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Welcome Everybody.  What can I say?  Division is imploding America, Muslim rebels are crumbling the EU, Nuclear buildup hooks are infatuating Russia, and then there’s Israel.  WOW!!  These hotspots of fire this generation is witnessing are a most foreboding sign that the hour is late.  Just look at the following multitude of prophetic puzzle pieces in this report that, when parlayed together fashion a very clear picture for signifying that we are living on the Edge of Time.  SO, LET’S GO :

Revelation 12:5 : “……and the child was caught up unto God”.


1.  May you PLEASE view and “like and share” my Facebook post of Feb. 27th where I display several striking statistical linkages with Bible Scripture that are absolutely undeniable for authenticating that this fall’s Virgo Constellation “may”, I say MAY truly be the Rapture somewhere in September.  I’ll assure you, you’ll never forget what you read, to make you even more “ever-aware” that we are on “The Edge of Time”.  Just click on my Facebook on the home page of THIS WEBSITE.  Soooo simple.

2.  Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “GREAT”, as in Rev. 12:1, GREAT and LAST Heavenly Sign for Repentance as : Extremely large, larger than others of the same kind, REMARKABLE,  OUTSTANDING in MAGNITUDE, SIGNIFICANT, IMPORTANT, MEANINGFUL, SUPERIOR, EXCELLENT.  Got the picture?  And to have this GREAT SIGN less than 7 pages from the very end of the Bible should shake you to the core regarding our Eternal place of being.  LOOK at these most intriguing stats :

3.  There are 1,179 chapters out of total of 1,185 done and done until Jesus’ 2nd Coming.  That leaves but 6 chapters or merely “0.5%” of the Bible to look for Salvation after Rev. 12:5 above.  Those final 6 chapters are not the makings for a happy camper as they are filled with the ugly froth of a little permanent visit by satan to earth with some of his friendly angels.  Also, the Anti-Christ, False Prophet, the winepress and sickle of the 7 vials of the Wrath of God, a whore, some mammon of Babylon and Babylon itself get pitchforked and finally, a place called Meggido.

4.  There are 30,915 verses in the Bible done and done to the 2nd Coming.  That leaves a paltry 114 verses or 0.4% of the remaining Bible to find Salvation.  And Salvation will not be available in that 0.4% as all the evil above will fill that.

5.  Sooo, if one feels lucky, and chooses the roulette wheel, or rolls dice, or decides to “choose wisely” as in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark to hold off as long as possible for Salvation, welll, Asta La Veesta Baby.  No more golden parachute after Virgo, to be sure, to land in a Heavenly mansion and take your pet tiger or lion for an after dinner stroll.  Or, or, delay after Virgo, or possibly even shortly before, for a mansion in hell where the unquenchable fires roar and the worm never dies.  Me, I will respect this LAST GREAT SIGN.


Lev. 26:12 : “And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people”.

As the drums of war are getting louder and louder, just look at the henpecking Israel’s border neighbors are pressing for the demise for a showdown with Israel that is imminent.  Too bad it will be the other way however as Israel will thump them on their head.  LOOK :

1.  From the Southeast of Israel : Talk about ISIS closing in on Israel which by the way is part of their 5 year plan to rule the world, and this is ISIS’ 3rd year which plan says to destroy every corner of Israel :  Over 400 of the 550 Christian residents in the Northern Sinai flee for their lives as ISIS begins besieging their communities on the border with Israel.  The barbarians are at the gate.  IDF on full alert.

2.  To the South, Israel destroys several weapons caches of Hamas in North Gaza after Hamas launches a “futile” missile into South Israel.

3.   More concerning here, even under watchful IDF eyes, Hamas somehow has managed to construct 15 “deep down” border-crossing tunnels into Israel, IDF discovered just this week and is now planning to destroy them all.  Those “cockroaches” they never cease to quit pestering Israel.

4.  On the North, western spy agencies express grave concerns as they confirm Hezbollah now has for 1st time ever strategic Naval Weapons that can change the balance of power in the Middle East.  Of course, courtesy of the heathens in Iran.

5.  And speaking of, Iran spiritual leader Kamani calls for : “We will liberate Palestine and remove the cancer of Israel”.  This call was made at the 6th International Conference in Tehran in support of fostering the next Palestinian Intifada, the 3rd.  Here’s the caveat : 81 nations were present in Tehran, all who “favor violence against the Jews and advocate in favor of destroying the Jewish State” said Kamani, as per Arutz Sheva.  My take :  Kamani was detected with 3rd and 4th stage prostate cancer 2 years ago and was expected to die in those 2 years.  So what’s the hold up??

6.  Again, PTL for Trump honoring the Holy Grail with Israel when Bibi came to Washington.  And also for U.S. Ambassador to UN Nikki Halley who slams UN on Israel.  God Bless her.  The bond is Beautiful.

7.  BUT, BUT, as the worm in hell never dies, Palestinian Authority leader Hamdallah “SCUMDALA” addresses the EU Parliament in Brussels to recognize the Palestinian State and to pressure Israel to stop occupation of Palestinian lands and cease illegal Settlement Activity, as the PA will not be responsible anymore for what happens next.  Friends, I believe him as there’s not much flesh left on the bone to prevent this powder-keg explosion anytime, any day, these most prophetic of days.  Like a broken record, Right!!  But soon…….KAPOW!!!

8.  On Anti-Semitism, like what carnage the devil has bestowed upon Jewish Centers, Jewish day cares and Jewish Cemetaries this past week.  I’ve not documented this # of incidents, but do you EVER, I say EVER, recall this high number before in your lifetime against Jews in America : 78 threats to Jewish Synagogues this year alone.  And 6 bomb threats to Jewish Centers, 9 to Jewish Day Cares and 160 grave sites outside St. Louis and over “500” vandalized in Philly all in the last 2 weeks in 13 states. Mostly in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina.  This is very disparaging and should open our eyes lickety split that something very evil and dark is evolving.  Yesss, E-V-I-L backwards to L-I-V-E.  Think how Jewish families around America are absorbing this insanity about tonight as you read this.  Why am I thinking about Obama who hates the Jewish people.  Hmmmm!!

9.  FYI, near St. Louis, they also decapitated a statue of Jesus -TWICE.

10. In closing, a Dad Gum pre-school teacher, a Nancy Salem, in Arlington, Texas, urged her social media followers to “kill some Jews”.  And tweeted : “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?  Not enough, Ha, Ha, Ha”.  Oh, that demented female coyote.  Can’t wait for her to bow down to the Lord and discuss Israel for a moment.  That’s enough.

Abraham Lincoln : “A House Divided Cannot Stand”.


Something very SINISTER is going on in D.C., and it’s not just “Gaymania” and “Transgendermania”.  Either losing groups like this year’s crybaby Democrats which always claim conspiracy theories or the dark ominous shadows of Barack Obama are lurking in a pernicious way to defrock Pres. Trump and his agenda.  OR BOTH I say.  Here’s some scary stuff on both :

1.  First and foremost, the Media and Corporate Globalists are fattening the pockets of this Democratic Resistance Move.

2.  AND they are helping Obama spearhead his cronies and stooge like loyal followers to engage in lawsuits a plenty to prevent Trump’s policies and to formulate a national network of well trained, well organized protest groups.  This is a 2-pronged attack as these Globalists have 3 words for Trump :  He’s GOTTA GO.

3.  You’ve watched protests against Trump, Cabinet picks, Townhalls.  I tell you WATCH, they’re all SYNCHRONIZED.

4.  They display the now popular pale green signs with word “SHAME”.  Others with WE DISAGREE, etc.  And it’s not just local, it’s spread nationwide.

5.   Protesters are taught to quickly grab the seats in front rows.

6.  In the back and middle rows they are taught to disperse out in a way coordinated evenly fashion like the red spaces on a checkerboard to command greater crowd attention.

7.  They are taught to continually repeat “their” question to a politician at the podium and never give up the microphone till their question is answered.

8.  They are taught to yell loudly and cause great noise commotion on answers they do not approve.

9.  They are taught to hold their signs STRAIGHT UP & DOWN, not upside down.  Get the picture?  Now that’s what I call a perfected, full-impact crowd Community Organizer like what Obama is noted for developing.

10.  Main protest activist groups, spawned by Obama and fired ex-White House staff, are called “Indivisible” and OFA, or ‘Organized for Action”.  The latter group has 32,500 activists spread across America’s cities.  Strategically covering all 4 corners and backed by, as of 2 weeks ago, $80 million by George Soros like Globalists who are yearning for this 1-World Order and see Trump as the ultimate impediment to their dreams.

11.  These activists were selected for various positions after their applications were thoroughly reviewed.

12.  The new hires were the cream of the crop of thousands of applicants of Obama’s post-President website which featured a training manual on how to confront and bully their Republican adversaries successfully.  I know you get this picture and what idiocy these cravenly cynical people have unveiled to take down America.  They are nothing but loony drama kings and queens.

13.  This shadow government and this real nasty man Obama is off and running to sabotage Trump’s every move with these will organized individuals behind his groups.  It’s a tempest in a teapot.  As Trump dishes out more and more policies and destroys Obama’s legacy of now mutilated Obama orders he had hoped to preserve, may we WATCH as these protests grow BIGGER and MADDER, then a trigger point will surface. Then KAPOW!!  Only God knows.

14.  Remember Obama, the evil ringmaster’s quote in 2008 : “I promise you, our National Security Force will be just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the U.S. Military”.

15.  And did I mention Trump, today, Feb. 28th, said : “I think Obama is behind the leaks and the townhall protests”.


1.  Steve Bannon at CPAC : “If you think they are going to give you your country back, you are sadly mistaken”.

2.  And then there’s Hillary on this Resistance to Rise Up : “We need to stay engaged.  I’ll be with you every step of the way”.  And over the weekend : “Keep on fighting and I’ll be with you all the way”.  Good Night Irene.  She’s sooo crocked and crooked.  They want to take down America by Division I tell you.

3.  Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson fires most of the 7th floor of the State Dept.  He felt this is where the pimples and measles were breeding for Hillary and Obama.  They even called it “The Shadow Gov’t. Floor”.  Why would I kid you?  GOOGLE it.


1.  Humana, 2nd largest insurer in the “Nation” pulls out of Obamacare.

2.  Now, 58 million babies have been brutally killed in the U.S. by abortion.   Come Quickly Lord Jesus, Please.

3.  Needle in a giant haystack : ICE Customs Agents have deported a paltry 682 illegals with “some sort” of a criminal record out of 90,062 total.  WHOOSSHH, a drop in the bucket.

4.  Two Mardi Gras vehicle accidents running into parades in 2 days.  PTL no deaths, 12 kids injured, 4 critical.  God does not like this blatant idolatry.

5.  Next, National Women’s March is March 8th, around entire country. Is organized and ready to go.  Called : “The Day Without a Woman”.

6.  Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocks out CNN, that is “Clinton News Network”, and New York Times from daily Press Briefings.  Atta Boy Sean.

7.  Beware the Ides of March, on the fanatical Budget and Debt Ceiling showdown which looms March 15th.  You heard it here first.  Et Tu Brutus.

8.  Russia has 5,000 underground shelters for the wealthy.  U.S. has 140 for same,  Hmmm!!  What’s going on here?

9.   U.S. Congress is investigating a very suspicious $418 million weapons dispersement to Kenya on the last day he was in office.  Recall, he did a $220 million aid pkg. to Palestinians the exact day.  That arrogant shyster.  He don’t care for you or me diddly squat.

10.  Friends, I keep saying since Obama screwed Israel at the UN Sec. Council Dec. 23rd, our Lord has not forgotten Gen. 12:3 : “I’ll curse those that curse thee”.  With that said, and all the above America is the new La La Land going down, not the OSCAR LALALAND which went down.  Our nation just can’t put this toothpaste back in the tube, God help us.


Geez Louise; What is going on here with this Pope?

1.  Instead of meeting with Jesus loving Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham, etc. throughout the world this man is showing his true colors, and they stink.  I’m sorry, but LOOK:

2.  Pope hosts at the Vatican despicable leader of world’s most terrorist nation, Iran, Pres. Rouhani.  Main topic was to discuss possible solutions to the Middle East crisis where Pope declared :
“Iran has a relevant role that they are called on to play”.  That’s less than “lukewarm” as asking the wolf, Iran, to guard the hen-house.  Also said of Iranian Pres. : “We share common spiritual values”.  POOH-BAH-BAH.  What great irony, in bed with the devil.

3.  Pope’s address this week : a)  “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and MUSLIM TERRORISM DOES NOT EXIST.  They do not exist”.  b)  The ecological crisis is real.  A very solid scientific concenses indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the Climate System.  Let us not fall into denial.  Time is running out.  Let us act now.  I ask you all to defend creation”.  UGGHH.  You know, there’s scripture Pope deliberately stays away from in the Bible so that he may do his part in this Climate Change Trojan Horse to push the world to 1-World Religion :  Gen. 8:22 : “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease”.

4.  Pope has secretly and quietly reduced Sanctions against Pedophile Priests and has even given clemency to others.  One Priest, a Mauro Inzoli, caught and convicted for “several” sex-crimes against children as young as 12, is now free to roam again.  This Pope is keeping door open for east entry to the imminent Anti-Christ, to be sure.

5.  Speaking of his “chumminess” to the Anti-Christ, today, Feb. 27, invites to one of his retreats selected Cardinals and virulent, prominent Catholic Scholars who are doing their part to force the 1-World Religion and who are enemies of Christianity to “exchange ideas” on “social justice” and “Climate Change”.  And YES friends, they speak on the ANTI-CHRIST who they say is now lurking around.  One Cardinal Biffi of the Vatican : “The Anti-Christ presents himself as a ‘pacifist’, an ‘ecologist’ and an ‘ECUMENIST’.  The masses will follow him except for the small groups of Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants”.  Friends, that stinks.  An “ECUMENIST” is a 1-World universal unified “Christian Church” leader.

6.  This Pope’s collusion with the aforementioned bad hombres has added another layer of his extensive damage to the Body of Christ, let alone our Jesus Christ when he colludes this way and agrees with those who abhor our Lord’s Word.  And to promote Worldwide Peace without The Prince of Peace, our Jesus, by saying : “I greatly and cordially thank you all dear friends belonging to other religious traditions.  I see a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperate for the common good of humanity”.  Cripes!!  Where’s JESUS!!  Case closed on this “man”,


What else.  Muslims, Muslims, Muslims wreaking havoc, just like Trump said.  LOOK:

1.  This “WAS” the Real Deal and not Fake News :  Angry mobs of Muslim rioters throw the “ranch” at police in Rinkeby, Sweden, suburb of Stockholm, including rocks, bricks, bottles, cans, sticks, and literally physically attacked the police.  Police fired shots into crowd no deaths.  Set 2 dozen cars on fire, loot, vandalize stores and crashed glass in businesses.

2.  Double-ditto, except Paris riots now in second week.  Worse this time as Muslim are armed.  Police flee at their superior’s orders – so so ludicrous.  Last week riots were in the Paris suburbs.  This week, victorious and feeling giddy, Muslim mobs have spread the unrest to the central streets of “Gay Paree” which is not so “Gay” anymore.  WHOOPS!!  Over 80 cars burned.  But that’s OK.  French tourism places now offer 65% discounts on winter vacations.  What “Dimbos”.  Go figure.  Source = Brietbart News.

3.  Seeing these successes, ISIS now plans to attack “UK” citizens in droves this Spring, using similar tactics that were so successful with what the Irish Republican Army did 40 years ago says UK top terrorism watchdog think-tank.  Do you get it??  This Muslim thing is achieving critical mass.  Appears unstoppable.

4.  Shades of “Wormwood” in our Bible and “From Russia With Love” :  Life threatening radioactive particulates from the Arctic are detected in the air streams into areas across the EU.  Scientists are baffled after detecting cancer-causing chemicals that are produced during nuclear or atomic bomb blasts. The dreaded, toxic poison Iodine 151 has been found in Norway, Finland, UK, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and Czech Republic.  Growing fears are that “The Russians Did It”, setting off a nuclear test near the “far away” North Pole.

5.  French Trump style “Nationalist” Le Pen widens her gap in coming French elections, appears “unstoppable” pollsters say.

6.  Depending on March elections, Netherlands may ditch the Euro.  And another one bites the dust.

7.  Speaking of, fearing the EU will “crumble” this year, leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg will push to ratify a “Federal Union of Europe”.  Basically, 1 voice, 1 country, 1 US of Europe, at the “60th” Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which formed the EU, in Rome March 17th.  Well how convenient is that to help out the Anti-Christ a little bit.  Oh Well, you could say the devil’s in the details.  Do you get it?  EU nations are swinging up and down trees like Tarzan, going helter-skelter and nothing, no policy, no leader is working.  Only Jesus Christ will untangle this mess in about 7 to 8 years.  And, thanks Virgo, we want “outta here”.  Like who cares who this certain man of flattery will be.  I don’t.  We’ll be in Heaven.



1.  Kremlin halts all positive commentary from Radio, TV, Newswires regarding friendly relations with Trump.  Secretary Lavrov : “The Post-Cold War era has come to an end”.  Build them nukes Russia.

2.  Speaking of, U.S. deploys it’s one and only “Radioactive Nuclear Sniffer Plane” to UK as the mysterious radioactive cloud from a Russian nuclear experiment near the North Pole mentioned above approaches Britain to help in investigation.  This was same plane sent to Chernobyl, Russia, years ago on their nuke spill.  Vladdy, Vladdy, Vladdy, what a busy man you are.  Can’t you just get married have kids and just be a Dad??


U.S. surveilance shows China now has underground bunkers for their fighter jets as well as 3 airstrips in the South China Sea.  They are playing a real nasty game under our nose.  Right.


Iran begins unprecedented number of War games in a frenzied-atmosphere-like fashion at nowhere else but the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf where 1/3 of world’s oil goes thru.  YIKES, Hot Spot!!


Several ugly despicable, deplorable acts these satanic monsters are now doing :

1.  You’re tired of hearing this, I’m tired.  BUT, It Is What It Is :  These termites of moral world decay kill 220 in Pakistan, 48 in Baghdad, 65 in Syria this past week as well as beheading a German hostage on video in the Philippines-which I never have nor ever will see back to James Foley.

2.  Eight straight suicide attacks in 8 days.

3.  First women, then teenagers, then young children, and now their latest suicide bomb carriers : Little puppy dogs with suicide vests.  You can Google it.  I’ll never see this ever either.

4.  Can you only, only imagine if ISIS gets their filthy hands on some of the 100s of 1,000s of pounds of the most lethal poison in world history, the VX nerve gas that killed the 1/2 brother of ruthless North Korean leader Kim Jon “Goon”, in seconds by 2 women in Malaysia.  Yep, these are the real “Mad Dogs” of the world today.



1.  Don’t know as per Matthew 24:7 of “earthquakes in diverse places” in the End of Days, but only “TWO” of the “significant trigger” of a 5.5 magnitude or greater that can cause much damage occurred this week.  Those both being along the dreadful “Ring of Fire” : A 6.3 in Argentina and a 6.9 in Papua in the Pacific.

2.  Scientists discover “Massive” lake of fiery hot molten carbon the size of Mexico 230 miles under the earth’s crust in Western USA.  Our country’s TOAST every which way but loose anymore.


1.  This world is getting “WITCHIER” than ever :  As of this past Friday, Feb. 25, thousands of WITCHES around the globe will be starting a monthly cult ritual “massive spell” they call it on every waning Crescent Moon sighting to be cast on Donald Trump until he’s driven from office.  Next round is March 26, April 25, then May 23rd.  Leading U.S. witch leader, probably a Regional Director about D.C. (joke), Lana Del Ray : “All you need are the right ingredients to participate”.  By the way Friday’s was held right outside Trump Tower where First Lady and beautiful Christian Melania and son Baron were home.  What slime these pantie wastes are.  Friends, satan is in our backyard.  How can he not be in these End of Days in “our Lord’s” year of 5777.

2.  UFO sightings reach all-time high in last decade with 46,100 verses 9,800 in 1980’s.  Purple-Unicorn, twisted minds, or what?  God knows.

3.  Texas wrestling State High School Champion was a boy, is now a girl, takes testosterone, but competes as a girl, but has a short blonde hair like a boy, shaken the daylights out of Texas high-school sports.  He-She went 56-0 and the poor normal high school girl with beautiful long hair past her shoulders was crying to beat the band as she was absolutely helpless while being pinned.  What in the world is going on now in high school sports.  Does this set a “So Good”, Sodom and Gomorrah trend where a He-She transgender can excel and grab glory to be #1.

4.  Speaking of, Women’s NBA basketball superstar, Candice Wiggens, married to and loves her husband, retires from the sport.  WHY, with all the millions she makes??  She says, “Lesbianism” broke her heart and spirit and forced her to retire because she couldn’t take it anymore as she claims the WNBA is 98% GAY.  They want it all and they want it NOW.  Oh yeah, WE ARE THERE.

5.   FYI : There are now 1.6 million transgenders in U.S. and 145,000 are kids.  We’re TOAST.

6.  Want more proof : Do you think YOGA is an approvable lifestyle in front of God : Just Google and click on article #8 on Feb. 24th titled “NAMASTE, SATAN : Metal Yoga Class Set Inside Satanic Temple”.  How putrid.  Worse, they do their Yoga in front of the now nationally famous Baphomet satan statue in Salem, Mass. that has 2 little kids adoring him.  How devil dark is that, disgusting and so sickening.


Sooo, there it is.  All truth, no FAKE NEWS here.  IT IS what it is.  Putting all this in perspective, the die is cast, the stage is set.  Hopefully this Virgo Heavenly Sign shows so explicitly we have not even a smigeon of wiggle room at the “inn” left for Salvation.  If we think we have even a teeny-tiny bit of time to defer Repentance and Belief in Jesus and the Cross, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

We just got to crack that hard coconut code upstairs between our ears, humble ourselves and come to the Lord NOW.  Like how can one possibly risk his eternal life thinking “I still got some time” when, after the Rev. 12 LAST and “ONLY” GREAT HEAVENLY SIGN for REPENTANCE has passed by and 99.6% of the Bible’s content for Salvation is completed….well what bizarre thinking that is.  Best go see the movie “Left Behind”.

My take : a)  You best be in that 99.6% Bible Repentance Window that comes with celebrating an eternal joy in Heaven with our Beautiful Lord,  b)  else, hello to the hell of the last 0.4% of the Bible of the Wrath of God and Great Tribulation until it ends with the 2nd Coming.  God willing, see you next week.  Paul Grevas

Zeph. 2:3 : “Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgement.  It may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger”.

Psalms 9:12 : “He forgeteth not the cry of the humble”.  WOW!!  Spot On.