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Zech. 12: 8,9 :  “In THAT DAY shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem.  And it shall come to pass IN THAT DAY I will seek to destroy all the nations that shall come against Jerusalem”.

Welcome Everybody.  Ohh dear Great God Almighty, we praise you and glorify you for enabling we the people of this generation to be the chosen ones to witness the irrefutable fact of “THAT DAY” in the above scripture is upon us.  Friends, so so much to tell.  I only regret I’m not a proficient Technical Writer to expertly package the despotic and disdainful vote our evil Pres. procured at the UNSC just hours before Hanukkah Eve & Christmas Eve that stabbed Israel in the back, the front, the head, you call it.  His abstention on the UN’s call for a Resolution to “Demand to end all Israeli Settlements over Occupied Palestinian Lands” is absolutely unprecedented.  The other 14 jackal nations were a 14-0 unanimous vote to condemn Israel.

Our petulant pervert of a Pres. just abandoned Israel in front of the world.  Friends, this is Obama’s fate now : Rev. 3:15,16 : “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot.  So because thou art LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will SPUE thee out of my mouth”.

The following are events and expressed remarks by Bibi and others you won’t hear most of on TV.  I’ll call the portion on the UN vote PART I.  And PART II shall be John Kerry’s 72 minute case for the 2-State-Solution.  Sooo, LET’S GO :


Bibi says :

1.  “Friends don’t take friends to the UN”.

2.  “This was a reckless and destructive Resolution”.

3.  “Obama Administration not only failed to protect Israel against this gang-up at the UN, they collaborated with them behind the scenes”.  Friends, you KNOW Obama is a master of secretives in dark rooms on holiday weekends just like Christmas and Hanukkah.

4.  An unabashed, furious Bibi : “Israel rejects the anti-Israel Resolution at the UN and WILL NOT abide by it’s terms”.

5.  “At a time when the UN does nothing to stop the slaughter of half a million people in Syria, it disgracefully gangs up on the one true democracy in the Middle East”.

6.  Alluding to our Man of Marvel : “What a shameful diplomatic ambush of an act you perpetrated.  You just voted NO to Israel/Palestine negotiations”.

7.  Bibi summons U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro following the UN condemnation of Settlements and Occupying Palestinian land.

8.  Also severs ties with Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Ukraine, New Zealand, Senegal, many others that backed the vote.  Friends, reread the opening scripture, I tell you, WE ARE THERE.  Remember, the unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons were omens for TODAY!!!!

9.  In an unprecedented stage in Israel/US relations, Bibi placed the bulk of the blame on Obama, our feckless, anti-Biblical, loser of an outgoing Pres. for organizing, advancing and getting a vote.  Make no mistake, our Pres. willfully orchestrated just another opportunity to take a parting shot at Bibi.  Proof :

10.  a)  Bibi’s spokesman, David Keyes : “We have IRONCLAD information from both Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the U.S. and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place”.  WOW!!  If that indisputable evidence does not show Obama’s “true colors” by refusing to veto a most vehemently anti-Israel Resolution breaking a 37 year U.S. policy.  b)  Bibi : “We have absolutely incontestable evidence the Obama Administration is behind the UN vote”.

11.  More of tough Bibi : “We will do all it takes so Israel emerges unscathed from this shameful decision”.

12.  I’ll say.  Look : On Dec. 25th, Christmas and Hanukkah Day, approves 600 new homes in East Jerusalem and plans for 5600 more in Judea and Sameria in defiance of the UN crap.

13.  Bibi’s spokesman David Keyes on slippery, slimy Obama’s + UN covert vote : “Obama was behind the Resolution.  This information is not in doubt.  It’ll be showed only with the new Trump Admin.

14.  Bibi again : “This is a betrayal of Israel by the U.S.”.

15.  Friends, when you merge Obama and company’s ugly tentacles on their collusion to get this UN vote with the UN’s absolutely absurd, if not insane, order to cede the Temple Mount, to cede the Western Wall of Prayer, to cede the Holy Site Quarter of East Jerusalem from Israel to Palestine, what will this pillage and rape produce?  How about among so so many others, Zeph. 2: 4,5 : “Gaza shall be forsaken.  The land of the Phillistines, I will destroy thee, that there shall be NO inhabitant”.  Case closed.


1.  The ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, info on Obama’s remarks, other than being absolutely infuriated by Trump’s interference with Bibi has come from his robot spokesman Ben Rhodes for PART I, on the UN vote : “The existing Settlements have no validity and are flagrant violations of International Law.  Netanyahu has only himself to blame for being knifed in the back for failing to heed repeated U.S. warnings against Settlement activity”.  That 2 legged bum.  And for 1 week now, that Dad-Gum Obama lays low in Hawaii golfing his petunia off.  I’m sorry friends, as the world burns, he golfs.


The 2 standout UNSC implications against Israel at the UNSC vote are :

1.  “This Resolution makes Israeli citizens involved in Settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem vulnerable to lawsuits in courts worldwide”.

2.   “Also lawsuits against Netanyahu, the Israeli Gov’t., other ministers, the IDF, and for those who demolish Palestinian homes”.

3.  Friends, you can bet your brains that the Palestinians are all over this as this UN vote was a solid victory as it opens many more doors now for a Palestinian State.


1. Although the Resolution is not ironclad binding, this damage is very long-lasting.

2.  It cannot not be overturned unless permanent UNSC members China or Russia to rescind their vote and that will never happen as they’ve never backed Israel ever.

3.  Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and Tom Cotton will push to withhold millions of dollars from the UN should they not backtrack the vote.

4.  FYI. : Israel’s had more Resolutions against her than Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea combined.  Give me a break!!

5.  You know, why don’t some big realtor syndicate take the UN building and just turn it into condos?


Friends, this is merely Part I of at least II or III or IV parts to carve up Israel in the next 22 days.  It was an unprecedented, unconscionable move by our deceptive Dark House.  This dastardly vote, with the morally incompetence of 1 stroke of Obama’s pen to authorize the abstention.  At this late stage of the game, everything has now been “BROKEN” as to US/Israel relations, imminent war as the new emboldenment now of extremists on both sides takes hold.   Yes, war, between Israelis and the wild Palestinian radical goons and the 2-State-Solution to boot.  Speaking of, how in the world, how in the universe could 130 “unconnected” Jewish Settlements in the disputed lands ever, EVER be united as “one” and double ditto for the countless Arab Settlements to ever be “CONNECTED” into one State of Palestine.  Impossible.  Remember the Alamo, remember Gaza, KABOOM in 2005.  It’s like Swiss cheese.  See my Facebook posts I put on and off monthly on my Facebook page.  I close Part I, the UN vote, with : Psalms 121:4 : “Behold, he that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps”.  And Isaiah 28:17,18 : “Judgement will I lay to the LINE,(ie border).  And the covenant with death shall be annulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand when the overflowing scourge shall pass through”.  Oh boy, U.S. is T-O-A-S-T!!


Sec. Kerry’s swan-song speech laying out parameters to a peaceful 2-State-Solution (2-S-S) and secure borders for two states living side by side.  Yes and then KAPOW!  1 Thes. 5:3 : “When they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them”.  Got the right!!  What can I say?  This cruel world is in lockstep with the coming of the Day of the Lord and Kerry’s speech did nothing less than polarize Israel with the Middle East, let alone the U.S.  Following here are statements from Kerry, Bib and others where this speech will attempt to strip Israel naked and that may set the world on fire in the next 22 days to Jan. 20th Inauguration.  LOOK :

KERRY’S STATEMENTS :  In front of a pre-selected audience by the way favorable to the 2-S-S as per CNN.

1.   “The 2-S-S is the only path to peace and the only way to ensure peace and security, living side by side, and freedom of dignity for the Palestinian people”.  Friends, note BIAS right out of the gate.  Good Night Irene.

2.  “Both sides must act now and Israel must WANT to share our practical suggestions for this uncomfortable truth”.

3.   “The weekend vote was to preserve the 2-S-S”.

4.  “No U.S. President has done more for Israel than President Obama.  We will always have Israel’s back”.  Dad-Gum liar pants on fire.

5.  “The 2-S-S is now in serious jeapordy with Israel’s Settlement activity”.  Mr. Kerry, there you go again.  BIAS.

6.  “Israel’s Settlements activity is consolidating control over the West Bank and East Jerusalem”.  Hmmm!!

7.  “The current Israeli Gov’t. coalition is the most far right in Israel’s history”.  Broken record friends.  This may or may not be true but is this gouge productive to get Israel to the table?  Certainly not.

8.  “Israel believes in one state, and that is a GREATER ISRAEL”.  Surely you get the drift now on his bias.  And FYI, Fox News said Kerry’s blasting the Settlement activity obstruction on Occupied lands was 65% of the entire speech.

9.   “I told Netanyahu that any further Settlement activity WILL REQUIRE UN ACTION.  We cannot, in good conscience turn a blind eye to this and that’s why we ABSTAINED last week”.

10.  “We oppose all unfettered Settlement activity as it opposes a 2-S-S and we WILL NOT ABIDE BY THIS”.  Friends, do you see the white-pistol hot dilemma Israel is facing against the world?  I sure do.

11.  “Israel has OCCUPIED East Jerusalem since the 6-day war in 1967.  That’s an impediment to peace for 50 years”.  Your “true colors” are showing, Mr. Kerry to be sure.

12.  “That impediment is driving Israel to a 2-S-S”.

13.  “Israel has to decide if it wants to be Jewish or Democratic”.  Friends, that statement hurts to the core.

14.  Then he lists “6” parameters the Obama Admin. guru’s have polished on the Good Ole’ 1967 lines and says : “We call both sides to change the equation to advance the 2-S-S reality on the ground by taking Palestinian land for Israel’s use and for Israel to transfer power from Area C to the Palestinians.  This is THE PATH President Obama and I have created for a 2-S-S”.  For crying in a bucket, Area C is the BULK of Judea and Samaria for cripes sake.  BIAS-BIAS-BIAS.  Friends, this statement is the climax, the lynch pin, the benchmark, the clarion call, the Kami-Kazi, moment for the entire Middle East to blow up.  And Kerry is such a big lie as several times he said only, ONLY Israel and Palestine must make ALL negotiations for a viable 2-S-S to succeed.  Very sour and deceptive man you are Kerry.  I call it “throw the Jews under the bus”.  Anyway, on the 6 parameters Kerry : “We offer the following comprehensive following principals for the solution”.  Yeah, like Hitler’s Final Solution and the Palestinian’s Death to Israel Solution :  a)  Provide secure borders based on 1967 borders with international swaps.  Yeah, that swap will be fair, YUK.  b)  Israel to vacate all presently occupied lands. P-R-E-S-E-N-T-L-Y, more YUK.  c)  Fulfill the 2-S-S, 1 Jewish and 1 Palestine State.  d)  Provide a solution for the Palestinian refugee issue.  e)  Provide and agree to share Jerusalem and protect the Holy Sites.  f)  Satisfy Israel’s security needs and end the conflict forever.  Friends, this gap of these parameters is absolutely galactic.  Bunch of Pro-Palestinian Christmas socks with gifts for sure.  No mention whatsoever of Israel’s most paramount condition : Recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish nation POOF, a no go, therefore it’s WAR.  AS KERRY CLOSES :

15.  “Israeli Settlements and the ENDLESS Occupation are moving towards a 1-S-S and that’s what most people don’t want”.

16.  “We cannot turn our eyes against the Palestinian people”.  Yep, true colors, Fake News Kerry who defended the UN vote in this speech. UGGHHH!!  What an aggregious and scandalous speech.

17.  AS I CLOSE :  Kerry and Obama want to scuttle the Settlement activity, at Israel’s expense else there will never-ever be a 2-S-S and use it for leverage in the next 22 days at the UN.  Just Watch.

BIBI’S STATEMENTS,  A most pointed rebuke  :

1.  “Sec. Kerry’s speech was a pathetic step.  It undermines and was skewed against Israel”.

2.  “My disappointment in Kerry’s speech was as diappointing as the UN vote”.

3.  Fires back hard : “I reject Kerry’s speech. It’s dead in the water”.

4.  “He spent most of his speech on condemning Israel”.

5.  “This policy speech has caused great great damage.  We have incontestable evidence that the U.S. brought this vote about and it’s the tip of the iceberg”.

6.   Bibi detests Obama and finger points on camera : “Obama, stop this game, this charade.  Say to us you will NOT allow the UN to dictate our future and veto ANY resolution”.  As Obama golfs in cutoffs in Hawaii.  Peshaww!!

7.  “This speech was a tremendous disappointment.  Sec. Kerry only paid LIP SERVICE on the terrorism Israel is facing”.

8.  “This is a BETRAYAL of Pres. Obama”.

9.  “The core of the conflict is to recognize Israel’s right to exist”.

10.  “I can only express my regret that Sec. Kerry, after 8 years, cannot see the simple truth.  It’s a shame he cannot see this.  Therefore we don’t need to be LECTURED by foreign lecturers”.  CLOSING ON BIBI:

11.   “Sec. Kerry didn’t even claim how to remedy the UN vote.  His focus on Settlements is almost an obsession”.  Bravo Bibi.


1.  Naftali Bennett, tough right wing leader, a)  : “Obama and Kerry have abandoned Israel”.  b)  “We will never stop our Settlements.  All Jerusalem, East and West is our eternal capital”.

2.  Dory Gold, ex-Israel Ambassador : “Kerry again kept revisited the rebordering of East Jerusalem.  This will not happen”.

3.  Danny Ayalon, ex-Israeli Ambassador : “The Palestinians will always refuse to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish State.  Kerry’s speech was only academic, as all have been for the last 23 years since Oslo.  No clear vision for the region.  And then there’s Iran, so much stronger now and a perpetuate supporter of Gaza, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians”.

4.  Trump : “Israel used to have a great friend in the U.S. not any more”.

5.  Super Scholar Aavon David Miller : “This speech will not have legs to go forward”.

6.  Pres. Abbas : “We’ll resume talks only if Israel stops building of all Settlements and acknowledges all UNSC votes”.  Yep, even the dreadful Dec. 23 slashing of Israel.  KAPOW! Dead End, will never work.

7.  Diana Butto, Palestinian spokeswoman : “Kerry’s speech did not do it”.  Poor poor Kerry, you couldn’t even pack sand with them.  And neither could golfin’ Obama to fulfill his putridly evil legacy on accomplishing the 2-S-S.  Only successful legacy he will sordidly limp away with is an evil deligitimate legacy, approvable only by satan himself on Israel.


1.  My take : Sides will now be further apart than ever until that man of perdition enters and does the dirty deed.  More Specifically :

2.  What a better way than for satan to paint such a panoramic world-wide window at the 11:59 P.M. hour of the game to feature his star pupil evil Obama’s going out in flames of glory by accomplishing his dreadful deeds against Israel in the next 22 days.  LOOK at this demonic suspense filled QUADRIFECTA that will shake Israel to their core :

a)  Dec. 23, the dastardly UNSC vote where Obama abstained in his reknowned “lukewarm” fashion.

b)  Dec. 28, his robot Sec. Kerry delivered a most condescending speech against Israel.

c)  And are you ready for this : Using these 2 tentacles of the devil to “set-up” the final “stab in the heart” this time in the looming Paris  Peace Conference Jan. 15th of carving up Israel, using Settlements as their ace in the hole for a 2-S-S.

d)  And the closing act shortly there after, BUT before the stroke of midnight Jan. 20th, KAPOW, the UNSC will utilize the TRIFECTA above to strip Israel naked and THEY will create a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital.  Then, our lonely Lone Ranger Kemo Sabe and his side-kick Tonto Kerry will limp off into the sunset down satan’s eternal road, to receive their trophy’s for raping God’s Chosen people of their “inherited” land from God Himself.

Only caveat being : Isaiah 43:3,6 : “For I am the Lord thy God.  Fear not, for I am with thee”.  Boy, I’ll say He is : Psalms  21:4 : “Behold, he that keepeth Israel, shall neither slumber nor sleep”.  WE WATCH THE NEXT 22 DAYS.