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1 Chor. 15:52 : “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last TRUMP; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed”.

Welcome Everybody.  What a most beautiful fitting scripture for the Times we live in today.  Can you only imagine should the Rapture happen in the midst of all the muck this planet is in today.  The preponderance of ill will, fake news, phony people, and DECEPTION, the single most used descriptive noun in Matthew 24 for the Signs of the End, 4 times, is Prophetically appalling.  Do you feel this past month that something “Big” is on the precipice for our Lord’s Return?  This has specifically hit me hard as how can we NOT be in the Season of His return.

Below, you will see Prophetic PROOF as Israel is about to EXPLODE.  This Russian Collusion Delusion in D.C. is about to EXPLODE.  Russia’s ugly tentacles covering everybody’s back in the Middle East except for Israel is about to EXPLODE.  DAMASCUS, Syria, my “eye of the tiger” is about to EXPLODE.  And wait till you hear what CREDIBLE, “UN”FAKE NEWS CHRISTIAN SOURCES have provided us about this certain “Person of Interest” in the EU.  Kowabunga on this one.  Sooo, Let’s NOT WAIT , LET’S GO :



1.  Please see more on UNESCO under Virgo, in the next section here, for more Prophetic proof we are in the Edge of Time.

2.  a)  In their most explicit terms to the world to date, UNESCO defies the Bible, calls Israel an “Occupying Power” in Jerusalem’s Old City.  Israel obviously infuriated, protests vehemently.

b)  Worse, UNESCO declares the Cave of Patriarchs is the Palestinians in a secret 12 to 3 vote.  Further, these Mad Hadders assert all the rights of Palestinians which they so deem to live a life of liberty in Jerusalem.

c)  Israel : Foreign Minister : “This decision is sad, needless and pathetic.  It disavows all Israeli sovereignty over the city”.  Guys, this is despicable, Heavens to Betsy and Beatrice as well.  I honestly can’t stand writing this story of raping Jerusalem, but I know it’s God’s Prophetic timeline for this to occur in these Last Days.

d)  Hamas spokesman Qanoun, the nut job doesn’t even put a letter “U” after the “Q” in his name, said : “This UNESCO decision demolishes the false Israeli narrative, asserts the Palestinian right to Jerusalem and the al-Aska Mosque, including the Western Wall”.

e)   And Palestinian coyote spokesman Yousef Mohammed expounds : “We now call on the International Community to enforce this legally binding decision on the ground in order to lift injustice, oppression and domination practiced by the occupying power against our steadfast people in Jerusalem and all it’s Islamic and Christian Holy places”.  What filth.  No Jewish Holy places in Jerusalem.  That’s pure insanity.

f)  Bibi, on this Dag Nab horrifying but Prophetic decision : “This time they did it.  They determined that the Cave of the Patriarchs is a Palestinian Heritage Site meaning that it is not a Jewish site and that it is in danger.  Not a Jewish site?  After all, who is buried there ‘BUT OUR’ Patriarchs and Matriarchs”.

So so simple is Genesis 17:4 : “As for ME, my covenant is with thee (Abraham), and thou shalt be a father of many nations”.

3.  Despite this disdainful vote, Bibi stands tough on his stand to build the Jerusalem Center for world’s tourists called Kedem Center : “Today I have instructed that the procedures be completed for construction of the Kedem Center for displaying the historical and archeological findings for the City of David”.  Atta Boy, Bibi.

4.   Our own light in the dark halls of the UN, Nicki Haley : “This decision represents an affront to human history”.

5.  Danny Danon, Israel Ambassador to UN : “No FAUX heritage community can sever the bonds between our people and Jerusalem”.

6.  Rabbi Tuly Weisz : “We vehemently condemn this.  By renouncing the Jewish claim to Hebron (home of the Patriarch’s Cave), UNESCO is rejecting the veracity and validity of the Bible which clearly establishes that Abraham purchased the Cave and that King David established his capital in Jerusalem”.  Friends, DO YOU GET IT?  This spider web quagmire just may be the straw that stirs the drink and breaks the camel’s back for WAR!!!


1.  Again, please see Prophetic numbers from God Almighty in next section in Virgo on this.

2.  On 7-7-17, last week, in God’s calendar year of 5777, construction under the Temple Mount has begun in preparing for the 3rd Temple.  Concrete, foundation, supports going on AS OF THIS WRITING.


1.  It’s coming : Two Palestinians killed in Jenin in West Bank in gunfire exchange with IDF police.

2. a)   Three Palestinian wildmen of Genesis 16:12 ascend the Temple Mount, shot dead TWO Israeli police and then they are shot dead—in front of hundreds of tourists.  Aye Yi Yi Yi Yi.

b)  Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli-Ben Dahan : “We need to close the Temple Mount to Muslims”.

c)   Within the hour, Bibi orders full lock down of the Temple Mount to Muslims, Christians, Jews, everybody.

d)   That next hour things are fast and furious : Muslims ire is off the charts as they are now prevented to go pray as of yesterday, 7-14-17.

e)   White House orders all U.S. Gov’t. employees and families to stay out of the Old City, ie. East Jerusalem.

f)    King Abdullah of Jordan demands Israel open the al-Aska Mosque.

g)  Bibi refuses, retorts back to the King : ”  Instead of denouncing the terror attack, Jordan chose to attack Israel”.

h)  As of this writing Bibi’s orders stand firm, the Temple Mount, Western Wall, al-Aska Mosques are all shut down, surrounded by IDF.  Tooshay!  And don’t buy any green bananas this Virgo September.  Can you only imagine the dreadfully evil white hot fires burning in the Muslim’s brew that is leading up to as they can not enter the 3rd Temple, Holiest Muslim site in the world.  Oh Boy, I have a hunch a large sized Prophetic puzzle piece is being shown by our Creator right about now.  And don’t forget Iran, Hezbollah and hungry for Golan Heights Assad’s Syrian Army are a “scant” 60 miles away in Damascus from Israel’s border.


1.  This shakes the daylights out of me : Former Defense Minister-forgot his name, no time to look it up-pulls no punches on prime-time Jewish TV : “Prime Minister Netanyahu will be ‘Indicted’ soon on corruption charges.  He has too many issues that in the end we will witness indictment”.  Charges are for receiving luxury gifts and shutting down a competitive newspaper, Israel Hayon.  Gotta Watch this, Trump-like all over again.

2.  The 1 million member  Church of Christ in U.S. overwhelming approves a resolution condemning Israel for its alleged treatment of the “Poor Palestinians”.  This is a phony fake Church of Christ hiding behind His name.  I myself can attest to that if you e-mail me personally.

WOW What a web is being woven in Israel today.  But no fear as all will culminate in an ending of perfection for Jerusalem.  Psalms 125:2 : “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth, even forever”.



Daniel 5:26 : “This is the interpretation of the thing (God’s writing on the wall); God haith NUMBERED thy Kingdom, and finished it”.

I “dare” you to tell me our Almighty God is NOT a God of Numbers after you read this.  I present you the following Prophetic Numbers to further enhance your belief that the extremely, not possible mind you, but extremely highly probable and euphoric prophetic event of “LOOKING” for that BLESSED HOPE and GLORIOUS APPEARING of our Great God and our Savior Jesus Christ of Titus 2:13.  That event being the RAPTURE WINDOW of Sept. 9th, when planet Jupiter leaves the “tummy” of the Virgo Constellation of Rev. 12 up in the Heavens thru Oct. 11th, the Last Day of the Lord’s Last of 7 Annual Feast Days, Tabernacles.

Really now, may common sense 101 prevail here because if Rev. 12:5 : “the child (Church, Body of Christ of Col. 1:18) was CAUGHT UP unto God”, isn’t the Real Deal, then what “CHRONOLOGICAL” Prophetic Event in these End of Days are we waiting for?  Osh by Gosh!  As you who follow my Facebook,on many occasions, I’ve reported that the instant we complete reading Rev. 12, then KABOOM, BANG, BABALOO, on the SELF SAME DAY, we are in the Great Trib. in Rev. 13 for the remainder of the Bible until Jesus’ 2nd Coming with WHO, well none else than His band of Brothers, the Raptured Church, “the armies who follow Him (to earth) on white horses”.

May we flick off the scoffers and astrologer junkies and as always I say as per 1 John 4:1, DON’T BELIEVE ME, visualize, research, digest and form your own conclusions that we are truly on The Edge Of Time.  LOOK at what cargo these Biblical #’s bring :

A.  Numbers 7, 17, 777 :

1.  Just 8 days ago, 7/7/17, the UN’s right arm, UNESCO, in a secret ballot by a vote of 12 to 3, rewrite the Bible and declare the Cave of the Patriarchs & Matriarchs of Abraham, Izaac, Jacob, Sarah, etc. in Hebron as strictly, wholly, unequivocally & now documented in UN law, Palestinian World Heritage Sites.

b)  Worse, on the SELF SAME DAY, 7/7/17, these same goons call, in front of the eyes and ears of the world, they call the nation of Israel an “Occupying Power” and : “We condemn all Israeli Legislation and Administration measures and actions that have altered the character and status of the Holy City (Jerusalem) illegal”.  Please UN take a 1-way hike to Alcatraz.

c)  Love to repeat, on the SELF SAME DAY, the “FIRST PHASE” of the physical construction of the 3rd Temple was shown to the world on Breaking Israel News.  Work has begun shoring up the walls to support the weight of the 3rd Temple.  Friends, Google it.  It is what it is.  WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF “THERE”.

d)  Biblical Number meanings here : “7” = Resurrection, Spiritual Completion.  And “17” = Victory, Restoration, Overcoming the Enemy.

2 a)  On Jan. 20, when Trump was Inaugurated President, he was 7 years, 7 months, 7 days.

b.  On Nov. 8, 2016, U.S. election day, Bibi ruled Israel for 7 years, 7 months, 7 days. “GET OUT OF HERE, YOU SAY”.  NO!!  “STAY HERE I SAY”.  And Coincidence Schmoincidence.  Google it.

c)  We are in the Prophetic Year of the Lord’s Final Jubilee, #120, here in “2017”.  This is analogues to Acts “2:17″ : “And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS, saith God, I will pour out of my spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy”.  Friends, SPOT ON!  Have you EVER seen so many Christian Believers and Scholars ALL ON THE SAME PAGE on the Internet as we are seeing these End of Days prophetically unfolding?  I haven’t, to be sure.  Now how Prophetic are those scriptures of Rev. 12 TODAY for our Lord to show us Virgo?

d)  This is also the Prophetic Year “5777” on God’s calendar.  How about “5” meaning Grace.  How’s about 777 = Christ, the Fulfillment to a New Creation.  Akin to the “FIRST 7″ = Adam created”.  The “SECOND 7″ = Jesus.  The “THIRD 7″ = Rapture.  Now that’s Fulfillment Alpha thru Omega.

B.  Numbers 3, 33, and 37

1.  And how about these 2 Prophetic BOOKENDS for the RAPTURE WINDOW :

a)  Beginning one is Aug. 21, the Total Solar Eclipse across America and ONLY America, to Sept. 23, where Jupiter, the King Planet leaves Virgo, specifically, thru her left hip = 33 days.  And “33” = The Promise of God.  Think about that Beautiful Timeline, just 69 days from TODAY guys.  WOW!!  So so close.

b)  Closing BOOKEND is Sept. 9 where Jupiter leaves the “Tummy” of Virgo, to Oct. 11th, last day of Tabernacles, again 33 days.

2.  Jesus died on 4/3/33 A.D. Here we have bonafide, documented, BIBLICAL, historical, scientific PROOF that the Sun turned black for “3” hours at the Cross exactly as per Luke 23:44.  Friends, no Solar Eclipse in world history has ever gone 5 minutes in duration.  And what a fool I and family are going to travel several hundred miles to Idaho to be in the “eye of the tiger” Aug. 21, maximum darkness of Eclipse trajectory, which lasts a mere 2 minutes, 40 seconds.  Oh well, then we go back home to Montana.

3.  Jesus rose in that same year after “3” days in 33 A.D.

4.  And of course, the “3” greatest, victorious, joyous events in Jewish history of Abraham and Izaac, Moses and Exodus, Jesus’s Resurrection.

5.  Jesus Died and Rose at “37” years of age.  And how magnificently Prophetic does “37” mean = “The Word” of our Father.  And 3 = Trinity, Divine Completeness and Perfection.  And 33 = The Promise of God.  Hope that giggles your google.  WHAT AN EPIC TRIFECTA OF 3s.  To God be ALL THE GLORY.

C.  My midpoint infatuation continues, after discovering the recent,  unprecedented Biblical Blood Moon Midpoint, Jan. 5, 2015 :

1.  In my KJV Bible, Rev. 12 is the midpoint chapter of book of Revelation, 192 verses before it, 193 verses after it.  My POINT is this : The midpoint of Rev. 12 is Rev. 12:10, with 39 lines before it, and 40 lines after it.  And how exhilirating it is : “And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven;  Now is come Salvation and the Kingdom of our God”.  That’d be us, the Kingdom who believe in Salvation.  PTL.  And goose bumps and joyous chills galore, man!!

2.  Psalms 72 is the EXACT midpoint of my KJV bible, 502 pages before and 502 pages after.  And the midpoint of Psalms 72 is 72:11 : “Yea, all kings shall fall down before Him.  All nations shall serve Him”.  Beautiful ending here on Virgo.  All about Rev. 12:5 : “And the child was Caught Up unto God”.

U.S.A. :


1.  This Russian “Collusion of Delusion” caterpillar just will not change and turn into a butterfly.  Like how can these Liberal puffed up and arrogant little imbecile blockheads keep tormenting our President relentlessly day after day after day.  Unless a sinister beehive explodes, we just gotta pray for Trump.  All this whistling in the dark is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  A pie in the sky with NO FACTS, BABY, BABY, NO FACTS!!  Good Night Irene, all they know is what they know and that is Nothing but Nothing.  You know, I spent 6 years in college, 40 years as a Statistician and I’m still wondering ‘WHO’S ON FIRST’ on this Russian meddling babble.  I stop there as these Liberal cuckoo simple-heads’ babbling is a red herring made out to look like a blue whale.  And then again, it surely may be God taking down America.  I don’t know.  You can tell it’s got me rankled.  Sorry.

2.  This is Good :  At least 60 Evangelical pastors including Pat Robertson in the Oval Office praying for Trump.  Seven of them laid their hands on his back when they were knelt down praying.  Made me cry for joy.

3.  More Christian refugees came to America under Trump thru June 30th than Muslims : 9,600 and 7,250 respectively.  Dad Gum Obama authorized only 1 and 1/2% Christians to come compared to 98 and 1/2% Muslims ( excludes Japan, China, etc.).


Drudge Report and Breitbart News show several articles that Obama Resistance is alive and well to tear down Trump.  Their leaders have converted their followers to brainwashed zombies.  They don’t even know why they hate Trump.  They’re Obamaized Keystone Cops and if you watch CNN or MSNBC and not a word as of this writing on the 7 subpoenas the Dept. of Justice just issued against Obama Administration for the criminal offense of “unmasking” of Republicans.


1.  On Economy, did you know the June Budget Deficit was $429 Billion under Trump.  This is scary as it even “trumps” Obama’s $389 Billion in a month in 2012, good for 3rd all time high and did I mention #2 was Trump again in March.  Geez Louise, what the heck is going on.  Google it, it is what it is.

2.  Did you know Christianity is merely 1 of 270 Religious groups in the world.  Very scary as ONLY Christianity believes in Jesus Christ.  Worse, as you know, only a “SLICE” of Christianity believes John 14:6 as Jesus being the ONLY way for man to come before the Father.  Oh woe is this world.

3.  An ugly event up North in Canada by Trudeau : He waits until July 4th as the day to announce he will pay $10 million to an unrepenting Al Queda terrorist, an Omar Khadr who killed an American and was jailed in Canada.  That weasel; and I don’t mean Omar!!

4.  Two more FIRSTS about CNN, “The most trusted name in news” :  a)  They now partner with Qatar’s Al Jazeara News.  Well, for crying in a green river, they’ve finally done it, they’ve finally come apart at the seams.  b)  America watched reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons and Full House on Nick at Night which garnered higher ratings than LGBT gay hombres Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.  That’s all folks, not much else to report as Russian meddling with Trump Administration is drowning out everything else on TV & Internet.  Sorry.

5.  Linda Sarsour, the Muslim activist queen calls for : “The best form of Jihad against the current Administration…standing up to Trump is like Jihad”.  That wretch of a woman.  Friends, Jihad means “Holy War” and she blurted this out to a national audience across America.  I RESIST her.


Have never had such a potpouri of so many different “hot spots” in Asia :


1.  What a MIGHTY GOD we have to tell us the End from the Beginning.  Just LOOK : “MOTHER” Russia is “Backing” Assad in Syria.  Russia is “Backing” Iran in Iraq.  And now Russia is “backing” Iran, Turkey, and Hezbollah in defending QATAR.  And just like that, when the Sunni Gulf States and Egypt heard this latest “Backing” of QATAR, they have now completely, and fearfully of Russia, retracted their 13 demands and an ultimatum of “or else” to straighten out QATAR’s sponsor of Shiite terror, have all cut and run.  Now in a state of flux.  And how perfect what our Lord said 2,800 years ago fast forward to today in Ezekiel. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are ASSEMBLED unto thee, and be THOU a guard unto them”.  WOW!!  That’s Mother Russia.

2.  Today, July 15, Russia launches the “BRIGHTEST” satellite in world history today.  It will be brighter than the Moon and Venus, the brightest planet, and Sirius, the brightest star in our Solar System.  It’s goal is to annihilate all the dust and debris about all other satellites above the earth so more clearer pictures can be sent back.  And will shine for only a short period of time, but can be seen by the naked eye for those looking.


After Putin declares that he has QATAR’s back, they are emboldened, they debunk the 13 demands set upon them by Gulf States and will continue “working with Iran and their Shiite octopus tentacles.  U.S. is helpless, Russia rules.  The Prophetic Middle East powder-keg is set to blow here now also.


1.  Talk about Prophetic, again our MAGNIFICENT GOD on Isaiah 17:1 : “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap”. JUST LOOK : U.S. and Israel intelligence verify the majority of Iranian weapons to annihilate Israel and establish their Shiite Crescent from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea, these weapons transports arrive by air to the Damascus Airport.  Weapons destined for the Golan Heights, their foothold for “gifts” to Israel.  Israel, you have nothing to fear : Psalms 37:1,2 : “Fret not thyself because of evil doers, for they shall soon be cut down like the grass”.

2.  In the CENTER, I say CENTER, of Damascus, and in 3 terror plots, ISIS kills 20 Syrians, injures 35.  They’re HEEE’RE!


Those inebriated wildmen of Ishmael in Genesis 16:12 loads up fleeing women in Mosul so that they “blow” themselves up via ISIS detonaters in crowds of other fleeing citizens of Mosul with nothing but the clothes on their back.  No wonder God destroyed Nineveh in the Book of Jonah and the Whale, the same ancient city of today’s Mosul.  Again, it’s Back to the Future, des jeax vous all over again.


1.  As the plot thickens : Mentioned the powder-keg about to blow in Qatar, well now Turkey gets into the act as they send armed troops there to fight the Saudis, etc. President Erdogan : “The demands placed upon Qatar by the Gulf State are unacceptable under any circumstances.  We have responded to our Qatar brothers call for aid”.

2.  Erdogan declares a 1-year celebration to last years coup attempt of which he survived.  Dad Gum it, he, a Sharia lover and Caliphate dreamer, orchestrated it to catapult himself to now become the Dictator of Turkey’s 90 million people, largest Muslim population nation in ALL the Middle East.  On one year anniversary, today, July 15, he purges 7,000 more police and gov’t. employees.  Total purges now 155,000.

3.  He’s feeling pretty cocky too : For 12 years, Turkey’s been trying to become a NATO member of the EU, fearing Russia.  Now that Russia pledges to have the Turk’s back, Turkey bashes EU and cuts all ties in trying to join NATO.  Why not, we knew it would happen as they can’t call our Lord a liar : Ezek. 38:6 : “Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarter and all his bands with thee (Russia)”.


Not only did they launch their 12th successful ICB Missile, 5 since Trump, but now this last one can “touch” Alaska and Hawaii.  Trump, Pentagon, UN, G-20 meeting, now all scheming on what to do with the Butch Cut Kid, Kim Jon Un.


Black leaders of this little talked about nation are confiscating land owned by whites, left and right, jailing them, and death-threatening them.  Petrified whites say : “White South Africans are preparing for the slaughter and removal of ALL whites in 5 years for the nation of South Africa”.  We WATCH Downunder East.



Four side deals before much “Revelation” on Emmanuel Macron, the Man, : A possible Person of Biblical Interest.

1.  Angie, Angie, Angie, you’ve flown the coup by demeaning Christians and idolizing Muslims.  Says : “Islam is NOT the source of terrorism but the Christians who made Muslims feel angry because of Islamaphobia”.  Well how can you top that?  How about the Golden Girls TV comedy where Maude says : “God’ll get you for that”.

2.  Over 120,000 protesters greeted Trump in Hamburg, Germany, for G-20 meeting with their protest motto : “Welcome to Hell”.

3.  G-20 accomplished diddly squat as majority of focus was on Putin/Trump relations and Donald Junior in hot water.

4.  The number of Jewish Synagogue building memberships sinks to lowest number on record.  Decline of over 20% from 99,763 in it’s highest in 1990.

B.  EMMANUEL MACRON.  What can I say without getting deep into the weeds with this MAN??  I’ll go quick and my 2 sources are most credible Rapture on July 6 and Unsealed World on July 7.  I won’t know, you who believe and love Jesus, won’t know, and to be sure the above 2 Christian sources won’t know who the Anti-Christ is.  BUT, BUT, BUT, Look at the scoop they have on the newly elected French President :

1.  “Macron’s meteor rise is apoplectic.  Has come out of a storm from nowhere”.

2.  “He came onto the world scene with his ‘Jupiterian’ style”.

3.  He was a Rothschild Investment banker mentored by the ultra elite Rothschild family of bankers.

4.  He is the darling of globalists and globalism.  A globalist to the core after his suave demeaner tricked millions of French voters who portrayed him as a “centrist”.  But they love him anyway.  C’est la vie, It’s France.

5.  French now call him Louis XIV, whoever that was.

6.  Also called “The Sun King” and have nicknamed him Jupiter as well.

7.  France’s and EU’s leading Psychiatrist Sagatori : “Macron, I’ve studied him.  He loves ONLY himself”.

8.  Reuters News reports him as saying “He desires to reign as a “Jupiterean” President, a Roman god of gods”.  Me, Paul Grevas says; OH OH!!

9.  “He extrapolates his personal limitations into visions of grandeur”.  Financial Times : “He seduces everyone and then he kills”.  Ooffdah.

10.  Many he has worked with in Investments believe he is an absolute genius.  No wonder he’s worth over $100 million.

11.  Emmanuel means, “God is with us”, Hmmm!!

12.  His party won 66.6% of the French vote.  Lot of 6s there.  Add France’s population of 66 million and you’ve got mail.

13.  Next to his desk, the 39 year old ordered a special clock.  This as previously he expressed his desire to be someday the “Master of the Clock”.

14.  Sagatori further says : “3 paradigms in his personality : a) The idea that there exist no limits.  b) a feeling of omnipotence since childhood.  c)  a malevolent narcissism”.

I could go on much more, heck, “13” characteristics of this man most assuradly is a light bulb going on in our heads that he is a Person of Interest.  And is it not remarkably peculiar Macron has just now come onto the World Scene, now mired in such MUCK.  You judge,  COINCIDENCE, SCHMOINCIDENCE?  Remember the WWII phrase : “What we want is a man of sufficient stature.  Send us such a man, be he god or the devil, we will receive him”.  Let’s leave Macron with these 2 can’t lose scriptures :

Psalms 75:7 : “But God is the judge : he putteth down one, and setteth up another”.  And dear Lord, look at these numbers, 5 = Grace, 7s = perfection and completion.  And of course Biblical year 5777 hits me too with Psalms “75:7″.

Daniel 11:21 : “And in his state shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the Kingdom, BUT HE SHALL COME IN PEACEABLY, AND OBTAIN THE KINGDOM BY FLATTERIES”.

We Watch Emmanuel Macron with steel eyes every move he makes.  FYI, his first move as President was to undergo a complete strategic review of the French Military to assure France is safe.  I report, you judge.


The Pope rides again.  But unfortunately not on a white horse, nor adorned in soft as silk white linens provided by our Lord Jesus Christ and woven in Heaven :

1.   Pope hosted another video conference of world religious leaders pushing for a One-World-Unity.  Included of course were Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Sikh leaders, all together to push 1 goal : “For everybody everywhere to make friends with people and accept all other people’s faiths”.  No Pope, No, “making nice” like this is all about Rev. 13, the False Prophet, and the dreaded 1-World Religion of the Great Trib.  Goodness to Betsy Blake, how can he possibly miss John 14:6 : “Jesus saith; I am the WAY….”.

2.  As G-20 Conference goes on in Germany last week, Pope, not to be outperformed, issues urgent plea promoting the Trojan Horse ‘Climate Change’ to garner world appeal side by side to the G-20 garbage.  My take, this was pre-meditated, working together with G-20 for that almighty, yet elusive lately with Trump, One-World-Gov’t.

3.  And now the Vatican dagger, as it just keep’s “gaying on and gaying on” : Vatican police break up a Roman Gay Orgy at the “flat” (apartment) of one of Pope’s top advisers, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio.  When police arrived at the “flat” they found drugs and groups of men engaged in risque’ sexual activities.  The tipoff that aroused several suspicious neighbors was due to a drug-fueled behavior of those coming and “gaying” in broad daylight, unashamed of what they were doing or who was watching.  Welll, God Was Watching.  These doctrines of love and sex and drugs, they just keep bubbling like a well made witches’ brew.  This is utterly shameful; NOT GOD’s WAY AT ALL.



1.  “Not in my backyard” as the saying goes.  Welll, I say YES, IN MY Backyard : Only 60 miles from where I live in Helena, Montana, a gigantic 5.8 earthquake and 14 aftershocks.  Woke us up like lightening.  Like a well lighted, heavily loaded freight-train, shook our house.  That was BAD.  Instinctively prayed to Jesus.  That was GOOD.

2.  Also, 6.4 in New Zealand.

3.  July 4th, Iran’s extreme heat hit the hottest temperature ever measured on earth in modern times, 129.2 degrees.

4.  Not to be outdone, on same exact day, Greenland sets a modern day record for coldest measured temperature on earth = -91.0 degrees below zero.  Friends, is God baffling the Climate Change guru-ridiculous or What?

5.  More 4th of July fireworks NASA says the greatest massive explosion ever measured on the Moon, where the Moon was struck by a meteor with the power of 10 cruise missiles all hitting the same spot at the same time with speed of 56,000 mph.  Could have been seen by the naked eye.  Collision made a “65 mile deep” crater on the Moon.  He’s coming with a BANGGG!!

6.  And not Fox, CNN, nobody talks of world’s greatest killer disease TODAY : Yemen Cholera outbreak spiraling out of control, passes the 300,000 cases mark.  An astounding 7,000 new cases a day.  1,800 deaths so far as per UN.  All in 10 weeks.  Just like the podunk itty bitty “diverse earthquake places” where I live, add the “pestilence” of Matthew 24:7 rearing it’s ugly head.


1.  Oregon Legislature passes state law for “Free Abortions” to ALL women, all genders.  Planned Parenthood can’t control themselves.

2.  Britain’s FIRST PREGNANT man gives birth to a baby girl.  It’s a “GIRL’.  It’s also Sodom and Gomorrah smack in our face.  Come quickly Lord Jesus; this is ghastly sick.

3.  A spin off of our apostate man of marvel and Ex-Pres. Obama : Gender Creative Kids of Canada, a for-profit business, has developed a nice little toy that “teaches” kids that “Transgenderism” is normal and healthy.  Worse, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Gov’t. has even contributed some of the funding.  Well, NANNY NANNY BOOBOO, what comes next?

4.  And Canada, OH CANADA, now implements national law fining it’s citizens for offending Muslims.  First to “bite the dust” was an Ontario landlord, fined $12,000 for failure to remove his shoes when he entered the apartment he owned, that he rented to a Muslim couple who “snitched” on him.  Oh Elizabeth, sure is getting awful STUFFY in this world, anywhere we go, Right!

5.  Worst for last : Belle Plain, Minnesota, is setting up a “city approved” Satanic Monument in their Veteran Memorial Park.  They felt a budget-busting barrage of lawsuits from the “demonic” liberals on the left otherwise.  So she goes, and yep, WE ARE THERE, THE END OF DAYS.


Well, there it is.  Muck upon Muck, nowhere to turn, Right?  Wrong!!  We got our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died so we may live.  And what if He calls us up for a 1-way ticket to Paradise this fall with so many variables lining up in tandem all together, all at the same time : Year 5777, 120th and Final Jubilee, God a God of numbers, Virgo, recent Biblical Blood Moons.

As in the Days of Noah where all is cool and copasetic, Stock Markets at all-time highs, restaurants are packed, bars are jammed full.  Yep, Luke 21:27 : “They did eat, they drank, they married, until the Day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all”.  Friends, we are the Temple of God, the Temple of His Holy Spirit.  Dear Lord, get your family members into that Temple.  I’m trying too.  He’s Coming, He’s Coming.  God willing see you by July 27, as we will then be on family vacation for 2 weeks with our grand-daughter.  May God Bless You Very Much.