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Luke 21:36 : “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man”.

ALERT : Fed meeting on Interest Rates. They MUST rise.  Also Budget and Debt Ceiling showdown.  Both of course on the Ides of March, the 15th, tomorrow.

Welcome Everybody.  WOW!!  If that scripture’s an order, then I’m going to take it because the alternative in the following report of this past week’s events shows a mighty dark world decked with a wet house of cards with no where to go but DOWN.  From the endless draining of the swamp and the cesspool of the Deep State in DC to the EU’s “Revived” Roman Empire meeting in Rome in 2 weeks, to Russia’s new nuclear bomb bigger and better than the one that they just developed can destroy an area the size of Texas anywhere on the planet to the ominous phone call by Trump to Abbas ON THE EVE OF PURIM; well Katie bar the door, Eli’s a coming to steal our soul to take it DOWN also.  Friends, is not this world at the breaking point of being utterly seared to damnation?  Praise the Lord He’s shown us who seek Him, a way out.  Just look; First the Beautiful, then the Bad and the UGLY :


As you know I’ve stressed and harped, harped and stressed how aware we should be of the high probability-and it is merely a probability-that the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12:5, just may prove to be that Holy and Divine moment of our “Blessed Hope” of Tidas 2:13, Jesus Christ coming for His Church, the Body of Christ.  And that moment will swirl around the Feast of Trumpets of either Sept. 20 or 21, nobody knows which day for sure but God Almighty only.  BUT, BUT, if that be so, here are 4 more Statistical “truths” that this career Statistician, that’d be me, just may pique your interest a few more notches into believing that the “ONLY” GREAT and VERY “LAST” HEAVENLY SIGN for REPENTANCE and SALVATION prior to GREAT RIB is just 4 pages from away from our Lord’s 2nd Coming.  Like how can it NOT imply the “great snatching away”, the Rapture, from this evil world.

By the way, as God Almighty and my Lord Jesus Christ is my witness, as has happened previously at what I call not regular, but random intermittent times, late at night in bed, when I wake and pray for wisdom on this phenomenal, unprecedented SIGN so I can convey it to others.  As a contributory Watchman with merely a Statistical edge over Bible Scholars who are much more savvy in their Bible Prophecy writing, Bible Prophecy graphical illustration experts, (Scottie Clarke) and Bible Prophecy Astronomy experts,  Welll, I tell you, have I got some numbers.  LOOK :

1.  This one has sooo sooo big a meaning linking Jesus’ Resurrection and the Rapture.  And nobody in the world knows this or the next 3, so please tell them and maybe one of the BIG BOYS ABOVE can verify this and reach many more people than I’ll ever reach : Did you know the EXACT EXACT midpoint from the time Jupiter entered the “womb” of Virgo, Nov. 20th, 2016 as per “Secular NASA” to the time Jupiter exits Virgo, Sept. 9th, 2017 is “April 15th”, the Feast of First Fruits, Jesus’ Resurrection from death.  You count them.  147 days Before, 147 days After.  It’s God screaming at us I tell you.  And to boot, this 294 days as per American Medical Association is TO THE DAY, the “LAST” Day of the 42nd week, smack on the edge of the parameter of their 37-42 week gestation period for the Birth of a Child.  WOW!  That shakes me considering Rev. 12:5.  YOU COUNT IT.

2.  Speaking of Birth of a Child, did you know from the dreadful UN Resolution 2334 where Obama “hung” Israel by abstaining his vote on Dec. 23, 2016, and the time to Sept. 23, 2017 when Jupiter exits, not the womb, but the “entire” Virgo Constellation is EXACTLY 9 months, again time of the Birth of a Child.  YOU COUNT IT.

3.  Did you know from the recent Biblical Blood Moon Midpoint I was blessed to have discovered that the Anniversary date of Jan. 5, 2017 to Feast of First Fruits, Lord’s Resurrection, and PTL our Rapture, on April 15th is EXACTLY 100 days.  Did you know Biblical meaning for 100 = Election, the Children of Promises.  YOU COUNT IT.  You Google the meaning of 100.

4.  Did you know the current “secular” Doomsday Clock for the End of the World is now 11:57 P.M., 3 minutes to Midnight.  Totally based on human, carnal, climate change fearing bunked up knowledge.  I’m human too, but just look how REALLY late we are to Midnight according to our Lord’s Time Clock.  This world is 6,000 yrs. old since Adam and Eve plus or minus “very few” years.  That’s approx. 2.2 million days.  That’s approx. 86,400 seconds per day.  Crank it out.  That’s 11:59 min & 53 seconds or 7 seconds before midnight, ala Rev. 12:5 and beginning of Great Trib.  Very very close.  I don’t know, what can I say, it is what it is.  This is just me, but you COUNT IT!!!

Deut. 3:22 : “Ye shall not fear them; for the Lord your God he shall fight for you”.


Step by step, inch by inch.  It appears the Lines of Demarcation for the imminent Psalms 83 War are upon the Jewish nation.  LOOK :

1.  On the 2-State-Solution, the Arab League, on the day after U.S. V.P. Pence met with Defense Minister Avigor Liberman says : “This is an unexpected assault of the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Christians.  It is a serious violation of International Law as well and a serious threat to World Peace.  It is tantamount to a Declaration of War”.  Oh, those sassy brazen and jealous demoniacs.

2.  Palestinian President Abbas and Trump speak on the phone this past Friday.  Trump invites Abbas to White House.   Abbas accepts.  Crux of talk was that Trump is now willing to step it up and procure and reach a completed solution he calls the “Ultimate Deal” of his Presidency.  Oh, oh that is BADDD, Donald.  Trump will send his top lawyer, Jason Greenblatt to Israel today to meet with Bibi and Abbas and if this provides “fruits” of progress, then son-in-law Jared Kushner will go there and , and, and ……  And for crying in a French bucket, this late Friday afternoon telephone conversation to “get together” took place on the Eve of Purim, Jerusalem time.  Oh, dear Lord, this is not good.  No not good at all.  Daniel 9:27 : “He shall confirm “THE” covenant with many for one week”.  Oh boy, World is TOAST.

3.  On Egypt who has 1 of the 2 Peace Treaties with Israel in the Arab world, is getting in bed with Hamas, the most fanatical creed on any of Israel’s borders.  Egypt and Hamas now exchanging trade, they are now working together for the first time against ISIS on the Sinai.  This “warming up” is causing great concern with IDF military.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend looks like.

4.  On Jordan who has the only other Peace Treaty with Israel :  a)  Israel Ambassador to Jordan very pessimistic the nation can survive.  She tells IDF Chief Eizoukot that IDF should support King Abdullah, despite his stance against Israel lately as things are getting out of hand and that the Gov’t. may soon be toppled as it is unable to cope with the 1.1 million Syrian refugees anymore.  Has given up because trade with war torn Iraq and Syria has ground to a stand still and renegade factions are getting together to attack Jordan, then Israel.  b)  Jordanian soldier who savagely murdered 7 Israeli school girls in 1997, is freed after 20 years in prison and is escorted back to his village as a HERO with a HERO’s welcome in Ibdir.  All about Ezek. 35:5 : “Thou hast had a PERPETUAL hatred for the children of Israel”.

5.  On Hezbollah and their 150,000 missiles that can strike every square inch on the nation of Israel, they now have an additional weapon.  That being the Lebanese army which last week was approved to join Hezbollah in war with Israel should one erupt.  And to boot, Lebanon has a semi-respectable air-force that Hezbollah never had in 2006 stalemate war with Israel.  Even worse, Hezbollah with Lebanon’s newly found help is targeting 9 centers it has declared Israel is holding nuclear & chemical weapons.  Further, they’ve received F-300 missiles that can severely damage Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Reactor.  Friends, all this deadly stuff, all it takes is 1 match that can light just 1 cigarette and KABOOM!!  No fear though as God has His mighty Hand all over Israel.  Isaiah 54:15 : “Behold, they shall surely gather, whosoever shall gather against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  WHEW!  I’m not worried now.  Bring it on.

6.  If that’s not enough, Israel is eyeing the extremely devastating S-300 missiles that Iran has not only assembled for operation in record time after purchase from Russia, but have been successfully tested as well.  It’s like teeny, tiny Israel is rolling a giant boulder up a giant hill in a giant snow storm on a slicked up skateboard.  And then there’s God, again and again.

7.  On Anti-Semitism :  a)  The Anti-Defamation League says as of last week, in 2017, there have been 128 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, a dozen cemetaries destroyed or partially destroyed, with the latest one in Rochester, Minn.  Latest JCC was a large 500-person complex that was spray painted in Seattle.  b) Did not know this : Beautiful, scenic, ski-haven, blue sky, green lush mountains, neutral nation of Switzerland finances several organizations in Israel and West Bank that call for “annihilation of Israel” and for “Death to the Jews” and saying diddly squat about Hamas and Hezbollah barbarians.  And U.S. News just ranked Switzerland as the Best Country in the world to live in.  Satan, satan, satan, how devious and deceptive you are.

8.  On other news, the police visit Bib’s home for yet another set of questions he received luxury gifts and bribes.  This is the 4th time, and NOTHING.  Why am I thinking of the ex-U.S. President at this moment??

9.  FYI, Israeli Engineers just put out a construction timeline that the 3rd Temple will take 90 days to build from excavation work to the front door key.  All the construction material, lumber, steel, iron, beams, brick, blocks, electrical, plumbing, drywall, tiles, finish material, windows, etc. is now organized, stored under lock and key for, as they say in America : GOOD TO GO.  Yesss!!!

U.S.A. :


The “OBAMA CURSE” is unraveling the fabric of not only Trump and his agenda but our homeland as well.  That being the CURSE on Dec. 23,2016 when Obama allowed Israel to “hang” at the UN.  LOOK :

1.  You’ll be amazed how stunning his Shadow Government is sprouting and sabotaging our nation right in front of our eyes.  Best source is to Google : “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump”.  Make no mistake, don’t be nieve, and get this right in your minds please, he has endless support to “STICK IT TO TRUMP and TO US”.  Look at just some of his support this “crazy like a fox” has to bring down America THIS YEAR :

2.  Left Wing Political Progressive and Congressional Groups such as Ex-Dept. of Justice staffer, consortiums, 46 recently fired Attorney Generals, 36,000 highly trained activists selected among 1/2 a million applicants, the likes of Globalists, Elitists, like the George Soro-ites’ United to Protect Democracy Group, CIA, FBI, etc., National Urban League, the ACLU with over 200,000 approving members who’ve planned over 2,000 local events, and the endless barrage of Senators and Congressmen that are wearing down Trump and his agendas day by day with frivolous delays.  And of course the FAKE NEWS media a-ga-ga.  I need 8 Advil, like really, how can Trump take this perpetual treatment.  Friends, it’s satan, it is his world now after the CURSE, no wonder the unprecedented TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE that crosses the “HEART” of America this August 21, whose beginning and end crosses NO other nation on earth.

3.  Several reliable Internet sources this past month revealed that the Obama Shadow Gov’t. lately called the “DEEP STATE”, ala “DEEP THROAT” of Watergate, had $80 million in seed money to do their evil.  Little did we know that $3 billion was funneled last year into various liberal slush funds mentioned above to prepare for this moment.  That is absolutely astounding.  Again, it’s Obama’s satan in-dwelt revengeful thinking ahead to shake up America by utilizing all this power and money with his deep experience in his beloved Saul Alinsky Communist style tactics in setting up an expertly laid down array of unlimited landmines that’ll implode America, to be sure.

4.  Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest assistant in the “Dark House” has now moved into the Obama home, the “schill” home, if you will, to be close to the new “White House”.

5.   Wikileaks this week says that Obama also wiretapped Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, UN Sec. General Ban-Ki-Moon, Italian Diplomats, French Diplomats, the EU in Brussels, and the World Trade Organization.  Gee, maybe Trump’s wires were tapped too.  As Trump said, what a “bad or sick guy”.  Pres. Trump, you’re “too generous”.

6.  Friends, I close with this : Obama’s Deep State is in the process of selling America’s, and our soul to the devil.  PTL, he will fail his revengeful mission for losing the election and bashing his legacy as far as we Christians who seek our Lord cling to Him are concerned; and that we not fear this little Man of Marvel nor his still hyperventilating Democratic minions.


1.  Franklin Graham : “Supporting Planned Parenthood is like raising dollars to fund a Nazi death camp”.

2.  Evangelist Pat Robertson : “Attacks against President Trump are a satanic ploy to destroy America”.  Friends, it’s working at lightening speed.  You see it on TV nightly.  Speaking of lightening, Muslim name for “lightening” is Barak.

3.   Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Ex-Attorney General : “I know this is a time of great uncertainty for our people. We need more marching, blood, and death on the streets.  We have done this before.  We can do this again”.

4.  Top Conservative Speaker Pat Buchanan : “What is afoot is a broad conspiracy to break and bring Trump down, abort his populist agenda and overturn the 2016 election results.  At it’s heart is the “Deep State”, agents of the intelligence community, the media collaborators and a corner in their Democratic Party whose control of our Government is all but TOTAL”.  Oh boy, we’re TOAST.  PTL, we have Jesus.

5.  Big-Time Radio’s Mark Levin : “Congress must investigate Obama’s police-state tactics and silent coup against Trump.  Obama is monitoring Trump’s campaign using hi-tech surveilance powers of the Federal Intelligence Services”.  Friends, what kind of America are we living in?  Where’s the Good-Ole ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and ‘Mickey Mantle’ and Beach Boy Surfing hit songs.  Gone, gone gone.  I tell you, WE ARE ON THE EDGE OF TIME in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord this year and 5777 of the Jewish calendar.  Calendar by the way which has approx. 240 years missing after the Diaspora in 135 AD when the Jews ran for their lives and lost track of time.  Which, again by the way was the VERY FIRST BIBLICAL BLOOD MOONS in 165 AD.

6.  U.S. Congressman, Mike Kelly : “Obama said he was going to stay in Washington until his daughter graduates.  Obama remains here for one reason, one purpose only and that is to run the Shadow Government that is going to totally upset President Trump’s new agenda”.  Friends, believe it, Obama is a doozie of evil that is going to roll you and set your hair on fire with his plethora of weasels and grifters this year.

7.  Eric Holder : “It’s coming, He’s coming. And he’s ready to roll.  He’s preparing to get back into the political spotlight”.  UGGHH, Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

8.  EYE POPPING VOLCANO : The non partisan Congressional Budget office says the GOP Health Plan would have 14 million more uninsured next year and worse, 24 million more uninsured in 2026.  Also, Medicaid would disintegrate totally.  Only bright sport is the deficit would decrease by $337 billion in 10 years,  By my calculations that is a miniscule 1.68%, peanut shells.

9.  For crying a green river, is this the only good thing I’ve found to report on other than the favorable Unemployment Rate : For the first time in 20 years, there was s decrease in illegal immigrants coming to U.S.  Down a whopping 40% from Jan. 2017, since Trump took office.  Beware the Ides of March in a couple days. Maybe then I hope to heck the Fed will increase it’s absolutely phony low Interest Rates or maybe the Budget and Debt Ceiling debacle will blow up.  Only God knows what He has planned.



1.  Last month they developed a mega ballistic missile that could destroy an area the size of Texas with ONE HIT.  Now Russia is developing an Armageddon-like 100 megaton Submarine Drone bomb that is a nuclear bomb that can annihilate either the West Coast or East Coast of the U.S. and that will cause up to 200 foot tsunami tidal waves.  OKAYYY!  They got both coastlines, they got Texas, they’ve had D.C. since the elections; well!! friends, you best move to central Montana where I live where it’s safe!!

2.  Putin is showing a lot of spine lately as the closest buzz-by by 2 Russian jet fighters over the U.S. Destroyer USS Porter in the Black Sea caused the Captain to issue a Red-Alert as they buzzed “within yards of the deck”.

3.  Retired Russian Colonel warns Trump : “We are seeding the U.S. shorelines with nuclear mole missiles.  Missiles that dig themselves into “SLEEP” until they are given the command.  Sounds like Obama telling the world what we are doing.  RIGHT!


Defiant lead-skulls of Iran conduct their “5th” ICBMissile test in the last 3 months.  But it was different this time because for first time ever, the successful test was conducted off an Iranian Naval ship with a range of 300 miles.  Pentagon is livid.  We WATCH.


Wardrums beating : China says it is on a head on collision course with the U.S. aggression with South Korea over North Korea and it’s loony tune leader.  Says : “The U.S. must pay the price for their deployment of the U.S. THAAD missile system in South Korea”.  Urges immediate deal be struck on this explosive hotcake.


Well, this less than imbicile of a young man did it again :  FOUR ICBMissiles that land just off the West Coast of Japan’s 160 million people.  Japan now on highest military alert level since WWII and calls for U.S. help.  This lawless savage in NUTZ.


Kill, kill, kill, that’s the only order these barbarians know who are from satan himself, these wildmen offspring of Ishmael of Gen. 16:12 : “And he shall be a wildman”.  Look :

1.  Red Cross says that these red blisters of satan-running out of words what to call them anymore – killed 7 civilians in East Mosul with chemical weapons.  Can you only imagine when they fill the world with the dreadful nerve agent North Korea used to kill their jackal’s 1/2 brother.

2.   Here comes more smoke that will lead to the fire of Isaiah 17:1 : “”Damascus shall be a ruinous heap” as ISIS slaughters 74 in the heart of Damascus with 2 suicide bomb attacks.  Yep, Ishmael’s decendants, wildmen, to be sure.


Nothing from the media here but there is a White-Genocide going on there NOW as Communists have taken over the country and are on a white-man killing spree, especially white farmer’s 3,000 of them and raping their wives and daughters.  UGGHH!!  Friends, just look at this Asia report, it’s all about KILL and DESTROY by any means, nuclear or otherwise.  I tell you today as I did yesterday, ONLY JESUS CAN FIX THIS SEEPING POISON of a world.


Absolutely, BIGGEST BIGGEST thing going on in the crumbling radical Muslim infested EU, is the upcoming March 25th meeting and 60th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty from where the present EU was eventually born.  WHY is it so BIG?

1.  Instead of financial, trade, health, infrastructure, etc., the currently visonless 27 remaining leaders will be solely focused on their only course to survival, that being the formation of the United States of Europe, with 1 Gov’t. 1 Capital, 1 National Army,…..  Yep, friends, you got it, the 7th World Gov’t., the Revived Roman Empire which will spawn the 8th & final “ONE”, ie. the Anti-Christ which will soon arrive.  Rev. 17:10 : “And there are 7 Kings; 5 are fallen (Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greeks, 1st Roman Empire), and one is, (world today) and the other is not yet come…..And the beast that was, and is not, he is the 8th (Anti-Christ) and is of the 7″.  The 7th being the Revised Roman Empire, FYI.  Geez Louise, what times are we living in and witnessing here?

2.  Reputable, non-fake news Forbes Magazine : “The EU will collapse under it’s own legs”.

3.  Friends, the EU is merely a Treaty, only a good will promise and in hard times-ala-Brexit and Mad-Muslim-Migration-Mess-“ANY” nation is free to leave the EU on their own volition.

4.  This is EXACTLY why the EU on March 25 will formulate an EU Federation which these EU leaders, Globalists, are fashioning to be called the United States of Europe with ONE National Military.  All this because Trump Nationalism is threatening to tear the EU apart.

5.  They plan to get this up and running before unstoppable Nationalist Marine LePen appears that she will win France’s Presidential elections in May.

6.  And to boot, the Muslim thing and Russian aggression could be the catalyst for the “icing on the cake”  to enable Europe to protect itself with ONE VOICE.  Yeah, ONE-VOICE, easy entry for the Man of Perdition,  Anti-Christ.

7.  With the EU’s largest bank, Duetsche Bank who’s teetering on bankruptcy this past year, with penniless Greece, with 18% of ITALY’s BANK LOANS in default, just another easy entry for that flatterer of Daniel 11:21 : “….shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give their Kingdom (EU), but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries”.  Too bad, we’ll be outta here when he’s revealed.  We WATCH how Rome gets out of the danger zone March 25th.


1.  This past week this ever procuring 1-World-Order Pope Francis has a new message for his “Climate Change flock” where he urges “the world to have fewer children to make the world more SUSTAINABLE”.  SUSTAINABLE SCHMUCKSTAINABLE, he gaggles this Eugenic speech out just days after he invited one of the world’s greatest proponents of Eugenic to “control” the world’s population, a Paul Erlick to speak at the Vatican Conference despite a tremendous outcry of Catholics worldwide who support Pro-Life.

2.   Do you get it?  EVERY single week for the last 3 years that I’ve been reporting this Website since the recent Blood Moons, approx. 120 reports, the POPE has NEVER EVER NEVER failed to spew out of his mouth something 100% contrary to the Lord’s word.  Here, compare Pope’s above speech on the world to have fewer children and controlling world population to God’s word : Gen. 1:28 : “And God blessed them, and said unto them (Adam & Eve).  Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, subdue it”.  Case closed, evil mouth on this Pope.

3.  Total of 13 Cardinals at the Vatican want Pope Francis to resign as his controversial reforms have caused a “schism (division) in the Church and want him to be replaced by most powerful man at the Vatican next to the Pope, the Secretary of State, PIETRO Paroline.  Oh boy, dez-jeaux-vous all over again, another PETER.  Remember 3 years ago the world fury over the “LAST POPE”, one called PETER, as in the Book of PETROS ROMANOS.  Can’t lose either way as Pope Francis’ middle name is, yep, “PETER”.


1.  What can I say?  I can give you Fake News and report more quakes, but I never want to be out of “Fellowship” with my Lord Jesus Christ.  Only 2 earthquakes this past week over a 5.5 magnitude :  Papua in Pacific, a 6.5 and a 5.9 in Philippines.

2.   Google it : Whacky weather in Hawaii where snow fell for the 3rd time this winter, this one hit the base of the Big Island.

3.  Balmy 64 degrees in Antarctica.  We haven’t had that since September in Montana.

4.  Somber note : U. N. says : “World is facing the greatest humanitarian food crisis since 1945″.  Horrific starvation going on now in Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan.  They further say : “20 million may die this year”.  Very SAD.

5.  After a UC Berkely Doctor sues the California Dept. of Health for non-reporting, they are FORCED to release “factual” data on health news that’s never been released before to a U.S. public : “Radiation from cell-phones and radio frequency magnetic fields increases the risk of brain cancer”.


These are 3 of several articles in Rapture mind you that are bona-fide solid proof that Eph. 6:12 is alive and well in this apostate world, Eph. 6:12 : “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against the rulers of darkness of this world”.  LOOK :

1.   Two illegal aliens, both satanic gang members, here from El Salvador kidnap, drug, and rape a 14 year old Houston girl, then kill her friend to appease an “insulted demon” in a satanic shrine in their apartment.  How horrifically insidious is that?

2.  At  Clemson University, home to this year’s NCAA Football Champs-to let you know how exposed this dark and nefarious disease is on college campuses :  The School Administration turns a blind eye to a satanist college group who will perform a live blood letting and lamb sacrifice and a mass torching of hundreds of Bibles to commemorate the building of a new campus Chapel.  Like what an UGLY world we live in, those evil cockroaches.

3.  This trend is absolutely astonishing for today :  It took 241 years since George Washington to Nov. 7th, 2016 day before our Presidential election for the Satanic Temple membership  to reach 50,000.  Welll, since Trump has been elected, that number in 3 MONTHS now exceeds 100,000 satanic member worshipers.  And that doesn’t even include lone wolves, closet satanists, etc.  Worse : You knew they are casting spells at every monthly waning crescent moon about Trump Tower until Trump is dumped.  Well now as of this past week, they’ve added a Face Book page titled “A Spell to BIND DONALD TRUMP and ALL THOSE WHO ABET HIM” to their witch-casting ceremonies.  Good Night Irene, I detest writing articles like this and several times have contemplated just bagging my whole Website because of this filth that is rampant all over the Internet.  Yet, I’ll keep trudging on, as a Watchman to do the work our Lord has compelled us to do that no matter how you slice it and dice it we are in PERILOUS times.

4.   Going on : How spectacular are these #s : The Sydney, Australia Mardi Gras makes New Orleans’ look like a skinny popsicle stick as they have the largest Mardi Gras in the world in sheer numbers, AND AND I say in GAY participant #s of 250,000.  Dad Gum It, they’re everywhere.  Hello Sodom, hello Gomorrah, you’ve got friends “Down Under”.

5.  It’s a Small Small World.  Hi Mickey, hi Minnie.  “What’s Happening”?  THIS : Disney is now doing a take-over of kids across America down the old Sodom and Gomorrah black brick road :  a)  On one Disney Cartoon Channel of a broadcast titled “Stars vs. The Forces of Evil” this happened :  Two gay kids kissing and smooching, etc….. and just scenes later, 2 ladies share an intimate moment.  b)  On the news release of Beauty and the Beast later this month at a theater near you,  the Beast, whatever the heck his name is, is Gay, Gay, Gay.  Like how do parents tell their kids this stuff.  It’s not the birds and the bees to be sure.

6.  Leave it to Abomination Obama in his last week in office, he “propels” over others above him, a Lt. Colonel Khallid Shabazz, and that’s not an Irish or Smith or Jones name kiddo, to be the spiritual leader for 14,500 mostly Christian Army soldiers for joint bases Fort Lewis & McCord in Tacoma.  Friends, can you say Allah Akbar.  Thanks again Obama for what you do for America …you so and so.

7.  World famous Physicist Stephan Hawking : “Without a World Government, technology will destroy us all by nuclear or biological war”.  Steve, like Meatball’s song of the 70s : “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”, add APOSTASY.  Yep, We Are There in this Final Jubilee, those recent Blood Moon omens told us so and the coming Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12 clinches it.  We’ve biffed our Lord so so BADLY.


Sooo there it is.  Not a pretty picture is it?  Satan’s on every continent isn’t he?  No escape, none but ONE, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only one to get us out of this mess.  And if you believe things will get better, you’ll believe anything and that is going to get your face smacked.  Can’t we see it?  Jesus is hitting it out of the park for us one last time with Virgo.  This is my statistically educated and highly probable opinion with His LAST and ONLY GREAT SIGN in Heaven to latch on to His Salvation train.

I keep saying it is SO SO simple to escape this disdainful world when we accept Jesus, because we and more important, our SOUL, are then enjoined with Him forever and forever.  No more fear, no more deception, no more sicko, no more war, no more vanity which opens the door for satan to come into us.

Eccl. 1:2 : “Vanity of vanities, sayeth the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity”.