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2 Timothy 3:12 : “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse”.

Welcome Everybody.  What in the world is going on in this most divided nation of ours in just 3 and 1/2 weeks?  We seem to be in an untenable funk of a situation.  Is the curse of the Blood Moon omens and Gen. 12:3 on “he who curses Israel” upon us.  Was the source of this the stabbing in the back of Israel at the UN Dec. 23 and is the means the slippery evil Ex-occupant of the White House who spearheaded this who’s now cut and run, doing most devious things you’ll see below.  Absolutely amazing how all this links to Bible prophecy this year.  SO LET’S GO !!


1.  What an absolutely warm, refreshing and cozy welcome at the front doors of America’s White House yesterday when 4 wonderful, 2 of them beautiful women, shook hands, embraced with hugs and kisses when the Netanyahu’s came to the White House.  Did you see it?  Melania and Donald greeted them with such class.  Brought tears to my eyes as I recalled our ugly arrogant leader 8 years ago had a 20 year old valet in a dark green ski jacket greet them in a “side” door with absolutely no fanfare, no limo assistance.   And to boot, Bibi was delayed 2 hours as Obama had to take his kids to McDonalds for dinner first.  How disingenuous.  Well!!  He’s gone and Bibi’s still here, PTL.

2.  The 2 spoke, and what an unbelievably moment for Bibi as the 2-State-Solution, for the moment, is not the Holy Grail anymore.  Bottom line Trump said : “We will diligently work on a Peace Deal, but Israel and the Palestinians must negotiate it by themselves in the end.  But I will accept a 2-State or 1-State and I’m happy with either”.  On Settlements Trump told Bibi “I’d like to see you hold back on Settlements a little bit”.  Bibi, very silent, then moments later, said it’s “The Art of the Deal”, held his fire, to be sure.

3.  Bibi’s main line : “We now have the unique opportunity to make a Peace Deal that can now for the first time work with Israel”. …… There are  now many others in the region that see eye to eye with us.  We’ve not had that before. …….There’s no greater supporter for the Jewish people and Jewish State than President Donald Trump”.  They also both agreed that “Peace can be made ‘without’ a 2-State-Solution”.  Oh boy, this is beautiful but can you only imagine the war drums beating on the West Bank and Gaza.  Bibi closed his remarks stressing : “For the last eight years now, our focus has not changed.   The Palestinians must recognize the Jewish State and we must have our own security for Israel West of the Jordan River”.

4.  On moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, they both mostly sidestepped that white-hot question that would totally antagonize the Palestinians..  Only Trump talked on that saying : “We’re looking at it with great care.  You know the Palestinians claim the Eastern sector of Jerusalem as their capital”.

5.   Main news coming out of their secret 1 on 1 meeting after the big press-conference was that Bibi asked Trump “to recognize the Golan Heights”.  Bibi said Trump’s reaction was NOT very earth-shattering”.  That is NOT GOOD.

6.  Friends, this is positive stuff, but never forget that the Dec. 23 Resolution 2334 at the United Nothing which is legally binding, and unequivocally demands Israel to cease all Settlement Activity and building over the pre-1967 lines.  And Good Night Irene, why should they cease, it’s their inherited land from God Almighty.  Genesis  35:12 : “And the land which I gave Abraham and Izaac, to thee, Jacob, I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land”.  Case closed.  From the North parts of the Nile River to the Euphrates River including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Sinai, North Saudi Arabia, it’s all Israel’s.  Is the devil working here or what?

7.  On again, off again UK who single-handedly practically squelched the 70 Nation demand for a 2-State-Solution on Jan. 15th in Paris. Now their Parlaiment House of Commons passes a strict resolution condemning Israel on their latest batch of 5,066 new Settlements.  Oh boy, here we go again.  I can’t take it.  Like Bobbleheads.

8.  King Abdullah of Jordan on Israel’s Cabinet passage of the Settlement Retroactive Law : “Why do we have a Peace treaty with a government that oppresses Palestinians”?  This does not bode well.

9.  ISIS on the Sinai as they are called, fires a barrage of missiles into the southern resort city of Eliat.  No damage of course from these barbarians who haven’t yet read Isaiah 54:17 : “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”.  This occurs just as hundreds of commandos leave Gaza, including bomb-makers, for trip to the Sinai to assist ISIS in destroying Southeast Israel from there.  Good luck on that one.

10.  Just look at this slew of nations that totally ban Israelis into their borders :  Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Kuwait, Brunei, Lebanon, WHEW!!, Oman, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain.  That’s all, only 580 million Muslims doing this to the Jewish nation.  WOW!!!  Where’s the love in these nasty neighborhoods.  Frankly that is stunning compared to Trump’s 7 nation Muslim ban.

11.  The old, old Rabbi Vaknin fell into his 3rd trance in 2 years and received a divine vision that warned of heavenly gates closed, that will usher in a period of global suffering.  Only 1 gate remains open, forced open by Elijah the prophet.  Vaknin said : “The key to keep the gate open is for the people to pray, but they don’t pray.  What can I say to those that think they are so great?  Please Elijah open one of the 5 gates for them in Heaven in case they atone and pray and stop with their lies and falseness and evil, so that 1 gate stays open for them.  And if they don’t repent, then that gate will also close”.

Rabbi then said he received a prophetic answer: “Elijah opened one good gate.  But what will be in Jerusalem will be bad and good.  Elijah opened one gate of the five, for the sake of Israel although difficult times lay ahead with much blood being spilled”.  Friends, putting this into perspective : Only 3% of Jews are Messianic.  Most are still living in the material world just as in the days of Noah.  And the hoof beats of war are everywhere on all 4 of Israel’s borders.

12.  Best, or should I say worst for last :  World leaders gather for “World Gov’t. Summit” in Dubai this week.  Trump did not go, PTL.  Why??  Because these demonic leaders met at the ugly new Temple of Ba’al erection which also had infused on it a replica of a Roman arch.  Rabbi Winston of Jerusalem says : “The Roman arch in Dubai symbolically ties ancient and current Rome (with the Catholic Church), together with Islam, Ishmael, the Arabs and Edom, which was epitomized by Rome”.  Friends, in short, it’s des jeaux vous all over again for the merging of the 1-World Gov’t. which goes back to the Tower of Babel.  Thank you Lord for this End of Days Sign of their utterly putrid way of paving the way for the coming god on earth, Anti-Christ.  Genesis 11:4 : “And they said : “Come let us build us a city, and a tower, with it’s top in Heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth”.  Friends, do you get it?  WE ARE THERE.  WHAT A SIGN!  (Source :  Breaking Israel News).

13.  In conclusion, we ever closely watch what happens in Jerusalem, the world’s time clock which is like what the “Magnetic North”  is to a compass.  Jeremiah 3:17 : “At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the Lord; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it”.


Oh dear Lord, that I could only report as much on this website on VIRGO as I could on my Facebook page.  So so much to tell, so little time, only me to work on it.  I’ve prayed on it and as a result, I’m compelled to bring forth merely the Current World Events linked to Bible Prophecy which is much actually.

With that said, hence-forward I will report on the statistical linkage with the Bible of the time span of Heavenly events between the Biblical Blood Moons – gotta to see my Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Chart – and VIRGO, that I’ve either discovered or gleaned off the Internet that I verified to be reliable and accurate.

Here’s what I got to give you even more proof upon proof upon proof that we are truly living in perilous times, specifically in the end for those who’ve not repented to Jesus, our Lord, and absolutely miraculous and exhilirating times from now to the Sept. 23 Virgo ONLY GREAT AND LAST LAST Heavenly Sign in the Bible for those of us looking for the Tidas 2:13 : “Blessed Hope” about that date, God willing.  So, LOOK and remember only 7 months away for this most probable prophetic finality of Rev. 12:5, ie. the RAPTURE of the Church :

1.  An Annular Solar Eclipse next week, Feb. 26th.

2.  The soon to be MUCH MUCH talked about Total Solar Eclipse that splits America smack in half, as in “DIVISION” of America today, on Aug. 21, the 29th of Av on God’s calendar has these intriguing #s :

a)  This Eclipse is exactly “666” days after Jupiter, the King Planet, conjugates (unites) with Venus, the Queen Planet on Oct. 25, 2015.

b)  This Eclipse is exactly “360” days after the same above conjugation, on Aug. 27, 2016.

c)   This Eclipse is the First day of the 30 day “Season of Repentance” to Sept. 20, 2017, the Beginning of the Feast of Trumpets.

d)   Genesis 5: 29, 31 : ” And he called his name Noah, saying, this same shall comfort as concerning our work and toil of our hands because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed”.  “And all the days of Lemech (Noah’s dad) were 777, and he died”.  Do you get it? : I linked Noah, only man on earth who believed the Lord, along with family that was “saved” from the flood.  Ala Rapture.  And Lemech, links up with God, our Father.  Now do you get it?  Lemech lived 777 years.  This is year 5777 on God’s calendar.  I don’t know, I’m a statistician, I report, you judge.  BUT,BUT these numbers ARE intriguing.

e)  This is the Year 2017, and most prophetic of a year it is.  Linkage here is Gen. 7:11,12 : “In the 600th year of Noah’s life, in the 2nd month, on the “17th” day, the fountains of the great deep broke up and the windows of heaven were open.  And the rains came”.  Get it?  : “2nd” month, “17th” day, Ala “2017” link, as in Great Trib. for evil world and safe and saved with the Lord as in the Rapture.

f)  Genesis 8:4 : “And the ark rested in the 7th month, on the 17th day”.  Get it? : 17th day.  Parallel this to 2017 where Great Trib. may begin, Ala the flood on the 17th.  And the possible Rapture on the 17th, ie 2017, Ala, rest, saved, outta here. on the 17th.


Proverbs 4:24 : “Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips out far from thee”.

U.S.A. :

What a BEAUTIFUL FIT of a scripture 3,000 years ago for today.  It’s replica of Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First” 50 years ago.  And today it’s FAKE NEWS gone GAGA.  Like who can you trust anymore with such magnanamus DECEPTION if you look Left or RIGHT.  “RIGHT”!!  With that being said I’ll be as frank and honest as can be in reporting America to you here below.  And all questionable stuff that I’m unsure of it’s verifiability, I’ll simply say 4 words :  “Could Be FAKE NEWS”.  So LET’S GO:


1.  General Mike Flynn fired from National Security Adviser for LYING.  Either case closed or Could Be FAKE NEWS if Trump is lying.

2.  This possible scandal on Flynn, Russia, etc.  now has 4 independent investigations on it.  What’s so sad, ALL 4 are refusing our Justice System including our Attorney General from partaking.  Very sad.

3.  This surreal “Shadow of Moscow” by the bizarre media and Anti-Trump resistance leaders, 1-World Order, etc., is going to haunt Trump like a curse until he either resigns, makes him “ungovernable”, gets impeached, or God forbid, gets assassinated.

4.  Can’t you just see this in the coming months of Democrats who now smell blood.

5.  110 Anti-Trump organizations have sprouted since the election, let alone violent townhalls  when Republicans speak.

6.   Just watch for Liberal judges and courts across America, let alone the Global elite, Soros followers, now just “Jump Trump” on even the slightest crack or twist or twitter moves he tweets.  I tell you the sky is the limit for them to fight his Executive Orders and Agendas in what ever slimy, obscure and dark way possible.

7.  Sad, sad no end in sight on this for what YOU KNOW, I KNOW, and Trump even told the nation with Bibi Netanyahu yesterday, that : “We are a “VERY,VERY Divided Nation”.  Note the emphasis on the word VERY.  Note that Obama was Pres. #44.  Note #44 Biblical meaning for 44 = DIVISION.  Wow!!  Couldn’t be more clearer than that.

8.  More fires :  Thousands currently of Obama holdovers of Federal Gov’t. employees that are still on Federal payrolls you can bet your I-phone that they’re doing their devil best to confound the Administration either on their own or at the behest of their upper, middle, whatever liberal managers.

9.  And you can bet your next steak dinner that the thousands that have resigned or been let go – Hello Susan Yates, Loretta Lynch’s assistant Attorney General fired by Trump- are being hired lickety split by Big Brother elite for their “inside knowledge” that’s detrimental to Trump.  Aye, Aye, Aye, Yiai, Yiai.

10.  Closing on Trump and the metastasizing cancers about him, I say we just gotta rely on strictly original news from the man’s “MOUTH” himself and pray he drains the swamp as swiftly as he’s been signing Executive Orders the past 3 weeks.

11.  And mostly pray that he absolutely adheres to 1 John 4:1 : “Beloved believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”.  And if this be so, maybe the liberal goons can quit asking : “What did Trump KNOW and when did he KNOW it”?


1.  Speaking of last sentence, what about “What did and does OBAMA KNOW and WHEN did he KNOW it!  Now that’s a fair question for this slippery man.

2.  Obama may be getting ICKY again, trying to outdo the devil himself.  Like “how”, I ask you can he “NOT” be just living 1 and 1/2 miles from the Eye of the TIGER  in this country right now, our White House and doing nothing but golfing, etc.  DUHH!  And to be “RENTING” a $4.5 million home and constructing a 6 to 8 feet high wall around the home’s perimeter and then he’s gonna move out when Sasha or Meila, or whoever it is graduates in 2 to 3 months!!!  Give me a break!!  What would the Landlord think of this for a future tenant!! DOUBLE DUHH!!  Something is up to be sure.

3.  Could be FAKE NEWS : Obama has approx. 280 offices and 32,525 workers in a nefarious Foundation around the country of groups linked up with him at his home command center network.  Ben Rhodes, his White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Eric Holder, Ex- Attorney General have been seen entering and exiting his home where they plan and scheme on how to strike next against Trump and his Administration.  Those vipers, and I do mean vipers.  Their headquarters are in Obama’s bunker in his home where even wife Michelle has an office.  Dad-Gum-it if this is true.

4.  Could be FAKE NEWS :  General Mike Flynn was the first witch hunt casualty for these operatives’ greasy hands who hope will have legs and spread to other Trump people, Russia, etc. to take down Trump.  And purportedly these grease-mongers have an $80 million budget from wealthy Ex-Obama and Hillary lovers.

5.  This is “NOT”, repeat “NOT” FAKE NEWS : Obama after election, you heard it from his own shark-filled mouth to the 66 million losing cry babies : “Get over it.  Now’s the time for some organizing.  So don’t mope about it.  I’m fired up and ready to go”.  Where the “H” is he going to go.  God knows, We don’t, or do we??


1.  Did you know under Obama, average of 160,000 Muslims, pure and pure, came to America in 8 years of his Presidency.  That’s 1.28 million.  I’m sure and I’d honestly support Muslim women, children, Christian Muslims but remember what Marco Rubio said last year : “All it takes is ONE BAD ONE”.

2.  Linda Sarsour, the co-chair of the 600,000 women’s march on Washington, a most radical, devout New York Muslim recruiter : “Sharia Law is reasonable and highly misunderstood.  America is built on values of genocide and slavery”.  Well cry a green river!!  What is flogging and stoning and amputations, and women’s genital removals, and all out torture under “satan’s religions”??  Also says : “We also worship the same God”.  UGGHH!!   Blasphemy or what, Jesus is nothing to them as what He is to us.  Her national theme for her movement is : “We Rise”.  Friends, her speech has most horrific, surreal implications underneath.  That being the subjugation and submission by force or sword to submit to Islam.  No wonder Obama laid much groundwork to get this going.  PTL he could not finish.  Too bad Obama, another legacy blowdown.

3.  Defense Sec. Mad Dog Mattis is in Europe.  Russia calls him for military collaboration with the U.S. Mad Dog refuses. Russia is pitchforked, infuriated at being stood up.  We WATCH this move.

4.  Could be FAKE NEWS : Former CIA analyst/Ex Colonel Tony Schaffer on Fox News where he said the sacking of Mike Flynn was perpetrated by former CIA Director John Brennan, National Security Adviser, James Clapper, and Obama buddy, the “tricky” Ben Rhodes”.  I don’t know. We WATCH as Trump said today on National TV at White House where he bashed and bashed and bashed the FAKE MEDIA down a rabbit hole as no Pres. has EVER DONE, Trump said all the leak sources out of the White House will be brought to justice.  And by the way, what a most entertaining and refreshing Press Conference that was.

Friends, in closing America is doomed.  This happened when Obama slayed Israel Dec. 23 with the UNSC Resolution 2334 vote.  We are cursed and judgement is here.  We can’t get out of this one.  Just look around our country, as never before, such DIVISION and angst.  Only Jesus Christ can get us out of this one.


RUSSIA :  Hello Cold War and Hello Gog!!  What a bad dude this pernicious killer Putin is getting to be :

1.  A sixth person critical of Putin this century gets poisoned for death, for a second time in 2 years.  Now in a coma.

2.  This thug looks the other way as Amnesty International has proof that over 13,000 innocent civilians who opposed Assad and squealed on Russian backing of the Syrian regime were viciously tortured and then executed in secret at a prison by hanging.  Friends, this is spot on scenes from the Great Trib. I’d say.  Can you visualize that if you were waiting in line as one of the 13,000?  Very scary.

3.  He orders Russian aircraft to prepare for “a time of war to launch an attack at any moment”.  Russian Defense Minister Shoigni : “All aerospace forces have been ordered to be combat-ready.  All Russian Air-Defense Systems are set to be deployed”.  Intelligence reports we never see on TV say S-300 and S-400 missiles ultra lethal and precise are in place dotting the area about Moscow.

4.   Guts galore and wide as the world is, is this “Trifecta”, all in a 4 day period : a)  4 Russian jets buzz by within 100 yards of U.S. Naval Destroyer, USS Porter in Black Sea.  b)  Russian spy ship patrolling off East U.S. Coast.  Goes within 70 miles of Delaware U.S. Navy Submarine base, then yesterday trolls 30 miles off of Connecticut Coastline.  Both points at the “extreme” edge of international waters.  c) Successfully test fires, then secretly deploys cruise missiles that can now carry a nuclear bomb.  Now exposed of course.  Something serious is shaking Moscow.


Very disturbing, U.S. satellites shows China in disputed South China Sea Islands has prepared “presumptive missile strike launch readiness” able to destroy  U.S. Naval Ship Carriers, Destroyers, and even U.S. Air fields in East Asia.  And Obama said the U.S. was “PIVOTING” to Asia 4 years ago to foster better relations.  Yeah, he chickened out and ran with his tail between his legs after utter political and gross negligence where he laid rotten eggs on in the Middle East and didn’t know how to care for them, let alone his Red Line lie where 400,000 Syrians have now perished.


You know this, their 22nd Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test since 2006, can now easily reach South Korea, Japan, and this summer Guam.


1.  Iran’s top Security Official, Zohour : “The U.S. Army’s 5th Fleet are all within the range of Iran’s missile systems and they’ll be razed to the ground if the enemy mistakes”.  Well show a little spine why don’t you, bucket mouth.

2.  Iran fires their 7th missile, an ICBM, another violation, daring the world and Trump do something about it.  Those Dad-gum scerilous fanatics.


Chilling, be forewarned :  These butchers, oh I wish they now lived and suffer in hell for the heinous crimes they do as their Al-Khansa brigade which is made up of vicious, ruthless “female” coyotes go around ISIS cities and communities insuring that the women living there adhere to strict Sharia Law.  If not, they’re equipped with “metal jaw” weapons to remove their female “parts”, torture them to the point of death.  Sorry to be so morbid.  Gees, I so wish our Lord would come so soon.  So ugly. Visions of coming Great Trib.


There are 10 articles here regarding the most important events this past week.  You know, 9 of the 10 pertain directly to the Muslim refugee crisis that is NOT swallowing up the EU, it has SWALLOWED UP the EU already.  LOOK :

1.  Streets everywhere in Paris undergoing unbridled chaos.  Protests, riots, 100’s of arrests, hundreds of injuries.  Police even forced out of certain suburbs fearing Muslim rampages.  French leaders blasted as “powerless cowards” for allowing Muslims to rant, run and rule the streets of Paris at night shouting Allah Akbar.  Vandalism, fights, street rapes, robberies.  Unstoppable front runner for French Presidential election, Marine LePen : “What a national disgrace, this government is backed into a silence which reflects both it’s cowardice and it’s powerlessness”.

2.   So much for a romantic vacation in “Gay Paree” and visits to the Eiffel Tower as security now building a permanent retaining wall barrier around the iconic complex to limit terror strikes.  Never has this been done before.

3.  Cops in Sweden file police reports Monday thru Sunday, 24/7 absolutely inundated with rapes, more rapes, robberies, aggravated assault, rape assault, extortion, blackmail, vandalism, violence against police, drug felonies, attempts of murder.  What’s so unusual on this?  90% are from Muslims, that’s what’s so unusual on this.

4.  People’s minds throughout EU, since BREXIT & TRUMP Nationalism fever has hit finally in January.  Citizens across EU rise up against Muslim infiltration, against Globalists, Elitists forming the 1-World-Gov’t. such as the likes of George Soros.  Citizens are forming a people’s EU-wide initiative called SOS-Stop Operation Soros.  Hungary Pres. Orban : “In every EU country now they want to displace Soros.  This year Soros and his forces will be squeezed out”.  This is GOOD.  Unfortunately in these End of Days the fires of satan, so intertwined with UN, and the elite’s Global fever will do whatever it takes to push their agenda to fulfillment.  That is BAD.

5.  EU’s #1 leader, Commissioner Claude Juncket : “I doubt the EU will remain united”.

6.  More cracks : Those pesky Greeks : Senior Greek politicians and Economists have been talking to U.S. counterparts to ditch the EU, “AND” the Euro to live as a sovereign nation with a new currency for them called : The DOLLAR.  Germany is absolutely infuriated on this.

7.  Latest German Poll this week show Angela Merkel is “DOWN” 31% to 30% versus out of nowhere and not even a Conservative; left Green leader, guy named Schulz.  Shocking stunner, to be sure as Angela’s coalition has never ever trailed before in 12 years, let alone for a national election this summer.

8.  Seeing these astonishing polls, Angela now offers Muslim refugees $80 million that her Gov’t. has “just happened” to set aside in taxpayer money to pay the refugees to voluntarily leave Germany.  Well no kidding Sherlock, she’s flipped her German noodle.

9.  Angela also just cancelled her annual meeting with Bibi Netanyahu for the very FIRST time this Century.  Yep, another one bites the dust in warming relations with Israel.  It’s as if Israel is an infected pariah, a black swan.

10.  My take : The Muslim wave of refugees has now caused such a cultural shock change to a centuries old established European culture that is now at the cusp of wreaking total devastation and destruction of the entire continent that will throw Europe into such travail, they’ll easily accept that “certain someone” who’ll flatter them with demonic genius, the Anti-Christ.  And just very possibly he’ll be on stage there after the Body of Christ joins it’s head, Jesus Christ in Rev. 12:5 with the Virgo Constellation calling.  Daniel 11:21 : “And in his estate shall stand up a vile person to whom they shall not give the honour of the Kingdom, but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries”.


He never fails. He’s just like clockwork.  Year after year, for 5 consecutive years, this man, and he IS only a man, has yet to fail in prescribing one type of stimulus or another to enlarge his circle for contriving the dreadful 1-World Religion.  LOOK :

1.  Pope hosts the despicable President Hassan Rouhani of the most terrorist affiliated nation on earth at the Vatican to reinforce their common values.  Vatican says the 2 discussed Iran’s “relevant role that Iran is called on to play” and “the Common Spiritual Values they have with each other”. Phhhh!!

2.  Pope just developed an “Interfaith Program” at Hebrew University to promote “civic opportunity and dialogue among youths around the world”.  Vatican will host this swarray.  Is made up mostly of Muslim, and other non-Christian religious leaders, international scholars, and organizations around the world who will attend this summer in Rome.  Their theme : Promotion of Peace and a Better Future For All”.  Pope Francis : “Religion can bring the world together to create the bonds of friendship.  I am sure this will produce great changes in the world”.  Got that right, all under “ONE UMBRELLA”.  Rev. 13:12 : “He causeth the earth and them which dwell there in to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed”.



WOW!!  Sure sounds like Matthew 24 words in verse 7 of “pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places”.

1.  Quakes of 5.5 or greater I’ll report weekly :  a 6.7 magnitude in Philippines, 7 dead and a woeful 110 aftershocks; a 6.4 in Pakistan; a 5.6 in Taiwan; an unbelievable 749 in the Dardanells near Turkey with greatest a 5.6 and all in one week.  Google it.

2.  You’ve heard nearly 200,000 people evacuated area of Oroville, California, home to America’s tallest dam that has 2 gigantic holes in it’s spillway.  This is scary as this is the source of water for 22 million people from L.A. to San Francisco.  Yep, “770” feet tall no less.  FOX News photos reminds me of Noah and the Flood.  People are back home now at this writing but only hour by hour as more rains coming today thru the weekend.

3.  In 2014-15 it was Ebola.  In 2015-16 it was Zika.  Today it’s malaria and yellow fever as 15,500 have died, and a staggering 4.2 “MILLION” cases in Africa, mostly in Angola.


1.  Left wing fight clubs starting up at University of Florida to train members to physically beat up Conservatives and Republicans.  Specifically urge women to “Rise-Up” they call it to attend as promoters expect a marked rise is sexual violence in this divided nation.  Hmmm!!

2.  Very rare for a best selling book to peak out, subside, and come back in 12 years as a blockbuster in sales and now also turned into a movie.  You know it : SHACK.  Crux of this apostate book and movie is that  All the world will be saved with or without Jesus.  Come on John!!  Like why did Jesus come to this earth to die for our sins.  To join the world in an all-world victory party.

3.  LGBTQ advocate Burger King franchises in France and, oh, say it ain’t so, ISRAEL are offering a free romantic adult toy to 18 yrs. and up customers with their specialty of 2 whoppers, 2 fries, 2 beers or wine.  In short, an erotic sex toy.  Geez Louise, don’t infect my Cracker Jacks.

4.  Big Brother is coming : In Buffalo, New York, mother takes her 2 kids out of school after noticing no progress in learning and then she files proper New York State papers to Home School them.  Police knock on door with court order to “TAKE” her kids to school.  She says NO, now in jail 10 days and kids in foster homes.


Well. there it is.  I made, nor ever make this stuff up.  Lord is watching me.  We are in judgement perpetuity with all the foreboding signs above.  I tell you anyone who thinks things will be all right, that things will turn around,  well, I got 2 things to say :  a)  How can they keep saying this year after year, and b)  their mindset borders on sheer lunacy.

Friends, if  Virgo birth of Rev. 12:5 in 7 months is the REAL DEAL, well, we better get cracking and putting our chips with the Lord for 7 months or it’s Katie bar the doors to the gates of hell with no-way- Hozay- out forever and forever and forever.  Now that just scared the daylights out of me and, no offense, I hope it did you too.

I want to lean on Him and His Beautiful Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to be led to the Promised Land and nowhere else.  I’m picky.  Not much time to ponder and then go willy nilly by jumping on every rake in your yard and torching your hair on fire for something to do.  God willing, see you next week and to God Be All The Glory for showing us the way to the Promised Land.  And that WAY be Jesus :

John 14:3 : “And I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may also be”.