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2 Tim. 4:3 : “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”.

Welcome Everybody.  Dear friends, my DEAREST Friends, whom I’ve learned to love thru the thousands upon thousands of emails & telephone correspondence I’ve had with you over the last 4 years, I say WOW!  What can I say??  With utmost sincerity, yet sorrowfully regretting, this will be my LAST POST on this site as I feel I have been compelled “Timewise” to choose between writing either here or on my Facebook Page.  Last 2 months have been very  hard deliberations on this decision.  Although  I’m not 2 people to go through a massive cleansing process of what is Fake News, or not, anymore, I’ve willing “pivoted” to Facebook, only because there I am now able to cover “strictly” God’s inheritance, the nation of Israel and Jerusalem, His Timeclock of the World and the undivided Capitol of Israel.

Like the title above says, the global “Tide is High” now on Current Events as bulk of the news anymore is either repetitive or ridiculously redundant anymore, as in Ray Moor Russian collusion, etc. anymore :

1.  I mean, specifically, that the chaos and messsiness of this world is resonating the same old drumbeat ever & over the last several months :

a)  More and more layers of “shelving” Jesus now appears unstoppable with Churches, paving the way for their flocks from hearing His Truth.

b)  Lies begetting Lies, begetting Lies, nothing but LIES, divisive rhetoric, TWEETS going awry, backstabbing and America’s free falling into a depraved evil state led by our leaders on both sides of the aisle in D.C. is in full attack-mode.  Their tongues are spreading like poisoned gas anymore into our living room TV, 24/7, and waxing worse.  2 Tim. 3″13 : “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”.  No wonder the words “DECEIVE & DECEPTION” are mentioned “4 times” in Matthew 24, more than “any” other word.

c)  The trend in Apostasy against our Jesus and the 4,000 year old Sodom and Gomorrah world is now not only in vogue again, but it to appears unstoppable as they’ve infected millions upon millions of our kids in school with LGBTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP”QueeR”STUVWXYZ genderism.

d)  Do I even need to say ONE word about another 24/7 in D.C. & LA regarding the sexual perversion tool of satan so successfully being deployed.

e)  Perpetual rumors upon rumors of war now raising their ugly tentables as never before.

f)  And even many professing Christians on all the above : COMPLACENCY, COMPLACENCY, COMPLACENCY, nothing but “COMPLACENCY”.

g)  Phony Stock Market, up, up, and away.  Richest 1% own 80% of the Stock Market wealth.  Like who cares or mentions anymore about the recent worst slaughter in U.S. history of 59 lives in Las Vegas.

h)  Friends, I know YOU GET IT : It’s the same stuff over and over with 1 BIG CAVEAT :  Like the “Birth Pangs” in our Bible, the “frequency and intensity” of the above issues are drawing us ever closer to soon see Jesus’s face in the imminent Rapture, when He says “Come Up Hither” in these End of Days.

So let’s put all these foreboding events into PERSPECTIVE :  I start with LUKE 17:26,27 : “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Some of man.  They ate, they drank, they married, until that day that Noah entered the Ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all”.  And double ditto for the days of Lot in Luke 17:28,29 when “fire and brimstone from heaven destroyed them all”.  With that said, I reiterate, the aforementioned events will only repeat, repeat, getting worse and worse, until The Apocalyptic Trigger from Almighty God is pulled and strikes this mayhem on earth.  That Trigger being the “Ultimate Final Deal” He has created for this always lurking and looking devil-doped world to Rape the Land of Israel and cede Jerusalem to the Palestinians via the UN, the United Nothing.

And because of THIS, friends, this “Deal” the entire world of 195 nations, save ONE, ISRAEL is about to plunder blindly into these Signs of the Times only after our Lord’s Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons and Virgo, the “last” Heavenly Sign from God for Salvation prior to the Great Trib, were the final omens and warnings for mankind for a coming paradigm change in this world as no generation has ever known it.  Like He didn’t spend time to insert Joel 2: 28-31 and Acts 2:17-20, Old & New Testament respectively no less, to say the exact same thing of these Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons for the End of Days.  Let alone Rev. 12 Unprecedented Sign of Virgo, which has come and gone but you GOTTA REMEMBER, Chapter 12 here follows Chapter 4, verse 1 : “After this I looked, and behold, a door was opened in HEAVEN, and the voice, like a trumpet said, Come Up Hither, and I WILL SHEW THEE THINGS WHICH MUST BE HERE AFTER”.

Geez Louise; What can I say?  Only that either by revelation from the Lord or that the “Sheer Un-Excitement” of producing Current Events that have appeared to be in “STALE-MODE”, although inch by inch, step by step, are both getting us to the Edge of Time.  And may you please, please forgive me for making this “PIVOT” of reporting henceforward all the dotting of the i’s and crossing the t’s on my Facebook page regarding the status of Jerusalem, Israel, the Land, the Temple, and her vulturous neighbors.  Specifically Russia, alias Gog and “hook in the jaws” of her Chief Prince, Vladimire Putin.

OH, OH, Oh boy, friends, my tears above were sporadic, and now they are steadily flowing down my cheeks to nose line.  Greeks get that way you know.  Quite emotional.  Remember Mama and Papa in movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  Oh well,  Had to do this as I have no other help other than “Mama” typing these articles.  And like the title scripture says in the Bible Paul said he “fought a good fight” and finished his course by keeping his faith.  And I too, as a lifelong Statistician, hope I have also fought the good fight with my Blood Moon “statistical chart discoveries” after Pastor Mark Biltz’s divinely timed discovery of these Blood Moons that he put on the world stage in 2013-2015, he inspired me a hundred fold.  And PTL these numerical calculations of discoveries on my Blood Moon Charts not only went viral worldwide and were even used by, YES, YES, Billy Graham in an interview with WND, World News Daily in 2014 and to this day, today, are the #1 Google Blood Moon Chart destination.  If you Google, “Charts for Biblical Blood Moons”, they’ve been the top 5 out of 5 Google Internet sites for the last 4 years.  It’s not me.  It’s All God.  And to God be “ALL” The Glory for showing the world these charts on how perfectly He’s timed them for the End of Days to Wake Us Up.

Sooo.  There it is.  By pivoting from the “tepid” and repetitive Current Events these past 2 months fraught with Fake News that takes much time to filter out to present honest, frank, and noteworthy news to you, may this pivot to Paul Grevas Facebook to report to you henceforward strictly on recognizing the world’s moral compass, Jerusalem, as the undivided Capitol of Israel, Israel as the Jewish Nation given to them by God Almighty, the Destruction of Damascus, the Psalms 83 and Gog Wars, and the 3rd Temple, I will continue to fight the good fight as a Watchman until this “Ultimate Peace Deal” is signed.  Then, prayerfully you and I are Outta Here.  Ezek. 33:2,3 : “Son of man, speak to the children of thy people and say to them, when I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land, take a man and get him for their watchman.  If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people”.

I have grown immensely to be a better, more purer and loyal servant to our Magnificent Lord and His Beautiful Savior, our Jesus, because of you.  What else can I say?  What a trip, what a journey this has been.  I feel this is my call since Virgo has elapsed to focus on Israel and Jerusalem.  Zech. 2:8 : “The apple of God’s eye”.  Oh boy, here come the Dad Gum tears again.

As many of you who are already on Facebook know these words : May we POW-WOW; Pray, Occupy, Watch, then Wait, Occupy and Watch again.  It is the Season of Return and He is coming soon.  Come Quickly Lord Jesus.  We Are Waiting For You.  Until we meet at the foot of the Throne of God, may God Bless You Always and Forever.  Paul Grevas

FYI #1 : I apologize so much here for my grammar, for these last 4 years. I am not a Pastor nor a good technical writer in these reports.  But I “DO” tell it like it is.  And I also apologize for the excessive “slang” such as Geeze Louise, for the Perils of Pauline, for Crying in a Bucket, for Crying a Green River, Dad Gum It, etc.  I had to do it to persevere my scruples as so so much of the Current Events you’ve read on these reports are absolutely morbid, surreal, demonic, you fill in the rest of the adjectives.

FY #2 : I’ve demeaned Ex-Pres. Obama and his type of people over the years and I want you to know that I’ve repented to the Lord and asked Him for forgiveness of my toxic tongue on him and his people.  I only did it because of their unrepenting obstinate stance on Israel, our once beloved, now divided America, and 3 more words sums it up : LIES, LIES, LIES.  May they bend down to Him and repent their sins as it will soon be too late.  Either with God in eternity in Heaven or with satan in eternity in Hell.  So so simple a choice.

FYI #3 : As I started with the Lord’s Heavenly Signs in 2014, may I close with 1 last one you may not know about : Please view, or re-view the Lord’s Perfect Epic Closure Chart in the respective Category on Home Page and note that there are 40 Solar and Lunar Eclipses in the DECADE 2010-2020 counting the 4 Blood Moons.  Please, please NOTE how absolutely Unprecedented our Lord has Prophetically shown them in absolute “Symmetry” about the Blood Moon Midpoint of Jan. 5, 2015.  Twenty Eclipses to the LEFT and Twenty to the RIGHT, perfectly symmetrical with respect to their # of Days.  This work of His is absolutely phenomenal, but who can defy the Power and Glory of the Lord.  I’ve researched 4,000 years backward and forward to the year 2581-2 A.D. when the next Biblical Tetrad occurs, 564 years from now.  Again, NO OTHER DECADE shows this current DECADE’s characteristics.  Again, it’s the Lord speaking to us thru His Heavenly Signs.  Gen. 1:14 : “And let them (sun, moon) be for SIGNS and for SEASONS”.  AMEN.

Like a bookend, my first and last scripture on this website in 2014 and 2017 :  Luke 21:28 : “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh”.

Dad Gum tears!!