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Daniel 2:21 : “And He changeth the times and the seasons; He removeth Kings and He setteth up Kings”.

Welcome Everybody.  Yes, “It’s a Beautiful Day”.  The air is fresh, the shark’s carnage is gone, his rubbish, his serial lies, his apostasy, his bringing down America and Israeli sovereignty, GONE,GONE,GONE.  After 4 laborious years of reporting on Obama, 122 on this website, and 138 on my Facebook, cannot begin to tell you the joy I have in not having to report on this “SHARK” again, God willing.

Who knows but Almighty God, as this ruthless egocentric may crop up again in “shadow form” to destroy America.  All the signs, all the conditions, all the events in one timely convergence in such frequency and intensity is absolutely overwhelming was it not for 1 Thes. 5:4 : “But ye brethern are NOT in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief”.  WHEW, I was getting worried.

Lot to unpack in this report regarding a TRILOGY of events taking shape before our blue and brown eyes across 3 continents.  That being the IRON & CLAY in  a)  America where the bridges between Liberals and God fearing Christians are in burn-mode,  b)  Europe where the European & Muslim Culture Clash is absolutely Black and White, and full stream ahead, and most prophetically,  c)  in the Middle East where teeny tiny Israel against her mighty Goliathy Palestinian and Arab  border neighbors have a seemingly gallactical difference of Ideologies on the ownership of the “disputed Land”. Land our God gave as inheritance to the Jewish people and the Arabs are absolutely drunkenly, irreversibly ingrained in that old “perpetual hatred” of Ezek. 35:5 of Arabs despising the Jews, that is now coming to a climax most assuradely this Jubilee Year of 5777.

Daniel 2:43 : “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle with themselves, but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay”.   SO,  LET’S GO :


OBAMA:  Oh mama, is that nasty, evil man gone now?  Yes honey.  “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY”. His carnage, his rubbish, his apostasy, he’s inflicted on America is finally fizzing out.

1.  Yes, “IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY” last week on Jan. 20th.  But Lord have mercy, did he ever go out with an ugly fire.  LOOK:

2.  On his final full day Jan. 19th, this disdainful man against America releases 330 criminals in ONE DAY, greatest ever for a Pres.  One release was a Marine Corp General James “HOSS” Cartwright who on Oct. 17, 2016, leaked top secret sensitive U.S./Israeli cyber attacks that listened in on the Iran Deal.  An act of treason, to be sure.  A traitor to both U.S. & Israel.  That’s what this shark did in his final full day.

3.  Just days earlier, he commuted sentence of a Lopez Rivera, a hardened terrorist, and American killer, a Puerto Rican freedom fighter he called himself.  Yeah, right.

4.   PTL, he’s released his last jackal, where his total of 1751 criminal releases is greater than all 43 previous Presidents combined.  Bill Clinton had 61, for 2nd place.  Deranged lunatic Liberal Democrats.

5.   He ended his Syrian refugees into America like this : 99.4% were Muslims and a paltry 0.6% were Christians.  Friends, do you see why I demean this creep, he’s had so much BAD to unpack upon America.

6.  Worse, on his final 3 hours in office, Jan. 20th, Inauguration Day, he deceptively released a supra demonically timed $221 million to go to the Palestinian Authority.  Congress had to approve this, but knowing they were all going to the Inauguration that morning, that narcissist did the dirty deed.  And he had the vile gall to be sitting 3 feet behind Trump’s left hand on the podium smiling his ugly pearly whites.  He’s a BAD MAN.  Should change his middle name from Hussein to FAILURE,CORRUPTION, and DEATH in Syria.

7.   What good riddens, he and his wife (?) flew to Palm Springs for a well deserved vacation after a 3 week vacation in Hawaii of course.  And you saw his plane was greeted with a storm that diverted them with a 2-hour delay to L.A.  Omen, yes, an omen.

8.  Speaking of omens, omens on America that is, it is quite difficult to digest the fact that Obama is going to live in D.C. just till his daughter graduates, so he said.  Especially after he purchased a $1 million dollar home near the White House.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that selling a $1 million dollar home 4 months after purchasing and then selling it again.  Something very sinister indeed is cooking in his evil mind to be sure to knock up Trump, fire up Liberal’s movement to retake America, maybe lead them to a mass national revolt on Trump’s undoing 8 years of his work on his lawless Executive Orders.  Maybe even a shadow Gov’t. deep dark heavy under currents indeed unchartered waters lurking ahead.  God knows.

9.   And remember, month ago said : “I’ll speak up if our core values are at risk”.  Such a “divider” is #44.

10.  I close on this shark, God willing, forever, by saying that his legacy has been to lead America with 2 ominously dark motives :  a)  To lead America into a New World Order by destroying our sovereignty and,  b)  to enhance the conversion of America and the world to Islam under his deceitful cover of calling himself a Christian at home.  Adios Amigo, you serial liar, and may you find Jesus Christ soon and repent before it’s too late or you will never be missed in heaven which is now at the door in these End of Days.  WOW!!  For almost 4 years, many of you have bared with me on my reports on this man of which I’ve repented to Jesus for my toxic tongue on him, I’m very sorry to you for that. With that said, it’s just a great feeling.  It “is” a Beautiful Day.


1.  What can I say?  With a 59% all time favorable approval rating this week, from repealing at least 16 of Obama’s Executive Orders, some demeaning to Americans, some outright lecherous to our National Security and military.  From TPP to extreme vetting of refugees of 7 Muslim nations. Now 100,000 has gone to 50,000 for refugees coming in. From building the Wall to tearing down Obamacare and Sanctuary Cities, from hiring 5,000 Border Agents and ending Obama’s fanatical “catch and release” JOKE to defunding Planned Parenthood in U.S.A. and Abortion defunding overseas.  We just gotta love this on promise keeping by our new President.

2.  It’s warp speed, dizzying, fire-hose pace.  That is THE “MAN” DONALD TRUMP, a lawful man to undo all this carnage lawfully.  Unlike the unlawful charleton whose game was “lawlessness”, and down with America.

3.  His unrelentless call to call out those three missing words from the Oval Office “Radical Islamic Terrorist” was surely SWEET MUSIC.

4.   In Philly on Fox, could you tell how jacked up he was for the “Right To Life” gathering in D.C., which has been absolutely vacant for 8 long dark years.

5.  a)  And FYI did you know as if 600,000 screaming, cussing, garbage-literring liberals who ascended on D.C. last Saturday, let alone 2,000,000 across America and 6,000,000 world-wide, did you know Obama’s permit cronies refused to give Pro-Lifers permits and thus were barred.  Geez Louise, that’s satan in action, and thereby preserving Baal human sacrifices.  b)  Praise God approx. 100,000 March for Life supporters showed up in D.C. yesterday.  Sadly though 58 million abortions now in U.S.  I pray a sensing of victory over Roe-vs-Wade in reach.

6.  And did you know the chief, #1 top organizer leader of the 600,000 women’s march on Washington was spearheaded by Woman’s Rights activist Linda Sarsour.  With such great success, she vows to have more, many more of these national organized marches to take down Trump, even to exceed the Tea Party movement. You may know that, but did you know she is a hard-core liberal Palestinian Muslim activist who believes in Sharia Law in America.  She doesn’t Israel’s right to exist.  Calls Israelis “Zionist trolls” and, “nothing is creepier than Zionism”.  Also says after the march “I have helped move this movement.  I am ready for what we are planning next.  We will RISE”.  OKAYYY, more division for America, with this nut job.

7.  Speaking of nut jobs, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s #1 robot adviser : “Our President hasn’t had a single scandal in 8 years”.  Good Night Irene, your fired Valerie and don’t steal any pencils or ashtrays on your way out.

8.  Friends, can you just feel it now that the mudslinging and division is unstoppable for our nation. No question, Democrats are morbidly lost in the wilderness, unshingled, unhinged and could care less for American sovereignty.

9.  And so is the flustered delegitimized media in their proxy war with Trump.  Yet I wonder if this is EXACTLY what satan ordered to his media minions to procure, and procure and procure with their new deception Matthew 24 goldmine, called FAKE-NEWS today, the hottest new word for the END of DAYS to mess you and me up.

10.  Although true Christian’s heads are now exploding with exhuberance with a clean, refreshing new start with Pres. Trump now that he’s “fuzzed-out” Obamanation, abomination, whatever, I plead with you PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t let you guard down at this breakneck speed he is doing at a faster clip than any other President arguably in U.S. history.  With his call of NATO being “obsolete”, the EU is infuriated, his hypered-up Inauguration speech plus the words “Carnage is Gone” has shaken America to absolute division, I tell you.  I’ve read about Pres. Lincoln and the start-up of the Civil War in 1861 and we are now following the same track.  And you know Trump’s favorite President was Abe Lincoln.  Add to that the possibly most Biblically Prophetic event of the last 70 years regarding Israel, Trump’s double hammer of  a)  his planned move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and  b) his innate goal in his blood to make The Art of the Deal of “ALL” Deals, regrettably his quest to obtain a 2-State-Solution which no man has ever ever accomplished.  Both will become untenable chop-suey that will end in consequences of death and destruction of Biblical Proportions in the Middle East and the world.  And as you know, Trump never loses a “Deal”.  We WATCH.

VIRGO ALIGNMENT of Rev. 12:1-5, Sept. 23, 2017 :

Well what can I say for a 2-month old baby that is growing, nourishing and much sleeping day by day until the mother’s birth pangs of travail begin in about 7 months for the most prolific, AND LAST, Heavenly SIGN in world history as a last call for all Christians.  And to boot, a supporting cast of the unprecedented Total Solar Eclipse in the middle of the day whose trajectory divides America EXACTLY into  2 parts on Aug.21.  Kind of like the division of America today, to be sure, another omen.

Call me stupid, crazy, but I’ll be in the midst of this “eye of the tiger”,  if you want to join me, where it will be TOTAL DARKNESS.  We Wait, We Watch, We Hunger for the Sept. 23 highly probable most glorious and miraculous event of the Rapture.  And you know, if we are wrong, NO BIG DEAL.  All we will be doing is what He asks us in Titus 2:13 : “Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ”.  Nothing to lose, much to gain for witnessing such a Heavenly SIGN.  Rev. 12:5 : “And the child was caught up unto God”.  Friends, you gotta to view Scottie Clarke’s You Tube videos where you will fully acknowledge that this child who was caught up was not Jesus, the head, but the”Body of Christ”.

Numbers 24:9 : “He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion : who shall stir HIM up?  Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee”.



1.  First and foremost may we never forget yesterday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day on Hitler’s demonically deceived and poison laced Final Solution.  And here we are again, des jeax vous, another solution, the dreadful 2-State-Solution. Just like our Lord said in Eccl. 3:15 : “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been”.  Friends, this dreadful 2-State-Solution has been resurrected just that quick after the terrifying French Peace Plan “dudded out” just 12 days ago.  Look :

2.  Satan has no mercy, as on Feb. 7th, Palestinian Pres. Abbas flies to Paris to meet with Pres. Hollande.  For what?  For this for crying in a bucket :  Abbas : “To set in place a clear and defined international mechanism”.  Friends, these fancy 2 words “international mechanism” is the scerilous dirty laundry Obama led on Dec. 23rd for UN Resolution 2334 that is now, unfortunately set in infamy, surely to agitate the Jewish people from here to the Psalms 83, Damascus 17:1 and Gog-Megog Wars.

3.  And Abbas’ personal top adviser, Majdalani : “The Paris Conference did not end Jan. 15.  There are additional steps that need to be taken by the participants to ensure that the decisions are implemented”.

4.  Further, Abbas sends letter to Putin and UK’s Theresa May : “Please do whatever you can to not allow Pres. Trump to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem which for us is a RED-LINE and dangerous.  It will have disastrous consequences and spell the destruction of ‘any’ Peace Process”.  Come heck or high water, this  ABSOLUTELY MOST PROPHETIC move by God himself, who personally enabled Trump to WIN AGAINST ALL ODDS, is surely designed to unleash the dogs from hell on earth that will bring on the Rapture and Great Trib.  Do you get it?  Satan has his minions on earth, the garbaged media that the shadows of Obama has laid, and to the world globalists, both which have and will continue throwing fits of rage and release their fury against Trump’s Embassy move.  And Trump himself, until he is stopped.  I tell you, Pres. Trump, in my take, is being used by our Lord as a PROPHECY ACCELERATOR, and not a “reprieve” to the majority of the world that all will now be “OK”.  Just WATCH JERUSALEM, God’s prophetic time clock, the one that counts and not the ridiculous secular scientific, Climate-Change loving Doomsday Clock that just clocked forward to 11:57 and 30 seconds.

5.  I’ll never forget the Jan. 21 Breaking Israel News article photo of Abbas and Pope Francis “HUGGING and KISSING”.  Sick, sick, Kiss of Death. Google it :  “End of Days Alliance of Ishmael & Esau Appears in Pope & Abbas Vatican Meeting”.  Surely a great sign that WE ARE THERE.

6.  As is this one where the shark himself, Obama, quietly sends $221 million to Palestinians as I mentioned how “slyly” he did this above under “AMERICA”.  Yeah, shark, I got that one right.  True colors of a present day Judas Iscariot, backstabber-in-chief.


a)   Brave and bravo to Bibi who says : “Israel will now build 2,500 more Settlement homes in the West Bank in response to housing needs”.

b)   And this is AFTER he announced 566 just 2 days after Trump took office.  Bold and Beautiful.

c)   But on the ugly side :  UN condemns vehemently these Settlements.  UN spokesman, Dujarric for UNSC General Guiterrez : “This move is of ‘grave’ concern for the Security General.  For the Security General there ‘IS’ no plan B for the 2-State-Solution”.  He said this boldly as Resolution 2334, basically the Obama contrived UNSC screw job that demands Israel Immediately Cease All Settlement Activity.  Touchee, friends, our Lord has ordered this “War Chess Game” for you and me to witness that the Edge of Time is now upon us, just as the Final Final unprecedented Blood Moon omens told us about.  And now, here we are, Year 5777, and Lord’s Final Jubilee, #120.  And by the way, the Biblical meaning of #120 in Gen.6:3 is : God’s Divine Period of Probation : “Yet his days shall be one-hundred and twenty years”.

d)   Lastly : Palestinian’s Senior Spokeswoman Ashrawi, you’ve seen her, short, short black hair, always demeaning Israel, : “Such a deliberate escalation of Israel’s illegal Settlement enterprise constitutes a war crime and the flagrant violation of international law, in particular UNSC Resolution 2334″.  Do you GET IT?  This Resolution 2334 is iron-clad, set in concrete.  The Palestinians and Arab world know this like a hungry tiger with an animal dinner in his mouth, THEY WILL “NEVER” LET THIS GO, it’s their anchor, their steadfast bench-mark for either a 2-State-Solution, else ALL OUT WAR, black and white.  Case closed.


1.  Bibi is visited for 3rd & final time by Gov’t. investigators for accepting gifts & bribes.  Determination to be completed in Feb.  One offense is he received lavish gifts, including rare, pink champagne and “exceptional” cigars.  Give me a break, and the world’s on fire.  Obama did it!!

2.  Pres. Trump is preparing Executive Order to end funding of ANY UN Agency for approving full UN membership for the Palestinians.

3.   World scientists absolutely perplexed of “Strange Phenomenon of Sharks Massing on Israel’s Coast”.  I’m a Statistician and I’m not perplexed.  It’s a sign from our Lord in Heaven, the sharks are gathering for a “big Jewish Feast”.  Geez Louise, and the greatest shark is still in D.C. albeit a citizen now, he will still do all he can to undermine God’s Chosen People.  We WATCH as I strongly feel his ugly shadows and dark tentacles against Israel are still looming.

4.    Is the following a prophetic event intertwined with the Dec. 23, Resolution inspired by Obama that has arguably tied Israel’s hands of Settlement Activity and Occupying Palestinian Land, surely to bring us to the Great Trib. as long as Russia, France, and China, all Israel haters, are members of the UNSC permanent 5 along with UK & U.S.  LOOK : The subdivision in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, called “East Jerusalem” was devastated in the South where “44” tornadoes ravaged the area 3 weeks ago and 22 perished.  FYI, I put quotes around the “44” tornadoes, as to me it signified our 44th President’s last days.  And remember, Biblical meaning for #44 = DIVISION.  And do we ever have division!!  This aligns so perfectly with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which again ravaged East Jerusalem Subdivision, just 8 days after the Israeli Gov’t. forcibly removed 9,000 Jews out of Gaza, by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  FYI, Bush turned a blind eye.  And you know Gaza today, Hamas cockroaches everywhere.

5.  Top Rabbi Ben Artzi on Obama : “The media will discover that President Obama is a traitor.  Like an injured beast, he helped Hillary Clinton whose sole intention was to continue his agenda against our nation”.  Yep, Obama the traitor whom I liken to Mr. Sodom and Gomorrah for his unceasing conviction for death against unborn, helpless babies and his love of LGBT.

6.  Bibi calls all Jews living in the Sinai to leave, immediately, warning of threats of imminent attacks.  IDF say this is a Level 1 Alert the most Severe Warning Alert.

7.  Also, after the Sinai threat, Defense Minister Liberman has instructed the IDF Army and Air Force this : “The next conflict to break out will be with FULL FORCE.  NO more conflicts with 1/2 power or 1/4 power.  We won’t stop in the middle ever again, only until the enemy raises the white flag”.  Oh boy, if that isn’t the clarion call to the Psalms 83 War and Gog War.  Isaiah 54:15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by Me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for they sake”.  Amen and We WATCH.


1.  Russia Rumplestilskin, very quiet on her Western Front. We are watching and waiting for results of the phone call that took place today between Trump and Putin.

2.  Putin, as never before, not saying much in public, playing “nice guy”.  Biggest accomplishment this week by the Prince of Gog & Megog “thug” is he’s spearheading talks that under him, has brought “BOTH” conflicting sides of the horrific Syrian War, successfully so far to the table for peace talks.  First time in over 9 months has this happened.  PTL, this truce has held so far since the holidays.  440,000 dead Syrians too late.

2.  Prime Minister Medvedev on evil Obama : “Obama sold his soul to the New World Order to create instability around the world while disrupting American and Christian values at home”. Good man Dimitri, Got that Right!   Personally I’d say sold his soul to someone worse ……

3.  Ex-Pres. Gorbachev : “It all looks as if the world is preparing for war”.


China Gov’t. on Trump : “Friction between China and the U.S. trade tensions are inevitable within the next 4 years.  Trump is making dramatic changes and lighting fires with China”.  Oh boy, more and more U.S. isolation.  Friends, history shows that every time a major power winds up in a “Nationalist” and “Populism” state, like we are now heading under Trump, it always implodes from within and dies off. And just look at America’s division today. We WATCH China, 20% of world’s population about to have “clash of the titans” on trade.


1.  They are planted now in the Sinai.  Yes Sinai, the Southern border of Israel itself.  They kill 5 Egyptian police officers there.

2.  Friends, this “plant” seals the Southern border of Israel for attacks.  The Palestinians who daily dream of annihilating Israel is on the Eastern border.  Syria, double-ditto on the North-East border on the Golan and to seal off the Jewish nation North, South and East, Hezbollah’s 160,000 rockets seal the Northern border.  And the Western border, 10 Russian warships cruise along the coast.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus, the barbarians are at the gate.


1.  Europe is caught smack in the middle of an unadulterated, pure “Culture Clash” between ethnic Europeans and Muslims, specifically the approx. 3,000,000 Muslim migrants since 2015.  It’s like what the Lord revealed to Daniel’s interpreting Nebuchadnezer’s dream on IRON & CLAY.  They just don’t mix and this has erupted in the frenetic “Trumpish” wave of Populism across the continent of 525,000,000 people, of which 48 million are Muslims where 99.9% will never change their Islamic ways.  Look :

2.  Populist and Nationalist, Marine LePen has vaulted into an almost insurmountable lead for the French Presidential election this spring.  She leads her nearest rival of a plethora of candidates 27% to 7% and all others 5% or less.

3.  German Press across the country that backs ANGELA : “That was no Presidential speech.  That was a declaration of War.  The easiest way to end the Trump catastrophe is to murder Trump”, says editor of Dei Zeit.  And good old ANGIE, who still doesn’t get it on the Muslim “carnage” said of Trump in a regrettable tone : “He made his convictions clear”.  Yes, Angie, he did, Deal With It!

4.  Huffington Post poll on UK : “More people believe in Extra-terrestrials than God in the United Kingdom”.

5.  Friends, so much of Europe is “God-less”, the continent is unraveling before our blue and brown eyes.  Only the wonderful, brilliant, flattering, yet all demonic Anti-Christ will find an “EU-Solution” after French, German, and Dutch voters go to the polls this year, totally infuriated with the present “One-EU” system and the whole Continent goes to pot.  We WATCH EU FALL APART.


Rev. 2:4 : “I have something against thee, because thou hast left thy FIRST LOVE”.


1.  How dare a Christian like you or me approve of this Pope for just a myriad of things he’s said and ordered that are totally alienated from our Lord?  Just this week he has invited Dr. Paul Ehrlich, author of the best-seller ‘Population Bomb’ to come to the Vatican on Feb. 27, to speak on one of the Pope’s pet peeves that Pope himself spoke to the world on when he visited the UN & “yuk”,  Obama in Sept. 2015.  That being Population Control as a means “to save the natural world” under the guise of the 1-World-Order Trojan Horse of Climate Change in his Encyclical presentation.  Well, this genius goon from Stanford University champions sex-select abortion and massed-forced sterilization of men and women around the world.   He sees these 2 methods as the most humane legitimate way to curb the exploding world population growth.  The theme for this demonic conference is called : “The Unsustainable Imbalance Between The World Population and What The World Is Capable Of Producing”.  Like how can you applaud this apostate and then, worse, thank the Pope for inviting him.

2.  This invitation tells me, that the Pope appears to be wrapped up in a cravenly cynical quest to parallel the Tower of Baal worship on human sacrifice.

3.   And remember, last spring the Pope gave his blessing to mix human and animal DNA to create “CHIMERA” and I quote : “For the sake of medical research”.  Another act the Lord despises.

4.  And you know the Pope was the first leader as a member of the UN to acknowledge the Palestinian State and open the Palestinian Embassy in Vatican City, only a stone’s throw away from St. Peter’s Cathedral.

5.  Pope also called on Obama to release Puerto Rican terrorist killer Lopez Riveras to be released & Boom just like that he was.

6.  And you know on gays : “Who am I to judge”.

7.  And, to beat all, “Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.

8.   And finally, he has never spoken of REPENTANCE thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  That’s enough, a good passionate, loving, kind man for the poor, BUT …..!  Galatians 1:9 : “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be ACCURSED”.  Case closed.



1.  Quakes of 5.5 magnitude or greater this past week : A 7.9 in Papua in Pacific.  A 6.7 in Solomon Islands in Pacific.  A 5.5 in the Philippines.  A total cluster of four in Italy ranging between 5.1 and 5.4 where one caused an avalanche, rammed into hotel and killed 24 people.

2.  In 1973 there were 4,539 quakes.  In 2000 there were 19,131.  In 2015, there were a whopping 118,955.  Is it God?  Absolutely undeniably, YESS!

3.  You’ve seen it, record breaking torrential rains and flooding on West coast, 44 tornadoes in 1 night in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, leaving 6 and 21 dead, respectively.  Southern California had 4.1 inches of rain Jan. 22, all time record.  When our Lord decides to dry up California into a severe drought state for 5 consecutive years and in the 6th year drench it with rain and snow beyond comprehension, POOF, just like that with the breathe of his nostril, to WAKE US UP!


1.  Over 900,000 Christians have been slaughtered around the world in last 10 years.  And the pace is unstoppable as 91,000 perished last year, dying for their unbreakable love for Jesus.  Matthew 24:9 : “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake”.  Unlike Christians,  Muslims refuse Jesus as the “Son of God”.

2.   Two Afghan migrants gang-rape, for three hours, a Swedish woman and streamed the entire event on Facebook until they got apprehended.  And they laughed.  UGGHHH!

3.  A New York subway “germ” sets a sleeping man on fire, then is caught by security, and he too was laughing.  Man survived, but ruined for life with burns.  Loss of life is but a vapor anymore, Right!

4.  Very, very disturbing in U.S. : Another live stream suicide.  This time teenage girl in Miami Gardens, Fla. 3rd time this week.  No totals I’ve been able to find as yet across U.S.

5.  And you all saw deplorable super star Madonna say the ugly f— bomb 8 times in front of our nation’s Capitol in front of over half-a-million liberal lollipops last Saturday and received an overwhelming ovation.  Others pointed their 1-finger to cameras, others so ever proud of only Black Lives Matter, LGBT bunk of junk, women’s rights to abort, things that the ruler of this world, satan himself, holds near and dear to his blackened heart.  What a mess this world is in.

1 Peter 5:8 : “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.


Sooo, there it is.  This world is in a “mell of a hess”.  President Trump’s – can’t tell you how I love that name and not the other one that’s limped off to Lululand – I say President Trump’s new CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, most Christian of a man said : “Nobody now but Jesus Christ can save this world”.  Amen Mike the Spike.  As Timothy said, we are in “perilous” times.  Yes we are, that is indisputable this past week.  We here in a most divided America have the most momentous and significant choice of our lives in this generation of where we will live forever and forever and forever.

Friends, I know you are set, but PLEASE tell loved ones to choose wisely and choose Jesus because Hell is real and it’s there and it’s down there, way down there, way WAY down there in a Lake of Fire.  Like how can one go wrong?  Really, Beautiful, Beautiful, Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus who robbed us, robbed us of our sins if we but acknowledge by faith, belief, and repentance that, man, “He’ll never leave us nor forsake us”.  WOW!  What a King, what a Lord!  God willing see you next week.  May God Bless You Always.  Paul Grevas

2 Corinthians 5:8 : “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”.