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Isaiah 28:10 : “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little”.

Welcome Everybody.  First and foremost, I am so sorry for late post.  I have 3 kids and it’s Father Days weekend.  WHEW, I felt quite guilty.

Surely you’ve noticed many are trying so hard so fast to keep up with Bible Prophecy this year; it’s mind-boggling.  Yours truly included.  The frequency and intensity is most staggering with no end in sight.  The proverbial treadmill sucking us all up.  And have you ever seen so much discord and polarity today being sowed in D.C. between Christian and Non-Christian, between Christian and Christian between Meghan Kelly and Alex Jones.  I’m doing the best I can and better the last few days because of the above scripture which just seems to soothe everything and put it all into a slo-mo perspective.  No wonder our Almighty God mentioned this remarkable word PRECEPT four times in 2 lines.  PRECEPT = A rule, or principal imposing a particular standard of action.  And this standard straight as an arrow, God’s arrow, “Line by Line”.  This is the divine golden guide our Lord has chosen for us to stay His course as we seek, believe, and confess Him and to follow for these End of Days.  And we need this Precept line to be “Overcomers” to deal with the “overflowing scourge” over and over and over which is being thrown at us daily.  Here’s the latest current Prophetic events, most again, that is omitted by you know who : the unfair and unbalanced and most untrustworthy news organizations in the world :  All of them even Fox at times.  Sooo, LET’S GO :



The following are latest “positive” developments for the “Ultimate Deal” :

1.  Defense Minister Liberman : “We are far closer to an agreement than ever before”.

2.  The Palestinians, for first time ever, have dropped “temporarily” their demand to make the Settlement concern an “upfront” issue because they want to see if Trump can deliver the dreaded Peace Deal of Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.

3.  Bibi counters favorably “temporarily” freezing 6,000 new Settlement homes in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  Palestinians welcome it, Jewish people plus Knesset members headed by staunch conservative Naftali Bennet absolutely reject it.  We watch how this word “TEMPORARILY”plays out.

4.  Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner travels to Jerusalem and Ramallah this Wednesday, June 21st, to revive the Deal and coordinate all sides to push forward.

The following are latest impediments for the “Ultimate Deal” :

1.  Gulf Arab States and the Palestinians say they continue to seek to incorporate the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative which demands Israel return to 1967 lines.  This means ceding East Jerusalem.

2.  U.S. Senate votes, approves resolution by a whopping 90-0 margin to move Embassy to Jerusalem.  So far, Trump is balking, says nothing.  Hmmm??

3.  Russian Ambassador to Israel, Alex Shein : “We do not consider Hezbollah and Hamas to be terrorists”.  Nut job, nut job, got one here.

4.  Abbas’s Religious Adviser, Habash on Western Wall ownership : “The Western Wall is an Islamic endowment that absolutely cannot belong to Non-Muslims”.

5.   UN Human Rights Council is mulling Palestinian’s highly advertised request to give them full ownership of the Caves of the Patriarchs.  You know, friends, it’s only the sacred burial place for Abraham, Izaac, Jacob, and Sarah.  They ARE Israel.  Shame on the United Nothing for even considering this hooligan request.

With all that said, Bibi has been secretively quiet on much of this.  However, Liberman, again : “If you’re asking me whether Netanyahu is making every effort, yes he is.  I can testify that he is making a great many efforts”.  WE WATCH as this Peace Deal marks the Prophetic 7-year timeline of the Great Trib.


1.  Bibi’s latest and most relevant statement to Bible Prophecy End of Days : “The Golan Heights will always remain under Israel sovereignty.  We will NEVER leave the Golan.  It’s ours”.  Look who is on the Golan Heights border at this writing: Iran, Hezbollah, and Syrian Regime forces who have amassed there, battle-ready to strike.  No wonder Damascus, just 70 miles away from the Israeli border is sooo vividly described in Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap”.

2.  Very Prophetic : The first “Jacob’s Sheep” born in the land of Israel in 2,000 years made their auspicious appearance last month in the Jordan Valley.  Torah code expert Simeha Treister says the sheep are needed to serve God in the Third Temple.  VAROOM, they’re here.

3.  Oh, for crying in a bucket.  Now Walmart joins head blind Sears and K-Mart in selling Anti-Israel tee-shirts saying on logo : “Free Palestine, Free Gaza, End Israeli Occupation”.  All in bright red letters and beneath a clenched fist showing the Palestinian flag colors.

4.  Talk about End of Days : The Sea of Galilee hits an all-time- low recorded water level that began in 1920.

5.  United Nothing posts several job openings in Jerusalem.  Problem is, these degenerate geography illiterates listed them as in Jerusalem, PALESTINE.

Friends, this year is Israel’s 120th Jubilee in the year 5777 and Statistician me, a number lover discovered this for all of us to ponder : Verse #5,777 in KJV : Deut 32:39 : “See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no god with me; I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal; neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand”.  Just a thought I came across.  To God be all the Glory.


May you please click on to the Facebook logo on the home page of this website to view the June 10th and tomorrows post there, June 20th for much revelations of how profound this LAST & GREATEST SIGN of YOUR BIBLE in Rev. 12 truly is.  One hint : Jupiter, the man-child, currently in the 7th month of “gestation” inside the Virgo Constellation, miraculously now has 69 moons, which includes 2 brand newly discovered ones plus the “unexplainable” strange return of 5 moons.  Why 69?  Well how about this :  a)  Israel became a nation 69 years ago.  b)  Biblical meaning of “69” = the union of “6”, man, to “9”, the number of finality.  Very intriguing indeed.  How Prophetic that for these moons to unexpectedly show up in such a timely fashion for this fall.  It’s God.

Matthew 12:25 : “Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”.

U.S.A. :


1.  Friends, Trump is not perfect.  Has been mum on Senate’s 90-0 whitewash vote to move Embassy to Jerusalem, no WALL, no VETTING, no HEALTHCARE, no TAX-REFORM, will delay EPA pollution rules and regulations the Idiot-in Chief Obama set up, is procrastinating on Senate 98-2 vote for new Sanctions now going on Russia, shoots from the tweet hip too much, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, he’s fighting for good Christian people against all odds that the liberal goons are spearing him with.

Sorry to say, he’s like a wounded whale on the beach.  The Deep State, the lies, the Fake News Media is so appalling, the phony Russian abyss, the witches, the bloody head, the delusional New York play bludgeoning Trump to death Julius Ceaser style.  The goons, I fear, are sinking him, Right!  It’s like the old cartoon Popeye and the bully Bluto where Popeye says : “That’s all I can stanz, I can’t stanz no more” then eats his spinach and Bluto’s toast.  With Trump, he’s got no spinach.  He’s gonna get had sooner than later.  Then he’s toast.  Then America is toast.

2.  Even the disgusting Gay Pride parade in LA with tens of thousands, turned willingly into a Resist Trump parade.

3.  Top radio man : Michael Savage on the horrific day House Leader Steve Scalise and other Congressional baseball players and police were mowed down without mercy summed it up for Trump and America : “We are at a boiling point.  There’s going to be a Civil War in America”.  And my take is that we are in an irreversible, unstoppable nightmare about the time of the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse.  Genesis 1:14 : “And let the sun, the moon, the stars be for SIGNS and for SEASONS”.


1.  Until you and I are Raptured, this fall Sept. 9-Oct. 11 WINDOW, God willing, God’s Fall Feast Season, I will never forget this arrogant, deceitful man’s statement of : “The end of the Republic has never looked better”.

2.  His gushing trail of American atrocities never ceases.  Just look what slime has been uncovered :  Current Dept. of Justice reveals Obama in his last 2 years funneled billions of dollars into his “Obama” favorite political organizations by “forcing” lawsuits against corporations throughout America, and then to settle these lawsuits out of court, thereby building tsunamis of gigantic slush funds for his deceptive operations.  Short and simple, America was stolen blind.

3.  More:  Reported by Fox News and revealed by Pew Charitable Trust : Obama and his slippery seals caused the 2012 election against Mitt Romney to be rigged by 4 million votes from dead and ineligible voters on American voting rolls.  Enough to have given us a good man, Mitt Romney.  Too late now, the brat did his evil dead.

4.  Not to say there is a direct linkage to this Illinois bad boy, but did you know Illinois will most likely become the first state since Arkansas in the depression year of 1934 that will be in default in JULY with an unpayable $15 billion owed to creditors for so long that they’ve forced this.  We Watch.  And I’m sure Obama will too from his $8.1 million mansion.

5.  And what a fitting scripture to depict America today that has been so adeptly contrived by our #44th President.  And you look it up, Biblical meaning for the #44 = division, judgement for the world.  Leading up to the signing of the covenant with death, the Israeli Peace Agreement of Daniel 9:27, I quote Isaiah 28:15 : “Because ye have said, we have made a covenant with death, and with hell, are we at agreement; when the OVERFLOWING SCOURGE shall pass through, it shall not come unto us, for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehoods have we hid ourselves”.  Yes, yes, we’ve had a OVERFLOWING SCOURGE these past 8 years and regrettably it’s tipping into #45 without #45’s fault.  Like Sean Hannity says Liberal snowflakes are taking down America.



Sooner or later it’s gonna happen, where one small misstep by either U.S. or Russia will engulf the world into WWIII.

1.  A Russian fighter jet intercepts a U.S. B-52 bomber over the Baltic/Russian border.  U.S. pilot, mano, mano with his Russian counterpart, opts to succumb to his “Comrade”, obeys him; scampers back to EU side of border.  For U.S. pilot to do this, that is laughable, he folded like a cheap suit.  Second scenario like this, this month.  Dad Gum it.

2.  With that said, I love Russia, but only for a fleeting moment.  Why?  Russia’s Defense Minister is investigating if their airstrike May 28th killed the head of the snake himself, ISIS caliph barbarian al-Baghdadi, world’s most wanted man.  Strike killed 338 of the worst ISIS demonic knife-fighters of modern times in Racca.  That would be very nice.  News pending on this post.

3.  U.S. Senate votes a stunning 98-2 to impose more Sanctions and maintain current Sanctions on Russia and thereby “trumps” Trump’s desire to renege on both.  Trump “must” oblige, else lawlessness in White House will rear it’s ugly head.  Hmmm!! He surely better abide.

4.  Putin, showing quite a poker face : “We need to see how it’s all going to be before we implement our retaliatory actions”.  Touchay, Wounded Bear sounds like a fearless Grizzly.  GrGr!  And just in today : Russia vows to shoot down any U.S. aircraft or war plane in parts of Syria after a U.S. fighter jet shoots down it’s first Syrian Regime jet in 6 years.  Russia has agreements with brutal Assad Regime to provide war-time air-cover.  More GrGr from the “Real” Mad Dog–Putin.


1.  U.S. coalition began it’s all-out assault on Racca, ISIS capital.  Sadly, at least 300 innocents mistakenly slaughtered by U.S. airstrikes.  Again, what can you say?  Another ugly stain of U.S. war is ugly, death is uglier.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus, we’re waiting for you.

2.  Just when we think ISIS is getting the schnockers kicked out of them, LOOK what they do rising out of the hell-layden ashes :  a)  In their FIRST ever attack against bitter foe Iran, they claim 18 dead Iranians in Tehran Parliament.  Gutsville.  b)  Worse, ISIS claims victory in their murder of a 23 year old female soldier in yep, Jerusalem; dare I say it, that’s a FIRST also.  In both FIRSTS, the filthy rags were killed, but it means diddly squat as now Jerusalem is in the Eye of the Tiger.  c)  And this is a broken record of these barbarians, they kill 61 government forces in Somalia.


I’m keeping track : Last week was #11 successful missile launch this year.  This one a Land to Sea Cruise missile capable of striking ALL, I say, ALL, Japanese and South Korea ports and waterways.


1.  What’s the difference anymore here, anyway, BLOOD’s BLIND :  a)  Three Americans shot dead by an Afghan turncoat soldier last week.  b)  This week an exact double-ditto scenario, 7 Americans injured, 2 critical.  Those “Dastards”.  I’m rickety shell shocked : This has hit me at home as my neighbor who lives smack dab across the street from me is in Afghanistan.  And my new neighbor and very good friend who helps me and I help him and lives smack next door to me-we share the same lot boundary he leaves for there this fall, so help me Lord, I tell you the truth.  Friends we live in a most insane planet today when news like this reaches your backyard.


1.  Benedict Arnold nation Qatar vows to hold their guns close and not to EVER surrender it’s Foreign Policy of supporting Iran and funding Hamas and Hezbollah.  Yep, that’s Qatar’s true colors, this creature of a nation that gifted Crooked Hillary’s Foundation a cool $1 million, no more, no less, a cool million via check over dinner.

2.  To solidify Qatar’s loyalty with Iran, Iran sends 4 cargo planes of food and fruit to the renegade nation and Iran also sends 2 warships to the coast of new pal Oman for protection against Saudi Arabia.  They also vow to send fruit and vegetables to these 2 newly sprouted tentacles on a daily basis hence forward.  Moral of the story as Iran now appears to have a land and sea “beach-head” right smack on their perennial Sunni-Arab nemesis’s border with Qatar and Oman, that being Saudi Arabia.  Oh for the Perils of Pauline, what a deadly cozy this is.  Can we say “OIL” and “MIDDLE EAST BLOW UP”, for an end game.

3.  When I researched this, I really, REALLY thought I’d lost my brain marbles, not that I have that many.  LOOK :  a)  In less than 1 week after Trump, Mad Dog, etc. bash Qatar for funding terrorism at a very high-level, and so explicitly to boot, with Trump’s approval Mad Dog completes a $12 billion deal to send Qatar a number of F-15 fighter planes.  Kerplunk.  I don’t know anymore.  PTL I maintain my scruples with Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil”.

4.  Lastly China and Iran are bedfellows too.  Must be the Kamani Karma captivating the world : a)  Ready for that word again as for FIRST ever, China and Iran conduct joint naval drills in the Gulf.  John McCain, 2012 : “BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB IRAN”.  b)  If that didn’t demoralize you, this will :  Boeing finalizes a $16.6 billion deal with Iran to purchase 80 passenger planes.  Friends, Google both of these Swiss Cheese Deli’s.  Like how can this be?  Well, it Be!!  Obama the carp granted Boeing permission to do this last September and Trump slides this through as well.  What a remarkable way of navigating our nation through satan’s claws, Santa Claus gifts to Iran, whatever.  D.C. is dumb folks, real dumb no matter who’s in charge.  This world is sooo ripping ready for the Anti-Christ.  Logic and rationalization have died.


1.  Like Father, Like Son : Catholic Church Cardinal Theodore McCarrick on Islam : “In the name of God, the praise of the Islam diety is an important part of Islam.  Islam shows foundational rules with Christianity.  Mohammad was a true prophet of God”.  Now that’s about enough out of this Cardinal’s loose lips.  This is an absolutely blatant and egregious comparison of Islam to Christians like you and me, let alone slapping our Creator.  And in the 10 days since this repulsive statement, no apology of any sort from where the buck stops where?  From the Pope himself, that’s where.

2.  We must never forget Pope’s “black cat” message about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. in September, 2015 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York visit to D.C. and United Nothing Climate Change promotional tour : “We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the Cross”.  Geeze Louise, the Cross is OUR life for what Jesus did on it to die a scourging death so that He could nail our sins, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, to the Cross forever and forever.  You know the scripture, I’ve written it 2 dozen times on this man : Rev. 13:11.


UK :

1.  One thing the Beatles of Liverpool that their #1 song and UK Prime Minister have in common : “It’s Been A Hard “MAYS” Night”.  She personally calls for an election, she scantily wins the election but she loses the majority.  Now UK is defrocked, like if Trump was President with a Democratic House and Senate majority.

2.  BREXIT now in limbo as latest poll shows Brits want back into the EU.

3.  Add three terrorist strikes, including this morning’s van mow down of pedestrians near London Mosque.  One dead, 11 injured.  The freak is caught, blows kisses, waves and laughs at the stunned crowd all the way into the police car.  May he laugh at the gallows.  Add 80 tenants in a London high-rise either burned alive or death jumps.  And recall last week Church of England to vote on celebrating transgender baptisms.  So sad to say, this is the price the UK pays in the apostate world this nation lives in.

4.  And more bad : London’s Islamic Mayor Khan, the con-man lately as he’s been slammed by the Jewish Community in London for enabling Sunday’s mega anti-Israel al-Quds Muslim Day march and flag-display a-ga-ga of Hezbollah.  May the Lord’s glory rain more rain on London and UK’s snarky liberals taking over this terror-riddled Muslim appeasing nation, not in deaths of innocents God forbid, but against their apostasy.


Economic power house Germany, like Russia, also threatens retaliation against the U.S. if the newly imposed Sanctions on Russia end up penalizing German businesses.  As if Trump who’s pulling the right strings in America, can’t get a break anywhere on the planet.


1.  With all the robust and positive junk Sweden’s Gov’t. is brainwashing Swedes with, welll, stats don’t lie :  a)  In 2010 Sweden had 205 criminal acts against Muslims per day.  Last year, jack that up to over 2,500 per DAYYY!!  b)  And a lot of this “ROT” lies here :  Swedish Gov’t. orders several clinics to end ALL professional treatment for rape victims.  Diverts all funds, resources to treating ONLY “traumatized Muslim refugees instead.  And the BEAT GOES ON!

EU :

1.  EU is mulling legal cases against Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic over the three’s refusal to take in anymore Muslims so as to help relieve the heavy burden the other 25 nations are buried in.

2.  And the EU is fiddling while Rome is burning : Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi has asked the Italian Gov’t. to halt all Muslim refugees into Rome for the foreseeable future.

3.  Wise old owl but tooth-paste is out-of-the-tube, EU Commissioner Claude Juncker, EU’s most powerful man, demands an “EU Only” military in a crisis meeting in Prague : “We have no other choice than to defend our own interests in the Middle East, in Climate Change, in Trade, and mostly, in our homeland”.


Remember the Alamo; Remember the Ides of March; and remember Emmanuel Macron and his sensational “66%” garnering of the French Presidential election.  He’s a mover, a sweeper, and a shaker on changing France.  This 66er is someone to watch how he’s changing the EU.  You never know!!


1.  It’s Sodom-mania, Gomania, LGBT Mania and if you can’t beat’em join ‘em :  Largest Non-Catholic Christian denomination in America, the “once upon a time” solid, steady Southern Baptist Church now goes “Gender Inclusive” on the Bible, the Word of God.  If this doesn’t take all the oxygen out of the room for true Christians and Churches across America to breathe and believe in anymore, especially in the Bible-Belt, no wonder this world is going straight to Satan City, in the Lake of Fire.

2.   Oh Canada, Oh Canada, how low you too have sunk now towards all out Sodom and Gomorrah :  Canada passes law making it criminal and illegal for Canadians to use “Wrong-Gender-Pronouns” as self proclaimed Gender ID and Gender Expression is now law ingrained into Canadian Human Rights and Criminal Codes as soon as Trudeau signs it.  And surely he will.  Says : “Great news, Bill C-16 has passed”.  Get some rope and tie him up like a mummy.  Dissenters will be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined.

3.   Lewd Library, the Brooklyn Public Library, as well as that of LA and San Francisco :  For the summer, they are bringing in LGBT “Drag Queens” to read children’s books to children about homosexuality, gender identity and the riches of non-conformity.  What about Snow White or Robin Hood that we grew up with.  Peshaw, they’re most likely gay characters now also.  Biggest child crowd pleaser to kick off the kid’s summer was a man dressed as a woman in LGBT rainbow colors and was asked to be called ‘Lil Hot Mess’.  Goal for the summer program : “To give young, beautiful children glamorous , positive, and unabashedly queer role models”.  Who approves this dung, where are the parents, where is Mayor DiBlagio.  No wonder we are on the Edge of Time and I tell you, this Total Solar Eclipse our Mighty God is sending  to America Aug. 21, and ABSOLUTELY “NOWHERE” else on the planet, is, I believe, the judgement clarion call for this nation.

4.  Syphilis cases in U.S. reach highest level in 68 years and has doubled since 2011.

5.  This year, 2017, is the Year of the Transgender as no less than 20 of them are running for office.

6.  Last week I mentioned Ireland got their 1st gay Pres. Not to be denied, Serbia nominates a gay Prime Minister.

7.  A humongous crowd of 3 million people in San Paulo joined the annual Gay Pride parade.  This was the largest mass gathering of LGBT in world history.  Bible says, they’ll get bigger and worser every day.  Their motto : “Whatever our beliefs, no religion is law”.  YUK?! Will they reaffirm that repulsive motto at the Great White Throne???  On that, may all people, especially gays, PLEASE, PLEASE read our Lord’s word on homosexuality, etc. as time is just about too short anymore to get to Heaven :  Deut. 22:5, I Chor. 6:9, Romans 1:24-28, Mark 10:7-9, Levit. 18:22 and for brevity I quote one that covers all : Levit. 20:13 : “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death”.  Oh dear Lord, may they “feel” what utterly awaits them if they don’t come to you in repentance.

8.  And FYI, good ole Tel-Aviv had a quarter million Gay Pride turn out.  Can you believe how this world has welcomed the gay community with such open arms?


1.  Artificial Intelligence Biochemist Sternberg : “We are on the cusp of a new age in genetic engineering and biological mastery with life changing treatments.  This genome editing of human cells (called CRISPR) could bring about woolly mammoths, winged lizards and unicorns.  It won’t be long before CRISPR allows us to ‘BEND’ nature to “OUR WILL”.  God willing, YOU WILL NOT.  These freaks are willing to play God and pull the pin out of the grenade everyday for something, anything that does not have God Almighty in it.

2.  Call them Robo-Kids, Stepford Wives’ offspring, neo-nut-jobs in the making.  All at the behest of the schools in Victoria, Australia as a mandate has now set in for kids as young as 12 where school kids “MUST” now see a “School Doctor” at least ONCE A WEEK to receive drugs and or medical treatment without parental consent.  Friends, in the 1970’s it was called a MAD MAD MAD WORLD.  Today it’s SATAN’s SATAN’S WORLD.


1.  Largest, a 6.9 magnitude in Guatemala coast, 6.3 in Turkey.

2. Also, an astounding swarm of 235 quakes in Yellowstone Park where largest was a 4.8.  Ooofdah, close to home here in Montana.


You’re tired, I’m tired of blood, blood and more blood in Iraq, Syria, ISIS, and Yemen.  But ya gotta be cognizant of this if it goes viral in Yemen : Cholera cases are rampant as they now exceed 110,000 with 802 deaths since April 27th.  We Watch.

Sorry to mention this LGBT et al stuff so overwhelming.   But it’s better to be scared now for a moment than scared forever in HELL later.  Especially when this despotic world will be turned on it’s evil head when the Rapture occurs.  Then the debate on pre/mill post trib, purgatory, anything, will be a moot point and it’s Katie Bar The Door.  Born Twice, Die Once With The Lord.  Born Once, Die Twice Without The Lord.  So Black and White, So easy a choice, So SIMPLE!!!


Sooo, there it is.  Another chapter in our quest to soon bow down to our Blessed Hope, the Lord’s feet in Heaven; Kiss them; Receive our trophy rewards and our “TO DO LIST” for Him.  I can hardly await to see what “Heavenly Shakedown” will soon cruise into this messy world this fall.  Just too, too many SIGNS for this “NOT” to transpire into the Rapture and Great Trib.  But then again only God knows for CERTAIN.

Like what can possibly be “cooler” than walking with the Lord around every corner of Heaven, looking for treasures and wisdom, knowing we’ve confessed our sins, have had them taken out of the way by Jesus who nailed them to His Cross, exactly like Col.: 2:14 says.  WOW, that’s tremendously terrific, wouldn’t you say to Believe in our Wonderful Savior to soon takes us outta here.  Alternative : Dwell here on earth for about 7 years or so where the devil is assaulting us as never before and then for eternity in hell forever and forever just for not accepting Jesus.

Such an easy decision, but remember the road is wide and the gate is very narrow in this last generation.  May God Bless you and Lord willing, see you before the 4th of July.

Col. 1:13 : “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son”.