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Mark 13:37 : “And what I say to you, I say to all : WATCH !!!”.

Welcome Everybody.  This has potentially been the most prophetic week in world history since 1948 that the Internet, Bible Scholars, and yours truly have been writing about regarding the prophetic division of Israel into 2 nations.  Sooo, with Israel and 2-State-Solution FIRST.  FOREMOST, SO MUCH TO SAY, SO LET’S GET TO IT :

Ezek. 36:23 : “And I will sanctify my great name, which was profand among the heathen.  And the heathen shall know that I am the Lord when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes”.


Oh, how our Awesome, Amazing, Ominscious, Omnipotetant, Omnipresent, Alpha to Omega God has His hands on Israel every second and how He absolutely defies all of mankind’s logic including Bible-Scholars, news media, and watchmen like me when it comes to the status of Israel.  Specifically the French Peace Conference which turned out to be, as Jerusalem Post and Haaratz newspapers, Israel’s 2 largest, called it a total “DUD”.  WHAT??  WHY??  WHO??  Just look :

1.  a)  This Conference of 70 Nations gathered in Paris to re-affirm their strong support for a 2-State-Solution, henceforward 2-S-S. Their mantra was : “2 States, living side by side in Peace and Security” by using the 1967 borders with agreed landswaps between Israel and Palestinians as the main footprint.  b)  Their added goal was to unify behind Dec. 23, UNSC Resolution 2334 whereby all Israeli Settlement Activity was to cease on all occupied “Palestinian Lands” in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  c)  And that any unilateral changes would NOT be recognized.  d)  They also expressed their readiness to exert necessary efforts towards the 2-S-S, and to contribute substantially by monitoring Settlement Activity, etc. to ensure the sustainability of a 2-S-S.  e)  Their ultimate utterly evil goal was to bring this attention in Paris so strongly to the world that it would find it’s way to the UNSC for a vote.


2.  a)  Enter God and His Glory for His Chosen People.  b)  He had Jerusalem breathe a sigh of relief as no new gritty, universal and concrete Resolution, albeit watered down from 2 days prior, was able to get a unanimous approval to forward it to the UNSC who were mostly licking their demented chops to take a vote and divide Israel and their prize Jerusalem.  c)  Not Gonna Happen as the UK, Australia, and 2 Balkan nations refuted the “communique” and refused to sign this final Paris Summit Statement that called for a 2-S-S as they deemed it “detrimental to Israel”.  Friends, I most willfully apologize for steering you to thinking this was baked in the cake to go to UNSC, vote on it, Obama “lukewarming”  by abstention and POOF, Israel is only Half an Israel.  I tell you, I emphatically and willfully used “only” my 3 main Jewish sources to report on this most prophetic event, as they also felt and feared greatly this would happen.  These sources being  Jerusalem Post, Breaking Israel News, and Haaratz.  d)  Back to UK and Australia, both had, as I quote them : “Particular reservations about the International Conference to advance peace between the parties that did not even involve them”.  This quote referring to blocking out the Israel and Palestinian contingencies.  Also said : “The timing of the conference just days before the transition to a new American President renders moot any agreement”.  BRAVO THERESA MAY, leader of UK.  With that said, yesterday afternoon the UK successfully blocked the French Initiative to have the Paris Summit Statement adopted by the EU to call for a 2-S-S.  Case closed.

3.  Victory and total joy for Israel.  Albeit, you and I both know that this Pandora’s Box of the 2-S-S will live another day and explode, surely soon, to be sure, as our Bible tells us so that there will be a 2-S-S that will get signed but that will not hold.  Just as per Isaiah 28:18 : “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall NOT stand”.  Friends, unless something comes out of nowhere, I plan to explain next week that this temporary, hollow covenant is NOT, NOT, NOT NOT, I say “NOT” the covenant of Daniel 9:27 signed by the Anti-Christ that ushers in the Tribulation.

4.  There is one BIG FAT UGLY CAVEAT to this Paris Conference failure.  That being the Palestinians are absolutely livid, and roiled with disgust.  LOOK :  The Palestinian’s perennial head Spokesman, Saeb Ereket slams UK for no support : “We regret and denounce the reservations made by the UK and Australia to this final Statement.  For years substantial efforts were made by many countries around the world to push this forward on the basis of international law, and we were expecting the United Kingdom, in particular, to play an effective role that recognizes the State of Palestine”.  Whew, and he probably forgot his toothbrush and luggage as he hastily rifled back to the West Bank on the first plane out of Dodge, ie. Paris after the stunning defeat.

5.   And Pres. Abbas had no statement after his failure.  Left Dodge lickety split also and even cancelled a last-minute meeting with French Pres. Hollande to boot.  Friends, you know this will sit ugly with the evil side now, that being the border neighbors of Israel, as in the Psalms 83 War participants.  Too bad, they’ll lose that one too, our Bible tells us so.  Lamentations 4:6 : “For the punishment for the iniquity of My people  is greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom that was overthrown in a moment”.  WOW!!  KABOOM soon, Right!!  FYI, John Kerry was present, we can only assume that although he did not follow the UK denial, it appears he sided and signed the agreement with the majority of the other 70 nations.  What a traitor.  WE WATCH.

6.  Another white-hot issue about to erupt and explode is Trump’s ardent stance on  moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem ASAP, especially after our Senate approves the vote to allow this.  And with Trump naming his son-in-law, Jared Kershner, an Orthodox Jew, to take over for ousted failure in chief, PTL, John Kerry to broker this and also the 2-S-S.  Yep, another 2-S-S.

7.  Arab world has gone bazookas on this Embassy move as Pres. Abbas warns Trump : “Any statement or action that changes the status of Jerusalem is a Red Line which we will not accept.  The Peace Process in the Middle East and peace in the world will be in severe trouble and there will be most serious consequences”.  Friends, that’s putting it mildly, to be sure.

8.  Jordan warns : “Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem will have catastrophic implications on several levels.  This is a Red Line for the U.S.  We will use all means to prevent this and this may change our security agreement with Israel”. This world is TOAST.

9.  Jerusalem Post : “Bloodshed will follow if Trump moves Embassy to Jerusalem”.

10.  And then France threatens Trump with serious consequences if Trump ever moves the Embassy. Says : “We deem this a provocation”.  Geez Louise, the French sure like those Palestinians to own Jerusalem.

11.  And Palestinian’s Supreme Judicial Leader Al-Habbash : “An Embassy move to Jerusalem would be a Declaration of War”.

12.  Lastly, and consider the hollow-man source, John Kerry : “This will be an explosion, an absolute explosion in the ‘Region’, not just the West Bank and in Israel itself, but throughout the region”.  Three words friends, “Psalms 83 War”.

13.  On the Temple Mount, another white-hot pickle, and this is BAD : Muslim guards under Jordan’s rule who guard the Temple Mount, now say “Nobody” can say the words “TEMPLE MOUNT” anymore.  Are told to call it Har Al Shariff.  Yes, even the Jewish people, else they are now put in jail.  This includes Foreign Religious groups, college students, teachers, the Perry Stones of the world.  Yes, We Are in the End of Days in this year of the Lord’s Jubilee 5777 and these are those good old recent Blood Moon omens.

14.  Jordan is NOT a friend of Israel, make no mistake, as they wholly approved UNESCO decision to deny the Jews any connection to the Temple Mount or Western Wall.  These friends are the lifeblood pillars of 3,000 years of Jewish tradition since King David for crying in a bucket.  Let alone Jesus.  UGGHH, shear insanity and purple unicorns.

15.   Syria is also utterly fried the Paris Summit failed as they’d have gotten the Golan Heights from Israel if the UN vote would have occurred.  Syria also accuses Israel of air missile strikes that demolished their only military airport West of Damascus, in Mezzah.  No problem Syria, your Damascus is next : Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.  Got that right.

16.  With all the plethora of the above Biblical Prophetic Events, there were 4 Israeli’s mowed down and “trucked” to death last week by a radical Palestinian imbicile.  This cold calculated and callous bludgeoning also got 17 injured, 5 in serious condition.  Ohhh, Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

17.  On Alijah, a record number of Jews made Alijah from frigging France of 21,000 in the last 3 year period.

Do You Get It??  Do You See It??  The Mad Hatter is in overdrive.  No good man, no nasty man, no Trump, Nobody but God Almighty can handle this “mell of a hess”.  It’s gone ballistic as the world has now no doubt about, lost it’s moral compass.  We WATCH with earnest on what prophetic events come next.  And that WATCH KEY  is Jerusalem, the time clock of the world.


` 249 days to Sept. 23 when very probably Rev. 12:5 occurs : “And the child was caught up unto God”.

` The Virgo Alignment of Rev. 12:1 is absolutely an unprecedented Heavenly event in 6,000 years since Adam and Eve.

` The 2014-15 Biblical Blood Moons, also absolutely unprecedented, were the omens for this.  See my graphs on the Home Page, they’ve gone worldwide.  Genesis 1:14 : “And let them be for signs and for seasons”.

` This is the One and ONLY ‘GREAT SIGN’ our Lord mentions in the Bible, this exceeding the Star of Bethlehem dare I say.

` This Heavenly occurrence is but 5 and 1/2 pages from the end of your Bible where Jesus says “Surely, I come quickly in Rev. 22:21.

` From the 9th of AV, July 31,2017, Israel’s worst calendar day in their 4,000 year history to the Feast of Tabernacles, Oct. 5, 2017, is exactly 66 days and the birth of the child in Rev. 12:5 is in this window.

a)  The only Total Solar Eclipse across the “HEART” of America occurs this Aug. 21st.  How miraculously peculiar is it that it’s trajectory hits NO other nation on earth as it Begins in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Ends in the Middle Atlantic Ocean as per NASA.

b)  More, it’s trajectory “splits” the U.S. in 1/2, beginning in Portland Oregon, piercing the exact center of our country just outside the most central city in America, Lebanon, Kansas, and finishes up at Charleston, South Carolina.

c)  Much more, I tallied the U.S. population about this arc of this Total Eclipse.  North of it was 162.5 million people.  South of it was 161.0 million people.  Friends, this is absolutely prophetic as this is a divine division of our nation.  And remember, Obama was our 44th President.  And #44 Biblical meaning = DIVISION.  Now how prophetic is that?  Google the arc of this Eclipse.  WOW!!  What an omen does this foreboding event imply for America or what!!

`  Could Rev. 12:5 where the “child is caught up unto God”, just maybe, just might be, just probably be ……YES IT MOST ASSUREDLY CAN BE.  WE WATCH.


Oh Mama, There Goes That Man Again.  YES, my baby, There Goes that nasty man again who lives by night, limping off into the sunset.  Asta la veesta baby.


1.  Friends, that says it all for this man whom I’ve prayed about to change his evil ways of the last few years, but he hasn’t.  If he does not repent on so many bizarre issues he’s packed together to bring down America and Israel, only caring to fulfill his ugly legacy, I say what a fitting scripture is Psalms 109:8 : “Let his days be few; and let another take his office”.  Spot on.  Soon we celebrate.

2.  And as for his true legacy, may it die on the vine.  Like how could his finger prints on gays and lesbians, transgenders, his love for Planned Parenthood, nailing the Iran Deal from Hell, the birth of ISIS, the Russian aggression, 400,000 dead Syrians as he plays golf, China hack attacks, Middle Eastern betrayal, lies on Obamacare, lies, lies, lies and then there’s his hate for the nation of Israel, God’s Chosen People.  You know, his legacy can be shortened to 3 words : Donald Trump Wins.

3.  So thankful he failed to close GITMO, although this New Year’s weekend he freed 4 Radical Islamists, 2 of which were bomb-makers that have killed Americans in Iraq.  At this writing 48 remain and I’ll bet you he’ll do all he can to release another dozen at least in his final 72 hours.  He’s gonna do it, I tell you, he’s gonna do it.  You WATCH, with his pen and his phone—even as the moving van in the White House is loading boxes.  PTL for the move at least.

4.  So sad to say the Obama’s are just moving within earshot of the White House where as he says : “Then I’ll be able to speak out more freely about the new President”.  He just keeps sticking pitchforks in his adversaries.

5.  I’m amazed how deluded this man is.  In his final interview with CBS, says : “I couldn’t be prouder of what I’ve put together as President.  I’m the best President I’ve ever been right now”.  What a low bar.  Delusional, comically dumb, brain dead, ARROGANT, you pick.

6.  More hyperbole that I’ll never forget in his statement on how secure America is : “The United States has never been more safer under my term in office”.  And last week at Harvard : “There is no growing crime-wave in America”.  How absolutely insane.  And friends, remember the latest Radical Muslim terror attack just last week at the Fort Lauderdale airport, 5 dead, and 2 dozen injured.

7.  FYI when Obama came into office 8 years ago 16% of Americans claimed to be Athiests, Agnostics, or no religion at all.  Well, 8 years later, it’s 25% in 2016 as per credible Pew Research Poll.  Flub, flub, flub, he owns these numbers.

8.  And just today, he commutes the sentence of treasonist and traitor U.S. private Manning who relayed sensitive nation security information to Wikileaks and it went viral.  Mr. Manning is now Miss Chelsea Manning.  Talk about Obama taking down America, with his 1,150 commuted sentences under him as opposed to 11 for Bush and 61 for Clinton.  This man in our White House, I have no  more words to say how vile he is.

9.  In closing, Mr. Obama, you did a LOT of things in that White House, but they were all sand, LIES upon LIES of sand.  Friends, I’ve prayed to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to forgive my toxic tongue on this man, mostly because of his stand on Israel.  Praise the Lord, he will be gone in 3 days.



1.  a)  On Jan. 20th, approx. 100 radical and liberal groups vow to make this the most chaotic Inauguration Day in U.S. history.  Not a good move.  Democrats still sulking in their soup and still yelling into mystical echo chambers for help, but nobody is listening.  Over 50 Democratic Congressman will boycott.  Good riddens to their bad rubbish.  b)  As of today, over 400,000 American women will show up in D.C. after Inauguration to protest him.

2.  When Trump is called PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP in 3 days, I do believe much will be asked and much will be scrutinized under more high-powered microscopes of his words and actions in his first 100 days as never before.  We WATCH, most of all, Russia’a dialogue and U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem.

3.  Trump says NATO is “obsolete”.  Not good to say that as EU Ministers and military leaders absolutely alarmed.

4.  CAIR, Council on American/Islamic Relations, calls on Trump to “disinvite” Franklin Graham from Inauguration calling him a “notorious Islamophobe”.  Dream on CAIR.

Trump will be drowning in a preponderance of Biblically prophetic issues from the get go.


1.  PTL soon to be gone and as you know, a man who NEVER admits error with his slick tongue.  On the anti-Israel vote in the UNS Council Dec. 23 : “I am compelled to respond that we voted in accordance to our values”.  What an evil man.

2.  And what a numb skull he is as he does not tell CNN that Western Wall is part of Israel.  As Maude said on the TV show ‘Golden Girls” : “God’ll get you for this”.    2 Tim. 3:13: “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”.


“All of Planned Parenthood will be 100% defunded”.  Good man, Paul.  And, on the other side, that Dad Gum Rev. Al Sharpton or should I say sharp-tongue : “Thank God we lived in the age of Obama”.  True colors, Right!


Obama’s Nat.’l Security Adviser : “President Obama made our nation safer.  He made our allies safer.  He made our Regional partners safer”.  Like what allies and what Regional partners, we’ve betrayed them all and now they’re all gone SUZEE-QUE.  And 69% of Americans feel unsafe today, my little SUZEE-QUE.


1.  All time record 95.1 million Americans are NOT in the labor force.

2.  World Global Debt = 325% of GDP and America is most indebted nation on earth at $120 trillion counting entitlements.  Friends, this article tells me 2 words about our nation that I’ll put into perspective :  WE’RE TOAST.


RUSSIA :  It appears Putin absolutely has gone mute on all he does around the world regarding Russian Hack Attack, Syria, Eastern European aggression, etc. until Trump is officially inaugurated.


Less than 24 hours after Sec. of State Rex Tillerson appeared to call on the U.S. for a blockade against China on the South China Sea’s disputed Islands that China claims belongs to them, the State-run Chinese Newspaper : “If the Trump-team shapes the future of China/U.S. ties as it is now doing, then the 2 sides had better prepare for a military clash.  China has enough determination and strength to ensure Trump’s rabble-roaring will not succeed.  Any blockage will lead to a devastating confrontation”.  So much for that.  They hate us.


That Dad-gum delusional Pres. of ours has joined other world powers by approving and signing off on the import of 130 additional tons of uranium.  No wonder the Iran Nuclear Deal was straight from HELL.  1 Peter 5:8 : “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.


Friends, I hate talking about these heathen descendants of Ishmael and you may want to skip these next 2 acts they committed, but it is what it is and I reluctantly report this because this is a prelude to the demonic acts that will occur in the 7-year Tribulation :

1.  ISIS straps on suicide bombs onto unwilling disabled fighters in wheelchairs to do their evil.

2.  They have a 7 year old boy, a first or second grader in America, behead a traitor in the army.  I’m sorry.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

3.  Trump says his very first word after becoming President is “ISIS”.


Some most chilling and riveting words and events that occurred this past week regarding the Muslimization of Europe where now 1 in 11 inhabitants, that is 48 million, in Europe are 100% Muslims who practice their Islam religion to the code :

1.  Italy’s top Archbishop : “Italy and the rest of Europe will soon be Muslim because of the country’s stupidity”.

2.  Professor Mark Blythe, Brown University, who correctly predicted Populists Brexit and Trump, and also Italy’s ouster of their Globalist President Renzi says “The EU will cease to exist in 2017″.  If this is so, Hello Anti-Christ.  And what’s to say this man of flattery wasn’t lurking or roaming around or “actually Participating” in their attempt to slay Israel in Paris the last 2 days.

3.  And this an omen : At the upcoming Roman Summit, the EU will celebrate it’s “60th” Anniversary of it’s founding.

4.  Germany is far and away the leader of Muslim Immigrants since 2015, where 1.3 million have entered it’s borders.

5.  With that tremendous influx, for first time, the “majority” of Germany’s Congress, Legislators, and the PEOPLE demand an outright “CAP” immediately on any more Muslims entering Germany.  Friends, this is surely the final nail in Angie’s coffin as Berlin Legislature says : “We are rocked daily by terror attacks, criminal sexual and domestic attacks, robberies …..Enough is Enough”.  We WATCH.

6.  EU and NATO welcome 3,500 U.S. troops, 87 armored tanks, and 144 military vehicles unloaded this past week in Bremerhaven, Germany.  All to be deployed along the Eastern EU border with Russia.

7.  More, 300 U.S. Marines just landed in Norway to be deployed along it’s Southern border where Russian warship activity is now a great concern.  FYI, there has never been this many U.S. troops in Norway at one time since WWII.  Again, We WATCH the End of Days creeping closer and closer in Europe.

8.  With that said, entire EU and military leaders are confounded and shaken on why Trump calls NATO “OBSOLETE”.  Mixed signals for all of EU.


1.  What can I say?  The Pope loves the Palestinians who live to destroy Israel thru terror.  He loves the 2-States living side by side in Peace and Security phrase.  He loves Pres. Abbas whom he’s called “an angel of peace”.  He loves his anti-biblical statement where he said : “The Palestinians have the ‘Right’ to a ‘Sovereign and Independent homeland”.  Yes, he’s quite a lover.

2.  And now his newest love.  That being the 3rd meeting and gift exchange between he and Pres. Abbas who “just happened” to stop by the Vatican to give the pope several gifts.  And WHAT a gift Abbas received from the pope in Vatican City in a well pleasing 23 minute ceremony for all Palestinians on the Eve of the Evil International Decree to divide Israel in Paris.  That gift being the official opening of the Palestinian Embassy to the Vatican whereby the pope acknowledged East Jerusalem as the “official” capital of the State of Palestine.  Oh, Dear Lord.  Pope then reiterated that the Vatican has recognized the Palestinian State for 18 months now.  And for convenience to boot, the new embassy is smack dab across the street from one of the main gates entering the Vatican’s walls.

3.  When they met, pope : “It is a pleasure to welcome you here”.

4.   And Abbas when he left : “This is a sign the pope loves the Palestinian people.  And I hope other nations will follow his example and recognize the State of Palestine”.

5.  And following protocol, they extended a flag of the Palestinian State outside a window of the new embassy.

6.  What a beautiful love, a beautiful demonic love.  Why?  Here’s but 3 scriptures from our Lord that defy “ALL” of this most disgraceful union between the two :  a)  1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them. b)  Ezek. 13:3 : “Thus saith the Lord God : Woe unto the foolish prophets that follow their own spirit”.  c)  Amos 1:8 : “And I will turn my hand against Ekron (Palestine) and the remnant of the Philistines shall perish, saith the Lord God”.

7.  Friends, to not only condone and disregard the Lord’s word, but to be a “Primary Pusher” for Palestine this way, well, someday, I tell you, someday soon, the pope will bow before the Lord and discuss his Palestinian State passion with Him.



1.  7.3 magnitude in Philippines, a 6.9 and a 5.8 in Fiji Islands, a 6.4 in Soloman Islands in Pacific, 5.7 in Vanatu in Pacific, 5.7 near Vancouver, Canada, 5.6 in Sumatra and a 5.5 in Cuba.

2.  Siberia hits -81 degrees F.  Hello Al Gore, “FAKE Al Gore”.  Deep freeze in Europe and UK has killed 90 people in 2016, and year is only 17 days old.


a.  Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist in Physics, Dr. Ivar Giaever, who endorsed and voted for Obama, now says : ” Obama is ridiculous and dead wrong of Global Warming…. There is no such thing”.  Thank you.

2.  49 of the 50 states had “ICE” this past week on our roads, mountains etc.  Only Florida didn’t.

3.  Georgia Tech Professor of Climatology resigns from teaching and commits “career suicide” because : “I can no longer navigate the stifling political orthodoxy on Climate Change”.  Friends, remember, Climate Change is the “Trojan Horse”, the straw that stirs the drink to gather all nations to form the One-World-Gov’t. in the agenda 2030 Resolution all the nations of the world adopted in Paris in December, 2014 and the UN in 2015.  And now the camel’s nose is in the tent in Davos, Switzerland where all the world’s elite are meeting.


1.  Over 90,000 Christians were martyred for believing in Jesus in 2016.

2.  Sooner or later, it was going to happen to catch hungry Apostate viewers : Fox Channel now has TVs 1st transgender “CHILD”, a boy or what-ever he-she is on show called “The Mick”.  WOW!!  I’ll be sure never to watch it.

3.  Twenty, D.C. religious leaders gather to participate in grand opening of our nation’s capital’s newest state-of-the-art Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic.  They call this abortion clinic and I quote : “This is a ‘SACRED’ workplace”.  How despicable!  What can I say?

4.  As the 3rd world starves, the elitists and richest of the world, the fanatical creed led by the likes of George Soros, is a gathering in Davos, Switzerland this week to push their Globalist 1-World-Gov’t. agenda and also how to destroy the Brexit and Donald Trump Nationalist movement.  Very interesting to see, Right!  Whatever they navigate, their infatuation of FAKE NEWS will be their GO TO GUY for world media to push their 1-World agenda.

5.  The world’s 8 richest men’s net worth is now equal to 50% of the world’s population.  They are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, Bezos, and Zuckerberg….   Hmmm!!  Eight guys equal to 3.6 BILLION people.  Quite a teeter-totter, a one-way teeter totter.


Sooo, There it is.  A tumultuous week which purportedly had the hyped up makings of Bible Prophecy Exploding indeed concerning the Division of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem which went into the dust bin for all practicle purposes, and the U.S. Embassy move.  We put all these foreboding events into perspective and conclude that Israel is a pinball getting banged around every which way but loose, yet will not be bruised no matter how hard she is banged.  Why, because our Great Lord is watching and preserving her without end.  Psalms 120:4 : “Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep”.  May we continue to witness the Glory of God shine on Israel and His beloved future home, Jerusalem, time-clock of this world.

It’s a most fearful thing to roll the dice on coming to God, then losing, then having to bow down to an angry God.  Retirement is supposed to be full of fun and joy and love and security, not hot fiery coals, unquenchable fires and gnashing of teeth.  If it was me, and I am me, I’d be 777% sure that I will spend every single day of this most prophetic year seeking, praying, believing, confessing and reading about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who didn’t have to die for me but meekly and humbly did, so that I may live forever and forever with Him.  Why?  Because in the twinkling of an eye, we may just be outta have soon.

God willing see you next week.  Paul Grevas

Zeph. 2:3 : “Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger”.