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ALERT ALERT, 12/23/2016

Well he did it.  Our shady slimy secret slippery Obama finally did it.  He stabbed Israel right thru the heart.  Had our Ambassador to the UN “ABSTAIN” on the UNSCouncil vote condemning building of Jewish Settlements in Israel.  This condemnation is an outright vote from this monster and the perverse UN to open Pandora’s Box as the Palestinians will now take this to the house as their opening to consummate a 2-State Solution which will convene in Paris Jan. 15th.  What a farce and back stabber we have to do this most horrific act while golfing and sun bathing on vacation in Hawaii.  The damage is done war is now surely imminent.  To God be the Glory to show us He will guide Israel thru this fire as next month these jackals and hyenas in Paris attempt to produce what God calls the covenant with death in Isaiah 28:18 in which He will disannull this agreement with Hell.  We WATCH as Bible Prophecy has just exploded more than at any time in my or your life.  Paul Grevas