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     May we watch earnestly as to how the following prophetic events in the current Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad WINDOW that we are now in, unfold in the next two weeks:

1.)  On May 14th the nation of Israel will celebrate it’s “66th” anniversary of being a nation for the Jewish people in almost 2,000 years.  The Peace Process negotiations that ended April 29th (exact day of an Annular Solar Eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere), collapsed after Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) in the West Bank opted to form a unity reunification between the two.

2.)  On May 25th, three profound worldly events will take place on the same day.  They are: a.) Ukraine will have an “early” national election due to the highly volatile unrest regarding Russian aggression and interference in Eastern Ukraine; b.) Also, on the same day over 300 million eligible voters in the European Union will be voting for the first time EVER for the President of Europe, (Daniel 7:14 and all of Revelation 13); c.) Again, that day Pope Francis will be in Israel and specifically in Jerusalem. His two main purposes for this most historic visit will be to call on all the world’s religions to come together and to bridge the inequality between rich and poor.  And also he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the Vatican’s receivership of the Temple Mount which is presently controlled and regulated by the Waqf Muslims in Jordan.  

The aforementioned events are absolutely intriguing with respect to Bible prophecy.  May we Pray, may we diligently apprise our family and friends so that they may be righteous in their salvation with our Lord and Saviour, and may we Watch anxiously how these earthly SIGNS from our Lord in this Biblical Blood Moon WINDOW will be unveiled, (Luke 21:28: “When these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your head, for your redemption draweth nigh”).

Next week will be posted major prophetic events that have happened since the first Biblical Blood Moon appeared on Passover, April 15.  Also please note that the 2nd Passover is also on May 14th.  (HE is coming sooner than we may think).

May God Bless, Paul Grevas