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2 Timothy 3:1 : “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come”.

Welcome Everybody.  Oh did those recent prophetic Biblical Blood Moons ever tell us how accurate their omens would be TODAY, July 2, 2017.  As the Jewish calendar year ends in 80 or 81 days with Feast of Trumpets, Double Ditto for our Magnificent Lord’s 120th Jubilee.  Add the prophetic Total Solar Eclipse aimed directly at the heart of America and nowhere else on the planet.  Add the prophetic Rev. 12 Sign of the Virgo Alignment upon us in 82 days.  Add the bro-ha-ha media building at warp-speed in intensity and frequency against Trump.  Add a New Kid on the Block with Much Mach Power in the EU.  Add the hard to breath suffocation about Israel’s borders.  Add the Iron Grizzly Bear Russia playing WWIII.  AND YOU’VE GOT MAIL.  So, LET’S GO!! :



First and foremost hot off the presses today July 2. :  Bibi “Blocks” highly controversial legislation from coming to a vote that would make it “impossible” almost to ever divide Jerusalem.  Reason : He wants to discuss in more detail what the bill would look like.  I hope to high as Heaven is that not a bad “ONION” here.  If so, that would be a “solid break” in these most volatile of times.


WAR is at the DOOR :

1.  Defense Sec. Liberman : “President Abbas will halt all financial payments including health and welfare assistance to Gaza (which are snarfed like jello by Hamas).  And in so doing will push Israel into war with Hamas.  By doing this, Abbas is crippling Hamas out of a hope that he will drag Hamas into a conflict with Israel.  Also, Damascus International Airport is the primary location for smuggling weapons to Hezbollah.  If action is required, Israel will not hesitate to act on this”.  Hmmm!!  Why is Isaiah 17:1 ringing resoundedly in my ears :  “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”.

2.  Air Force Chief Eshel : “Israel will go all out if war breaks out again with Lebanon and Hezbollah.  We will carry out in 2 days the same number of bombings that it took 34 days of fighting since the last war in 2006″.

3.  Well that’s your WAR at the DOOR in the South, East and North along Israel’s borders.

4.  And worse on the East, as in Golan Heights border with Syria : Israel attacks 5 Syrian Army targets there after errant Iranian supplied Syrian mortar fire crosses the border.  This is the 4th attack, counter attack, cat and mouse madness on the Golan Border. in 2 months, and 6th this year. Sooner than later, it’s gonna happen.  Bibi : “Our policy is clear.  We will not accept any kind of drizzle, not of mortars, rockets, or spill over fires from the Syrian Civil War.  We respond with force to every attack on us”.  Can you hear the Psalms 83 clock ticking?

5.  And what gall is this : Syria responds : “If Israel should launch any further attacks on Syrian Army targets, Israel will have to take the responsibility for repercussions that can ensue”.  Arf, Arf!!

6.  And get this on this ultra-white-hot Golan Heights border : One of the greatest oil deposit fields in all of World History is discovered by Israel  and measured to potentially produce 10 times greater than the world’s average “find” that could sustain Israel for decades.  Awe shucks, about “7 years” sustainance is good enough.  And, And, as oil hungry, yet rich in oil, Russia is lurking as per Ezek. 38:13 on Russia’s advance on Israel in the Gog War : “Art thou come to take a sp”OIL”.  Friends, it could be, spOIL, OIL.  You’re sick of me saying, but I’ll say it : WE WATCH.

7.  Lastly Jewish despiser Obama wanted to get into the act also you recall from his secret midnight air run to Iran with buckets and pallets of $150 billion in CASH.  No problem for him though as Iran has spent it well, shelling out massive funding of $75 million to Hezbollah, $50 million to Hamas and $70 million to Islamic Jihad in 2016.  Same this year, no inflation I guess.  A cool $400 million for weapons to slay Israel.  Deceiver, Deceiver, nothing but a Deceiver of a Pres.

8.   More shelling out : Turkish Gov’t. is shelling out $1,250 to each Muslim who riots and or terrorizes Jews in Jerusalem.   Not to worry a teeny weeny : Isaiah 54:15 : “They shall surely gather together but not by me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”.  Is Obama listening??


1.  UN envoy Mladenov submits his Quarterly Reports on Israel Settlements with regard to Resolution 2334 which Obama filthily fashioned last Dec. 23.  Says : “Israel is blatantly defying Settlement Construction limits.  Since March 24th Israel has planned for 6,000 housing units.  This is an absolute violation of Resolution 2334″.  Oh go eat a shark.  Like nothing on the 20, 30, 40,000 deaths of innocent children in Syria since March 24th.  These are Facts that Matter.

2.  The ugly tentacle UNS Council in May declared that all Jerusalem Laws to be “Null and Void”.  I don’t think so!!

3.  Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon : “The UN is colluding with supporters of ‘terror-seeking’ to harm Israel.  It is beyond comprehension that UN funds support organizations which aid terrorists and incite Israel”.  This being said, next day UN allows Hamas and the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine to speak at the UN Forum to mark 50 years of Occupation.  Oh for crying in a bucket, what a pig in a poke these dipsticks are.  They’ll never get it, NO NOT NEVER,  Israel is a pariah to them.

4.  Did you know how prophetically close we are to the Gog War? Only a tiny 5% of Jerusalem’s 800,000 residents live “within walls” today.  The other 95% live in “UNWALLED VILLAGES”.  Are those 2 prophetic words eyebrow raisers.  YESSIRREY,  in 2,000 years Israel has never lived like today, without walls.  Hello, Gog : Ezek. 38:11 : “And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of UNWALLED VILLAGES; I will go up to them at rest that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls and having neither bars nor gates”.  Oh yeah; Do you see it?  Do you get it?  Do you love it?  We Are There, Bible Prophecy popping our eyes.


Talk about popping our eyes.  So shall this : A massive Infrastructure, for the first time in 2,000 years mind you, since the 2nd Temple, plans are being put together by the Israeli Gov’t. to build an effective Infrastructure for Jews worldwide to make their obligatory pilgrimage to the New Temple of Jerusalem.  These plans were initiated in so prophetic fashion inside the Western Wall Tunnels by the “entire” Israeli Cabinet. Plans include hotels, motels, express services and a gigantic artery transport system to handle 1,100 people per hour during the Lord’s “Called For” Festivals so as to navigate these mass movements in Jerusalem.  What a most beautiful way to end ISRAEL article as if that doesn’t thread the needle to our Lord’s Coming.

Jer. 3:17 : “At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the Lord; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it; to the Lord, to Jerusalem; neither shall they walk anymore after the imagination of their evil heart”.



Titus 2:13 : “Looking for that BLESSED HOPE and the GLORIOUS APPEARING of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ”.

WOW!!  Have I ever got some most prophetically and compelling news for you that this statistician has cobbled together regarding Rev. 12’s Virgo Constellation’s unprecedented occurrence this fall that will astound you.  My hope is to enhance your “believement” that the most highly probable RAPTURE WINDOW TIMELINE I’ll explicitly define below provides much fertile ground That The Rapture appears to be the REAL DEAL about the 3 Fall Feasts.  Scriptural proof is Rev. 12:5 : “and she (Israel) brought forth a  man-child (Raptured Church) who was to rule all nations (Rev. 2:26) with a rod of iron (Rev. 2:27) and her child was CAUGHT UP UNTO GOD (1 Thes. 4:17).  And gotta remember this child ‘CAUGHT UP UNTO GOD’ is a FUTURE EVENT, as in 2017, God willing.

Like that’s what Revelation is all about : Rev. 4:1 where God captures John up to Heaven to talk about the things “HEREAFTER”, that’d be the FUTURE : “After this I looked and behold a door was opened in heaven; and the first voice which I heard was : Come hither, and I will shew thee things which must be HEREAFTER”.  Get it? Got it? Good!!  So, here’s the Rapture Window Timeline, prayerfully the Rapture with such a preponderance of proof from previous posts.  May you post these dates on your refrigerator :

1.  August 21 : Total Solar Eclipse, hits no other country on earth but America.  DIVIDES nation in half geographically and by population, 162 million to the North of the Portland to Charleston, South Carolina TRAJECTORY and 161 million South.  Yes, “DIVIDES”, as in D.C. as in White House, as in all the chaos all across America.  DIVISION, DIVISION, DIVISION.  Only 49 days away.

2.  Sept. 9 : The curtain to the Rapture Window opens.  Jupiter, the King Planet, the “manchild” of Rev. 12 leaves Virgo’s womb after a 42 week gestation period symbolically, as per NASA, Astronomically, not gunky Astrologically junk stuff, is sufficient proof for this celestial alignment.  Only 68 days away.

3.  Sept. 21 or 22 : Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana, the Hidden Feast where no one knows the Day or Hour.  Feast of Remembrance, New Years Day.  A Day of New Beginnings.  Rev. 12:1 is in full bloom.

4.  Sept. 23 :  Jupiter leaves Virgo Alignment after “retrograding” INSIDE VIRGO for 10 months.  That is, Jupiter’s been spinning around Virgo’s “tummy”, no normal, regular orbitals, no movement about the Solar System – absolutely amazing.  It’s God, and To God be all the Glory on this epic “tummy stay”.  Only 82 days away.

5.  Sept. 21-30 : The 10 Days of Awe : 10 days of where judgement is meted out across the nations, and then a global layer of judgement is completed.  And who knows what that is America comes undone, WWIII, Gog War, only God knows.

6.  Sept. 30 : Feast of Atonement, Yom Kipur, Holiest Day of Jewish calendar; Israel mourns for her sins, judgement is completed, The Feast of Redemption.  The 120th Jubilee of Levit. 25:8.  Now how prophetic is that?

7.  Oct. 5 : Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Rejoicing.  The Coming of God’s Presence, Glorifying God in Prayer.

8.  Oct. 11th : The Feast of Tabernacles ends.  Here, prayerfully, and SCRIPTURALLY LOADED, and GRAPHICALLY, and STATISTICALLY, and “BEREANLY” all LOADED into one POOL.  The Final Curtain Closes in this EPIC Prophetic RAPTURE WINDOW.  Again God Willing.

Also, more bona-fide proof :  1)  If you follow Scottie Clarke You Tube videos he is the world’s premiere Virgo and Rev. 12 Bible Prophecy Scholar.  2)  If you type on Google “World’s premiere website for Charts on Historical Biblical Blood Moons” you get my website.  Please click on the various home page Categories as 3 of the top sights on Google surpass discoverer Mark Biltz and big-time John Hagee and Jonathan Cahn.  What pops up on Google is #1 = Lord’s Perfect Sign, #2 = 2014-15 Unprecedented Blood Moons and #4 = Blood Red Moons-Watchman’s View.

Sorry again, but had to emphasis this because the recent Blood Moons were spectacular omens for what is going on in the world today, which is producing this highly probable RAPTURE WINDOW for the Church to escape God’s beginning JUDGEMENT of the Great Trib.  Again, God willing, to mum and appease the scerilous scoffers out there, the modern day Pharisees, who yell out “Date Setter” on every breath we who yearn for Jesus try to apprise people that this may be, again, the REAL DEAL this time.



1.  Although he’s arrogant. this poor man WHO LIES BECAUSE HE “HAS” TO LIE to circumvent the diabolic media who’s recklessly chopping him up like swiss cheese.  Friends, Trump needs our prayers Big Time to help him thru this wretched liberal jungle.  He’s fighting against ALL ODDS.  Right!!

2.  More than 13,000 despicable black-a-boo witches across America gather for a witches brew stew filled with hoaxes and spells against Trump on the Summer Solstice.  OOFDAH, steal their witches hats, maybe they’ll slow down a little.

3.  Trump skips Ramadan Close dinner in D.C. First President to do so in 20 years.  Bravo Donnie.

4.   We pray this has no legs : at least 25 idiotic Democrats meet secretly, then expose their bill proposal to lay a foundation for removing Trump from office for being “mentally incapacitated”.  For the Perils of Pelosi.  These goons just purchased their “Left Behind” ticket to remain and dwell on the earth for about 7 more years.

5.  This is sad : Trump apparently LIED that the bulk of Carrier Air Conditioning employees would not lose their jobs or go to Mexico.  I’ll leave it at that, they lost their jobs.

6.  Trump’s worldwide approval rating is 22%, even less than Putin’s, slippery Obama’s was 64% at this point.  Sorry, facts matter here.  World is TOAST because we are TOAST.

7.  Trump embarrasses Mika Brezinski on her bl___ face lift in retaliation for her prior lewdness of him.  And today Trump body slams a CNN sack-headed reporter to the ground at a wrestling ring on his tweet/video.

8.  I don’t know.  I honestly feel for him even though he’s gaming us and leading us on with white lies and bluffs and being ultra-secretive.

9.  A President’s’ #1 job is to not undermine the trust of the people by not being afraid to tell us the truth.  Very slippery and suspicious, BUT, BUT then again what else can he do.  I’m turning the cheek and “GUARDEDLY” sticken’ with him.


1.  30 Republican Congressmen have had death threats in last 30 days.  A terrible and bitter 30-30 diatribe of a statistic.

2.  Comotose Congress and you know why : they’ll have 114 of 260 days off from work in 2017.  One way ticket to Bora Bora I wish.

3.  We gotta love the Nick, Nickie Haley.  Verbally slams the UNS Council for their decision of failing to take action on satan’s captain, Iran.  Says : “We must show Iran that we will not tolerate their egregious flaunting of UN Resolutions”.  Bravo Nickie.

4.  Wish Jared Kushner’s address wasn’t “666” 5th Ave. Manhattan.  Scary.

5.  Sean Spicer doesn’t lie.  He’s told to lie.  Latest case : He said he hasn’t talked with Trump on Russian meddling in our election in 5 months.  Gotta laugh at that, he’s hilarious on that line.  I laughed for 5 minutes as I watch the flaky Press Conference.

6.  Lurking Obama and his mainstream media schills are surely willing to not stop at squat, natta, zilch, to destroy Trump before his agenda starts taking hold.  FYI, blasted CNN & NBC proud to promote their 93% negative Trump coverage.  Sorry Fox, you’re not #1.


1. Second to Syria only, Mexico is 2nd worst place to get killed on earth in May, 2, 186 murders.  And this is scary : Baja,  smack next to California, had the greatest % increase.

2.  40% of all kids and 74 million American adults are on Medicaid.  WOW!!  No wonder Healthcare is on life-support.


1.  Speaking of life-support, Illinois, New Jersey, Maine, and Connecticut failed to get a budget by July 1.  Cut backs galore in State Gov’ts. of these 4 states now.  We WATCH, this time bomb.  Never ever happened before, “4”.

2.  World is now $217 trillion in debt.  That’s $30,100 for every man, woman and child on earth.  Includes latest baby born today to Pygmies in Africa that care diddly about even 1 red cent.  Global elite money managers chomping at the bit now for the 1-World-Gov’t. as the debt is 327% of the world’s GDP output.  We’re TOAST, it’s gone, it’s over. “The Borrower is the Servant of the Lender” or something like that someone once said.

3.  Speaking of GDP,  our nation’s economy grew 1.6% in 2016.  Where’s the beef.  No beef, just a Total Solar Eclipse on America only one of the world’s 195 nations.  And we deserve whatever judgements He imposes on us.  We best repent ASAP because He died so we could live.



Of course Russia first, that old IRON GRIZZLY BEAR of GOG :

1.  Under the Chief Prince of Gog, Pres. Putin, who’ll meet Trump this week at the G-20 in Germany, Russian Military never ceases to amaze : Now successfully developed a LASER to instantly zap and render helpless any sized enemy drone over Russian air space.

2.  Also successfully developed another hi-tech LASER to recharge friendly Russian unmanned flyers in the sky.

3.   Regarding U.S.’s threat that Syria will pay a heavy price if Syria launches another Chemical Attack, Putin says :”If the U.S. plans to do this, this is UNACCEPTABLE”.  GRGR…..GRIZZLY.

4.  Finally, successfully test fires Inter-Continental Missile that fires from UNDER WATER to take down planes and ground weapons ABOVE WATER.  AyeYIYIYIYI.  Putin’s production of deadly dreadful military toys is steaming and streaming “like 6o”.  This ravaging Grizzly will not quit until God slays Gog soon in an instant.


1.  Talk about Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia instituting clamps and cramps on Sunni turned Iranian Shiite on terror-supporting Qatar : a)  They implement a total blockade on Qatar,  b)  cease ALL economic ties and food to Qatar,  c)  issue a 13-point ultimatum, including  Qatar’s closing down Al-Jazeera News, shut down Turkish airbase there, cease all ties to Al-Queda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc. or else it’s DOOMSDAY in 10 days.  That is tomorrow, July 3rd.  Now that’s a possible real 4th of July Fireworks 1/2 way around the world.  WE WATCH.

2.  Qatar, suspends it’s DOLLAR ties with America, who sides with Saudis.  Signs nation’s financial agreements with China to buy the yuan.  The mighty DOLLAR bites the dust again, 30 some nations now debased from it.  No wonder DOLLAR is sinking so fast.  At lowest point in 7 years.  And this last Quarter was the worst of all 28 Quarters, diving 2%. Geronimo.  I feel America cracking.  Total Solar Eclipse thrown down by God on America’s throat Aug. 21 is my reasoning.


Forget the “unmasking” our Congress is babbling about day in day out, this is real “unmasking” and true-color showing of a most belligerent power happy man, President Erdogan.  Take the gloves off, call it what you will, this man is divinely committed he believes to be the world’s “Caliphate bringer”, with all the Sharia law goodies.  He has seized 55 Christian Churches, shut them down, sets up a Property Liquidation Sale, but only to his closest minions who back his fledgeling Caliphate.  Like MACRON of FRANCE, gotta WATCH ERDOGAN.


1.  U.S. and Israeli Intelligence reveals Syria’s Assad Regime is preparing a 2nd Chemical Attack on it’s people similar to the one on April 17th, where U.S. partially destroyed a “DAMASCUS” Airbase with 59 missiles.  And by the by, this airbase is now 100% “off and running full bore again”.  Dad Gum it; finish the job PLEASE U.S. Airforce.

2.   Have you noticed this Syrian War is now centered all around “DAMASCUS” for first time in 6 year war and 480,000 dead.  Very very complicated now : Iran and Hezbollah doing one thing on the Golan.  Israel retaliating. FYI DAMASCUS is 59 miles from Golan border of Israel.  Russia and Assad now feverishly protecting “DAMASCUS”, not Aleppo, not Homs, not Eastern Syria, but “DAMASCUS” baby, “DAMASCUS”  Russia backing Iran around DAMASCUS.  U.S. and coalition nibbling about “DAMASCUS” killing a few “DAMASCUSITES” here, a few there.  ISIS is “IN”, I say “IN” DAMASCUS” now.  Actually killed 18 civilians this morning, let alone 250 this past week you and I are both tired of hearing anymore.

3.  Why did I just say “DAMASCUS” so many times.  It is now such a “toxic stew” of which it has never been before in this War?  Welll, : Isaiah 17:1,14 : “DAMASCUS shall be a ruinous heap.  At evening tide is trouble and before the morning he is not”.  Yep, WE ARE THERE, trend is your friend.


For almost 4 years this website has reported no less than “one” gross misque either from the Pope or the Vatican that is an absolute smudge stain on what our Jesus stands for.  This week it’s the 3rd most powerful figure in the Vatican, personally hand picked by the Pope himself.  That being Senior Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican Chief Financial Adviser where detectives uncover claims that the Cardinal is truly involved along with several others, in massive, unprecedented “child Pornography” acts including videos of hundreds of thousand of child sex acts.  What “Man of the Cloth” highly stoned skunks these men are behind their multi-colored robes.  Someday soon there will be a heavy price to be paid at Jesus’s separation of sheep and goats for these horrendous abominations which shall take place in days #1261 to #1290 of the 2nd half of the Great Trib. as per Daniel 12:11.  And how prophetic is this for “spotting” these “colorful” sexual predators : Rev. 17:4 : “And the woman was arrayed in PURPLE and SCARLET color, and decked in GOLD and PRECIOUS STONES and PEARLS, having a golden cup in her hand (surely the Roman Catholic Church chalise for communion for sin forgiveness) full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications”.  Our God says “GOTCHA”.



1.  Angie, Angie, Angie, being lukewarm does not pack sand with our Lord : Although she, herself, “personally” voted NO, Angie paved the way for German Parliament to have a “SNAP” vote on LGBT gay marriage.  Surely following in the legal, yet utterly unbearable footsteps of Obama’s infatuation across the pond of destroying our Creator’s sanctity of marriage which is only between a man and a woman, Angie, read Rev. 3:15, 16 : “I know thy works (Angie), that thou art neither cold nor hot.  So, then because thou art LUKEWARM, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.

2.  “Heil” Hitler, or whatever that first word is, Berlin Mayor allows 600 Hezbollah supporters to march down the heart of Berlin on Muslim Al Quds  Day rally calling for the destruction of Israel.  Jewish citizens in Berlin appalled, and SCARED now of des jeax vous all over again from the 1940s.  Berlin appears to be creating a frog bank of killers of Jews to be sure.


“Viva la France” on what appears to be your new Napolean Boneparte, Charles de Gaulle, and  Machiavelli powerhouse of a President, all packed into one.  Friends, only because we are in the End of Days, do I mention new French President MACRON as a potential “1-man-show” and leader of the entire EU because of the power he is grabbing so quickly in France.  And you know where that MAY lead to.  Hint : Initials = AC.  Why?

1.  He’s going at warp speed amassing much power.

2.  Doesn’t “give” power, he “takes” power.

3.  France’s top selling book in 2016 is his.  Called : The Revolution.

4.  Denies all media and is ultra – secretive.  WE WATCH HIM.


1.  Did you know that Brussels, Belgium, the EU capital is 25% Muslim.

2.  Also, this demonic city houses the EU Parliament Building which looks like the spittin’ image of Nimrod’s pyramid Tower of Babel Nimrod, et al, constructed but were prevented from completing it to heaven when God said something like ‘That’s it, your done, I’m dispersing you and your tongue helter-skelter’.  With that said, the Building in Brussels has purposely not been completed to shadow the old Tower of Babel.

3.   And did you know Parliament seat #666 has been purposely left vacant to this day.  Google all this, I’ve already researched this, that’s what I do because our media, even our Fox News don’t report this stuff.


1.  Third call in 2 weeks by a top-level EU official.  This time Hans Bartels, Germany’s Armed Forces Commissioner : “We are currently disorganized and fragmented.  In the end there WILL be an EU Army”.

2.  And the entire EU leader of them all, Claude Juncker : “A common European Army would convey a clear message to Russia and the world that we are serious about defending our EU values”.  GULP!!  One European Army, One fast mover and shaker in France, One vacant seat #666 in EU Parliament.  We Must WATCH.

3.  Would be very wise to cancel Summer vacation reservations to London, Paris, or Brussels as 4 terrorist attacks in month of June.  The fact of the matter is such a culture changing Muslimized EU has never been like this before, Right!!



1.  In Gay Pride week, just ONE teeny-tiny, ittsy bitsy, yellow-polka-dot bottom half of a bikini flaunted by a gay man I guess was shown so explicitly on CBS  5:00 P.M. News, June 25.  It was a deplorable shot.  This is America today.

2.   Gay Pride parades drew over 10 million marchers worldwide.

3.  Remember last week we discussed this LGBT ‘Drag Queen’ phenomenon going on across America where homosexuals and transgenders are plowing and ramrodding their agenda on grade school kid’s innocent minds in Public Summer Libraries.  Well this week, they’ve ran the gauntlet : They’re teaching the kids “Transgenderism” and if they want to be a transgender when they grow up a little more.  Some children raise hands, others say YES, others look at each other in confusion.  Where’s the PARENTS???

4.  Gerry Brown’s fun-loving California legislature bans “all” California Gov’t. State employees from travelling to Texas and 7 other states because of those 8 states’ discrimination against gays and transgenders.  I love Texas.


1.  Earthquakes galore in Yellowstone Park : multi-swarm activities of now a total of 905 quakes in last 2 weeks have been recorded.  And counting.  Average is 2100 per YEAR.  Remember, every quake does earth crust damage, a little here, a little there, then KABOOM.

2.  Also a 6.8 in Guatemala.


1.  Not 24 hours elapsed after crew erected a statue of the 10 Commandments, that some comquat idiot mowed it down in Little Rock, Arkansas.

2.  And you think God’s not watching, just 3 days later, yesterday, 25 mini-concert goers in a Little Rock night-club get shot and injured in pitch BLACKNESS as 44 shots were fired by belligerents.  No deaths PTL.

3.  And last week 6 people shot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Shooting up a storm, a Divisional Storm our ex-Pres. helped mastermind.  NO WONDER our Lord has a Total Solar Eclipse gift for our Nation Aug. 21.  What will happen then??

4.  In Pensacola, Florida, a giant Cross was forced to be taken down because it was ruled “unconstitutional”.  Good Night Irene.  KABOOOKIE Liberals all across America are turning our nation into satanically inspired sour grapes.  And why not, Obama had 8 years to perpetrate this.  He’s done well friends, old #44 Pres.  And #44 means DIVISION Biblically.  Google it.


1.  Did you know today, more pictures are taken in 2 minutes worldwide than were taken in the ENTIRE 20th Century.  End of Days.  YES, of course : Daniel 12:4 : “Shut up the words Daniel and seal the book, even to the TIME OF THE END, many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”.  GOT THAT RIGHT.

2.  If you are “EVER” confronted with someone who says God did not create man, that he EVOLVED, knock them on their DAD GUM petunia and tell them to read Genesis 2:7 : “And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”.

3.  You know this Statistician loves numerical research.  May we read these #s and weep from the world’s premiere poll, Gallup Poll, and again, go thank Obama, this man of marvel changer of America:

a)  24% of Americans believe Bible is actual word of God and to be taken literally.

b)  47% believe Bible’s inspired by God, but not all of it is literal.  Friends, remember the scripture above in Rev. 3:16 on Lukewarm & spue.  We’re 100% with Him, or we’re NOT!

c)  26% believe the Bible is fables, history, and recorded by man.  UGGHH!!

These are the new Norms that are Morally Acceptable :

a)  62% approve having a baby outside a marriage today.  Only 17% in 2001.

b)  63% approve of LGBT relations.  Only 21% in 2001.

c)  69% approve of sex between an unmarried man and woman.  Only 16% in 2001.

d)  73% approve of divorce.  Only 14% in 2001.

e)  36% approve of pornography.  Only 6% in 2001.

f)  37% approve of sex between teenagers.  Only a scoshe of “4%” in 2013, just 4 years ago.

g)  43% approve of abortions.  Only a nascient 1% in 2001.  This # does it for me.  ISSHHH!

h)  And if you split all the above between Dems. & Reps. ; oh, may God help us on these bizarre snowflakes on the left.  They’re ga-ga.

i)  FYI, I took a composite average of this trend going forward 7 years to 2024.  Got average of 75% of America approving LGBT, sex, abortions, etc.  That is “astounding” where we are heading.

4.  Nightmare in Georgia : Illegal alien, one of 3 alien teens who scalded a woman, then the one rapes her in front of her 3 little children.  Sorry to bring this to you, but friends it is what it is, a preview of the Great Trib. right around the corner.

5.   Brilliant brains of students of highly esteemed Oxford University, the Harvard of the UK, turns into a raucus erotic reveling graduation party.  A morally corrupt band of brains of some of the students romped and committed sexual acts with a GOAT.  Yep, look it up, Drudge Report, July 2, today.  Revelers were scantily clothed, some nearly nude, some made up in plastic paint looking like the tin man in Wizard of Oz.  Again another preview of the Sodom & Gomorrah brilliant brains of satan coming soon in the Great Trib.  Again, unbelievable this messy world today.  IT IS WHAT IT IS, Large swaths of today’s young.


Well, there it is.  It is remarkably unfathomable for one to say we are NOT in THE END OF DAYS after reading this.  NOTHING, NOTHING here is made up Fake News.  I’ve done with the best of my capabilities to provide you with info that is essential for you to know where this “earth-ship” is going, as our Lord God and His Beautiful Son, Jesus Christ is my witness.  Time is so so short to Come to Him.  Remember you can’t buy your name into heaven because the cost was paid 2,000 years ago by Jesus.  He “died” so we could “live”.  He “rose” so we could “rise” with Him.

Whoa!!  That’s not fair.  He had 1 “death” and 1 “rise”.  Whoever reads this has 1 “live” and 1 “rise”.  He’s 1 and 1.  We are 2 and 0.  Because of His Grace, that’s why He sacrificed to enable us to win on earth AND win on eternity.  Now that’s a fair shake for us who Love our Lord.  But we gotta get going, gotta tell wavering family members, friends that, as lawyers always say “Time is of the Essence” to Repent and ask Jesus into our hearts forever and forever and forever.  He will not disappoint.   He’s gonna be here before we know it if you truly believe in Him and the Rev. 12 Heavenly Sign.  Again, God willing.

Romans 10:13 : “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.