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Acts 17:11 : “These (Bereans) were more noble than those in Thessalonica.  In that they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”.

Welcome Everybody.  Whatever I reported on Israel in Bible Prophecy, last time, could you, would you please double that dose for this week.  It is true there is another world out there with 7 continents but, it’s crocodile tears compared to prophetic news for this little speck of sand of a nation on a globe of the world.

But then again Israel harbors the ‘Time Clock of the World’, the “apple of God’s eye” in Zech. 2:8, Jerusalem, mighty Jerusalem, in the eyes of us who seek the Lord and His Chosen People.  Disposable and nefarious Jerusalem, however, in the eyes of earth-loving dwellers.  It’s no wonder in the slightest that our Lord is, as the song goes, ‘He’s Getting Closer To This World’.  With that said, never before in human history has the “propensity” to have a massive world annihilation as there is today.  The world is on fire, the world is so deceptively plastic full of lying, bordering on insanity.  Can anyone speak truth anymore?  Well, I’ll give it my best Berean shot on the following plethora of prophetically current events in this Jewish Jubilee year, #120, and most arguably the Lord’s FINAL ONE in this year of 5777.    LOOK  :

Zech. 12:9 : “And it shall come to pass in THAT DAY that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem”.


Great scripture.  But even GREATER is that THAT DAY is HERE, is HERE !!!   LOOK :


1.   Bibi, on May 1, Israel Independence Day, knowing Palestinian Pres. Abbas to visit Trump 2 days later in D.C. to kick start the Peace Process : “How can you speak about peace with Israel and at the same time pay murderers who spill innocent Israeli blood.  And reward their families and name streets and schools after them.  Fund Peace, not Murder”.

2.  Trump and Abbas meet May 3rd.  Tells Abbas : “I will be more than happy to be the mediator for the Peace Process to finally get it completed.  It may not be as difficult as we thought.  We can GET this Peace”.   Highlight of meeting when Trump said to the world : “Peace with the Israelis and Palestinians will be my Ultimate Deal”.  No, Trump, No, remember Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  Yeah 1 week as in Great Trib.

3.  Trump, Abbas meeting ends and 2 days later, Bibi on May 5th : “I heard Pres. Abbas say that Palestinians teach their children Peace.  That is not true.  They name their schools and streets after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists and their families”.  Sounds like des jeax vous from 4 days prior, right.  All about messaging.

4.   On May 8, as per Jerusalem Post : “Trump feels he has succeeded in persuading Abbas to make the necessary concessions that will enable the Peace Process to move forward to secure 2 States for 2 Peoples, living Side by Side, in Peace and Security”.  Another dreadful des jeax vous”.  WHEW, as in 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh”.

5.  And just like that, TODAY, May 11th, Putin, not to be outdone by the Donald, will meet with Abbas in Amman, Jordan.  Hmmm, more Devil’s Food Cake :  Main topic to “discuss” the Trump/Abbas meeting and Putin expressing his interest “for himself to mediate the Peace Talks”.  Old Jimmy Durante : “Everybody wants to get into thee act”.

6.  May 10th, the drama increases with : “Netanyahu is very wary of Trump’s intent to Resolve the Peace Process to reach the Ultimate Peace Deal AT ANY COST”.  Says Jerusalem Post.  This as Trump and Abbas seem to have reached an amicable and cozy accord and now await for their 3-way meeting with Bibi.

7.   On the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem, this is the LATEST : Trump is still considering it but that the ‘PROCESS’ is in it’s infant stages.  Surely more on this when Trump & Ivanka & Jared will meet with Bibi on all the above May 21-22.


1.   First and foremost, Israel is infuriated with Germany’s lead role in supporting and promoting the UN’s resolution in attacking Israeli sovereignty in East and now “West” Jerusalem in a Paris meeting on May 1st.  Israel believes Berlin solely led the charge for this resolution to call Israel as “illegal occupiers of West Jerusalem”.  It’s like Israel is a wounded whale on the beach with harpoon after harpoon spearing her.

2.  Very next day, that Dad Gum UN did it to West Jerusalem with ugly venomous timing and scourging teeth on May 2, Israel’s 69th Independence Day, to beat all.  Just like they carved out East Jerusalem last year with respect to calling Israelis there an OCCUPYING POWER and demands for Israel to cease all Settlements and archeological digging for archives, they pass their filthy new resolution on West Jerusalem.  Dirty deed was done again, where else, in Paris, an ocean away from Nikki Haley.  So, now in the UN’s eyes Jews living in “ALL” of Jerusalem, East and West, are ILLEGAL to stay there.  For crying in a Crooked Bucket, they’ve crossed the rubicon and will never get back to planet earth.

3.  Rabbi Yoseph Dayon : “It appears the UN now wants to take back Israel because they are the ones who gave it to us”.  Got that right, Rabbi.

4.  Lastly on this decrepid UN, precipitated so so much lately by ‘The Toxic Man’, none other than Barack Obama, a now private citizen, PTL.  How in the Name of Naomi do they they allow nill, zip, zero, resolutions against ruthless Dictators in North Korea, Iran, Syria, terrorists worldwide and pin the tail on the donkey every time you turn around against Israel.  OOFDAH!!


Just look at this MAY MAYHEM MONTH :

1.  Syria shoots harmless rockets into Israel’s side of the Golan border with Syria, for the 6th time.

2.  Next day, several Israeli missiles destroy a military arms supply hub Southwest of Damascus airport.

3.   Same day, IDF strikes down Hamas terror targets in Gaza after Hamas fired at the IDF on the border.  IDF General : “We will continue to act with determination at all times to maintain the security of Israel”.

4.  Next day, May 3, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman draws a new Red Line ‘emphasis’ for Israel : “No Iranian or Hezbollah military presence will be tolerated on Syria’s border of the Golan Heights”.

5.   Same day Intelligence Minister Katz : “The Prime Minister said that when we receive intelligence indicating an intention to transfer weapons from Iran to Hezbollah by way of Syria, we will act”.   FYI, there’s now been “6” retaliatory strikes by Israel around Damascus in the last 5 weeks.  Like how can Isaiah 17:1,14 not happen TOMORROW, TOMORROW : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap, at evening tide there is trouble and in the morning he is not”.

6.   Next day, May 4th, Liberman AGAIN reports : “Israel will not allow the concentration of Iran and Hezbollah on it’s Golan borders”.  Friends, I say the Psalms 83 BORDER War with Israel and her BORDER neighbors starts at the Golan BORDER.  What say you??  Note all the “BORDER” rhetoric.

7.   With all this, Russia has all the huddspa to condemn Israel for launching all her strikes on Syria at an “ever quickening pace”.  On May 9th, Turkey Dictator (I call him that now with his iron grip on Turkey) chastizes Israel grossly : “Each day Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to us.  As a Muslim community we need to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque more.  We will protect against the Judaization of Jerusalem”.  He also called Israel “racist” and “discriminatory”.  Oh that louse of a mouse.

8.  Worst for Last.  On May 10th, Putin and Trump discussed “de-escalation zones” in Syria that would be manned by Iranian officers, 2 of them near the, you guessed it, the Golan Heights.  Friends, God is talking very loud on this Israel/Syrian border I tell you.  Military and Intelligence sources in Israel, as per DEBKA FILE and BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS report that Israel is now “deeply concerned” that Trump nodded “YES” to Putin going forward on this.  And for crying a green river, these Iranian observers would be appointed by three “Guarantor Countries”, these being Russia, Turkey and Iran, GOG for short, with Iranian military eyes on the border.  Geeze Louise, wolf in the hen house about to pounce and cook Kentucky Fried Chicken or what.  Friends, the Middle East is on a B-line collision course with Prophetic Destiny this year.  Any naysayer is NUTZ.  Psalms 83:5 : “For they have consulted together with one consent; they are confederate against thee”.  WATCH DAILY.


1.  May 15th is NAKBA DAY or CATASTROPHY DAY, where Muslim world commemorates May 15th, 1948 Jewish Independence Day as a catastrophy in their little black eyes.

2.  China Gov’t. puts her 2-bitz in by urging the correction of Historical Justice against the “Poor Palestinians” to allow for a “TRADE-OFF” for a Palestinian State.  Intellectual DIPPOS.

3.  Brash, bold, ants in their pants, North Korea threatens Israel “with merciless punishment 1,000 fold” says their spokeswoman.  Just insane, that’s all they are.

4.  Dublin, Ireland, City Council votes to fly Palestinian flag above City Hall to show support for Palestinian Statehood.  Nothing else for them to do I guess.

5.   Lastly, and so prophetic, did you know that Israel has had no Temple since 70 AD?  And add 1,947 years to that and you get 2017, and 5777 Jewish.  Can you only imagine if the 3rd Temple began construction this most prophetic year, with Virgo, Jubilee, etc. and was completed in 2018.  Well that’s 1,948 years as in 1948, as in year Israel became a nation.  WOW!!  Now that’s prophetic plus.  Something to ponder that we are unequivocally in the End of Days.


Most intriguing article next week on this Climactic Heavenly Sign that nobody has yet written about that further authenticates that Rev. 12:5 of the “child CAUGHT UP to God” is arguably the REAL DEAL for the Rapture this fall.  And FYI, the COUNTDOWN for this Great Sign is now 135 days away.  Short Short time to “get it together” to Seek and Find Jesus before all he_ _ breaks loose.  Friends, this phenomenal Biblically Prophetic Resurrection will be the most “crowning event” in all of World History, behind only Creation and Jesus’s Resurrection.

U.S.A. :

Are we living in the “Divided” States of America today?  I think so.  LOOK :


And so what else is new for you today?  Me, I had Comey Frosted Flakes for breakfast.  I took my Comey Deere mower in for repairs.  I’m going to Watch the Comey Cavaliers play the Boston Celtics this weekend.  With that deafening name magnetizing the world media 24/7, here’s an honest, cut to the chase, on my take for Trump firing of FBI Director James Comey :

1.  Most revelant thing was that Comey asked Justice for more resources and money to continue the Russian probe investigation.  He was turned down.  Was Justice Dept. feeling there was a dragnet tightening about Trump Admin. connection with Russia?

2.  This was an absolutely stunning event to fire him smack dab in the middle of the investigation, and 2 others as well.  Very, very suspicious to throw him out at most sensitive moments of being hot on the trail.  Was he getting close to Trump Assoc. or Trump himself?  God knows for sure and  only He.

3.  I Close with this, I voted for Trump and I’m beginning to regret it now as of this week if there’s stuff you nor I don’t know??  Case closed.  I just hope he’s not walking on marbles on the stairs, or banana peels on the sidewalk.and rolling us ignorants who have been loyal to him.

4.    Trump on North Korea : “A major, major, conflict with North Korea is possible”.


1. U.S. Navy Admiral Harry Harris : “Kim Jong Un is clearly in a position to threaten Hawaii today”.  Not a doubt, this Kim is in the “Kook Zone”.

2.  How remarkably ridiculous is this : UN sends Trump letter telling him Repeal of Obamacare is “Against Global Law”.  May these nut jobs, get their One-Way ticket to Gagaland.  There is no such Global Law.  So go snarf Israel out of more land, you’re good at that.

3.  Billy Graham’s two kids, God Bless them :  a)  Daughter Ann Lotz on National Day of Prayer : “It’s mind blowing that America has to have a Executive Order to guarantee religious freedom in America which shows how far we have fallen from God”.  b)  Son Franklin Graham : “Christians in America who oppose the LGBT Agenda are being persecuted and singled out over and over again for acting in accordance with their biblical convictions on sexuality”.  Atta Boy.

4.  Breitbart news editor says of Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kuschner : “Kuschner’s tie to George Soros, who funds Kuschner’s loans, which Kuschner failed to include in his financial disclosure forms presents a massive problem for the White House”.  I report, you Google, you judge.  I don’t know.

5.  Leon Panetta, Obama’s Ex-Defense Secretary who quit him : “Yeah, Obama was lying to the Israelis when he said he was serious about preventing Iran from going nuclear”.  WOW!!  That’s big coming from Mr. Panetta.  That weasel misfit Obama.

6.  Speaking of, Obama receives the “Profile of Courage” award by liberal nut Chris Matthews.  Well Fry Freddie, he can throw that piece of tin next to his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize award on his topaz marble mantle, made only for the rich.

7.  And speaking of rich, Obama takes a private luxury jet to Milan, Italy, then trapses around town with a 14-car convoy for a Climate Change speech promo.  Then comes right back home in same.  Like where, oh where, did he get all that expense money?


1.  Fake News Fever infects Pentagon as it claims it has killed 70,000 ISIS fighters.  WOW!!  That’s double good as ISIS total fighters number 35,000.

2.  Massive protests rock Rio De Janerio, Brazil, then spread.  Violence, deaths, schools close throughout the country.

3.   Los Angeles declares all public schools in the city “Sanctuary Schools”.  Sooo, a violent illegal can come to a school, kill students, put school in lockdown, and hide safely under a desk with other petrified kids.

4.  Aetna Insurance, nation’s 2nd largest insurer says “Asta La Veesta Baby” to Obamacare.  Too bad, you fell hook, line, and sinker believing Obama.


1.  Capital city Hartford, Connecticut, solicits lawyers for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection after massive collapse of Hedge Funds there that have now fled to Florida.  Stock Market is RIGGED.

2.  U.S. GDP very abysmal, very “turtlish”.  First Quarter was +0.7%.  Getting nowhere fast with or without Trump as Almighty God has judged America Dec. 23rd when Obama crucified Israel at the UN with Resolution 2334.

3.   Worse, U.S. Debt now surpasses the $20 trillion epic level of no return.  Even Trump appears to love debt as much as Republicans as he too approves a $1.1 trillion “budget of blood” to Sept. with no way to pay Hozay.  Gotta WATCH Trump, I don’t know.  Remember, he got very wealthy on manipulation debt with banks and RAN.  Hmmm!!


RUSSIA :  The Russian Bear always goes 1st.

1.  Talk about we’re on the precipice of a storybook called GOG :  Russia slams Israel for striking the Damascus Airport.

2.  And just days after this, the GOG Team of Russia, Iran, and Turkey signed an agreement to set up four SAFE ZONES, 2 about Western Damascus and the Golan Heights border with Israel.  And turnabouts fair play : Israel slams Russia for the Safe Zones near her border.  Just one little twik or tweek will explode the Middle East powder keg, already white-hot.

3.  On the EU front : Russia to conduct military War Games this summer with 100,000 troops.  That’s normal for Russia.  But for the Perils of Pauline, not on the border of the 3 Baltic states in the EU.  Sec. of Defense Mad Dog Mattis strongly criticizes this maneuver as “a strong destabilization of Russian military personnel”.

4.  More : Wednesday, yesterday, May 10, three Russian Warships have entered Latvia’s “economic waters”.  Again Mad-Dog and  NATO meet on this and express 2 words “very concerned”.  Because of this, Mad-Dog calls in several Generals to scheme on sending Patriot Missiles to the Baltics.  Oh you bet we WATCH this.

IRAN :  Iran, Iran, Iran, bad boy Iran :

1.  Slithering, lying, cheating, deceptive Iran and crafty despicable Obama has surely put to good use Obama’s gift of $150 billion of good, old, cold, hard, cash that he secretly unfroze that flew into Tehran in cargo carts last year, and is now in mature full useage mode, reaping the devil’s rewards.  You’ll never see it even on Fox, but in the past year Iran’s massive military build-up has transformed Iran into an “offensive juggernaut”.  This unprecedented transformation has sparked grave concerns at the Pentagon.  Intelligence says this build-up has increased Iran’s military by 145%.  Friends, that’s akin to America’s military budget shooting to the moon from it’s present $550 billion to a stunning $1,35 TRILLION.  Break our bank.

2.  And get this, $400 million, again in cold hard cash was again, “secretly PENNED” by Obama to be given to Hezbollah.  Dear Lord forgive me, but that was a slime-layden move by Obama as Hezbollah lives, breathes, and dies for military dollars to destroy Israel.  They’re not spending this money on vacations to Bora Bora.

3.   Iran’s Gov’t. : “If the Saudis do anything ignorant, we will leave no area untouched except Mecca and Medina”.  Friends, these wardrums Obama has so deceptively spawned for the Iranian Regime is no sitting in the sandbox and throwing sand.  This Iranian thing is a Real Deal Prophetic event.  And did you know with the Obama BOOST, Iran is now the 5th most powerful nation on earth after U.S., Russia, China, and UK.  Dad gum that Obama.


This is a horrific fishing expedition : ISIS and Al Queda are engaged in several sets of meetings in Syria to JOIN FORCES – A FIRST for the 2 most powerful Terror Groups on earth.


Just 2 weeks after Now Self Appointed Dictator Erdogan, it’s back to the future with the old Ottoman Empire : Calls in “thunderous statements” to 100s of thousands of Muslims : “We call for Islam to unify in the fight for Jerusalem.  Ascend the Al Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount).  Pray there.  Each day Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to us”.  Add this to this Madman’s additional 4,000 public officials and crackdown on free media, total “grandey” is now 102,000 in jails after failed coup last summer.  Yep, that’s Erdogon and Turkey, the Togarmah of Ezek. 38:6 about to ‘pounce’ on Israel with Mother Russia and ugly sister Persia, Iran, in the imminent GOG War.  So so close we are now.


And whoever talks of this nation “down under” in Africa.  They better : Imminent Civil War is brewing here as the ethnic extreme leftist civil leaders there have threatened “the slaughter of all whites and removal of all whites by 2022″.  Friends, I swear, nobody, but nobody can fix this bobble-head popping, war hungry world anymore but our Lord Jesus Christ.


Pope travels to Cairo, Egypt, to “mend ties” with Christians and Muslims.  Meets there with an array of Religious and Political leaders around the world.  Says : “We are carrying a message of Peace and Unity. ….Inequality is the root of all evil”.  Let’s unpack this :

1.  First statement surely augments his position on the 1-World Religion.

2.  Second, all about 1-World Gov’t. where everybody is a nobody, everybody is gray.  Close with his deceptive twist where he invoked the Quran on the Day of Pentecost with Palestinian Pres. Abbas and Simon Peres at the Vatican.  We WATCH as Pope Francis is Pope #266. in year 5777, is surely a front runner for the position of the False Prophet.  Rev. 13:12 : “And he exercizeth all the power of the first beast and causeth all that dwell on the earth to worship the first beast”.


1.  EU, which is “66” years old this year of 5777, now that’s extreme polarity, is still mired in miserable, moribund MUCK with the Muslim refugee invasion.

2.  Only thing humming was the French election where the “Centrist”, 39 year old Emmanuel Macron, a boy wonder, defeated Far-Right Marine LePen by a margin “66%” to 34%.  There’s that 66 number again.  Macron is the youngest leader of France since Napolean Boneporte.  Hmmm!!  Napolean set out to conquer the world you may recall.  Now we Wonder about this Boy.


Luke 21:11 : “And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines; and pestilence; ….”.


1.  Whopping 7.1 magnitude on Coast of Chile, 3 perish, 6.8 in Philippines, 6.8 in Vanatu near Hawaii, 6.2 in North West Canada in the Yukon, 5.5 in China, 8 killed.  Friends, this is untenable as so many scriptures mention horrific earthquakes for the End of Days.  WE WATCH and PRAY.

2.  Wicked tornadoes end up killing 21 across Mid-America, billions in home damage.  And we, and that includes ME, go to Walmart, what do we get for Tessa on her graduation from college, do home improvements to doll up our homes, shop for a new Bar-B-Q grill with more chrome, buy Mother’s Day gifts and cards.  Yep, we can’t help it, it’s life today, just as in Days of Noah & Lot, and then KABOOM!!

3.  In these deadly tornadoes and 20″ of rain, very scary and first ever : Western Kansas’ WHEAT CROP, by far the largest in the nation, is 100% LOST says Kansas Wheat Commission.  We WATCH price of bread this fall in U.S. they say.

4.  Here we are again, as in the Days of Noah of Luke 17: 26,17 : “And it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man.  They ate, they drank, they married until “THE DAY” Noah entered the ark and the floods came and destroyed them all”.

5.  Panic, famine, starvation going on full blast right now in Africa.  World Health Org. says 20 million to die in 2017, specifically Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Somalia.  As I watch the NBA playoffs, shame on me.  UGGHH!!

6.   Just as bad : In Venezuela, the starvation of this civil war “at the door”, CHILDBIRTH DEATHS up 30%.  Young child deaths up 65% as famine spreads.  Both figures 2017 today vs. May 2016.   Childbirth deaths 11,466 dies in 2016 vs. 8,812 in 2015.

7.  Go Figure : Recent snowstorm in Denver cancels a much hyped-up rally hoping for 100,000 to 200,000, on Climate Change and Global Warming lovers mixed with perpetual Trump Agenda protesters gets “cancelled” because of torrential rains that turned to snow and coated the Denver metro area with 2″ of the white stuff, “ON MAY FIRST”.  Now that’s OUR God’s Climate Change.


1.  This wreaks to high he _ _, but it IS what it IS : New website offers U.S. women on how to perform THEIR OWN ABORTIONS.  Good Night Irene, how could this get much worse, newborns no chances to see life as God intended.

2.   Even more satanical : Human embryos left over from fertilization procedures, as well as, other bodily baby parts and fluids now being transformed into “JEWELRY”.  WHAT!!!  Embryos are cremated, then turned into jewelry, then set with a durable resin which can be colored with “various shimmering tints” with mica, etc. and voila, human embryos now become shiny bracelets, pendants, “CROSSES”, necklaces for this most hideous material world.  You know I don’t make this stuff up.  Google of all places, Rapture, on May 6th.

3.  Newest human killing OPIOID DRUG called CARFENTANIL is a demonic-laden hit with teens.  This crap is used to tranquilize adult elephants.  It kills a child just by touching of the skin as it instantly streaks into the blood stream like lightening.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus, We’re Waiting For You.

4.  Baltimore can now be called “Little Chicago” : Mayor Cathy Pugh pleads for help in D.C. for the Feds to send in Police/Military reinforcements.  Says : “Murder is out of control” as Baltimore, like Chicago is on pace for all time murders in 2017.

5.  Mama’s & Papa’s had a hit song “California Dreamin”.  Well here’s “California Nightmare” : California State Prison now ordered to provide free CHEST FLATTENING UNDERWEAR, called COMPRESSION TOPS to transgender inmates at all women’s prisons and provide all necessary FEMININE ACCESSORIES at all State male prisons.  Hello Sodom & Gomorrah.

Friends, tell me we are not experiencing Matthew 24:34 : “Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.  Talk about fulfilling.


Well, there it is.  The END of Time is coming fast.  As this world falls apart.  Bible Prophecy’s Last Chapter is coming together ‘like 60′.  I’m no pastor, but can I preach this to all :  If you don’t have Jesus, the Death Marker of satan is waiting for you in His judgements.  We can’t buy our name into Heaven, we can’t pay any cost to get there.  Why?  The cost is already paid by Jesus Christ with His Blood, with His Death, with 3 days in the grave.  And God Almighty paid the cost also, with His Son’s Suffering on the Cross.  Surely a “quarterbrainer” can see this collective convergence of the world today.  It’s not gonna change until He says : “Come up hither”.  God willing see you next week.

John 3:36 : “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God”.

P.S.  Just talked with my very good new friend,  Dr. Michael Williamson, retired Professor at University of Southern California and Bible Scholar of Eschatology will be a keynote speaker at King Is Coming – SOON Bible Prophecy Conference, July 14,15, at Faith Baptist Church in Berlin, Md.  Hope you can make it there.