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Matthew : 10:39 : “He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it”.

Welcome Everybody.  Can you only imagine not having our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ holding our back in these most turbulent EPIC times?  I’d never even want to comprehend that scenario with what has happened to this chaotic world this past week.  From the world community peppering that “sliver” of Land of the Jewish nation unceasingly to the potpourri of lambasting America, an isolated America, to the mighty behemoth Russia which got more “behemother” this week, you just gotta know so much, most of which is under the radar, not reported to our main news and fake news sources.  Sooo, LET’S GO :

Ezek. 36:28 : “And ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; and ye shall be my people, and I will be your God”.


As the deception and morass of perplexity builds about Israel we must never forget she is the ONE undeniable sign, the one common denominator for the Rapture trigger.  Yes, that little miniscule dot on the globe on the Eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, that being Israel and Jerusalem her undivided capital forever and forever, now under the wrath of the world.


1.  Very annoying was the fact that Trump left Israel without narry a word about furthering the Peace Deal.  Like in the Stock Market, the worst enemy is UNCERTAINTY.  Bibi is left holding the empty bag after all the red carpet love and hoopla when Trump arrived.  Very disconcerting.

2.  What is CERTAIN, however, is the U.S. Embassy will NOT be moved to Jerusalem as Trump signed the waiver which will keep the Embassy in Tel Aviv for the next 6 months “NO MOVE”.  I guess cooler heads prevailed and decided that the move would blow up into all out war with Muslims, which I absolutely agree.   Good call.  It’s a shame, however, Trump led Israel on in the campaign where he pledged to do this day 1.  Sorry friends, I still accept him as my President, but he lied.

3.  Today is June 6, where the 6-Day War was won on the Gregorian Calendar in 1967 where Jerusalem returned as the capital of Israel for first time in, 1947 years.  And what a divine number, this is the EXACT year in November of “1947” that the UN declared the Jewish State a nation.  It’s God, again reminding us of His Glory.  “To God be all the Glory” is a phrase I have learned to always tell my friends.  Not to get off the tangent here, but as of today Trump, et al has not communicated with Bibi “one iota” from what I’ve been reading in Israel’s top 3 newspapers.  Not Good.

4.  Bibi’s only Peace Process quote since the visit : “The idea we give up territory and achieve Peace is not right.  In order to assure our existence, we need to have a military and security control over ALL the territory West of the Jordan River”.  This will surely not make the spiritless coward and martyr rewarder Pres. Abbas a very happy camper with this precondition, especially when 3 weeks ago neither side stipulated pre-conditions prepping for Trump’s “Deal Magic”, which royally fizzed.

5.   Jordan sends “harsh” letter to Bibi condemning visits by “Jewish extremists” that are defiling Al Aqsa Mosque under the protection of Israeli Police.  Also, Jordan’s spokesman to King Abdullah : “This act will have severe consequences on Muslims’ Holy Sites as well as International Law”, ie. the UN dippos.  Letter ends by saying it vastly deteriorates the Israeli/Jordan Peace Agreement of 1993.  That does not bode well as Jordan comprises 3 of the 10 entities against Israel in the Psalms 83 War.  That being Ammon, Moab and Edom of Psalms 83:6.  This is hot.  No, everything is hot about Israel and her border neighbors, it is white hot.

6.  Abbas’ Palestinian Authority two days ago, June 4, asserts their “new” pre-condition, “lukewarm” in their eyes, but not our Creator’s : “Western Wall should stay under Israel sovereignty, but in ANY Peace Agreement, the Temple Mount is all ours”.  Dream, Dream, Dream.

7.  UN Human Rights Chief calls on “Israel to end their 1/2 Century of deep Palestinian suffering under an illegal occupation imposed by military force”.  Welll, here we go again, United Nothing front and center.  And note, they have the dreaded Resolution 2334 Obama poison in their pocket to force this issue “on a whim”.  Calm before the storm.  Looks like this Peace Deal is bigger than Trump or Bibi or Abbas.  Sounds like it needs that man of perdition, the Anti-Christ of Daniel 9:27 to confirm the covenant of Genesis 15:18 before many (UN) for 1 week (Great Trib.)  We Wait.  We Pray.  We Watch.  We want outta here.


1.  Did you know 92% of the West Bank is Palestinian, all 2.5 million of them.

2.  Did you know Israel started 500 new corporations in 2016, EU had 440, and U.S. had 825.  If Israel was U.S.’s size, that’s equivalent to 44,550 new start ups.  It’s God in Ezek. 36:11 : “And I shall multiply you man and beast; and they shall increase and bring fruit”.  Amen, God Loves Israel.  Never ever never does scripture mention love like that for any other nation on earth.

3.  Sears is giving away free t-shirts if you buy a washer & dryer.  And did you know the logo on them says “Free Palestine From Israeli Occupation” under a great big flag colored black, green, and red clenched fist.

4.  Israel’s largest news poll : 84% of all Israel’s 6.2 million people want nothing LESS than FULL SOVEREIGNTY in Jerusalem, or no Peace Deal.  So much for the Ultimate Deal, until Daniel 9:27 lurks it’s ugly head soon in this Final Jubilee Year of our Lord.


For the full context of this week’s VIRGO Constellation report of Rev. 12, may you please go to my Facebook site simply clicking Facebook on the right side of this home page for the May 30 report “CAN THE TWO GOLD, MAGNIFICENT, PROPHETIC WORDS, “WHAT WATCH” BE THE RAPTURE TRIGGER”?  It will give you very much scriptural confidence and insight that this September is most likely the RAPTURE REAL DEAL.  Thanks.

1 John 4:1 : “Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God : because many fake prophets are gone out into the world”.

U.S.A. :


With the above scripture and many others I’m held accountable daily to keep my reports honest and frank, may you be aware that some tweets and actions of Pres. Trump depict him telling lies, performing Apostate rituals, misleading tweets, all to promote his agenda which is honestly good for America and good for the world but against so many despicable satanic odds against him, that he has to wander from the truth to obtain his will. LOOK :

1.  This is Bad Bad : Trying to make “nice” with Saudi King and Egypt President, on his Mid East trip.  Trump steps way out of orbit and into the abyss :  The 3 pray to the Glowing Orb with both hands on it.  This satanic orb allows it’s lumens to “course” thru a leader’s hand, then body and mind to bring Peace to the world.  Surely Almighty God looks the other way.

2.  Trump’s willing participation in the Saudi sword dance was a ritual to show off “a military chant to the glory of fighters going to battle for victory”.  Again, not GOOD, not the Bible.

3. Against all odds Trump ditches the 1-World-Order Trojan Horse disguised as the Paris Climate Change Accord which massively redistributes U.S. wealth to the world pockets that our lunatic Ex-Pres. got us into.  TRUMP DID RIGHT, but look at the adversarial comments :  a)  Obama : “Trump is rejecting the future of the world”.  And last week this man who’s come undone trapsed all over in Italy in 2 private luxury jets and 9 limosines.  UGGHH!  b)  Vatican : “A disaster for the planet”.  c)  David Gergen, CNN : “We’re walking away from the world.  This is immoral”.  More CNN : “Trump said DAMN with the world”.  d)  German newspapers : “Bring on the Apocalypse”.  e)  Angela Merkel : “Nothing can and nothing will stop us”.  f)  UN Sec. General Guiterrez : “It’s absolutely essential that the world unite”.  g)  Ex-Sec. of State marshamallow John Kerry : “This is the most destructive move I’ve ever seen from a President in my lifetime.  Trump has made us into a pariah”.  Takes one to know one, GOOFY MAN.  h)  New York Daily Times on Trump decision in big big bold letters : “DROP DEAD”.  i)  Other major newspapers I got mixed up with WHO said WHAT, so many : “He’s cooking the planet”.  Yeah, just like Obama possibly cooked the books for 8 years to afford his newly purchased $8.1 million, 9 and ONE-Half bathroom mansion.  Half for the HALF-WIT himself.  j)  And Al Gore must be lying low as he jets around the world guzzling gas.  k)  Senior writer at the L.A. Times writes column of witchery : “A Spell To Bind Donald Trump”. l)  Lastly, Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, ex-mayor of New York and present U.S. envoy to UN whom Trump CANNOT fire, travels to Paris and pays U.S.’s 2017 share of the Paris Climate Accord.  Bloomberg says : “America will honor the Paris Agreement and there’s NOTHING Washington can do to stop us”.  Friends, all this despicable debauchery of the world love for Climate Change and hate for Trump surely humbles me to not speak against our President when he lies.  He lies and tweets and hides much in secrets in the White House because HE HAS TO to keep America safe.


1.  Homeland Security John Kelly on terror in America : “If you knew what I know about terrorism, you’d never leave your home”.  I believe this man and GULP!!

2.  You’ve seen this Muslim mayor of “Londonistan” after the terror strikes, Mayor Sadiq Khan after he said : “There is no reason to be alarmed”.  I tell you, he appears most credible and intelligent and responsible for the people of London.  Maybe Trump tweeted too fast to get the whole picture, no doubt about it : This world is a mess.  Only Jesus can stop our spin into demonic oblivion from “the principalities of the air” in Eph. 6:12.


1.  And who did not see Devil star Kathy Griffin’s political pornography of Trump’s head.  Dad Gum it, he has a young son and grandkids.  Satan has gone beyond the pale, so beyond human decency.  What a scuzzy act, to be sure.

2.  ABC’s the View hosts of the Morning Show compared us Christians to the Taliban.  Yep, they are possessed and YEP, more proof WE ARE IN THE END OF DAYS.  So blessed we are not to be in the same goat-sack as these non-believers.

3.  Liberal Democrats across America unveil “Resistance Summer” protests.  Goal is to take down Donald Trump.  Have we reached the zenith of American civility crisis or what that’s scouraging our divided nation.  No wonder our Lord is sending the Total Solar Eclipse whose track splits America smack dab in half this August 21, only 75 days away.  What will happen then??

4.  And Muslim Linda Sarsour, main promoter for millions of women across America march after Trump’s inauguration, leads hundreds of Muslims to Trump Tower, closes the street, Muslims flood it, kneel and pray to Allah.

5.  Hillary Lunacy Clinton spawns her own Resistance group, ONWARD TOGETHER, to resist and take down Donald Trump and his Administration. Said this at Wellesley College Commencement.

6.   Lastly, the slippery eel, Obama on Trump : “A total absence of American leadership”.  Nobody more qualified on incompetence than Obama on that subject, Right.  And I’ve already reported on his 300 plus offices and over 50,000 volunteers taking down Trump you see on TV daily, leaks, lies, etc.  Speaking of lies, Obama rates very high, A++ :  Said after Presidency he’d rent in D.C. till his daughter graduates.  Well, she did and he’s “Bought” that beautiful luxury home for $8.1 million.  From where again did he get the moullah$??  Yeak right.


1.  White House lies, does “NOT” cut “1 thin dime” from Planned Parenthood and their daggar claws. 2.  There are 3,200 Muslim mosques in U.S. and 300 Muslim only schools.  Go figure, then go PRAY for Titus 2:13 : “our blessed hope”.


1.  Manufacturing makes up a mere 8.48% of U.S. jobs, all time low since records kept.  High in WWII, 38.5%.  WOW, dip, dip, dead.

2.  Cost of Obamacare is  up 105% from 2013 to today, whopping $224/mo. to $476/mo.

3.  Latest Unemployment Rate of 4.3% ABSOLUTELY MISLEADING as 94,950,000 Americans DO NOT WORK, PERIOD.  Appears Trump is Obama-ish on these figures as on campaign called them a lie.  Well, now the shoe is on his foot and ……

4.  Retail Wreck, last week of May : Over 1,100 stores close forever led by Radio Shack, Macy’s, J.C. Penny’s Sears, KMart, and Michael Kors.

5.  Gov’t. says 8.600 Retail stores will close in 2017, previous record = 6,200 in Great Recession of 2008.

6.  This is SAD & BAD : 70% of millenials have less than $1,000 in savings, forget about a home, and 40% of them have ZERO, ZILCH.  And 46% of retired seniors have less than $10,000 upon death.  DO YOU GET IT?  GOD IS CURSING AMERICA.  We have biffed Him.


RUSSIA : As always first :

1.  Russian Parliament threat to U.S. : “If U.S. forces or NATO forces go into Crimea or East Ukraine, Russia is ‘indefendable’ militarily in case of a conflict without using NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the early stage of the conflict”.  GULP, keep distance America from a wounded Mother Russian Bear whose father is named Vladimere, whom we’ve sanctioned

2.   Forget the Axis of Evil, just 2 days after Trump leaves EU, the “Axis of Financial Death” will swarm the planet : Russia and slippery mouthed Saudi Arabia meet to discuss world affairs and WORLD OIL.  What!!!  The world’s #1 and #2 oil exporters collusion,  a “first ever” of coziness between the 2, would be absolute financial catastrophy for the anemic growth striving world.  Good Night Irene, Jonathan Cahn missed it by this much, just 1 year.  It’s not the 2016 Shemitah year Jonathan, it’s the Jubilee Year, 2017 and 5777 on God’s Calendar.

3.  Now we’re TOAST again.  No wonder America’s not in the Bible but for 1 minor line in Ezek. 38:13 : “…. all the young lions say, Art thou (Gog) come to take a spoil” : Sputnik, Russia’s NASA, says it has initially successfully tested it’s Hypersonic Missile that made ALL U.S. Missile Defense Systems 100% obsolete and defenseless.  This beast flies 4,600 mph, the fastest military weapon on earth and is impervious to ANY Defense weapon in the U.S. Military.  Welll, Katie bar the door.  I tell you, one little squeak or mishap by U.S. and it’s WWIII.

4.  Montenegro joins NATO, 29th nation.  Russia absolutely infuriated as they were led to believe it would NOT join NATO.  Bear goes GRGRGR, you can bet.

5.  Megan Kelly interviews Putin on Russian hacks and Trump collusion, Putin cuts to the chase : “Have all of you in America lost your mind”.  He also hinted that JFK was murdered by the DEEP STATE and not Russia.  And the DEEP STATE is now after Trump.  Friends, add Obama Shadow Gov’t. the June Resistance Across America, Globalists and extreme Democrat Liberals, mesh them all together to take out Trump and only our Lord knows how the chips fall.  We pray for Trump.


1.  More and more threats from Russia and now China on U.S. : China accused a U.S. Warship of “Trespassing in THEIR South China Sea”.  Warns ship to leave immediately or else”.  U.S. Navy complies.  We never used to “comply” like little pussycats before”.

2.   Des jeax vous, all over again : Two Chinese jet fighters intercept  a U.S. Naval Surveillance plane over South China Sea, 2nd in 1 week.  U.S. plane scampers away.  For crying out loud how many times do we keep turning the cheek??

3.  After these 2 incidents Sec. of Defense Mad Dog : “The U.S. will not accept China’s militarization in the South China Sea”.   Words are POOF, Actions are Checkmate.  We Watch China.


This is BIG, BIG, unsettling news for U.S. for this Gulf Nation’s support of funding terrorism by Iran.  Why?  Because U.S. has the largest Airbase in the region in Qatar for B-52 bombers AND, I say AND, an Army Base there that coordinates the majority of U.S. tactics in Syria and Iraq for cripes sakes.  And to boot, 10,000 Americans and family members live there.  Worse, 7 Gulf and Mid-East nations, all Sunnis, have severed all diplomatic ties with this Benedict Arnold nation.  They are Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, UAE, Oman.  Oh man, a must Watch and more judgement from Almighty God on America for shoddy Obama’s lunatic decisions on the Iran   Deal and scalping Israel at the UN on that dreadful day Dec. 23, 2016, exactly 9 months to the day baby gestation period and delivery time of the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12, this Sept. 23, only 108 paltry days away.  DO YOU SEE how close we are to the Edge of Time.  He’s had it with America’s apostasy, morals, values, KABOOM!


Those busy barbarian bunch of “crocks” since Ramadan started, May 26 :  a)  28 Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt ON THEIR WAY TO GO PRAY TO ‘JESUS’.  b)  48 Iraqis blown up at a market.  c)  151 Afghans murdered, by sewer truck explosion.  YISSHHH!!  Those cesspool possessed demons on 2 legs.  330 injured in the heart of “safe” capital of Kabul, Afghanistan.  Not so safe!!  d)  22 dead, mostly young innocent girls at Manchester concert, hundreds wounded.   e)  Add 7 more in London and 48 injured.  And they have the utter gall to tell their martyrs “it is effective and beloved by Allah”.  f)  Just in today, America and Coalition begin assault operations to destroy Caliphate capital of Raccah.  God willing, we win.   g) Friends, I do get quite frustrated reporting this evil to you of all this despicable Muslim perpetrated carnage of life.  I tell you, I sincerely, honestly sometimes feel like quitting being a Watchman, and I mean that.  Timothy’s perilous times today are morbidly difficult and the Great Trib. hasn’t even arrived yet.  Praise the Lord, I refresh myself with the Bible and overcome every time I’ve noticed to keep fighting the good fight.  It’s the Power and Glory of the Lord.


1.  North Korea tests ICBM #9 and like #8 weeks earlier, a success. Mass production of both now hot and heavy.  Both have capacity to load a nuke.

2.  Taiwan becomes the FIRST Asian nation to approve same-sex marriage in Asia.  YIPPEE-DOO it’s a contagion, Dad Gum it.

3.  The Syrian Airfield that was torpedoed 59 times by the U.S. is 100% up and running at full capacity again.  And again, the Curse of Obama on Israel is alive and well.  Reminds me of the Smurf’s cartoon character Gaurgamell chant : “Double, Double, toil and trouble.  Fire burn and cauldron bubble”.  By that I mean our President and nation is hexed by so many different demonic forces anymore.  Friends, I’m sorry I mention this “spell”, it’s so hoaky, fruitless, and yet, humorous.  I just needed but one thing in this report that I could laugh at.  Please forgive me.


1.  Talk about planting in leadership roles peppered with satan’s demonic hordes infiltrating the Vatican office confines everywhere one looks.  And all under the approval of the Jesuit Pope Francis.  And there’s a lot of them but here’s just a few of them.  They are Jesuits, Communist Marxists, Globalists, and ultra Socialist Liberals :  a)  The Pope’s “General Supervisor”, Sosa, who’s goal is to change the Catholic Church, 18% of the world, into a Socialist society and then the world with the world’s religion leaders.  b)  Jesuit Cardinal Maradiaga presides over the Council of Cardinals. Jesuits are not into our Jesus of the Bible.  c)  Communist Cardinal Archer runs the Pontifical Academy.  d)  Communists Leonardo Boff and Naomi Klein are in charge of drafting and editing the Pope’s Encyclicals.  The two prepared the Pope’s Encyclical for 2015 when he visited Congress and the UN.  All about the mind changing propaganda-izing Climate Change you may recall, the Trojan Horse for the One-World Order.  And I re-iterate, he approved these Dark Ugly Fuddy Duddys for goodness sakes.  NOT RIGHT.

2.  And on this Globalist Socialist’s pet peeve “World Trap” for creating the New World Order Pope says after Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Change Accord : “The U.S. pull-out is a slap in the face, a disaster for everyone.  Relying on coal and oil is an absurdity”.  Too bad his gift to Trump on the Vatican visit was Pope’s Encyclical on the need for the world to unite on Climate Change.  Hang in there Pope, soon you will win “the Bible tells us so”.

3.  The World Theological Commission requests that the Pope publicly acknowledges and honors to the world that Mary, Jesus’s mother, now be called “Co-Redemptrix”.  Ooofdah!!

4.  This will chill your back as it did me : Did you know that Papal Rome came into worldwide power and dominion over the whole known world in 538 AD.  Did you also know this worldwide power ended in 1798 by Napoleon when he took the Pope prisoner and attempted to eliminate the Papacy as an institution.  I’ll make this short : That world power of the Roman Catholic Church lasted 1,260 years. Exactly the number of years in :  a) Daniel 12:7 : “…. it (the indignation of God’s wrath) shall be for a TIME (1 year), TIMES (2 years), and an-half (half a year)”. = this 3 and 1/2 years = 1260 days = 1,260 years.  b)  Rev. 12:6 : “And the woman fled into the wilderness where she was fed one-thousand two hundred and three score days”.  This = 1,260 days = 1,260 year to the tee.  c)  Very next Chapter of the Beast from the Sea (Anti-Christ) and Beast coming out of the earth, the False Prophet : Rev. 13:5 : “…. and power was given unto him to continue forty and two month”.  This = 42 months = 1,260 days = 3 and 1/2  years = last 1/2 of Great Trib.  With all that said, is the Papacy run of 1,260 years’ correlation with Bible Prophecy a coincidence?  I say COINCIDENCE SCHMOINCIDENCE.  The Catholic Church, the Pope, they are all over this.  Especially since the Papacy nearly died in 1798 with Napoleon and was “resurrected” in 1929 when the Vatican State was created.  I ask you could this be the 131 year “deadly wound” that got healed in 1929 and is alive and well today in ROME?  Yes, deadly wound as in Rev. 13:14 : “….. to make an image of the beast who was WOUNDED BY THE SWORD (ie, the Catholic Church, 1798 to 1929) and did live”.  Very intriguing and something to ponder.  We WATCH ROME and the 266th Pope selected March 13, 2013.  And you can look it up : Biblical meaning for 66 = Idol worship and 13 = Apostasy, depravity, and rebellion.  A Jesuit trade-mark to be sure.


1.  With all the divisive rhetoric from Trump’s now beleagured trip to the EU and NATO, especially scolding nations not paying their fair share in Brussels, look what slipped under the radar at the G-7 in Rome : Some pagan goons erected a replica of the Tower of Babel Arch in time for the meeting of the world’s top Western powers plus Japan so these world leaders could walk thru on “how to change the world into a more peaceful world”.  Just like in New York, just like in London, just like many places around the world, yet another portal in Rome that will help usher in the One-World Gov’t. which will foster in paganism and idol-worship of the 21st Century god(s) of Baal.

2.  No let up across the pond bashing of Trump’s hollow EU trip :  a)  Angela Merkel in a watershed moment on Climate Change, U.S.’s role in NATO, and Trump’s stern remarks against Germany’s trade tactics :  “The whole discussion about Climate Change has been very difficult, very unsatisfactory, very disappointing.  Here we have the situation of 6 members standing against 1.  Europe must now take ‘OUR OWN DESTINY, OUR OWN FATE’ into our OWN HANDS.  The times we can ‘RELY ON OTHERS IS OVER’.  b)  New French Pres. Emmanuel Macron, a Socialist Globalist, appeared to show his lying eyes chummying up with Trump at G-7.  Two days later he meets with Vladimere Putin in Versailles, talk on Syria, Ukraine, AND, closer ties between the 2 nations.  Friends, since WWII, France and Russia have NEVER been happy campers with each other.  I think we should WATCH this MACRON guy evolve as the Great Trib. is not far off, Right!

3.  In retrospect, in EU’s eyes Trump pushed all the wrong buttons as the US/EU alliance is more than frayed.

4.  Worse, Trump ‘failed miserably” to mention either Russia or America’s allegiance to Article 5 of NATO, where “An attack on ONE NATO member is an attack on ALL”.  First President ever to do so.  Soo, if Russia attacks a tiny Baltic nation, the EU’s back door, where is America??  What a mess.

5.  With all that said, duped, wreckless and stupid White House says : “Pres. Trump’s trip in Europe sets the stage for Peace for the whole world”.  AYE YIYIYIYI.  Perpetual blindness today in D.C. is amazing.

6.  On the rainbow side, what’s so cool about Leo Varadkar, he’s the new President of Ireland.  Oh, and did I mention this lepricon is GAY!!

7.  Muslim Islamic terror alive and well in Manchesteristan and Londonistan.  22 dead, 450 injured and 7 dead, 48 wounded, respectively.  Bombs, mow down vans, wielding knives, machetes, these ISIS crocodiles displayed it all, all satan’s scuzzy minions.

8.  Just in, another terror attack at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Paris, Paris, Paris, terror after terror.  Why?  Because that’s where Israel was stabbed in the back by 70 nations. Because that’s where the Paris Climate Accord was drafted.  Satan’s kudos to Obama on both for his approval.


1.  I do not lie in my posts to falsely speed up and hype up Bible Prophecy perplexity of devastating earthquakes in the End of Days which we are in, in Matthew 24:7, What seems to defy this scripture is that only one major Quake in the past 10 days, a 6.6 magnitude in Indonesia.

2.  Historic flooding in Sri Lanka causes 177 to perish, over 1,000 injured, 60,000 homeless.

3.  Severe thunderstorms, winds, ping-pong sized hail in Moscow cause 16 to perish, over 200 injured.


1.  This is much much worse than Quarterback Tom Brady’s “football deflate gate” : The New England Patriots will sponsor the First Annual 2017 Gay Bowl, a national championship flag-football game made up of only LGBTQABCDEF….XYZ players across the country.  Yep, we’ve entered into the Twilight Zone Reality in America.  Thanks Obama and SCOTUS,  you …..

4.  A berzerk man dressed as a clown caught standing on California Highway 101 wielding a bloodied machete over his head.  Would that scare you?  Of course it would.  These are the times, the “Season’s of our Lord’s Return” he said would be happening.  2 Timothy 3:1 : “In the last days perilous times shall come”.

5.  Worse : Planned Parenthood top Executives never cease,  satan has given them loose lips : They are caught on tape talking and “joking” about decapitated, unborn fetuses.  I’m sorry friends; it is what it is.

6.  Multi billionaire Robert Bigelow who’s aerospace company works shoulder to shoulder with NASA says :”There is an existing presence of extra-terrestrials on earth”.  Could this out of left field statement be a “Rapture seed” explanation for 2 Thes. 2:11 to explain our disappearance : “And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they (earth dwellers left behind) should believe a lie”.

7.  This is blasphemic and insane : The Church of England will vote on creating an official “baptism-style” service to celebrate when transgender Christians change sex.  Hi Sodom and Gomorrah.  And God-given gender of male and female is TOAST.  UGGHH!

8.  Sorry to report this : The New York City Board of Educators has gone to the devil in a steel, iron, lead laden Mack truck that can’t be stopped.  And Mayor DeBlagio, the dip, says squat : In a year end school talent show a president of a Public School Parent Association, a male, performed an erotic dance on stage, spread his legs, displayed his crotch wearing a G-string, sticks out his tongue writhing in a sexually explicit manner in front of -ARE YOU READY-Kindergarten and grade-schoolers.  Kids plucked out of assembly by parents left and right.  Lawsuits pending.  Gives me the GeeBeeGeeVees too.  Tell me WE ARE NOT THERE for the End of Days.  I dare you.

9.  Ramadan started May 26.  Schools couldn’t wait one measly week across America for school to get out for summer.  Across this once upon a time great nation of ours, now schools go “ying-yang” politically correct and give a day (s) off from school, construct in school Islamic Prayer rooms, prepare special Muslim lunches, get the picture.  What a way to blind youngsters eyes, brains, and ears in the sand like a dumb ostrich.  Calling Becky Devos,  HELP!!

10.  Well it’s official California Senate can be proud of their gay selves for passing law to allow addition of a 3rd Gender option on any and all ID cards.  What’s next rainbow colored driver’s licenses.  America has gone KAPUT.

11.   And then there’s CROOKED, LYING HILLARY in 2015 on Islam : “Muslims are a peaceful people”.  Just like she’ll never meet the surviving parents of the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi, she’ll never see face to face the little Manchester girls in hospitals, horrifically wounded with nails sticking out of their faces.  Geeze Louise, WE ARE THERE.


Sooo, there it is, Hell’s Kitchen.  Uncountable preponderance of signs converging all at once at warp speed, especially on our nation, especially on our President.  Like a loaded freight train with no brakes loaded with the Great Trib.  We can’t scoop this mess up, the eternal now is here for this earth.  It doesn’t matter anymore Who did What to Whom When and How did he do it.

The true Body of Christ is even diminishing rapidly.  Building our walls of protection in this evil world that spins our Christian heads on Good being Evil and Evil being Good of Isaiah 5:20 is imperative today or we’re TOAST also.  With all the apostasy to the core mentioned above, it just doesn’t take much to Take Down Believers Today, let alone Take Down Trump.  It’s like satan is almost “perfectious” at this.  Please tell family and friends TIME IS SO SHORT for them to Repent their sins and have them turned them white as wool from scarlet red by our Jesus.  As you know on my Virgo Alignment reports on Rev. 12, our Lord’s LAST and GREATEST SIGN appears this fall.  In my heart I have a plethora of scriptures tell me the Rapture is then, even though my mind says “most probably”.  You decide.  God willing, See you next week.

John 3:15 : ‘That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life”.