano is now “recharging” for a BIG ONE soon.  Oh boy, we’re 550 miles away in Helena, Montana.


1.  So many lost KIDS today :  a)  Have you seen the cover of National Geographic : A “9-year old Transgender girl or boy, I don’t know.  Cover Title : “Understanding our Evolving Understandings of Definition of Genders”.  What can I say?  HeShe is sooo very lost.  We pray someone tells them lost children of Jesus. b)  Two 12 year old boys, a 12 year old girl and an “8” year old boy demand a man’s laptop in New York City, he refuses, they knock him out, take his laptop and headphones and SCRAM, their gone.  Caught later.  c)  Police catch 13 year old girl in Oklahoma just hours before committing a mass-shooting at her school.

2.  In Boca Raton. Florida, satanic groups display 6 foot high Pentagram for city’s annual Holiday Parade.  Permit granted by city, display will stay, smack in total view as parade goes marching on, and on, and on, and then, hello Great Tribulation.

3.   World spent $1.57 trillion on weapons and arms in 2015.  2 Peter 3:10 : “……the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth shall be burned up on the Day of the Lord”.  We’re so close?  Right!

4.  Six Georgia cops shot in 6 days.  Two were killed, one is critical.

5.  Heroin deaths in 2016 at all time high.  A 286% increase from 12 years ago.

6.  Fifty statues of Jesus either “defaced or decapitated” in West Germany’s Munsterland.  I call it Monsterland.  Sickos.  Friends, what dithering and morally reprehensible atrocities.  I picked 6 here out of hundreds I’d say.  And what SCUM some parents are today.


Sooo, there it is.  Let’s put this messy decaying world into a most foreboding perspective for what we are now facing in these End of Days :  a)  First, the recent Biblical Blood Moons (see my Charts Category on Home Page), unprecedented in world history in their symmetry, were the “warnings” and the “omens” for coming Judgement.  b)  Second, the Virgo Constellation Cellestial Alignments, the only “Great Sign” or “Great Wonder” of the Bible, and the absolute “Last Heavenly Sign” in the Bible, in Revelation 12, just 5 and 1/2 pages from the Bible’s end, is God’s Last Call for Salvation.  Please click Facebook on Home Page for so much more irrefutable evidence that this Constellation is the Real Deal next year.  It is 279 days away from today, to Sept. 23, where only God knows what will happen,  but keep your candle lit.   c)  Third, what else, but the J word.  Not J for Jesus, He’s gone with His Church.  But J for Judgement and the “Great” Trib.  And this report should SHAKE anyone to believe that prophetic Judgement is beginning to trickle down from Heaven TODAY, prophetic flare by prophetic flare. Just look around.  The ever evasive potential Israel carve up by the UN and or Obama is of utmost importance for you to WATCH what transpires in the next 30 days.

Sooo, be with Jesus so that sin has no claim on you.  Remember, when we were “lost” in the bondage of sin, we were “found” because God sent His Son Jesus to redeem us.  Soon, we can say Hello Eternal Life when we meet and kiss Jesus’ feet and be with Him forever and forever and forever.  Merry Christmas and May God Bless You All Very Much.  Paul Grevas

Revelation 3:11 : “Behold, I come quickly”