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Luke 21:25 : “And there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring”.

Welcome Everybody.  So sorry this post is 2 days late.  Had many snapped and toppled trees from a terrible HEAVY WET SNOW that landed several trees on public road.  With that said, there may not be a more prophetic week in our lives than this one.  See below, a prophetic mind blowing surety.  You Verify then You Judge.  We’ll agree.

The world today is as perplexed and vexed as never before, as seen from a global perspective.  So much fear, so much uncertainty, so much political strife.  Rumors of War abound every which way but loose.  And now there’s Hurricane Maria barreling to our East Coast.  Geez Louise.

It’s like just one little teeny tiny, teeny weenie spark from Fat Boy of North Korea, or Global Populists and Elitists who are yearning and churning to deep-six Trump and America and Israel.  Speaking of Israel, gotta see below.  On the brink and not even Fox News tells.

Sooo, as this world sinks deeper into darkness of this big black abyss, may our light shine with Jesus our Lord and Savior to soon call us home.  And friends, be not surprised if something BIG, SO BIG occurs this most prophetic week or by the close of this most highly likely RAPTURE WINDOW Oct. 12th.  LOOK :

Genesis: 1:14 : “And let them ( Stars, Planets, Sun, Moon of Rev. 12) be for Signs (VIRGO) and for Seasons (FALL FEASTS) and for Days (TRUMPETS) and years (5777)”.


As I’ve said for many many months, Rev. 12:5 : “The child was CAUGHT UP unto God”, the world unprecedented VIRGO ALIGNMENT on Sept. 23 may truly be a high probability that our “Blessed Hope” of Titus 2:13 may just be saying “Come Up Hither” of Rev. 4:1.  I’m telling you, I’ve been shaking and praying fervently with joy, exhiliration and anticipation the past several days that “IT” just may happen.

Just look at the events this week and throughout the highly probable Rapture Window which ends Oct. 12th, in “Glory” I pray and may you clip this timeline of events on your refrigerator :

1.  Sept. 18, Today, Bibi meets with Trump at the UN, world will watch every word.

2.  Sept. 19, Bibi speaks at the UN and also, so does Trump, again, every word watched.

3.  Sept. 20th or 21st, Feast of Trumpets “EVE”.  If New Moon shows at “Sunset”, then it will be at 6:40 P.M. Jerusalem time, and 11:40 A.M., New York time.  No one knows which of the 2 days or the hour, RIGHT!  The New Year 5778 begins and prophetic 5777 closes.  Day of New Beginning.

4.  Sept. 21, The United Nothing UN declares to the world it’s 2017 Theme: “The International Day of Peace & Security”.  Yeah and just maybe 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh”.

5.  Sept. 22, At SUNSET, 6:36 P.M. Jerusalem time, the “EVE” of the Virgo Constellation begins to show in the Heavens.  It will be 11:36 A.M., New York time.  For the next 24 hrs. this Rev. 12 Sign will be the Greatest, most prolific, yet LAST and unprecedented Sign in 6,000 years of World History Heavenly Signs from our Creator for Salvation before the “Great” Trib. starts with the very first word of the very first verse in the very next Chapter, Chapter 13.  Please NOTE, Rev. 12 is a “Blanket Overlay” Chapter for Chapters 4-19.  Why?  BECAUSE IT MUST, BECAUSE VIRGO ALIGNMENT OF REV. 12:1 SHOWS ON AND ONLY ON  9/23/17.  NEVER EVER AGAIN “EVER”.  So there, I’ve said it Astrologers and mockers of 2 Peter 3:3.  You who want this upside sown wicked material and idolic world to continue as is.  Shame on you.

6.  Sept. 25, President Abbas at UN will call for UN to determine the Palestinian State BORDERS.

7.  a)  Sept. 30th, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, Day of Redemption and Beginning Day of Reckoning & Judgement.    b)  Also when 10 Days of Awe expires for Sin, Repentance.  And EXACTLY 1,000 days from Blood Moons Midpoint 1/5/2015.  See my charts.  c)  And the 120th JUBILEE ends possibly most prophetic Jubilee in history.  Isaiah 61:2 : “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God”.

8.  Oct. 4-11,  Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Rejoicing and Coming of God’s Presence.  WOW!

9.  Oct. 12th, Either asteroid 2012CT4 or Planet X, ie. Nibiru, swishes by earth, maybe just to close for comfort.

10.  May the Lord be with us who Believe in the Cross, His Death, His Resurrection and may we hear His Shout and with that may we close the book on Virgo forever and forever and forever.  1 Thes. 4:14 : “For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, EVEN so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him”.  See you soon beloved friends.


Friends these next 2 weeks beginning today just MAY be the absolutely most prophetic weeks in our lives.  Virgo, Planet X, UN Day of Peace and Security, 5777 ends, Jubilee ends, 3 Fall Feasts,  Showdown on the Golan spawning the Psalms 83 War.  Please read ALL of ISRAEL below.

1.  Israel PUSH comes to Russian SHOVE :

a)  That most slippery, 2-faced thug, Vladdy Putin, the Chief Prince of Gog in Ezek. 38:2 is testing Bibi’s resolve to the absolute limit.  After Sochi meeting with Bibi, he defies all of Bibi’s warnings against Iran agression by installing Iranian, Hezbollah, and Syrian forces near the Israeli border.  This being the closest military footing the blood thirsty heathens have EVER had near Israel’s doorstep.

b)  This brazen move by Russia ordered by Putin directly after Bibi threatened to bomb Assad’s Presidential Palace in Damascus and disrupt the Russian led Syrian Cease-Fire process created with their 2 premiere “alliance members” and “bosom buddies”, Iran and Turkey of Ezek. 38:5 and 6 fame.

c)  Pravda, the New York Times of Russia says Bibi was “Extremely emotional at times in Sochi, even close to panicking when he described to Putin a picture of an Apocalypse that the world may soon see if Iran is not contained”.  FYI, Bib’s responsible rant was also confirmed by Israeli commentators.  WOW!!  This is SO BIG!

d)  Next, Bibi, “absolutely vehement”, calls Putin again 24 hours prior to coming to New York yesterday, Sept. 17, where he’ll speak at the UN, Tuesday, at 1:30 EDT.  Putin does not respond. Friends,  You can bet Bibi will lay it all on the line then.

e)   No wonder Vladdy is skipping the UN this week.


1.  If this don’t bring on Isaiah 17:1 where “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap” then what will?  Israeli jets destroy Syria’s main bunker of stored chemical weapons and biological facility.  This attack last week is the largest attack by Israel into Syria since they both became nations in the 20th Century.  Facility was built by Iran.  The “scrambled” Israeli mission was so successful that Russian and Iranian military in the area didn’t even know it happened until after the fact.  It’s God, Entebbe des jeax vous.

2.  Hot-hot-white hot :  For the first time since 2006 since the split up between Hamas in Gaza to the South and Fatah and Abbas’ Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to the North, they now talk full-reconciliation to merge as one Gov’t.  And get this, the 11 year sticking point : Now, No PRE-CONDITIONS from either side.  Just to merge, just like a sandwich, just like to squash Israel in the middle, just to destroy the Jewish nation together.

3.  Hamas leader Haniyeh and Abbas arrange meeting to be in Cairo, Egypt to sign the agreement of unification.  Hamas agrees to dissolve it’s governing body in Gaza and will allow the West Bank to be completely unfettered to run Gaza.  DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT?  You can bet 83 year old Jew-hater Pres. Abbas is doing Olympic summersaults and saying; “I Stuck It”.  Friends, this is the straw that will stir the drink for the Psalm 83 War.  The players are aligned, their mission is defined.  They are waiting for the order to annihilate Israel.  But wait, then there’s Hashem, God Almighty : Isaiah 31:5 : “As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem, defending also He will deliver it; and passing our He will preserve it”.

3.  Lastly, did you know using Gematria and the ancient Jewish Bible Codes sources teach that the #70 is equivalent to the Gematria of Gog and Megog.  Yes, 70, Biblical Meaning = Punishment and then the Restoration of Israel.  Thank you Lord and Come Quickly Lord Jesus.


1.  Bibi’s staff in the Israeli Consulate in New York, while preparing for Bibi’s trip to New York and United Nations where he’ll speak to Trump on Monday, the staff received a letter of a Death Threat to assassinate Bibi.  News pending on this writing.

2.  Leave it to Israeli Intelligence to discover that ISIS is now planning to poison food in stores and cause massive train derailments in the EU and America.  The Israelis are so much more superior than our U.S. hounds.

3.  The Dreadful, still waiting for their Messiah after 2,000 blind-eyed years, the Sanhedrin pass a new law : Law bans ALL Messianic Jewish marriages in Israel.  They’ve ruled that, “A Jew who believes in Jesus, as Jesus the Messiah, is no longer considered a Jew for the purpose of marriage”.  Just as Obama broke the sacred sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, now the Sanhedrin do their demonic half.  May the Sanhedrin and Dad Gum Obama have a little talk with our Lord about Jesus before the 2 get the BOOT to you know where.  One way tickets, of course, for all they’ve done for Christianity and Judaism and Jesus.

4.  And this may not surprise you : Jews and 3rd Temple groups around the world this past spring called on Trump and Putin to fund the building of the 3rd Temple.  What an absolute joke this is now from both leaders.  Welll, let’s just put that is the garbage as both leaders’ true colors on nixing Israel are showing :  All Talk no Action Jackson Obama and too much Action of Putin military swarms, respectively.

5.  U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman blasts that Dad Gum dreadful dud of a man Obama : “During Obama’s 8 years, the ‘Conflict’ was a very 1-sided show.  He drew a parallel between Settlements and Terrorism.  Terrorism is murder.  Obama revealed his true face towards Israel when at the very end of his lame-duck Presidency where he had no political responsibility, one of his last moves was his decision to order his UN staff to HOLD the veto for UN Security Resolution 2334″.  Yep, that cold, callous, anti-Israel deceptive DUD did that!!



1.  Nobody’s perfect, certainly not me, but getting awful worried of Trump is a backstabber in his divisive and mercurial ways of doing business.

2.  After the “deceptive” DREAM TEAM decision of striking an Obamanesque DEAL with Chucky Cheeze and Ninny Nancy on siding with Dreamers, 48 hours after he flat-out disappointed them. Gong Gong, doesn’t this hit you like a lead hammer too? After the 3 agreed to increase the Debt Ceiling and extend borrowing billions behind Republicans back.  After he biffed millions of us, campaigning, AND I VOTED FOR HIM, on Build The Wall, to put it on the backburner!!  What the heck is this double-talk doing to America?

3.  His impulsive and unpredictable mind and so so explicit promises turning into denials, unless I’m losing my scruples, he has shades of that Dad Gum Obama!!  Sorry, but I’ve said it, and that took a lot of wind out of this Conservative Independent to say that.  Again S-O-R-R-Y!

4.  Well now they’ve done it.  Majority, I say M-A-J-O-R-I-T-Y of Republicans in both House and Senate are “fuming and furious” over this DEAL.

5.  Several call him “Amnesty Don”.  Do we applaud or get appalled on that?  I don’t know.

6.  What can I say?  Is Trump getting “rolled” by the Chuckster and the Ninny or is he so magnificently smart-genius smart- that he’s “rolling” them.  We just gotta WATCH.  It is what it is in D.C.


1.  Man of Marvel sure is raking it in today :  made speech for 1 hour with Wall Street group Northern Trust Corp.  Made a cool $400,000.

2.  And he surely “Raked It Out” as Pres. : In 2016, Iran sent Hezbollah $800 million in the 2 of them’s quest to annihilate Israel. That’s up from $200 million annually in previous years.  And of course the entire boost attributed to the $150 billion in cold hard cash Obama orchestrated to feed Iran’s thugs if they signed the Scratch My Back if I Scratch Your Back IRAN Deal from Hell.   Some of you may recall, our shiester of a Pres. sent the money in the midnight hours of cold American cash on crates taken off unidentified aircraft.  Oh, Good Night Irene, so so happy he’s gone.

3.  FYI, 8 year composite average of U.S. GDP = 1.8% under Obama’s 2 terms.  Friends, he changed, dirtied and banged up America pretty well, that squeaky clean inculpable man in satan’s black eyes.


1.  Ann Coulter on Trump : “Who ‘Doesn’t’ want this President to be Impeached”?  She’s so wrong, he’s bad, but most of all others in D.C. are worse.

2.  Rep. Steve King : “He broke a straight-up promise on the wall and we won’t be able to defend him anymore”.

3.  Why are Paul Ryan and Mitch still in Congress?  Paul has absolutely no Gall and Mitch is in the DITCH.

4.  Rush Limbaugh said bad also on Trump, no time to retrace and find it.

5.   Friends, if we’re not called to “Come Up Hither” soon, these thoughts of Trump are crossing my mind more and more on a quote by the richest man, most powerful man on earth, a century ago, Nathan Rothschild : “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I won’t care what it’s laws are:.  Hmmm; something very intriguing to ponder today.

6.  And then there’s Hillarebel and Hubby Slick Willy Clinton.  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has a new book out called “The Paradigm”.  The Rabbi likens the apostate King Ahab to Slick Willy and Jezebel who revered child sacrifices and Baal worship to that of Hillarebel’s strong penchant for baby abortions.  He says : “You have the 1st Lady with an office in the West Wing, with her own staff, just as Jezebel did in the palace.  Hillary follows the Paradigm of Jezebel.  She will coerce her husband to go along with it (Paradigm) and will become the world’s Chief Champion of Abortion, just as Jezebel was the Chief Champion of child sacrifices”.  Couldn’t agree more, Hillarebel is a most wicked woman.

7.  Speaking of Paradigm, in my Blood Moon Tetrad Charts (above in Categories) did you know that NOT 1 TETRAD occurrence had a world PARADIGM CHANGE “EVER” longer of time period than 2 years.  And guess what?  In just 10 days, Sept. 28, 2017, it will be TO THE DAY 2 years since the 4th Blood Moon on Sept. 28, 2015, an unprecedented Supermoon over Jerusalem.  This is just much more fuel and fire power that Virgo of Rev. 12 just may change the world in a PARADIGM move.  How nice for the Rapture to hit this messy world in the next 10 days.  Now that would be a magnificent PARADIGM CHANGE.


1.  Venezuela has just stopped accepting DOLLARS for it’s oil export for 1st time ever.  Will now be using the Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan.  Very bad this is for the DOLLAR as it is one more tic to midnight for it’s extinction.  Why?  Because world is wising up that our DOLLAR is all bogus 100% fake phony paper.  Like why buy “pure” Debt with no backing when gold, etc. are rock solid.

2.  Worse, the BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China which by the by comprise 42% of world’s population, just completed their annual meeting, their goal is to leave and there by destroy the dollar in the next 6 to 12 months.  FYI : Our phony DOLLAR is down 11% year to date.  Now that’s a GUT-PUNCH of a PRECURSOR.


1.  At any given moment in America in 2017, an astounding 67% of Americans have LESS THAN $500 for an illness or a needed car repair.

2.  Two all-time rather ominous records for America’s largest “failing” city, Chicago : First : 31% of the city is now Hispanic, most on welfare, low paying jobs.  Second : last week Chicago registered it’s 500th murder.  So so sad.  Sick sick Mayor whatever his name is, an ex-Obama Chief of Staff.

3.  More sick, more malevolent, FEMA bars ALL churches from seeking Disaster Relief funds from Harvey and Irma.  Trump : “FEMA should reimburse churches”.  Good man Donald, but I tell you, I’m cautious on him still.

4.  Stiffnecked liberal California lawmakers now legally make California a Sanctuary State.  Rob someone, rape them, shoot them, COME ON DOWN, you are SAFE!!  Oh for the Perils of Pauline.  I quit.



Russia, Gog, Putin, Chief Prince, whatever.  The Mother Bear is growling in Europe and the Middle East :

1.  Russia has just began it’s largest scale of military exercises of troops and weapons along the European/Russian border with Belarus, a Russian bear cub nation.   Russia’s deployment of 13,500 troops is the largest military display hero since the Cold War, 57 years ago, and that includes the Ukraine military aggression and resulting mayhem that severed Ukraine into TWO.  EU and NATO are frantic, scurrying from meeting to meeting on the continent on what to do as they don’t trust the Donald for help.  Exercises include 70 fighter planes, 280 tanks, 200 missiles and assorted weapons of mass destruction.

2.  With this addition, there are now over 100,000 troops along the ENTIRE EU border from the Baltics in the North to Turkey in the South.

3.   So what what else is new : The 3 top evil powers of the imminent Gog/Megog War, that is Russia, Iran and Turkey meet yet again, nearly monthly in 2017, dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s on all military control aspects involving the land grid of Syria, specifically along the Golan Border with Israel.  And Putin by the by, is now refusing to either favorably cooperate or respond to Bib’s seemingly futile attempts anymore to stymi Iran’s and Hezbollah’s movements on the Golan.  GrGrGr, evil Gr.

4.  As Russia urges “alliance members” of the coming Gog War to buy “LIKE KIND COMPATIBLE INTERCHANGEABLE WEAPONS”, Turkey now purchases not the S-300 original request, but a $2.5 billion order of the much superior S-400 missiles.  No wonder Ezek. 38:7 stresses this “alliance member” gang so vividly : “Be thou prepared and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them”.

5.  FYI, these S-400 anti-aircraft missiles can down 80 targets simultaneously and are the world’s most advanced system at the present time and that “trumps” all that the U.S. and Israel has.


1.  Well Fat Boy and his Legions of Doom fire their 2nd ICBM over Japan.  Japan’s 130 million people freak out with high alert alarm sirens to “shelter in place” that this may be the BIG ONE.

2.  With this latest missile, Japan says they will now prepare to fight NoKo without the United States, as they feel Trump’s words of war are melting before the world’s eyes.

3.  Friends, this was NoKo’s 6th launch in 2017, and 13th total, and this one can even overshoot Guam by 200 miles.  They’re coming Donald, do something for crying a green river that may soon turn red, blood red and nobody will win unfortunately.


These wild animals of Gen. 16:12 attack a convoy of Egyptian police on the Sinai.  Murder them all, 18 of them, those jackals.  I mention this as the Sinai is also the Southern border of Israel.  They’re coming!!


Syria warns Israel of dangerous repercussions after attack by Israel on chemical weapons site in Western Syria which BORDERS Israel and also attacked and “eliminated” a convoy of Syrian vehicles carrying weapons and probably labeled “To Israel With Love” to Hezbollah on the Northern Israeli Border.  Friends, just look what this writer just wrote, ISIS on Sinai, chemical weapons and Syria on Golan, East Border of Israel, and North Border of Israel, those killers called Hezbollah.  And of course both Russia and Iran have warships cruising the East Mediterranean on the Western Israel border.  Hmmm!!  Sounds like Zech. 12:2 : “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people “ROUND ABOUT” when they shall be in the siege of her”.


Kurdish Congress gives Kurds, only true American allies and only worthy fighters against ISIS, gives them the green light to VOTE for ESTABLISHING their own “Nation”.  Jubilant Kurds display not only their flag, but Israel’s also, who are mutual friends with the Jews.


Oh mama there goes that man in “White” again!  Yes, son, he’s a pistol.  Gotta Watch him.  Who?  What?  Where?  How?  Well the Pope of course.  This is the 3rd consecutive year this man is promoting Climate Change, the outright Trojan Horse Agenda of the 1-World Gov’t. for the “better good of humanity” in concert with the UN’s annual meeting this week in New York.  LOOK : Pope blasts Climate Change doubters by criticizing U.S. and the Donald to the world : “History will judge those who failed to take the necessary steps to curb heat-trapping emissions blamed for the warming of the earth”.  Friends, this Pope has made Climate Change the hallmark of his papacy in a most surreal, subtle and crafty way.  Unless he’s a Climatology Scientist or something.  If you doubt me, some of you? LOOK :  He further says : “For those who have denied Climate Change, those men are stupid.  When you don’t want to see, you don’t see”.  And after those remarks, leaves his Popemobile which later made a sudden stop and Pope bangs his head in it, receiving cuts in his left cheek and bruises left eye.  God is warning this man that He alone controls the earth’s climate and this cunning white-robed knight who appears to have an iron grip on becoming the False Prophet as he denies the diety of Jesus and Jesus as the ONLY mediator between God and man.


1.  Most profound news in EU today.  And most prophetic : Russia now has over 100,000 troops and weapons strategically orchestrated along the EU border with Mother Russia.  NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg : “This world is at it’s most dangerous point in a generation”.

2.  Terrorists bomb London subway in UK, 28 injured.  All injuries would have been deaths and more had the 4 bombs not misfired.

3.  Christianity is all but dead in Germany, just like was reported here on UK last week.  Why?  Christianity will be replaced by Islam who will be the majority religion by 2033.  PTL we’ll be outta here.  Church after church from mega metros of Berlin and Frankfort to small villages are being replaced by bars, restaurants, shops, mosques, but NO synagogues.  It’s a one way alley pitching a shutout of Jesus and what our Savior stands for.

4.  The “ultra-polarized” factions of EU Gov’ts. versus EU citizens is now nothing but a “Black Hole” coming together.  A  Union between the two 100% discounted because of the Muslim refugee crisis.  Citizens are mindlessly helpless it appears on how to fix this quagmire of a swamp, looking for someone, other than EU Gov’ts. anyone who can help them and they’ll fall hands over heels to endorse him.  EU, we are on the Edge of Time, you won’t need to wait too long, that “man of perdition” hears your call, and he’s coming soon.

5.   Speaking of, and not to say he’s the Anti-Christ, but is French Pres. Emmanuel MACRON seizing opportunities at the warp speed of time to become the foremost popularly accepted person in the EU.  And he’s only been in office 2 months, for crying out loud.  Why?  As the UN meets this week as it does annually in New York, the EU has given him the reigns to speak front and center on pursuing the next step for ALL nations of the world to enhance the 2015 Paris Climate Accord Agreements, and to get the Donald on board and their bullet train to Hell.  Watch UN this week.


You know I may well have labeled this section Matthew 24:3 where Apostles asked Jesus : “Tell us, when shall these things be?  And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world”?


1.  A mighty 8.2 magnitude quake rocks Mexico.  98 dead and counting.

2.  I’m still counting these because I live 150 miles away from Yellowstone Park :  2400 quake tremors since June, largest a 4.4 quake June 15.  Scary.

3.  At least 204 minor quakes now in Southeast Idaho since Sept. 2.  Largest a 5.3.


1.  Harvey and Irma deadly duo with 2 horrific words of “still counting” :  82 lost lives in Harvey, 83 with Irma.  Total cost for both = $ 350 to 400 billion with 85% of Texans with no flood insurance.  More, never have 2 back to back gorillas like these have occurred in U.S. history is such a short time.  Irma left 6.8 million without power and owns world Hurricane record of being most powerful for duration of 37 hours with maximum sustained speeds of 185 mph.

2.  And now Hello Maria coming at us, Cat. 4 with 120 mph winds.


1.  The West is on fire : a)  Nearly 900,000 acres have burned in Montana, most by far in nation.  And of course, my home state.  So depressing, smoke, haze, orange sun, ash particulates, non-stop.  Looks like HE_ _.  b)  Unprecedented 1,200 San Francisco Bay area lightening strikes so far in September.  c)  More, and never seen before in Southern California : 40,000 lightening strikes produced and with practically NO RAIN.  Talk about Almighty God screaming bolts of early wrath upon this state’s liberal ways biffing our Lord.  d)  And this is besides the 1,500 fire-fighters fighting the Los Angeles suburb fires in the Hollywood hills about L.A.

2.  Not to be outdone, the greatest heat wave since the inception of the EU in 1993 is feeding it’s furnace across Europe.  In Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Portugal, Serbia are all in the throws of this most dramatic heat wave dubbed LUCIFER.  What is absolutely astounding is all these nations have days and days of sweltering 3-digit temps. over 100 degrees F. and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  No mercy from the Lord when you put Him in the back-room storage closet.  TH squared, Too Hot To Handle for over 300 million people.


NASA just recorded it’s highest ever recorded Solar Flare shooting off the Sun on Sept. 10.  And to boot, anomaly portions from these Solar Flares shot right back into the Sun looking like “CROSSES”.  Secular NASA doesn’t explain this phenomenon. Of course they wouldn’t.  It’s got to be signs from our Creator.


1.  Over 600 have died from Cholera in the Congo.  Is sweeping the nation as 1,600 new cases cropping up weekly and 26,000 cases altogether.  And nobody’s reporting it.

2.   Hordes of locusts inundating Southern Russia.  Eating anything and everything green, just like the 8th plague of Exodus 10:14 as Moses pleaded with Pharoah to ‘Let My People GO’


1.  Planned Parenthood and the Missouri State Satanic Temple have teamed up to form a dirty devils tandem and doubled their abortion capacity efforts to fight Missouri’s restrictions on abortion because good Christian Pro-Lifers in the State of Missouri have closed all but ONE diabolic clinic.  Now this evil pair of killers has been able to legally open a 2nd, worse, a 3rd & 4th clinic will open soon also.  It’s all about the principalities of the air and rulers of darkness dictating satan’s wishes in this most secular nation of ours in Eph 6:12.

2.  In 2016, there were 11 city Mayors accused of child sex crimes.  And biggest gay KAHUNA of them all for 2017 is Seattle’s mayor, now convicted of 5 of them against kids.  May God get him for this atrocity.

3.  So sad : “52% Protestants in America agree with 81% of American Catholics that GOOD DEEDS, as well as FAITH are needed for Salvation rather than faith alone”,  says Pew Research.  This is absolutely incredible.  There goes John 14:6 for many : “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…….”.


Sooo, there it is.  Just so very much darkness in this disorderly and evil world.  And just too many shadowy people and gun slinging nation to cope with.  Geeze Louise friends, oh how I wish I was a Pastor for these next several lines instead of a Statistician.

Just to tell you how utmostly pertinent it is that we are be prepared to be with our Almighty God and His Glorious Son Jesus in this, His Season of Return and God willing, in this Rapture Window closing R-A-P-I-D-L-Y.  So rapidly that about all the time we have is to Repent Repent Repent and Believe-Believe-Believe that Jesus came here, He was torturously scourged and crucified, and He Died so we could Live, and He Rose so he could enable us to do the same.  So sorry, but so short and simple, just like Romans 10:13 : “For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”.

With all the Rev. 12 Virgo, the end of the 120th Jubilee, the year 5777, the bravado of Fat Boy, etal, His Imminent Return, I’ve just been crying tears last few days for the Rapture to come to fruition.  Pray friends, Pray Hard He Takes Us, in the next few weeks.  Remember 1 Thes. 5:4 : “But ye brethren are not in darkness that that day may overtake you as a thief”.  Not much time left to tell loved ones.

And if “IT” doesn’t happen we OCCUPY until He does come just as He did for the 5 steadfast virgins in Matthew 25:10 : “And while the other 5 went to buy oil, the bridegroom came and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage and the door was SHUT”.  Come quickly Lord Jesus; we’re waiting for you; we are Rapture Ready.  And for scoffers and procrastinators : John 4:48 : “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe”.  You guys, read Luke 21:28, the Signs are everywhere.  May God Bless.