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Hebrews 9:28 : “So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto THEM THAT LOOK FOR HIM SHALL HE APPEAR THE SECOND TIME without sin unto salvation”.

Welcome Everybody.  If you’re reading this when it’s posted today, Sept. 30, or later, and you know Jesus for Salvation, well, we’re still here.  The Rapture has not happened.  The prophetic year 5″777″ numerically Gone, Virgo Gone, Feasts of Trumpets and our Lord’s “most Special Feast” Yom Kippur, Gone.  120th Jubilee, Gone.  Whew!!

What can I say??  You who read my posts, I know that you know “very well” I’ve ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stipulated that Rev. 12 Sign of Virgo on Sept. 23rd, had a “HIGH PROBABILITY of a HIGH WATCH TIME for the Rapture in what I called a RAPTURE WINDOW Aug. 21, “Great Eclipse”, thru Oct. 12 Last day of our Lord’s Final Feast of Tabernacles and the extremely close buzz-by asteroid 2012CT4, or Planet X, Nibiru, or whatever it is, that scientists & NASA say has the potential to make the earth WOBBLE.  NEVER EVER NEVER have I mentioned the word “CERTAINTY” for the Rapture as so many Bible Prophecy Scholars have invested much time in on Sept. 23.  WHEW, again!!!

With that said, the confluence of the above prophetic events and convocations happening in a single swarm is, to me, an absolute confirmation that we are absolutely on The Edge of Time for Jesus’s most imminent return.  And to attest to that, just look at the following mighty prophetic undeniable events and warnings our Lord has cast down to earth the likes of which we have never seen before in our lives for our pretty blue and brown eyes to witness that WE ARE THERE :  So, LET’S GO :

Isaiah 34:8 : “For it is the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion (Israel)”.


What WISDOM this scripture is for Watching the Lord’s Timeclock, Jerusalem, in this year of 2017.


Biggest, most prophetic news in this entire post other than the Rapture did not occur from Rev. 12, Virgo Heavenly Sign :

1.  Trump and Abbas meet at the UN and discuss the dreaded Peace Process for the “Ultimate Deal” that Trump has labeled for the 2-State-Solution.

2.   Abbas, just prior to meeting with Trump, speaking at the UN, demanded Great Britain to apologize for the Balfour Declaration Nov. 2, 1917 where “land” of Israel was liberated from the Arab’s Ottoman Empire.  Well that’s a great starter, Right!

3.   The 2 talk, Abbas comes out and says : “This Peace Deal can be reached in 2017″.

4.   Trump comes out and pledges : “To donate everything in my heart and soul to get that Peace Deal made.  I think we have a pretty good shot.  Maybe the very best shot ever,  It’s a complicated subject, the toughest deal of all.  There’s a small period of time to do this.  And we’ll see then if we can put it together.  Who knows, stranger things have happened.  We’re at a very important juncture”.  WHOA!!  This is absolutely unbelievably stunning coming from our President’s mouth.  This IS Daniel 9:27 : “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.  This is 1 Thes. 5:3 : “For when they shall say Peace and Safety; then Sudden Destruction cometh”.  We WATCH this play out.  P.S.  PTL, Trump DOES talk thru the side of his mouth a lot.


In just one week;

1.  Israel shoots down an Iranian drone near Damascus.

2.  Israel attacks, destroys, Syrian convoys outside Damascus.

3.  Israel shoots down a Syrian fighter jet over the Golan border with Israel.

4.  Friends, since 2012, Israel has now shot down it’s 98th, 99th, and “100th” enemy aircraft, convoy, and Syrian weapons depots supplied by Iran. Syria just CANNOT take more hits like this for the Mideast to explode.  We WATCH Isaiah 17, so imminent.


1.  Palestinian wildmen of Gen. 16:12 shoots to death 3 Israeli policemen, wounds a 4th and is thankfully shot dead.

2.  Big news : Hamas Gov’t. dissolves after 10 years of self rule after ousting Abbas and his Palestinian Authority of West Bank.  Abbas, as a show of good will orders his Government officials to arrive in Gaza to hammer out the Unification Agreement.  Note, usually ALL agreements until this one have been put together in West Bank.  Now they’ve “sandwiched” Israel to North and South.

3.  The new schoolbooks for West Bank and Gaza’s children, devised by the UN’s Relief Work Agency, display extreme Anti-Israel sentiments and no hope for Palestinians in the region.  Books say : “Jews have no rights whatsoever in the region but only greedy ambitions”.  YISSHH!!

4.  INTERPOL, the World’s Policing Organization countries vote 75 to 24 in favor of making the Palestinians a “Police State” whereby they can now legally hunt down and arrest Israeli soldiers or citizens anywhere in the world they deem a security threat.  This is insane, a Pandora’s Box to be sure.


1.  Bibi at the UN gave great allocades and support to Trump and America, trashed Iran saying : “Iran wants to destroy my country everyday”.  And on Nuke Deal from Obama ‘s Hell : “Cancel it, Change it, Fix it, Nix it”.

2.  Something hot is cooking with Trump as Bibi “acquiesces” to the Donald’s request to hold off on Settlement building in West Bank until mid October.  Oh boy, Oh boy, What is THIS ALL ABOUT.


Rev. 7:4 : “And I heard the number of them which were sealed, and there were sealed 144,000 of all the tribes of Israel”.  Friends, before our blue and brown eyes, today Israel has 150,000 young Rabbinical Jews in Israel.  All virgin men between ages of 18 to 30.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Mark 3:24 : “And if a Kingdom be DIVIDED against itself, it cannot stand”.


1.  The Donald is a calculating ruthless, callous, man of a thousand lies.  Well friends, he “HAS” to be this way.  He’s all we got under our Constitution which he passionately loves.  Why?  You know why.  The Liberal lizards on the Left are like demonic paranahs, seeking who they may devour as in 1 Peter 5:8.

2.  Liberals even lush in their loony goony talk that Trump promoted this NFL thing with the National Anthem to divert attention of his Legislature failures.  Absolute hogwash.

3.  To have 330 NFL players, mostly ALL BLACKS, either KNEEL DOWN, SOAK SPLINTERS on the BENCH, RAISE CLENCHED FISTS, TOO CHICKEN TO COME OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM to honor the American Flag is a bunch of hooey.

4.  You know that several Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars either KNELT or SAT when the UK National Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’ in London, poor Liz.  More hooey.

5.   PTL for players like Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers and Pittsburgh’s Alex Villanueva who’s hearts are in America and the flag.

6.   So much for that.  Now We Watch if they can turn Lemons into Lemonade.  I doubt it, not in The Divided States of America.  Yep, End of “America” Days.

7.   On the War with Fat Boy biggest issues : a)  Trump says Fat Boy is “On a suicide mission to destroy America….And if North Korea provokes us, then we have no choice but to totally destroy them”.  b)  Nicki Haley adds : “War is not off the table”.  Fat Boy’s spokesman says to American rhetoric : “Trump has declared War”.

8.   On a lighter note, Trump says of Anti-Jewish and self proclaimed Dictator,  Turkey President Erdogan : “He’s a good friend of mine.  He has some very high marks in what he’s doing”.  Peshaw Peshaw.  This has just GOT TO GET YOU as IT DOES ME.  Erdogan wants to be the Caliph of all 1.7 billion world Muslims, let alone “BAG” ISRAEL into the Mediterranean Sea.  OOFFDAH!!

9.  On Puerto Rico, there goes these Liberal fake news hounds again led by CNN bashing Trump.  Or are they??  a)  They say FEMA’s 1st island visit was 9 days after Maria struck.  They say the people are dying daily, pleas for water, food, meds, go mute.  San Juan Mayor “Mad as Hell on Trump Administration”.  Calls Trump’s relief efforts “Katrina style”.  b)  On the other hand, Trump brags “Everything is going extremely well” and opines this morning : “They want everything done there”.  To be honest, I think both are LYING.  And the band played on.

10.  PTL Trump fires Health Secretary Tom Price for excess private jet travel, the leech.  And may Trump get Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke also.  I voted for him, my fellow Montanan turned moocher also.  All on taxpayers’ dime.

11.   With all that above stuff said at least Trump’s bottom line does not TRASH America as the following Schmuck of a man did for 8 out of 8 years :


Obama, Obama the Man of a “jillion” lies never ceases to do his weekly thing :

1.   And it’s an evil, ugly GUT-PUNCH way to make him filthy rich as his Obama Foundation 501C-3 Tax-Exempt charity is approved by the IRS to do some business.  This is absolutely absurd.  This may be a MORE intelligent but still sneaky snaky filled Hillary Clinton Foundation.

2.   And not to side-step the Man of Marvel, but LESS intelligent Crooked Hillary has been revealed by the Conservative “Daily Caller” to have diverted $800,000 to Left Wing radicals ANTIFA.  And note that through out her campaign she stressed her opposition to Dark Money.  Well honey, ce la vie, as Republican Senate group led by solid steady-Betty Chuck Grassly is all over it.

3.    Obama told the family of Otto Warenbier, who died at home from mental stress and organ failure due to torture in a NoKo prison camp, to “keep quiet” during their son’s captivity.  That Dad Gum Bum.  Sorry friends, may our Lord forgive me for demeaning Obama as I have a most difficult time pardoning him ever since he backstabbed and ultimately slayed Israel at the UN Sec. Council vote on Dec. 9, 2015.



1.  Russia issues a very strong “THREAT” to U.S. regarding Syria in high level meeting between the world’s 2 greatest super powers.  Did you GET THAT : RUSSIA “THREATENS” AMERICA, THIS IS SOOO BIG!!  Says : “Russia will respond should the Syrian Army or Russian assets come under fire by the U.S. Special Forces or it’s proxies.  Worse, the Pentagon says it has acknowledged this dire threat and has not responded back in over a week now.  Mano Mano may  be coming.  GrGrGr!!

2.   This Gog monster bear in Ezek. 38 virtually rules the entire Middle East, save for that pint-sized speck of dust, MIGHTY ISRAEL.

3.    As virtually all world leaders partook in the UN General Assembly last week, Putin skipped it.  Why??  That brawny thug observed Russian war games along the EU border where he witnessed successful missile launches of 7,500 miles, enough to blow away either LA or New York, take your pick.


NoKo Foreign Minister : “Trump has declared war.  We will now shoot down any U.S. American Bombers anywhere near our coast”.  So much for Fat Boy.


Iran, crazy diabolical Iran.  They test-fire successfully 5 ICBM missiles which FOR THE FIRST TIME can now support “Multiple Nuclear Warheads”.  Range is 1,250 miles, in scope of Israel.  Russia Russia, Iran Iran nothing but war preparations.  Like how could the Great Trib and Armageddon not be far away.  2 Peter 3:10 : “The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; and the elements shall melt with FERVENT HEAT, the earth shall be burned up”.  Here we go, the REAL DEAL cometh.


Kurdistan, now awaits Red Tape with Iraq and UN to become a nation as it’s people voted approval by 92% to 8%.  Iraq, Syria, Turkey absolutely infuriated, vows to topple the Kurds, the only true blue and awesomely prepared people who can snap ISIS.  Kurds also love Israel and Israel loves Kurds.  Sadly, the Red Tape may soon become “BLOOD” RED TAPE for morticians to measure caskets.  Sorry but true.


Pope’s “true colors” continue to show and grow every week.  Here’s latest on the growing list who are finally seeing who he really is, wolf in his “sheeples” clothing and a prime man of interest for Rev. 13:11 : “He had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.  In an unprecedented move since the Middle Ages over 1,000 years ago, 62 Clergy and Lay Scholars around the world have issued a formal filial (brotherly) correction to the Pope accusing him of “propagating heresies about marriage, homosexuals and the moral life”.  After 1 week, Pope has yet to respond.  God is waiting, and time is short for him to come clean and repent, this “sheeple leader” of 18% of the world.


1.  NATO continues to be fraught with fear and EU leaders absolutely shocked and helpless on how to stop the Russian Bear as more dreadful news comes in on the reality that there are “definitely” between 100,000 and 110,000 Russian troops at the gate along with an unbelievable amount of deadly air, land, and sea weapons doing extreme military drills that Russia says will end soon.  NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg : “The EU and this world is at it’s most dangerous point in a generation with Russia”.

2.   Nothing but ugly here : Merkel, who also failed to show up at the UN, wins Germany’s election with a paltry 33% of the vote.  Big win for Muslim migrants, terrible for Germany’s 80 million people and 4th most powerful economy on earth.  Gets uglier :  This is the LOWEST winning vote margin for German Conservative Leadership since WWII.  Biggest Bombshell, the  Alternative for Germany, AFD, which was non-existent in Germany’s Congress in 2012 garnered 13% of votes this week and with Liberals 22% of votes, Merkel now has a most formidable task to form a coalition.

3.   Ah, but enter the EU’s Man of Interest, French President Emmanuel Macron, MANNY for short, a most brilliant man, but deceptive as well, who apparently has great foresight to see  threats to France should Russian aggression begin toppling EU and German chaos spills over into France.  And of course, there is the Conservative Marine LePen lurking, whom he defeated 3 months ago for President.  MANNY makes radical appeal to all of EUers for immediate call to assemble a U.S. of Europe; no more “all talk and no action as before coming from Brussels”.  Calls for a “Military Intervention Force” to be fully implemented by end of 2019.  Great timing for military seed-setting for Anti-Christ, whoever he may be???

4.  FYI : Entire Continent of Europe’s Jews are now most fearful of What To Do Now!!



1.  Earth’s largest Quakes or largest Swarm :  a)  Worst of course Mexico’s 8.1, then a horrific 7.2 where 337 perished then followed with aftershocks of a 6.1, a 5.5 and a 4.5.  b)  Then a 6.4 in Vanatue, a trifecta of a 6.1, 5.7, and a 5.5 in New Zealand and a 6.0 in Papua.  c)  Then a 6.2 outside Fukushima, Japan.  d)  Also an unprecedented swarm of 28 smaller ones outside Los Angeles and outside San Francisco in a 24 hour period.  Yep, BIG one soon.  e)  And for just this week, a staggering 249 equal or greater than 4.0 magnitude earthquakes occurred.  f)  FYI from U.S. Geological Survey:   1.  Average number of quakes of 8.0 or greater is ‘ONE’.  For 7.0 or greater is 15 and 6.0 or greater is 134.  Yep, Matthew 24:7 earthquakes in diverse places is alive and well in these End of Days.


1.  Latest dreadful tally of lost lives from Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria = 255 and still counting.  Cost = 210 billion and still counting.

2.  What can anybody say, Puerto Rico is a bankrupt with a devastation of humans beyond imagination, as well as, the Virgin Islands.  You’ve seen TV.  And that Dad Gum CNN and MSNBC Liberal lizards, especially Don Lemon blame Trump’s late start on supplies, linking him to Katrina.

2.  Like Harvey, like Irma did in setting their own vile records, Jose set it’s own record for length of time moving virtually NOWHERE for 8 days and Maria’s was astounding going from Category 1 to a Category 5 in 9 HOURS.  Yep, Jose and Maria, ala “Joseph and Mary” our Lord’s latest spokespersons we are in the End of Days.


Have you heard, has the world heard?  No, I don’t think so : Red Cross says : “The Yemen CHOLERA CASES are on pace to hit 1 million by the end of the year.  It is a catastrophic epidemic.  The current number of cases is 770,000 and 2,219 deaths”.  As the U.S. world turns and spins on NFL players and the flag to stand or not to stand.


Choose from these 3 heinous sexual diseaeses on who will see the most “unquenchable” fires of Mark 9:43 :

1.  America’s 3 greatest sexual diseases, mostly from homosexual contacts, each individually and all in the same year, 2016, reach unprecedented levels as the 2,000,000 level was cracked.  The 3 are Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Clamydia.  Gonorrhea had the highest increase with men having sex with men.  Yep, Sodom and “Gonorrhea” (I spelled it right) are here to stay.  Lev. 18:22 : “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is an abomination”.  Obamanation, whatever, he launched homosexuality to the moon.

2.   Dozens of schools across UK introduce ‘Gender Neutral, Transvestite-Sensitive school uniforms where children as young as 5 can pick and choose in school and CHANGE CLOTHES for the day to be a “Birl or a Goy” or just a plain transgender.  Oh, the poor kids, they don’t know what’s slamming them.  Where’s the parents?

3.   Absolutely outrageous : Highly populated Province of Ontario, Canada orders authorities to seize children of PARENTS who “OPPOSE” or even make an EXPRESSION against Gender Transition” after the scummy law is passed.  And P.M. Trudeau says squat.  Oh for the Perils of Pauline, no wonder the initials of Gender Transition above equate to the GT of the Great Trib.  Tell me WE ARE NOT THERE.


LOOK at this pretty rich stuff in satan’s arsenal he’s concocted this week :

1.  Aghast at this : In London Church, built over a 1,000 years ago, promoters put on a fashion show displaying satanic drag queens, pentagram, like NBA tattoos plastered over bodies, “Trans” models dressed up as the devil himself.  Producers claim : “It is all in the name of art”.  Yeah, all buddy buddy ARTher Lucifer.  Absolutely desecrated church forever.

2.   Coming to a store near you soon they hope : America’s First Witch store open for business, built to satisfy, in Lawrence, Kansas.  WHAT!!  KANSAS, in the Heartland of America.  Nothing, Nothing, Nowhere is sacred anymore.  Their reason for opening : “To serve a burgeoning pagan population”, they quote.  Friends, the East Coast and West Coast will swallow this right up, no doubt whatsoever.

3.    UGGHH!!  Multi millionaire and Elitist Liberal Anthony Levandowski, also a Silicone Valley tech whiz, has started an Anti-Christian Religion around the concept of worshiping Artificial Intelligence (AI) AS THEIR GOD!!  Heavens to Betsy and Back.  Says: “The goal of our religion is to develop and promote the realization of a GODHEAD based on AI”.  Friends, Google this bizarre man.  I don’t make this stuff up.  I had more articles on Apostasy, but this one made me quit.


Sooo, there it is.  One messed up, war ready, and apostate earth.  This generation is getting closer than it could have EVER even remotely imagined.  And despite the High Watch Time for the Rev. 12 Heavenly Sign having expired, I’m still very much excited for the imminent expectancy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  His closer than one’s most wildest imagination to return, makes me tingle every day from here on out.  And also enables, I pray, all of us now to PRAY, to WATCH, to WAIT, to KEEP our CANDLES LIT, and to OCCUPY with a dire yearning for the voice of our “BLESSED HOPE” to say “COME UP HITHER”.  He, who was Scourged, He who was Crucified on the Cross, He who died so we could live, He who Rose in Glory, He, Jesus Christ is going to come sooner or EVEN SOONER, I just feel it in my heart.  Until we meet in Heaven at the feet of Jesus, May God Bless.

Luke 21:36 : “WATCH ye therefore, and PRAY always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of man”.