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Biblical Tetrad Window Events For May 2014

    Possibly the most prolific Biblical event will be Pope Francis’s visit to Jerusalem this weekend (May 25th).  The following agenda of events will occur:  1.)  The Pope’s landmark visit to Jerusalem is stirring great controversy regarding Israel’s government’s “planning” to hand over the Tomb of King David, Temple Mount, and the Upper Room of the Last Supper to the Vatican.  Top Rabbi Goldstein asserts there is “no smoke without fire…talks are backed by several written agreements pending signatures and backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for planning to surrender the Holy sites to pressure via the back door.  This includes a “plan” by the government’s handing over de facto control to the Vatican.”   As of  May 23rd, 2014 the Rabbi, also says “It is true that Israel will not be handing over the Tomb, (etc.) to the Christians.”  Let’s Watch this one.  (Only four Popes in world history have visited Jerusalem,this includes  the last three consecutive Popes, very intriguing). The Pope’s  celebration of Mass in the Upper Room of the Last Supper, as per the Rabbis,will degenerate and desecrate Jewish Prayer because of the Idol worship,they say.

2.) The Pope’s program also calls the 6 hour trip to Bethlehem, “A visit to the State of Palestine.”  (A very ominous label to Jesus’s birthplace).

3.)  The Ukraine military experiences it’s worse loss of life since the Russian insurgency began (14 died 33 wounded in city of Donetsk), 2 days before National elections.  

4.)  Developing 2014 “Mega El-Nino” porported to be the strongest El-Nino ever that’ll produce great world wide droughts and floods.  (Will be in high gear in July).

5.)  The Era of Chimeras fully arrives in 2014 as scientist all over the Western world are creating cow/human, pig/human, mouse/human hybrids.  (The cow/human hybrid produces almost identical milk to that of human breast milk).

6.) Vladimir Putin goes to China and signs largest oil deal in world history between Russia and the Chinese=$400 Billion.

7.)  Incurable MERS disease deaths top 175 in Saudi Arabia.

8.)  Venezuela on the cusp of civil war.

9.)  Thailand military pulls a “coup de tat” and takes over the government.

10.)  China and Vietnam are a hair trigger away from all out war over China’s oil rig construction in the South China sea.

11.)  In US, a) Veteran’s Affair scandal goes viral, (6th scandal since America initiated the 9 month Peace Process discussions last July.  b) 4 more states accept equality of marriage through the courts in last 10 days (Arkansas, Idaho, Oregon, and  Pennsylvania, total now equals 21).  As of this writing today, and 6 hours apart both Montana and North Dakota bring claims for equality of marriage to the courts.

12.)  And on and on and on, just like “As in the days of Noah, 5000 years ago, (Luke 17:26,27).

13.)  Please note all these events have imploded and are currently imploding in the current Blood Moon Tetrad WINDOW we are locked in for another 16 1/2 months.

14.)  May we PRAY to be righteous with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. May we also WATCH what these Heavenly SIGNS now upon us are triggering (Psalms 19:1 The Heavens declare the Glory of God).

May God Bless, and let’s see what develops in June.