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Matthew 24:6 : “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled; for all these things must come to pass”.

Welcome Everybody.  No offense to you here who Loves and Believes our Beautiful Lord Jesus, but this nation and this planet is in such absolute perpetual blindness today, that it’s amazing.  But, big deal, it’s the Sign of the Times as Lucifer is nearly perfectly leading this world to oblivion.  Below, you’ll see Threat after Threat after Threat and Rumors of War abounding Left, Right, North and South, about to explode as our weary, sleepy, droopy eyes manifest in complacency today.  And with that said, the petulant news media in our divided nation is absolutely flabber-ghastedly glued to nothing but sexual kissing, harassment, and groping to no end.  Again, the Sign of the Times.  Pick and choose specific articles below, but you gotta read Israel and Asia, specifically Mother Bear Russia, on Bible Prophecy bursting at the seams from God Almighty for this special generation to witness.  Sooo, LET’S GO :



1.  As this past week started, New York Times reports that Trump Team now formulating framework of a “Renewed Peace Initiative” they call it to the conflict that will differ from all previous 27 years of failure.  His “Ultimate Deal’s” concrete steps to be announced at beginning of 2018.

a)  Top US negotiator on Peace Plan Jason Greenblat : “Our goal is to facilitate, not negotiate a lasting Peace Agreement”.  And hello Daniel 9:27.

b)  Ambassador to Israel David Freidman at Zionist Org. of America : “It’s hard to comment on it because it’s delicate”.

2.  And now the “THORNS” :

a)  “Central” Israel now on High Red Alert as IDF reveals tensions between Israel and Jihadist groups about Jerusalem have gotten extreme.  Israel deploys it’s vaunted Iron Dome missile system about the Holy City as Jihadists backing Hamas threaten imminent revenge against Israel’s destruction of Hamas tunnels to infiltrate and kill Jews.  FYI, 14 Hamas killers died.  Too bad.

b)  Four days ago, Nov. 17, a FIRST EVER, as Israel Gov’t. Knesset, issues an unprecedented declaration calling on U.S. to “DEMAND” I say “DEMAND” that the Palestinians recognize the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people as a “PRE-CONDITION to ANY FUTURE TALKS”.

c)  After this, Palestinians are silent.

d)  After that, the Trump Team goes forward, says it will shut down all Palestinian Gov’t. offices unless Palestinians belly up to the bar; like quick, and enter “serious” Peace Talks.

e)  Nov. 19, Palestinians answer  : “If Trump’s threat is carried out and removes us, then we will freeze ALL ties with the U.S.”.  And PLO Sec. General Ereket : “This threat is unacceptable”.  Oh boy, Trump’s turn.

f)  Nov. 20, Trump now plans to TABLE the Proposal to Recognize a Palestinian State “WITHOUT”,  the DEMOLITION of ISRAELI COMMUNITIES in JUDEA & SAMARIA.  And source = Breaking Israel News.  WHAT WHAT WHAT??  What is Trump’s devious plan now?  And the media is “Moore-ing with Franken & Rose and Conyers’ sex harassment escapades.  And friends, this is exactly where it’s at, at this writing Nov. 21, basically nowhere again.  Unbelievable.  Has the “Ultimate Deal” just crashed for war to explode??

g)  And in the midst of all this posturing and prophetic mayhem, another FIRST as Knesset has NEVER challenged Land Seizure Laws where Private Palestinian Property can NOT be seized for the Public Good of Jewish Settlers.  Only a terrorist’s home or his family’s may be burned to the ground.  Welll, Gov’t. has just issued an Executive Order, so to speak, legalizing the seizing of Palestinian’s Property for Public Sector use.  The Palestinians have just declared their threat as a “Declaration of War”.    Friends, this is Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, nothing but Prophecy.  Biggest news in the world and U.S. media is SEX-ITIZING in D.C. and LA 24/7.

UN :

1.  The maniacal United Nothing’s BABBLE, but busy-busy-busy forming 14 Resolutions this past week.  And the winner is : 2 for North Korea, who starves it’s people and is “nukin” with Fat Boy, 1 on Syria, who’s Assad Regime has slaughtered about 550,000 innocents and 1 on Yemen.  And did I forget anyone?  Oh yeah, Israel has 9 resolutions passed against her.  For what?  Why for being God’s Chosen People, that’s what for.  Geez Louise.

2.   Worse : satan’s right arm, UN of course, reasserts this morbid statement regarding Israeli excessive aggression that “ALL conflicts are a function of the United Nation’s eyes for DISPROPORTIONALITY & SYMMETRICAL FORCE”.  What a dizzy dizzy carousel this decadent body spins on against the Jews.  Friends, this utter rhetoric is not only about bashing the Right of Israel to exist, but the Right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State.  That’s my take.  Dad Gum UN.


Psalms 83 War member Jordan continues to refuse Israel on opening up the Israeli Ambassador office in Jordan.  Why not, lost cause.


Could this teeny-tiny Israel-despising nation be the Archduke of Ferdinand moment in Austria that started WWI?  LOOK at this helter-skelter bevy of prophecy where something very hot is cooking :

1.  Right out of the blue, Lebanon President Hariri resigns amid assassination fears.  He and family flee to Saudi Arabia, then France under Macron’s wings, in fear for their lives.

2.  Country in total turmoil and chaos, collapsing.

3.  Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations withdraw billions of dollars out of Lebanon banks.  Saudis tell all citizens to flee the country.  Will not be responsible for left behinders.  More chaos.

4.  Hezbollah on highest alert ever since it’s inception, flooding it’s forces to the Israeli border due to Israeli threats that were revealed and confirmed by border neighbor nations.

5.  Even Lebanon’s top General sends bulk of Lebanese Army to same border, despite their ongoing differences with Hezbollah.

6.  In retaliation, Israel counters with a “full loaded” border of IDF troops.

7.  In all this smorgasbord of troop movements, Hezbollah leader the snake himself, Nazrallah, does the unbelievable under the IDF’s sharp hawk-eyes by boasting no less that he’s shipped anti-tank Kornet missiles to Hamas in Gaza.  This is now the most powerful weapon Hamas has ever had to prepare for conflict with Israel.

Friends, with this now in Hamas’ hands in the South, with 175,000 missiles of Hezbollah in the North that can cover every square inch of Israel’s dirt, and with the Great Guarantula Gorilla to report to you next on “Russia’s prophetic shenanigans” on bringing the Gog War into an astonishing full bloom perspective emminating from Damascus in the East.  Well, what can I say?  Wallapalooza and God is in full control of protecting His Chosen.  No Hype here whatsoever.  It is what is it.  Mideast on the verge of what God prophezied in Psalms 83 and Gog War.  I report, you verify.

Zeph. 3:20 : “At that time will I bring you again, even in the time that I gather you, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the Lord”.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus; we’re waiting for you.


Ezek. 38:7 : “Be thou prepared and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them”.


If you thought Israel was in High-speed mode, just look at what a super JAGUAR speed mode Putin has orchestrated this past week in a most remarkably stunning way to achieve his deviant goals as the new Mid East sheriff in town. Let’s connect these prophetic GOG DOTS :


1.  Nov. 9, Putin flies to Tehran, discusses Syria and the Middle East after Asian Summit with Pres. Rouhani.

2.  Then shuttles to Turkey to discuss same with Pres. Erdogan.  Friends, mind you, Putin is arguably the most powerful man on earth doing this 1 on 1 shuttling with his top two Gog War Coalition buds.  Must be extremely strategically important for him to personally do this himself.

3.  Nov. 10, and this is so sad where Trump Team agrees with Mother Hungry Bear Russia, alias GOG, “that ONLY Russia will oversee all current and future military security events in Syria without anyone’s interference”.  And we wonder why U.S. is called the young lions of Tarshish (UK) in Ezek. 38:13 : “The young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, art thou come to take a spoil?  Hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey”?  Thanks Obama, you …., for helping fulfill this scripture by your cut and run from the Mid-East.

4.  Nov. 18, Russia clarifies earlier statement, says now it has NO intentions of pushing out Iran’s military forces from Western Syria, just outside of Damascus and merely 30 miles from Israel’s border.  OKKAYY.  This, after the BBC Intelligence arm of the UK reveals to the Pentagon that bona-fide surveillance satellite images show Iran’s burgeoning military base with 25 buildings full of troops and weapons of war.

5.  Nov. 19, the Gog Trifecta of Russian, Iran, and Turkey diplomats meet in Antalya, Khazakstan, to supposedly by focus on how to restore peace in Syria and provide Humanitarian Aid.  Yeah, after 6 years, total “Bull”ogny.  It’s God’s perfect timing for what we are seeing before our sleepy, droopy eyes.  It’s all a sham. Russia is all about Israel’s oil and destruction.  And Syria is the Trojan Horse to manipulate this, Right.

6.  Later that day, diplomats announce an epic, FIRST-TIME-EVER meeting of the “3 evil amigos”, Putin, Rouhani of Iran, and Erdogan of Turkey, all 3 together at once, to be held at Putin’s private residence in Sochi, on the Black Sea Resort.

7.  On Nov. 22, the day before Thanksgiving and just like sneaky Pete Obama did under the radar on many late Friday nights when no-one’s looking, Putin declares he will call Trump after the Big 3’s meeting in Sochi on the details.  Surely out of a sense of compassion maybe, since days earlier he had America TICK-TOCK, the GOG GAME is locked out of who’s now calling all the military shots in Syria.

8.  FYI, Putin not only met with Butcher Assad of Syria, but also has met with the Emirate of Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates regarding the details and parameters of the Big 3 meeting in Sochi, and Trump still knows nothing.  More eggo on last to know U.S., to be sure.

9.  Sooo, now we wait on what the Chief Prince of GOG of Ezek. 38:2, the ruthless nuke-loving leader of Iran and the gobble-gobble gabber of Turkey have planned.  And FYI, the gobbler, Pres. Erdogan just gave his vile reason for clocking out America from participating in these prophetic talks.  Sums it up best : “The U.S. doesn’t keep promises in the Middle East.  We were here before them and we know perfectly well who is in the region”.  Gobble, Gobble.

10.  Sorry Friends, I need to say sarcastic things like this so as  not to lose my scruples on this most pulsating rapid-fire series of events in these End of Days that is both devastating on how this shakes out for Israel in these coyote’s eyes and yet exhilirating for us who are so anxiously waiting for our Blessed Hope.

11.   Soo, I close here with Russia’s evil thoughts on her excessive movements with the other 2 evil amigos of Gog.  They are not normal and may you Not believe those lying eyes of Vladdy Putin.

12.  Wow, I’m running out of chalk drawing all these prophetic lines.  Ezek. 38:10 & 12 : “Things shall come into thy mind (Israeli oil baby, oil) and thou shalt think an evil thought….. to take a SPOIL”.  That being said, we WATCH if Syria, the Trojan Horse, is lurking on it’s prey, Israel, when to strike on Russia’s orders.


Keystone Cops here in a game of WHO’S on FIRST, NO, HE’S ON SECOND :

1.  King Salman resigns amid much turmoil in his family.  Gives reigns to Prince Bin Salman who said on day one, 4 days ago, he will shift his focus strictly on Iran.  Yeah, as in another fire cracker in the cauldron for WWIII.  FYI, young Binny is much more aggressive, astute and crafty than Papa.  Again, We WATCH him too, I guess.

2.  With that said, old King Salman’s last act as King was that the Saudi’s have accused Iran and Syria of committing an Act of War after the 2 had robot fired missiles launched at the King Khalid Airport in the Capital city Riyadh.  Saudis now have mobilized it’s F-15 fighter jet fleet for war.

3.  In the middle of all this, Nov. 17, Saudis threaten the existence of Iran backed Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria.  If you can gather all this friends, you’re GOOD!  They call Hezbollah to “immediately disarm” as regional Arab efforts in the Gulf States are underway to oust and destroy Hezbollah completely.  As Martha Stewart says : “That is a good thing”.

4.  Same day, Nov. 17, the Saudi’s instantly call for a “High-Level Emergency Meeting” to be held in Cairo to discuss a possible imminent confrontation with Iran.  Yep, Keystone Cops a Ga Ga.

5.  When Lebanon President Hariri fled for his life to Saudi Arabia, FYI, Lebanon declared War on the Saudis.  YISSHH!

Everybody’s going to war with everybody.  And isn’t that suppose to be the way it is on this Edge of Time.  Eureka, glad ASIA article is done.  That was RUFF!!



Needless to say, but you’ve seen it all on TV last 10 days regarding the Donald :

1.  Tax Plan hype and House Passes it; waiting for Senate.

2.  12 day Trip to Asia culminating in his call that NoKo and Fat Boy is a “Terrorist State” and thereby qualifying them for the strictest sanctions on earth.

3.    Groping, fondling and all the back and forth spats he’s had with reporters on the pervasive sexual encounters on “more” Moore and Al “Hanky Panky” Franken, and now 80 plus year old House Rep. Conyers that’s running 24/7 on ALL media sources.  Let alone the finger pointing in LA and CBS’s Charlie Rose by women who I think we’d better believe.  What an absolute drag and a waste of time when the world’s on fire.  But it does reveal the corrupt society we live in spawning from multiple DC Politicians and LA celebrities that now appears to have the perverted legs to be a Global Phenomenon.  As satan swallows it all up, laughing every minute.


1.  U.S. military exposes bombshell of a report that reveals slippery slick Obama and his minions while in office had stockpiled U.S. weapons in Syria for arming ISIS and other terrorists jihadist groups to pilfer these weapons, with no criminal action taken by U.S. forces.  These monsters had free reign to pick and choose their weapon of choice and go shoot somebody, anybody.  What a Bad Boy, Bad Boy.  Obama you’re a BAD BOY.

2.  My Obama weekly quote from his nefarious past : “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism (we call it Radical Islamic Terrorism, but what the heck, he’s “sort of ” gone now).  Islam is an important part of promoting peace”.  Really!!  So extreme, this deserves no rebuttal.


1.  At a Carlsbad, California gathering of anti-Trump elite, Ninny Nancy Pelosi and Boy George Soros were the 2 main speakers at a “HUSH, HUSH” conference called “Beyond Resistance”.  They asked invited guests present “to refrain from contacting media or posting to Social Media”, the agenda shows.  Friends, something cooking to oust Trump and further their divide our nation by these 2 goons of the Deep State Elite.  Let’s Watch what this brings.

2.  As per Daily Caller, after 3 requests, Slick Willy Clinton continues to remain silent on his 26 trips he took on the now famed Lolita Express 727 Boeing jet to take alleged part in Pedophile flights around the world.  Specifically a 72 acre destination estate in the now hurricane dilapidated Orgy Island in the Virgin Islands.  All expenses paid for by Slick Willy friend and convicted billionaire sex offender Jeff Epstein.  Jet was outfitted with beds where passengers had group sex with young underage girls.  Pervert upon pervert, deviant upon deviant, a little here and a little there.  This man appears to fit the mood of so many sex-hungry fools this generation is now witnessing every day with no end in sight.  All this as Crooked Hillary looks “Left”.

3.  Hate to say this, but I ran across this quip on what I thought was a good, open, frank and honest Abe man while I watched him on CBS TV news as a teenager : Walter Cronkite, while speaking for the United Nothing, UN’s achievements on the goal of obtaining the 1-World Gov’t.  Says : “Pat Robertson has written a book that we should have a One World Government, but only when the Messiah arrives.  He wrote, literally, any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil.  Well Join Me, I’m Glad To Sit Here AT THE RIGHT HAND OF SATAN”.   Oh for the Perils of Pauline, has Walter been gassed or something?  I’ve been duped and hornswaggled all these years admiring this “buzzard”.  Friends, sorry to say this, but I did not make this stuff up.  See RaptureReady .com, Nov. 14th last week under article by Greg May called “Borders and Boundaries”.  Point here friends, in these Latter Days, may we trust absolutely nobody who doesn’t have Jesus.

4.  NASA drops a blistering bombshell of a discovery hitting the world’s Liberal and Progressive One-World hopefuls smack in the lips with a chunk of iron regarding Climate Change where America stands alone against the other 194 nations on earth.  NASA has found a geothermal heat-source under the polar ice- caps, consisting of heated rocks and volcanoes to be THE SOLE SOURCE for the world’s ice-cap melting, thus defying all global warming scenarios.  Bravo NASA.  And now what do the Globalists do on Climate Change, their Trojan Horse for the 1-World Order.  We Watch.

5.  FYI, the top 1% of America owns 81% of the U.S. Stock Market and when they collude to rush for the exits, it’s Katie Bar the Door, or it’s over for America financially.


1.  What a deplorable snowflake up North of us that has it’s ugly tentacles heading for America should our Trump be ousted.  That being P.M. Justin Trudeau of Canada who’s making Canadians bow down to the LGBTQP Movement, whatever the P stands for, and begs the Movement for forgiveness.  Get this : He will issue, on Nov. 28th, a “NATIONWIDE” formal apology to all LGBTQP Canadians and will reimburse all of them financially who have been harmed by such things as job losses, discrimination, humiliation, etc.  What planet is he on?  It’s all about this little portion of satan and ‘his demonic hordes’ modern day Sodom and Gomorrah stretching it’s ugly belly to doing the same in America and make satan a happy camper.  Oh Canada, Oh Canada!!  Romans 1:26,28 : “For this cause God gave them over to vile affections.  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind”.

2.  Little side note here : 3% of this world’s population is now gay, and 61% of Americans either approve or are indifferent to this sinful lifestyle.  Thanks Obama.

3.  Australia just approved same-sex marriage.  And the band played on.


1 a)  Oh Mama, there goes that Pope again.  Yes, honey-child, don’t let him grab you.  LOOK friends :  Key figures at the Vatican Conference have united in a PUSH for GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, declaring  “world population reduction is the only solution to fight the Climate Change Crisis”.  And remember, Climate Change is the Trojan Horse 1-way vehicle to the 1-World Gov’t.

b)   Can you  imagine this Pope, of his own volition, has allowed into the Vatican Gardens, speakers around the world from the Pontifical Academy for Sciences Seminar to speak of this depopulation madness.  They are designed to promote the Globalist Agenda thru the Catholic Church’s influence over it’s 1.2 billion loyal flock.  And to “cull” the world population in half, starting by “culling them in smaller waves”.  Google it, this is insane.  Oh yeah, this Pope, because of his world stature today, sure does appear to have superior characteristics of being the first in line to be the False Prophet.

2.  More, this past week Pope reaffirms his desire for what he says : “To use one’s CONSCIENCE to navigate tough moral questions.  That one’s CONSCIENCE must ALWAYS be respected”.  What absolute heresy to presage one’s CONSCIENCE through him or herself and shafting the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Only Jesus is the Ultimate and  Divine and True Navigator in this life.  Do you get it?  Pope basically says we are our own gods.

3.  In last week’s article you recall the Pope popped of in a speech that Papal Confidants claim he has abolished Hell, Heaven and Purgatory.  Pope said : “Everything will be saved.  Everything in an immense tent where God will welcome ALL mankind so as to dwell with them definitively”.  Welll, Scalfari, the major Italian Journalistic & Cultural influence in Italy : “Francis has abolished the places where souls were suppose to go after death.  And that souls dominated by evil will simply cease to exist.  Christians are asking if the Pope is still Catholic”.  May we WATCH this guy’s every move and his mouth.  Oh, Mama, how about this 2,000 year ago prophecy : Rev. 13:11 : “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth (the people) and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon”.


Two very significant articles that may surely “OPEN IT UP” for the much awaited entry of the Anti-Christ on the world stage :

1.  In EU capital of Brussels, EU’s top lawmakers including EU Commissioner Claude Juncker, Merkel of Germany, Macron of France, etc. lead the charge for a new “Unified EU Army” to “cement” the EU after Brexit and the relentless Muslim refugee crisis.  Friends,  never have so many EU leaders gathered all at once in one place to consolidate their views and formulate this EU Army inception.  Yes, this IS BIG.

2.  With that said, Angela Merkel has just failed to form a New Coalition Gov’t. this past week.  German Gov’t.sinks into crisis mode as “SNAP ELECTIONS” or complete chaos will metastacize the EU’s most powerful nation.  And to beat all, Angela by the skin of her teeth just won her 4th term as Chancellor not even 2 months ago, but with no majority.  Hmmm!!  Wonder if that young strapping dude who’s leading France at the moment, President Macron may take advantage of these 2 prophetic events and become a certain “person of interest” in the EU’s future.

3.  Does the ultra-secular UK Gov’t. crave Allah Ahkbar or what : Last year with UN support, the UK admitted 7,499 Muslim refugees and only 27 Christians.  That ratio far exceeds ultra-biased Obama’s penchant for admitting as many Muslims and as few Christians he could muster.  Oh, what a SCAB of a man.



1.  Largest earthquakes around the world of 5.5 magnitude or greater :  a)  Most deadly, a 7.3 quake on the Iran/Iraq border where 560 perished and over 4,000 injured.  Where’s the media on this?  This was no Fake News.   b)  A 7.2 in New Caledonia in South Pacific.   c)  A 6.5 in Costa Rica.   d)  Although not a 5.5 deserving notice is a 4.6 plus a minor cluster that rattled Montery County outside San Francisco.

2.  NASA cannot explain massive sonic boom like sounds all across the earth.  Beats me.  We WATCH.


1.  UK announces it’s first Transgender of the cloth in the UK Methodist Church.  The pastor was a man turned into a woman.  Huh, Really!

2.  I’m so sick to my stomach to report this, but you gotta know what reality of Sodom and Gomorrah prevailing throughout the world these past 3 years since our Man of Marvel Ex. Pres. opened Pandora’s Box for legalizing gay marriage :  In Albany, New York, a 7th grade teacher is suspended after showing her 11 and 12 year old students graphic photos and lessons with an informational packet that showed explicit “gender re-assignment surgery” they call it for wanna-be transgenders.  Welll, I call it defiling God and his most magnificent creation of a man and a woman.  Case Closed.  SICK, SICK, SICK.  Where’s the parents?

3.  For some goofy, illicit reason they’re called “Drag Queens” which I’ve reluctantly mentioned in an earlier article but never will again after this.  Again, you gotta know what’s happening in schools across America.  These are transgenders, who look like wonderful colorful clowns, that have been brought in by an ever-growing number of American Public Schools and School Districts to “babysit” after school children.  Generally up to age 12, some older as needed. And some “pre” pre-schoolers as young as 2. They teach kids to accept the transgender world and that “it is good to be one”.  They read the kids stories, nursery rhymes, and slip in timely teachings on sexual diversity.  And in some schools parents are welcome.  Can you beat that for End of Days?


1.  Not only does the United Nothing, UN, bury Israel at every opportunity, but this is unfathomable : 114 UN Peacekeepers have been caught running a massive child sex ring.  Yep, sex ring.  Over 2,000 cases of sexual abuse have been revealed.  Countries include Haiti, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan and on and on.  Dirt, that’s all the UN is, DIRT.  And no media reports it.  UGGHH!

2.  And children around the “small small world” adore Disney movies.  But should they?  Here’s 3 reasons not to :  a)  In one episode, Mickey Mouse is hit by a car lying there bleeding and dying in front of a crying Minnie Mouse.   b)  Pippa the Pig, whoever that is, being tortured alive, screaming and crying.   c)  And my grand-daughter loves Elsa of Frozen fame movie :  But it is what it is and sorry to report that this is what kids watch :  Episode of Spiderman has him urinating on Elsa.

3.  Best, or I should say “Worst” for last : Last weekend, Nov. 10-12, on the Mall in our nation’s Capital in D.C. utterly ugly Paganism has returned :  a)  A massive 7-headed, 70 foot long red metal dragon named Abraxas for a Pagan Egyptian god, was showcased to thousands of visitors with a most picturesque photo opportunity showing the Washington Monument in the background.   b)  A 30 foot tall Pagan statue of a wooden temple that was purposely burned to the ground.  c)  Also, a paper-mache Pagan statue of a Hindu god called “the cosmic ecstatic dancer”.  Organizers say :  “There’s a deeply spiritual side to what we are trying to do here. Having sacred fire on the mall is a very religious thing”.  Friends, have you had enough on where this Divided Nation after Obama is going.  And to even have this despotic affair, like some U.S. Gov’t. Agency had to approve & license this Pagan Circus on Federal Land.  What a cornball sadistic trick this was.  And perpetrated by satan, to be sure.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus; Get US OUTTA HERE.  Just too many mighty waves of Sodom and Gomorrah anymore infecting this world.


Sooo there it is.  And I’m the happiest guy in the “joint” that this article is completed.  Cannot imagine, ever, where so many nations are on the cusp of snapping and starting a regional war, or even WWIII.  You’ve read it, I didn’t spend this much time on this article for nothing.  This is the Real Deal overseas, in our schools, and all we hear about this past 10 days is Sex-Abuse perverts run-a-muck.  No “bouts a doubt” it, this generation is entering a time of unprecedented human history , meshed in a world shattering change.

Can you just see it?  Satan just starves this world he temporarily rules.  Then he destroys the people, gobbles them up and spits them out and prowls for more victims.  Please tell people, you who Know, Love, Believe and have Faith in our Mighty Jesus, please tell them if we don’t serve God, then we serve satan.

May we continue to POW-WOW in love with our Lord : Pray, Occupy, Watch, then Wait, Occupy, and Watch some more.  He’s coming soon.  How can he not, we’re all bent without our Lord Jesus.

God willing see you 1st few days of December.

Romans 7:25 : “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin”.